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Road trips include study sessions

The last road trip for the University of Hawai’i basketball team covered just four days, but it came at a crucial time in the academic calendar.

This is the last week of classes on the UH-Manoa campus, and final examinations are scheduled for next week. Because of that, UH acting head coach Benjy Taylor and his assistants made arrangements to have the Warriors attend study hall sessions during the road trip.

Screen shot 2014-12-08 at 10.49.02 PM

“Every road trip we go on, we set aside two hours per day for our student-athletes to get into a conference room and continue their work when they’re away from the classroom,” UH assistant coach Brandon Loyd said.

In the modern age of technology, the players can keep up with classes via online assignments and communication with their respective professors. As sophomore Aaron Valdes put it: “That’s all I brought is my laptop, because everything is online.”

Taylor noted that the team achieved a 3.0 grade point average last season, and is aiming to do so again this season.

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The video clip was left out of the previous post. It features the “BYU Dunk Team,” which is a group of acrobatic athletes who use trampolines to help perform high-flying slam dunks. They dazzled the crowd at halftime of the game:


  1. Warriors, UH MBB Rainbow Warriors.. so important, all 15 of you, to do well in school. Keep GPA at record levels, APR , guys in school and on track to graduate.
    Good job on the road and at home.
    Go Warriors Winners in class and on the court !!


  2. Mahalo to Dayton,staff, and Valerie Schmidt, Ameriprise, Pacific Risk Solutions, for sponsorship of WI UH MBB video coverage of ALL things related to team. Academics, number one, and athletic success will follow.

    To Schmidt Ohana, your sponsoring the video archiving and Dayton’s coverage of MBB team to the Continental USA.. so much appreciated by We Fans, and the families, potential recruits of the MBB program.. Yes, still UH MBB taking the lead in the class and on the court great job, and Mahalo again to the Schmidts..The Best site WI UH MBB covering MBB on the planet !!

  3. Super !! Nice job Coach Brandon !
    And you can see Coach sitting over there against the wall. From experience, being the one watched over, that helps. Of note, the coffee keeps you up so you can put in a lot of hours, but it slows you down during tests (unless you are sleeping under the desk already). Slows you down on the court. Upsets the stomach. Got to clear that stomach of all things that hold you back on the court. There’s that Bill Russell thing that he does before every game. Not suggesting they do that before studyhall. But there is an upside, and a downside to caffeine. Of course, just getting the guys to sit down to hit the books is to be commended every time. Every time !

  4. Great work getting the videos up as always Dayton Morinaga but the big question of the day is what is going on with the Ben Jay situation?

    Does anybody know if this is resigning or firing and did it have anything to do with Gib Arnold situation? I don’t want to put too much deep thoughts into this but its a little scary to think if Ben Jay can see the hammer coming down from NCAA and he packing his bags to get the f out of Dodge!


    More of the Scuttlebutt i ‘hear’ (Hopefully Emphasis on BUTT Versus Scuttle);

    Is That This is Immediate Off-Shoot of Ben Jay’s meeting with Chancellor yesterday/this week;
    [I “Think” they had General Agreement/ Acquiessence on NChow…]

    The WEEKEND story was More Pushing the Point of Gib’s Extension, BUT…
    RE: Even the Previous Chancellor Concurred On That Extension, So Should be Moot
    Or AT WORST,
    A Changed Condition with More Allegations from NCAA about the time of The FIBA Games (Fotu’s Frustration)

    NOTED in the Video Above — ALL the Players — Just Like MOST ALL Other UH Students
    Have an iPad or Laptop/Macbook (The One who lives in this house uses Both) ..


    MY CONCERN — Until i Hear Good – to – Great Selection Team Members is “Do these Academic-Ivory Tower Types even have enough Athletic & Street-Smarts, SENSE & INSTINCTS, to Pick a Balanced-Fully-Capable A.D. AND BB Coach?

    Worse — Without Legislative/Governator (The One Who Attended BB Banquet is Also Gone…Thanks, Voters, Machine) Intervention AND HELP…
    DO THEY Even CARE, about More Than their Own Skins….


    AND STILL Despite ALL This…
    The CREAM Keeps Rising in BOTH BB Programs….

  6. Good points Eagle. My concern is no urgency from Gov Ige, legislature, upper campus, BOR about UH athletics and the need to ante up whatever is needed to be a D1 program. My fear is that Aloha stadium and SSC will become a couple of white elephants if the current attitude of doing nothing continues. Changing landscape forces everyone to stand up and be counted. What’s it going to be? It will be interesting to see where these powers stand.

  7. B Curran said if things don’t improve or something, then maybe UH will have to go to intramural athletics only .

  8. I still dont know if I should be happy or sad about Ben Jay leaving UH. I know I always monku about the UH bumbling and fumbling and of course it is a reflection of the top and that is Mr. Jay. BUT anybody who followed UH sports for long time knows that it is many others that their names dont come out in public that are the real bumblers and fumblers.

    One of the executives where I work always tells his story from several years back of when he had a meeting with a person at UH athletic department and I won’t mention the names here. He said he was greeted by a secretary filing her nails at her desk! Not only that, he said she was filing, blowing the nails, filing some more, blowing some more and with him standing right there!

    All I can say is UH sports is in a big mess right now and need somebody who knows how to clean house and put the right people in the right places.

  9. Is there anyone who would take the job the way things are?

  10. Agree with Eagle, Chuck, Keepitreal, : Who would qualify for UH AD and recommending new or firing coaches? Who can manage, an Athletics Dept, and facilities, that, even IF had support of Governor, politicians, will be a challenge over next 5 years.
    I stated the same thing, half in jest and half seriously.. UH .. if powers that be, are focused on Grants, Research, Academics.. Then UH should seriously consider, dropping All Athletic sports… Have intramural or Inter UH college system league, sort of like a JC type of thing.. Leeward, Windward, West Oahu, Manoa, KCC, Maui CC, Kauai CC, Hawaii-Hilo, and Hawaii CC, would be cheap and interesting. No Football though, just Basketball, Baseball, Softball, swimming, sailing, VB, soccer and track and field. … IF THE POWER(s),, and I tell you all , this entitiy has FULL THROTTLE CONTROL OF UH academics And Athletics.. Eagle you are right, Now that Ige is elected, and he has the Engineering background, can he analytically figure how to Make DI NCAA sports, with good AD and coaches work?

    Who Would Want the AD job? I think right away, interim would be again Mr McNamara, I never hear any bad vibes coming from him.. Give him a shot, or for the Jackson contingent.. Riley Wallace with that Las Vegas connection(Hawaii transplants)support, as AD, at least for 3 years.. Now That would be a guy who would battle, and work behind and in front of the scene with Govt, pritvate, and Riley will give 110% effort as AD to get things done.. Hellfire and Brimstone.. well you get the idea.

    The connection between NCAA investigation and Ben Jay? I cannot figure it out.. Here Jackson and Jeff P. on their talk show allude to DARK DARK days ahead for MBB program, when Gib fired.. Now they are backing off and saying NOT TO WORRY ABOUT PROBATION.. maybe some other things, however not that bad.. What is Going on..? Who is running the Zoo.?

    Dang shame that this shining light the UH MBB team, the only one that is still going ahead forward.. and Benjy and Team, doing good.. PLUS Negus and Janks be back by DHC or NWC by Chaminade game.. At least for we die hard hard core, UH MBB fans. something to look forward. to

    Governor Ige, wonder if he is at the UH football, VB and Basketball games, like Fasi, Mufi or Abercrombie.. Stan Sheriff we miss him, and his fight, gave his life for SSC and uprgrade and for the team.s..

    Go Bows.. Hey Eagle, Keepitreal, and akuhead2, Chuck Cheese.. at this point what we got? WBB struggle some.. MBB still hope to win as many games a possible, if Benjy can get 19 wins or even 20 wins, why not Benjy , Que , Loyd and Autry, for second and third year for recruiting? Or is that limited too?

    stay tuned..
    Mamma Valdes’ , I have to remember, JUST BACK THE BOWS.. Support the team, and things will be good going into BWC play.. Waaay to Go Warriors..


  11. Bright spot: When does Ben Jay finish his job.. Or is he gone by Dec 31 2014? Would you know Dayton.. He was not the highest paid employee in Athletics Dept.. does he get that 200,000.00 payout for final year? You watch, the ones, whether they like UH sports or not, and that includes, even Hawaii Senators, Hawaii Rep.s, the Governor the Mayor, the Council, the man and woman, young and old on the street, the hard working paying full tuition, out of state and in state academic students, not on scholarship..

    Well, if Jamie Smith comes back and 900 Manoa Maniacs are helping UH to win BWC home games, and split or better on the road.. even Marilyn Moniz can run the AD dept.. Just Go Bows..

    And back down to earth.. the team striving to match last spring 3.0 or better overall GPA.. that would be Awesome, as good as a BWC tourney win..

    And per investigation letter, Doesn’t UH have 90 days to answer? And then they send their reply to Kansas City NCAA HQ, then NCAA responds.. I don’t think, it would be really PILAU if NCAA banned THIS YEAR’s team from post season play.. I think the appeal process, would keep UH MBB playing for Post Season this year.
    Or was their a Tremendously Felonious, crime committed be parties involved in investigation? Weird.. sheeeesh.. Go Bows.. forget , hard to, when the AD is gone, just work hard in class and on the court and in the community.

    What else we got UH MBB fans, each other, the team’s families whom we support, the Schmidt Ohana sponsorship and Dayton , Wes, great work video and writeups.. Sure that Dayton if appropiate will writeup about AD resigning, and what next for UH, MBB, per whatever from, big brother..


  12. edit to above opening statement.. Bright Spot for Ben Jay, huge payout, and he walks away to look for job in economics, Banking, or an associate director at DII or DIII school. Bet, he will even try to seek.. just guessing, my opinion.. back at his home state Ohio..

    Well, he did try.. Ben ran into as Eagle and Chuck say..” The Machine”

    Bright spot? NWC and JANKS soon on court together, burning the nets..
    Guys just concentrate on the books , and on the court, stay healthy and listen to the coaches, teachers and your families. and The Fans of UH MBB got your backs.. We supporting you All The Way !

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