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It’s true that every game is significant in conference play. The University of Hawai’i basketball team found that out last week, and will try to do something about it this week.

The Warriors dropped a crucial Big West Conference home game to UC Irvine on Saturday. Instead of being in third place, just a game behind the leaders, the Warriors now find themselves in sixth place and two games out of first place.

Hawai’i is 14-7 overall and 2-3 in the Big West. UC Davis, UC Irvine and Long Beach State are currently tied for first place at 4-1.

If the Warriors are to get back in the race for the regular-season title, they’ll have to take the long way – by winning on the road. Hawai’i’s next four games will be on the road – a trip that will keep the Warriors in California for two weeks.

The Warriors will play at CSUN on Thursday, at Long Beach State on Saturday, at Cal Poly on Feb. 5, then at UC Santa Barbara on Feb. 7.

— — — — — — —

Hawai’i is now 2-2 in home conference games, but the Warriors are not alone in surrendering home court. Through the first three weeks of conference play, only two Big West teams – UC Davis and Long Beach State – remain undefeated at home against conference opponents.

— — — — — — —

Hawai’i junior point guard Roderick Bobbitt ranks second in the nation in steals per game at 3.0. Through 21 games, he has 63 steals, which is already the eighth best total for a single season in UH history.

The UH record for steals in a season is 84, set by Tom Henderson during the 1972-73 season.

As a team, Hawai’i ranks fourth in the nation in steals per game at 10.3. The only teams averaging more are West Virginia (12.5), Minnesota (10.7), and VCU (10.4).

— — — — — — —

UC Santa Barbara forward/center Alan Williams – last season’s Big West Conference Player of the Year – missed the last two games with a shoulder injury, and is expected to miss at least another week.

That would put him on schedule for a possible return to action when Hawai’i visits UC Santa Barbara on Feb. 7. Williams, a 6-foot-7 senior, currently ranks third in the conference in scoring at 17.1 points per game, and first in rebounding at 11.6.

— — — — — — —

Without Williams, UC Santa Barbara went 2-0 last week, and junior John Green was named the Big West Conference Player of the Week. The 6-5 guard averaged 18.0 points and 9.5 rebounds per game as the Gauchos beat UC Riverside and Cal State Fullerton.

Hawai’i is the only team in the Big West that has not had a player selected for Player of the Week honors this season.

— — — — — — —

Thursday’s Big West Games
Hawai’i at CSUN, 5 p.m. (Hawai’i time)
UC Santa Barbara at UC Davis
Cal Poly at UC Irvine
Long Beach State at Cal State Fullerton

Saturday’s Big West Games
Hawai’i at Long Beach State, 2 p.m. (Hawai’i time)
CSUN at UC Riverside
UC Santa Barbara at UC Irvine
Cal Poly at UC Davis

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  1. Go Bows.. shoot well, bond, stay together… rumbling on other forums say you have reached your peak, zenith, cannot get better… Keep focused, do well in school, Benjy coach em up, teach em, and Team , just go out there and kick okole.. if BWC teams want to get physical.. get physical.. however be smart.. be clean.. and you guys will win.. top 4 finish still possible without question.. teams 1-9 .. one Word= PARITY.. anyone can dance, and this was supposed to be the year.. without Gib, Fotu, and Sammis splitting.. and getting hurt, unfortunate.. Team , You guys are still good.. get 2 or 3 or sweep this 4 game road trip, and get up off the mat and Finish Strong.

    You have now officially, about 125, 000 home viewers, and 7500 in SSC attendees, so about , Just my guess, a growing legion of about 200, 000 who will follow your success. gotta win games, and shoot well the ball, see the ball, see the basket, put the ball in the basket.. other team, see the ball, take the ball away, see the shot, block the shot, and rebound, fast break, 3 ball launch nothing but net, and or lob for Flush..

    Go Bows!!
    We be watching this Thursday Jan 29 2015 500pm HST UH vs CSUN for the sweep by Warriors !!

  2. Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows!

    man, the problems this team has never ends

  3. Pot smoking at the hotel at Riverside??? I wonder if anyone could get suspended…

    Poncho… you’re right… trouble just follows this team around.


  4. If the pot smoking is true than they cause their own problems. It’s not like bad things are randomly happening to the team. If it was the players, I hope they get to the bottom of it and get rid of the cancers.

  5. May have to activate the red shirts ?, just speculating.

  6. Hendersen was really good at stealing the ball as pointed out before by Runbows. They played 26 games in 1972-73, so the 84 steals noted by Dayton comes out to about 3.23 steals per game avg. A magician, much like Bobbitt is.

  7. Policies differ on the pot use at the different schools .

  8. What’s upsetting to me is why didn’t UH take pre-emptive action once it was apprised of the problem? Obviously, they knew upon checkout from the hotel on Jan. 18. The player, or players, should have sat out the past two games while the investigation continued, and certainly not be included on the upcoming travel roster. The only player not under this cloud of suspicion is Negus since he did not make the Riverside trip.

    The NCAA has yet to submit its letter of allegations on UH’s prior actions so I would think the school would be on its best behavior until then.

    Don’t mean to cast a dark cloud on this, but it’s not what the team needs going forward.

  9. What happened to bed checks? I think Benjy needs to start instilling more discipline. I hope no action is necessary but I guess that would be encouraging bad behavior. I don’t look forward to it because it’s probably one of the starters looking at the makeup of the team. Any guesses…Bobbitt, Fleming, Janks??? There’s certain players that I cannot see doing pot like Enos or Jovanovic.

  10. This incident might affect Benjy’s chances of being permanent HC.

  11. islandman, Pono, and all other fans of UH MBB.. this circumstance, unless, clearly it was a mistake, some other parties, which I don’t think it was.. for me as a long time fan… quite devastating, however, student athletes if they violate school conduct code, i.e. taking of controlled substance, or smoking pot etc, DUI, etc.. leads usually to suspension. Unless, one time thing, .. or it even makes you wonder about the type of guys on team now. And confidentiality, I don’t know if it falls into place.. Unless the alleged athletes have chance to explain or appeal. Probably suspension, if worse situations arise or related, maybe permanent dismissal, which would just break the hearts of a lot of UH MBB fanbase that this team and Coaches have created.

    Now, if as Pocho says.. and could be.. if it were 2 or 3 key rotation guys, and they got suspended, for indefinite period..Niko, Dyrbe, Jawato, ..even emergency Zach and Brocke come off of RS year, and play.

    Quite upsetting for me, You know until we get the facts, however, surprising, UH came back home and just tore apart Davis, then the close loss to Irvine..

    If UH comes out with an 18 win overall season, despite, possible suspension(I don’t know UH policy, or even the drug testing.. part).. Benjy and the guys who stayed clean, has to be one of the better jobs of even being able to have winning season in past 45 years..

    I will watch the CSUN and LBSU games.. we will hear more, however puts a black mark or black eye on the Program.. sheessh..quite sad, ..

    Dayton Keep us Posted.. and Dave Reardon, was clearly along with the Leahys and Brian McInnis, becoming real fans of UH MBB the exciting team.. Now What.
    I fell really bad for the good parents of the Team..

    I guess we just wait for the fall out.. and see who or whom disciplined.. Well Next man up.. Hey, if have to field team.. call out to UH student body.. students in shape, and cleared medically, maybe even from FB or VB team to help fill out roster, if came down to that.

    Heartbroken not in Anaheim(yet) Heartbroken in Honolulu.. as long time fan..

    Pono , I agree with you.. if student athletes are smoking dope,, they are dopes, hope they learn, make restitution, apologize to families, fans, coaches, and the University.. Auwe..

    Sad, sad, sad…..


  12. Negus, Dyrbe, Niko, Jovanovich, Jawato, Brocke Stepteau, Zach Buscher, Aaron Valdes…Smith, Fleming, Bobbitt, Nevels.. all seem like good guys.. man devastating.

    Agree, Negus, not guilty, he was not on that Riverside trip.. and team knowing about it, along with coaches, .. and only now addressing, maybe Coach did report, and due to privacy issues, and AD checking with school conduct, and the drug testing.. students allege, accused, though hotel knows who was in that ONE room.. was it 2 guys? or 4 guys together, smoking ganga, pakalolo, bad, bad,..

    If team can Rise above this, man Benjy must be close to getting a health ailment..

    Who will play in CSUN game? I guess we will know shortly..

    I kind of not give up on UH MBB program, from Oct 28 2014 till now, defections., illness, emotional immaturity, injuries, and NOw this .. !

    For the guys who are clean.. Stay Clean and battle for UH and the fans.. listen to coaches, even if you guys are down to 10 players.. or 9.. battle, and go for wins.. Take the Honorable, high road.

    And if .. what can I say, alleged, and they know who was residing in room.. pay for smoke damage? I don’t know.. some parent, or parents, I know might really be giving an earful to their sons if they were involved.. remember Colt and Davonne, had run ins before UH but were okay after, hopefully this team and guys pull out, and become better.

    Looks like suspensions.. .Just My guess.

    Totally sad.. Dayton, let us know the latest, who accused, and what suspensions, discipline if any coming down.. .Mahalo
    And UH MBB fans, of the guys clean.. Keep supporting them, if only 9 guys still remaining or 10..


  13. Dayton:

    Who left on this road trip for 2 weeks to Cali? Then we know.. if guys were left off.. or is this still an ongoing situation.. and as article said, more than one, hotel wants restitution for smoke damage.. and UH did not cover..

    from bad , to worse.

    Well, next good man up, and for those 1-3 guys , or whomever, learn, get a good earful from team, coaches, and your parents, and clean up !!

  14. NWC, Zach and Brocke were not on the previous trip ?, i think .

    Even the Oregon football team with a “good” coach, Helfrich, had two players suspended for the title game. Not to lessen the thing, but suspensions due to pot are somewhat lessening in degree overall.

  15. Oh man, this team driving all us fans crazy. I don’t think its fair for us here to name names or make guesses so I wont do that.

    I would like to share that my good friends son had the privilege of playing for UH (I will not say what team) about 10 years ago and he got “caught” in this same situation of smoking weed on one road trip. It was actually almost half the team that got busted but a good thing for them it never made the news. Two role players got suspended for like one week including my friends son and even that was not made public. Everything else was kept hush including some big names that was there.

    The NCAA and UH administration really out to sink this basketball team so they should know better. From my friends experience, he said his son was not the only team at UH with this problem. Boys and girls teams were doing it and others got caught but just never made the news. Some incredible stories about this stuff I heard but cant share it here.

    This UH team they learning the hard way that all eyes on them and the news media looking for anything juicy they can find. Guys, gotta stay on the straight line for the rest of the year.

  16. Digression from the subject, but someone on another blog said he heard that the student that threw the stress ball on the court was a swim team member.

  17. Swimmer sounds about right. The kid I saw being walked out that night was a smallish white kid with long hair, what in my days was known as looking like a hippy.

  18. The inmates are running the asylum. First we have a ncaa sanctions coming now this krap. True stupidity by players involved. If you want to excel in sports and academics your need a clear mind. No wonder we kiss at Riverside. They were floating instead of playing smart and hard. Lack of institutional control. Not a good omen for the coaching staff.

  19. As Benjy says.. All Team has to do focus, on winning Ball Games.. for Fans, Families, selves University and Hawaii…

    Too bad.. however , have to move on.. hate to say there is a movement to destroy MBB program or Athletics in general… however, so Hawaiian Kine, time, and protocol.. If want to stay clean, and compete with the high mid majors and eventually maybe Majors.. Uh admin, Power that controls everything, help teams out..

    Yes, that is really an ongoing thing from the early sixties, whether alcoholic beverages, smoking, reefer back in the day.. thing is Where do they get it from.. ? That is problem too..

    Man, I tell you, if Benjy Que Autry and Loyd trying to run clean program, and get this thing turned over to next year.. those individuals involved sure not helping.. Who it is.. or are? We shall find out, just see who is on the road trip and playing, or sent home..

    This team, if have to field all Walkons, and 7 guys clean.. and on board… they will, and still find a way to win six more games at least.. Have faith in them.. Imagine, the parents.. really going after their sons.. what the heck you all doing? Hawaii fans, and state, backing you guys up.. man.. shame..
    However, can be given second chance, .. hope they learn, restitution and not anything life affecting.. Nationally, and even recruit..well don’t want to go there.

    Will be watching or listening to CSUN and LBSU.. whomever is on the court.. might make them play that much more together and harder.. and Win some games.. Another test.. Another Galvanizing moment.. Team Captains.. lead.. and demand.. the best of the guys !!

    Go Bows.. And Keep Program going up, now one step forward, two backwards.. gotta get off the mat, and move ahead… grow up.. and make amends., apologies, and become better people..
    And true, UH student athletes, and students.. kind of the deal around the country.. sad..

  20. Michigan had a top player “caught” last season in March in his soph year, but then opted for the NBA draft and was picked No. 21, although he had back problems.

    ChuckCheese, good humor, i guess he didn’t look like a young abercrombie though.

  21. yes.. almost like the team that is still on board.. clean.. high road, high character, fighters, doing right in community, for ohana, school and as people.. They gonna have to win games for themselves now..

    It doesn’t look good, however has happened in the past.. just who , I don’t know, and NOW on a 2 WEEK road trip.. bed check.. and staff probably knew when the incident first happened, so they informed AD, or UH was billed for paying for cleanup.. maybe make those involved foot the bill and pay the hotel or restitution to UH for that expense..

    Almost, like.. I don’t know.. All the loyal 7500-8000 that coming out now to SSC.. have to respect them too.. lot of support, however for , AND JUST IN CASE YOU GUYS READ THIS… Do right, apologize to team, coaches, AD, staff, fans, and Hawaii, and make it right.. don’t know if they will play for awhile, BB games, however.. can learn..


    High Character.. guys.. not, HIGH characters..

  22. Maybe Jawato needed to smoke for his back spasms. Haha I’m only kidding. I know kids make dumb mistakes but after an NCAA investigation you would think that all players would be put on alert that extra good behavior needs to occur until everything is ironed out.

  23. Pono…

    You know… it wouldn’t be such a far fetched idea to have Jawato just take the blame, and claim it was for medicinal purposes, which explains why he needed a HUGE dosage for his excruciating pain… That way, he can absorb the punishment of the other players, and be the logical scapegoat… since he isn’t playing anyways. Sounds like we’re joking, but that excuse could hold water.

  24. Is Cali a state that those 21 and over can smoke pot legally? Or could it be , maybe not far fetched, that a player is Really Sick and not making it known publically, so Medicinal Marijuana.. Key.. this road trip.. who is on that plane that is about to land in Cali..

    Pono, islandman, njacinto,.. strangest MBB season I can recall.. if somehow.. and of course we want the best for MBB program, the University, families and the athletes.. UH has winning season 19 or 20 games.. even if no post season, though I think whomever still on roster with team at the end of a 20 win season. UH should pay for the CBI or CIT(Riley) invitationals.. They , after all the doo doo they been through, and Mamma Valdes, calling us to Galvanize Solidarity.. hey, Zach, Brocke, Dyrbe and Niko.. Be ready guys.. just be ready..

    Cheer them on.. they win these two against CSUN and LBSU, or split.. lot of good things, something positive..
    Good Question. seriously.. maybe someone is taking medicinal marijuana.. no LAPD involved. so.. who knows !!

    For the straight and narrow , just keep clean and fight for Wins, and do well in school.

    Go Bows. I support you guys and your families.. and Benjy… whoaaaaa ! what a ride, Bro.. hang in there, good things will come about.. through all of this, you keep whomever still together and win 19 or 20 games.. UH MBB record books will show, one of the better coaching /managing jobs of the 21st century..

    Go Bows !!

  25. Hey Fans tune into Sports Animals.. maybe we will know, or Brian call in, to show.. see who is and isn’t on road trip, or with the right to Privacy laws.. UH cannot say.. however. … just the head count, on the BigWest TV feed and announcers will mention names, who starting and come off bench, as well as the ESPN3 LBSU game this Saturday..

    Stay tuned. as the UH MBB world turns.. hopefully this is enough.. nuff is nuff already !!

    Go Warriors !

  26. njacinto;– good try, but two rooms involved with the smoke.

  27. Maybe Jawato went to visit so it could be two rooms, lol.

  28. This situation reminds me of the football team. You already had been high alert. With the football team it was prior DUI’s and being told to be careful. With basketball it’s the NCAA investigation. Then you have someone go out and do something stupid again.

  29. Looks like UH admin slow as usual to act, most of the time, maybe on purpose. They already played two home games with all the players, now going on the road to play four games.

  30. All 12 active guys on travel team…could be ..here we go again…due process..
    gary dickman wonder if cali guys have friends..cali smoke marijuana..maybe not guys ..their friends ?
    islanman …yes..uh take sooo long maybe season over before investigation pau
    sure slap on face to benjy
    hope team is together
    see who plays on road trip who left home..

  31. Where’s keoki kerr, i thought he would have the inside scoop already.

  32. Don’t know how many people under 25 experiment smoking pot. It is probably true that a good percentage of college athletes have tried the happy grass.

    Besides the legal ramification the stupidity of the situation was to smoke whatever it was that triggered the alarm of that non smoking room. You would think they were smart enough to think this out.

  33. Suggestion to coach Benjy. You know your team are good at improvising. From timeouts at the end of the half to the end of the game seems to have been more detrimental to the outcome. As you mentioned the half court offense has improved but not to a point of a well run machine. They are good at their speed and how they improvise, making them think of executing a play appears to backfire after those timeouts.

    The turn around before the end of the 2nd half was a big reason for the loss. A 5 point swing.

  34. you know UHbb has already gone under the NCAA microscope and since the NCAA Letter of Infractions hasn’t been made public I tend to believe UH’s Lawyers and the NCAA are lomi lomi’ing the possible sanctions.

    And now a player(s) got supposedly caught smoking pot? I’d bet the NCAA is looking very closely how UH handles this case too. Unless a player got caught red handed with the pot on himself or if not, confessed, there could be grounds for a case if there was more than one player/person in the room. But really… . If anything all of us have had good examples in past Presidents of the Good Ole US of A. Deny deny deny and let them prove your guilty because your more or less off the team for the season or even maybe out of UH period. Goners! if confessing. So all depends what the authorities have in facts and items in possession. blah blah blah blah…

  35. Benjy better shut his mouth. The Admin is going to axe him soon if he keeps making these comments that jab at the admin.

  36. …. AND IF Benjy gets in trouble or gets AXED
    By Our Dumb OVER-REACTORS*,
    The Players Will Also Start to UN-Ravel (and Leave)…

    *For as Manini as The “Violations” Appear to be,
    and The Petty (and Incompetent) Investigators appear to be…

    THIS IS A Higher-Learning Institution (whether we LIVE UP To OUR MISSION Or Not…)
    WHY CANNOT Our Leaders Put in Place Behavioral Modifications, SPECIFIC Actions and Performance Measures TO TEACH Our Good, But Somewhat Short-of-Fully-Desired Performing Head and Assistant Coach & STAR Citizen-Player to have them IMPROVE and Perform to OUR HIGHEST Standards…Rather than “AXE”, Throw Out the BABY With the Bath-Water…

  37. Because Benjy is part of the staff that may be charged with lack of institutional control. It shows that they’re is still no control so the admins may clean house to please the ncaa.

  38. No “lack of institutional control” or anything else for Oregon coach Mark Helfrich who had two of his players suspended for the national title football game.

  39. Eagle, servante Backbeat Chuck Cheese,…. This Is Personal .. UH Admin, no support for Benjy, what has Benjy have to lose.. he knows.. not criminal, LAPD found nothing, no felony.. UH supposed to do In House Investigation, determine.. That is why Benjy is peeved with a capital P….sss…
    Go ahead, UH Admin.. a coach that stayed the course, helped 14 young guys at least stay , well hopefully for a season, mid major coach of the year, ESPN good write-ups…talk of the coaching fraternity, what Benjy and guys have done through adversity…Go get em Benjy.. he is taking the high road.. backing his guys.. Should never have been made public..

    Eagle.. you are right.. for one on This Forum, who wants to clean house of Gib, Akana, Fotu and now Benjy.. totally no support, and putting him(blangi) in a bad light, every possible way(not getting Jamie Smith in , or helping expedite his return), and now this crud..

    Allegations, ncaa, gib, akana, fotu, now.. what the guys did or did not do.. Where is protocol, decency. Benjy would not have said anything.. Papa Bear.. really Father to the guys…You can go after Benjy, him..but don’t go after his team.. THEY DON’T DESERVE this crud.. absolutely not..
    NOW WE CAN SEE THE REAL AGENDA.. UH admin, or Power or news stations that be.. just trying to drum up muck.. let things be handles internally, here we go again.. Guys, Not Benjy.. cannot keep their lips shut.. and leak to media.. something that other schools handle internally privately first, then make public when findings come out.

    Benjy… you have done a helluva job.. don’t mind those .. I don’t even have the words to describe them, the ones that want to take down UH MBB and athletics.. really No Class people..

    MBB team, all the more so.. win for yourselves. Mamma Valdes, the families the friends and the legion of fans..
    And No One on This forum, should sit as judge and jury on Benjy and Team, unless know the facts.. If YOU do, spill it.. where is your source.. I feel really bad for Benjy, the team and their families..
    Sure correct the error, I am not condoning wrong.. however. the leaking of private in house.. UH Admin.. go ahead look for another good coach.. you won’t find… they will take 10 years to get excitement back to MBB program.. Auwe.. Aloha state? should be..

    Benjy we got your back.. and Thankyou for speaking up for the MBB team.. we know if needed discipline, you will be first to administer.. darn leakers.. enough leaks at UH Power that be, to sink 20 Titanics.. dumb, just so dumb

    Go Bows.. stick together, and win for fans, and coach, and your families.. yet do things properly.. darn leakers.. peeeeved.. for sure..

    Go Benjy, Papa Bear take care of Your Team, who else will? We appreciate you So Very Much !!
    Mahalo for helping team, and that UH admin, Power.. sheesssh !

  40. If they axe Benji that will be the nail in the coffin. Tell me what coach would want to come to this trigger happy school that’s fast on the draw to fire someone. Actually that’s where the school is headed as far as who they hire. They are trying to eliminate Civil Service workers because they are the hardest to fire; and they want to replace them with what is called APT contract employees such as Gib Arnold where they can fire with no just cause. The school is going backwards. Hope Governor Ige will be wise and investigate the University before the entire ship sinks. All he has to do is look into their books and see the poor fiscal mismanagement. Question? Do we need all that Chiefs to look after the few Indians? Answer. Government says yes. Private business says hahahaha.

  41. servante our WI insider.. you hit it on the head.. UH POWER that be admin.. they are taking Athletics right down the tube.. no wonder Shoji is nervous on who they will hire as new AD, who would take it, some low mid major associate AD.. they thinking twice, and get a Great up and coming HC assistant, or JC coach… give me a break.. Benjy did everything to SAVE this season.. now.. send him as his team up the creek..
    sheesh.. UH ain’t getting my donations anymore, the athletics side.. totally screwing things, up. and you can’t tell people to shut up, right? you just cannot. they have a right to defend.. just waiting for Gib, Akana, Fotu, and Benjy to stand up..

    Just spoils a really great MBB season.. All they can do..and who knows. if team will stick it out now? Hope they do servante yet I would not blame them if the bail out. .. dumb, dumb, dumb Hawaii kine politics and UH.. Ige.. has to speak up.. get Mark Takai, and Donna Kim involved and clean house UH Admin, from top to bottom, new BOR.. Power that Be, take away his or her Power, return it to the students, the athletes and the families and the state citizens..

    it just peeves me.. psssssssss….

  42. http://www.hawaiiathletics.com/documents/2008/7/1/sa-07-08.pdf

    By joining UHM’s intercollegiate athletics program
    , you have become a representative of your team
    and of your University. It is essential that you act
    responsibly and not do anything to jeopardize your
    opportunity to obtain maximum results from your un
    iversity experience. Your personal conduct is a
    direct reflection on your good moral character and
    ethical judgment. You are expected to behave
    both on and off campus in a manner which brings credit to the University and your team. Be aware of
    the image you are creating.

    As long as you are a SA you are representing the University and must abide by this Code of Conduct
    at all times on or off campus. This includes vaca
    tion and holiday periods such as spring, winter and
    summer breaks as well as during the entire academic year.

  43. By choosing to participate on a UHM
    athletics program, you voluntarily
    agree to comply with the SA
    Code of Conduct as well as with all of the policies
    and standards of conduct explained in this SA HB.
    Being a SA is a privilege, not a right. This privilege can be suspended if you do not honor the spirit of
    your commitment to your team and to the University.

  44. islandman… yes, we know the code…. however, this is an inhouse matter, there are so many leaks to the media, without proper protocol, due process… wish they UH Admin and Power slip up and wham, they get it legally.. it is my alma mater, but, wow, keep a losing FB coach, and hammer a MBB program rising, made some mistakes, yet boom.. Convince a coach to hang in there for interim, and he goes above and beyond the call. team is really loved by fans of UH mbb and Hawaii.

    He loves the guys.. he will be first to, after investigation to comply with any discipline, he is pissed, because, UH admin, tells HIM.. Benjy shut your mouth..inhouse.. private, then we let be public, the guys have rights.. Then Boom Hawaii News Now. and anti UH Athletics and especially MBB Ferd the werd comes out with his article.. to Destroy MBB and coach and team.

    Hey, if one or two, even starters have to be suspended for rest of season, that is how it goes, Benjy and team will accept.. You can imagine the calls to Benjy and their sons.. man, that is Hell to go through..
    Just wish whomever, if Team wants to stick it out.. Galvanized, go out and win 22 -23 games, win that dang BWC and go NCAA, and then team and Benjy go , UH shove it.. bye bye..

    We Backing Benjy and the Boys.. Guys fight, stay clean, follow conduct code, be law abiding, hey win for Coach Benjy , he stuck out his neck for you guys.. you owe him at least that.. You still have potential, very good one for 20 plus win season,, then tell UH.. shove it !!

  45. Benji says the police was not involved. No hard evidence of it being Pakalolo smoke, could have been cigarettes or burning matches while taking a dump(#2).

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