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Warrior effort comes up short at UC Davis, 74-67

A spirited effort by a short-handed University of Hawai’i basketball team was not enough in a 74-67 loss at UC Davis on Saturday.

A capacity crowd at The Pavilion in Davis, Calif., breathed a collective sigh of relief as the Aggies out-scored the Warriors 19-6 in the game’s final seven minutes to hold off the upset attempt.


Hawai’i dropped to 18-11 overall, as it lost back-to-back games for the first time this season. The Warriors are 6-7 and tied for sixth place in the Big West Conference. UCD improved to 21-4 and remained alone in first place in the Big West at 11-1. The win avenged a UCD loss at Hawai’i last month.

It was a game of runs, as each team went on big surges in each half.

Stefan Jankovic led the Warriors with 21 points and seven rebounds, and Garrett Nevels added 19 points and four rebounds.

The odds were against the Warriors before the game even started. Sophomore forward Mike Thomas and freshman guard Isaac Fleming – both key contributors – were not in uniform due to ankle injuries. Starting forward Aaron Valdes – the team leader in scoring (13.9) and rebounding (5.3) – was in uniform but did not play due to illness.

UCD went on a 13-2 run midway through the first half to take a 28-15 lead. UCD reserve guard Tyler Les hit three 3-pointers during the surge, and made five 3-pointers in the first half.

The Warriors later went on a 13-2 run of their own to cut the Aggies’ lead to 32-31 with 2:42 remaining in the first half. Hawai’i managed to take a 39-36 lead at intermission after Nevels drained a long 3-pointer with 27 seconds remaining in the half.

Hawai’i shot 60.9 percent (14 for 23) from the field in the first half, while UCD shot 54.2 pcrcent (13 for 24).

An 8-0 run by Hawai’i early in the second half increased its lead to 51-41 with 17:00 remaining, but it would be short-lived. The Aggies responded immediately with a 10-0 surge to tie the score at 51. Les drained two more 3-pointers during the UCD run.

Hawai’i took a 61-55 lead after Dyrbe Enos made a 3-pointer from the corner, but the Aggies again responded behind Les. He hit two more 3-pointers during an 11-0 run that put UCD ahead, 66-61, with 4:10 remaining, and the Aggies stayed in front the rest of the way.

Les went 9 for 13 from 3-point range and finished with a game-high 28 points for UCD. Leading scorer Corey Hawkins was held to six points on 1-of-8 shooting.

More details will be posted as it becomes available.


  1. Inspirational performance, although the streaming was terrible for me. The live stats were okay. Only 8 players available for UH.

    Valdes, Thomas and Fleming out, but UH still managed to give a great fight. Too much Tyler Les – 9 of 13 on three Pt. FG’s , 69 % .

    Yay for Enos ! Nevels, Janks and all the rest.

  2. Only so many bullets to fire. Big heart for this team. Of course a win would have been great but you have to give these young men credit. Tough but only thing that matters is Anaheim. Get healthy and get two at home.

  3. Can’t continue to have5-7 minute droughts. Been a problem since High Piint game.

  4. Can’t continue to have 5-7 minute droughts. Been a problem since High Piint game.

  5. Great effort…to win on road uh mbb team needs the 3 ailing guys
    janks and nevels step up
    janks the real deal
    key get 3 guys healthy ..try to win next 2 at home
    uh admin better lock in benjy so he can recruit bigs and shooter

    Love this team
    they will win 20 plus games this year
    all 11 active guys have to be healthy

    Uh mbb played all 8 other bwc teams…they can win the tourney

    Good job guys
    islandman..ones never played sports with injured key guys and distance
    incredible effort against top team in bwc

    Nest week uh mbb will get their 19th and 20th win of the season..

    Go Bows!!

    Stay positive bruddahs and titas..

  6. Benjy..good job
    thomas, fleming, valdes healthy uh beats davis and irvine on road and at ssc and in bwc tourney

  7. Good news boys or girls negative above…csun 2-11 and fullerton 1-11..uh mbb team has tie breaker over csun however …even if csun or fullerton win their last 3 and 4 games remaining ..uh mbb in tourney at 7th seed …uh mbb wins out finishes at 9-7 mmaybe finish 5th or 6th?
    Anyways they is in top 8 guaranteed
    need momentum for team sake
    never seen team so snake bitten
    just finish 3-0 guys
    you can win bwc tourney

    AV ..MT… and IF..we need you guys
    and janks ..he is stepping up big time

    Congrats to gals..11 in a row

    Go mbb and wbb finish strong!!

  8. And mbb team and benjy rest guy get them healthy
    we ain’t going negative on you and your team
    hurt and sick..3 key guys
    they be back and you all win 22 or more games and bwc championship tournament
    we are not 3 negative nancies above posts..p…g…and…p..!

  9. hire Benjy! Lock in Benjy!! Five years and $400K!!! So he can bring in two athletic bigs and two guards that can elevate, defend, hit threes and take it to the rack!!! Man, u r delusional! Negative enuf for u?

  10. If Cal Poly and UH tied for 6th, then what is the tie-breaker for no. 6 seed ?

  11. No need elevate, just stay close to the ground like Tyler Les and hit 9 of 13 three pt. FG’s plus one FT for 28 points.

  12. Good question…and Mahalo plenty for maintaining dignity of warrior insider forum by deleting profane abusive posts..no place in hawaii for that..thanks Dayton!!

    islandman…think benjy and guys concentrating hard get well and on brian m’s post game heard comment from benjy and I agree…LBSU a Must win game …

    Anyone out there…eagle…FUHA…servante…clyde…chuckcheese…backbeat…if uh mbb team and poly end up same record in final bwc standings ..what tie breaker?
    islandman …past…sports tie breakers..common opponents. How much they won by..the total offensive output for year etc..hate those flip a coin
    I think tital points scored per game would make sense or win by how much

    Just guessing

    islandman you good guy!!
    Stats/ metrics..awesome!!
    Bows get well
    keep bwc tourney crown in view!!

  13. Right now it looks like UH would get UCSB in the first round with Big Al back in business. This is a horrible matchup for us potentially.

  14. Cal Poly beat us by 4 and we (UH) beat them by 3, if that has any bearing.

    Someone said Wahine can clinch 1st place with only one more win. Then they would have a double bye into the Big West Women’s tournament semi-finals.

  15. Someone on the other board is posting that there was an off court altercation between players which is why some people didn’t play tonight. I hope that it’s not true.

  16. Could they have put someone more close on Tyler Les after he hit 5 of 6 in the first half ?

  17. Well good for wahine…they were projected for top 2 pre bwc
    uh mbb 5th
    so holding to form
    what if beeman lost 3 of her top scorers and rebounders..would be hard like it is for benjy and the bows
    valdes has flu, fleming high ankle sprain, and thomas reinjure ankle
    wish them speedy recovery
    that benjy and team made bwc tourney and still have chance to win 20 plus games..awesome..

    Good job benjy and team

    Aaron, Rod, Isaac, Dyrbe, Niko, Garrett, Mike, Stef, Janks, NWC, and Quincy strength through adversity
    you guys and benjy and staff are wiiners big time to this old uh mbb fans
    yes from a true faithful like 18,000 plus other fans and families

    Sad hope 7000 come out for LBSU game and for Warrior G Money Nevels Senior nite against UCSB
    whom I believe uh mbb team will runaway with 2 good wins!!

  18. McInnis stated that (Curran said ) Valdes had a virus and Thomas (ankle) did not suit up for the game.

  19. Thought after gib gone uh mbb would be 9-20 at this point however they 18-11
    Far bypassing expectations..uh mbb get hot win last 3…they should be midmajor team of year because of everything that befell them
    credit to benjy and staff..faith put in benjy run program and support of famillies ohana

    In near 47 seasons following uh mbb

    Hands down BEST TEAM EVER..FOR staying on board.
    they , if healthy could play another 11 or 12 more games!!
    Go Benjy and the bows!!

  20. Wahine game replay on channel OC 16 starting soon.

  21. islandman.. love the girls and beeman, just have to ikeep backing the bows.. the whole program and these 14 great guys, and Benjy and staff.

    I hope 5000 will who show up for a WBB game, what they had 3000 tonite.. great..

    However, MBB , that is the team paying the bills..

    Hope MBB and WBB end up in NCAA tournament.. both deserve it.. One WBB expected of them, or who knows what happens last 3 of their games..

    And MBB, nothing expected, with a few no no people, trying to take them down on several forums..

    Benjy and Staff, do not feel sad, injuries, non support, all types of things, in house, out of house, however you guys will finish as big winners.. Nevels and Jawato on track to grad this May so that is Fantastic..

    Hey where is Eagle, servante…clyde, BigFan, Chuck, Backbeat.. we need the support

    UH MBB .. will have hopefully 8000 on senior nite,
    and WBB I hope they win their last 3 road games !!

    Aurite Good nite islandman, metrics/stats, keep it coming.. and MBB program, on the rise.. just get healthy guys.. this old Man, I got your backs.. you guys are winners already !!

  22. WBB 2859 turnstile attendance, good job fans !!

  23. Where are the fans on this forum?
    I guess..everybody need a break
    boy..hope benjy and senque can recruit
    it is all or nothing for benjy and team
    this IS the Year…ncaa tournament

    Mamma Valdes, Thomas’s, bigdaddy and all families of team members , love effort of your sons…they in good hand with new head coach , hopefully , will have good bwc tournament!!

    Go Bows!!

  24. I have never been so proud of a MBB team than I am of this team. So much adversity and yet they play with their hearts out. Fotu, Sammis, Thomas, Isaac and Valdes. All these guys should have been on this floor. They were not. And yet, those that were gave Davis all it could handle. They held one of the best players in the conference to only 6 points? Damn.

    I believe that all the other teams are gonna look at this game and think that Hawaii is not a team they want to meet come tourney time. With a healty Thomas-Isaac-Valdes back in the line-up and with the emergence of Janks and Nevels finding his stroke, this team will be very very dangerous. We will be able to play our game.

    Thanks guys for inspired play.

    ps. lets cut down on the TOs.

  25. Just get the team ready for Tournament season.
    Get them healthy. Get them together. And play their strengths.
    Uptempo the defense the last ten minutes. And give it to the hot hand.
    Kung Hee Fat Choy!

  26. agreed warriorhaw…. Bobbitt has to be the conductor, the leader on O and D, when he along with , healthy firepower, Janks, NWC, Nevels, Fleming, Thomas and Valdes.. agree, it doesn’t look too impressive the 6-7 record, however every single game at home and away.. UH if everyone healthy, and shooting well, and keeping Now their own turnovers down, They could and should have been 12-1 at this point.. However, what team in America, has top 3 of 5 scorers rebounders, assist guys out? With ailments or injuries, .. Nevels and Janks were true Warriors..
    Don’t know about the officiating,, Kind of like BWC crews don’t want UH to be at the top.. however, the turnovers, and a guy, always one or two guys from Irvine, Riverside, Fullerton, Davis, gets hot and starts hitting all the 3 pointers down the stretch.. This team, deserves, a ton of praise, even Dyrbe hit a big 3, however that Les hits a couple of big ones and Hawkins gets a late bucket, and that was the ball game..

    Shoots, I still think when guys healthy, and I believe, by this weekend, at least Valdes and Thomas should be pretty good… Know that Valdes was dressed however did not play.. he has flu like symptoms, and Fleming and Thomas did not dress..

    Hey warriorhaw.. if UH finishes at 9-7 or even 8-8, that is a regular season overall record or 21-11 or 20-10 before the BWC tournament.. Nobody, except maybe the team and Benjy thought that they could win many games.. easily UH healthy, they are top one or two in conference..Hey, warriorhaw.. don’t know if you go back to 1994 WAC tourney time, a Trevor Ruffin, SG, who played in NBA as free agent, led a UH team, that did not finish high in final standings. they won 3 in a row, including coming back from 12 down, in last 7 minutes in Salt Lake City against arch rival BYU, to go to Dance..UH can do it..
    And warriorhaw.. make sure, if you are there, to give special shout out to Nevels on Senior nite.. I am sure, 7000-8700 fans or more , hopefully 9000 plus for Senior nite, and hopefully, NO I am confident, that UH will be playing UCSB for win Number 20.. who would have thought of that.

    Only 3 people that post, think the worse.. We, and you and thousands of faithful.. Hey IT ONLY TAKES 3 wins in a row, in neutral Anaheim Honda Center, to go to NCAA… I like UH MBB team chances..

    Have a great time at the final 2 games of SSC home schedule. if you can make it.. I Absolutely, and no joke,shibai or Bull, I love this team and how Benjy has handled the program.. man 18-11 so much better than say 9-19 or 5-24 !!

    Go Warriors Go Bows !
    So Proud, Darn Proud of the guys
    Thanks for Positive vibe warriorhaw, bet the team they physically and emotionally hurting from 2 losses on this road trip.. however, the Resilient,.. wait until 3 weeks in BWC tourney, they be firing on all cylinders.. I know they going do it !!

  27. Sorry, correction to above post , if UH finishes 9-7 .. then final regular overall record of 21-11, which is fantastic,.. if they go 8-8.. they finish at 20-12.. and there you go , two years in a row, with different starters and reserves, basically totally different frontline guys, winning back to back 20 win seasons.. I don’t think UH will let down against LBSU. or UCSB.. sure they have ton of talent, Caffey and Williams,.. however.. just give MT, AV and IF time to rest and heal,.. they want the 2 game sweep and go get Fullerton on the road,.. for final regular season win, and streak out at 3-0

    warriorhaw, that Janks.. he IS THE REAL DEAL 21 pts and 7 rebounds, 3 blocked shots.. he is getting better every game, and NWC.. did not shoot as well, however, the Best 3 point shooter on team percentage wise.. he just is tired, playing PF but really a 2 guard or 3..

    Go Bows.. warriorhaw, keep the faith,.. and the young and old, though , no bull, I love Laura and her gals, they should win the BWC.. However, the rock and roll, slam dunk city, 3 ball launching, up and down action of Benjy Frenzy Ball, a delight to watch !!

    Go Bows Warrior Time!!

    Excuse this old guy, I getting excited for Bobbitt vs Caffey again, now this time, UH go out to 12-0 lead, and hold on.. UCSB.. same thing, go out to 12 point lead, and hang on.. tough games. I believe UH will be tougher, the home crowd will will them to 2 victories, !!

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