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Introducing Serbian Productions


It was a rough weekend for the University of Hawai’i basketball team. A 15-point loss at Long Beach State, and the NCAA issuing its official Letter of Allegations against the program were like receiving a vicious body-head combination in boxing.

These Warriors have gone down before, but they refuse to stay down. That mettle is obviously being tested hard once again this week.

(Photo courtesy Warren Haraki)

Hawai’i, which is 15-8 overall and 3-4 in the Big West Conference, is in the middle of a four-game road trip in California. The Warriors will play at Cal Poly on Thursday, then at UC Santa Barbara on Saturday.

The team stayed in Long Beach for Super Bowl Sunday and a “light practice day” on Monday. They are scheduled to make a bus trip to San Luis Obispo on Tuesday, and will stay in a hotel there in advance of Thursday’s game at Cal Poly.

Head coach Benjy Taylor and the current players are sticking with the “no comment” comment in regards to anything dealing with the NCAA’s allegations.

As a respite from the recent setbacks, here are a couple of fun videos, featuring sophomore forward Stefan Jankovic behind the camera – he’s calling it “Serbian Productions” for now. The first video is from the team’s trip to Riverside last month; the second video is prior to the CSUN game last week.


  1. The Bows are focused…still have to mention how much we love their endurance, fortitude, the guidance of HC and staff. And we know MBB has the backing of admin too, which is so important.

    Go Warriors Go Bows.

    Mahalo to Schmidt Ohana, Wes, Dayton, and WI crew.. Ameriprise, Valerie Schmidt and Pacific Risk Solutions for sponsorship.
    We MBB fans appreciate from around the world !!

    Serbian Productions. some fun on the road.. This team needs our support and shout out.. You guys are doing great, Stay together, there are a Legion of fans, waiting for you to come back with wins from road, trip , one way or another, SSC will be packed with more fans, cheering you on, and GIVING HC and staff and Team a Standing Ovation !!

  2. Thanks, Janks, Dayton, WI.com & Schmidt ‘Ohana…

    NICE Break from The Heavier Lifting…

    ENJOY LIFE, Any Way!

    WIN More!
    GO ‘BOWS!!

    You GOT Some BWC Shockers for This Week?
    GO For It… TAKE It Away!
    Start…Continue…FINISH Strong!

    (No Nick Jones found on Last Two Years’ KSU/KU Rosters…
    Made Us Look?)

  3. Yes, really like the videos.
    Let’s finish this road trip strong !!

  4. Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows!

  5. Yes. Team get back on board that Victory Train ! See if you all can go on a 2 game win streak, come back to SSC…place will be rocking! Either way, word out, among about 8000, they supporting you guys and HC and staff all the way. Lot of fans, talk of the town, You Guys, the current 2014-15 team..just Warriors to the Max.

    Mahalo, Thankyou to MBB team families, so key, in helping your sons through this season, can be a Really great finish.

    Eagle, Pocho, Pono, jjay, warriorhaw, eagle, servante , clyde, BigFan, FUHA, Derek, josh, akuhead2, Chuck, Backbeat, boy , I cannot remember all, however WI MBB fan nation.. we be cheering team on.. Check in fans BigWest TV this Thursday..!! Should be rocking , team attacking, and hopefully shooting the rock well !!

    Go Bows !!
    Back to talking about the Season of Hoops the games !!

  6. Wonder how Issac Flemming stacks up to other Big West players for freshman player of the year

  7. Gibber’s coming out fighting…taking on the NCAA, UH Admin and the local media.


  8. The university now caught between a rock and hard place: NCAA on one side, Gib on the other. Looks like the process is going to take a while.

    There’s a clause in Gib’s contract that refers to a lump-sum payment of total compensation at the time he is released without cause. I think that’s where Gib has determined that UH still owes him $1.4 million. Later in the same clause, it seems to refute that UH would owe him such a payment. Any lawyers out there?

    More distractions for the team. Just gotta focus on playing through the season and, hopefully, the postseason. Tough, though.

  9. What the contract meant to say was “pay as liquidated damages a lump sum payment equal to the amount earned, but not yet paid, as of the date of termination .

    The contract should have been reviewed and signed off by the UH legal department on the last page of the contract along with the other signatures.

  10. Gib …sure enough…I wanted to hear…heck all of us…how he would respond…basically he ties up UH and ncaa in appeal, hearing, court…still looks like will not hurt this current team correct? Current coach, staff,.and athletes seem to be above board okay..

    I don’t think, because ncaa did not cite UH for lack of institutional control.., this team hurt in post season play , this year and next…as Gib states “allegations” …so alleged to have done..

    More kudos go out to Benjy, team and families for keeping it together..

    Hope nothing affects team..because nothing officially settled…

    Well, let coach Arnold have his right to fight..
    what if as akuhead2 said ..”reversal?”

    MBB … still mantra ” finish strong” …
    Very good young, half new guys and in cali..

    This will take some time..
    benjy, que…still coach team, develop talent and character
    ..see if can sign a big, couple good shooters..
    carry on as Warriors..
    interesting..just let truth and justice be served..
    that would be good for all

    That leaks…still make you wonder..by whom…and why..
    we shall see in 6 months!!

    Go Bows..just get win against poly..they will be tough..you all be tougher and smarter…and shoot well.you win !!

    Back..servante. .. eagle?..
    We shall see..could, probably go national story..

    Go Bows. Stay strong !!

  11. Reversal? Right. Gotta give it to Gib though. He can shovel it better than most. Good luck with that 1.4 mill gambit.

  12. Read statement…
    Gib no problem with team …current coach…fans…wants to fight highest level of allegations
    and have UH honor the lump sum of current contract..use for legal..etc..
    clyde..you are right ..I am no ncaa , or contract expert..
    if GA clears allegation I , good for coach..and UH higher ups..?
    if UH found to have to honor legally executed and worded contract..well…they have to pay or reach settlment..
    still think..as BT said would be media circus..
    however..either way MBB hard core fans ..Gib
    we backing talent you helped to recruit..good guys..very talented and winners


    MBB just..relax..and have fun playing hoops
    you guys..just good student athletes..
    let other parties handle other matters..

    Go Bows!!
    Stay strong and together !!

    Just my thoughts opinions only..just everything works out…
    lot of good people and families..players and staff former..

  13. Reversal..I don’t know…right of Gib to fight “allegations”..
    1.4 million settled out by UH..No lawyer..however..if it is read that way..
    1.4 mill due..have to pay?
    Or what do you think?
    Gib will have day in cort, or appeal
    I don’t know..unless you can explain why Gib does not have a case or shot?just curious..

    MBb team ..those young guys..whom we love and care about!

  14. If have to pay…pay the monies owed..right?
    UH …lead?
    Just Go Bows!!
    just my opinions..

  15. We aint paying GA a nickel extra from what was paid out already, nada forget it , he was more than paid well for a Big West coach in a manini conference and he conjured a manini schedule to pad the wins. All that aside , he lied, he twisting things around and again distorting the truth. He did enough damage to our program . I support the UH admin on this one. Enough of the subject ,we got a game to play dammitt. The Warriors need our support and complete attention, long live the UH Warrior Program . As for the Fibber . Stay off the news , we don’t want to hear your propaganda anymore, we done, we are through. On to Cal Poly . Focus everybody ,get into the next game, our guys are going to play their butts off or else!!

  16. Anyone want to guess just big the NCAA is?

    Did you know that about 84% of all of their money comes from TV rights to the 3 week NCAA Tourney.

    2 years ago, they took in nearly $1 Billion!

    They seem to be recession proof and only getting bigger.

    How does the ole saying go…”Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!”

    Give ’em Hell Gib…need to clear your name. Another David vs Goliath story in the making!


  17. USA….right to fight for rights..day in court…

    On the court…this team ..insulated…believe they want to win 20 + games and bwc tourney…
    they stayed the course..their battle against bwc teams..

    Just hope things all around work out !!

  18. Court and Contracts – Attorneys & The Civil Judicial System will hash that out
    (I’m Glad we’re Finally Getting some Source Info — First-Hand from NCAA, Bley-Vroman, BJ, and Gib
    Less Second-Hand Innuendo B.S….]… We WON’T Have a Better Sense Until It’s Over…
    i’ve seen too many surprising turns over the years to try and draw a Conclusion This Early…

    — Looks Like Gib’s Battle — and it’s Time someone put the NCAA in its place;
    As Hypocritical as They Are… They’re about Problems More Than Solutions…
    Might Delay ANY Stupid B.S. Sanctions…
    NOTE: There’s Nothing here that rises to the level of jeopardizing Fotu or Davis (or even Janks) Eligibility;
    The Normal Corrective Actions are to Pay Back / Chastise Any Unauthorized Benefit — YES. You Cannot Borrow a Friend’s Car or iPad so QUIT Talk of Vacating Victories — There was NO Ineligible Player….


    Court and Basketball — BT: KEEP the Team away from The B.S….
    GET Some Surprising WINS? Then Get More?
    Get a Good “Contract” and Extension (Whoops, Here we go again)
    RETAIN ‘Everybody’ — Boost The APR AND
    Bolster the Team with Some Surprising Recruits!

    GO ‘BOWS!
    Finish Strong!

  19. Amen to that Jjay! Why believe anything GA says. If you recall when this all started Gib said Akana was on a recruiting trip. Just another little bit of bs. He can have his day in court. Just spare us the pr baloney. Just another excuse for Gib lovers to cry about big bad NCAA and how they are out to get Mr Clean. Those who profess to love team focus on games instead of continually trying to exonerate GA. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

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