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Happy New Year!

If the new year is all about a fresh start, the University of Hawai’i basketball team got a jump on it more than two months ago.

Screen shot 2015-01-01 at 10.48.43 AM

The Warriors have made the most of an unexpected situation, turning the abrupt dismissal of their previous head coach and the departure of their star player into an equally unexpected fast start to the 2014-15 season.

Hawai’i is 12-4 entering the start of regular-season games in the Big West Conference. It is the most wins by a Hawai’i team entering the start of conference play in the history of the program.

The Warriors will open Big West play by hosting Cal Poly on January 7 at the Stan Sheriff Center. WarriorInsider.com will have more on the upcoming conference games in the coming days.

For now, enjoy the video above, featuring “Worldwide Prestige” member Niko Filipovich interviewing teammates and coaches about the holidays.

WarriorInsider.com would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and best wishes for 2015. We also send thank yous to everyone who visited and supported the site in 2014. A special huge mahalo to Tony Schmidt at Pacific Risk Solutions, Valerie Schmidt at Ameriprise Financial, and the entire Schmidt ‘ohana for their continued sponsorship.


  1. Yes thank you to the Schmidt’s for their sponsorship. What a worthwhile cause.

  2. Ever since heard about this site, and a little down the road, Dayton made available the Forum aspect, really appreciated hard work of Dayton, Wes, and the Incredible Primary sponsors of WI UH MBB all things, and even the provision for Dayton to follow team on road trips !!
    Glad that is started with the Gib era, and hopefully, the seeds of good, the excitement the high character, and fun and gun in the sun, that Gib Arnold promoted, even Give Back To Hawaii Reading program.. will continue for another 5 years !! Or More.. every year, an extra year of the Gift of Life is precious.. and we are thankful..if we have joy from watching an exciting BB team, that is a little dose of added happiness..

    WI MBB site , and all involved MAHALO !!

    G Money , speedy recovery, NWC, Bobbitt, Jawato, Q, and all the 14, and Benjy/Que, plus Autry and Loyd, thankyou for keeping MBB program moving forward. !!
    For that I am happy, would say 99 out of 100 posts, and comments, are positive , and mature.. and 1 is not.. well that is life..
    Go Rainbow Warriiors/
    And Garrett , Warrior that you are, take care…if anyway in next few weeks that you are back on the court.. YOU WILL BE.. take care bro.

    Thank you for your support..Schmidt Ohana !!
    Look forward to the next 16-19 games and beyond through late March … of MBB 2014-15 edition team..
    Guys keep working, get healthy, stay together, do well in school, and being the Family you are, HAVE FUN.. !!

  4. Hey the video, world class, honest, funny, can tell this is Family… I Fleming, admitting a need to mature, be on time, that is growing up.. Can tell from his last game.. maturity, and grinding for BWC championships.

    Thankyou bigdaddy for instilling in Isaac Fleming tremendous BB drive and want to, and to drum up support from SSC fans,, get them cheering and on their feet..Look forward to Fleming helping UH challenge for BWC regular=NIT auto bid and BWC conference tourney champs=NCAA invite !!

    Go Bows !!

  5. Fleming is funny….”I got the love from Hawaii that’s all I want…(and I promise) to be less sarcastic and be on time.”

    Good one.

  6. Trevor Wiseman was interviewed on Hawaii News Now about rise in minimum wagw..I wonder why he’s in the islands? I don’t think he has any eligibility left.

  7. i think Trevor truly likes it here — probably considers it home — he had moved back after a season in L.A.?
    Trevor part of The First Gib Wave — Point Forward with decent handles on break —
    i was looking for Sammis to play like Trevor on Steroids with More Skills & Physicality…

    Happy 2015 ALL!

    Besides Baselines of Health, Success and Happiness…
    You ALL Know What Would make Most UHMBB Fans @ WI.com Really Happy?….
    How ‘Bout Even Ecstatic?

  8. Was Trevor taking part in the ncaa case against Gib? Left in the middle of the season. Can’t remember why? Don’t recall any interviews or explanations, but that is my recall. Does the ncaa case go back that far? Maybe. Sure is taking a long time.

  9. Yes indeed! This is a world class video.
    My new favorite player, Niko Filipovich !! Fan favorite !
    Consider those big shoes of Davis Rozitis – FILLED !
    Great meeting the Coaches. Great Coaches !
    Thanks Niko. And to all those behind the scenes and behind the camera too.

  10. NCAA case? Is there an NCAA case? Can’t remember. Runbows?

  11. Trevor didn’t leave in the middle of the season. He left after his sophomore year. I remember because I was sad to see him go and I thought he was going to become a big contributor for points and rebounds in his junior and senior years.

    I didn’t know he was living in Hawaii now but I think somebody here or on another site said his girlfriend is from here and thats why he played in summer league last year.

  12. You know.. Miles, Wiseman, Barnes, Clair, Dressler, Garrett Jefferson.. all really nice young guys.. One time, I think, Wiseman was trying to play pro ball in Japan, don’t know if he did.

    That is okay.. lot of ex UH MBB athletes.. going back to the fifties, sixties, and to the 2000’s, after pau UH MBB eligibility are right here.. Hawaii, though expensive, nice place to live..

  13. This first half of BWC…. see how Benjy and staff, coach, plan, scheme and will Team adjust, BWC . they have those Cali guards and wings.. Mammadou is big, as well as LBSU has some athletic bigs.. Cal Poly disciplined. tweener big man Williams is good, Davis.. good.. Bet that every game will be battle.. I think UH , with good defense and the twin Serbian 6’11” towers, grabbing about 12 rebounds a game between them, can help UH win on the road.. plus, the guard play of Bobbitt, Smith, Fleming, Niko, and a healthy Nevels.. so important.. NWC,.. AV.. MT.. Janks. ability to also handle ball, and pass , assist.. UH can match up with a lot of teams..

    Possible : ?
    PG: Bobbitt
    SG: AV/NWC..
    SF: MT
    PF/hybrid: Janks
    Center: Jovanovich..

    That is big….

    Or smaller..

    PG: Bobbitt
    SG: Fleming
    SF: AV
    PF MT
    Hybrid Center: Janks


    PG: Bobbitt
    SG: Fleming
    Wing: Quincy
    SF: AV
    PF: MT.

    so many variations.. maybe 3 or 4 or 5, and everyone is contributing.. not just a Fotu or Standhardinger..
    Bobbitt, hope he over the flu.. cut down on turnovers.. he is a winner.. Fleming , one man fast break to the hoop through 3 guys.. amazing..

    Look Forward to season…. going to be tough.. bottom line.. 8-8 and win first game in BWC tournament.

    9 wins or more, and make the semis or better, Unreal Awesome season

    IS 9-7 or 10-6 doable.. for basically a very young and athletic team, who bought into Benjy Ball
    We shall see…. know, these 12 will never give up.. and the 2 RS’
    will always scout and support.. 14 Fantastic young men..
    just having fun playing ball !!

  14. Wiseman played the first 7 games in 2012-13 season for Cal State-LA ( Div II) and was doing pretty good, but then no more games after that.


  15. Happy New Year, All…2015!

    Niko Filipovic is maturing On the Court — Looked Good, Last Game —
    Looked No More ‘The Walk-On’ than say, Aaron Valdes…
    AND As a Team Leader — Ability to Perform AND
    Help Keep the Team Loose is a Very Valuable pg/Team Skill…

    Another Factor to Watch, Consider, Evaluate…

    Beating The Drum… [Ideally, NOT A Dead Horse…]

    Yes, The BWC “Second Half” IS Eight Games Away…
    BUT Breaking Down TIRED Legs, and Injuries Start NOW…
    So With An Eye to That,
    WHY is Coach Benjy playing More Players Fewer Minutes?
    And NOT Running The Team Into the Ground In Practice?
    Like the Pre-Season Marine Drill Sargeants?

    MAYBE It Was Getting Out-Coached By More-Seasoned, More Experienced Game Coaches;
    MAYBE it was DEPLETING A “Limited Resource” [Players & Their Fresh Legs…]

    One Definition of INSANITY:
    Doing the Same Thing Over and Over And Expecting a Different Result…

    SOME PAST Season-Ending Results…
    2011: Lost 3 of Last 4 (in a 19-13 Season)
    2012: Lost 6 of Last 7 (WAC – Was 15-10, Finished 16-16))
    2013: Lost Last 4 (Started Streak @ 17-11 to Finish 17-15)
    2014: Lost 3 of Last 4 (in a 20-11 Season)
    2015: Lookin’ for Somethin’ Better, A LOT Better…

    GO ‘BOWS!

  16. Eagle: As soon as Benjy was made the interim coach, he mentioned that… save the guys legs. play more in rotation.. less practices.. he realized in past years, the team had burned out at end, and led to that failure. He was going to try to save the guys, physically, so that they would be peaking and in the best health, fresh for BWC tournament time.
    The sad part, the injuries.. however, I think Benjy already, does the shorter lighter practices and then let’s the guys go for it on game day.
    This First Eight Games, probably set the tone for BWC season.. then, see how they do down the stretch.. remember Cal Poly.. that is the cry of all the BWC schools.. peak at the right time, and you can be in the NCAA tournament.

    Wish team the best, hope that Nevels will come back soon with special cast, in few weeks.. this team so dynamic, with so many happy contributors, working, and playing their roles, D first, and share the load the ball.. they are winning without, some key guys, in and out with health concerns.. Imagine, when NWC, Bobbitt, Nevels..are All as close to 100% as can be? If ever, even 80%, well so far UH MBB is proving, even we die hard fans, wrong.. they still are finding way to win.. ugly or even shorthanded.

    First Eight.. Hope UH gets it Straight, they go 6-2.. and Last Eight… 6-2.. would be AWSOME..
    or at Bottom line 8-8 or fantastic 11-5 or even 10-6.. this team, let’s see them WORK.. they are still so together.. and on a Mission to go to Post Season Dances !!

    Go Bows !!

  17. Or 7-9 or 6-10 or15-1 or 14-2 or…how many combos are there??? If they can just score more points than the other team these guys will be awesome!!!!!

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