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Warriors rally past Colorado, 69-66


Isaac Fleming came off the bench to score 18 points, grab six rebounds, dish out five assists and make two steals and Garrett Nevels added 12 points, six rebounds, four assists and two blocks this afternoon to help the University of Hawai’i rally past Colorado, 69-66, for third place in the Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic.

A spirited Christmas Day crowd of about 5,200 at the Stan Sheriff Center watched Negus Webster-Chan add 12 points as the Rainbow Warriors improved to 10-4. Colorado fell to 7-5.

Trailing 66-65, UH gained possession with Nevels’ rebound and called timeout with 32 seconds remaining, and Webster-Chan drained an eight-foot floater from the center of the paint to put the Rainbow Warriors ahead, 67-66, with 22.6 showing on the clock.

Roderick Bobbitt then made a steal at the other end of the court, was immediately fouled and then converted both ends of a one-and-one to make it 69-66 with 17.2 ticks left.

Xavier Johnson then air-balled a 27-foot attempt on the Buffaloes’ ensuing possession, and Fleming was fouled with 5 seconds remaining after grabbing the rebound. He missed the front end of the ensuing one-and-one, and Colorado grabbed the rebound. After a timeout with 2.1 seconds left, however, the Buffaloes could only manage a desperation halfcourt shot by Askia Booker that failed to hit the rim.

UH overcame a 33-32 halftime deficit to take a 35-34 lead on Webster-Chan’s free throw 90 seconds into the second half, and eventually extended it to 56-48 with 9:41 remaining after an 11-5 surge capped by Bobbitt’s fast-break layup off of Nevels’ blocked shot. But the Buffaloes answered with a 12-0 run culminating in two free throws by Johnson to make it 62-58 with 4:38 left.

Following a shot clock violation by Colorado, Fleming scored on a putback of Stefan Jankovic’s miss to cut it to 66-65 with 1:11 remaining.

More details, including video highlights and interviews, will be posted later.


  1. Great exciting bb this week. Nice win. UH needs to get Benjy a hc contract soon to keep this team going into next year.

    Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bow’s Let’s Go Bows!

  2. One word. WOW!

  3. Terrific comeback win by UH. The players lost a bit of focus during that late Colorado run, but pulled themselves together to finish strong. Terrific play down the stretch by Isaac, Negus and Rod. Merry Christmas!

  4. Wow!
    Good for Negus. redeemed.

  5. islandman and others….

    To Gibno..ood, Jake1210, and the same guy / gal/ perhaps, no liked or life person, co ed? Ha, ha, ha , ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaH..and to Jackson Wheeler, Stef Jovanovich is NOT A GOOD center, ha, ha, haaaaa ! To All the Negative nancies.. okay got your wish.. Gib and Akana Fired, Sammis and Fotu, two KEY bigs.. gone forever from MBB program..

    Sign the guy , Benjy Taylor, up, dumb admin… dumb, dumb…. Have to sign him.. keep the guys, the guys love UH and the team and families, love him and ONE OHANA.. UH going challenge for NOW, I think 23+ wins and BWC regular and BWC tourney title…

    Sheeeeesh.. What the hell is the wrong with UH admin.. UH is playing great.. One of the best group of student athletes, ever seen, can play neutral courts, on the continent, in the Philippines, on the moon.. these guys are ballers..

    KEEP BENJY, QUE< Autry and Loyd, out of 14 guys including 3 walkons possibly, 13 guys coming back wiht maybe 3 open LOI spots up for Right Character 2 athletic PF's and a creating strong shooting athletic Defending Wing..Then team will be top 25 over next 3 years !!

    Go Bows !!
    pupule, gibisgood right, he brought in good athetes and Jake 1210, just joking.. Benjy Taylor, you Three or really THE same girl, maybe a relative ? Benjy is doing really good job,… Negative Nancies and Doomsdayer Dans said, UH would NOT even win 10 games, well, well.. they get better.. UH can win mayb 23-27.. and NCAA or NIT or.. CIT or FBI or CBI.. just kidding.. This team.. is very, very good

  6. RunBows: Some advice … don’t feed the troll(s).

  7. Look at the record: 10 and 4… with many more wins to come, IF guys keep getting better, stick together, guys.
    Much Aloha, for Benjy , staff, team and their great families !!


  8. Runbows. PLEASE let the Gib thing go. don’t be a one note Nancy

  9. More and more impressed with this team. Coaching staff is doing a great job too !
    Great win ! Go Bows !

  10. Runbows: agree 100% with Clyde & Keepitreal, just keep your comments positive and about UHMBB. This team has a lot of talent & heart. GO BOWS!

  11. … hard to let the gib thing go … until … until we hear all the details.
    But take nothing away from this Coaching staff, (and I know you will not take anything away from this team), they are doing a really great job. The whole staff, and Head Coach Benjy.

  12. clyde: point well taken.. really on three forums, WE have identified just ONE person a gal or guy.. we have it under control.. They cross the line, they the Moderators of the sites will delete them. Like the older fan that I am, I don’t like the kick a team when they are down attitdude of the 21st century people. The cyber bullying. You watch, it won’t just be me, a couple to four will give their jabs, that gal will come back with short blurb on their smart tab or phone, and that is it.. They have NO Substance, I mean if IT WERE intelligent debate.. something constructive, something that had foundation and truth, from ncaa letter, to possible allegations, to talking bad about the families, the fans, the athletes, JUST PILAU stuff. I won’t stand for that, It is like UH MBB program been run HIGH CHaracter and continued by Benjy.. So All I am saying is Give Credit where credit is due.. not talking about NCAA national championship yet.. however.. clyde, if these were your sons or grandsons.,, no way you would want them or their University or coaches be cyber bullied.. What goes around comes around, and in this case, since We the WI MBB hard core, and loyal fans, chose to support Benjy and guys of MBB program whomever they maybe.. something I have done since 1964.. That is what we stand up for.. POSITIVE THINGS ABOUT THE PROGRAM.. that is why islandman or myself , guys probably 10 or 12 years older than you, go Wop Your Jaws to guys and gals too negative.. this world, too junk and sad, we need The New World,soon to come.. so have to stay happy and together..

    UH MBB is a shining light, and hope ncaa, goes easy, and makes their allegations not available till Jan , Feb or 2015, that way , it will Not affect at all This current team who are clean and doing well.. Plus that money, OUR Tax Payer, and Yours, clyde, the monies mayinb UH general counsel and Alabama counsel, if that was their recommendation to fire Gib and Akana, suspend, or follow through with the suspension to time indefintie for talblet, of Fotu, okay, and Sammis who was Gib’s greatest recruit this year.. good that he is gone.. so he is happy ,… nothing but good things about Hawaii, sorry he got hurt and Gib fired.. However Now we move On.

    If That One Negative person, gibn.., pupule, or jake1210, wants to take a shot at UH MBB go ahead.. we just say.. UH despite the spit hitting the fan.. they have won 10 games.. and if UH admin.. and if You are admin ., clyde or know the power brokers.. tell them to Hire Benjy as soon as possible, so he can recurit 2 more bigs and a SF athletic, defending, create own shot, High Character, Right Fit, guy.. at least 3 more are awaiting to see if Benjy is the 2 year next HC solid..

    All I have ever been is a rabid, faithul, joyfu., and supportive fan, of all the UH MBB coaches since 1964 through the Good , the Bad, and The Ugly !!
    clyde, have a rootbeer and chips on me, from a disabled, ole makule fanatice UH MBB fan, who loves the effort win or lose of UH MBB. WBB will be good too.. hope , Trap and his BB team goes NCAA tourney and advances, same with Wade’s MVB and Coolen’s WSB team, and Tennis, sailing, awesome swim /diving team, water polo, track , and every body,.

    We have to create a Ray of Sunshine despite the Doom and Gloom.. If too much positive.. the Negative Guy or Gal will come out late at night or during weekend. one or two sentence and booom they are gone young co ed, smart person, however no maturity and substance.. Just has to grow up.. and Cheer on the Bows.
    Just join us? Why not.. WI UH MBB fandom Nation, United and having fun !!


  13. … just another way of attributing accolades to this current coaching staff.

  14. heh, you mean jake1210 still post in these comment section. I would have thought he be posting elsewhere propping up his player. lol

    maybe someone’s taking over his handle and not the real jake1210

  15. keepitreal, clyde, mrthomas aloha, I know where you are coming from, by my comments about the ncaa allegation letter, according to the Upper people , BOR, it is hellfire coming down,.. I just want transparency.. HOW DO THEY KNOW.. that letter we been waiting on for some 4 months..It will come.. probably Not affect this year’s team.. Hope it only affect the parties that might have been guilty of infractions..

    Sorry, fans.. we could go through a season where UH MBB and Benjy , let’s say go 27-8.. great season, and maybe they got hot and made it to the NCAA’s, then on that selection Sunday, a letter comes to AD office, UH has to rescind their BWC title and NIT or NCAA invites.. would be better if We KNOW ahead of time what that letter and remember it is just ALLEGATIONS That UH counsel and Alabama Special Legal team are familiar with potential infractions.. Did they advise UH,, the best case scenario, to Fire Gib and Akana, and then suspend Fotu,,,… then Sammis is transferred out.. Recruiting is handcuffed for this year, and next year and next year..? Those are the type of things, .. we get all lathered up and excited, then, we get knot in our stomache because UH MBB would have to vacate, championships, records and Post Season play.

    Hey I am on The Positive Side Of UH MBB, THE number one Fan of resurgent UH MBB started by Gibson Arnold.. these recruits the 14, now, are his, and Benjy’s..just saying.. That Letter,…. if it does NOT COME FOR ONE YEAR.. and NCAA has to fry bigger fish, NCAA athletes unionizing, subsidies, pay for autographs and likenesses and getting greater stipends.. UH MBB for alterted documents, and ipad, ipad, youpa, who go the ipad.. and extra scoop rice.. Crazy..

    I agree with Mamma Valdes, and I am avid supporter of UH MBB , myself, n2joy, al, clyde, Eagle, derek, sevante .. from the beginning of the forum.. The ONLY REASON I ADDRESS IT and so does, Chuck, Back Beat, Broken hearted.. Is Because, BOR hoops hosts,absolute Conflit of interest parties, leak the dooms day letter, EVEN THEY admit, will come out, severity. at first they say, Hellish, Horrible get ready for the Worse, now JP backs off and Says on his radio show, UH MBB do not worry It won’t be Probation.. So that is the problem communication, no confidentiality, and too much speculation and guess work.. Sickening..

    All Of us , myself Too, super fan of UH MBB.. Love what Benjy is doing, I hope UH Admin. soon,.. don’t have top hire expensive search firm..even winter break they don’t have AD or MBB coach or asst. VB coaches in want adds.. Ridiculous..

    And Know clyde, trolling sometimes good, catch bottom dwelling good eating fish, othertimes in 21st crazy century, too much trolling, at wrong spots, and in bad tides or areas, you PICK UP A LOT OF PILAU RUBBISH..

    However, My Editorial, because, One person will call Bobby C., G. Dickman, or Artie, and ask Where or Where is Waldo(ncaa letter) and it gets me upset.. I NCAA is fair.. punish, or have ones that took what they should not have, make restitution, and DOBA working overtime not supposed to coach, not his duties, the coach or coaches that made him do it.,., they pay him overtime out of their own pockects.. Don’t PUNISH BENJY AND THE CURRENT CLEAN GOOD MBB TEAM//

    Adios.. Editorial for the day.. Am I a supporter of Mamma Vales’ letter of support for whoemever the coach and athletes. absolutely. Proud UH alumunus over 45 years ago !! abslolutely.. resolute donor.. without question..

    Go Bows.. !! And STay Positive.. That is my Mantra, Stay Positive, that NCAA with working with UH LEGAL EAGLES> will not punish the current UH team harshly and Benjy and staff will be coaches for next 3 years !!

    Alright, See you all soon.. pau , my fingers get tired.. Love the UH MBB team, watched, one team win only 2 games and lose 24, went to every home game !! yess!!

  16. Back to support Team:

    Yes, they appear 10 deep. Still waiting for Jawato to be on fire, he is such a fun loving soon to graduate guy. Great young man. Awsome he Brocke, Zach, Dyrbe cheer team from the bench. IN BWC we could use Brandon Wato, as that big 6’4″ 215 pound shooting, and Benjy wants him to do this rebound, get steals and huslte for rebounds, be able to guard PF’s too. Brandon Wato will play.
    Also, Janks.. he is a Big weapon. you can see the swag the confidence coming out in NWC’s 3 ball shot, Nevel, unreal on ball defender and rebounder, and getting confidence in trifecta shot.. Bobbit the Warrior, we do not miss Shamburger, Bobbitt a winner and tough, much better defender than Shamburger.. Fleming, Showtime, more under control, has to listen to refs.. if he reaches, even slighty touches with two hands, a Foul called, we need him in there.. he can defend , rebound, assist, get steals, and he can score just about anywhere, Jovanovich, the Big, Big.. and fans.. Benjy Did NOt Forget Stefan 1.0.. he played great when MT and Janks were out, Q….harass the guards bringing up the ball, that is how UH almost won the DHC.. GREAT JOB BENJY and UH Team !!

    Is it wrong to be avid fan of UH MBB? and commend them and defend them against negative things, would you not do the same for your family>? Well UH athletics, since I am an alumnus, I fight for them too, if they are right and legal ~!!

  17. The NCAA letter of allegations and the hand down of sanctions doesn’t matter. UHbb just have to keep on playing the best they can as they have no control over the outcome that’s to come. Don’t lose sleep over it cause we can’t do anything to change the outcome of whats to come.

    Enjoy the good times, the W’s!

  18. I agree, Pocho, in our lifetimes, maybe we Make by then…Just enjoy the moment.. when the letter comes out, then let the UH counsel and Alabama Special Legal, fight for the Betterment of UH MBB student Athletes,.. Must be super together team and coach Benjy.
    I mad at UH upper, BOR, and that POWER that be.. simple thing, okay, keep, because too expensive buy out, Norm Chow, understand that economics, You have interim HC, maybe win 21-22 games, and very exciting team, then hire new AD…and start from scratch… Not Akamai.. someone with smarts in Atheletic Dept, and their Higher Ups, should really be Athletic people , fans, with good brains, their decisions, remember Pocho, it is YOU and ME, All of OUR hard earned tax payer money supporting UH..

    Go Bows.. Pau, now if in future, I will let , Broken, Chuck C., FUHA, servante , and BACKBEAT.. carry on the Mantra, just make UH Athletics fair for all and keep it going another 10 years.. who knows..
    Go Bows….
    Now Okay, more important things, and sad things in the world, BRIGHT spot UH MBB currently Go Benjy and The Boys !! Benjy Ball.. unbelievalble !!

  19. RunBows I cannot disagree with you there. You know as well as I do that UHAD is in the Red. Benjy has done a great job so far with the team after the loss of coaches and players.They are playing inspired bb and it’s due to Benjy and as well as Gib. More or less 4 new starting players in the rotation of whom I feel brought more to the team than it already had plus you add in the hard work the returnees have put in and are displaying on the hardwood floor.

    Think Benjy deserves the hc job and could be gotten 50 – 70 cents on the dollars of Gib’s former salary for a start maybe. There’s something good brewing with UHbb, why go with another coach who may do things differently and who really knows who’d leave UH if so. And then its like starting all over again, maybe a different game plan, different type of athletes, etc. The Unknown, geez.

    let’s Go with the Flow UH! Get a hc contract for Benjy

  20. Pocho: You are right, just makes too much economical, ethical, and heading your company or University and athletics in the right direction. I guess with all the politics and frontrunners at UH, from Sugar Bowl High, to FB lows, and other things. The MBB program, with Benjy working tirelessly to let the guys play, calling the families and assuring them he would be here for At least this year was huge, How Benjy handled dismissal of his two friends and the loss of two bigs.. he like June Jones, just play with the hand dealt you. Truly great job, I don’t hear any crying, and his staff are really on top of things to make sure UH MBB will never be in question again. I mean, I am older fan, I start to get teary eyed, with this ongoing feel good story, once again, not kool aid drinker, however millions that view on Xmas eve a good, great Basketball game that UH Warriors win, the recognition is out there.. So look out BWC .. Should be fun, not a downer season.. team is very, very exciting.. something that will bring out hopefully a couple more thousand fans at SSC , these guys deserve it..

    As always Pocho. Go Get em Benjy, hook em up and reel em in.. ? that is YOUR line.. Go Bows .. and thanks for words of wisdom.. let everything play out, in long run, this year will be memorable, or potentially a GREAT ONE.. the 14 will never quit on UH MBB, never. and the staff too, Nor the great WI UH MBB fans and families !!

    Imua Warriors of the Rainbows !!

  21. Tough warriors – Bobbitt had to have nine stitches before coming back in the 2nd half, Negus went down and was on his hind side and two hands crawling out to the tunnel, but came back in and Fleming went down hard on his right arm, but got back up.

    Fleming came through, Negus with 24 seconds to go and then Bobbitt with the steal. Nevels had two fantastic blocks, and should have had been credited with another under the basket, plus six rebounds. Jovanovic came through with his offense.

    Isaac made two great assists among his five, one a bounce pass to Bobbitt going back door and another to Jovanovic on a pick and roll . Isaac also had six rebounds.

  22. good real time updates islandman , mahalo.
    Team, they really finding ways to win, never out of games. I think with that Stef x2, the two Bigs, with Thomas, that will help to counter some of the bigger teams in the Big West, Benjy has more options,.. still think starting five for so long and with success, Nevels, Bobbitt(MVP type), AV(another ALL BWC candidate), NWC just getting his stroke from 3 and mid range down, has to improve his FT shooting, and Mike Thomas, just has to relax, and hold on to ball, tremendous, athletic guy who says, he wants to GROW to 6’9″ he believes he has ONE MORE growth spurt in him.. imagine, Mike at 6’8″ and 235 with that inside outside skillset next year. wow.. next year’s team looks really awesome too !

  23. Above Post: I MEANT Mike T. wants to peak at 6 foot Nine inches tall and about 235 pounds, He and Aaron Air Cuba Valdes, are completely different and better all around players. the 9 or 10 guys seeing action now. are finding their roles, now, the next 2 weeks, with next weeks last 2 games of Dec 2014, then the weekend games against BWC teams at home SSC.. Benjy can work in Janks more, and of course, Benjy heard, maybe read our posts..Jovanovich DID not get lost in the mix with the addition of Janks.. Jovanovich, did really good coming in for MT and Janks.. he contributed, to stopping some of those strong bigs for Colorado.

    That Colorado will be in the NIT or NCAA this year for sure..’
    I hope even though Wichita St lost for DHC title, they will end up NCAA’s as well as George Washington, looks like the class of their league, they make it to the NCAA’s too.
    Most important for UH, if USanFrancisco, BYU, High Point, Nebraska, Colorado, and Pitt, All make it to the Dance, will be Awesome.. UH played some of the best teams, mid and high major teams.. good pre conference schedule,.. worked out perfectly….well almost,.. yet great training for BWC play… now, And By Now, we KNow this Team NO second, third game letdown against the small southern run and gun athletic teams in Prarie View A&M and Southern U., don’t want them to get hot and bomb 16 threes and upset UH at SSC.. I don’t think Benjy the SSC crowd or team will let that happened.. this year’s team the MOST FOCUSED I have seen in 40 years plus !!

  24. OMG. Runbows you have succeeded in driving me off a site which I really liked but you have become too much. I appreciate that you are home bound but the tangent you have taken here is too bad. Instead of comments about team it is all about you and your thoughts on how Gib was done wrong. Like a looong broken record. Bye bye. You and your six cohorts can commiserate with each other about trolls, Gib, admin, anything but bb. No thanks.

  25. I’m Baaack! Gib was railroaded, admin is terrible. NCAA is off their rocker. Gib would be undefeated with this group! Hire Benjy for 5 years and Gib for AD!!! Yeah, that’s the ticket!!!! Go Runbows!! I mean Go Bows!!

  26. 10 Things (Christmas Edition: 12-25-14):

    1. Rod Bobbitt is one tough SOB… 9 stitches?

    2. Benjy, for sure, is NOT a stubborn coach.. the dude will mix and match a lineup based on a number of variables… he won’t just settle with the same bunch for the whole game…

    3. I thought the JUMBO lineup he put in… Jankovic and Jovanovic together… was an interesting change of pace (for about 3 minutes)…. and it seemed to work, especially when we were getting outrebounded.

    4.Stefan Jankovic can be very indecisive at times… the guy needs to score a bunch of points in the next two games to get his confidence up. ( like to use the Michelle Wie analogy here… imagine if she was allowed to play high school golf for a couple of years before turning pro… beating up on those little ILH and OIA girls… that’s how you build up confidence… For me, I like to play the MIKE TYSON video game and beat up on “Glass Joe” several times before playing a round of golf with my friends)… CONFIDENCE!!!

    5. The other Stefan… Stefan Jovanovic… needs to play… especially when we’re getting outrebounded. He loves playing inside.

    6. Today, Hawaii got outrebounded by 11… Colorado made 15 more free throws than Hawaii… and our leading scorer scored 2 points and fouled out… Oh, wait, I forgot… we still WON!

    7. Last year, if we played a PAC-12 team, and were outrebounded by 11, shot and made 15 less throws, and either Stanhardinger or Fotu scored only 2 points… I guarantee you… we LOSE.

    8. Cannot be emphasized enough… our defense keeps us in these games… We can shoot less than 40% like we did against Nebraska… and our defense still gives us a chance to win.

    9.Big West bulletin board posters are still ranking Hawaii at about #5… One poster ranked the Big West teams as #1-Long Beach, #2-Irvine, #3-UCSB, #4-Cal Poly, and #5-Hawaii.

    10. Don’t forget everyone! Hawaii plays Southern on Monday (12-29), and against Prairie View on Tuesday (12-30)… Back to back games… again.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!

  27. njacnito:
    Always enjoy your anaysis. keepitreal, your choice. We WI MBB fans, been here for going on 5 years, just want MBB program doing well. Other things affect the fans, the coaches and the athletes and their ohana. Dayton let’s us opinion. I might be wrong, however, it is too evident..UH has to get things straight. Yeah, if you want there are about 3 other blog/forums you can comment on. I love the Schmidt sponsored, Dayton Morinaga run site the best. And No, never have I intended to drive anyone away by my comments/ opinion.. Your Choice.. Just support the boys, and hope Benjy hired as HC and UH has a great Post Season run.

    njacinto: See you moniker at different forums, civil, objective and you know your hoops, so go for it.. the UH MBB faithful appreciate, keepitreal, eagle, pocho, jjay, Tavs, BigFan, clyde, Chuck Cheese, FUHA, Palolowarrior, warriorhaw, and so many I forget, also newer posts by Lee, and others.. HEY we love UH MBB,.. could have tanked however it did not.. I guess freedom of opininon and speech , great country we live in.

    Backing the Bows ! and Waay to Go Warriors..! Keepitreal, wish you well, always welcome back to forum, just scroll right over my comments, I know it pushes a lot of people’s buttons or their consciences, just trying to “KeepitReal” Kine.

    Love UH MBB, they doing great enjoy the ride.. Now, if there are 50 others would like to join in on positive, civil discussion on MBB go ahead, freedom of speech/opinion, just don’t be profane, vulgar or attack personally..

    Go Bows. and Thankyou from the very start Dayton, Da Man, working Full Time job and doing the WI MBB all things Basketball video, writeups and forum, on your spare time, a labor of love, plus the Schmidt Ohana and the other fine donors..

    keepitreal.. you can leave and never return.. never say never..as long as you support UH MBB and current coaches, they are doing awesome job so far this year. And that WE CAN AGREE ON..

    Happy day, sir or madam !!

  28. Isaac Fleming made the all tournament team. Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t recall a UH freshman ever making all tournament. The progress that Isaac has made these last few months is unbelievable. At this pace he might make newcomer of the year. Freshmen do make mistakes. But his mistakes are the simple, correctable ones. Since Reggie Carter I never seen a freshman with so much poise, confidence, and abilities. Our bench is almost as good as the first team. If we continue to play like this and get even better the Big West teams will not want to play with us even at their court. Here’s the making of our own Hawaiian dynasty.

  29. As some say hahahaaaaah, keepitreal! Get real. Don’t read comments but read Dayton. Why pay attention to the wannabe experts? Ignore cuz they are all about free speech as long as it agrees with the. If you don’t then you r a troll, traitor, UH hater. Just get with the program and it goes like this. ” you are sooo right. You know sooo much. You go back sooo far”. I agree with everything u say. Lol. Go Bows!!! See y’all later!!!

  30. servante :

    well Benjy said he recruited Isaac Fleming, There is that connection with his dad bigdaddy from Delaware. They stuck with Isaac, after he grad HS, he went to Prep school to get better academics, physical, maturity and discipline, really coachable guy.. remember on the road in Florida, teaching Family moment, Isaac learned, listened to coaches, and as a PG.. wow, he is able to score going to rim, some three point shots, can split two defenders, now knowing other players game, he is getting assists.. Quincy okay, he has the wrist problem , however, Bobbitt, the real deal, they said he was legit, big time winning JC PG on team with 2 seven footers that almost won the JC national crown, he broke his arm in March, tremendous rehab.. and Nevels.. what impresses me, his Rebounding, his vert and strength he is jumping right around and over guys six inches taller than him.. Sometimes, because UH is small with 4 guards and a forward in there, MAKE sure to Box out.. the Wichita game.. oh so close, howeve, Wichita is not number 11 anymore, or maybe they are, and George Washington breaks the top 25, . maybe.. What a great field the DHC.. even LMU.. had a great consolation run, got better after first night against WSU..

    Yes, so happy Bobbitt, Buscher, Stepteau, Fleming, All decided to stay with UH and enter fall camp. Same with All the Team whom remained.. they are buying into Benjy Ball and they are playing and Learning and winning.. BWC servante you know how it is, everyone knows each other with all the game tape, UH not great shooting team from 3 point line, however they can beat you with hustle, defense, and timely buckets.. And Fleming and the 3 guards Nevels, Smith and Bobbitt leading the charge..
    Jankovich and Jovanovich the Serbian Twin towers, the will be good in there together.. two Bruise brothers.. look out BWC,.. with AV and MT and NWC.. more firepower besides the defensive intensity on the way.. BENJY MUST PLAY 9 or 10 guys rest of way, so they don’t burn out. or get hurt.. HE will , Jovanovich had great game Today..

  31. Runbows, well said! UHbb is finally doing well and some find hard to submit to the fact that all the players on the team today were gotten under the watch of Gib Arnold. And are now being coached up by Benjy who was Gib’s right hand man. Let me do the Hulk Hogan stance in the middle of wrestling ring, with hand to the ear and ask: Under whose watch were these players gotten to come to Hawaii?

    Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows!

  32. Absolutely Pocho! It is all due to Gib. And so is the NCAA mess but doubt you will be doing Hulk Hogan routine when report comes out. Let me see, season one.Geeat season but not Gib’s kids but give Gib credit. Next few seasons go nowhere in BWC but all hail Gib. And the thousands who follow comments here need to remember they heard it first from the knowledgeable Runbows and his able companion Pocho. Where would we be with only Dayton’s reporting but not the insight of such bb experts. I am honored to learn at the feet of the masters.

  33. The NCAA investigations are done. It is what it will be. And where did you read into Gib recruited all these players by himself? He was the head coach when all these players came on board. As with the NCAA rules and how UH perceives it, anything done wrong by Gib, his Staff or players the sole responsibility lies with the head coach. I don’t know what’s coming down the NCAA pike or the specifics of the infractions but like I say it’s all on Gib knowingly or not.

  34. Pocho:

    thing is the transparency..The Public, the taxpayers , you and I supporting the highest academic and athletic University in the Mid Pacific, world recognized, should give a blanket statement.. We Know that Gib and Akana, as well as Fotu(If True beyond reasonable doubt), are involved in serious ncaa infractions that can lead to very serious problems for UH MBB, that is why we terminated the two coaches, and why Fotu was put on indefinite suspension, because of his involvement of some infractions. We cannot say any more, or specifics, and We As UH will do all we can to fight these allegations, and lessen any serious penalties to the current coaches and innocent parties, i.e. the team. When and If we receive that Allegation Letter we will address the matter , and make it available to the Public. We have full support of current coaching staff and the current team, they have No involvement in the Alleged infractions..-UH Counsel Team.

    Simply put, we know who are the parties in question/alleged, and UH will fight for UH MBB to the very end..Not trying to hide anything.. The Gag order.. in real court of law, serious, if you leak speculation or insider information, the judge will throw case or jurors out of court, it is a Mis Trial.
    Interesting, when and IF that letter ever made available.. probably manini things, perhaps overreaction.

    All we can do Pocho.. support this team, hope UH hires Benjy as HC.. and they have good year this, and next 3 years to come

    Go Bows..!!

  35. More prudent would have been , suspend Gib and Akana indefinitely, Benjy is interim, until NCAA allegation letter made public, if warranted serious action, Then Terminate Gib and Akana WITH cause, and that is that.. kind of okole backwards.. What is Done is Done..

    Pocho.. UH.. auwe.. so not Akamai, kind of lolo.. really.. Just get it done right..
    This UH MBB coach Taylor his staff and team.. are trying to prove all the doubters, the naysayers, the kool aid drinkers, and the non kool aid drinkers wrong.. The ARE WINNERS.. and That they ARE!!

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