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A quick update on the Big West

The University of Hawai’i basketball team made a move in the Big West Conference standings without playing a game on Saturday.

The Warriors are now tied for fifth place in the Big West, thanks to losses by other teams. Hawai’i is 19-11 overall and 7-7 in the conference, tied with UC Riverside, with two games remaining in the regular season.


Hawai’i’s next game is scheduled for Wednesday, March 4, against UC Santa Barbara. That will be the home finale, and is also a “White-Out” game as well as “Senior Night.”

UCSB is 16-12 overall and in third place at 9-5. The Gauchos are one of the hottest teams in the conference, having won six of its last seven games, including a 75-74 thriller over the Warriors on Feb. 7. The Gauchos still have a shot at finishing as high as second place after beating current second-place UC Irvine, 54-51, on Saturday.

The seedings for the Big West Conference Tournament are still up in the air, though it appears Hawai’i’s scenarios are narrowing. The Warriors will likely be the No. 4, 5 or 6 seed, and their first-round opponent could be one of four teams: UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, Long Beach State or UC Riverside.

Basically, there is still much to be determined for the Warriors. Even the regular-season finale at Cal State Fullerton on March 7 could hold significance for Hawai’i, despite the Titans already clinching last place – and elimination from the Big West Tournament.

Cal Poly lost to UC Davis on Saturday, so the Mustangs appear to have locked up the No. 7 seed (CSUN will be No. 8).

Wednesday’s Game
UC Santa Barbara at Hawai’i, 7 p.m.

Thursday’s Games
Cal State Fullerton at UC Irvine
CSUN at Long Beach State
UC Riverside at UC Davis

Saturday’s Games
Cal Poly at UC Santa Barbara
Hawai’i at Cal State Fullerton
Long Beach State at UC Riverside
UC Irvine at UC Davis

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  1. Well… nice to know.. however I love Benjy’s real world approach to seedings.. team just concentrate on getting better as a team, as individuals on and off the court.. Their involvement of The Big Heart, the dedication of rest of season to TJ and all the TJ’s around the world battling smilar trials…UH are seeded number One in the hearts of a lot of true MBB fans.

    This team, no matter what happens.. One Of The Very Best character teams, In all of UH MBB history..And they have had great success in classroom, in the community and on the court.

    Good, job Benjy and The Bows,…Have a great recruiting season.. and end of BWC season, and hopefully beyond !!

    Any of the 8 teams can win BWC tourney and dance, just ask Cal Poly..so seeding, well just interesting.. Irvine, UCSB, Riverside or LBSU,.. Warriors will play whomever next on schedule for this season, and Give 100% effort and battle, like all the other 30 games played to date !!

  2. Buckle down. Dig in. Eye on the goal.
    The immediate task; Win the BW tournament, and
    Have fun senior night !!
    Go Bows !!

  3. This game on Wednesday is going to be much more important than just Senior night. In looking at the overall BWC final games, it is highly likely that UH will play UCSB in the first round of the Tournament. If you walk through the final schedule and take the favorites to win, UH ends up at #5 seed and UCSB, due to tie breaking formula, would be #4.

    As Dayton has stated, with the return of Williams, they are the hottest team in the Big West right now. However, they have a poor road record and given the fact that we know we played with them nearly even on their court, albeit without AW, it will take an all out effort to beat their inside and outside game this Wednesday.

    Beat them on our court and it will be anyone’s game in the first round. Let’s give ’em a real spanking that they will remember.


  4. Is Brocke Stepteau still with the team?

  5. anderpops….

    saw him on the bench for the SSC home LBSU game along with Jawato and Buscher. On the UH athletics site MBB roster, Buscher and Brocke Stepteau are listed as RS’s for this season..
    Also, most of team went to visit TJ yesterday, Brocke was in the photo with other players by TJ’s bedside.

  6. BackBeat,…..

    when UH is shooting well, home or away, along with their 40 minutes of good D, UH can play with and beat anyone in BWC..I think whenever UH shot 46% or better throughout the season they won.
    Team, seems to be coming around shooting wise, NWC, Janks, Nevels, even Bobbitt,….Just observation, and others.. seems like Aaron V. is pressing too much, sort of like a MJ type of game, the post and spin for turnaround jumper, which is okay…however if his outside shot not dropping, maybe, AV could just go after rebounds.. rebound 10, get about 4 or 5 Offensive boards of UH misses, and that is how he can help team too.. 10 pts,.. 8 boards, 1 blocked shot, 2 steal, 10 hustle to the floor for ball plays,.. and stay in front of man defensively…

    Really cannot criticize Any of these Great Rainbow Warriors, as mid range game summarized so well.. Team has Far Exceeded Jeff and Jack’s expectations , of finishing perhaps 8 or even 9th and not making touney, maybe winning only 7 games for whole year, and for Coach and staff and team to implode.. To Coach Taylor’s credit, and the guys staying the course.. and really playing much better ball at the end of season, Agreed.. If UH can , even against Alan Williams, just get big win agains UCSB at home, then complete sweep of a nothing to lose out of tourney 9th place fullerton..UH will be ready to go.. with or without a healthy Isaac Fleming, though I hope, he is rehabbing llike crazy, don’t reinjure, work on cardio on bike, and can be ready for spot minutes for BWC tournament.. UH would have 1-11 guys, as a Team.. the Whole Team as One, …They working so well, the total effort on O and D, just have to cut down on turnovers..!

    Go Bows !!
    Hey BackBeat and faithful.. one thing I sorely miss, going to all the SSC UH MBB home games, and especially will be neat the farewell to Jawato (medical retirement from basketball)whom in 4 years, the first Gib recruit to grad in 4 years this May, and Nevels, I think the same, in May grad too.

    Hey.. 4 days or less for final Home game, as jjay always says, fans that can be there, nice if 8000+ in all White out nite shirts.. will be there on Wed March 4 2015!!

  7. Best scenario is to have either Long Beach or Riverside in the first round. Bad matchup against Irvine or Santa Barbara. UH probably will fall to UCSB on Wednesday (remember Alan Williams is back and Isaac Fleming is out), and win @ Fullerton on Saturday so an 8-8 finish will probably have us about 5th in the conference. Good chance Long Beach will be it. Finishing 7-9 will have us probably 6th. Whatever, you still have to get hot to run the table in the tournament.

    Saw BYU-Gonzaga and Boise St.-San Diego State yesterday and they were exciting games, as were Utah-Arizona also. I was really impressed with BYU and winning on the road as well as Boise St. winning at San
    Diego and Arizona pulling out the win at Utah. Just goes to show that a team can win on the road by shooting a good percentage, take care of the ball, and win the hustle plays. UH can learn from them by others success.

    Good article by Ferd Lewis in today’s edition of SA.

  8. I think i see UH vs Long Beach St. in the first tournament game, if UCSB & Long Beach St end up with the same win-loss record ?

    Because UCSB has a win vs. Davis and Long Beach St. doesn’t have that.

  9. Ferd is Absurd…..

    Really anit Benjy guy…his article that UH should still do national search for HC of MBB…and encourage Benjy to apply, however have UH , Power that Be or New AD, input to look for another direction HC..
    If Benjy and The Bows win 20 games or 21 games, and are pau, let’s say by semis of BWC tournament.. Will that not be enough on resume.

    Thanks Benjy but No Thanks? For keeping program together, dealing with distractions of ncaa, what his team has to hear daily and read on social media..
    Benjy’s fellow NCAA coaches, his friends, think he has done outstanding job, and ESPN shout out.
    If Benjy wins 20 games, in next 3, UCSB home finale, Fullerton and opening round BWC tournament, .. The Team has 3 games over next few weeks to get to 20..

    I say, what Benjy , the staff, and team have accomplished.. Ferd.. not the Word.. man media writer person.. point counterpoint guy..
    Benjy deserves the HC job with multi year contract.. Bring in New HC.. to instill with , whomever is going to work with new HC, that is Ferd Absolutely Absurd..

    That Ferd, no need read his articles, except to motivate, MBB team and Benjy more.. slap in the face to Benjy and the MBB team.. If UH goes that direction, brings in an assistant JC or mid major coach., or someone from ANOTHER BWC school.. nuts..

    20-21 wins through adversity, and challenges next few years.. and NOT TO HIRE BENJY TAYLOR.. Absolutely Absurd… If UH listens to, or reads Ferd’s article.. really crazy..

    Not Retain a 20 game winning interim coach, ? Never heard of that.. just Business by Hawaii media, writers, or radio pundits, who know nothing about Hawaii, its fans, and how Benjy and The Bows, have been successful, beyond expectations.. 20 wins,.. and see ya.. thanks.. and hire .. a BWC coach, from another BWC school.. Absolutely INSANE Ferd Not the Word.. just.. crazy..

  10. Derek:

    UH not retain a 20 win interim/ Acting HC? And what if Benjy and the Bows. make it to the NCAA’s? Here you are going through strategy for how UH can win BWC, and heck with what Benjy had done.. go different route? Absolutely insane..

    UH setting up for another June Jones smu thing.. let go a guy that has brought team to battle, and a winning season at that.. when Ferd, and hoopsbalkers.. were saying MBB would tank.. team implode.. probably same, thing about personal life, and negative nancyisms..crazy..

    yes, Derek.. make strategy, help UH MBB to win BWC tournament, then let Benjy go.. business as usual with UH admin, Media movers, and Power that Be.. Absolutely nuts.

    5000-6000 in attendance at SSC and thousands of more UH MBB fans across the country. want Benjy to be permanent HC.. why he did, not read Ferd, and hoopstak and anti people spin, and Benjy just tank season, tell guys , heck I am not going to be here, and just quit. they lose 30 games this year. ABSURD..

    Why even, give suggestions on how UH can win, and go to NCAA, if NO support for Benjy as HC and his MBB team.. ? ABSURD..

    Ferd.. should go back to writing about golf, that he is good at..

  11. True from SA comments.. Benjy has great resume now.. should be okay.. however.. he loves the team, Hawaii, totally committed, and he and Que are recruiting, so critical.. to getting that rebounding maniac Big 6’8″ and the SG JC deluxe…

    Hope Benjy and The Bows have great run through hopefully next 6 games.. and can just tell the Negative people .. shhhhhhhhhhhhh !!

    Benjy we Love what you have done, stay.. and that UH admin,.. now they want to have new AD make call.. well.. we shall see.. all you are concerned about, helping your team be the best they can be.. and it shows..
    Emotions, sure.. good ones.. UH MBB the feel good story of this UH Sports year.

    I hope they go NCAA’s , or with part of that lady’s 1.2 million dollar donation to athletics,.. to the CBI or CIT.. they deserve it..
    And Benjy deserves it too, the permanent, locked into 3 year deal HC for MBB. with the great guys coming back. and Benjy can guide them through trials.. team knows how to deal with it.. Great, and maturing team.. Fantastic Fourteen of them !

    shows something about UH, though.. absolutely No loyalty, unless better sense prevails.. sad…

  12. UH connection at Kalaheo, Alika Smith coach, players -son Jalen, nephew Kekai; Gib’s son Ashton; Tess Whitlock’s son named Captain.

    Also, Kaleb Gilmore, son of George Gilmore, former Chaminade guard and NCAA Division II National Player of the Year in 1992.

  13. New AD would just have to answer to the current ADMIN before he could wipe his butt! It is just their way of putting more insulation in decision making.

    We all know on this site how much time it took to build the recruiting of this current team and what it has taken to keep them together. As a fan, if we lose any of this remarkable young team due to the inaction or change of coach, well it will again fall upon the ADMIN.

    I, for one, love this style of defensive play and do realize that the longer they play with one another, the better this team is going to get. Don’t rock the boat! Besides losing the winningest coach in UH history for someone who would accept a salary well over $1 million UNDER the average NCAA tournament team coach gets, well good luck. This team has a chance to be remembered for a long time IF THEY STAY TOGETHER!!!

    Sorry islandman, you are right about LBSU being our probable first round opponent.


  14. Great article on SA. My question for Runbows (TRUE FAN) is what if someone else hired. Still UH supporter all the way? Or “negative Nancy” cuz ur guy didn’t get job?

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