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Warriors fall to BYU in Salt Lake City


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — The University of Hawai’i played with one man down, and it ultimately caught up to the Warriors in a 90-70 loss to Brigham Young on Saturday afternoon at the EnergySolutions Arena.

The Warriors played without starting forward Negus Webster-Chan, who had an ankle injury. Against the bigger and more experienced Cougars, it played a vital role.

BYU took control of the game late in the first half and then pounced on the weary Warriors in the second half. The Cougars dominated the rebounds, 48-30, but did not turn it into a runaway until the closing minutes.

Tyler Haws proved his worth as one of the top 50 players in the nation with 30 points and seven rebounds to lead BYU. Cougars’ point guard Kyle Collinsworth added a triple-double of 19 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists.

Aaron Valdes led the Warriors with 24 points and seven rebounds. Roderick Bobbitt added 15 points, eight assists and four rebounds, and Garrett Nevels scored 12 points.

The Warriors opened the game with a 7-0 lead but the Cougars came back quickly after a timeout and scored eight consecutive points to take an 8-7 advantage.

An 11-1 run by Hawai’i midway through the first half put the Warriors back in front at 26-17 with 6:23 remaining. But BYU responded in a big way, going on a 13-0 surge over the next three-plus minutes to take a 30-26 lead.

The Warriors managed to tie the score at 30, but the Cougars closed the half with a 7-0 surge to take a 37-30 lead at intermission.

BYU stayed in front the entire second half, although Hawai’i got as close as 54-50 with around 11 minutes remaining. The Cougars went on a 14-4 run a few moments later to take control for good at 75-58 with five minutes remaining.

The Warriors are scheduled to return to Honolulu on Sunday, and will finally get a bit of a break in the schedule. After opening the season with 10 games in 23 days, the Warriors will not play again until a December 19 meeting with Chaminade at the Blaisdell Center Arena.

More details, including video highlights and interviews, will be posted later.


  1. Good effort without NWC, Janks and Sammis…refs call game ticky tack in 2nd half so uh mbb cannot play agressive D. Valdes getting fouled on every 2nd half shot..

    Effort there..team come home get rest, finish school well..and fine tune offense and defense
    think that uh mbb can be 12-4 or 11-5 going into BWC play

    Good job mbb team
    come back home
    play byu in ssc you all beat them by 20

    Mahalo Dayton for writeup!!

  2. Dang proud of Team. Only Now, Know that during warmups, or before game start, NWC has terrible ankle sprain, have to have x rayed… sheessh…Most important, the guys health, emotional, and physically. Negus we cheering you on bro., speedy recovery. Now Jawato, Janks be ready..

    Wondered why Nevels, Bobbitt , Smith Thomas and Valdes starting lineup now I know.
    Post game radio with
    Bobby and Benjy, Benjy felt so bad for NWC, he was in tears.. looked really good in practice yesterday, awesome, NWC was looking forward to going against BYU.. No guy, on that lineup could handle NWC and his offensive game, sure that NWC was amping up his rebounding and defensive block and steals.. too.. Man, what else can happen to UH MBB, Yet Fans, NWC, Benjy and great team, Warriors.. despite all this negative and injury, and terminations, and question marks.. and whatevers… YOU GUYS ARE 7-3 with a win over Pitt, 2 out of 3 in Florida, 3-2 away from SSC .. and watch out for Chaminade, they want you guys bad.

    Just be ready.
    NWC.. get well , and we backing you bro.. Bunch of dang classy, first class, High Character Warriors.
    Tonganator.. Negus Webster Chan, a true Warrior wounded.. he will be back. tough loss, UH MBB learn, and go out and fight for DHC and BWC championships, I know The Team will be back winning, first of all with Chaminade. the battle of Honolulu College MBB teams..

    Go Bows Warriors !!

  3. when will Janks be eligible to play?

  4. Know if NWC was healthy to play, outcome different, UH had momentum and playing really well when had 9 point lead. NWC was itching to play the slower BYU bigs and swingmen that would guard him. I hope NWC will be back by BWC play.

    Janks per SA , BM article on Friday Dec 5 2014 sports section,.. Janks will be ready hopefully after grades, GPA, NCAA okay, by hopefully Nebraska opening round game of DHC.

    Hey, once again, this team is within 2 wins of the doomsday , negative nancies, who said, that UH would ONLY WIN 9 games this year.. they are 7-3 without, counting this game, Sammis, Janks and NWC.. wait until Janks and hopefully NWC is back soon.. his ankle, hope that he is quick healer.. freaky accident, to sprain ankle just before the game.. a few minutes..

    VERY proud of team, and as Mamma Valdes says on #UHMBB tweet, No worries, just some tinkering, and getting Janks eligible and NWC , Sammis Healthy, they be ready to do damage this BWC season. No question.. love the attitude, though the smallish UH team ran out of gas at end, they battled to end.. Bobbitt and Valdes, really battled and good game.. All the guys.. My heart is with them, best bunch of 15 Winners, EVER for UH MBB. through all the stinky stuff.. they are going to end up as champions and playing for Post Season deep run..This team will only get healthier and better… in class , on the court and in the community. Hope that 3000 fans make it to the Chaminade game at Blaisdell on Dec 19 2014,, the battle of Honolulu DI vs DII supremacy.

    Bobbitt, Fleming, Valdes , incredibly athletic, and Q, Nevels.. too bad they cannot get him ball in spot to catch and shoot. just a second too late.. If G Money, could create his shot would help, however, Nevels, good student and athlete,, he rebounds so well as a guard..

    Dang Proud of Team.. if they were 3-7, we would be quitting on Team.. However, Mamma Valdes and families, True UH MBB fans, team is 7-3 and going to win that DHC title , go into BWC play at 12-4, or at least 11-5, then 11-5 BWC .. for 22-10 pre BWC tourney record.. (my wish list)..

  5. MT looked for a while to be in charge down low.
    Team took a number of questionable shots in the second half, and didn’t play defense. Legs? Altitude? They looked ok in the first half, but even then the shooting percentage was not there. Valdes was good, but it looked like he was warned (unnecessarily) about hanging on the rim. And I thought Nevels would be taking over games by now. Out of his rhythm, out of sync, not playing like he did in Summer League, not shooting 3’s like last year. Negus out threw off the tempo of the team, but it was good to see guys off the bench playing hard.
    Waiting now for Coach Benjy’s comments.

  6. Maybe Weʻll See & Beat BYU Later this Season

    When weʻre Stronger, Deeper and Play More Consistently
    And Likely We Will Be

    Janks Eligible After Finals When (Satisfactory) Grades Posted And (Delay?) NCAA Concurs…

    Hope NWC Bounces Back Fast And Strong

    This Team Has All the Skills
    Just Gotta Execute, Pass & Shoot Better
    Get Stronger..
    Take Care of Business

    Go ‘Bows!
    Practice Hard
    Next Series (Chaminade + DHC) STRONG!

  7. Let’s try and get an update on Negus ASAP. If he is on crutches that is not good. Had the same injury playing BBall coming down on another players foot and broke my leg as well as dislocated the ankle. That took a long time to get better. Don’t think Negus is that bad but I don’t think he will be able to paly, at best, in January sometime. Hope I am wrong but am anxious to find out what the medical staff say. Was a great effort at BYU. To bad Negus couldn’t contribute.

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