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No time to celebrate for Warriors

The celebration, if there was any, of an impressive showing in the Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic is over for the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

Less than 48 hours after an upset of Colorado for third place in the tournament, the Warriors were back on the court at the Stan Sheriff Center, preparing for their next games.

“It’s not really a celebration until we win a championship,” said sophomore forward Negus Webster-Chan, who hit the go-ahead shot in the win over Colorado. “Everybody’s focused and ready for the next game. Nobody’s really celebrating those wins. We know what we can do. The rest of the world doesn’t, so we’re just ready for the next game.”


The Warriors are 10-4, and will host teams from the Southwest Athletic Conference (SWAC) on back-to-back nights. Southern (3-10) will be here on Monday; Prairie View A&M (2-10) on Tuesday.

Hawai’i head coach Benjy Taylor said the consecutive games were unavoidable due to other scheduling changes just before the season. Another opponent was set to play UH on January 3, but when that fell through, Prairie View A&M agreed to play, but only on December 30.

“Prairie View couldn’t play later because they have their conference start, so we just had to play it when we could,” Taylor said. “We didn’t want to sell the kids short by playing one less game, and they were happy enough to accommodate us.”

Taylor is fully aware that both upcoming games have trap implications, especially for a Hawai’i team coming off three games against “name” opponents in Nebraska, Wichita State and Colorado.

“I had to jump on a couple of guys today and they know that’s coming when they’re not ready to play,” Taylor said. “I won’t let them get big-headed or complacent and we’ll keep playing the same way.”


What’s more, Taylor said Southern and Prairie View A&M are both better than the records might indicate. Southern won the SWAC regular-season title last season, but was ineligible for the NCAA Tournament due to previously insufficient APR scores.

This season, Southern has lost on the road at then-No. 22 Baylor by just four points (70-66) and then-No. 14 Iowa State by 10 (88-78). The Jaguars have also lost road games at Mississippi, Minnesota and Wyoming.

Prairie View is coming off a victory over North Texas, but the Panthers have also played a ridiculous schedule, with road losses at TCU, Oklahoma State, Baylor, Memphis and Texas Tech, among others.

“Some people, when you face lower teams than you, you tend to play to their level and we’re just trying not to do that,” Webster-Chan said. “We’re just going to stay focused and keep playing hard.”

The Warriors also emerged from the Diamond Head Classic with several injured players, including starters Webster-Chan (ankle), Garrett Nevels (thumb) and Roderick Bobbitt (cut above eye).

“Rod’s eye is closed up, he looks just like a boxer,” Taylor said. “Garrett’s banged up and we got a couple other guys banged up, but who ever is ready to play will play and will play well. We have a pretty deep bench. We have some more talented guys who can come in and help us.”

Game Information
Hawai’i (10-4, 0-0 Big West) vs. Southern University (3-10, 0-0 SWAC)
Date: Monday, Dec. 29, 7:00 p.m.
Where: Stan Sheriff Center (10,300) – Honolulu, O’ahu
Tickets: Lower level – $26; Upper level – $18 for adults, $16 for senior citizens, $5 for students. Parking is $6.
Television: Live on OCSports – Channels 16 (SD) and 1016 (HD).
Streaming Video: BigWest.tv
Radio: Live on ESPN 1420 AM. Neighbor islands can listen live on KNUI on Maui, KHLO in Hilo, KKON in Kona and KTOH on Kaua’i.
Audio Webcast: Live audio streaming on espn1420am.com
Live Stats: Live in-game stats are available at HawaiiAthletics.com


  1. Hire Benjy!! HC !! 2015-18 !!





    KEEP..RIGHT ON..!!

  2. Time for Niko and Wato (Jawato) and if play great defense Dyrbe to play….
    since NWC, G Money, and Bobbitt hurt, time for those 3..step up..I tell you this team needs all 12 guys to win BWC championship..

    Once again..from previous thread, welcome back bigdaddy..Showtime, true Warriors go to battle and battle for every win !!

  3. I liked that negus said that he took the blame for the wichita st loss and that ” he wasn’t going to let it happen again”,so he took the shot that put them ahead.Way to go negus! Play with heart!

  4. GO ʻBOWS!
    Get/Stay Healthy
    Keep Playinʻ Hard
    Must-Win Games
    Need to Establish And Continue the Habit
    That ALL FIVE Play All-Out All the Time All Over the Court
    Not Just Talk, But Performance
    That Gives You a Chance To Pull Away
    Every Game, Especially in The Big West
    Where the Opposition is Surprisingly Tenacious
    10-8 and 9-7 (One Win Over .500) Is The Best ʻBows Have Ever Done in Big West
    Then Always One and Done in The Tourney
    Even With TWO First-Team All-Conference Players Last Year..
    So BUCK UP
    Cannot Continue to Under-Estimate and
    Under-Perform Versus Number 14 of 33 BIG West Conference
    Probably Improved Over Last Year…
    We Think We Have, Too
    Now Gotta Prove It In Conference
    Cream Risinʻ?
    ʻBows Performinʻ?
    Starting, Playing Through and

    Answers Soon…

  5. Garrett, G-Money beginning His Coaching, maybe Counselling, Career
    from the UH Sidelines as he awaits Surgery (Per BMc)…

    He probably ʻcouldʻ play similar to Fotu last year with a dis-abled right hand

    Best Luck & Results on Surgery, GNevel$ And for Quick Recovery into Big West…

  6. Sorry to hear about some of the guys injuries….wishing them a speedy recovery! What a treat, back to back mon/tues night games, especially now that football’s pretty much done. I don’t see this as a trap game, I mean after what they put on display for the DHC, I don’t think they’ll have any problems coming out with two W’s.

    I know UH teams of times past have been subject to unlikely upsets (i.e., small time school rolling in and beating UH on their own turf), however, this team is VERY different. This team can do what other UH teams have struggled with, which is play LOCK DOWN defense and PRESSURE! We don’t need to have the best offensive weapons, although I do feel like we have a multitude of shooters. But just saying, this is why we will be less susceptible to upsets. Looking forward to getting up to 12 wins soon, Let’s Go BOWS!!!

  7. bigdaddy–Isaac to start, per the coach. He did start the 2nd half of the last game.

    Jawato and/ or Niko to be added to the rotation .

  8. Next man up !! That is the theme of these 12 active roster guys.. even Niko, Dyrbe and Jawato will step up their games.. they want PT and to help team keep winning, with G Money down, and really a lot of guys injured reserve list, or have , 2 bigs vacated.. these guys will be ready,. Everyone this year , that is the mantra, Finish strong as One, whomever of the 12, the last Five standing.. I think sad for G, however,NOW the time for the the Three Friends, Wato, Niki and 808 Enos to Step Up, and they KNOW they will have PT opportunity.. perfect timing.. hope that G’s injury surgery not as bad.. he says, by BWC first game hopes to be back, yes Eagle with that special Fotu cast.. he is GREAT leader.. Coach from the bench, will not let team stop working getting better and winning championships, look for I Fleming, Bobbitt, Q, Janks, Jovan, everyone to ramp up their game.. perfect time.. and don’t look past these Southern athletic teams .. they are very quick and jack 3 ball, UH if play sound D, outstanding nation leading D, they can win these next 2 pre BWC games, and go 12-4 before BWC starts. and hopefully G Money is Back

    And Welcome back again and best wishes to your family back home bigdaddy,!!

  9. FIRST BWC game at SSC home , Wednesday January 7th 700pm HST, at Manoa.

    Hope G Money is ready.. soft cast.. sounds like not season ending.. the guy is the HEART of the team, a real first class student, citizen, son, and athlete.. Great leader, wish we had him for four years from freshman, will go down as one of the good ones 2 year JC run.. a winner Jr year part of 20 game winning team.. this year ? 28+ wins and Championships.. hoping so

    Go Bows!!

  10. Strongly Agree that Defense and Overall Intensity, Consistency and Depth seem to make This Team Less Susceptible…

    BUT These are 18-23 year olds with Lives;
    Very Confident; Could be Susceptible to Over-Confidence
    Coming Off a Three-Game HIGH Against their Best Competition (To Date)
    Benjy Noted just yesterday he had to Scream a Few Heads On Straight
    Warning Players that IF They’re NOT Ready to Play
    They Ain’t Gonna Play (BT is Part of WHY we’re Less Susceptible)
    Still Working Players into The Rotation & System;
    Injuries to Key Performers, Leaders;
    We’ve Been Sky-High Confident Before – Even Felt Near-Invincible
    After Knocking Off — not just coming close — Ranked Teams, OR Winning the Tournament…
    3-10 BUT NINE Games On-ROAD(7) or Neutral
    They WON Their Conference
    SOUTHERN’S Last Game was a 4-Point Loss @ #17 BAYLOR (66-70)
    AND Two Weeks Ago 10-Point Loss @ #19 Iowa State (Last Year’s DHC Champ)
    (That’s A LOT Better than Losing by 20 @ BYU)
    I’m watching right now, 5-8 LBSU (Sixth Straight Road Game) Beating SYRACUSE By 10

    As A Minimum…
    The TEAM Better Be READY For A TRAP Game
    That Is, Be Ready to STEP IT UP Immediately IF You Find Yourselves Looking Up at The Scoreboard Down 5 or10
    OR “Had A Solid LEAD that seems to be “Vanishing”
    OR Teammate(s) Look Sluggish
    OR Shots just seem to keep comin’ up short (low energy or focus)
    OR You’re Getting Beat to 50-50 Balls or Rebounds
    SHOULD Look More Like “The Road Team” Looks Tired or Lacks Speed, Quickness and Energy…
    BENCH Better Be Ready to Immediately STEP UP
    Then Dig Down And WIN First Half (Without Thinkin’ ‘Yeah We Already ‘Won’)
    THEN Got To

    GO ‘BOWS!

  11. As coach said Nevels is the total package and his leadership and intense D will be missed. So others need to step up. Not sure about Filipovich or Juwato on D or O. Brandon never played good D and Niko plays with energy but his skill sets are not developed at this point. Not even close to Nevels.
    One thing about Coach Benjy–he knows his personnel. If any mix will work, Coach will find it.

  12. kimo: Benjy is coaching and managing team, through, unreal pilikia, and the team responds, whomever ready and healthy, and they are winning. Credit to trainer Jay Goo too, as well as Orthopedic surgeons, and the guys super rehabbing, I don’t ever recall, a NWC, Smith, Nevels, Bobbitt, Jawato, Reyes, going down with injuries, and having to rehab, or out. less than half way through a MBB season, never.. and here UH is at 10-4..
    Watch, the cupboard not bare, G Money, definitely will be missed, however.. Bobbitt, Quincy, Fleming, Thomas, Jankovich, Jovanovich, Valdes, … and They HAVE TO STEP UP.. or else opportunity to help team lost,.. I believe, Niko, Dyrbe, and Jawato, they Defend, and run offense,. just buy in and be Serious, see how hard G Money and first 9 work.. they Can contribute.

    Benjy and staff, and wounded Warriors doing a helluva job.. Go Bows.. NEXT MAN UP !!

    and G Money, speedy recovery, and work on that left hand.. it will help you in pro bb career down the line !!
    Man, This team, NO NCAA DI team in America has had to deal with these trials since Oct 28 2014.. they Are Champions through adversity.. watch.. they guys available.. as kimo, you stated, and Benjy is proving,.. he will get whomever on the court to go hard, and play well.. Fleming, Bobbitt, Smith.. running that guard spot,.. AV and NWC.. that wing.. MT, Stef Jovanovicn and Janks, the paint area.. This Team of Warriors.. No Quit.. Next Man Up.. MAN UP !!

    Go Bows !!

  13. Everyone deals with injuries. Football , basketball. Next man up. What’s Warrior Basketball This will take time to heal. Fleming and q got to play smart

  14. Per BM latest from practice… Nevels convinced Benjy he can play tomorrow, still will have surgery on his hand On Wed. Man , have even more respect for Nevels.. he wants to defend, rebound, stay on top of the guys, be leader, so NO DROP off, I bet.. He a WARRIOR.. does not want them to slack off and get a trap two losses..
    He will wear a Large cast of his right hand, sort of reminds me of Fotu’s big cast, until Fotu, felt better then discarded and had an all BWC year..

    Nevels, appears to be ambidextrious..he shooting FT’s with his left hand, and looks pretty good.. he can drive to rim, or float with left hand, and his DEFENSE and leadership will drive the team.. Just be careful Garrett.. hey NWC ankle and ribs, Q’s, back and wrist, Bobbitts, broken arm and cut head, Janks shin splints, Jawato’s ankles. guys just are being really tough, also, Valdes’ concussion before.. wow Real Warriors, and they are still winning.. Bows have to get these two huge wins, love the back to back, like the old days, Fab Five and Henderson , teams,they played Friday and Sat, nites sold out.. if lost the nite before, whack team the next, if they really on.. sweep.. \Go Bows… Benjy must wonder, what next..well Benjy.. all twelve guys will have PT, and probably all healed by BWC tournament time, that is the key, playing well and healthy, the cream rise to the top..as NWC says, ain’t accomplished nothing until you win a championship.. really any type.. go Bows.. the will, they are champs already

  15. Maybe he should rest so as not to make the injury worse. Tough to catch a ball with almost one hand . Opponents don’t have to guard him as closely and could double up on someone else.

  16. These next two games will be a good time to give the bench more PT. These are non-conference games and although don’t want to lose you also want to get the other players in the game. We are one guard down so perfect time to put Jawato, Niko, and Dyrbe in and see what they can do. Save Nevels for conference play.

  17. Bet if Benjy sees more harm than good, let G Money, get surgery, then good cast, he should be good to go, on defense, rebounding, just the leadership role.. I think G Money can see, if he is not in there pushing, the team might slack off, so Benjy has to get on the guys. With Garrett trying so hard to help team, will hopefully inspire the guys.. if Captain grinding, wants to win, and not have any letdown, bruddahs, we better follow Captain’s lead.. Nevels is an awesome leader.. a Positive influence on team.. We shall see,.. if he plays. now BM blog.. Nevels going to try to play TWO games, the Southern U. and the Prairie View A&M, back to back Mon and Tuesday nite.. I know of guys in football, that played with broken feet, broken finger or hands, and had great soft, hard custom casts.. don’t know how he is going to do it.. however, did you notice, that Nevels was in a great portion of last minutes of Colorado win, and he had the broken hand.. actually it is a torn ligament, by the web or thumb and index.. must be more of a minor surgery, not season ending.. Captain G. just wants to ball. hope the best. .and Benjy makes the best call, to play or not for the long run towards BWC title.. I really think UH MBB will have legitimate shot.. they are extremely active and athletic, top 10 in defense, steals, and rebounds. nationally.. plus holding teams down three point percentage and the field.. awesome !!
    Going be exciting old timers… remember back 40 years ago, the Friday and Sat nite back to back games against, Southwestern Louisiana with Dwight Bo Lamar, and against Centenary with the Chief 7 foot Robert Parish, or against Abe Lemons’ Texas Pan American teams, or going against USF back to back with Bill Cartwright and company, lot of those back to back games, before UH joined the WAC

    Go Bows. and get well, take care G Money..

  18. Looks like Tyler Harville will be going to Berry College in Georgia (Div III) next season .

  19. What? Wish him well…

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