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Heartbreaking finish for Warriors at UCSB

An apparent game-tying 3-point shot with 1.1 seconds remaining by Isaac Fleming was later ruled to be a 2-pointer, leaving the University of Hawai’i basketball team one point short in a 75-74 loss at UC Santa Barbara on Saturday night.

A raucous crowd at The Thunderdome in Santa Barbara, Calif., roared when the decision was announced a few minutes after the game.

UCSB’s Gabe Vincent banked in a 17-foot jumper as the shot clock was winding down to give the Gauchos a 75-72 lead with 35 seconds remaining.

UH’s Garrett Nevels then missed a long 3-pointer, but Fleming grabbed the offensive rebound and dribbled out to the corner and launched a high shot over three defenders that went in. It was initially ruled a 3-pointer, but the officials reviewed the video after the game clock expired, and replays showed Fleming’s right foot on the line.

It was a heartbreaking finish for the Warriors, who had the lead for about 38 of the game’s 40 minutes.


Hawai’i dropped to 16-9 overall and 4-5 in the Big West Conference. UCSB improved to 11-11 and 4-4.

Nevels led the Warriors with 16 points, followed by Aaron Valdes with 13, and Mike Thomas with 11. Roderick Bobbitt added six points, six assists and six steals.

UCSB shot 51.9 percent (28 of 54) from the field, including 9 for 18 from 3-point range. Hawai’i shot 44.1 percent (26 of 59) from the field, including 4 for 18 (22.2 percent) from 3-point range.

The Warriors raced to an 11-4 lead to open the game, with four different players (Nevels, Valdes, Stefan Jovanovic and Thomas) contributing points to the run.

Hawai’i stayed in front the entire first half, and led by as many as 12 (33-21) with 5:10 remaining. UCSB got back in it with an 8-0 surge to cut the Hawai’i lead to 33-29 with 3:14 remaining.

The Warriors eventually took a 37-33 lead at intermission, with Nevels scoring nine of his points in the first half.

Hawai’i opened the second half with a 9-2 run to increase its lead to 46-35, but the Warriors could never quite pull away from the Gauchos.

UCSB’s Eric Childress scored on a breakaway layup to cut the Hawai’i lead to 65-58 with 7:08 remaining, but Valdes then scored on back-to-back possessions – including a highlight-reel alley-oop dunk off an assist from Bobbitt to push the lead back up to 69-58.

UCSB responded with a stunning 15-1 run to take a 73-70 lead with 1:32 remaining. A 3-pointer by John Green tied the score at 70, then Michael Bryson’s 3-pointer from the corner put the Gauchos in front for the first time all game.

After two free throws by Mike Thomas to get Hawai’i within one at 73-72, UCSB’s Gabe Vincent banked in a 17-foot jumper to put the Gauchos up 75-72 with 35 seconds remaining.

More details will be reported as it becomes available.


  1. 15-1 run by the Gouchos ruined a would be win for the Warriors. We got to Win everything at home guys. Starting this week! Let’s go !!!

  2. When Fleming scored the “3-pointer” and supposedly tied the game, Hawaii backed off on defense. If Hawaii KNEW it was a 2, they would have fouled immediately… But Hawaii backed off and allowed the time to run out for overtime. Then they got the bad news…. so unfortunate.

    In football, if the referees don’t stop the end of the play and check the replay, the game goes on… keep playing and forget about the play that happened before, can’t reverse it. In football, if there is a replay, you STOP the clock and don’t let it run out like in basketball. In tonight’s game, they should have allowed the teams to come to jump ball for overtime, then right before they throw the ball up, the announcer says… “Oh, Hawaii, it’s a 2 pointer, you lose.”

  3. Well….execution in primetime…ucsb hit some huge threes in last few minutes..
    if goes according to season bwc…uh mbb will win next game
    this one hurts, however uh mbb had several losses like this and they bounce back

    Still have to be able to get 2 wins in a row
    this team desrves near 8000 next 2 ssc home games
    they would be 6-5 in bwc..and 18-9
    Going back out on road
    this team resilient will be back
    guard play..rxecution in prime time

    Get ucsb back in honolulu
    bobbitt 6 steals..
    nevels good game
    hit 3 pointer just after benjy called timeout…ahhhh..however

    Live and learn
    still with 7 more bwc regular season games left
    can they go 4-3 at minimum?
    I think so
    janks sick? Hope he okay..jovanovich and thomas playing big
    team great showing on espnu national tv..
    Guys…come back and start 2 win winning streak!!
    Go Bows!!

  4. Hey UH MBB team….you all got 2-2 split..and are still fighting for 4-5 bwc tourney seed
    people..said uh mbb would not win 9 games total
    you guys have time to win 20..and go ncaa’s
    Go Bows
    we Backing you all the way!!

  5. Lose one…..

  6. What is Benjy’s problem with not playing Janks!!!

  7. We have to do a better job of finishing a game, especially with an 11 point lead. At times in the last few minutes we shot too quickly without running some time off and took some low percentage shots. I like Valdes for his hard work and hustle, but at times he played out of control, possibly trying to do too much. It’s a young team and hopefully they will learn from it.

  8. Great turning over ucsb 20x and 15x steals..hilite dunk by AV..Just have to finish last 7 games strong
    uh mbb showed they can beat..and lose to anyone in conference. .
    have to get these next 2 wins at SSC..then try to sweep or split next road trip..

    Exciting ball…just had to play great half court O and D last 4 minutes
    ucsb hit several killer threes in end

    Actually ucsb shot really well from 3 line and field..
    uh mbb will be okay
    just have to play excellent in half court
    believe AV …he getting hammered…however has to play through it
    could use more offense from nwc..1 trifecta
    ahhhhh….uh mbb just be hot for 3 in anaheim and hit 20 win mark
    season not over

    Benjy and bows ..keep getting better..start winning streaks!

  9. Yah, four 3-pointers by four different UCSB players, from 4:36 left in the game.

  10. I was surprised uh mbb went to playing fast…thought grind out like poly win..however that is when they sprint out to leads…teams shooting so well from 3…now…just have to overcome..
    turnovers…bobbitt got stripped and long pass to nevels cheating toward basket key turnovers too..
    just have to play smarter..could of protected that 4 pt lead down toward end
    hey we can beat this loss to death
    uh mbb …guys just get next 2 wins at SSC..It will be alright!!

  11. Hey…if uh mbb…weird trend after loss win then lose one..if they did that they would finish bwc final 7 regular season games at 4-3…final season record…8-8..
    Give uh mbb team benefit of doubt..they battled throgh turmoil.
    everything you can think of ..and still finish regular season overall with 20
    games…think team such fub loving…like 14 brothers
    gotta focus
    play greatest basketball in anaheim.
    fun to watch team..
    would be awesome go 3-1 over next 2 weeks..

    Guys. Benjy and staff just have to play disciplined 40 minutes.you guys making 808 proud..kind of up and down..
    however,..finish as winners ssc final home games and get 2 out of last 3 road games
    can finish…6-1…10-6 bwc..
    heck I would take 9-7…final bwc regular season record..as soon as we say that ..you guys start winning bunch of games
    now you know whole league
    and To Hold leads
    march to march madness begins at ssc this coming feb 12 against riverside!!

  12. If the Warriors had a pure 3-point shooter, i.e. Ruffin quite a few of the losses whould’ve have been wins.

  13. seasider…wonder how jawato doing?
    3 ball streak shooter
    team exciting
    march..best ball key!

  14. First of all, Get used to it! The other teams in this conference are going to take a lot of three pointers toward the end of the game if they are down. Their adrenaline is up. And they have showed they are going to hit these shots. Got to have a strategy to deal with this. Turn the tide, and start hitting those shots in the end ourselves. Guard those threes differently. Watch the tape to see if they are running different sets during the last five minutes, two minutes, one minute.

    Perhaps that is the key, that Valdes is trying to do too much. Well, I guess practice makes perfect, but we are on this blog to urge some wins THIS year. It does seem that when we lose, someone not necessarily Valdes, God bless him, is shooting a particularly poor percentage. Many on this blog especially me expected a much steadier shooting performance by this team. I am thinking there is something the Coaches could say, or do, or emphasize, to these players to get that shooting performance to be steadier, more consistent, and just better. Is it practice, is it legs, is it pressure? Whatever, I think the Coaches should try to address this. Perhaps they are, and will just have it together by tournament time. Well, something. I hope. Go Bows!

  15. Robbed! Not at all happy w/the piss poor officiating. Although UH did get a few calls their way it was clearly lopsided. That, and all the dog sh*t 3’s by UCSB, seriously what a joke.

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