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Studying for finals week


The University of Hawai’i basketball team has skipped a few days of practice recently, and with good reason.

Acting head coach Benjy Taylor gave the Warriors some time off to prepare for final examinations, which are scheduled for December 15-19. The team’s next game is scheduled for December 19, against Chaminade at the Blaisdell Center Arena.

Some players have as many as four final exams, while others have as few as two. Some classes require final papers to be written in lieu of an exam. In any case, the month of December is certainly a stressful one for the student-athletes.

“Putting my phone in the garbage disposal and my Xbox in the ocean, and I should be good,” sophomore forward Stefan Jankovic said with a laugh when asked what the key is to studying for final exams.

Jankovic said he even took some final exams last week in an effort to get his grades posted early enough to be eligible for the December 19 game against Chaminade. Jankovic transferred to UH from Missouri last December, so he can not be cleared to play until the grades for all his classes from this semester are posted.

Junior Brandon Jawato said he has three finals coming up, and he plans to devote at least three hours per day to focus on those exams.


  1. Heck with politics, negativism. ..get it done in class , finish strong on your finals..
    go get wins on the court
    UH MBB you all Winners!!
    Go Rainbow Warriors! !

  2. These guys are smart., high character, will get it done
    hope janks by taking all finals by Tuesday Dec. 16 can have grades posted early then be ready for Chaminade! !Go Bows!!

  3. So, Anyone wanna Ante Up
    an approximate turnaround time from UH Letter Reporting Posted Grades to NCAA Concurrence?

    I’m “Guessing” One to Three Days, that Really,
    NCAA should already know / agree that UH Classes & Grades ARE Good as Reported”
    (There was plenty of time to check and verify over the years for an accredited school
    Just Like “UNC”? NOT ! Better! Cleaner!

    Hope WE Can Get Past That Phase B.C….Before Chaminade….

    ALL IN

    AND Since NCAA Is Back Here Meddling & Mudding Around (Again)
    GO Retro-Active And Get it Right
    There Is NOTHING “Wrong” with Amateurs Practicing and Playing With or Against Pros
    Especially IF You’re ALL NOT Paying ‘The Amateurs’
    JUST Like Any Olympic Teams Today
    AND RESTORE UH’s National Volleyball Championship

    Eliminate The VooDoo Amateurism
    Fear and Irrationality
    Arbitrary and Capricious…

    GO ‘Bows!
    Earn Yor Marketable Degrees!
    WINNING All the While!
    Continue STRONG!
    Get Healthy!
    Get Eligible!

  4. WBB – Congratulations to Shawna-Lei Kuehu !
    100 points 500 Rebounds… TOOK All or Parts of SIX Seasons
    So in Many Ways, A PERSEVERANCE and Endurance Award
    Pure Work Ethic, Dedication to the Program and Steadfastness (And Talent and Skills)

    As Much As WE Like These Young Men
    I Hope WE See Many Setting Standards and Records for WINS
    Points, Rebounds, Assists, Steals…,Threes…
    So Many Have Three-Plus Seasons Available

    Go ‘Bows!
    Surpass Chaminade And Incarnate Word !
    Comin’ Up Stronger!
    Finish Strong!

  5. Great video Dayton!

    Watching the video reminded me of many years ago, when I was a college student at the University of Hawaii. People may think that dorming (which I did) enabled students to study better since they would be away from home. On the contrary… My room mates and friends in the dorm would be having so much fun during that time that it was extremely hard to study. Thus, seeing many of the players talk about going to the library reminded me how I also needed to go to the library during those times to just get away and have a quiet place for myself.

    Because you had to carry the minimum number of credits of 12 at UH, I can understand why many of them reported having as many as 4 final exams. I remember one semester having the good fortune of having my finals all done by Tuesday and the rest of the week to finish packing up to leave for Hilo (my home town) for the break… and picking up Christmas presents from Ala Moana to bring home back to the Big Island for family. Those were great memories… being a UH student…

    Being a parent of two with a full time job (as a teacher) and 2 part time jobs, I sure miss those days. Thanks for the video Dayton!

  6. From what I gathered online, UH posts it’s grades on Dec. 24th this year. Then you gotta add the wait for the NCAA to get hold of it and clear Janks to play. I think they do it pretty quickly though as it’s bb season.

    We wish you a speedy clearance, Mr. Janks!

  7. Geez, just thinking about things here. He must have had a good reason why some teachers/professors let him take his tests early. Guess nothing wrong with that in the NCAA’s eye’s, right?

    CRAZY, thinking of hideous things the NCAA wants to do with UHbb. Are they waiting to see if UH will lets Jank play bb this season? Cause I’m thinking if UH lets Jank play will the NCAA could/would come down harder on UHbb because the investigation into UHbb really started with his paperwork as that’s what I’m led to believe. Just wondering if the paperwork figures changed are the actual correct #’s that he’s qualified. I have a feeling they are taking that into account. Not Jankovic’s fault but the rush job of getting him qualified to enter the U of H. JMO

  8. Eagle:

    Just like Kansas City, Kansas City here they come.. ncaa.. Now.. UH as far as academics, all programs, and in particular, UH MBB with Nash-Gib-Taylor, they are getting it done, several guys have graduated in system. And these young men, you can tell they are doing the work. Remember, you CAN take Samoan class, a lot of the athletes do, or French, Spanish, Hawaiian Studies, Aaron must be doing great, he is Junior academically, HE TAKING A MUSIC course, I had a sibling who took golf/tennis as a class too, for the credit,and he enjoyed it. Finals, for AV, do a Hula and learn to play the Uke.. makes sense University OF HAWAII NEI !!

    I think Janks is being PROACTIVE.. he researched, talke to his profs and instructors, teachers, make sure, he accelerated his Exams, took them EARLY, and will be done by Tuesday, If holds to form , and like how UH MBB was gifted the late entry ncaa requirement waiver to get in Sammis this fall, and Aaron V. 3 years ago, Maybe Janks will be eligible for Chaminade game, I know that both HE AND NWC want to play by that game, at least some minutes..

    Still think the Toronto/Virgina prep/Hawaii MBB connection, those two, can raise level of Offensive firepower, with the 4 push on O and D guards, GN, QS, RB and IF.. and the wings/PF’s AV and MT… and the BIG MAN , Stef Jovan.. Team will be ready at least by DHC, hopefully all 12 eligible by Chaminade, and then 2500-2600 or hopefully more, will go to Blaisdell THIS MONDAY , fans, at 700pm Friday Dec 19 2014.. Then about 3 months straight(including a run in post season play) of Basketball Hoops Heaven !!

    These 15 guys, getting it done in class. NCAA/ Kansas City, it makes their job easier,.. UH is compliant, and the guys/ and current coaching staff getting it done !!
    Great job, in the past, Rocha, Little, Arnold, Wallace, Nash, always some who left school, drop out or did not make grade, .. even GA.. left some guys home from road trip to be able to keep up with school work, and shout out to Ozren Pavlovic for helping in spring of 2013 to finish well in school and help UH APR and GPA.. also, Christian, Davis, and Spearman, Shamburger for graudating.

    Slow time for MBB until Friday , Blaisdell office or Ticketmaster, they should do live Radio, don’t even know if KKEA espn will be doing the broadcast.. for online fans/ families outside of Oahu and Hawaii.

    Go Bows.. And UH Rainbow Warrior MBB fans get ready for about just shy of 3 months of straight Collegiate hoops, with the Terrific Twelve, and potentially Brocke, Zach and Sammis just in case ready to step in, if OKAY..

    Go Rainbow Warriors !!

  9. pocho:

    From UH, and Bobby, and current HC, the eligibility for Janks into UH , he is Good To Go, after what initially with the altered document that WAS CAUGHT before went to NCAA, and the idea of AD/ UH to self report to ncaa, which had them come in and look for all types of smaller things.. Janks was not the one who made mistake…. Maybe, as Eagle allude to, Now NCAA is watching the grades of Janks, just to make sure everything good to go.. Seems like All the guys, even returning, they are smart, from last year the returning eight, including the walkons, all made the grade and had 3.0 overall GPA which is great, No academic casualties.. good thing, Jovanovich, Janks, NWC, Garrett, Q, Jawato, .. all good students, and am sure , with The Coach, coach Loyd, making sure guys do study hall on the road, And HE IS THERE watching them , make sure.. This team academically is good to go.. OF COURSE.. agreed.. UH would not jump the gun, and find out janks not eligible yet and play him too soon, that would not be Akamai at all. They will wait UNTIL OFFICIAL.. either way, janks is not academically ineligible or athletically ineligilble for 1 1/2 years,, ONLY for that One Year Academic, which would end with posting of grades, report make sure with ncaa, and he is good to go.. at the least by DHC.. or as Benjy says, whenever things are all set.. good to go… then UH will be all set to blast off with Janks, Jawato and NWC, burning the nets..

    Would think UH, ncaa compliance officer, the gal, who must be real sharp, The coaches, and the general counsel, MAKE ABSOLUTELY sure, everything okay.. Janks taking early exams, have heard of that before.. if for reason and okay with teachers/profs.. no problem, Janks just so anxious to be able to play, I cannot see that grade posted by Dec 24.. I know when did finals for UH system fall , spring semester, we knew our grades, within a few days.. it was on mimeograph, or old ibm dot matrix printer, the old, old type of teletype paper, or just was hand typed by secretaries.. It didn’t take 2 weeks…

  10. Above post edit/ correction: I MEANT THIS FRIDAY a start of just under 3 months straight of UH MBB games, at least one or 2 games a week which is great !!

    Go Rainbow Warriors..!!

  11. I don’t know, “official” grades posted Dec. 24. hahaha, I won’t comment how smart the “lady” in UH’s Compliance office is until we get all the findings from the NCAA’s. All know from reading tidbits here and there could be rumors as to Gib telling Rozitis to not use a “Fan”‘s vehicle which was supposedly okay’d by the UH Compliance office. hahahahaha CRAZY

  12. pocho:
    as Jackson says: ha, ha, haaah !!! Benjy go get em, hook em up.. oh, oh.. that is your line ! ha ha !!
    Actually that lady, the Compliance ncaa person just doing her job. Wonder, if UH is going haywire, ha, ha, for real kine.. they jump hea, they go thea, they going all over the place.. All we fans want.. they get it right, so everyone okay.

    I believe, now they , UH or whomever running the Athletic Dept ..and MBB oversight, will make sure, okay before proceeding.. Absolutely certain, UH MBB will not suit up and play and ineligible player.. haven’t done so, in decades…if any.

    We shall . see, if it didn’t impact Hawaii, the students , their families and we taxpayers of State run Institution, supposedly the Best Academic and Athletic(?) in all of Polynesia, it wouldn’t be so bad.
    Credit to coaches, staff, and athletes for getting it done right.. They are smart students.. and they will do well.. just the way they speak and able to get into UH, which is one of the higher standard Universities, out west to get into, speaks volumes.. Man the Samoan, and ukulele classes, and home economics nutrition must be fun things, also Hawaiian studies, .. etc..

  13. Update: Standhardinger (Germany) and Fotu (Spain) doing very well early in their pro careers. Both are starting. Standhardinger had 19 points and 9 rebounds in latest game; Fotu had 14 and 2. Stanhardinger averaging 13.8 and 5.3; Fotu averaging 10.7 and 3.3.

  14. clyde:

    curious how tough the BWC was Last Year, even with Shamburger, Standhardinger And Fotu, top scorers and stats guys, UH did not win the league. However, This group, very much galvanized and ready to battle. The adversity has drawn them closer, more focused and united.

    best wishes to ones departed. And have good careers Fotu and Standhardinger, on their pro resume , even if they eventually make The Leauge , the NBA.. it will forever say, they had played, 3 and 2 years respectively at the University of Hawaii MBB team, and that is a Good Thing !!

    Go Bows Warriors !!

  15. clyde:

    Where is Davis Rozitis and Brandon Spearman playing pro ball if any?
    If you would know, mahalo.
    I think Michael Kuebler, Matt Lojeski, and Little Matt Gibson playing pro ball still.
    Jared Dillinger, don’t know, maybe still in the Philippine NBA.. ?

  16. …..GO ‘BOWS…..

  17. Pretty soon MBB mission towards 19-20+ game season and BWC season and tourney titles
    Go Bows !!
    December 19th 2014….till March 2nd week 2015…possibly 25 games..before madness.. !!
    Go Warriors !!

  18. 19-20 win season, and much more
    janks, negus and jawato shooting, and helping team on offense, plus defense
    hopefully see 3 in chaminade game or DHC..
    For those who can , hopefully crowd of 2300+ majority cheer guys
    blaisdell site of great UH MBB games
    exhibition for silverswords..very important win, real game for rainbow warriors, counts on win record..!

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