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Warriors look to ride road momentum at Long Beach

LONG BEACH, Calif. – Before Super Sunday, the University of Hawai’i basketball team would like to create its own version of a Super Saturday. It would require an upset of first-place Long Beach State on Saturday afternoon.

The Warriors will face the 49ers in the Walter Pyramid at 2 p.m. (Hawai’i time). It will not be televised, but a live online broadcast will be available on www.espn3.com.


Hawai’i is 15-7 overall and tied for fourth place in the Big West Conference at 3-3. Long Beach State is 11-11 overall and tied for first place at 5-1.

“It’s a big game for us,” Hawai’i head coach Benjy Taylor said. “They’ve kind of dominated this league for a few years now, and they’re good, well-coached.”

Hawai’i is coming off a confidence-building 84-73 victory at CSUN on Thursday. The Warriors packed up on Friday, and made a two-hour bus ride to locate to a different hotel in Long Beach in preparation for Saturday’s game.

“It’s a travel day,” Taylor explained. “It was, I think, 41 miles – probably took two hours to get (to Long Beach) from Northridge. But, hey, it’s part of the game.”

The Warriors received key contributions from almost every player in the win at CSUN. Four players scored in double-figures – Stefan Jankovic (15), Aaron Valdes (12), Isaac Fleming (11) and Roderick Bobbitt (10). Four others – Garrett Nevels, Negus Webster-Chan, Quincy Smith and Stefan Jovanovic – scored eight points each.

They will need a similar – if not better – performance against a Long Beach State team that often starts five seniors.

“They got a lot of swagger, a lot of confidence,” Taylor said of the 49ers. “They always think they can win every game.”

The 49ers are led by senior guard Mike Caffey, who is an early candidate for Big West Player of the Year honors. He is averaging 18.3 points and 3.5 assists per game, and ranks third in the Big West with 51 3-pointers. He is coming off a 34-point outing in Long Beach State’s 91-86 overtime win at Cal State Fullerton on Thursday.

“Really good all-around player,” Taylor said. “Tough, stat stuffer, shoot it, defend it. He’s just really good. We played against some other good guards this year, and he’s right in that class with them.”

Other key 49ers include 6-7 senior forward David Samuels (9.5 points, 6.7 rebounds per game), 6-5 senior guard Tyler Lamb (9.1 points, 4.0 rebounds per game), 6-3 senior guard McKay LaSalle (4.8 points per game, 32 3-pointers, and 6-1 sophomore guard Branford Jones (7.5 points per game).


The Warriors have three players averaging double-figure points in Valdes (15.2), Nevels (11.2) and Jankovic (10.1). Fleming is at 9.9, followed by Bobbitt at 8.9.

Bobbitt also leads the Big West in both steals (3.0) and assists (5.9), and will likely take on the task of defending Caffey.

Taylor noted that the 49ers have the ability to adapt to any style of game. They won a game by scoring as little as 50 points (50-48 over Cal Poly), but also scored 88 and 91 points in two separate Big West wins this season.

Long Beach State’s only Big West loss this season was at UC Davis. Overall, the 49ers are 6-0 in the Pyramid this season.

The Pyramid has been a frustrating place for the Warriors in recent years. The 49ers have edged the Warriors with late-game shots in each of the past two seasons.

(WarriorInsider.com file photos courtesy Matt Osumi)

Game Information
Hawai’i (15-7, 3-3 Big West) vs. Long Beach State (11-11, 5-1 Big West)
When: Sunday, January 31, 2 p.m. (Hawai’i time)
Where: Walter Pyramid (Long Beach, Calif.)
Television: None
Streaming video: Live on www.espn3.com
Radio: Live on ESPN 1420 AM. Neighbor Islands can listen live on KNUI on Maui, KHLO in Hilo, KKON in Kona, and KTOH on Kaua’i.
Audio Webcast: Live streaming on espn1420am.com
Live stats: Live in-game stats are available at HawaiiAthletics.com

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The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported that the NCAA delivered a “Notice of Allegations” to the University of Hawai’i on Friday in regards to the investigation that started under the regime of previous head coach Gib Arnold. CLICK HERE to see the Star-Advertiser report.

Below is a video report from KHON news:


  1. ….yes Benjy is right…haven’t these guys suffered and their families enough? Absolutely no heart..no aloha to punish this year’s team…Benjy was entrusted by Ben Jay and admin to salvage this team and season…look what they have done..gotten national recognition by espn for wins over pitt, nebraska and colorado..Benjy won hugh duram mid major coach of year award…hawaii news now..SA.. just on rampage to defame Benjy.personally..yet he and team take high road..just play ball..win and make thousands of UH MB fans happy..

    really no class, and total waste of time and taxpayer monies by hiring alabama legal team if they are willing to throw current team and coaches under the bus..
    Chuck you know that North Carolina would fight tooth and nail to lessen blow
    would suspect termination of gib , akana, and having fotu depart was the big ammo to please ncaa..if not why even hire that law firm?
    If UH does not appeal and fight this thing all the way through..and who knows what accused parties might do..little ole UH MBB program..you are right and Backbeat too…fight for innocent parties.

    get together with legal team and listen to pleas from Fans, athletes nd families..
    otherwise, hawaiinews now, SA, And BOR leakers..inslder UH sources…cofidentiality…no integrity..
    wonder that athlete or families don’t have legal recourse

    Chuck..will show what power that be is truly if they don’ t do what is right for Betterment of Student Athletes..remember president and chancellor’s quotes?
    We shall see
    UH my alma mater…however will never support inside source, character assination entities that destroy young people’s dreams

    hope team comes out stronger..and wins a bunch
    come on UH fight and finish strong for a money making UH sport with 14 great young men and a sacrificing coaching staff!!

    Get it right!!

    Go Bows!
    Pro bono friend of team could help them..

  2. UH MBB program fan favorite…rush to kill the momentum and interest now?
    Hey…look at other schools and athletes with similar allegations and take that as how to proceed to appease ncaa..
    I am really curious how gib, akana, and fotu will counter to clear their names..
    I don’t think this thing will be over quickly..ones tire of getting hammered if really justify actions and can defend clear names..
    reversal..would be historic.
    I just hate it when SA and Hawaii news now jump on UH MBB ..especially when alleged parties are gone
    UH MBB TEAM or families fight ,..for right..we fans backing your sons up!!
    Go Bows!!

    All the moreso ..what a battle with LBSU tomorrow…hope team is focused..very sure they will take high road!!

  3. Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows!

  4. Easy to surmise after the facts. lol

  5. It is. What it is. Whatever happened is now out for everyone to see. We still need to support the student athletes and hope for better days ahead.

  6. Regarding receipt of allegations, we all expected no less. Since, it is, a “Notice of ALLEGATIONS,” let’s see HOW the U of H responds along with former coach. They’ve had ample time to prepare and respond since retaining counsel. IMHO: Their response will be a reflection of the type of leadership within U of H.

  7. Well said Tako…”or the lack thereof.”

    GO BOWZ…Huge game today!

  8. tako: That IS THE QUESTION… UH ADMIN…not so much the coaches, the athletes involved.. the problems.. How the Leadership of any organization handles matter… remember Wonder Blunder? And the termination of coaches and AD’s?
    What a problem.. makes UH and by extension.. we.. in Hawaii look kind of well…silly is a mild word..

    Of Course, for we true fans, and backers of the MBB Rainbow Warriors.. these guys that are not part of the matter, even the current coaching staff. Hope that UH will fight like heck for their futures..

    This team, is so focused, and can isolate themselves, and Still win, is amazing.. they have my total respect, and For What Benjy and staff have done to keep MBB going this year.

    tako, and BackBeat, Chuck, Eagle, Servante , This is The True Test of Merit, Heart, Mindset for Admin, AD dept.. Counsel.. How will they help team and the student athletes.. how will the counter. they have had nearly a year. to digest, and retain counsel, state and private..

    Somehow, If THEY DO IT RIGHT.. and really battle.. use every means.. UH can probably settle for lesser things from ncaa.. as long as they really do their due diligence..

    Now time for UH to STEP UP as this year’s edition of MBB .. has done all season.. through adversity..
    tako.. here we go.. should be interesting.. I just hope Team will focus.. and I believe they will.. what else can they do..? Unless, if their own families feel they can do something. legally?

    Dayton, keep us informed.. No shame on being fan of MBB program.. and the student athletes.. the Leadership.. of UH.. you all are right.. crazy…they should get it right , have had about a Year to develop an approach on how to handle.. If they get it right.. they could really save the MBB program, from severe Alleged infractions.. sanctions..
    to me.. remember St Mary’s and Bennett, 4 year probation, and loss of scholarships, recruiting windows cut down, and they still could play NIT or NCAA… and that was for loss of institutional control.. and still part of Post Season.. we shall see.

    Go Bows.. We got your backs.. Backing the Bows..
    And Gib, Akana, Fotu, time to step up and clear your names…..should be interesting,, a game within a game.. UH step up and help the MBB program.. current guys and coaches..

  9. And to Families of current and ex athletes and coaches.. hope the best for all.. don’t think criminal intent at all..and WHAT are exactly allegations.. and how to appeal, or fight? I don’t have a clue, just what, has been leaked for past year..

    Hope UH, and this pretty much shuts down recruiting for this year , and maybe years? unless.. UH can settle something reasonable with ncaa.. and UH can still offer scholarships for next year.. if UH can still play for CIT or CBI… Or like St Mary’s NIT or NCAA…with other penalties..

    We shall see.. heck.. the Current Team, does not deserve this show.. however, they have been prepared for it, since Oct 28 2014 !!

    Go Bows.. Stay Strong and Finish Strong.. Your University and their counsel, should take care of you all.. Time to stand and fight for right.. Just get it right..

  10. Team: All you can do is Play Ball.. Just go out and fight.. try to win as many games as possible.. you all can still go for championships.. that is still on the table..

    And to families of athletes, we are with you all.. thankyou for letting your sons play for UH MBB for this season, and hopefully for several seasons down the road..

    Mahalo.. for your faithfulness. and to the UH MBB faithful fans.. we knew Allegation Letter coming, Now, I was always fascinated by ncaa rulings , infractions, and how they settle since UH MBB thing in the seventies… Now, UH counsel step up to the plate, and individuals if they retain counsel.. battle like anything, if you are right, and can clear things up, and help selves , and Program.. go for it..

    Another thing.. Still have potentially , at least 13 more games, including BWC tournament, as of now.. so just go out , have Fun and Ball !

  11. Reardon in his column today( and Curran earlier) said the missteps by themselves may seem relatively mild. But the NCAA doesn’t like to be lied to, through conflicting stories. Newspaper article lists “Failure to cooperate in an NCAA enforcement investigation” as an example of a Level I violation.

    As for APR, do you wonder how Kentucky manages to not be affected much by their numerous one and dones ? Looking through the internet, it looks like if you leave for the NBA in good academic standing it doesn’t affect the apr. If you transfer, you may have to have something like a 2.6 gpa or something like that. Don’t know if that is true and how the UH players that left the program recently affected the apr.

  12. islandman:

    If that is the Alleged case, the allegation letter, which UH is not making Public, can understand, because, privacy, and nowadays, a lot of ones can lawyer up, I would..
    Who lied, and about What? That is the Question.. Now if Fotu, Gib, and Akana, they are alleged to give misleading, and Alleged, I don’t know, unless You Know.. Who Knows..Wasn’t the whole investigation supposed to be cloak and dagger, private Confidential No leaks..? Weird.. ncaa type things by different standards..
    islandman, now is the time for gib, fotu, and whomever else, if they have reason or case to clear themselves.. better lawyer up.. for their futures..
    UH.. lawyer up for These current athletes.. If UH MBB came to standstill for another 10 years.. well I love Beeman and the WBB team, however, I don’t think 7000 will show up for most of their games.. which is a shame, it does not , WBB make money.. And tonite’s game not even on OC sports, the tribute, to one of the best WBB athletes to ever play for Wahine.

    Getting too old and tired for this.. however very interesting to see how it plays out.. at least 2 major individuals.. Alleged to have done things.. say they will fight.. We shall see.
    I feel for this Team, and coaching staff, Hope they just go out, and Fight Harder.. G Money and I believe Jawato will be graduating this Spring, so they are good.. what about the rest? That is where, …. for my own personal like, or preference..if negotiated.. practice limited, loss of scholarship, and suspension for whomever if guilty, however.. Still allowed to play post season like St Mary’s Gaels for 4 years. would be fair.. the post season ban for several years is the killer, though I think… team could still play in CBI or CIT .. don’t know..

    This is getting old.. however, hope everything works out as Zane Johnson was quoted in SA this morning.. and he hopes current MBB program does not suffer.. which is what We the Fans, and the poor families of the Team are concerned about.. as I say… a lot of sophs that will be juniors, and one LOI freshman, and 2 preferred walkon freshman, RS’s.. 2 juniors that will be seniors.. If UH can negotiate, still play for Post Season..NIT or Ncaa IF THINGS can be cleared up, or defended or overturned, would be Perfect world.. the best that can happen.. Next time.. don’t self report.. handle in house, I guess. And it could be, I don’t know.. the more people interviewed, and the more times go over the story, recount.. the more gets Mixed Up.. Hope things work out.. Love Beeman and the gals.. however. love MBB and the high flying team, battling for championships.. That is what a lot of UH MBB fans enjoy..
    Laura and the gals, go out and fight for ncaa bid too., MBB.. as long as out there.. go for it, too… fight.. backs to the wall, however. fight for every win.,..and ncaa bid..

  13. I rest my case.. now UH…. present your defense for UH Athletics, and reputation of Hawaii..

    LBSU vs UH… how will team respond.. ? NO question they will fight, and battle for win.. they have heart,.. credit to coach Taylor and team.. and parents.. and Fans..

    Go Bows !!

  14. Lol. Rest ur case??? Mahalo Perry Mason! But don’t think powers that be are poring over ur multiple posts here. As Led Zeppelin song says “ramble on”! Hilarious but sad reactions from deniers to the end. Gib lied about Akana to begin with and was always saying “nothing wrong”, “building program the right way”. Really?? Hate to see the wrong way. Just wait for penalties now.

  15. Dayton, just noticed in trying to confirm details on the Long Beach game that you have it for Sunday on the information above. The date is correct which is 1/31/15.

  16. Anyone see the Hawaii vs. Long Beach St. game on espn3 yet? I’m looking at “upcoming” but don’t see it on the schedule 🙁 It wouldn’t be “blacked out”, would it?? Cuz not like it’s pay-per-view. If anyone has a good link, please share. Thanks!!!

  17. IsaacM:

    It pops up as An Exclusive broadcast online…You check the BigWest site and LBSU site, they both have it, and UH athletics site as on ESPN3 online stream.. could have been supposedly a BigWest TV stream.. however ESPN3 must have picked it up as “EXCLUSIVE”.. must be because of how UH was doing, and big showdown.

    coming up very soon.. not on their upcoming list for Jan 31, however, check , it has Aaron Valdes Pix of him dunking, and it says LBSU vs UH Jan 31 7pm EST. or 2pm HST. and EXCLUSIVE..
    maybe you need that Time Warner log on, link too.. I am not sure..

    This is What We UH MBB fans, and the team and families need.. a chance to watch and Support the Team.. Check at 2pm.. it should be there, unless ESPN pulled the plug on it.. I don’t think they would do that to LBSU.. and why should They black Out Hawaii customers?
    Also, on Watch ESPN mobile device, app..

    Agree and thanks for finally chiming in, IsaacM and BigFan.. We Need some Positive things for MBB, somehow.. I think things will work out.. UH will have to go to battle.. and resolve for best of UH team and program..

    Keep on hanging in there. WE BACKING THE BOWS..
    g and P.. not..

  18. It’s listed now:


    Hope HawTel users can view it.

  19. islandman: you da man… Go Bows.. Beat the Beach !!

    Mahalo.. sometimes, happened before.. espn lists it up to last hour or even few minutes before online stream

    Thanks on behalf of thousands of UH fans… we need to support the MBB and The WBB team.. darn that OC sports not broadcasting that special tribute to Judy Mosley, what is up with That?

  20. Apologies.. the WBB game today is on BigWest TV stream..Go Laura B and WBB !!
    And Benjy and the Boyz, rough couple days.. however .. we Backing you guys.. work, and UH go to work for MBB program.. help them .. They have won a lot of games for UH and Hawaii fans..

  21. islandman: yes, I scroll down list of providers.. HawaiianTel com is there along with Time Warner..

  22. On hawaiiathletics site homepage, they should put the HST, not (only) the PT for the games which can be confusing to local fans.

  23. Your go to move Runbows! Anyone not agree with your ramblings not a supporter of Bows. Typical and expected. Keep those insightful comments coming.

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