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Nevels wants to keep playing with injured hand

Sometimes, the true measure of a player cannot be based on statistics alone. Such was the case last week for Garrett Nevels, who started and contributed key plays in two victories for the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

Nevels, a 6-foot-2 senior guard, played 50 minutes over the course of the two games, or about 50 more minutes than what was expected of him just a few days prior.


Nevels injured a ligament in his right (shooting) hand in a game against Colorado on Christmas Day. He was originally supposed to sit out games against Southern on December 29, and Prairie View A&M on December 30, but insisted on playing with his injured hand heavily wrapped.

In the two victories, he had a total of 14 points on 7 of 12 shooting (.583 percentage), five rebounds, seven assists, zero turnovers and three steals.

“You get you a few of those – a few Garrett Nevels’ – you’re pretty good,” Hawai’i head coach Benjy Taylor said.

Nevels underwent successful surgery on his hand on December 31. It is now in a hard cast, which is scheduled to be removed on January 7. In true warrior fashion, he is still hopeful to play in the team’s Big West Conference opener, which also happens to be on January 7 against Cal Poly at the Stan Sheriff Center.

“I hope so,” Nevels said. “We’ll see what the doctor says, see how it’s feeling, and hopefully I’ll be ready to go.”

Nevels said playing the previous two games with the injury proved to himself and the team that he is capable of being a key contributor, with or without the full use of his shooting hand.

“I know what I’m capable of,” he said. “I’m pretty sure when I come back I’ll have to wear something on it at first, but I’ll know how to play with it.”

For the season, Nevels is averaging 11.4 points and 4.7 rebounds per game, and ranks second on the team with 23 3-pointers.


  1. G Money, You Are Money in the Bank ! What a warrior ! Heart And Soul, Leader of UH MBB team bound for glory !
    Take care, make sure, don’t make injury worse, however, with trainer, and a proper cast, maybe you can still be playing some D and O, and helping team to win !
    Do what is best.. but remember your overall health , we need you to help win the BWC regular and tournament titles. actually , all that you and your team and coaches had to endure since Oct 28 2014.. that D day, became G Day… Go Warrior day.. YOU guys, no matter final season result, ARE WINNERS in this old timer UH MBB fan.. winners.. not pupule, However real winners, like the contributors, the positive ones to this site !
    Go G Money and Warriors, Rainbows !

  2. Of Course!

    Garrett, G$, G-Money…

    WE Are Not Surprised You’re Planning to Play…,
    No Hesitation (If Smart to Sit Out & Rest/Heal)
    BUT By Jan 7, you’ll probably already be playing Better with The Cast or Wrap…

    Senior G-Money
    LEAD This Tem to Win It ALL…

    Go ‘Bows!
    FINISH Strong!

  3. Mahalo for the mention, RunBows. Good to see my contributions are appreciated.

  4. To show how good our bench is… I’ll throw this scenario out there…

    Starters versus Bench

    *20 minute period
    *No substitutions
    *Each team has 3 timeouts

    Starters (Team A):
    *Coaches: Benjy Taylor, Brandon Loyd

    PG: Bobbitt
    SG: Nevels
    SF: Valdes
    SF: Webster-Chan
    PF: M. Thomas

    Bench (Team B):
    *Coaches: Senque Carey, Brad Autry

    PG: Q. Smith
    SG: Fleming
    SG: N. Filipovich
    PF: S. Jankovich
    C: S. Jovanovich

  5. My prediction:

    Bench 38 Starters 35

    Bench: Fleming 10 points, Jankovic 9 points

    Starters: Nevels 12 points, Valdes 10 points

  6. If Garrett not able to go for a week or so, who starts in his place?

    I think maybe Quincy.

    PG: Rod
    OG: Q
    SF: AV
    SF: NWC
    PF: MT

    off bench:

    Jawato.. he is the guy.. has to step up.. 6’4″ 215.. can be a BWC difference maker..such a great young guy, never pouts, cheer on team, fun loving guy, coach loyd will tell niko, wato and dyrbe, to keep focused and be ready,..have seen it.. even if not in game , be ready… focused, mature..

    This Team,.. Just starting a New Year, New season, possibly 19-25 games more to go.

  7. Sagarin ratings have UH as the 6th team in the Big West; the teams are rated by each conference near the bottom part of the Sagarin webpage.

    But UH would be favored over Cal Poly at home, add 3 or 4 pts for home game to rating of 73.53 = 76.53 to Cal Poly’s rating of 75.03 , so UH would be favored by 1.5 pts. or something like that.


  8. Was just watching Arizona vs Arizona state…. ASU snagged Bo Barnes AND Gerry Blakes. Those guys would fit perfectly into benjys system right now. I also think Hawaii could take ASU in a neutral court game though

  9. Yep, two guys who scored 9 and 6 points and got positively smoked by Arizona. Just what UH needs. Two more subs. Wow.

  10. And 8 turnovers for Blakes to go with the 9 pts. Gimme Bobbitt!

  11. islandman:

    Thanks for the research. That is a lot of work. And for all UH sports teams. incredible ! No team is in top 50 NCAA.. UH has beaten, Pitt, Nebraska, Colorado, hung tough on the road for 32 minutes without Janks and NWC against BYU ..
    Looks like it is shaping up to be a competitive BWC league, UH will be right in there. I like how Benjy, by putting in Janks and Jovanovich at same time, can Go Big, with MT, AV and Fleming, or Bobbitt., if other teams want to go small, If other teams go bigger, UH can go fast and athletic, with Rod, Fleming, AV, NWC and MT.
    Excited for season to start, Benjy , very good approach, what happened in pre BWC season, the 12-4 start.. clean slate, reset, new season, The Real season, and start 0-0..
    Well fans, it all starts in about little over 3 days against Poly, very sure that same 3800- hopefully 5000 will be there in attendance,, hope that Jamie Smith is back with UH MBB !!

  12. Obviously we have another illiterate local boy…no one said we need or want bo Barnes and Gerry blakes. They just would fit in benjys system. Learn how to read BRO. Lol

  13. Oh I see. They would fit cuz they dribble, pass, and shoot that orange thing. My bad. Didn’t realize comment was from expert analyst. Could u enlighten us with your knowledge of Benjy’s “system”? And “another illiterate local boy”? Don’t look now but ur bias is showing. Keep trying though. E for effort.

  14. Islandman…

    I’m glad you brought up the Sagarin ratings…

    It seems that all these ratings, from RPI, to Sagarin, to Massey ratings, to BPI ratings seem to FOCUS MAINLY on Hawaii’s strength of schedule. That’s why we’re ranked 5th or 6th in the BW despite having the best overall record.

    Seven of Hawaii’s 10 Div I victories are against teams with losing records. If you count ALL their wins and Loses, it comes out to 18 wins and 68 loses. 18-68 hurts Hawaii’s Strength of Schedule so badly, that’s why we won’t have a good RPI this year… unless we RUN the TABLE… which… is possible. 🙂

    Only three of Hawaii’s Div I victories are against teams with winning records (Pitt, Nebraska, and Colorado). Colorado is doing pretty good right now… winning two in a row… keep it up Buffaloes!

    Bottom line… All the mainland experts are underestimating Hawaii right now because of this SOS formula… but wins are wins…and Hawaii knows how to win. Hawaii CAN and SHOULD win all their home games… but on January 17, Hawaii plays at Riverside on the road and will be on ESPNU. I think if we can win THAT game, and if we can win ALL our home games leading up to Jan. 17, we could receive a nice boost in RPI… and maybe garner some votes int he TOP 25 Poll… maybe not crack it, but get some respect.

    By the way… here’s a good link for our schedule and opponent’s records:


  15. njacinto:

    you, islandman…and WI from the beginning…big time UH MBB fan…Eagle…WI fans appreciate the stats, research and explanation of rankings. Fun facts !!

    That is why Andy Katz 2 times this year mentioned UH ‘s win over Pitt and Benjy and staff having this terrific twelve performing at very high level…what is helping team get wins , that perimeter pressure defense, getting stops and closing out games. I don’t know how well other BWC teams play defense , you are right that is still formula , win out at home, split and steal wins on the road..
    just my observation, and Benjy mentioned too, if UH shoots better from field, 3 line , and rebound better,
    they will battle for top spot.

    jankovich really versatile..score 27 feet on in, jovanovich from rim to 18 feet out, good free throw shooting bigs…Mike T. so much more confidence playing 4 and 5 spot with a 3 skillset
    NWC… AV….athletic, guards..etc…
    Like how Q mentioned…to get PT have to contribute produce..i.e. jovanovich showing benjy he deserverd more time..and he is producing..now if all 9 or 10 guys..that play…more interest in winning game than stats..awesome…

    njacinto…keep up positive vibe
    still say…ncaa world and some local “fans” diss doubt team..more they do…bettah yet!! Team prove em wrong…!
    UH MBB the road to BWC titles begins this Wed. Jan. 7 SSC 700p.m.!!
    Be there!!
    Que, Loyd, Autry, and Benjy get the guys ready, speedy recovery G, and to the core 3900..there every game plus another 1200 hopefully
    get ready to rock the SSC to win the B W C !!

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