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UPDATED: Video review voids Warriors’ chances at UCSB

One inch, one point and one second were all factors in the University of Hawai’i’s heartbreaking 75-74 loss at UC Santa Barbara on Saturday night at Santa Barbara, Calif. It was that close.

Isaac Fleming’s would-be game-tying 3-pointer from the corner with 1.1 seconds remaining was later confirmed to be a 2-pointer after video review, leaving the Warriors short by one point and long on frustration.

A raucous crowd of 4,383 at The Thunderdome roared its approval after the decision was announced a few minutes after the final horn sounded. The game was televised nationally on ESPNU, and replays indicated that Fleming’s right foot was barely touching the 3-point line.


“Guys were really upset in that locker room,” head coach Benjy Taylor said. “I’m still upset, but we have to move on. We just have to stick together.”

Taylor said the officials ran off the court after announcing the decision, not giving him the opportunity to request that the final 1.1 seconds be put back on the clock.

“They were gone,” Taylor said. “But if they change the call (on the 3-pointer), then they should put the time back on the clock. We could’ve got a five-second call or a turnover.”

Hawai’i dropped to 16-9 overall and is now tied for fifth place in the Big West conference at 4-5. UCSB improved to 11-11 and is in fourth place at 4-4.

Garrett Nevels led the Warriors with 16 points. On Hawai’i’s final possession, he missed a long 3-pointer, but Fleming grabbed the offensive rebound and dribbled out to the corner for his last shot.

It was ruled a two-point shot on the court, but the ESPNU broadcast team was under the impression that it was a 3-pointer. The post-game video review confirmed – and did not overturn – the initial ruling.

“I don’t know what to say about that; I don’t know if there’s anybody we can talk to,” Taylor said.

Making it more frustrating, the Warriors led by as many as 13 points in the second half, and had an 11-point lead with less than seven minutes remaining. UCSB did not take its first lead of the game until there was just 1:32 remaining.

Aaron Valdes added 13 points for the Warriors, though he shot just 4 for 16 from the field. Mike Thomas added 11 points on 4-of-5 shooting, and grabbed five rebounds; Fleming scored nine points on 4-of-6 shooting, and grabbed four rebounds; Stefan Jovanovic added eight points on 3-of-4 shooting, and four rebounds; Roderick Bobbitt contributed six points, six assists, six steals and five rebounds.


“We came out the way we wanted to, but I thought we ran out of gas at the end and made some mental mistakes, especially on the defensive end,” Taylor said. “We were almost playing like the game was over instead of locking in and defending every possession.”

The Warriors opened the game with an 11-4 lead, and increased it to 33-21 with 5:10 remaining in the first half. The Gauchos got back in it with an 8-0 run, and Hawai’i eventually took a 37-33 lead at intermission.

Hawai’i appeared to be in control for most of the second half, especially after Valdes threw down a highlight-reel alley-oop dunk off an assist from Bobbitt that gave the Warriors a 69-58 lead with 6:23 remaining.

The Gauchos responded with a stunning 15-1 run over the next five minutes. A 3-pointer by John Green off an inbounds pass tied the score at 70, then a 3-pointer from the corner by Michael Bryson after a Hawai’i turnover give UCSB a 73-70 lead – its first lead of the game – with 1:32 remaining.

Two free throws by Mike Thomas brought Hawai’i within one at 73-72, but UCSB went up 75-72 with 35 seconds remaining after Gabe Vincent banked in a 17-foot jumper as the shot clock was winding down.

Hawai’i called a timeout on its final possession, setting up the 3-point attempt for Nevels.

UCSB head coach Bob Williams said he did not initially see Fleming’s foot on the 3-point line. “I didn’t see the play, so I took it as a 3 when he shot the ball,” Williams said. “But in the replay, I saw that he did have his foot on the line, so they clearly pointed it out.”

Bryson led the Gauchos with 21 points, including 4-of-8 shooting from 3-point range.

Williams added that he was impressed with Hawai’i’s defense, which collected 15 steals and forced 20 UCSB turnovers. “I’d say 50 percent of it was us and 50 percent was them,” Williams said. “They are that quick, they have really good hands. Their hands being able to strip the ball away is as good as anybody we’ve played all year.”

UCSB, playing without star center Alan Williams (shoulder injury), shot 51.9 percent from the field, including 50 percent (9 of 18) from 3-point range. Hawai’i shot 44.1 percent from the field, including just 22.2 percent (4 for 18) from 3-point range.

Hawai’i forward Stefan Jankovic played a season-low six minutes – all in the first half – and finished with three points. Taylor described it as a “coach’s decision.”

“He’s not locked in the way he should be right now,” Taylor said. “I’m sure he’ll say it’s because of playing time, but it’s also because he’s not enthused when he does get playing time. We need guys out there who want to be out there, regardless of the situation.”

The loss gave the Warriors a 2-2 record on a four-game road trip in California that started on January 27. They are scheduled to return to Honolulu on February 8.

Hawai’i’s next two games will be at home – UC Riverside on Feb. 12, then Cal State Fullerton on Feb. 14.


Saturday’s Big West Results
UC Irvine 56, Long Beach State 55
UC Riverside 71, Cal State Fullerton 66 (OT)
UC Davis 68, CSUN 55
UC Santa Barbara 75, Hawai’i 74

Screen shot 2015-02-07 at 10.47.47 PM


  1. Hey MBB team.. we still Backing Benjy and The Bows.. you guys have to execute better when you have the lead that last 5 minutes, Prime Time, learn how to finish.. then last 7 games , 4 at the SSC try to win as many as possible.. last place team has 7 losses, you guys have 5, so keep winning, Get on a 2 game winning streak at SSC next week, then try to spit or sweep the following, 2 game road swing, then 2 SSC last games, sweep, then on the final BWC Fullerton game , try to get that one.. you guys will be alright.

    Benjy.. Team just has to learn to execute, sometimes, the D is great that trap and hustle, however, key turnovers, or missed inside shots, or Just so Happened, UCSB got hot from 3 line.. UH MBB team just has to play smart, and Slow Down and score, and Slow Down and defend, when crunch, time.. You guys will be alright. HAVE TO GET ON 2 game winning streak.. and Finish well in last 7 BWC games, finish in Top 5 at least for BWC tourney..

    After 25 games, by now, should be healing and Nevels, great to see he more healthy.. when he is on, AV, MT, Janks, Jovanovich, NWC comes around, Fleming, and Bobbitt scoring too, Q the whole team, You guys can win The BWC tournament.. Just have to EXECUTE and finish off games.
    REally exciting, however heart attack kids.. Wow..Go Bows

    Benjy, you and staff doing great job.. if only… Well wipe this loss away and go get 2 at SSC first of all.

    Go Rainbow Warriors!!

  2. Benjy is right , and The team, and All 4 MBB and UH sports forums.. If Review made, and there was a little over 1.1 seconds I think when Fleming hit that 3 ball, that was overruled..njacinto, you are right, however.. it would be UCSB up by 1 pt, with that 1.1 seconds.. UH could have forced 5 second call , just double the inbounder, and jump for steals, the way Hawaii was getting 15, they might have forced the Key 16th steal or 21st turnover, and gone up for shot, or layup, or gotten fouled.. Now, You wonder, UH not getting some calls, otherwise, some of the close games, UH might be 7-1, instead of 4-5… wild,, maybe Benjy should call the BWC official office, to ask for explanation.. In all that turmoil… I did not even notice that UH had still time remaining if they Reviewed that Play.. seemed that ESPN was waiting to turnover to Sports Center..
    Wild… well what goes around comes around.. Maybe These last 7 games, UH MBB will finish, well, and hard, and smart, so it does not come down to a toe on the line call.

    Bows, keep your heads up, Benjy and staff, Have to Keep team motivated, and they will bounce back, have to Get 2 wins SSC, then go and sweep those BWC teams, on the road.. Just Go all out and play well and smart You all can do it!!

  3. OMG! I didn’t even think about putting the time back on the clock if the refs ruled that the Isaac’s shot was a 2 and not a 3. That changes the whole strategy of how they play the next inbounds play. Total f-up by the refs! I sure hope somebody at UH brings this up with the Big West.

    Of course a lot of us are bias to UH but I think it is also fair to say that the refs have been really poor both here and on the road in the conference games.

  4. I am of the opinion that the game, these games, shouldn’t be that close.
    Go Bows !

  5. Tough one to swallow especially since we had that big second half lead.


    These last two games showed big signs of improvement. The petty whining to the refs has subsided and they are working much harder as a team. I thought their ball movement on the perimeter was the best all year. We have some exceptionally quick hands which has earned us 3rd place nationally in Steals. With our guard play, that means we will always be in each game.

    We still have a lot of room for improvement, particularly on our perimeter defense. I thought the changes Benjy made for these past two games were very good. No doubt it was a tough way to lose, but overall, the kids represented well.

    The NCAA rules do not allow for such put back of time in that situation right now, but I am sure that will change in the offseason.

    Does anyone here really think that this team won’t be better next year as a group? With the only loss of Nevels, we should have everyone back, a year older/wiser and will have worked on their weaknesses…which are many. I just wish that the UH Admin would recognize their obvious mishandling of Benjy’s contract and allow his coaches to get a couple good recruits. Anywhere else in the country, that would be a firing offense.

    Finally they get to sleep in their own beds for a change…we really need to get out their and back these kids. I am getting my tickets for Anaheim this week. Really proud of your Improvements BOWZ.

    GO BOWZ.

  7. Backbeat well said I’m getting my tickets also see you in Anaheim.

  8. very Bummed, should have beat these guys with their best player on the bench. We let this one get away. Mandatory home wins ,gotta Protect the House. Warriors can do it , we need to execute a half court offense better, come on Warriors.

  9. bigdaddy…. very glad to hear that.. really supportive of Isaac Fleming and the Bows !

    This team, bigdaddy and BACKBEAT…just overcome adversity….true what Isaac said in today’s SA writeup, team play as a team…not 1 on 1, very exciting team to watch..I fully expect them to win 20 plus games this season. And in Anaheim, just Win 3 in a row.. Go NCAA tournament.

    BACKBEAT and bigdaddy.. separated by over 5000 miles from Middle of the Pacific to the East Coast, However ONE THING IN COMMON.. for 99.9 % of posts and contributors to forum?
    We supporting This Team, and This Coaching staff..They deserve near 8000 + per game for final Stan Sheriff Center games,.. they go out on the final 3 road games, would not doubt if they have chance to sweep those games…Just Peak in March ! March to March Madness !!

  10. Someone on wsn forum says that Flemings last shot was initially ruled a 2 pointer by the refs. That poster is from the mainland, i think . He also refers to the replay of the game which shows the ref signaling a TWO pointer. That was different from the ESPNU score shown on the tv screen. But i guess the shot was reviewed to make sure.

    That the UH should have kept playing after the shot. But there was only 1.1 seconds left, hard to do anything with that amount of time.

    If you look at about the 8th post below with a magnifying glass, i think it shows the ref signalling a two pointer, right after the shot was made.


  11. BACKBEAT…. These Next Two games at SSC.. huge, an improved Riverside team, and even Fullerton is playing well at 1-7 in conference, some of their losses , very close ones at home and on the road. so Once Again.. UH MBB team has to have all out effort.. Yet, those final 5 minutes.. maturity, and work as a team, on Defense and Offense, to secure leads and get the W…these last 7 BWC regular season games.. I am always trying to be eternal optimist.. They can run the table.. IF UH MBB team firing on all cylinders.. playing really well, guarding the ball 40 minutes, and shooting well.. This is a team, that can win BWC tournament, that is probably The Goal for Season now.. Just highest seed and go for it..One Benefit.. 9 guys are playing between 15-30 minutes a game, any complaint about not enough PT, well Benjy is using whomever defending, work together, score well, take care of ball, and working towards wins..

    Good Job Benjy..These Next two BACKBEAT.. if UH gets wins 17 and 18.. by this Saturday Feb 14 2015..Historic.. that much closer to 20 win season.. And it puts his Name up there for permanent HC, IF.. we don’t know.. those INSIDERS.. are working to get BT signed soon.. Those 3 ball knockdown shooter scorers and One Rim protecting Beast mode rebounding 6’9″ 245 big. probably waiting to see .. Who Is the next HC for Rainbow Warriors for 2015-16 and beyond.. Would be , for consistency sake, and to stabilize program that has been shaken.. for next couple of years.

    Benjy , Que, Brad , Brandon.. great job coaching and managing these great 14 young men.
    True Warriors..
    Just my opinion.. and Why Not.. UH MBB team doing well.. only going to bet better final 7 regular season games.. and Then Anaheim.. and hopefully Heart Elated in Anaheim !!


  12. Mahalo to Dayton , Wes, Valerie Schmidt, Ameriprise, Pacific Risk Solutions.. The Coaching staff of Benjy Taylor, the faithful fans.. and to the 14 guys, young student athletes who stayed the course, did not and will not give up, until they are in that Championship game of BWC tournament.. just keep on fighting Benjy and team.

    Now, Team has to hear and see Our, the UH MBB program support.. they are going to.. well they don’t have to, SA reports.. and Inside, could not be named anonymous saying about program, and spring departures of athletes.. How does This Person Know? And he or she, being the leak to the press. BOR person? Or someone with axe to grind with UH MBB current.. and staff?

    8000+ at SSC in attendance for UH final home games and hopefully for Senior Night, For G Money, Garrett Nevels ..9000+
    We Backing the Bows !!

  13. Correct… good to have Team back in the 808 … they can get rest , back to classes.. clear heads.. mission accomplished.. minimum 2-2 split, that could have been 4-0 or 3-1.. have to clear this road trip, and learn..
    Now.. 9 games in, over half way through conference play, team should know the Big West.. only team they have not played? Fullerton, whom they will play 2x in last 7 games..

    Guard play, in Conference and Tournaments so important, however with UH only having 3 guys playing the Big spot, to guard rim and as Benjy says the last line of defense, since the perimeter guys are scrambling .. important.. Whole Team.. great Defense for 40 minutes.. did not know.. just watching the game, however,.. what a time for UCSB to get hot.. that last 4 minutes or so..

    UH has to learn to execute, and finish.. Look forward to 2 game winning streak starting this Thursday against Riverside..
    Go Bows !!

  14. Wahine basketball team in 1st place, after a seven game win streak. Kuehu was 10 for 12 on FG’s for 22 points. The pesky, road runner Cal Poly guards, Elegado and Ale, had 20 and 18 pts. They ran the UH players in circles some, but not enough to win.

  15. 7 wins in a row for Wahine. Will men win two in row this week?

  16. bigdaddy: Isaac’s willingness to mesh his skills into the team concept seems evident over the past few weeks. It’s made him, and the team, better. And that was a big-time rebound and shot. Perhaps, one day, it might win a game.

    Unfortunate that Jankovic was riding the bench. Hopefully, it’s not the revelation of the NCAA’s allegations that are troubling him. Still, Benjy is doing right by the team for instilling discipline. Just need to be ready when called upon, whether you’re playing 6 or 26.

  17. I hope and pray what ever is bothering Janks gets figured out fast. When I first saw Benjy’s statement I thought Janks was showing some attitude for not starting but after clyde mentioned the NCAA it made me think again. I sure hope UH administration not putting pressure on Janks to say or do things about the allegations.

    The ESPNU announcers were gushing about Janks after he hit the step back 3 but then he never came back in after that, so something must of happened or said in the lockers at halftime maybe.

  18. Dean Smith passed away. His four-corner(s) offense led to the shot clock for the NCAA games. That offense is still used by local high schools at certain times.

    Good thing to have the shot clock ?

  19. Upon further review of the further review, Fleming’s final shot was indeed ruled to be a two-point shot in live time by the official closest to the play. The ESPNU broadcast team did not catch that and assumed it was a 3. The video review after the game merely confirmed the initial call.

    It looks like players from both teams also assumed it was a 3. The Hawai’i players backed off, and the UCSB players attempted a desperation shot at the buzzer.

    In any case, tough way to lose.

  20. mahalo, Dayton; was wondering if my magnifying glass was telling me the truth.

  21. I know that Hawaii’s game is to pressure the ball. But I think last night’s game time after time players were leaving their man to double up on the ball in the half-court game. Santa Barbara knew the double was coming (game films) and passed to the open man who had a good look to shoot or drive in. Why are we gambling when we are in the lead? If Hawaii is to close out games they need to stick with their man and not gamble so much on the ball.

    At this stage of the season it’s winning the Big West Tournament or nothing as far as getting to the Dance. The focus should be on getting players to improve on their deficiencies such as free throws, committing unnecessary fouls, sticking with their man, and energy management. We’ve been burned a couple times at the end of games when we had a comfortable lead. Let’s face it;we won’t have any easy, blow out games from here on out. So we need to save our best for crunch time. And you can’t do anything if the tank is empty

    Isaac Fleming is a fast rising star who has a flair for the dramatic. I feel comfortable when he takes the last shot.because you know he’s going to make something happen.

    And remember guys just relax and have fun. Don’t keep score and don’t worry if you are below your average. Just think of every game as a new season. That way you won’t put pressure on yourself that you need to make up for the last game. And listen to coach!!

  22. servante …..

    yes, that is the way to win conference games, conference tournaments and post season games, the execution in half court on O and D, plus great FT shooting.
    As for Janks, and comments, don’t think he would be suited up, if their were doubts in eligibility, more a hustle thing, effort.. He will be needed, NWC and Janks, on fire, will help UH to post season run .. or any of the 12 guys on roster who step up and play smart ball.

    I am impressed with Isaac Fleming, his game and persona is maturing.. he is One of the Better Freshmen to have ever played at UH, and he is trying to do it in the Team concept, man, you are right, if the clock winding down, and ball in Isaac’s hands, he would drive and score, or dish to open guy, or hit that winning shot.. a great basketball talent, possible All BWC freshmen team if their is one, or Freshman of the Year.. He is good. however, He Wants the Wins and NCAA dance before self, tremendous.. I think The Whole Team, that is what they want. to go… shhhhhhhhh.. be quiet, doubters.. we going play as team and go to dance.. servante what have they got to lose? just a game, however, they have made thousands of fans.. hope 8000 pack the SSC this week !

  23. agreed servante

    you live by the steal and gamble, you get burned by going after steal, however, in situation they need that miracle turnover or steal, an advantage UH has over BWC teams? They NOW have the speed, quicks, hands, athletes , anticipation to turnover a team when they need it.

    However agreed, sit back in great matchup zone, and don’t have to trap and double, just sit in it.. and rebound the misses, that big guy for UCSB, he had a couple of key O rebounds and got fouled and made FT’s.. Young team, New Team, and we Are Grateful to this team servante
    would not doubt if UH gets UCSB with Williams here and of course LBSU.. with their great guard Caffey.. team .. have to get back to playing like they did in fall for 12-4 start !! Go Bows !!

    Fans, Now many more thousands, appreciate UH MBB team effort and wins.. more to come..

  24. STILL.. whatever comments, team, individuals, other things..

    One thing certain.. UH MBB.. a great Positive to UH athletics.. really.. who would have thought they would have won 16 games at this point?
    And they have possibly 7-10 games (including BWC tournament)to reach that Wonderful 20 game winning season plateau, with 14 terrific guys.

    Benjy , Que, Brad and Brandon, grad assistants, trainer Jay Goo, secretary, and faithful SSC 8000 fans.. We All Love Your Effort, and making UH MBB a real success so far.

    Love The Bows !!

    Great job.. and hope for your chance to dance in Anaheim !!
    Keep working guys, just STAY TOGETHER, win together, and work towards graduating too !!

  25. Team needs to play smarter down the stretch. It was a game we should have won. Valdes is a terrific player but needs to play within himself and not take low percentage shots. He doesn’t need to carry the team himself. We have other good shot makers in Fleming, Nevels, Jankovic, Thomas and Negus. His game wasn’t on as noted by his shooting only 25% (4 for 16) as it looked like he forced a number of shots. He may have tried too hard to impress his family and friends attending the game. Coach needs to review the game film and help the team to get better. It’s tough to win on the road but this was a hard loss to take.

  26. Thanks for having this site for my fav ncaa bball team.. Go bows! You know its really hard seeing these guys loose, especially a heartbreaker like that. But like everybody else said.. these guys are maturing and they’re only going to get better. I have high hopes for them to make it to the Bigwest Tournament.

    Ok now I’m going to comment on some of the playing.. You know these guys are so fun to watch, but it just kills me when they don’t take smart shots and force stuff. Also Jankovic needs to crash the boards especially on offense. too many times I saw him vs ucsb lastnight where a shot would go up and he would just start trotting back on defense. The guards will get back on D no worries. I love his range on the 3 though he’s got great potential..all these guys do. I wish they were seniors already lol Not really

    Keep playing tough Warriors! you guys are a great team from coach to player, and can beat anybody in this conference!

    I believe in you guys!!

  27. Maybe that is the thing with Janks, have to go after offensive and defensive rebounds, get tough, be physical, without fouling out, maybe that is it too, when he had started, he fouled out of I think it was 3 games in a row.. so maybe he holds back.. however, as a Team, just have to figure out, Go Fast, Go Slow, play big, play small, They can pretty much go either way..When they hit their stride, slow down when nothing there, break or easy transition, and Run Efficient Half Court, and score or get fouled out of the O sets, and IN Half Court, when not pressuring, to shut down teams..

    Maturity, as Long as these last 7 games before BWC tourney, they win a bunch, and play best ball, Team ball, winning basketball, before the tourney with highest seed possible at least 4 or 5.. They have a chance to dance.. Really believe in these guys.. they have ridden the storm,, and a lot, 8000+ at SSC , or near that amount now coming to final 4 home games SSC.

    Go Bows , yes Big Drink and Bernie……We support the team.. they are far exceeding our expectations, and The Team, their expectation …. is to fight for that BWC tourney crown and NCAA invite !!

  28. I have a funny feeling after reading Benjy’s comments that Janks may think of leaving after this year. His attitude is poor but he has a lot of potential and would be a big loss. I hope it doesn’t happen but who knows how this program is going to be next year.

  29. BigFan:

    would think if he left, and another similar athlete left…They would go pro overseas.. or go down lower level college, I don’t know.. sometimes, with that shakeup with Gib and change of coaching, however at Mizzou, he known as shooter, his role,.. however they wanted him to work on you know what? Defense and Rebounding? Similar to what Benjy wants not only Janks but all the 3 Bigs to work on…
    Still puzzling, hoopgururadio, AW show, plus articles here and there , plus that Nasty Inside anonymous Close to UH MBB situation leaking movement of guys..

    I think islandman? or clyde, or maybe myself heard from old JW from hoopsty..show, that some are double transfers, and would or could not transfer to another DI school, it would be a triple transfer, ?

    I think if this team, just gets hot, and janks a part of a team that wins 20+ games, and let’s say they do a Poly from last year, and makes the Dance, NCAA tournament.. wonder how many if any guys would leave? Or depends on that other thing handed down? Who knows.. Know that Benjy and his staff, Que, Brad and Brandon, working very, very hard to keep Team Together, .. they can have a great end to this season.. After the season then guys with their ohana input make final decisions, go pro, or down a level, or who knows?

    Main, Thing Coach Taylor, loves the team, they been fighting hard,.. He wants, The Bigs, including Janks to Defend and get Offensive and Defensive rebounds, get physical…Imagine if old Red Head Riley from 20 years ago, had Janks.. man, hellfire and brimstone, however, guys would be jumping to either work butt off, or sit..

    Benjy, to maintain, discipline, and coaching direction.. has to go with top 8 or 9 who will battle..
    I look for This Team to get 2 very hard fought wins this week.. against Riverside and Fullerton, will not be easy… however This Week… might show us, how UH MBB will fair down to BWC tourney in Anaheim..

    Bet, Captains, Nevels and Smith, along with team, meet together and air out concerns,, this bunch, so close to going 4-0 or 3-1 on the road, and actually being about 20-5 at this point..
    Go Bows.. They finish with 19 or 20+ wins, this season.. FANTASTIC

    Janks hang in there, have to maintain grades to, I don’t know of anything,.. I think just Coach wants him to play big, hustle, get rebounds, block shots, do not stay outside, all the time.. though he is great on the perimeter, Team needs him inside Banging, they don’t have much depth down low.

    Janks, will be okay.. pretty confident, he in school, back in Hawaii, and practicing, plus playing PT much this Thursday and Friday helping UH to 2 wins.. Janks would be Alright.. Janks, we backing you up, now you have to back down some guys in the post, and battle down low..

    Janks and NWC.. 2 very gifted athletes.,, just have to rebound, defend and hustle , their shots will come..

  30. And NO.. I don’t know of any change to roster.. that would come after this season.. If UH finishes with 20 plus wins, all 14 guys , including 2 Redshirts, had Big Role, in what will be known as perhaps the greatest OVERCOMING ADVERSITY and still having winning season in UH MBB history.
    This Team, and Coaching Staff, have my full support, They have great athletes, and come BWC tournament time, They will be Ready..
    The are WARRIORS

    Go Bows…
    End to speculation.. as far as I know.. all 14 guys are on roster until end of this spring, and hopefully a full returning group..with 2 or 3 recruits, a Big, and 2 shooters..

  31. take care of business… school work on the road, do class load, and follow study hall, , that is important too.. UH MBB team Student Athletes.. Hope they all do well this spring In Academics, so important keep APR in good standing… plus guys on track to graduate..

    MBB team, take care of necessary business in School as well as on the court..

    We Backing The Warriors !!

  32. The one thing I don’t agree with Benjy about is how he is airing the teams dirty laundry to the public. He should have just said it was a coaches decision not to play Janks. By elaborating he is making Janks out to be the bad guy in the media. Regardless you should keep all personnel matters in the locker room and not call guys out in the media. This is not the NBA.

  33. runbows, re: your question; A player has 5 years to play 4 seasons, usually. And if someone transferred to UH from another 4 yr school, usually they have to sit out one year. So if a player played at one school as a freshman and then transferred in as a soph; after sitting out one year at UH, he only has three more years to play, including this year. If he transfers out, he has to sit out another year, i think. So he would have only 1 year to play left, losing one year of participation.

    Others might know better.

  34. islandman…thanks
    gets confusing

    think if team finish 20 win season some wins in bwc..and maybe dance or not
    team would stay
    that knowing head coach going forward probably play in.
    I think team so galvanized hopefully all returnees come back with couple key recruits
    and be even more awesome

    So proud of team and Benjy’s staff and the 8000 hard core fans now coming to SSC..Support team
    hope they just practice half court
    full court offense and defensive full court pressure team got down.
    Half court as a team defense and offense…get it down near perfection..team can win bwc tourtamenr!!

  35. Hope UH Admin, AD, Chancellor, president, BOR and Counsel go to battle for UH MBB this year and into next. These 14 student athletes, and the 12 playing this year, deserve better, wouldn’t you all agree , UH MBB WI Nation?

    Anyways.. Never seen 12 guys on court, or on the bench, yes, the guys on bench were hooping and hollering, when Isaac hit that big corner 2 pointer, even if it was not a three, man.. over 3 guys, Isaac very athletic and long, I THINK HE FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR.. good ball handler, just has togain strong weight, He is a good one. So is Janks, NWC, AV, MT, Jovanovich, Smith, Bobbitt, Niko , Dyrbe and Jawato..Nevels….good group of guys.. always took the high road.

    Once again for the hundredth time, could not be more proud of a coach, his staff and MBB team, for giving us something to cheer about, sometimes, get headache or stomach queasy with those last minute tight rope walking action to end games.., however Fun group to watch, and very good BB athletes, best in a long time !

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