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Warriors race past Chaminade, 94-63


Aaron Valdes scored a game-high 23 points and grabbed nine rebounds and Roderick Bobbitt added 15 points, 13 rebounds and six assists tonight to help the University of Hawai’i men’s basketball team to a 94-63 victory over neighborhood rival Chaminade.

A mellow crowd of about 1,800 at Blaisdell Arena watched Isaac Fleming add 15 points, Stefan Jovanovich pitch in with 12 points and 13 boards and Garrett Nevels and Mike Thomas contribute 11 points each as the Rainbow Warriors improved to 8-3 heading into next week’s Diamond Head Classic. The game only counted as an exhibition for the Silverswords (4-5).

Chaminade led 22-19 after Kuany Kuany’s 3-pointer with 13:31 remaining in the first half, but Valdes answered with a short bank shot and free throw to tie it 30 seconds later and ignite a 29-4 run that blew the game open with UH leading 48-26 just under three minutes before halftime.

The Silverswords could not get closer than 19 points the rest of the way.

Up next for Hawai’i is the Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic. The Warriors will open against Nebraska on Monday at the Stan Sheriff Center.

More details, including video highlights and interviews, will be posted later.

(Game photo courtesy Matt Osumi)


  1. Good win…hope nwc…janks ready for dhc !!
    Go Bows !!

  2. Jovanovic had a double double in the first half .

    21 turnovers and only 9 assists. 16.7 % 3 pt FG

    56 rebounds to 34 for Chaminade.

  3. No word is janks is gonna get to play the next game?

  4. Number1stunna…

    Will Negus and Janko play? That’s the million dollar question my friend. If UH didn’t know today if he was eligible, how can we be sure that one more work day (Monday) will somehow “magically” produce this great announcement concerning his eligibility…Will it be a letter in the mail? Will it be a call from the NCAA, will it be the heavens opening up with bold golden letters spelling out, “Stefan can now play!” Everything at UH is a mystery it seems…

    Nebraska is a good team. They’re underperforming right now, but last year, they were a tournament team, having garnered nice wins in the Big Ten over Michigan State, Ohio State, and Wisconsin along the way. Keep an eye on Petteway and Shields… they could be matchup problems for us… big guards.

    If we can get Negus and Janko to play, and play effectively, we’ve got a chance. Without those two, I say we’ll end up playing EARLY games Tuesday and Thursday in the tournament.

  5. You fans forget… No Gib, Akana, No Fotu, No Sammis, Quincy hurt wrist, NWC high ankle sprain, all kinds of crud UH MBB had to deal with, Now they are 8-3, with chance to go 11-5 or 12-4 before start of BWC play with 4 of their first 5 BWC games at SSC.. Yeah, they got chance, they have been proving, and with Bobbitt, Valdes just playing lights out,.. that They Are a Good Team, if they only had 4 guys on the court. This Team, These Guys, even if Janks and NWC were out for a month.. are winning.. and getting better. Best UH MBB team, under circumstances I have followed in nearly 50 years. Outstanding..

    With Jankovich, HIs grades were good, he passed all his finals, did excellent.. grades posted by UH and his profs. / instructors. have to notify ncaa.. they check mark, check mark.. and then he is good to go.. whether, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday Janks will play.. NWC just has to have ankle in best shape possible..
    Yet, darn it, dang it… UH MBB just keeps on winning.. How come? They have good coaching, do well in school, listen to coaches and their families, are good young men, and Are good athletes..

    Good Job UH MBB team.. lot of naysayers, negative nancies,UH MBB haters.. were saying you all would not even win 9 games this year.. ha, ha.. you have eight , and will probably win at least 13 or 14 more before BWC tournament.. you can count on it… Never count these guys out, they still have a heartbeat, can breathe.. they ARE WINNERS..

    Darn right.. Go Rainbow Warriors !!
    Winners.. not losers.. absolutely Winners on the court , in class and in the community, these guys have great families., and SSC should, every home game here on out, have 6000+ , at every home game, they need the support.. GREAT TEAM !!

  6. The stats count. For UH at least.
    Our 3 point shooting has been horrible, and with no pressure. The guys didn’t look focused.
    I think the coaches have got to emphasize shooting in practice. More practice on shooting.
    The stats from last year? Summer league? Perhaps it is just the sets we are running now.
    Can’t just wait for Negus and Janks. Nevels has got to lead by example. Hit those shots in the game. Repeatedly. Lead the BWC. Don’t really want to sneak up on people. Show what you got, every game.

  7. akuhead2,

    yes, Nevels doesn’t look comfortable yet, Jawato, has to play good D and smart if get more PT, he , if get hot BWC time will be key. Janks and NWC, are good 3 point shooters, with Jankovich probably the best, and deepest 3 point threat.. Plus athletic , long to go to rim, rebound, handle the ball and block shots.. a real game changer.
    I say, Janks, Jawato and Negus, key offensive players, and 3 ball threats for BWC time.. if not DHC.. akuhead2,.. despite, the poor 3 point shooting percentages.. UH STILL winning, incredible, effort on defense, plus going inside, and transition, hitting the boards.. outstanding..
    don’t know if they should shoot 24 or 25 3- point shots in a game.. maybe 18 or so would be good, and make about 7 or 8 per game would be great..
    akuhead2, UH is 8-3, and poised to win a lot of games..

  8. That Chaminade game against Virginia so many years ago remains very inspirational. Mev Lopes had the Silverswords shooting the lights out. Without looking, didn’t shoot something like 70% or was it 80%. Seemed like 80% in the second half, and certainly that last ten minutes. Not deep, but still, over the 7’4″ Sampson. They were poised and focused. And they believed in themselves and made everyone in attendance believers. Not just hot, but poised and focused. Chaminade doesn’t play No. 1 in the Nation very often, and they made the most of it that one night. And yes, they were playing defense that night too, although Virginia was shooting well over 50% too. But they were that good. You are right that in the end, we just have to be ahead at the end of the game. But the poise that is needed to be a champion is something that doesn’t just shut down when you don’t need it. The coaches,I think, have got to work with the players to help them maintain that focus through every game. Easier said, when they don’t have to worry about papers and finals, yes. But overall, I am with you. I know they’ve got it in them. I look to these guys for inspiration, and they have to find that inspiration somewhere too. Maybe playing that video of the Chaminade Virginia game, or compilations of inspirational games or performances. Do they incorporate inspirational videos in the practice regime now? 5 or 10 minutes of just team inspiration every other practice or so? I think something like that might help them focus on doing what they know they can do, and getting it done, every game. Just a thought.

  9. As for Janks playing…

    I think, not sure, that it all depends on how many class credits he obtained this semester. This past week was finals so grades should be in by Monday.

    On Instagram, he said last week that he was going to play in the DHC.

  10. akuhead2: Just dealing with the stuff since Oct 28 2014…when everything went down.. That Is Inspiration enough.. Fleming losing aunt. Sammis wish washy, Fotu leave, Gib and Akana fired.. Janks awaiting eligibility, NWC injuries.. The Whole world against them.. This team they play games… That Maui Pitt upset win, as good a win as UH MBB has had in 20 years.. the 2 out of 3 wins in Florida.. amazing.. inspirational.. With a healthy NWC, probably UH had shot to beat BYU in Salt Lake City , Utah..
    Don’t know what silverswords, a private school does.. historic win, however time moves on.. that was 32 years ago.. Can a RPI 200+ team beat a top 10 team? Yes.. Just look at the upsets so far this year. Can UH win the DHC? yes.,., and who is inspired? the team, the coaches, the families the fans..
    Nowadays, the guys like to play games, learn as they go, and win.. still say, if UH gets let’s say 21-11 or 22-10 overall record before the BWC tournament INSPIRATIONAL.. historic.. and then the AD cans the interim HC Taylor, that is nuts.. Best thing for recruiting and keeping the current guys united.. extend Benjy, Que, Loyd and Autry for 2015-16.. will be second consecutive winning year, with post season hopes..

    Go Bows Warriors .. Inspiration.. sometimes don’t need Hoosier movie, or John Wooden speeches, just play ball, hoops heaven Hawaii !!

  11. From what I have seen from Janks, I take him at his word.
    I think this game will be the Coaches game. Have they prepared the team. Have they done their homework. It is to their advantage to have Janks added to this very special team, but this game is all on the Coaches. They have got to inspire these guys to show up all game long and play a complete game. They have all had some time off, and now Nebraska. Lets put it all together. Go Bows!

  12. Coaches have done OUTSTANDING JOB.. remember.. thousands of people here and across the mainland thought UH MBB would only win 9 games, now they can win 29 if they start rolling.

    Benjy, Que, Loyd, Autry, a staff put together only few weeks ago.. they will have team ready..
    Of course with Janks.. and nothing wrong ncaa wise with his transfer, just standard protocol.. he will be with team, DHC.. hopefully Nebraska game.. Negus and Janks, good friends since middle school Canada, on to Virginia Prep school in USA , Mizzou teammates and Now ready to Rock and Roll with the Bows, and come out shooting.. probably the two best, besides Nevels and hopefully Jawato, the Best 3 point shooters on team.. all around 3+ star type of athletes out of prep school..

    Ready for high level of competition.. You Know Why UH has shot to win DHC.. not their shooting ability or offense, It is their Team Defense.. that is what is helping them to win, and get better.. when the offense, 3 line, FT line and FG percentages climb up, and on O they are Efficient.. look out, I smell a BWC title..

  13. And Pitt win as good as any in 20 years??!! Indiana win? Kansas win? Tulsa wins on their home court to win WAC? Runbows, know you love hoops but need a dash of perspective here. Can support team without hyperbole

  14. Need to give the coaching staff the props. Could have gone the other way. Their coaching capabilities are showing and at the season we will all know their capabilities on the hardwood.

    After that if they are retained, the answer will they be able to continue the talent level of the athletes recruited, elevate the talent level or go down a notch?

    So far I believe the answer is yes to all.

  15. Yes, meaning they will win and elevate the recruiting and get the program to a higher level. The stumbling block is the NCAA.

  16. When is the NCAA findings going to be final? Always being pushed back.

    Was BJ also let go maybe because of the NCAA findings?

    Needed to get all these people out so the penalties will not be severe.

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