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Warriors ready to return to court on Friday

Ready or not, the University of Hawai’i basketball team will return to the court on Friday, when it faces NCAA Division II Chaminade at 7 p.m.

The Warriors and Silverswords are neighbor schools, but the teams will travel a few miles down the road to play the game at the Blaisdell Center Arena.

Hawai’i, which last played on December 6, is 7-3; Chaminade, which will play Hawai’i Pacific on Wednesday night, is 4-4.


“We’ve been practicing, adding some new plays and stuff,” junior point guard Roderick Bobbitt said. “But we’re ready to get out there and start playing again.”

It should be noted that the game will count towards Hawai’i’s record, but will not for Chaminade. The Warriors are still aware that the Silverswords will be aiming for an upset.

“We can’t take them lightly,” Bobbitt said. “We know they want to come and get the W in front of the whole Honolulu and the whole O’ahu island. We know we have to fight and it’s not going to be easy.”

The game comes after a long break, on the final day of “finals week” on the UH campus, and three days before the start of the Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic. However, acting head coach Benjy Taylor insists that the Warriors are staying focused on Chaminade this week.

“We’re not going to have any problem with that,” Taylor said. “I’m not going to let them look forward to the game on Monday night (against Nebraska). We haven’t even talked about it. The only thing we’ve been talking about is Chaminade.

“They’re not afraid of us. They played teams in the Maui Invitational that have bigger names on their chest than we did, but we’re a confident group. We just have to go in there and play well in order to win.”

The Warriors opened the season by playing 10 games in 23 days, thus not allowing for the new coaching staff to implement too many new schemes. Much more has been put in place last week and this week.

“It’s not going to be a different (Hawai’i) team, but it’s going to be a team that I hope can take advantage of certain game situations,” Taylor said. “When we get up, or we need to hurry up … we’ve been up eight to 10 points on some teams and they made runs on us, so we had to put some stuff in that will hopefully stop that and be a little bit more efficient.”

The Warriors have also used the break in the schedule to heal some injuries, though it still may not be enough time for Negus Webster-Chan. The sophomore forward sprained an ankle during pre-game warm-ups of the December 6 game against Brigham Young.

He was finally able to run and shoot during Tuesday’s practice, though he was not cleared to participate in contact drills, and is still considered questionable for Friday’s game.

“I’m not sure where he’s going to be at for Friday,” Taylor said. “But it was good to see him just running around out there a little bit.”

Junior guard Quincy Smith replaced Webster-Chan in the starting lineup for the BYU game, but he has also been sidelined during recent practices due to a hand injury. He is expected to be ready to play on Friday.

Sophomore forward Stefan Jankovic will become eligible to play after this current semester, but it remains to be seen if his class grades will be posted in time for him to suit up on Friday.

Game Info
Hawai’i (7-3, 0-0 Big West) vs. Chaminade (4-4, 1-1 PacWest)
When: Friday, Dec. 19, 7:00 p.m.
Where: Neal Blaisdell Center (Honolulu, O’ahu)
Television: None
Streaming Video: None
Radio: Live on ESPN 1420 AM. Neighbor islands can listen live on KNUI on Maui, KHLO in Hilo, KKON in Kona and KTOH on Kaua’i.
Audio Webcast: Live audio streaming on espn1420am.com
Live Stats: Live in-game stats are available at HawaiiAthletics.com
Ticket Information: $12 for adults, $8 for seniors (ages 60+), $5 for students.


  1. Bad mistake by UH athletic dept. to hold this game at Blaisdell. We need to play our games on our court for the sake of attendance , the students , and season ticket holders. Loss of revenue in this time of lack of revenue shows irresponsibility on Athletic dept. head. This years schedule is laden with too many D2 games further lowering our Rpi. No more D2 games. We need a more competitive schedule which would draw more fan interest. Never the less , it’s Warrior Time !

  2. ditto…
    and of course, this means its another away-game.
    just far enough away that it is not a home game.
    GO BOWS !!

  3. Jjay, I think it has been reported that this is Chaminade’s home game and they wanted to play it at Blaisdell. Some season ticket holders have already said on other forums that this game is not part of the UH package.

    I also said a while back that the schedule was made when the former coach was still in office and he could earn a bonus with 20 wins a season so it made absolute sense for him to schedule cupcakes. I do agree with you that it shows irresponsibility by AD to allow that to even be put in a contract without proper wording such as 20 wins against D1 opponents.

  4. Jjay and akuhead(eagle, chuck cheese, backbeat): You fellow fans hit it on the head, we fans, and even alumnus of UH, We Know The Problem .. UH Admin. The people or person calling the shots. I think, it might be, that SSC had to be set up for Dec graduation the next morning Saturday Dec 20 2014 by 900am start commencement, just a guess. However, jjay, Why could this game not be scheduled for Wed Dec 17, Thur. Dec 18 , at the SSC? Would not doubt coaches and MBB program wanted it at SSC, however, SSC might have been taken.

    Unless, Admin. The Power/s that be , start making excellent , insightful, Athletic program friendly and supportive, decisions, in respect to coaches, hiring , firing and support for fanbase, ,team and families.. Will never reach even a decent level.

    jjay, you are right though and akuhead2, warriorhaw, eagle, chuck, backbeat, etc.. These guys the 14 guys on roster, deserve our support, and How many UH Manoa Maniacs will go to Blaisdell, maybe some, however, it should be at SSC.. on another day if facility not available.

    Go Warriors,… jjay,,or Ben Jay says: Go Rainbow Warriors,.. either way we backing The Bows and waaay to go Warriors..
    Come on UH admin. Pres, Chancellor, BOR..chair,,…get it right.. for sake of UH , the student athletes, the BETTERMENT of ..
    sheeesh !!

  5. Chuck Cheese: Sorry, forgot you brought out that fact, Laura B., scheduled tough home opponents, Stanford, Cal, and N. Carolina, it broke her heart that they lost those games.. however she too, plays Hilo(exhibition), BYUH and HPU.. however her SOS is great..

    Have to mix in some good teams like Laura, some top 30, the Pitt win on Maui, should have been at SSC, however Jamie Dixon, thought otherwise,.. however that is a Huge win over NCAA bound Pitt Panthers.. Have to mix up couple of top 30 teams with the lower mid majors.. even Duke, North Carolina, UCLA.. look at their pre conference schedules… they play DIII teams, and NAIA,, and the lower end mid majors, are beating them on their home floors.. i.e, Michigan.
    You are right the new AD, or current and the Bosses.. They have to think, think think for Betterment of student athletes and the program, fanbase.

    Go Warriors. Rainbows Go !!

  6. Never again should we allow any of our BB coaches to schedule a game at Blaisedell to play a D2 school ,we play on our home court all our home games or no play. Go Warriors

  7. Jjay or jjay, are you two different people? Anyways one or both of you should read the other comments above here. I will repeat for you, this is NOT the UH coach’s decision to schedule this game at Blaisdell. This was Chaminade decision.

    UH administration has too many screw ups to mention here but can not pin this one on them just to be fair this time.

  8. I don’t mind one D2 game but the rest of it should be all D1 games. It’s ridiculous that they had scheduled so many D2 games. I truly hurts the program and the interest of the Hawaii fans.

  9. So speaking of scheduling…I wonder WHO is setting up next year’s Schedule now or if the ADMIN really cares?

    I wonder how long the ADMIN is going to keep the NCAA allegations under wraps once they get it in order for their defensive SPIN?

    Last I checked, UH Manoa is a public university. Where is the Accountability? Where is the Accountability? Where is the Accountability?

  10. Did any of you see long beach coach monson, and how much he is sched to make!!! The answer may be for Hawaii to take the show on the road a little more for money games.

  11. Kentucky scheduled Pikeville and Georgetown (KY) as exhibition games. Then played Grand Canyon, No. 283 on Pomeroy ratings; Boston U, 252 and Montana St., rated 300 out of 351 teams. But they play in the SEC .

  12. BackBeat, Chuck, etc, Eagle… something definitely screwy at UH Adminstration, I am sure we are the laughing stock of BWC and mid majors.. Even, Ben Jay situation.. has he No Authority calling shots for Betterment of Student athletes.. the new chancellor has he ever played DI basketball, VB or football? I don’t know…

    Chuck if you confirm that is was a trade off the Chaminade and remember HPU doubleheader. to use Blaisdell.. that is what it is..

    jjay, as islandman states, and IT IS FACT.. since Rocha days, Little, O’Neil, F. Arnold, Wallace, B. Nash and Gib.. they try to schedule all DI, or not DII, NAIA,,.. it would be nuts to schedule 16 pre BWC games, against say 6 or 7 , Kentucky , Dukes, North Carolinas, UCLAs, etc. UH would be 2-13 heading into BWC play, and would have to really be battle tested to pull off a Cal Poly..
    I really think, and , No I am positive, Gib wanted to schedule Hilo, Chaminade and BYUH as exhibition or counting ncaa games, to help fill out their schedule.. plus keep interest with the DII local schools opportunity to knock off UH which has only happened two times in last 30 years. 1982 Chaminade upset Tony Webster led UH Little coached team at the Blaisdell and HPU, with their two 7 footers.. beating, I think it was Frank Arnolds team with Andre Morgan.. that was it..

    Gib was, smart, tried very hard to line up the Pac 12 schools, Stanford, Cal, Washington, WSU, UCLA, with home and home.. they want UH to come up to mainland, however they refuse to come back next year to SSC.. A lot of the big time schools, the travel, and now the possibility they WILL lose, heck, I would even give UH MBB 2014-15, with a full team healthy, a chance to knock off any top 25 team on their homecourt.. PARITY..

    Any suggestions to Chancellor and lame duck AD, go ahead, call them or email them..
    You all are 100% correct with New HC or making Benjy and staff locked in for 2 years.. HOW THE HECK ARE THEY GOING TO SCHEDULE FOR NEXT SEASON.. or Is This The Final Season? I hope not.. Now word from ncaa. ..could be a real overreaction to events. .and UH admin. totally screwed UH MBB. Auwe

    Go Rainbow Warriors, heck with the Upper and Politicians, we backing you guys whether you play Division III, NAIA, or Farrington HS(a good local public school)…Give em

    To Schedule 6 or 7 top 25 teams. UH would have to BE A TOP 25 team every year, and be part of the PAC 12.. however, just look at who the SEC, Big Ten, Pac12, ACC, who they play their first 16 pre conference schedules.. it is not 10 top 20 teams.. AND Now with Parity.. Those teams are losing at home.. Maybe, UH the pre conference MBB schedule.. go ahead play at Kentucky, Louisville, Syracuse, U. Conn.. and guaranteed huge payout, would make money and chance getting a win, just ask Columbia vs Kentucky, Belmont at North Carolina.. The School of Art and Sciences that beat Michigan at Michigan..Parity.

    Call the Chancellor, What the Heck is going on.. And hire Benjy and staff for ONE MORE YEAR… so they can scheudule and recruit.. or NEXT season is lost…


  13. UH should be disclosing what the letter says whenever it comes out, Jeff P said awhile ago.
    Powerhouse Duke played Livingstone and Central Missouri (exhibition games). Then they toughened their schedule with with such teams as Presbyterian, 348 out of 351 Pomeroy rated teams; Fairfield, 235; Furman, 305; and Elon, 239 .


    We had to PAY

    That IS BUY Three More D-1 Games @ $25,000 (Florida Gulf Coast Tourney)

    And FLY Five/SIX Time Zones…
    (Fortunately We Pulled Two, Almost Three Road Wins)

    FILLING The Schedule IS NOT Easy Unless You’re Willing to Go on The Road
    and (Probably) Buy into a Loss or Two
    Because It is NOT Easy to Win On The Road…

    AND After “Surprising” PITT on their (Tourney) Island
    [Jamie probably thoiuight they were prettty “safe” over on Maui, away from SSC]

    IT Will Be HARDER to Schedule “Name” Schiools…

  15. we just better not lose or get injured

  16. Benji said Fleming will be at point guard after Bobbitt due to Quincy injured his wrist, but Quincy will be playing in the off guard position .

    Someone on the other forum mentioned he hoped Quincy’s brother could play for UH, but not sure if he would want to and if he fits in .

  17. islandman:

    Sooooo, Jeff and Jack know nothing…about ncaa allegation/s right?…right…as much as Bobby, Animals, Dave, Ferd and The Leaker…speculate, postulate, no one knows what alleged infractions are right? Right? In real court of law, case thrown out, jury compromised..no justice

    If Isaac and Fotu ready to clear names..probably have as good a case as Jeff would to be new HC..still wonder if that guy who called On Point last week and said he has family work for ncaa..say minor ( and who says it was lies?)..and UH really overeacted ?

    More telling , Jeff says letter coming October, November, December…looks like not priority for ncaa
    as another forum member said, eagle? , maybe correctable in house..if UH counsel For Betterment of Student Athletes, and Alabama counsel helping UH ..then we would be led to consider UH MBB will survive…if they hire HC now , hint , retain Benjy and Senque for team stability , next season scheduling and recruiting..if they are for Betterment of MBb team..guys and their ohana deserve nothing less

    REALLY FEEL FOR TEAM..great guys, beautiful supportive families..
    damage control, Benjy doing helluva job..parents and team can be happy Ben Jay retained Benjy for this and hopefully next season

    Ncaa..no rush..Take care of North Carolina bogus class and grade scandal first, UH counsel..should watch that case very carefully..is it fair?

    Go Bows..and Benjy if you read our posts..good job..keep grinding, keep team going playing for BWC title and ncaa bid !!

  18. Go Bows…Warriors..
    hope you have speedy recovery Negus , when ready , then play hoops…Janks hope profs., instructors post your grades soon , and you are ready for Chaminade or Nebraska game !!

  19. Jackson picks UH over Wichita St., ha, ha ?

  20. He like the Bows…fo real..jack and jeff..ohhh nooo !!
    ha, haaah..
    i hope team can win dhc, will make whole state feel good going into 2015
    ha,ha, yeah!
    MBB nothing they going back down to..total respect for team..
    go warriors !!

  21. Jeff and the producer like Wichita St. ( Note: Jeff now says Janks can be a potential rim protector)

    One caller called in and told them quit griping about the weak schedule, let the team play it out. The caller wasn’t happy about the ESPN programming in general or something. Jeff said they should play WAC teams like New Mexico; or San Francisco
    or another which i can’t recall .

    Benji called in a caller too late to answer the question, who are the three assistant coaches ? He said he needed the $20 gift certificate.( Note: Autry is now listed as an assistant on the Hawaii Athletics website)

  22. One of the assistant coaches responsible for scheduling. Head coach aware of what is being scheduled. Could have been Akana, Benjy, or Fisher who put together this year’s schedule but not like Gib was not aware. And how many more months will Gib dismissal be rehashed? We could keep posts going about why Frazier forced Riley out. I do not think I have seen one thread on any topic that did not turn into a bring Gib back comment or two. I keep looking for people to move on but guess that is too much to realistically expect.

  23. I like when Bobby, Animals, hoops, or tv media let benjy and team answer questions, more credibility. .

    Jackson , his bb days pass him by…hoops how speculate fotu, standhardinger, davis not return last year , all returned for 20 win season..wha happen ?
    Before end of year or whenever…uh hoops doomed, get ready..
    yeah, they, jeff and jack should just keep quiet, quit griping.I don’t listen to show, too dumb, rumor, speculate, jump to coclusions and it backfires…booooom..right back at them

    Why not take high road, commend benjy and staff and team for doing so well first third of season..

    UH MBB supporters..ha, haaaah ! Not !!
    Espn 1420 kkea should end that show..call mbb coach with benjh nuff, from the source!!
    ha, ha, haaaaaa!!

  24. Like you say RunBows, free speech in free country. U don’t listen so who cares. I don’t listen. Our perogative

  25. Merry Christmas?

    FIRST: WIN Versus Chaminade…



    We’re Into The Barometeric Mid-Term
    HOW High has The Program Reached So Far?
    Three Potentially BIG Measuring Sticks
    Nebraska? (Imagine IF We Stil Had Standhardinger And Fotu)
    Big Test for Whole Team
    GOT The Home Court Advantage
    ‘Bows Comin’ Through?
    Big Opportunity…

    IF PASS, NO Time to Savor
    Against The MODEL Benchmark “Mid-Major”
    What Other MM Ever Was a Number ONE NCAA Tourney Seed
    We’re Talking Rarefied Dukie, Kentucky, Pitt, Louisville AIR They’ve Tasted
    WIN TWO? You’re having a Konawaena High-Water Kind of Week
    IF NOT Two of Three Bounceback is Still a Character-Builder

    Work Through a Couple of Team-Builders
    Last Chances to Clean Up Weaknesses
    Build Total Team Functionality and Chemistry
    Negus, Janks, Jawato Fully Functional?
    Nevels, Bobbitt, Valdés, Thomas, Fleming, Q, Jovanovic Established?
    ALL Cylinders Firing?
    Time to Take The 16-Game Big West Marathon
    [Hey, JP, JW, We’d Recruit Better Maybe IF WE Could Buy Our Way into ACC, MWC or WCC
    BUT Who’s Inviting US (So Far)?]
    Surprise The Conference with a Top-Three Road-Warrior-Like Finish?
    Position For The Anaheim Finals


    NIT? NCAAs?
    Maybe Next Year?

    Better NOW… THIS Year
    GO ‘BOWS!
    Start, Play Hard-40-50 and


    Upper Campus PRIORITIES MUST BE…
    IF Lassner AND Bley-Vroman EARN Their Pay (IN OUR Eyes)

    GOT TO Keep AD At Least Minimally Functional
    ALL: Improve Schedules, Hire Jamie Smith, VB Coach, BB COACH, FB Coach
    GET FULLY-FUNDED PROGRAM & Plan: Gov IGE & Legislature COMMIT to Fully-Funded D-1 Program
    (Quit The Mickey-Mouse Games)
    Get Kauai’s NIKE Phil Knight or Lanai’s ORACLE Larry Ellison or O’hu’s AOL Steve Case …etc.
    On-Board to (Another) World-Class Program
    OR Any / Many of The Other Full and Part-Time Residents of THIS Among-RICHEST, Healthiest, Happiest States

    POTUS, Heismann, US Open, Super-Bowl Half-Time, Hokuleia-Hiki-Analoa KIND of Place
    TIME To Elevate OUR BEST University and Front-Porch Athletics Into THAT Range…

  26. Gonzaga was a 1 seed and are a mid major

  27. Huge Factor in past 7 month problems and decline, coaches, athletic dept?
    The hiring of Lassner as UH President. Remember, the faculty and student body, community wanted more say, or equal input on his hire. As well as when he fired Chancellor Apple…. faculty , students were on Summer hiatus, majority, just some were going to start summer session? Lot of ones did not want Lassner as President, however, That Power that be, got him in summer time, Not when all the faculty and students were at Manoa.. sheesh..Then led to one fire, hire, fire, hire after another.

    Lassner, INTERIM chancellor, since this is basketball Men’s forum.. at least hire, or Let Benjy and Que, assistants know they will be on board for next season, either as retained assistants, an agreement with potential New HC’s for sake of current athletes and families and those 3 waiting recruits.. for March 2015 signing… potentially, I am just guessing.. or Hire Benjy and Staff for One more year.. for Continuity.. so don’t have to go through, that exodus, uncertainty, and hellish trial again., and again,.. and again.. it causes you to get that Anacin headache, remember, donk, donk, donk.. migraine..

    UH ADMIN.. GET IT right, first , sure hire AD, however Give Ben the power to hire VB coaches, and make call to look for new MBB HC or more importantly, I think The most important thing for MBB fans and families/ athletes.. think of retaining Que and Benjy for At Least One more season..

    And Eagle.. I Think This Might Be It.. Remember Gib said This Was to Be the Year? With Fotu, UH was picked 5th or 6th BWC? Now the team is far exceeding expectations.. The have risen to the top.. As a team, not relying on two bigs. Sammis and Fotu, however as a Team, they still want to win BWC.. maybe, this
    IS THE YEAR.. 20+ wins , and BWC tournament and more importantly perhaps…win the REGULAR season title assure UH MBB of guaranteed NIT berth if they don’t win BWC tourney.. Never count out this team.. They are just getting started. The 12 active guys, when All able , and healthy., playing that D first, and efficient O.. plus take care of ball, close out games. they have 6 good guards and 3 good wings, and even the small post guys, can handle take care of ball, to finish games.. UH can win, and do some great things in March 2015.. then On to March Madness !!
    Total confidence in guys, if Stay good, healthy Academically, Emotionally, and Athletically/Physically..

    Go Rainbow Warriors Let’s Go Bows
    Remember, Chaminade can get hot from 3 point line and beat you guys
    so play every game, like the Pitt win on Maui game !

    editorial for the day.. Just my, No.. really it is fact.. UH Admin. get it right, and Fast !!

  28. I’m pretty disappointed about the lack of coverage for this game. This is ridiculous. Chaminade must think playing in the Blaisdell will be their advantage, so good for them. I hope they get slaughtered. Looking forward to the DHC anyways. Let’s GO BOWS!!!

  29. Actually IsaacM, this is a HUGE game, Chaminade wins, big feather in their cap, UH wins, they should if not let up, play like they are playing Pitt on Maui… Wonder how many will attend. 1800-2800?
    I hope so. UH MBB, stay focused, they have to win this game. Really the battle of NCAA DII and DI teams in Honolulu, UH beat, HPU exhibition, and UH Hilo regular home game, lost to BYUH in controlled scrimmage, So This Is A big game.. Hope that maybe Negus or / and Janks can play.. However best for their health and eligibility be ready for DHC.

    You are right, Go Bows.. Get that win.. go hard, all out effort..

  30. so is tanks available for this game or debut in the diamond head classic?….would be huge for him to get playing time tomorrow

  31. Friday finally comes! What a long wait for game day

  32. Janks available after fall session pau and grades posted
    Brian M. said on sports animals janks probably good to go DHC
    possibly, negus light practice todayvat blaisdell and might play against chaminade..game time decision
    best..negus and janks good to go DHC..good field

    Pocho…agre finally UH hoops the shining light for UH athletics at this time

    UH great represent national invite diver lauren hall
    potential for good finish..some other sports do well too…

  33. Don’t make any sense. This game should be an exhibition game like HPU. It would be a disaster if UH lost. Not saying they will but given the fact that Chaminade has home court advantage, and they have some nice feathers in their giant killer cap. It’s all for Chaminade to gain and everything for UH to lose.

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