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Fleming and Warriors ready to take on Delaware State

The University of Hawai’i basketball team would like to do what the travel gods already did to Delaware State – slow the Hornets’ forward momentum.

The Warriors will host Delaware State in an intriguing game on Tuesday night at the Stan Sheriff Center.


Hawai’i is 6-2 after returning from Florida with a 2-1 record in the Gulf Coast Showcase last week. Delaware State, which is 3-3, arrived in Honolulu on Monday – a day later than expected due to travel delays. The Hornets planned to arrive on Sunday, but instead spent that night in Texas.

Delaware State is still flying high after a 72-65 upset at Wake Forest last week. It was the program’s first victory over a team from the Atlantic Coast Conference.

“They got five guys averaging double-figures (points),” Hawai’i acting head coach Benjy Taylor said. “Very good ball club. Athletic, shoot it and they’re big. It’s going to be a good test for us.”

One of the subplots involves UH freshman guard Isaac Fleming, who is from the state of Delaware. He said he grew up playing basketball against some of the Delaware State players, and also sees them in summer leagues. “I know majority of their whole team,” Fleming said.

However, Fleming said he grew up as more of a fan of the University of Delaware than Delaware State. “Never could see myself going there (to Delaware State),” he said.

At the same time, Fleming knows first-hand that the Hornets have some talented players on their roster.

“They’re a good team, don’t let me get it wrong,” he said. “A lot of flashy guys, they love one-on-one … it’s going to be fun going against them.”

Adding to that subplot, Fleming was informed about the death of one of his aunts just last week. “Just looking to come out and have a good showing because I know my aunt’s watching,” he said.

The Hornets were picked to finish fifth in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC), and they have displayed inconsistencies this season. Just two days prior to their upset win at Wake Forest, they lost by 50 (126-76) at Iona.


Amere May, a 6-foot-3 senior guard, leads Delaware State in scoring at 19.7 points per game, including 32 in the win at Wake Forest. Hawai’i is perhaps most concerned about Kendall Gray, the Hornets’ 6-10 senior center. He is averaging 13.7 points and 11.7 rebounds per game, and ranks among the nation’s leaders in blocked shots at 4.3 per game. “He’s as good as any big we’ve seen so far,” Taylor said.

The Hornets have several other weapons, including DeAndre Haywood, a 6-2 guard who is averaging 13.5 points per game, and Tyshawn Bell, a 6-7 forward who is averaging 12.3 points and 4.0 rebounds per game and leads the team with 17 3-pointers and a .531 percentage from 3-point range.

The Warriors will counter with a balanced attack, led by sophomore forward Aaron Valdes, who is averaging team-bests of 14.9 points and 7.5 rebounds per game. Senior guard Garrett Nevels is averaging 12.6 points per game, followed by junior point guard Roderick Bobbitt at 9.8 (and 5.4 assists per game), sophomore forward Negus Webster-Chan at 9.0, sophomore forward Mike Thomas at 8.3, and Fleming at 7.7.

“We’ll have to defend the basketball,” Taylor said. “We’re going to really have to get back and not let them get any easy baskets.”

Game Info

What: Hawai’i (6-2, 0-0 Big West) vs. Delaware State (3-3, 0-0 MEAC)
When: Tuesday, Dec. 2, 7:00 p.m.
Where: Stan Sheriff Center (Honolulu, O‘ahu)
Tickets: $26 lower level; upper level – $18 for adults, $16 for senior citizens (65-older), $5 for students age 4-18. Parking is $6.
Television: Live on OCSports – Channels 16 (SD) and 1016 (HD).
Streaming Video: Live video streaming is available on BigWest.tv.
Radio: Live on ESPN 1420 AM. Neighbor islands can listen live on KNUI on Maui, KHLO in Hilo, KKON in Kona and KTOH on Kaua’i.
Audio Webcast: Live audio streaming on espn1420am.com
Live Stats: Live in-game stats are available at HawaiiAthletics.com


  1. Agent “0” is back. Motivated and UH MBB fanbase support you Isaac, your dad bigdaddy and your family on loss of your dear aunt.
    Whole team get to work, and keep on winning, You Are Family !!

    Go Warriors. Rainbow Warriors !


    GO ‘BOWS

  3. Eagle: If 2900+ come to game on school and work night, that 2900 will sound like 12,900 including you and warriorhaw and the Faithful.. Have a great game, shout out to Benjy and the team. Delaware State one on one team, hmmm. UH has not played a team like that in 8 games, good test.. More like a Summer league game, they get blown out by Iona(Benjy says Iona just played great D on them, same that UH has to do)..and they upset Wake Forrest at Wake Forrest.. As Isaac Agent Zero says, should be fun game, up and down, d up, who can control tempo, play smart.. They do have a legit Big, shotblocker , double double guy, nation leading shot blocker..

    One More Test for this Fantastic Fourteen, Sammis surgery tomorrow Dec. 2nd 2014, I think that is what he said, either tomorrow or after, Wonder if Pinkie, what is so unusual, Sammis super man ,strong, and he breaks his pinkie toe, and pinkie finger.. wow.. Get Well Sammis, stay strong in school and rehab speedy recovery.

    I think UH MBB team, as Isaac Fleming, says , not a One on One or personal matchup, They stick with what Benjy installs for game plan, they follow that, they win games..

    Go Bows Warriors.. Eagle and SSC fan faithful there and hopefully 200 + students, make some noise, help UH to win,… feeling going to be a high scoring game, jacking 3’s, dunks, blocked shots, a lot of steals, turnovers.. etc, etc, etc

    Win , just win guys.. One Team, One Ohana. Finish Strong Warriors !!

  4. RunBows, you exactly right. Whoever is there will be loud and proud. This team deserves a packed house for what they have done and for what they are going to do. This is a team of Destiny. And they will do it as One Ohana.

    Yep RB, One Team, One Ohana.

    Just get it done!

    Isaac, bigdaddy and all of us are very proud of you as you are maturing with every minute. You will be a great leader.

    Go Bows!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Need new nickname for Isaac. Agent “30” since he changed numbers. Dayton – is there a reason for the change?

  6. Isaac, sorry for your loss…dedicate the game to your Aunt, play with heat and soul, as usual and Hawaii will come out on top.

    On paper, Delaware st. is looking to be quite a daunting match-up. I believe the keys to pulling out the win tonight are as follows:
    -Take care of the ball, no careless turnovers!
    -Rebound! It’s going to be a battle of the boards and this may be the deciding factor
    -Don’t foul/draw fouls! We may need to pull the home court advantage for this one 🙂
    -DEFENSE! No conservativeness needed, go all out, go for steals, out-hustle the other guys, every posession is critical. I really believe this game will come down to the last couple of posessions.
    -Once you get the lead, DON’T let it go!

    I think this will be an excellent test for the Warriors at this point of the season, a gut check of sorts. Nonetheless, I feel as though this is something the team can handle and I look forward to watching tonight. Let’s GO BOWS!!!

  7. It should be a good one tonight! It really is hard to believe how a team can lose by 50 one night and come back only two days later to beat a ACC team at there place. They must have double personalities! I would take any advantage so I hope the Delaware team that showed up and lost by 50 shows up in the Stanley tonight and not the team that knocked off Wake.

    Hey Keepitreal I think Isaac is still Agent 0. He said in a TV interview a while back that he had to wear 30 only for one game because his 0 jersey wasn’t ready yet. No surprise there, probably another bumble and fumble within the UH athletic department.

  8. Sammis said, 7 hrs ago, that he’s on his way back to Hawaii . You think he will or is red- shirting ? He would miss a good part of the season, after he gets his surgery .

  9. islandman: “real time UH athletics man ! ” When others, even Benjy said they might use a medical RS year for Sammis after the broken pinkie… Benjy said to hold on, they would evaluate… pretty sure, Dayton, SA or Brian will have details.. islandman, even WITHOUT Sammis, who was behind the curve learning the stuff Benjy was trying to install on O and D, UH was winning, that is the unreal part about the First Quarter 8 games for UH.. even with that 5 guards, with Aaron, AirCuba, Airon, AirLaunch, Meet you the Air, Valdes, playing Center 5 spot, UH was competitive..

    If Sammis, and it looks that way, unless, minor surgery, maybe dislocated pinkie? And with playing cast made, he would make a go, they say recover time about 6 weeks depending, so that would take him till start of BWC season. However.. the Medical RS year, is a good thing, let Sammis get healed, and So Important now, if he wants to be solid for NCAA play, Do well in school,.. has to, Very Important.

    Calvary on the Way: Janks eligible, Dec 19 or DHC time. Jawato, when in shape and 3 ball falling. J has a SF body, really closer to 6’5″.. maybe 6’4 3/4″ tall and about 215 I would say.. he not only jack 3’s, has to play 4 spot and Rebound , dive for loose ball, and Defend the other 3 – 5’s.

    If UH, and I am staying really positive, The Season of Redemption.. The Proving Ground, Hoosiers in Hawaii, .. UH comes out with winning record despite, all the whatevers.. Incredible. story… worthy of writeup in Sports Illus. , Sporting News, CNN, Fox and Espn, the magazine.. Nationally as UH wins some games here and on mainland, the coaching fraternity, is now buzzing about Hawaii and coaches , families, the fans, and they are amazed…

    Warriors, just go for it.. Rainbow Warriors we got your backs..
    Sammis, remember Do super well in school, get the needed medical attention, and stay the course towards MBB first or second year continued upward trend.

    For the whatever, 2500-3000, or so in house at SSC.. give em !! Shout out.. used to go Klum gym, maybe 150 in the house and cheer for the local boys and mainland on old Rocha teams.. Go Rainbows.. Go Bows..!!!

    Eagle, warriorhaw, and the faithful there every year , through wins and losses(not too many)…have a great SSC home season, cheer the young guys on!!

  10. islandman:

    Just Me wondering out loud and posting.. could Sammis have had the surgery for hand in Florida? Or just taking care of things, medical, school, forms for Doctors, ? Maybe they had a special Hosptial , surgeon or medical procedure, rehab in Florida?
    Well, you are right, he will be back soon, on the way back to Hawaii which is good. He is Still Family !!
    Wish you well Sammis, it would be unreal if he did a Spearman, Quincy, or Fotu, they were supposed to be out for weeks if not months with injuries, and boooom, they were back.

    Main thing, he does well …we know the deal, School first, Medical rehab and correction important for later life too, and Part of Ohana, even if cheering on the team !!

    Slammin Sammis coming back to Hawaii.. wish you well young man !!

  11. If sammis got a leg injury I would say red shirt because you cant favor a leg like you can favor a hand. Plus he is a critical piece to this team. When tournament time comes Benji will need players that can match up with the opposing teams. Thats a luxury to have guys like Reyes, Jankovic, and Jawato coming on board. And you never know when players go into a slump we got guys that can be subbed and not have the quality of play go down. But red shirt is an option and Benji will wait to the last day on this call.

  12. RunBows, when did UH move to HIC arena ? Around before the Fabulous Five ? I used to watch the rainbows play in Klum Gym when Al Saake used to coach; i know you said you don’t go back that far.

    Lucky for fans who don’t attend games, that there is OC Sports for basketball, volleyball, softball, baseball ,etc. And the OC or other internet streaming besides the TV .

  13. islandman:

    Yeah, I was still in elementary school, when watch, Not season ticket holder just follow the folks to a few games. Remember, UH was playing SubPac, Hickam Flyers, Linfield, Willamette, with some bigger name schools, like Houston, coming in for RBC at Blaisdell.

    HIC opened in 1964, I went to the first Million Dollar Summer Rock Party, presented by KPOI and Tom Moffatt with Paul Revere and the Raiders, Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, The Telstars, etc. I remember , man over 50 years ago, some games at Bloch arena, just follow the folks who loved UH sports, and remember High School sports were bigger than UH at that time..so maybe we

    about same era.. I do remember Elvin Hayes playing in , I think the 1966? RBC, Basketball was not my favorite sport to watch of play at that time.. I was Baseball, and Football player primarily.. BB , my older brothers played.

    Remember, Red had that 1968-69 team I think..they went 16-9.. pretty good squad, two years before the Fab Five arrived fall of 1970..
    Ahhhh, islandman, makes me feel older.. yes, the younger generation, really great venue SSC for those that can go, and the Student body, make use of their tuition/tickets to go to those BB games.. even if they don’t like BB they will enjoy what Jamie Smith started with the Manoa Maniacs..

    Ahhhh, cannot live in the past, however, fun times as a kid, following also, Dave Holmes, College small FB teams, …

    Go Bows.. islandman, keep the updates coming, take care of your dog, and say shout out to family.. long time fan that you are of ALL UH SPORTS !!


  14. RunBows, did i mention my dog before ? ( She had to be put to sleep on Aug. 29 . 17 yrs old, kidney failure, otherwise healthy almost to the end. I know others have also lost their pets at various times ).

    RunBows and others, you remember the “old” Civic Auditorium ? Roller Derby , Hawaii Chiefs ABL basketball , Tom Moffat shows, I think pro wrestling, etc.

  15. islandman:

    Very sorry to hear about lost of your family dear friend, your dog, you did mention about taking care of him. Sorry about that. Yes, I guess there are a lot on this forum and the other 2, that go back to late fifties, sixties and seventies, Civic, yes, going to Everly Bros. concert with dad and brothers, part of a circus event I think, Civic, 50th State Big Time Wrestling, who could forget !! Roller Derby, fun, fun and fun. Things were much cheaper, no internet, no cable TV, just play out in safer places about town, beach, camping.. and sports…Yes, remember couple of times, they tried Pro Basketball here in Honolulu, …

    High School was king.
    Time move on, Canned Heat(rock group)at the Civic, Led Zeppelin I think May of 1969 first concert in Hawaii, Civic was The Place for events before the HIC, and even competed with HIC for acts/ sports.. Honolulu Stadium, the termite and B52 palace, slurp saimin, and BBQ meat sticks, watch the Hawaii Islanders AAA minor league Baseball team, see Bo Belinsky pitch no hitter, etc.. Kuhio Theatre, Queen and Kaimuki, Princess, Toho , Waikiki original, watching all kine great movies, for 35 cent matinee junior price.. wow !! And sports.. watched Farrington HS with Randy Cadiente helping Govs win the Turkey day Bowl game for HS ILH championship.. etc.

    Well, what a younger part of our lives, great memories, and much Safer, less expensive.. However, now, UH Athletics and the challenge to stay afloat, I hope UH can do it.. and UH MBB and WBB , WVB huge part of it.. FB.. we shall see

    islandman.. great memories, and once again sorry about loss of your dog. Pets, they don’t complain, they just give back a lot of love !!

    Well, back to the 21st century !! Go MBB Rainbows, and get that W tonite against very talented Delaware St.. don’t let down, go for it guys !!

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