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Technically speaking with Fleming

Isaac Fleming’s cell phone and credit card are working just fine. There was reason for him to worry a few days ago, when he was assessed a technical foul during the University of Hawai’i basketball team’s 83-68 win over Cal State Northridge.

After the victory, UH head coach Benjy Taylor said: “I feel very, very bad for Isaac right now because his dad called me on Wednesday and told me if he gets another technical, he’s cutting the phone off and the credit card.”


Fleming apparently had an explanation ready for his father. The freshman guard has been assessed four technical fouls this season, but he insists that only two were legit.

“In two games, the technical was actually on Roderick Bobbitt and they called it on me because we both have these headbands on,” Fleming said. “So half the techs I got this year are No. 5 (Bobbitt). Not mine.”

Bobbitt acknowledged that there may have been some confusion about the technical fouls in previous games, but also took Fleming’s words in stride.

“I guess so, that’s what he says,” Bobbitt said. “I let him talk and say what he wants to say.”

Bobbitt also noted that the official statistics have Fleming with four technical fouls and Bobbitt with one.

“I said technically, they’re two of yours,” Bobbitt said. “When it’s all said and done, you have however many you have.”

As for the headband, Fleming said he is still undecided on its future. In the win over CSUN, he went 0 for 5 with the headband on in the first half. He took it off at halftime, then scored 10 points on 5 for 5 shooting in the second half.

“I’m going to let the fans choose,” he said. “If the fans don’t want me to wear a headband, I won’t wear a headband. If they want me to wear it, I’ll wear it.”

— — — — — — —

Long Beach State guard Mike Caffey was named the Big West Conference Player of the Week on Monday. Hawai’i’s nominee was Aaron Valdes.

Both teams went 1-1 last week, and here’s how the stats compare:

Caffey: 56 points, 20-35 FGs, 8-15 3-point range, 8-10 FTs,10 rebounds, seven steals, six assists.

Valdes: 54 points, 18-29 FGs, 6-10 3-point range, 12-17 FTs, eight rebounds, 10 steals, two assists.

— — — — — — —

The Warriors are scheduled to depart Honolulu on Thursday afternoon for Saturday’s game at UC Riverside.

There has been some confusion over the start time for Saturday’s game due to a recent change, but it will begin at 6:30 p.m. (Hawai’i time) and will be televised on ESPNU.

While the Warriors have just one game this week, UC Riverside will host two games. The Highlanders will play first-place UC Davis on Thursday before hosting Hawai’i on Saturday.

Screen shot 2015-01-13 at 10.01.38 PM

Thursday’s Games
UC Davis at UC Riverside
Cal Poly at Long Beach State
Cal State Northridge at UC Santa Barbara
UC Irvine at Cal State Fullerton

Saturday’s Games
UC Santa Barbara at Long Beach State
UC Davis at Cal State Fullerton
Cal Poly at Cal State Northridge
Hawai’i at UC Riverside, 6:30 p.m. (Hawai’i time)


  1. No to the headband, bro!!! Continue to ball out brother!

  2. Well Dayton is it a guarans that we go tournament this year. I got s feeling this team will do some damage at tournament

  3. Isaac, we all noticed that you played better without the headband for the second half. Thats not to say that you haven’t played terrific with it also. You have. But for me, I think that you should try without the headband. Your personality is big enough so that you don’t have to be know as part of the headband brothers. Haha

  4. warriorhaw:

    Might be some NBA/collegiate type of trend. I remember years ago , Seattle Supersonics guard, Slick Watts, he of the bolohead, had headband, and I think Now LBJ or Lebron James the headband. Reggie Carter and Henry Hollingsworth of the puka shell necklaces and Tom Henderson , Artie Wilson of the wrist sweatbands..
    Personally, if they feel they play better with it, use it, Quincy played great hustle game, he started season with it. .. now he just plays.
    Bobbitt, at end of games, locking, down and closing out games with FT’s , he throws out headband.
    Hey.. they could wear rubber bands.. ha ha, just joking, if they conitinue to play well and can win on the road..
    Go Bows !

  5. RunBows:

    LBJ, he of the growing HB due to shrinkage of dome landscape. lol

  6. No to the headband. That way you won’t get Rod’s techs anymore.

  7. Keep the headband! If you guys are confusing the refs maybe you are also confusing some of the opponents and they mix up their defensive assignments. Even if that happens only once in a game and you can take advantage of it with an open shot thats still an advantage.


  8. Thanks for the broadcast information, that’s great news the Riverside game will be televised. Get the W on Saturday, guys, and I’m optimistic you’ll have a good crowd for Davis next week. Win that one, and I think you can expect a *big* crowd for Irvine next Saturday. Only 6 home games left, let’s rock the Stanley!

  9. Correction to Rod, he has one technical from the CSUN game, remember the one near the basket, where he kind of pulled the arm of an opponent which had been locked up with his, i think.

  10. Ah Chew Goo, RIP. Basketball wizard as a player at Hilo High and later but did not attend college. Was a former UH basketball coach.

    UH basketball awards named after him, but last year, the coach did not give out that award for the men’s side.

  11. Correction: Don’t know if Goo attended college but he played with a traveling team of Hawaiian all-stars in the United States.

  12. Don’t forget:

    This Saturday, Jan. 17
    Hawaii @ Riverside – ESPNU

    And…two more Hawaii games added to the ESPN schedule:

    Jan. 31
    Hawaii @ Long Beach – ESPN3

    Feb. 7
    Hawaii at UC Santa Barbara – ESPNU

  13. Thanks Dayton and for the humorous video. I think the refs might get the two Stefs mixed up some too. But Hallums said Jovanovic looks like a handsome Ben Afflect or like Tom Brady.

  14. Yes, thanks Dayton… a ray of sunshine for UH athletics.. the MBB program.. through the storm, and now the talk of the town..
    Great bunch of guys.. seems like everyone likes each other.. the don’t care if they score 3 points or 33 points.. just get the Wins..
    However emotional, winning guys, difference makers this year? Bobbitt and Fleming.. really active guards.. Just makes team that much more athletic, uptempo, fun and exciting to watch.
    Just have to reel in the T’s.. , so doesn’t cost a game.

    And we are proud of Fleming’s Dad, bigdaddy and his Ohana family for making sure Isaac if on board..Thanks bigdaddy, I love Isaac’s slashing to the rim game.. so quick, dynamic, and helps team with his quicks. .. He, is well trained, highly motivated.. and hopefully Bobbitt, Isaac and whole team take that emotional, energetic, win for Team first on the road.. they can go 4-4,.. I am sure… just have to stay within range.. don’t let other team get big leads.. and then close out games..

    Shout out to Delaware, the Fleming Ohana Family, Thankyou bigdaddy for sharing I Fleming with UH MBB team !!
    Mahalo to Dayton, Wes, WI staff, Schmidt Ohana, the others try, Dayton, still your site, and This Forum the best in 808 and around the globe All Things Men’s Basketball, the shining light and hope for spring UH athletics so far..

    Go Rainbow Warriors.!
    To headband or not? either way.. to get Technical or not? Hopefully not !!
    Lot of fun for UH MBB fans, now.. go Bows !!

  15. Injury report : Sammis in Florida, meniscus; and Gary Dickman to have surgery for his back etc. tomorrow, no radio for Gary for awhile.

  16. islandman:

    It is unreal, all the physical things that happened to Super Sammis Reyes.. the broken pinkie toe, the broken pinkie on hand, and now the MCL tear.. for a guy that was that strong.. small injuries, set him back.. wish him well , as well as Gary Dickman, whom I enjoy listening to, as color analyst rather than BOR chair, Jeff Portnoy, who coached Scott Robbes in biddy basketball league..ha, ha., ha..
    Jackson W. ha, ha , haaaa ! Stefan Jovanovich not good, or no comment.. ha , ha haahh.. Stefan, Jovanovich, just keep banging away.. Stefan squared, just Janks and Jovan, do your thing, once you get used to playing with each other, and dominate the boards.. UH will have that Bigs protect paint and score in paint to 27 feet offensive threat..
    ha, ha, haaaaah !!
    Jackson and Jeff P.. just joking !!
    Go Bows !! Bet success so far for BT and guys, has completely caught All the media , and hoopstalkers, by surprise.. A Good Thing !!

  17. i think i heard Benji on radio saying that he’s decided not to try to change Janks style of play. In other words where he likes to hang around away from the basket sometimes.

  18. Islandman – Samis had ACL and Meniscus. 9 months of rehab per his Instagram. Tough year for the kid.

    Gary Dickman – Back Surgery for herniated disk in back and pinch nerve in leg. Wish Gary the best.

  19. Johnny White was on Hoops Talk tonight sub for Portnoy who is in Cuba obtaining cigars from Fidel. Jackson said it’s tough to win on the road and he thinks the best Gib did was 3-5 on the road ( correct statement is 4-4 in conference last year, i think).

    He said conference games are officiated differently from non-conference ones, among other things. That next year could be UH’s year because many Big West teams will be losing good players.

    [ He went through the loyal sponsors for Hoops Talk like Big City Diner, Jeff Green, etc.( i think he means Mike Green). ]

    That the NCAA letter could be coming in the next couple of weeks. And advised a caller that he can buy his tickets for the Big West tournament ( probably no post season ban, at least this year).

  20. Consider…

    Whichever Player gets to Three Fouls First — Technical or Contact —
    should put away his headband to minimize additional fouls…

    Maybe better yet, have another player (or even two) with only one or No Fouls,
    Put on headbands to distract the refs’ attention away from Fleming and/or Bobbitt…

    Change TEAM Headband Colors at half-time just to let the refs know “…we got ’em…”


    Good Luck and Future Health to Sammis —

    ?maybe over-training? Beyond the body’s physical limits? or balance?
    Like Muscles, out-of-balance, rapidly, over-developed,
    before slower-developing ligaments and tendons can catch up? tearing ligaments?

    OR Like the Orthopaedic Commercial,
    insufficient muscle development to support (esp. young pitchers’)
    safely slowing down the arm without tearing…

    Sammis — WE — Your Hawai’i Brothers
    still need teammates with Skills, Speed, Power AND Rebounding…

    CONCEPTS: ‘OHANA, Loyalty, Perseverance… WINNING…

    YOUR Scholarship IS Still Available …
    with The Guys who stuck By You AND saved you a space
    Until NCAA finally wised up to your Eligibility…

  21. Poop Talk has been saying the same thing since November that the NCAA letter will be “in the next few weeks.” If they keep saying the same thing over and over, one of these days they will get it right!

    The amount of mistakes and misinformation that show gives out for a so-called basketball show is embarrassing not only to the station but to all of the UH basketball fans.

    I missed it tonight but actually wish I tuned in. I think Johnny White does a good job on the TV so I’m certain he was million times better than the guy he was replacing. Can anybody call the station and let them know to bring in Johnny as permanent replacement, especially for the games?

  22. Eagle; Sammis red shirt this year and medical red shirt next ?

    ChuckCheese; someone on radio tonight suggested that Johnny replace Jeff on the weekly show and also for the games, i think.

    UC Davis ranked No . 25 in Mid Major Poll . UH receiving votes equiv to about No. 39 . UC Irvine also receiving votes.


  23. Eagle, servante, islandman, ChuckCheese….

    Wonder why? Ncaa letter of allegation so long in coming?
    Doesn’t this month since altered document self reported?
    Speculation/leak of lying? By whom, what for and where?
    ChuckCheese…if uh admin is really intersested in betterment of innocent coaches, and studet athletes,
    they will use every avenue , every dime, uh general and private counsel to fight like heck for team..especially the 13 guys coming back next season..

    Or as BackBeat, Chuck C., ..allude to, is it overeaction, or jumping to conclusions as par for course for UH admin.
    better if, as Gary Dickman suggested, make institution pay heavy fines for alleged infractions, not punish innocent athletes..

    We shall see…if uh admin don’t fight for lessening, including no post season ban in future..will reveal how uh admin really feel about team and hard working guys
    if uh admin don’t appeal for years if need be…I can’t support them..and uh mbb fans , a growing fanbase
    would feel same..

    See how plays out …wonder what allegatios are, who alleged untruthful, and whether
    ncaa back down because uh admin terminated two coaches, crippled recruiting, and key player went pro..

    Would be unreal..well actually great, if lesser penalties, not post season ban and loss of scholarships..

    UH will they fightvfor 2014-15 and 2015-16..teams and down the line
    and how come hoops talk and kfve fink, bc and insider leak know exactly what ncaa will address? Talk about lack of integrity and confidentially breech..

    Anyways..ncaa bring it on…this coach taylor and fantastic fourteen just going to fight for bwc titles and ncaa invite..
    letter or not
    Go Bows!!
    We got your backs !!

  24. Wonder why? Ncaa letter of allegation so long in coming?
    Doesn’t this month mark One year since altered document self reported?

    Hope guys fight hard for families, team, fans and coaches!!
    Go Bows !!

  25. IF Sammis is looking at Nine Months Re-Hab, (as reported via instagram?) that would put him at September/October Time-Frame — Time to Be (or Get Moving) into Basketball Shape for October-November Practices…

    Sounds like he should back up the injury-re-hab with protective bracing…
    (protection from his own over-work?)

    As a physical specimen and good athlete,
    he might play into shape reasonably well a la’ VB/BB-er Megan Huff…


    How much of a ‘Better Deal’ — than these teammates “In Paradise” — is out there?

    Been to Florida — Not Chile’ — V.Good, But It Is NO Hawai’i…

    BUT Suspect, Gotta Earn Benji’s Willingness to Commit the Scholarship…


    With the UH Admin’s “Offers” to Extend Under-Pay, —
    Although As Clownish as a TOO-Busy Floral Hawai’i Shirt?
    i would think Benji and Q CAN Recruit “Signees”…

    Where in the World is Dallan ? (Hope All Well, Bud)… 20 Coming Up Fast? OR Marginal?
    Kenpom.com pegs UH @ 20 going into BWC Tourney … TWO or More Wins Beyond?
    No One O.K. with ‘One’ — Done That, though Rarely…


    IDEAL …This Week
    Riverside Upset Davis on Thursday…and UCSB Loses too (LBSU)
    Blow Out by Hawai’i on Saturday — Everybody has A Loss…
    (Main T’ing UH WIN…)
    Go ‘Bows…Strong!

    Mahalo for The Mid-Week ‘Light-ness’, Dayton, Isaac, Rod, Coach,
    Schmidts & Contributors…

    Some of Those ‘Eastern Conferences’ are also displaying —
    TOUGH to Win On-the-Road…

  26. Eagle…

    Actually, I would surprised if Davis DOES get upset by Riverside tomorrow… Davis is 9th in the country with a 50% field goal shooting percentage (compared to Hawaii’s 43.6%)… Then, they surprised everyone in the Big West by beating Long Beach last week. That winning record is legit, if you asked me…

    But… if you can shut down Hawkins on the road, anything can happen… and don’t forget, Riverside is 2nd in the Big West in steals per game. Although it’s a long shot, I’m rooting hard for Riverside to pull one.

    UPDATED Hawaii/ESPN schedule

    This Saturday, Jan. 17
    Hawaii @ Riverside – ESPNU

    Jan. 31
    Hawaii @ Long Beach – ESPN3

    Feb. 7
    Hawaii @ UC Santa Barbara – ESPNU

    Feb. 26
    Long Beach @ Hawaii – ESPN3 (at the Stan Sheriff)

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