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No days off for Nevels

Reporters already know the drill when requesting an interview with Garrett Nevels after a practice with the University of Hawai’i basketball team. It will be a while. Often a long while.

Nevels is almost always the last player to leave the gym after practices. Some days, he’ll spend as much as an extra hour putting up extra shots. Even when the team has a “day off” from practice, he can often be found working out on his own in the practice gym.

The Warriors, who will play Chaminade on Friday at the Blaisdell Center Arena, did not have an official practice on Sunday, but Nevels was there anyway, working on his free throws, long-range and mid-range shots.


“I’ve just always been like that – trying to stay hungry and humble,” the 6-foot-2 senior guard said.

Nevels is the lone senior on the roster, and he acknowledges that he is being looked at as a leader in numerous ways. Showing the younger players that there is always time to improve is just another reason for him to stay in the gym as long as he does.

“It changes a lot,” he said of his post-practice routine. “Whatever I feel, like a shot that’s not real comfortable for me, I’ll work on that. Whether it’s ball handling or anything, I switch it up all the time.”

Nevels said he also realizes that his days as a college basketball player are winding down, and he wants to make the most of it.

“I want to accomplish big things,” he said. “I want to help lead my team to the NCAA Tournament and it’s not going to come easy, so I put in the work.”

His family will be traveling from California to Honolulu next week to celebrate Christmas, but Nevels said even they will have to take a bit of a backseat to basketball.

“I mean, I’ll spend some time with them, but they’re on their own,” he said with a laugh. “I’m doing what I’m doing.”

Nevels is also a senior academically, and is on pace to graduate with a degree in Sociology after the Spring 2015 semester. “I got like three 10-page papers I gotta do,” he said. “I gotta knock it out.

“I just do it. I always make time to workout, I always make time for practice, and at the end of the day, just work on some school work.”

As the lone senior, Nevels said he is also unafraid to vocalize instructions and encouragement to the rest of the team.

“Sometimes Q (Quincy Smith) or somebody will try and joke about that,” he said. “But I’ll be like ‘for real, I’m a player-coach.’ ”


  1. Go G Money, push, grind, lead, do well on track to graduate, and guide team to BWC championships.
    First class leader, and all around BB talent. Just relax, release ball higher and quicker on 3 ball, get separation, don’t hesitate, the window, the screen the space will be there split second, then.. boom, 3 ball down, swisssshhhh !!

    Go Bows Rainbow Warriors !

  2. fantastic player

  3. Darn, high character guy, another one.. he doing well in school, going to get his degree, all that noise, he and team navigate, stay positive. ..No joke, as G says, For Real, I have tremendous respect, for the hundredth time, for Coaches , and the guys.. Who else in the nation had to deal with what they went through? I don’t think too many teams.

    Garrett, good example on and off the court, one of those student athletes , Actually he and Aaron Valdes spoke up, after what went down, and wanted to Stay The Course, reason, valued scholarship, education and playing for University and the fans of Hawaii. Love the guy and the team even more. Look forward to them doing some special things, they are humble and hungry, hard working team. On a Mission.

    Garrett Nevels, his focus is there.. he will do well post UH for sure, in life, employ and pro ball if that is his hoops dream.. Fantastic player is right.. (and leader of a team, I think you can put Q, the light hearted humor guy and Atlhletic monster Aaron Valdes there too, good students and BB talents)

  4. Mahalo, Dayton

    GMoney — KEEP Workinʻ Harder than the Opposition/Teams Weʻre Beatinʻ
    Get Your Shooting Percentages Back to The Top of The Conference Stats
    Your FOCUS IS Right There – Class Work Good & Early
    Makinʻ Time To Work and Win, First In, Last Out

    Leading Your Junior, Sophomore and Freshmen Teammates to Your and Their Best Selves
    A Lot of That Commitment shows up Down the Road
    Rewards in Shots that HIT, Teammates that Understand when Their Time Comes They Will, Must, Gottta Step Up
    YOU Show Up, AND You and Teammates Perform
    The Best TEAM Players Wanna Play with The Best
    KEEP Attracting and Keeping Good Teammates
    True Leaders Like G-Money or Spearman-Bobbitt Replace Themselves with someone as good, even better

    #1 – Beat Chaminade
    Yeah, Then WIN DHC — Been Long Enough
    ?Nebraska and Shockers In for a Shock?
    GO G-Money, Go ‘Bows!
    Start, Work Hard And FINISH STRONG!

  5. What an inspiration! I think that sometimes we fans only watch the games and don’t understand how hard these kids have to work every single day. Garrett Nevels putting in all that extra work is a great example not just for this basketball team but for all the teams at UH.

    All of that extra shooting he does and he still going to graduate means this guy really has the dedication in every area of his life. He has a bright future no matter what he decides to do after UH.

  6. Garrett, great job, in class and on track to grad. Nice to see you leading by example, putting in the extra work on your game. Showing younger guys, what it takes to win championships and go far into post season.

    Only thing, telling , and you probably most aware…..your 3 point shooting will come around, quicker release, space have to create, use screen, you will be that high percentage 3 ball launcher again as Eagle alluded to.

    Free Throw Shooting. When in gym , on your own, extra hour or so, just repetition, relax , bend knees, same motion, same motion, and swish, ball goes in, so important to help team win games, those missed Free Throws, could cost games.
    Just suggestion that coaches are working with you on too.
    If you are high 80% FT shooter, tremendous, ..also ability to go all the way to rim and one..

    Negus same, thing, you must be a much better than 50% FT line shooter.. Have to be in that 80% range.. As a Team, at least around mid 70%, from 1 through 12th guy, would help.

    Otherwise, keep doing what you all are doing, Great Job,.. Will have a good ending to this season, a season of redemption, of not giving up, of meeting goals through turmoil.
    A solid, and maturing great group of 15..

  7. Per BM blog, SA, latest breaking story, Sammis Now officially gone for good, transfer to JC..

    Sammis Reyes, during mid term , transferring to JC in Florida. This time He is gone for good. Never got to see him play a minute with The Rainbow Warriors.. He felt, if going to sit out, might as well be in Florida, his second home, Chile his original. Wish him the best. Sammis, what a stormy past few months.. waited out the ncaa waiver to get into UH last second for fall, Gib and Akana, and Fotu gone, hurts his toe, then breaks his hand. Feels he might catch a break(pun not intended ) when coming out of JC in 2016-17, go through the recruitment process again..

    the best thing about Sammis ordeal? The guys who never waivered, who stayed the course, stuck with the program, even with New interim coach and staff, These remaining 14, are really close, and they are going to and have won a lot of games, WITHOUT Sammis , so that is a good thing..

    By my count, if everything goes good.. Nevels, grad, Sammis vacated Scholie, One more remaining from last season, So Possibly Three, or even four, depending who are the walkons, for next season, if Benjy, Que on board.

    Well Aloha and best wishes Sammis, hope to see you fulfill your hoop dreams, and make sure to finish college , even Associate Degree is good !!~

  8. All the More So, if there are 3 or possibly 4, Fotu, Nevels grad, Sammis transferring, and that one extra one from last year.. so probably 4 scholarships.. If current HC and staff are handcuffed, whether they are here or not next year. UH Chancellor of BOR chair, should have a staff or HC in place for 2015-16, sooner the better. What about mid term transfers?
    If only the recruits KNOW for certain, who is recruiting them will be here next fall.. That is where a smart UH, Chancellor, or who is making decision.. have to lock in or search for HC for next season, NOW..
    my vote.. Benjy, Que, Loyd, and Autry, at least for another year 2015-16.. why.. ? It makes too much sense, for continuity of current team, and retention of core.. Hope UH does it right, and soon.. recruits, there must be now.. possibly 2 or 3? awaiting, what will happen by March..2015

    In meantime, UH MBB , the Fantastic Fourteen, just do well on finals, and go get as many wins and championships as possible.. make the decision clear cut.. You guys are winners, and Benjy and staff, excellent job keeping team together !!

    Go Rainbow Warriors !!

  9. I had the feeling he was going to leave. Someone like him needed to play to be happy. He doesn’t seems to be the type the would take a redshirt years. He probably homesick and the fact the he is not playing made him more homesick.

    Just too much bad luck here and probably looking to change his luck by leaving. This will open up a scholie where we can get an athletic big man or two.

  10. not too bad he left after the ncaa sanctions came out….cause now if ncaa was thinking about taking scholarships away for next recruiting class, they can now take sammis one away too

  11. It almost was a given that once Sammis underwent season-ending surgery that this would happen. Can’t say I blame him, though was really looking forward to seeing him play. Best of luck to him.

    Meanwhile, thank goodness the team has committed leaders like Garrett Nevels. He’s matured in his two seasons here. The after-practice work eventually will pay off … need his shooting touch going forward.

    RunBows: You asked about Davis. He’s starting for a Latvian (?) team in the Euro League. I think he scored 15 points in his last game, shooting 7 for 8 (if I recall), and that included 1-for-1 from 3-point range! Had to chuckle about that one.

  12. Mahalo clyde…da beast …..davis !!

  13. hawaiifan09

    …truthfully…unless you or I are ncaa investigator, jeff p., jackson w. or supposedly chancellor and uh legal counsel…how do we know uh mbb will lose any scholarships? How do we know if any probation? Sanctions..could be either uh admin. went too overboard in dismissals or they nailed it on the head..2 coaches, and 2 athletes gone..ncaa satisfied…uh goes to ncaa seminar for running uh mbb correctly..I mean , would thel whole team and current staff have to quit before bwc play to avoid sanctions?
    It is so strange, the investigation, dismissals and 2 guys leaving..for what? Practice too much..ipad given or loaned..doba..conduct workout not supposed to..extra poke bowls?
    Benjy, best move Ben Jay made , retain him as interim and let him assemble a good staff
    the least of team’s concerns , the ncaa…Gib, Akana, Fotu ready I guess with counsel..clear record
    ncaa…the whole thing waste of time and money…

    Ncaa…go for it….show us what you got…if concerned parties all gone , who they going punish..
    sorry…ncaa, so slow… might as well come back for one year anniversary of alter paper…boo..boo
    UH MBB and fans , just enjoy team plus they winning BWC and going to ncaa’s !!

    Go Bows..just concerned about supporting the mbb team and coaching staff
    ncaa can just go to bahamas for new year’s

  14. Almost feels like we got taken for ride, eh?
    Free vacation to Hawaii, all expenses paid. Free medical, that covered his injuries and surgical procedures.

  15. Other blog SA said he run before..? To junior college?
    Bet this second time quit guy galvanizes team even more..only want guys stay with team through it all
    Fleming man up stay true !!

    Aloha, and welcome Janks. ..get ready to explode !!
    Ncaa madness bound!!

  16. Isaac Fleming ready to help energize team…part of 4 great guards !!
    uh mbb can be 10 deep battling in DHC..and BWC..!!

  17. He wanted to play, but his toe and his pinkie derailed him . Better cut out the King of the Beach, Valdes hurt his head too there.
    As for NCAA, apparently most of the initial allegations weren’t serious, but UH personnel didn’t confess to what they did, to detective Joe Friday, or like to the priest.

  18. Chancellor say Ben has to choose…hire by ” himself ” new HC…shoots..first two weeks uh mbb overall 16-4 or 15-5, akamai for those 2 or 3 recrits waiting to see if Benjy stiil her next year..either ben jay hire him for next year or retain que and benjy..autry..and loyd too.
    get it done right..uh taxpayers , fans..team and families tire of politics

  19. islandman …respect you very much..with gag order…no say nothing..is that on the record..the lying..ncaa..above and beyond secular law..travesty..i would bet they ask 64 guys and gals..by 4th time story all kapakahi
    so dumb..whole investigation..hold accountable ones with “no comment” supposed, and they pay price..
    hey wait a minute..,gib, akana, fotu now sammis gone…that should take care the whole crew right..for violation alleged..that no one is supposed to be silent on..
    once again ncaa , bet they laughing in kansas city..no one knows what letter says or if ever made public
    ncaa investigator nice vacaton in hawaii

    No comment, everyone not to comment..now WE KNOW EVERYTHING coming down?
    The team, just play ball
    and hope the high priced alabama legal team did their job an uh mbb untouched..otherwjse as taxpayer I want refund to whole state if they did squat..
    time move on..bet to ncaa uh mbb this small thing small fish in pond..
    what a waste of time,,and bad on team, families and fans
    No Clue At All
    sheeesh !

  20. Amen to killing king of the beach. Nice to appreciate sun, sand, and surf but that doesn’t do much for us in March. Practice basic bb skills please and leave the beach to the beach boys.

  21. Could Be Wishful Thinking….

    BUT i think…


    – THE ONLY D-1 Experience (So Far) for Sammis

    – NOT A Replacement for Friends and Family, BUT
    The JC Experience “Should” Provide CONTRASTS With Respect To:
    – The WHOLE ‘Ohana and How Everyone Treats One Another;
    – The D-1 Level of Excitement and Experience
    – The Place, The Similarities BUT Maybe “The Difference”

    He Experienced The Level of Success of Beating PITT and Still Will
    See The DHC (from a Distance??)

    We’ll Know Soon Enough…BUT I would NOT Be (Overly) Surprised
    IF Sammis Realized The Serenity, Quality and Basketball Experience in Hawai’i is STILL One of His BEST Options out of J.C. — As a Verified Qualifier, he Could Return After Spring Semester…

    And HIS Teammates, These People and This Place
    should (Might) have made An Impact, An Impression…

  22. Eagle:

    Apparently, and very true, Gib stuck with Sammis till he was granted last minute entry to UH this fall..
    remember Gib loved his competitive nature and beasting in weight room. Too bad about broken pinkie that set him back. When Gib was terminated, Sammis very much affected, he was a Gib get. Remember ultimatum by Benjy , he wanted only guys all on board to be at practices…Sammis strike one, opted to transfer, second chance, reconsidered, team and Benjy gave him second chance…was doing well..then broke hand..he could have started working out with team again in two months..talk with Benjy, wants to go one year jc route..look for More looks, other schools, open up recruiting again..strike 3..wish him well
    happens , coach recruited you gone, injuries and homesick for..prep school friends and florida home base.

    Thing is , 14 guys are as one, they are winning without Sammis ever have played a minute..sure team and benjy wish him well..however he has some maturing to do..only way he would come back to hawaii? If Gib was made uh mbb head coach again

  23. ..and IF That Would be The Rght Thing…

    I’d Be In Favor of Making Things Right…

    Make Room…

    BRING BACK The Winningest Coaches in UH History…

    BUT TO A Better Athletics, Budget, Commitment and Athletics Environment…

    Maybe Gib Arnold (Hardest Working & Home-Grown )
    CLEAR The Slate…
    LET Him RE-Interview & Compete, Fair & Square
    SEE If YOU CAN Find & Secure a ‘Better’ Coach
    Then Simply DO What’s Best for THE PROGRAM
    He Might Be (New Head Coach)
    The Next Jaimie Dixon OR even Rick Pitino…

    Maybe June Jones to “STRONG FINISH” His Career

    Idealy, TO BOTH Take their Programs to New Highest Heights

  24. Eagle: you been there , seen it, done that, in relation to MBB through the decades. Even with the TV ncaa thing back in 1976, and what went down, This , in my opinion is THE STRANGEST.. ncaa investigation, leaking of confidential information, BOR leaks, radio hosts leaks, jumping to conclusions, without even the factual allegations coming forth. Several fronts, though old , not that old news. the way handles, from reporting of paper work, to the dismissal of Gib. Now, at least Two Media heavy weights, actually 3, .. two morning guys , sports show hosts and one afternoon guy, are certain, not handled right. With Gib wanting to clear slate, clear name, insists on NO wrong doing, felony, abuse, of any kind, and Fotu wanting counsel to clear His Name and Reputation, so that for all time, there is Not that stigma that follows them in the future.

    As was heard , last week on that On Point show , by the caller, a man, who has family associated with or working for NCAA.. he pointed out, that it was minor, and still are minor infractions, Not money making, illegally, abuse, recruiting of Mc Donald All Americans, setting them up with Apts, diamonds, jewels, money, etc( my input as example), and HE WAS WONDERING asking the host of On Point if It Were Possible for Gib to be reinstated as HC, On Point host, said he doesn’t think so, though he appreciated hearing from somebody, who has relatives that are close to NCAA and infractions people.. Wonder on all the forums, no one caught that program, I though I might have been dreaming, however I know that On Point host , he has it on tape..

    Still , as the Box Tops from 1967 sang, my baby(ncaa) she gave me a letter(alleged infractions), What if, Just for Polynesia’s sake, That it is minor things, that did not warrant release, or letting Gib go without cause, which we know, was Really For Cause.. I wonder what Gib’ attorney will do, don’t know if have legal recourse, just the statement, if Gib is clear,, Then What? UH .. apologizes, I would think so…Fotu too.. he is clean, and innocent mistakes, not Felony? UH.. apologizes. and I hope makes restitution.
    Take NOTHING AWAY FROM WHAT BENJY and Team are doing with support of Ben Jay and Parents, it is Nothing short of a miracle.. this team with Janks, Jawato and NWC firing on all cylinders come BWC play could actually make the NCAA tournament, I really believe that, Gib and Fotu, and Akana would be very happy.

    I still, would If I am Ben Jay, and Chancellor is letting , well allowing him to do his final part of his job, Ben should sit down with Benjy, and look at how team will look like one year from now., If Benjy tells him, if he and Que, and a few other assistants are able to tell team And potential 3 recruits in waiting that they will be here for 2015-16 season, what harm would it do, to rollover , Benjy for One more Year? Or start search January, and tell new HC to retain Que and Benjy for continuity sake.,
    Eagle, to me , that Would make the most sense out of this turmoil… Just to keep MBB afloat.

    Go Rainbow warriors.., Eagle you always been positive, yet objective, I think you know more of the goings on in UH MBB and athletics than I do.,. and I really respect that.
    NCAA thing.., whenever, or IF EVER.. revealed allegations or non allegations.. will be something to behold.. as akuhead2 says from down under.. REVERSAL?

    Go Bows !
    My midnight editorial. Good Night and Go Rainbow warriors.. get ready for a Chaminade Trap game !!

  25. Dayton – maybe rename site GibInsider. Never seen people so unwilling to let something go. And, Eagle, if you refer to winningest coach in history coming back, that would be Riley Wallace

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