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Here are a few more “bonus” videos from 2014 …

The first video features Stefan Jankovic giving a quick tour of the Stan Sheriff Center locker room. The second video features a random conversation on haircuts.

The Warriors took the New Year’s Day off, and will resume full practices this weekend in preparation for the Big West Conference regular season.

Hawai’i (12-4) will host Cal Poly (7-5) on Wednesday night at the Sheriff Center. The Warriors split the series with the Mustangs last season, with each team winning at home. Cal Poly went on to win the Big West Conference Tournament as the No. 7 seed, earning the conference’s automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament.


  1. Alright. We don’t want to be too invasive with the videos. But being a great interviewee is worth something. They could practice. Read from an old script from one of Dayton’s favorite interviews from the past, maybe Andre Agassi. He was a great interview. Each guy read the same few lines, just practicing great delivery. It would be like being in school. Could be fun.
    Better than talking about haircuts. What!
    Or. How about read a short snip-it from one of our contributors here, [the ones that actually contribute real analysis, that is, not me], to each of the assistant Coaches, and have them each give an off the cuff response. Maybe three snip-its, with each of three Coaches commenting on each. Some of the analyses provided here is quite insightful. I would like to here what the assistant Coaches say. Of course, giving away game plans could be a problem, for which all Bows fans would be willing to fore-go that suggestion.
    Still better than haircuts.

  2. Mahalo for the ideas And The Effort to Make and Share the Videos..

    And for The Good / Great site that we can find / share in those Analyses And even The Tour or haircut videos…

  3. For awhile Wahine basketball games had no floor wipers so the players or the refs were wiping the floor when needed. Then last night after awhile, there was one tiny girl, maybe 5 years old assigned to do it. At the other basket, there was a taller girl, maybe 8 years old ?

  4. Slow news day for men’s bb. Gotta put up something

  5. You hit on a sore point with me islandman. About three years ago the floor wipers were so bad, the refs had to do most of it. I was concerned that someone would slip and end a college career. So, I bought floor wiper and had it sent to the ADA. Thank you Anderpops but I never saw it on the court.

  6. Good man, Anderpops. I forgot which games, but it seemed like players were slipping quite a bit on the floor. Unrelated, but players seemed to be slipping on the Rose Bowl turf (grass) in the Oregon vs. FSU game.

  7. Nice anderpops, but I think if it were not Rich Sheriff idea, you will not see it happening. Seems his ego prevents a lot of common sense things from happening. Even the wipers at the Chaminade game in the Blaisdell were using microfiber mops. Why can’t they use it at a state of the art arena like the Stanley?

  8. The last UH team to make the NCAA’s – the 2001-02 team: Savo, English, Martin, Shimonovich, Campbell; McIntyre, Burneika; Jesinskis, Akpan, Takaki, et al .

    27-6, 15-3 conference (9-0 home, 6-3 away), 12-3 (7-1 home) non-conference. Won the WAC tournament; won 7 of their last 9 games, 4 out of their last 5 .


  9. Buy um some dang microfiber mops. City mill or Home Depot sellls um. Surely our arena maintenece dept. could provide two. Or Rich can pay out if his own pocket. Come on.

  10. At about 1:57:37 of the Wahine game video, you can see the very small girl comes out to wipe the floor. Connie Morris shows her where else needs wiping, so then the girl hands the towel to Connie to finish the wiping.


  11. Insightful discussion. Who wipes the floor? Although must admit this is only location where it is an issue. C’mon. Wanna be a big boy program and can’t get the floor wiped. Really????

  12. K Smith, Q’s brother going to CSUN, per another forum .

  13. http://courtsportsinc.com/promop-custom.html

    Here’s an idea. Only need the 24″. Have a sponsor pay for it. As much as our guys play so hard and hit the floors many times during the game, should get a lot of airtime. Also, sponsor might hire kids to wipe floors as much as they can. Whether needs it or not. Haha.

  14. My bad. I guess kids would have to volunteer, huh?

  15. warriorhaw; — Are the ladies shown included with the mops or extra ?

  16. islandman, how come our wipers no look like that huh?

    Too bad about Kendall. His highlights look like he is a nice player. However, he only got 14 minutes so far this year. Was he hurt? Enos has more minutes.

  17. warriorhaw –An article said he had an ankle injury after two games, but that he had lost his starting job last season in January, then lost the backup point guard job this season.


  18. Thanks for the info islandman. Looks like a numbers game also.

  19. I do recall that anderpops mentioned it sometime ago that he bought the floor wiper, but I didn’t say ‘Way to Go !!” back then. Well, I am saying it now !

    Way to Go anderpops ! Way to go !

  20. From NCAA Div II Regionals Host Operations Manual,Section 9, which could apply to Div I :

    Ball -Children-

    They should preferably be in 7th to 8th grades. Not older due to potential student-athlete conflicts.

    Stools should be provided for floor wipers as well as mops affixed with a towel.


  21. Check BigWest UH road games for VB and BB…you will see somtimes men and women, maybe gym staff, students? ,helping to wipe floors when reqested and during timeouts.
    watch BigWesTV broadcasts and see..,sure enough they have special mops.

    Would not want serious injuries because of slippery floors. Same with mainland arenas that have court over ice hockey rinks. Hawaii has moisture problem because of perspiration and humidity.
    don’t want any athlete or even referees to get hurt..then liability problems..

    Am sure coaches make aware to refs and staff, keep courts safe..OSHA?

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