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Warriors embark on two-week trip

A 13-day journey to various parts of California began on Tuesday afternoon for the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

The Warriors departed Honolulu in the afternoon, and arrived safely in Los Angeles on Tuesday night. Hawai’i, which is 14-7 overall and 2-3 in the Big West Conference, will play road games at CSUN on Thursday, Long Beach State on Saturday, Cal Poly on Feb. 5, and UC Santa Barbara on Feb. 7.

Although the trip requires just one flight to Los Angeles, there will be numerous bus rides and four different hotels because of the distance between each school.


“It’s kind of tough, but we’re used to long road trips,” head coach Benjy Taylor said. “We took one early in the year and we’ll have an academics advisor with us so we’ll get some academics done while we’re over there. It’s either do that or fly back here on Sunday and turn around and leave Tuesday afternoon again.”

Taylor said all the players from the usual travel roster will be on the trip … eventually.

Freshman Isaac Fleming is expected to join the rest of the team on Wednesday. Before any conspiracy theorists start on that, he had a legitimate reason.

Fleming is suffering from flu-like symptoms and was actually advised by Tuesday’s flight crew to take another flight.

The Warriors also played four consecutive conference road games in 2013, but they came home for two nights in between. This time, they will stay for the duration, which includes Super Bowl Sunday.

“We’ll do a Super Bowl get together, I’m sure, with the guys,” Taylor said. “And then possibly do something on Monday (Feb. 2) to keep them occupied.”

Taylor added that the staffs at Long Beach State and Cal Poly are accommodating the Warriors by allowing them extra practice days during the trip.

(WarriorInsider.com file photo courtesy Matt Osumi)


  1. Go Rainbow Warriors, win 2 games and then another 2 games for Benjy.. He working for you, you all Family.. heck with Admin.. just go out and win for you ohana and students and growing legion of UH MBB fans
    Great Job Benjy, just check on guys, make really sure they are okay, on bed check, maybe coaches, have to sleep near them..

    Go Bows !!

  2. Pay now or pay latter. Take the Airborne brothers. It will save you a lot of pain and suffering. Save $3 at Costco. The bugga work.

  3. Ahhh… good… nothing in the Star Advertiser this morning about the incident.

    No news.. is good news.

  4. Well, after starting out 2 – 2 at home in conference I’m not sure what to expect with this upcoming 4 game road trip. I will say this, I’ve noticed home games aren’t as guarenteed in the Big West which I’m thinking is due to the fact that the schools are relatively close and travel isn’t as hard on the players, even Hawaii. If we come home from any wins from this road trip I’ll be happy. Let’s GO BOWS!

  5. Go fo’ it guys! Make it a great trip.

  6. This team have to stand tall and prove everybody wrong again! It must be so hard to succeed when your own administrators are out to get you but this team has done it before and can do it again.

    Remember the Pitt game when everybody thought UH would get blown? They played their game and won and then said I told you! These guys just have to get back to that mentality and pull it off.

  7. Flu shots work better than airborne.

  8. Anyways.. UH should handle matter internally.. just gets me going when media want to leak things.. Coach Taylor and staff, they sure enough are upset, however, they will handle, if there is merit, discipline.. That whole team active 12 guys, and I do hope Fleming is okay.. that Flu is nasty…UH can go 1-1, or who knows.. they play desperation ball, bond, and go 2-0…

    Best of Health,, and team,.. just concentrate on basketball, and be good reps of 808 and Hawaii..

    Go Bows..!!
    High Character.. joking(:) NOT HIGH Characters.. !

  9. Runbow….

    I totally agree… let the investigation run its course, then if needed, discipline.

    I’m thinking… Hawaii is back home on Saturday, Feb. 14 against UC-Fullerton, the weakest team in the Big West. If the UH administration wants to finish their investigation then, then suspend the players for that game. That way, you get your discipline taken care of, you follow through with regulations, and the replacement bench guys get to play… and Fullerton should provide the LEAST resistance…

    We know that not ALL the good players will be suspended…for sure, NWC will be playing (since he wasn’t at the hotel)… I’m not sure why Jawato’s name sticks in my head as one of the guys possibly involved. Weird.

  10. BigFan

    Correct. Anyone without flu shots is really asking for it. But you need the airborne for when you feel a cold is coming on.

  11. Servante…

    As a parent of young kids (twins)… I am a firm believer in flu shots and vaccination. I also have chewable AIRBORNE gummy slices for my kids handy in the kitchen in case they are coming down with something. Usually works like a charm.

    I am a little alarmed that more and more parents are avoiding vaccinations and flu shots for their children. Even with all the data, studies, research and doctor testimonials, a lot of parents are afraid of shots for their kids. I’ve always felt… better safe than sorry.

  12. Get well Isaac, we need you!

    Did anybody else hear Scott Robbs on radio this morning say he was on a road trip with a UH team that one of the player’s parents was supplying the weed for players? I also heard about this story and some others from back in the day.

    Another one is a UH athlete getting stopped for possession at an airport, but this was maybe 8 to 10 years ago. For those who don’t know that is a serious offense but somehow UH coaches and officials got it taken care of.

    There are other stories I heard about and if any of them made it to the news it would be a huge national scandal, way bigger than this hotel room bill. The point is UH administration did their job back then of protecting their own UH players and not leaking anything to the media.

    It is obvious and sad that Ben Jay and others in UH athletic administration just want to keep their own record clean at the expense of destroying the players reputations. I am sorry but Ben Jay needs to pack his bags and leave now if he is so willing to throw UH kids under the bus to pad his resume for his next job.

  13. AIRBORNE is nothing but vitamins. They had to pay a major class action lawsuit for false advertisement when the made claims that were not true. In court proceedings it was found that they are basically fizzy vitamins, nothing more. Flu shots for sure.

  14. PONO

    That’s right there is no such thing as cure for the cold or flu. That’s why now the product says that it boosts your immune system. Flu shoots are good for flu but will not prevent you from getting a cold. Sometimes you need something like Airborne to ward off a cold. It works for me and njacinto and probably a few others. If something works you should stick with it. The vitamin C alone is good for colds so even though expensive I’m thinking that the other ingredients in the pill might be helping too.

  15. Possibly All 14 guys on roster have had flu or colds, injury or other.. what a season.. hope they will be okay.. all The Way Around !!

    Go Bows.. !!
    And All Hands on Deck.. be ready to play, even 11th or 12th man off the bench !!

    Get well, yet hard, they study, have student life,and friends, and now on the road in Cali,.. maybe get some good chicken home cooked soup from Cali families !! Cure a lot of ills.. hot soup , fluids.. Pho with the hot chiles !

  16. Thank You UH Admin!

    Due to your lack of effort and foresight, let’s skip a year of getting any new recruits at UH. As the recruiting year winds down soon, let’s see what our opponents have going for them so far.

    Davis – 4* RS PF from Butler, 2* JUCO SG, 2* SG LOI

    UCI- 2* PF signed, 3* PG LOI

    LBSU – 3* PG signed, 3* PF signed, 2* PF LOI, 3 RS

    UCSB – 2* PF signed, 3* PG LOI

    Cal Poly – 2.3* PF RS, 3* PF, 2* PG LOI, 2* SG LOI

    CSUN – 3.3* PG VC – Kendall Smith, (Q’s brother)

    Riverside – 7′ C signed, 3* SG LOI, 3* PG LOI

    Fullerton – 3* SG signed, 2.7* SF signed, 2 RS in waiting

    HAWAII RAINBOW WARRIORS – “0” I count 4 spots open for now.

    A big Mahalo to you hardworking ADMIN…Mahalo for doing what is best for UH and its student athletes.

    GO BOWZ…you have a real chance to make some noise on the mainland.

  17. Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows!

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