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UPDATED: Warriors race past Delaware State, 75-60


Back home from a 5,000-mile cross-country, trans-Pacific journey and feeling comfortable on its own Stan Sheriff Center court, the University of Hawai’i men’s basketball team sent Delaware State packing the other way with a resounding 75-60 defeat Tuesday night.

Aaron Valdes scored 19 points and Garrett Nevels added 15 points as a crowd of 2,997 also watched Negus Webster-Chan contribute 11 points and eight rebounds to help the Rainbow Warriors improve to 7-2. The Hornets — who were coming off last Friday’s 72-65 upset at Wake Forest — fell to 3-4.

“The effort was great, tonight was the closest we’ve come to a 40-minute (complete) game since Pitt,” said UH coach Benjy Taylor, referring to the Rainbow Warriors’ stunning upset of Pittsburgh on Nov. 21. “The difference was getting enough rest, getting some gym time and working on a few things. Mentally, this was the closest we’ve come (in the four games) since Pitt.”

A day after that signature victory in Wailuku, Maui, the Rainbow Warriors trekked across the Pacific Ocean and the continental United States to Estero, Fla., for the three-game, three-day Gulf Coast Showcase. Hawai’i dropped its opening game to San Francisco but then rebounded to defeat Marist and East Carolina.

Tuesday night, the Rainbow Warriors clearly had the fresher legs and did not waste time in using them.


UH jumped out to leads of 10-2 and 14-5 sparked by Webster-Chan’s pair of 3-pointers, but Delaware State closed it to 18-14 on a pull-up jumper by Tyshawn Bell with 7:20 remaining in the first half. Webster-Chan then sank a free throw to start the Rainbow Warriors on a 10-0 run capped by Valdes’ 3-pointer, slam dunk and layup which made it 28-14 with 4:26 left.

“I thought our offensive transition game was unbelievable,” Taylor said. “(Point guard) Roderick (Bobbitt) does a great job getting the ball out in front of our guys, he makes it easy for them.”

Kendall Gray answered with a three-point play to cut the margin to 28-17, but Stefan Jovanovic drained a jump hook from the right baseline and Valdes threw down a breakaway slam dunk to push the lead to 32-17, and Nevels later swished a pure 3-pointer from the right wing to make it 35-19 with 2:02 remaining.

The Hornets closed out the half with four straight points to make it 35-23 at the break.

UH made four of eight 3-point attempts in the first half, while Delaware State went 0 for 6. Hornets guard Amere May, who scored 32 points including six 3-pointers at Wake Forest, made just one of five field goals in the first half Tuesday (0 for 2 from 3-point range) and had just two points at the break.

“We played lock-down defense,” Nevels said. “We had a really good scout(ing report), and we worked on our defense the last few days.”

Taylor said defending the arc was key to Hawai’i’s game plan.


“Number 5 (Bell) shoots 50 percent from the 3-point line, before the Wake Forest game he was 17 of 28,” Taylor said. “May was 6 of 10 (on 3-pointers) against Wake Forest. So I knew that if they got it going from out there, they were gonna be dangerous. But when I saw at halftime the fact that they only had six (3-point) attempts, that made me happy.”

The Rainbow Warriors broke it open with a 13-2 run to start the second half, capped by Isaac Fleming’s layup to make it 48-25 with 15:20 remaining. Delaware State could not get closer than the final score after that.

The Hornets finished the game shooting just 37.7 percent (20 of 53) from the field, including an abysmal 2 of 18 (11.1 percent) from beyond the arc. UH shot 46.3 percent (31 of 67) from the field, including 35.3 percent (6 of 17) from 3-point range.

“It was an emphasis,” Taylor said, about defending the 3. “I thought we did a good job playing man-to-man. We switched it up and played some 2-3 zone to try to steal some possessions, and it worked. They were expecting us to play man, but they saw zone and it would take them six or seven seconds to adjust. And then when they expected zone, we would go back to man.”

Bobbitt finished with a game-high six assists, to go with five rebounds, four points and one steal.

Fleming, who is from Delaware and is familiar with several of the Delaware State players, contributed nine points, six rebounds, four assists and one steal off the bench.


Mike Thomas added eight points and four rebounds; junior Brandon Jawato, who has been plagued by injuries since last season, hit a 3-pointer in the second half for his first points of this season.

Charles Burley led Delaware State with 14 points, and Kendall Gray had 13 points and 14 rebounds; Amere May was held to four points on 2-of-13 shooting. He entered the game averaging 19.7 points per game.

The Rainbow Warriors will next travel to Salt Lake City for a Saturday game against Brigham Young.

“We’ve still got a lot of stuff to put in, and my job is to keep them focused,” Taylor said. “But I really respect the character of this team.”



Game photos courtesy Brandon Flores / www.brandonfloresphotography.com


  1. Agree – Very Impressive Transition Ofense

    Hey, RUN ‘BOWS!

    WIN ‘Bows!

  2. Hey, 15C&4ofL:

    No disrespect to anybody, you are the best-
    TEAM basketball, sets of plays, skills of execution.
    Here we go, 1-0; Loving it!

    Keep on doing better… WOW!

  3. Great win ! Again !
    I just don’t get tired of saying that.
    And I expect them to get a lot more wins.
    Coach Benjy and the whole coaching staff are doing a great job !
    And what a team they have to work with !

  4. Agree — Many Great Wins
    While “Repetitive (and in This Case, that’s really good)
    Way Better than a Couple of “Tough Losses”

    NICE Team…
    Really Look like they’re having FUN!
    [7-2 is usually More Fun than say, 3-4]

    Nice ‘Ohana
    Great “Kids” / Young Men
    I’m NOT Surprised that they “Respectfully & Honestly Refuse” to Rat One Another Out
    ALSO NOT Surprised that NCAA has NO Concept of Friendship and Loyalty
    [Will NOT even Discuss The Concept of ‘Ohana and NC## on the same line…]

  5. Where were Manoa Maniacs last night? Empty. And sorry, Eagle, but disagree about “ratting out” others. So that is what we teach them? Break the rules but no worry. Small line stuff. And if anybody asks just tell them you don’t know anything. Is that really the definition of ohana? Like many situations in life it is not the initial act that trips you up. It is the cover up.

  6. I also agree with much of whats being commented here. This team really playing hard and becoming such a exciting team to watch! They are filling the passing lanes on both ends of the court, picking steals and running out for dunks. Everybody on this team hustles and they all dive on the floor for loose balls. I think we have to go back to the AC Carter days to remember this kind of exciting team.

    They dont have a bomber like AC had Alika but this team has lots more guys that can score in different ways. I really wish that the late 3 ball from Jawato is a sign that he is on the way back! He is the guy that could be the bomber to open everything up even more.

    This team really is a breath of fresh air for us die hard fans. Not like all the hot air thats coming out of the media. They can not even let these guys enjoy a good win. Enough of that though because I dont even want to get started.

  7. Janks can be a rim protector, according to Benji.

    The Letter of Allegations is expected this month.

    Failure to cooperate, in other words not being truthful or not being responsive, can lead to being cited for Level I violations, even though some of the infractions may have been deemed not severe , per newspaper article today.

    “People who said they were interviewed by the NCAA said some questioning centered on the number of allowable hours of practice time, on-campus evaluations, an iPad, recruiting, the role of the director of operations … “and so on and so forth.”

  8. Big sport page writeup by BM about impending ncaa allegation letter.. and who knows, what it says, JP, JW and Insiders close too the thingee, who dat?

    90 day appeal process right? When and if, public ncaa allegations, UH and counsel go proactive protect the “Betterment of the student Athletes”, Where Ncaa is out of step with secular law. The current athletes and staff, who have nothing to do with alleged infractions, should not be punished. Only those that Are Proven Guilty, should pay fines, have them suspended or censured, banned from further college career opportunities for awhile.. Still feel, why, in the know “insiders” say, UH hit hard, alleged.. Benjy and the guys, MBB team and the families.. Looks like this season, in all fairness, UH should be playing for BWC crown and NCAA or NIT bid, plain and simple. UH and AD should battle to Kansas City and higher court of law if need be, for “The Betterment of these fine Student Athletes”.. Hope that is happens.. never know with the Ncaa.. Back to Basketball.

    Team, doing great, will only get better, Benjy excited, Janks and Jawato, ready and able to help UH make run to BWC crown, so much to play for.. The other stuff, well, let the high priced counsel, government and private handle..

    Team doing great, JUST CONCENTRATE ON SCHOOL AND BASKETBALL.. plus take care of Emotions and stay together as Family..

    Okay, that was my editorial for the day..

    Go Bows !!

  9. Chuck Cheese: Sorry, once I woke up and read that BM , yeah BM article, I got upset.. sure ncaa letter coming down, however.. YOU ARE RIGHT.. LET UH MBB TEAM and Benjy , Que, Loyd and Autry, are doing a helluva job running team, team responding, Team winning, and having fun.. Maybe They are doing Too Well, so SA and Hawaii New Now, go after, the point counter point or Tabloid article, sale papers, or get attention to the writers.. ONLY Dayton, really Insider, he knows team, coaches current and past, athletes current and past, He is a good writer, and we will know official from his writeup and video interviews…
    Let’s see if that Alabama Special Law Firm is as good as they say they are, let’s see, fire Two Coaches before season, suspension of Top PF, and he goes pro, so 3 parties involved alleged, they ARE GONE.. so should that satisfy, the ncaa, to lessen, post season penalties or scholies? If NOT.. it is .. just funny kine, weird, ..

    However, sorry, going off on tangent, and keepitreal, or gib.., I agree, whomever responsible for crime, if found guilty beyond a doubt, and whatever, They suffer consequence NOT THE CURRENT 15 guys and 4 coaches..

    Okay, Chuck, won’t get you started.. UH MBB is The Breath of Life, or the good part, Love to Death Laura Beeman, you saw how she was in tears when her team could not beat Cal, Stanford and North Carolina? She wants it , the W, to take step forward, bring her program up to Pac12 level I guess, Her team with that big girl, will probably win the BWC for sure.. MBB and WBB NCAA bound? I hope so.

    MBB, great, great start,.. just keep it going,
    And BYU, the fast paced, shoot in 8 seconds going against the small athletic, Defensive, team, should be fun.. Benjy should rotate in at least 9 or 10 guys keep up the pace

    islandman: Jackson, say now..:ha, ha, haaaah.. or Naaaah.. just joking πŸ™‚

  10. Edit to above post:

    Chuck Cheese: Sorry, once I woke up and read that BM , yeah BM article, I got upset.. sure ncaa letter coming down, however.. YOU ARE RIGHT.. LET UH MBB TEAM have their moment in the sun, they are feeling good, however as G Money says, 12 hours to celebrate, then back to work, grind to get the BYU cougars, just defend and rebound, get out on the break, if UH can hit threes too, within structure, they got a chance, Bobby C., Benjy ” You REALLY think so? ” have chance against BYU in Utah Jazz arena, hey, UH with Zane Johnson bombing for I think 23 points against Jimmer few years ago,.. in Utah Jazz arena , I think They Get Chance.. They just do what they been doing, they beat Pitt, won 2 out of 3 in Florida, Janks and Jawato, Dyrbe , 3 ball guys getting ready for BWC.. so much to play for..

    Go Bows, Warriors !

  11. Whoa Runbows! Like the song in Frozen says “Let it go”. Pau already. Keep looking ahead, not back. Only going to raise that blood pressure beating that dead horse. Winning program, hard working team, beautiful time of year. Stop for a minute and smell the roses. Step away from the keyboard for a second. Sometimes best comments are ones we delete and don’t send.

  12. Jackson W. doesn’t have too much to laugh about, at least for tonight’s show . I think he didn’t expect that kind of defense, quickness and rebounding, so far.

  13. I guess he still upset not assistant with Riley anymore. He knows how to run Back door play, a , what do you call it, a back handed( or behind the back stab) compliment, Like he and Jeff support Benjy and Team, however, they really support their own Agenda. How the heck does Jackson know, or knew, month or so ago, that UH would be hit , or be in deep with level I or II ? He is not BOR, booster, money giver, or coach, or counsel, how is He The Insider? Because they are Buddies, Jeff and Jack… sort of like ….well it is too , Hawaii Politics and insider, type of things, I absolutely don’t like it, political things , or personal agenda, when you are insider, should not have a place in UH Athletics.

    All UH MBB team can do and Benjy’s staff, keep getting better, and the guys are doing it. Finish this fall session really well, on track to graduate, and be in position to win that dang BWC tournament.. this team does deserve 4500, at least, I think DHC time and BWC against leaders.. will have the 5000-7000 crowd for sure

    islandman, we watch UH sports for decades, this Team, something very special, Against all the crud and backs against the wall. They Are Family , One Ohana, and to Jackson.. ha, ha, haaaah..wop.. u know what..Benjy and team, and Valdes , bigdaddy, the Fleming Ohana-family, Negus, Janks, Jawato, everyone showing a lot of class. No more, Death to MBB.. these guys are above that Negativity!!

    Go Bows!

  14. I DO NOT Always Agree with Many of Jackson’s Evaluations of Gib’s Players/Recruits….
    BUT He IS Consistently VERY Complimentary of The Personality and Character of the Ones He Knows…

    i Think a “Consensus” Three-Star Recruit is Just That —
    A Cadre of ‘Professionals’ (people who earn money doing Ratings) agree in general that a youung player who only played AAU, International or High School ball should “Project” Well into D-1 — i don’t see where ONE MORE Opinion even matters UNLESS that person with the Opinion can offer a Partial or Full-Ride Scholarship…

    HOWEVER I LIKE Jackson, and Consider that HE CAN NOW Laugh at HIMSELF For MISSING on these Evaluations — OUT of The Loop Too Long? BUT Maybe Even Jamie Dixon Under-Estimated the Ability of these Hawai’i-15 (FOTU WAS “The Real Deal”)

  15. Eagle: UH no scared em mentatlity, they have their legs , and keep D up, and play to win, which they are, they are not backing down to anyone.. BYU game winnable, UH has beat them before, in Utah, Provo and Salt Lake City.

    Agree though, Jankovich, huge, just huge improvement, does what he does well, body up, block out, be physical, and his Offensive game, the jump hook and mid range shot, plus shooting 92% from FT line.. Jovanovich, is a REAL BIG a good one, and Family..Janks, just itching to add to the mix.. he was a really high rated 3+ star out of Prep ranks going to Mizzou.
    Aaron Valdes, not 3 star out of prep, however, he is getting better and better, a real all BWC and all region type of athlete.. awesome,
    Rod the general, absolutely took over for Shamburger, and Still with that horrific arm broken not 100%, he is a great PG..
    Fleming, instant and quick slashing offensive player, what a talent 3 star out of prep,
    MT.. Now he is Confident.. , and he says, he wants to peak at about 6’9″ 235 pounds, now he is about 6′ 7 1/2 ” 220 pounds.. he is good.
    Q just has to relax , control emotion,he has vert, right over the Big for leftie layup, Nevels and NWC relax, and 3 ball coming,;
    Janks, Jawato, Niki, Dyrbe, be ready… and hope not, Benjy am sure telling Zach and Brocke, be ready just in case injury or other.

    This Team is Family.. Now becoming My Favorite, through adversity UH MBB team of all,.. wish they and LB’s WBB team the best. And Shoji, go get ONE MORE national championship, why not !


  16. Edit to above post: sorry fans.. sheesh !

    “Agree though,JOVANOVICH, huge, just huge improvement, does what he does well, body up, block out, be physical, and his Offensive game, the jump hook and mid range shot, plus shooting 92% from FT line.. Jovanovich, is a REAL BIG a good one, and Family”


  17. Hey Eagle you bring up something I didnt even think of in that Jackson Wheeler must of “assist” the UH win over Pitt! How so? If you think about it, he is still very close to Jamie Dixon than to anybody on UH coaches staff so I bet he gave Jamie his own rundown and scouting report on UH players. Jackson probably laugh and did his girly “oh my gawwd!” when mentioning all the UH guys to Jamie.

    I bet you this is what Jackson said. “UH has a freshman Isaac Fleming. Oh my gawwd! Just let him shoot it from anywhere and try to intimidate him.” giggle giggle giggle “UH dont have any big guys. Theres one slow white guy name Filipovich or Janko-something or Jovano-something. One of those but dont worry because they are all the same.” giggle giggle giggle

    Thanks for the assists Jackson!

  18. Great to hear a lot of reasons why this year’s men’s basketball team is doing well. Everyone’s making valid points about what’s contributing to our team’s success.

    Here’s my take:

    1. In many of last year’s victories, it took solid offensive performances from at least 3 players from our team to contribute to our wins… usually a 3-way combination of Stanhardinger, Fotu, Shamburger, Nevels, or Spearman. Having only one or two good offensive performances was not enough to make up for our defensive shortcomings. We did force a few turnovers here and there before the Big West play, but we couldn’t quite replicate that same defensive intensity once conference season got underway. We sure looked paltry during many of our home conference games, even though we could have a few GREAT individual performances by Stan or Fotu.
    They would get their stats, but we wouldn’t always get wins.

    In last night’s WIN… no one scored 20 points and we won convincingly. Last year, we had several games when we would have a 20 point scorer, but yet lose.

    2. In many of this season’s victories, we would only need maybe one or two solid offensive performances to manufacture a win for this team. If anything, our defense, which is very disciplined, would create steals and easy transition baskets. This more than makes up for less than average shooting. In last night’s game, we held Delaware State to 37.7% shooting, forced 19 turnovers, and outrebounded their BIGGER lineup 40 to 34, which included 15 Hawaii offensive rebounds. Nice!

    3. I CANNOT wait for our game against BYU. BYU leads the nation in scoring, averaging over 95 points a game. Also, they start two forwards (Nate Austin and Luke Worthington) who are both 6’10. I’m curious to see how good our defense can really be. If there’s a time we can use Jankovic… it’s gonna be this Saturday.

    By the way, the game can be seen at 1 p.m. on BYU-tv. You can find it on Direct tv, Roku, and streaming at http://www.byutv.org/

  19. I for one will not be listening to the Poops Talk show. I know already what they going talk about and its not going to be about this surprising good start by the team. They going use the newspaper headline about ‘Lies’ to use as an excuse to make their own lies.

    Lets not forget that the UH regent himself said on the radio about a month ago that the NCAA investigation would be coming out in middle of November. If you use the dictionary definition, that could be called a lie right there because here it is December already and still nothing!

    No thanks Poops Talkers!

  20. ChuckCheese, 3:17 pm, that’s a pretty good imitation of Jackson.

    Fans, Dayton said on sports animals he’s going to be in Salt Lake for the game.

  21. Salt Lake City,Utah, Dayton leaving tomorrow, i think. Not Salt Lake, Honolulu.

  22. Real… No One should have to lie… And they have a Right to Take the Fifth…

    You Can’t Make People Talk in a Free Speech Country

  23. I wouldn’t worry about probation, per Jeff P.

    They said UH had a great win over Pitt and Benji is doing a great job.

    He said he was surprised regarding Thomas’ play, but wants to see what he will do against better competition. Valdes really played well, but they want to see him against the better competition. I think Jackson said he was shocked about his play . Jeff said the team is exciting and fun to watch.

    Fotu dropped down to 2nd level, they said, and may be close to going home ? Not sure if that’s true. I read he was loaned out to another team.

    CSUN let go 6 players due to academic fraud.

    Went over some RPI’s saying Hawaii was around 200. The one i saw has them at 193; Irvine at 17 , Long Beach at 44, UCSB 56, UC Davis at 68, etc. Surprise Delaware St at 122 . BYU at 10 .


  24. I think the BYU game is bigger than the Pitt game because we are going into hostile territory, against a very good team, and thousands of miles away. My only concern here is the first game jet lag. But I believe they have 2 days to rest for the game on Saturday. That second day rest is half the battle won. Even better 3 days. But noway we can afford that kind of luxury. Maybe one day if this program continues to grow and we show 8,000 plus average attendance at the Stan. Remember we fly epic journeys and so is the need for epic rest. It’s like running a marathon. One day rest before the race will give you 10 good miles before you start to slow down. Two days rest will give you 20 good miles before you hit the wall. But 3 days rest you can practically run forever. This is the recipe for UH MBB road success against marquee teams.

  25. Eagle, you are absolutely right. Taking the fifth means you do not want to incriminate yourself. Means you must have something to hide. Enough about NCAA. If clean program Gib would still be here. You want a program like that? You can have it. Can be clean and good. Worked that way for years before or have you forgotten? Parents and players want to.attend a school that is ethical, not one that plays by its own rules and tells players to clam up if anybody asks questions. Doesn’t take much to get many here back on the Gib subject and off the bb discussion. move on already.

  26. servante…..

    that Maui red eye flight to Florida, 3 games in 3 days, plus the humidity was worse than in Hawaii October. That was EPIC road trip, No other UH MBB team that I can remember had to endure, the 8 games in 12 or 13 days, even NBA teams don’t have to do that. This BYU team is run and gun, so is UH, to certain degree, with UH’s guards , they can play 5 at a time, they can slow down too. They get into their tempo, UH can win. UH proved the could play with smaller, athletic high flying teams, a good Delaware St. team tired, with a Great shot blocking big, beat a NCAA bound Pitt team with good 6’9-6’10” bigs, and a couple guys who rose up and hit NBA threes at end of game,
    Will be real test.. UH wins This BYU “road game”, hopefully the Utah fans, who don’t like the Cougars will come out and cheer UH..however, it is The UH against the world mentality, they will play hard, and go for the win, nothing less. You are right, the trip to Mountain Time Zone, not as Epic a journey for UH MBB team,.. It appears, that Que, Loyd and Autry, have Great Scout on opponents, UH MBB follows the scout, they have chance to win a lot of ball games. Very, very exciting and fun team to watch, plus added bonus, they are mounting up wins as competition gets better.

    Go Bows !!

  27. islandman:

    I don’t listen to Jeff and Jack like Chuck C., unless they interview Gib or Benjy.
    Correct me if I am wrong, the BOR chairman, he said “Not to worry about Probation?”, probation in sense of loss of Post Season play? Like St Mary’s 4 year deal, where they had limits on recruiting, and could still play for NIT/ NCAA’s?
    Since Jeff P. actually knows, that is something Good. UH can play for Post Season. You know that letter, and even Ben Jay commented he cannot comment on, he was on Bobby C. call the AD show last week, something mentioned about, ncaa investigation centered around ONLY Fotu and that thing given or borrowed.. That narrows down a lot of possiblities of what Allegation or lesser if Any penalties might be.. Very sure, before NCAA mails the Allegation, ncaa is getting hit left and right with major litigation, by athletes, schools, etc, and losing in court, They are going to be very careful. Best case scenario, I think? UH still play for Post Season, that is not affected. Maybe restitution of smart tablet by athlete that used it. And what CM former DOBA was doing, make sure that whomever does that job don’t do what not supposed to do. Best case scenario. UH and Gib did not recruit, 5 star, McDonald or Gatorade players of the year, in past 4 years, so we shall see. Plus Gib had no NCAA , NIT or BWC titles to show for it..ncaa, could even be Not Made Public allegation letter, in house thing.. so why, if that comes about, the clamor, of Worse case things.. still scratch my head until no more hair, or any that is left.

    UH MBB and Benjy, makes the UH win situation now, just focus, team, play for BWC title and do well in school, the NCAA DI story of year so far..

    Go Bows !
    Beat BYU !!

  28. islandman:

    Maybe just having Gib , Akana and Fotu not part of MBB program, sufficed or NCAA accepted that as self imposed punishment enough. So The comment by Jeff(who being chair, of BOR, knows the whole deal)of Not To Worry about Probation, probably the best comment, about what he cannot comment on in years. Well, hope works out for UH MBB and Benjy, I hope they have awesome year, and make noise in March post play.. And future of former coaches and Athlete, in years to come, they do alright too. A win , win situation.. we shall see… Hope the Best !

  29. Moved On


    FTR, I have Specialized In Cleaning Up Fallen Programs…

    AND ONE THING TO NOT DO is Undermine the Existing Structure of Trust…

    NO NEED TO LIE — NOT Tolerable

    IT CAN Also Mean the Overlying Structure Does NOT Serve…

    BUT the Over-Arching Structure MUST Be Held to The Highest And Best GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED
    The Power Structure CAN NO Longer Operate Under The Illusion that they Exist Solely to (Effectively) Serve Itself;
    Systems have Become Too Symbiotic, Global and Interlaced
    Under the Current Evolution of This Planet All Such Structures are Rapidy Falling…

    (May Take Another Two Years Before the Evidence is Overwhelming)

  30. Eagle: Team and Benjy having fun and winning some games. I guess let the chips fall where they may, Very interesting comment by “Real time UH Athletics” islandman who listened to hoops talk tonite. He said Jeff P. said not to Worry about Probation. so if true, and Jeff P., HE DOES KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON.. That is Huge for UH MBB and Post season play. I hope that letter comes out, and We All Know for Public Record what went down. Know that Gib wants to clear self, Akana too, probably and eventually Isaac Fotu..

    We all just have to focus on This Great group of 15 guys, Benjy doing great job, and with J and J, Jawato and Janks ready to rock, look out, in a very competitive BWC league.. should be fun..

    Bows Bite BYU cougars.. get that Historic, win again, like how Riley beat Big Bad Blue 3 times with his Cross, Hallums, Gaines, Bowe, Smalls, Houston, team..

    And to be truthful that is integrity, the thing is , it is Still Guesswork by Hawaii News Now and SA.. Wait for Allegation letter, if made public, if not,.. well In House corrections which is good.. as LONG AS THE 15 good guys and Coach now, can play post season… even if CIT or CBA.. would be awesome.

    if Jeff P. says, Not To Worry about any imposed Probation on UH MBB… That is a Great year end gift for MBB !!

  31. JP
    Heard Jeff P’s Re-Assurances… GOOD IF Sustainable;
    Always Was Fair Forecast Based on Minor Nature of Actions/Infractions;
    CONTRAST The GIB – Brandyn Sacrificial Over-Re-Actions TO:

    1) Multip\le Police Departments who Refuse to Take Administrative Action;
    2) A UH President Who IS TRULY Un-Qualified & NON-Eligible, Even Out-of-Integrity

    LOOKING Forward (Hoping AND Expecting) That New-Governor Ige’s Sustainable Budget HAS TO Mean a Fully-Supported 100% Every-Year Functional UH Athletics Budget — Anything Else Fails…(As We Repeatedly Have Seen)

    Also saw Laura Beeman Imploring (on Leahy & Leahy) that Do Not Worry about being behind and in Support of The Coaches or The Program — Instead, Fully Support The Kids, The Young Adults, The Players, for As You Know, THEY Will Be The Ones That Amaze You…”

  32. Thats good information. Let’s see now, that one day rest – 10 miles, two days rest 20 miles, … Honolulu Marathon coming up Dec 14th. Anyone running? rolling? maybe just 10K enough?
    Too cold to run outside where I am. Maybe its cold in Provo. Maybe they just play BB all day…
    You can tell I don’t really like talking about politics much. Hope for the best for the team.
    Rather talk about whole nother team coming out to help and add to our chances for post season success; Sammis, Jawato, Janks. Just adds more flexibility for Coach Benjy and staff to get it right each game and not have to worry about who has legs, after travel, after many games in a row, after having to press an entire game to get a win. Plan out the season, and practice for getting it right during post season play, when everyone else has to worry about their legs too.

  33. akuhead2:

    Still haven’t heard that Sammis on Medical Redshirt year, so still hope I guess, he might be ready in 6 weeks for BWC play if deemed the best for he, his family , academics, and the Team. Would be nice to have his body in there, banging with other bigs, and help deepen the rotation in frontcourt. Know, even if he has the surgery, what extent I don’t know, if small fracture, dislocated finger, ligament damage, they can design a special cast to protect, and he could still play like how Fotu played last year. Would be nice to have Sammis, Janks and healthy in shape Jawato, as help coming for BWC play.

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