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UPDATED: Warriors bash Long Beach, 78-59


On “Harry Potter Night,” the wizardry of the University of Hawai’i basketball team was on full display in a 78-59 victory over Long Beach State.

A spirited crowd of 6,448 – including a student section dressed in Harry Potter neckties – at the Stan Sheriff Center watched the Warriors control the game from start to finish with a staunch defense and dazzling offense.

“There’s a lot of magic going on,” head coach Benjy Taylor said. “This team catches a lot of bad rap. I catch a lot of bad rap. But the hardest thing to do for a team is to get them to play hard every night, as a coach … we’ve been in every game.

“I don’t think it’s appreciated enough what we’ve been through and where we’re at and how we’ve handled it.”

Hawai’i improved to 19-11 overall and is in sixth place in the Big West Conference at 7-7. The Warriors snapped a two-game losing streak and avenged a 15-point loss at Long Beach State last month. The 49ers dropped to 13-16 overall with their fifth consecutive loss, and is now in fourth place in the conference at 7-6.

Sophomore forward Negus Webster-Chan scored a career-high 20 points, including six 3-pointers to lead the offense. He shot 7 for 14 from the field, including 6 for 12 from 3-point range, as the Warriors shot 50.9 percent from the field as a team.

He set the tone early, draining five 3-pointers in the first half to lift the Warriors to a 39-29 lead at intermission.


“They told me I had the highest (3-point) percentage on the team and they wanted me to take more 3s,” Webster-Chan said. “Be selfish more, so that’s what I’m doing for them.”

Taylor added: “I thought he would be playing like this maybe right in the beginning of conference, but better late than never. I need him to be a little more cerebral out there … that’ll come. I’m happy with how he’s progressing.”

Junior point guard Roderick Bobbitt contributed in numerous ways, finishing with 15 points on 4-of-7 shooting, five assists, four rebounds and three steals. He was also primarily responsible for limiting Long Beach State star guard Mike Caffey to 11 points on 4-of-17 shooting (1 for 7 from 3-point range), although Caffey also contributed five rebounds, for assists and three steals.

“It’s a team defense, but you gotta give a lot of credit to Rod,” senior captain Garrett Nevels said. “He puts the clamps on people.”

Caffey entered the game averaging 16.8 points per game. In two games against the Warriors this season, he scored 16 total points.

Nevels did his part, scoring 14 points on 6-of-11 shooting, and grabbing a game-high nine rebounds. He delivered a couple of the finishing blows in the second half – an alley-oop dunk off a lob pass from Bobbitt, then a clean blocked shot off the backboard of Long Beach State’s 6-foot-7 forward David Samuels.

“I think we got a lot of good shots today – four people in double-figures,” he said. “I think that’s just how good of a team we could really be. If we do that every night, we’re hard to beat.”


Sophomore forward Stefan Jankovic was also a force on both ends of the court, finishing with 12 points, six rebounds, five blocked shots and three assists.

“That’s a proud program over there in Long Beach and they’re going to be a problem in the conference tournament,” Taylor said. “That was a really big win for us tonight in order to get to where we need to get to.”

Sophomore center Stefan Jovanovic added seven points on a perfect shooting night – 3 for 3 on field goals, 1 for 1 on free throws – off the bench. Aaron Valdes, who returned to the lineup after missing the previous game due to illness, contributed five points and five rebounds. Quincy Smith also had five points and five boards.

Caffey made the first basket of the game – a 3-pointer to give the 49ers a 3-0 lead – but it was pretty much all Warriors after that. Webster-Chan hit three 3s in a row to give Hawai’i a 14-4 lead.

The Warriors took the 10-point lead into intermission, and the only moment of doubt came early in the second half. Hawai’i went 0 for 7 from the field in first six minutes of the second half, allowing the 49ers to cut the Warriors’ lead to four, 40-36.

A 3-pointer by Webster-Chan ended the drought, but the 49ers still managed to get as close as 45-42 with 12:05 remaining. Unlike a month ago, when the Warriors faded in the second half of the loss at Long Beach, the Warriors came on strong at the end.


An 11-0 run – highlighted by Nevels’ alley-oop dunk – pushed the Hawai’i lead up to 56-42 with 9:14 remaining. The Warriors closed it out in style, with Nevels, Bobbitt and Quincy Smith all scoring on breakaways in the closing minutes.

Long Beach State shot just 30.6 percent (19 for 62) from the field, and grabbed 33 rebounds to Hawai’i’s 39. Branford Jones led the 49ers with 12 points.

It was an especially meaningful win for Jankovic and Webster-Chan, who visited Pearl City High School student T.J. Fernandez the day before the game. Fernandez is battling an inoperable brain tumor, and the two Warriors made “T” signals with their hands during the game to honor him.

“I sent a prayer for him today and me and Stef dedicated the rest of the season to him once we met him,” Webster-Chan said.

“I hope T.J. was watching tonight,” Taylor added. “I didn’t know my guys were going to react the way they did. It’s tough … keep fighting T.J.”

The Warriors will remain at home, but do not have a game this weekend. Their next game will be the home finale on March 4 (a Wednesday night) against UC Santa Barbara. It will be a “White-Out” game, and senior Nevels will be honored after the game.

UCSB upset first-place UC Davis, 74-60, on Thursday, and will play second-place UC Irvine on Saturday before heading to Honolulu.


(Game photos courtesy Brandon Flores / www.brandonfloresphotography.com)


Thursday’s Big West Results
CSUN 82, Cal State Fullerton 72
UC Santa Barbara 74, UC Davis 60
UC Irvine 63, Cal Poly 56
Hawai’i 78, Long Beach State 59

Saturday’s Big West Games
Cal State Fullerton at Long Beach State
UC Davis at Cal Poly
UC Riverside at CSUN
UC Irvine at UC Santa Barbara


  1. That was a very exciting game for the win. Very sloppy play with the turnovers but they had a lot of energy, they didn’t give in and kept playing thru the drought in the 2nd half. Smith brings in energetic defense from the bench and am glad he knows his role on the team.

    As good as Bobbit is he has that lethargic style passing the ball at times. UH really needs to get Fleming back by tournament time.

    Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows!

  2. AAAUGH….


    UHMBB “Calendar”

    WEDNESDAY 3/4 LAST HOME GAME – Senior Night: G & Jawato…

    Saturday 3/7: Road @ Fullerton… 20/21 OR BUST…

    Thursday 3/12: BWC Tourney- ALL The Talk ‘ALL-YEAR’
    Is This Finally A Year of RESULTS?…WINS?

    Then NCAA Tourney
    (OR CIT)

    [Then FRET Recruiting Season: Benjy Promising: “Me” or Better…]

  3. This was a great team win and it was so awesome to see the team FINISH strong instead of the other way around!

    This was a win over a fast and athletic Long Beach team and did it without Isaac Fleming and Mike Thomas hardly played. Unreal shooting from Negus! Every time he shot it the crowd thought it was going in. This is such a dangerous team when he is shooting like that. G-Money playing like money! Bobbitt is the true stat stuffer and like G says he puts the clamps on!

    We need to take these last two games to get full momentum going to Big West Tournament and hope and pray that Isaac and Mike be back at full strength by that time.

  4. RE: Finishing Strong…

    OUR Neighbors made an Eye-Opening (Head Scratching, too) Point:
    That LBSU Team that Our Young Hawai’i Team Blew Out…


    (At Least, Monson gets to RE-Build…)

    And What a Potentially Bright Future Hereabouts
    TWO Good Recruits (or Four…)


    NEGUS Has Been Very Consistent for about Five Games
    (reportedly surpassed ALL-BWC Caffey in 3-pt Shooting In Conference)

    JANKS’ “Bad Night” Last Night Demonstrated How Many Ways he is Learning to Affect the Game —
    Whether 15 Rebounds OR FIVE Blocks OR 12-15 (GO For 20-30-Plus Janks!) HIGH %-age points

    GARRET Agrees HE IS Taking SENIOR Charge

    BOBBITT seems to be Getting the Value (to the Team) of Being a Legit Offensive Threat…
    (Learned from Fleming?)

  5. ON ARTIE’s Show (Good News)

    Benjy says he flew out Last Night after the Game…
    “…to Solidify a couple of Prospective Recruits…”

    With Everyting Going On… (NCAA Sanctions, IF Any…)
    We Don’t Need to Sign Four … We Really Need Two…
    A Rebounding Maniac And a Skilled Shooter…”

    The way Janks has started to Rebound the Ball,
    i’m not as concerned on that Rebounding Maniac…

  6. eagle…if uhadmin not working to put benjy as top man for next 3 years…insane..think losing june jones to smu..
    can benjy dlegate and run good mbb program…that is what he has done..

    Heard artie show too..
    benjy smart…cannot push to secure 4 possible open scholies because of pending/loss of scholies with ncaa thing
    to me absolutely proactive, he, Senque and Brad spear head recruiting,
    get that taller version of csun’s maxwell..and great shooter
    he can close committs with those 2..sounds good
    think he mentioned he communicates with admin..makes me think..they have some idea of ncaa limits settling compromise or self imposed
    if uh mbb like st mary’s still can play some type of post season next couple years
    that is why can lock in and close out recruiting of those 2 jc guys
    probably they will come in for visits too
    benjy, que pretty confident

    , eagle sounds good ..even if uh mbb has 11 scholies with 3 preferred , with all the sophs …uh mbb can have several 20 win type seasons for next several years
    good game benjy and team
    congrats to wbb

    Nice,,,unreal if wbb and mbb both earned ncaa invites!!

    . or mbb at least cbi or cit…maybe use some of 1.2 million dollar donor’s money for that

    Good job benjy and 14 awesome team members
    now when healthy..uh mbb type of team could win games in post season
    bwc tournament..first step win a first round game

  7. Mahalo for being a Bow Brandon Jawato, J, wato
    get your degree in may and come back to hawaii and start to coach some level of basketball
    hawaii fans love B Jawato!!

    Take care Brandon
    thankyou ..you are first GA recruit to grad in 4 years!!

  8. Once again I don’t know ncaa final deal..just guess..my opinion
    however uh admin smiling with success of wbb, expected, mbb extra special 19 to 20 plus win season , unexpected
    what a great 2015 sports year so far spring
    mvb.wbb, mbb, swim, diving, wsb, m baseball

    Go bows

  9. This UH team keeps inspiring me. They are very consistent in their approach and energy and effort. Like the coach said, they have been in every game this season. You know every game, UH has a chance to win. The earliest signs to me was beating Pittsburgh on Maui. Then, winning 2 games down in Florida. Then beating Nebraska, then losing in OT to Wichita State, then beating Colorado. They have a chance because this team has shown all season that it can cause turnovers and get a lot of steals.

    IF, IF, IF…..Lots of ifs. First, next Wed. against UCSB. If we beat UCSB that’s a very good measuring stick going into the tournament. Beating Michael Bryson and Alan Williams will be monumental.

    Second, based on what I see, UH will win IF, the team shoots a good percentage from the field and at the line. Look at the season, shoot poorly, we lose. Shoot a decent percentage, we win, PERIOD! Evidence of last night. IF, the teams gets healthy by the Big West tournament we have a good chance to advance, assuming the prior IF. IF, somehow we get to the Big Dance we have a chance to do some damage.

    Again, the measuring stick to me is how well we played against Wichita St, which is now rankd #11 in the polls at 26-3. When you come down to it, it’s pretty simple for Coach Taylor and the team. 1) play defense like they have been doing the entire season, getting lots of turnovers and steals, that’s their calling card. 2) play smart, limit our own turnovers, play solid fundamentals 3) shoot at least 45% or better from the field and make some 3s, shoot around 70-75% on their free throws, 4) try to stay out of foul trouble and 5) everybody on the team can play. Do all of this and you might call Hawaii the big surprise of the tournament. Let’s pray!!!!!

  10. And Derek do WE on this forum appreciate what Benjy and his great team have done throughout all the distraction and naysayers?
    Now I believe 100% on this forum do..
    and that core 5000 to 6000 that go to SSC games as well as thousands of in the know long time basketball fans including alumni

    Great job
    could have been a 7 -23 record at this point..
    however Benjy and the Bows..from this hard core near 50 year follower of mbb..
    fantastic job..you deserve multi year contract and chance to dance with this young and maturing team for years to come!!

    High Character…no baloney or false front..janks and nwc,,,huge hearts
    dedicate rest of season to TJ!!

    BENJY I am so proud of you, your staff and the 14 warriors
    Strength through Adersity
    Believe there are thousands locally who love this team

    Good..no..Fantastic job Benjy and the Bows!!

  11. Last night the team personality was a little more subdued and serious and less vocal on calls made against them which I thought was a step in the right direction. Coaches job to change and influence the refs.

    Players, take care of business and let your actions do the talking.

    Last night spark was QS. This one guy always works hard says very little. Good job QS.

  12. 1) I love the way Quincy Smith plays, quick jumper, quick running, his speed. My suggestion for him would be to be quick, but don’t hurry. Sometimes he gets overboard. Work on his shooting and his confidence shooting. No hesitation, let it fly with confidence. And, no air balls, please! Continue to work hard. He’s very, very important to the team. His defense is good too.

    Yeah, I think Taylor and his coaches are doing a very good job getting the players to play hard and getting some good results. Can’t take away from that, no question. Who recruited these players, Arnod? Taylor? Akana? Fisher? Anybody else? And, who are the prospects are they going for now. You don’t hear anything about recruiting at all or if anybody on staff is doing anything in this regard. Fan, me including are wondering. No news whatsoever. That’s a bad sign to me. As to the future, I don’t know what’s going to happen. You don’t know what’s going to happen with the NCAA penalties, but I assume it would be pretty severe. I guess we just have to wait. Do I want Taylor and his coaches to get hired and a longer contract? My answer would be depending on who and what they are doing about getting new recruits for the future. We have to replace Jawato, Nevels, Sammis, and Fotu’s scholarships. We need a banger, a power forward with a big butt to move people out, a couple of shooters who can defend and a point guard. Bobbitt and Smith will be seniors after next year.

  13. Dont know why but it seems Valdes stock is going down and NWC stock is rising. Aaron needs to right the ship soon. Hopefully after this 6 day layoff he will be back to his early season form. And Bobbit is looking a bit more to score which makes hime all the more dangerous. If he can knock down a few when he has the shot it will really open things up inside. one more win to 20. HUGE for this program.

  14. That is why benjy told artie he is not going to wait…up there now in mainland to work on closing good rebounder..right fit big…plus a shooter
    has to be under radar..
    because of ncaa thing..
    and how do we know uh mbb will get a severe 100% slap in the face?
    Even to win 19 games Derek …with what Benjy and team had to and still contending with
    ig uhadmin does’nt make move to hire benjy to multi year deal
    admin is crazy
    april signing…or benjy comes back and says he got a big and a shooter committed and look to sign april awesome

    Never in my life have I heard of an ncaa div 1 interim/acting coach who wins 20 games..even 19 and is not retained

    Team does not need the doubt of their loyalty nor does benjy deserve it..the negativity

    UH MBB ends up with 21 wins and ncaa/cit or cbi invite…go ahead and let benjy go..what more could he have done?
    Even alumni uh mbb athletes…one John Pennebacker said benjy doing great job..uhadmin should sign him as permanent head coach ..what Penny said…carries a lot of weighf
    the uh mbb they know benjy doing fantastic job

    And let uhadmin and counsel battle for betterment of team
    they deserve it
    we were raised, never kick someone when they are down or goig throgh trial
    benjy and team taken high road
    very positive group
    more props to them

  15. Rod shut down Mike Caffey…check! Crash the boards…check! Force 20 turnovers….well, 17 isn’t too bad. Also, NWC and Nevels stepped it up. Reffing was actually half-decent! Seems like the crowd was in it as well. Overall, I feel like everyone on the team played well. The turnovers were a bit high but most of it was onesie-twosie’s.

    Disappointing that senior night is next thursday, I thought it was this Saturday 🙁 Guess we gotta wait another full week for more action. Let’s GO BOWS!!!

  16. servante, I concur with your assessment with AV. I was just thinking of how he was playing early season (highlight reel alley-oops!) and how he’s been playing as of late. It’s night and day. I highly attribute that to his nagging ankle injuries. Also saw him hit his head diving for a loose ball…ouch! I love the effort but not worth the head lumps :-/

  17. Hands down, best effort, hardest working team on defensive pressure, and when get out on transition, one of the, if NOT THE best team in BWC.. just do it for full 40 minutes..
    Benjy has 14 really nice guys, fun loving guys, humor guys,…yet they battle as Warriors..
    Yes, IsaacM, the refs were non factors..fair officiating for both sides..
    Warriors to manhandle, last 9 minutes,, the senior laden LBSU team, with all of that top notch, probably best in the BWC talent.. incredible.

    Benjy And The Bows.. or Now we Know.. UH MBB team, checks out the forum,
    We Support you guys all the way.. shut up the Naysayers, of your team and Coach Benjy Taylor and staff. Just have fun, finish well in school, do well as young men, represent, dedicate MBB rest of season to ailing and fallen ones Of UH MBB ohana.

    lot of fans, They Just Do Not get it.. just the minutia.. However the bigger picture, all 14 guys have lives ahead of them, a couple of seasons as UH MBB hoopsters ahead of them.. They Need Our Support..

    Dang UH admin.. who knows.. Benjy and The Bows hit win Number 20… chancellor and Power that Be,.. will strike a contract with Coach Taylor, and Benjy can sign the Big and the Shooter from JC.. !!

    Go Bows.. 2 more games final regular season BWC, to get Number 20 or 21 before the tournament, And How many of over 300 DI schools have gottern 20 or more win this season? don’t think even 50+

  18. Basketball Power Rankings Index for Feb 27 2015
    Forgot about that, how far UH has come through Adversity.. gang?

    rank: 123
    out of possible 351 NCAA DI MBB programs, not bad at all


  19. Another fun and Fantastic Fact for Great, Great UH MBB team, and how far the have come, and beating down the negative nancies..

    Out of 351 NCAA DI Basketball programs.. only 56 have won 19 or more games, Which team in Middle of the Pacific Ocean is among That Elite, and really no matter what conference or SOS.. University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors..

    Team, Garrett, Quincy, Brandon Jawato, Rod Bobbitt, Isaac Fleming, Aaron Valdes, Mike Thomas, Stef Jankovich, Stef Jovanovich, Niko Filopovich, Dyrbe Enos, Negus Webster-Chan.. and RS’s Brocke Stepteau and Zach Bushcer, Awesome job

    You all have made Hawaii Proud, darn Proud of the Rainbow Warriors !!

    Making Noise.. !!


  20. AND OF COURSE CAPTAIN G MONEY.. shoots, wish We had 2 more of you for next year Garrett, classy guy who will grad in spring soon too !!

    G Money… First rate Warrior, who became spokesman, He and Aaron Valdes, for solidarity of program, and wanting to stay and fight.. lookee here what happend…Started off pre BWC season 12-4, wins over Pitt, Nebraska and Colorado, almost beat Wichita St. what Number 7 in country now?…won that 2 out of 3 games on the murderous early Florida tournament road swing, and their interim acting coach, won the Hugh Durham Mid Major Coach or Year Award, to be presented to Benjy after season..or during FinaL four? I forget..

    Go Bows.. and G.. just be a winner, like you always were.. miracle healer, a hand injury like yours, could have kept other MBB players out for rest of season, and here you are skying and slammin, and 3 ball jacking !! Rebounding like a 6’9″ beast..

  21. IsaacM; — Note, the next game is on March 4 ( Wednesday).

    Valdes made a nice rebound shot off of a miss by Negus in the 2nd half and also a short turnaround jumper in the 1st half and had 5 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 steal.

  22. I think there is a Hugh Durham Coach of the Year award announced in April, which is different from the mid-year coach award. Last year the award winner was announced in April, after the entire season records could be looked at.

  23. Think 9 different guys started this year…all 9 guys scored at least 10 points in a game
    uh mbb team probably deepest when all healthy

    Great thing gang?
    Even when guys not eligible, disciplined benched, surgery, injuries or ailments
    uh mbb still on verge of 20 minutes

  24. Verge of 20 minutes…me ? I meant 20 wins …
    Go Bows

    And AV just has to rebound..stay in front of man defensively
    not lob dunk all the time
    and get offensive board putbacks
    AV would be more effective
    get 12 points, 7 rebounds 1 block, 2 steals and fight for 3. 50/50 balls

  25. The proof will be in the pudding at the Bigwest tournament when the men step up and the boys fall by the way side. I will be there first hand to see if our Warriors can finally get to the finals. No more one and dones. That will be crucial Ncaa sanctions will turn off a number of recruits. Next Wed. Is a big game. Pack the house. Last game. ! Give Nevels a good send off. He’s playing like an ultimate Warrior!

  26. “The proof will be in the pudding at the Bigwest tournament…”

    I think that this sentiment belittles what has been accomplished this year.

    People like Portnoy and others have been moving the target all year.

    First, it was, we’ll see what they can salvage from this mess, and whether we’ll even be able to have a season this year after what has occurred.

    Then after a couple of wins, it was, we’ll see what happens when they play Pitt, because “things could get ugly.”

    Then it was, we’ll see if they can travel across the country and win games away from the Stan Sherrif, because they could very well come back from Florida winless.

    Then it was, we’ll see how they fare against “real” competition in the Diamond Head Classic.

    Then it was, we’ll see how they do in conference.

    Then it was, we’ll really see if they can win a game in conference on the road.

    Now, after everything that has occurred and the fact that they stand at the precipice of a second consecutive 20-win season, people blow it off like it happens all the time. They act like 20 win seasons grow on trees around here.

    They don’t.

    I looked it up. It’s happened only 8 times in the last 45 years.

    And consecutive 20 win seasons has only happened 2 times prior during those 45 years. Once under Red Rocha during (70-71/71-72)and once in Riley’s 20 year terms during the AC/Alika years (96-97/97-98)

    The flippant response to what this regime has been able to do over the last 2 years, and what Benjy has been able to do with this group is unwarranted. And ignores the historical lack of consistent success that has plagued this program over the past decades.

    We should understand that the program is literally in the middle of one of its most successful runs in the modern era.

    Should this group get to 20 wins, it will be a remarkable achievement.

    Now the target is being moved again – with people like you saying “the proof will be in how they do in the tournament.”

    I would submit that should they get to 20 wins, any win they get in the tourney is gravy. This season would have already been a resounding success, and Benjy should be credited with pulling off one of the more remarkable coaching achievements in recent memory.

    The rest of the country knows this, and has already recognized him for it at Mid-Season.

    It is just our own insularity about what this program has achieved (shaped in large part from the single narrative shoved down our throats through this one-newspaper/one sports radio station town) that causes us to not appreciate what we have – and how good we have it right now.

  27. mid range game….ditto…excellent summary…cannot keep on elevating bar, when Benjy and team by being 1 game away from 20 wins..awesome
    Benjy very open..he cares about guys…outstanding job
    when espn media guys give shout out to UH MBB and what coach Taylor has accomplished..it is known nationally
    agree with you 110% seen decades of UH MBB…strength through adversity
    what UH MBB has accomplished this year outstanding
    regardless of bwv tourney finish
    though these warriors will battle for every win
    question..does UH power that be recognize what they have?

  28. MBB Actually they have overcome so much
    radio show …some said team would implode..rather they exploded with exciting basketball and wins
    former assistant say team fortunate to win 9 games all season
    well, again team and coaching staff, a very good quickly assembled one great job managing and developing basically 12 guys who had’t played significant or ANY time together
    WBB… good , what was expected
    MBB ..very very good outstanding , to many myself included, beyond expectations

    True Warriors, with one of better head coaches in the nation against near overwhelming odds..
    western ncaa division 1 region coach of year? In my eyes, Yes… Coach Benjy Taylor!!
    Great coaching coach Taylor!!

  29. Thanks Dayton…that person wherever in world don’t give up
    thanks for deleting their post

    This is great fan site for UH MBB ..
    not for nonsense

    Mahalo Dayton!!

  30. mid-range game with the post of the season! I couldn’t agree more about the Poops Talk team and how they keep changing their stories. I still remember their show the week after Gib and Fotu left and Portnoy almost couldn’t contain his joy. HIs words were something like “I picked them to finish sixth and that was with Fotu so that leaves three other places where they’ll probably finish now.”

    Of course he changes course a couple weeks ago and announces “well, this team was picked to finish fifth so anything lower than that would be a disappointment.”

    There are so many other clown moves by Portnoy, like after UH beat UC Davis and he says “well UC Davis has played one of the worst schedules in the country so their record really doesn’t tell the story. They will be in the middle of the pack soon.” Portnoy kept ragging on UH schedule as well, and saying Long Beach State was going to rise to the top of the Big West because they play a “real” schedule.

    Bottom line, mid-range game is so right. This team has already overachieved. If somebody said before the season to pick between the team being 19-11 after 30 games or 11-19, I bet 80 to 90 % of people would pick 11-19.

    As my girl Taylor Swift likes to say: “Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate. Shake it off! Shake it off!”

  31. KUDO’s for the smile m-r g and nice follow up Chuck.

    This team is going to miss Nevels’ “win at all cost” attitude but I can only imagine how dangerous we are about to be in the next couple years.

    With athletes like these, we will always be in the game right to the finish.

    One goal in mind right now…Beat the Gauchos!


  32. Chuck ..few of us…on this and other forums…read, saw and heard the negative noise and joy…horrible when things happened in October…you and mid range correct
    this coach and team…to myself..THE BEST in over 47 years
    no other near 20 win or even 19 win overall team ever had to deal with such adversity
    that guys read our posts…
    just want to say how much respect I have for all 14 of you grest young men for bringing joy to thousands of MBB fans!!
    Benjy Taylor, Senque Carey, Brad Autry and Brandon Loyd , ,my favorite coaching staff that I have witnessesd guiding Team in decades!!

    Great job
    and hoopstalk, wonder that Benjy even talks to those tetwo critics..stomp guys when they are down
    credit to Benjy for taking high road, lot of class, and his team is maturing too!!
    Fantastic young UH MBB team and Coach Taylor!!

    Hoopstalkers…really fans of UH?
    I don’t know if they have season tickets?

    WI fan nation we backing the Bows, not false cracking the Bows!

    If season were pau right now..great, great season by Benjy and the Bows
    wish admin would support him
    John Pennebacker gave support for Benjy
    that is huge
    UH fab 5 member..and UH graduate!!

    Chuck , backbeat, servante, mid range and others..we know this team are Winners already
    and to jjay and others critical of coach and team.
    saying still have to prove to him they are real deal
    this team is more than real
    they are the golden deal,
    love the coach, his staff, and team!!

  33. Great rundown MidRG. That pretty much says it all. This season is already a success!

    I remember Jackson snickering (we all know how and why he does it) about that nobody knows the names of the new assistants. That this is how low the program has become. And this coming from an assistant that rode the coattails of Riley Wallace. I wonder how many people were interested in his name after 2 weeks. I bet he is hatin’ of all this success.

    Dayton, by the way, in my opinion, the best play last night was the G-money block on Samuels. Not in your highlights. Haha, just kidding Dayton. Great vid as always. And you getting real fast getting it up. Much mahalo.

  34. warriorhaw:

    Fellow fan and faithful SSC ticket holder.. That Mid Range, he hit it on the head, for the fan, newer, or older of UH MBB, and what they had to deal with..The backhanded critiques, and still criticizing by Jeff and Jackson, just uncalled for… total lack of class.
    What it is? Jealousy, envy, plain and simple, and embarrassment, Because…
    Team has been Very successful, That start 12-4, was incredible.. a challenge to BWC play because of sickness , injury, and learning as new team.. Now, Hey warriorhaw, I am serious, if Season Were Pau Now.. It would stick in my mind, as one of the greatest seasons ever by UH MBB team, In History of MBB, no other team had to deal with such Adversity, none, and Uncertainty, Usually teams and the interim, Acting coaching staff folds, and goes through motions.. and loses a lot of games.
    These Are True Warriors, Benjy has them galvanized, If the Negative Forces are attacking HC and team, just play Ball, go to school,,do well, Garrett and Brandon on schedule to graduate this year, Fantastic..
    And Warriorhaw, not over yet, At least 3 more games to go!! UCSB, whiteout night, at SSC for senior G Money, Fullerton at Fullerton, then opening round game of BWC tournament.. and hopefully to championship game… and if they did not even make it to semifinals, that is Okay.. Jackson, Jeff will just say, they are not good, great effort, however, they are not in that league, or elite.. Well They Are Wrong, this Team are Elite people and Athletes, and have won over several thousand faithful fans, who want UH Admin to support coach Taylor, so he can recruit that JC big and JC shooter, so next season will be as Great, and even better.

    2014-15, WBB and Beeman, proud of them, However, just as, if not MORE so proud of the class, High Character, and warrior mentality, and love of Hawaii and their fans, by the Univerisity of Hawaii at Manoa, Men’s Basketball team..

    Go Bows !!
    Mid Range, you should write a letter to editor, or email Chancellor, or have piece posted in Kaleo, or special to KHON sports..great summary..
    The True fans, and supporters,.. we Know, HOW SPECIAL COACH TAYLOR< HIS Staff and the team are…. We do Love them, and BENJY.. We appreciate You, your staff and The Fourteen Winners, the UH MBB team!
    Overcame, naysayers, including, media, and hoops gurus? Not !

    Go Bows!!
    Keep on posting Mid Range, the Post of the Season, and it ain't over yet, The Team for themselves, and Benjy and their families, want more wins.. and they will get them !!

  35. Interviews for the new AD began yesterday. A list of over 70 was sliced down to maybe around 14 .

  36. mahalo islandman

    and Dayton, the Schmidt Ohana, Valerie Schmidt, Ameriprise and Pacific Risk Solutions.. Hands down, the Best site for All things University of Hawaii Rainbow Warrior Men’s Basketball, The write-ups, and Dayton, the real time, updates , interview of team and staff, hilites and post game interviews.. First Rate.. For we Hungry anything Positive about the MBB program !!

    Nevels, what a tough young man, come back from a surgery to Shooting Hand, and now throwing down dunks and denying at the rim, with awesome blocked shots.

    Way to go G Money, and does team follow the hustle and desire of Captains G and Q? without question.. Janks and NWC have stepped up big time

    Shout out to our Canadian brothers !! Awesome young men, and great skillset, yet laid back, nice BB hoopsters!

    Go Bows !!

  37. dang.. the more I keep watching Benjy’s comments, and demeanor, as well as the team.. endears them more towards my heart.. maybe as much , if not more so than some other 20 win MBB teams..

    Truly Hawaii’s team…. And Hawaii’s next Head Coach… awesome job.
    and Benjy is getting noticed across NCAA USA fellow coaching fraternity..
    I thought the Pitt victory, where Benjy said “I told you.. I told you ….” looking towards Bobby C. the radio guy at Maui gym was telling.. He believed in the team, the team believed , and now, Hawaii fans believe, and NCAA MBB programs, are believing..
    Benjy and The Bows.. AWESOME MBB program..for years to come !!

    Benjy Taylor, shout out to your young ones too,.. they have good dad, trying his best, and hopefully will be rewarded by UH..I hope so, I really do..

  38. To me……Valdes looked worn out. He probably playing too much minutes and is fighting nagging injuries. He also getting frustrated when he things not going his way.

    My advice to him is to stop getting frustrated and then don’t let bad plays get to him. Take the advice that June Jones like to tell his players…………ONE PLAY AND CLEAR. After a good play or a bad play….you forget about it and focus on the next play. AV seems to let bad plays linger and it affecting his play. Hate his body language. Seems to complain too much.

    If he get his head right….he should be OK. Just stop complaining and just remain focus thru bad times and continue to battle.

  39. kahuna.. with this team, if AV not up to par, the NEXT MAN UP.. that is what have made them True Warriors.. really all out effort team from 1 through 11, one man down, or 3,… next ones step up.. It is a team game.. AV will be okay, MT and Isaac when they are 100%, and true, have to talk to officials, how going to call game, then respect it.. adjust.. no sense ..getting worked up ..

    AV, G Money, two guys really stepped up and helped bond team from late October.. we owe them a lot..and AV’s mom and ohana.. great young men.. ALL 14 Warriors!!
    Don’t Worry Aaron, we got your back.. you will have great final season run and even better next 2 seasons !!

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