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Ben Jay announces resignation from UH

Here is the official release from the University of Hawai’i athletic department:

HONOLULU – Citing personal reasons, Ben Jay has announced his resignation as University of Hawai’i Athletics Director effective June 30, 2015. Jay informed UH Manoa Chancellor Robert Bley-Vroman of his decision yesterday, saying he wants to assist a smooth transition to the department’s new leadership. Jay, who will continue to run the day-to-day operations at Athletics until his departure, made the announcement this afternoon at a press conference on Lower Campus.


Jay was appointed AD by former Chancellor Tom Apple in December 2012. Before joining UH, he was Executive Associate AD for Finance and Operations at Ohio State University.

“I am honored to be AD, and thank everyone at the program, UH, and supporters throughout Hawai’i and beyond for the privilege to serve,” said Jay. “I am gratified by the steps we’ve taken to ensure that UH Athletics is headed in the right direction – especially in supporting the education of our student-athletes, improving facilities, and keeping up with the changing landscape of national collegiate athletics. It is very important to me that I continue to contribute during this transition period.”

Chancellor Bley-Vroman expressed his appreciation to Jay for overseeing Athletics since 2012, and for Jay’s continued oversight to ensure student-athletes are receiving support and continuing to excel in the classroom. This has resulted in much improved academic achievement in Athletics, with a department GPA of more than 3.0 for two consecutive years among student-athletes, higher than the general undergraduate student body. Also, there have been improved Academic Progress Rate (APR) scores for all sports teams, well above the 930 threshold developed by the NCAA as an early indicator of eventual graduation rates.

An AD search will commence in January, according to Chancellor. Said Bley-Vroman, “We are grateful for Ben’s leadership of the Athletics Department. We must always remember that success in Athletics should be measured, in large part, on the academic experience of student-athletes, who are here at UH Manoa to earn college degrees that will impact their future careers and lives. We appreciate that Ben has given us notice of his intent to leave now, which will give us the necessary lead time to select the next AD, and have that new leader in place before mid-2015.”


  1. Finally some good news.

  2. TAVS:

    You think Riley Wallace would be interested in 3 year deal to be AD? I think he would be good. Fight for UH athletics with Private and Govt. Sector support. He was good friend with Stan Sheriff who gave his life for UH athletics..

    As always, Ben Jay is a really nice young man, great wife and good young kids.. Wish him the best. Would never want to be AD or HC.. all that stress..
    Now can the INTERIM.. I am sure it will be Mr. McNamara , do a Benjy Taylor thing. get the Athletic Dept, ship running well, and teams doing good through May 2015? I think if he has the Powers that be support.. He would do well.. as long as vested interest in keeping NCAA DI athletics going.. See how plays out

    Best wishes to another good guy, difficult situation, Aloha and take care Ben Jay and your family, Mahalo !!

  3. I think people would have considered Riley but after his recent health issue I don’t think he’s physically a viable candidate. The stress and travel demands would be very taxing on his health.

  4. Mike Cherry said on Hawaii News Now that the NCAA letter is expected within one or two weeks . We heard that before. Also, he said could be some heavy penalties, from what he heard .

  5. I really think we have to wait to see who is next AD before we decide this is good news or bad news. I said before in the last posting that Ben Jay is only the tip of the iceberg because its a lot of the people below him that will sink the ships but yet the public people dont see whats below the surface.

    I can not help but ask why Mr. Jay even had to announce this right now if he is leaving at the end of June. I have a funny feeling something happened maybe with something coming up with the NCAA or something with Norm Chow situation?

    When somebody quits a job for personal reasons that means there head and heart is not in it. If Mr. Jay really leaving for personal reasons he should leave now or else why put everybody through six more months of misery that your head and heart are saying you are not happy. THIS is why I have reason to ask that there is more to the story and I pray that it is not NCAA planning death penalty.

  6. ChuckCheese: You know how it is at UH and Admin. and The Real Power controlling this mess. If it is NCAA MBB investigation, started by an altered document that did not even make it to the mailbox, it was caught by compliance… Now we talking about NCAA MBB, like SMU football, totally banished from NCAA DI landscape for 3 or 5 years..Death Blow..
    What is entirely confusing to this life long fan, BOR, JP and his cohort JW, go on radio after Gib firing and say heavy ,dark blows, BM guessing, along with Hawaii News Now, heavy penalties, With More leaks,, and remember UH and parties involved with NCAA thing, supposed to shhhhhhhh! not say anything.. That UH will suffer the worse, and MBB down the tubes for years to come.. IF UH POWER That be, BOR chair, and other, KNOW>. why don’t they man or woman up AND just say.. Level I, infractions. MBB, NO this , No that, etc, why even wait for Letter to arrive, IF THEY KNOW.. UH MBB is gone for next 5 years or so.. ? Because they Don’t know, what NCAA is going to present right, Right !

    Let us step back like Ben Jay.. for personal reasons as fans, and taxpayers.. Early part of this fall, Gib and Akana fired, for involvement in ncaa thingee., suspension of Isaac Fotu.. he feels best interests, and he was a Akana recruit, and appreciate support of Gib and Brandyn, Fotu, best MBB PF hybrid, or one of the top 30 in the nation , and great pro prospect is paying for play now.. So THREE of the Most Alleged involved in NCAA infractions supposedly, and other things, too much practice time, DOBA doing whatever, not their duties.. extra scoop rice, and gravy, a tablet or not a tablet.. And NCAA IS STILL GOING TO DEATH BLOW UH MBB?
    Makes No Sense at All.
    If THE POWER(s) that be, calling all the shots, and LEAKING MORE THAN THE TITANIC, just Come out and Say because of NCAA infractions.. AD gone, 2 coaches gone, and Top player gone.. and STILL the Death Penaly..Maybe NCAA wants to see UH and their fans, and families of MBB team, to sweat.. and wince..
    Then they come out and say.. well, just go to protocol class, limit on recruiting time, make restitution etc.. Why the dang, near 9 month wait.. All the parties are gone.. and forgotten, And Still Heavy Penalties.. maybe UH should go intramural, or band together with 200 other mid majors and form an equitable, common sense,
    Collegiate Athletic Alliance, with their own TV contracts, and championship playoffs, without all the ticky tacky stuff.

    ChuckCheese.. How High up does this thing go? To Governors Mansion? Or even higher.. Crazy..

    Just support the MBB team, all we can do now.. What the Heck that letter of allegations will be, how come Cherry, JP and JW, know.. And We the faitful MBB fans don’t know squat !!
    sheeesh.. only in Hawaii..

    Go Bows.. We supporting you.. get well Sammis and NWC.. and go for that 28 win season.. politics be darned!!

  7. I can’t think of a single good thing Ben Jay has done for UH. I realize the athletics was a mess before he arrived but still… no improvements. He failed at changing the men’s sports team to just Warriors, and he’ll never be able to realize his big goal of having an on-campus football stadium. The renovation of the Clarence Ching is taking for-e-ver. Oh yeah, and then there’s the NCAA investigation. Should’ve dismissed Norm Chow. I realize there’s no money, but Ben Jay and his administration haven’t done anything to stop the losses.

  8. I give Ben Jay credit for finally taking command of his own future…I am sure it is a relief from the micro-managed life that he has had to deal with in these past two years. As I said in my comments on 11/9, the powers to be will need a scape goat.

    I am also certain that the UH academia is happy to see the destruction of UH Sports…they do have the right Chancellor to oversee that. If you take away arts, entertainment and sports from our lives…is life really worth living?

    I can’t see Riley putting up with the nonsense of the leadership at UH Manoa…nor would “they” want someone like Riley or Stan Sherriff for that job. Ben Jay came into the job as a sheep and he finally had enough. Those that think otherwise are displacing the blame.

    If “they” plan to take 6 months to replace Ben, I wonder where that leaves the basketball program! Does anyone really care that our over-achieving student athletes and their ohana are trying to plan for next season? After already missing the fall recruiting season, how is Benjy and his fellow coaches suppose to recruit without having a commitment from UH?

    IGE needs to move the only Division I university in the state to the top of his list.

    Can you imagine that the motivation that our kids are posting on their lockers are from that of UH Administration and not their opponents!!!

    GO BOWZ…continue to embarrass the nay-sayers!

  9. Whew, Tavs! Talk about laying the wood on someone. Some people, believe it or not, wanted Rainbow Warriors but I guess you can lay that on Jay. I guess his telling the truth about UH athletics and telling people the present model needed changing does not count as a good thing. Get real. AD does not have power to change things. Too many other fingers in the pie. Good luck to the next person taking that seat. And, since this is opinion board, there are many who would count Gib firing as one huge good thing. Don’t have to agree but everyone entitled to opinion. Most can agree it was a mess before Ben Jay and will continue to be until major changes made by legislature, gov, boosters, businesses, etc etc. if you are looking for that one guy to turn this around don’t hold your breath.

  10. Who resigns for “personal reasons” and then stays on for 7 months. Something is fishy and it smells like Portnoy, McNamara and The Clapp……

  11. Lol. Here come the conspiracy theorists. And the new governor stepped up to the plate by passing the hot potato to UH system. Says my giving any more money. Thanks for the help, gov. Taking charge already.

  12. With Manoa’s history of incompetent selections, Im not sure Ben Jay’s resignation will change any outcome at UH. leadership starts at the top–that will not change. A bad apple doesn’t fall far from its tree. Cut it down,and sow good seeds.

  13. As the UH turns. Government can’t manage. Government don’t know what profit means. Government thinks that intelligence equals wisdom. But what Government do know is how to hire and fire. They invented the organization pyramid (The upside down one). And they know how to give orders even though it makes absolutely no sense at all. But the greatest thing Government is extremely capable of doing is shuffling paper, notes, and messages in a never ending circle because they believe that by doing so they are working. If you really want to grasp the true meaning of what Government is all about I suggest you watch the classic Akira Kurosawa movie called Ikiru. Although it is about Japanese Government; nevertheless it holds true with all Governments. Stay tuned to as the World, I mean, UH turns.

  14. Ineffectual lead to his downfall. With upcoming sanctions more so Dumb move by him to extend Gibs contract in the middle of an ncaa investigation. That pee’d off the higher ups.

  15. Glad that the UH MBB team taking to heart the schooling, since they are here to get education and play hoops. .. might as well do both well. Still lot of family and fans backing them.
    Hawaii Politics, and the puppets, what lessons does it teach the young adults , the future leaders,and citizens..
    Sad, interviewed, a FB senior graduating and a VB player elite for MVB team, both wonder about the dysfunction.. the turmoil.. I mean, NOW this affects the whole Athletic Program, all sports, They Want To Know Who is Running UH and Who is making these decisions.. What should be and could be, and would be, the best NCAA DI University, academically, globally and athletically is becoming real Folly, a joke.
    The High Road, I think, Ben just accepted what told to do.. probably a lot of truth too, in that he wants to get his family, imagine the crud they hear every day at work or school about their dad and UH athletics..
    You Know the best thing Ben can do, if he is rides out, and I think he will his $293,000.00 final part of salaried contract? Take care of the student athletes and coaches, He took care of Norm Chow for one more year, makes sense, easier to buy him out for one year, than for two.
    Correct whatever, errors, or mistakes with NCAA investigation. Go to battle with UH general counsel and Alabama Special Law Firm, to save any major hits to MBB program.. I mean, these 15 guys and their families have made a lot of sacrifices and have stayed on board. Support them, and look at securing, I know there are a lot that say he should not, or is not going to be HC next year.. That is where MBB team and Benjy, Que, :Loyd and Autry come in… just win as many games as you can, as close to or surpass 20, then Ben and UH will have to, they should for continuity sake, retain that staff, They would have done the improbable., Win, or they are winners already. they were the first program, to feel affects of this circus.. Guys, we support you, we listen to all of the frustrations, and Mamma Valdes, the plea, is still there, JUST BACK THE BOWS.. support the guys, they will come out winners..

    Go Warriors, Go Bows ~!
    Politics, crazy.. UH pinnacle, early 2000-2007, UH MBB, maybe WBB, they struggling now, hope get better, WSB and Men BB , MVB, track and field, tennis, all sports, just play for all time wins and championships..
    And Governor Ige, Mark Takai, The Tigress Donna Mercado Kim, come out and straighten out UH .. have to get the highest institution of learning in mid pacific , straight..
    sheeesh !

  16. Don’t think it would be advisable for Riley Wallace to take on the AD job because of his health and maybe age.

  17. ADs do not have buy out provisions.

    Thought Ben Jay was “thoughtful.” He provided ample time for an effective turn over and time to evaluate applicants. In the meantime per information, he’ll serve as AD until June.

    Serving as AD at U of H is tenuous at best. Big question is, WHO has your back???

    This is a real character building year for the MBB team. So many obstacles coming from all directions. Gotta like this team… GO Warriors!!!!!

  18. true, Riley old. However, whatever direction UH going on hiring AD, should be good fit, vision, and knows what to do to get UH athletics back in good stead. Whether local or outside Hawaii. Should be some applicants, however, Those considering would REALLY have to Think about it, with their friends , families, and AD fraternity.

    Spooky thing. This change, and Ben Jay still acting AD until June ending, still has ability to hire and fire., …. Other coaches, including this morning’s BC show interview with Dave S. about his WVB future, he states, it Depends On Who they Hire as AD, Shoji liked Ben, I think Trapasso, Beeman, do as well, since their contracts and other support, i.e., retaining Chow, really make sure good AD.

    Sad thing, hope that it does not have domino effect on All UH sports teams. Am sure , coaches and student athletes want a steadying influence. Good question and possible scenario, Ben Jay puts out his name, nationally, even DII or go back to Ohio, as an assistant or associate AD or in athletics or economics, since he has the contacts in Ohio and Big Ten, plus so many connections. in Mainland,.. Ben takes job before June.. I would go with John McNamara as interim, AD, have not heard any Negative about John that I know of.. for solidarity and continuity.

    MBB, guys just do well academically, get support from coaches, teachers and family plus your MBB fans, do well in school, and win a lot of games.. Challenge in that DHC for the championship will take away some of this cloud from the Athletic Dept… sheesh!

    Eagle, servante …, Chuck Cheese, BackBeat, strange days. I just wish, since this is FORUM for MBB .. that UH MBB team has good season.. they will, when NWC and Janks and Jawato are in good form and healthy..

  19. RunBows, true this is a basketball forum so I think we should hope and pray that the new AD has some basketball knowledge. That would be kind of unlikely as most ADs nowadays are football background because that is where the real money is made. I think as long as the new AD understands what this team has gone through already and show support for Benjy Taylor and new staff with this young team and let them move forward as one. They already showed what they can do when back against the wall and almost everybody can come back next year and even the year after that!

    I really hope the new AD does not come here and sees NCAA investigation and want to wipe his hands clean and get rid of any traces by releasing all the coaches and players. I think that would put the new AD in a bad light with the fans and create a hole like the UH team that only win one game the whole season in the 1970s.

  20. Ben made what looks like a good decision to name Benjy acting head coach.

    However, as jjay mentions, what some of us thought was going to be a good decision to extend Gib’s contract, say for recruiting purposes, would have cost UH a million plus to buy him out. Who was the one who said no, hold up on signing that contract ? He saved the UH a million bucks .

    For Ben, whenever he actually leaves, he will not get any buy out, since the terms of his employment do not provide for that .

  21. Chuck Cheese:

    I guess that is my mantra or consistent thought..the 15 guys here now…young and talented team..appears current coaches and athletes not part of ncaa allegation (s)…they were in turmoil with firing of Gib, Akana and Fotu departure..Benjy and staff going above and beyond call to have team work well in school, mature as people and find success on the court..finish strong..one family..play hoops for university and Hawaii..

    a wise thing to do if I were new AD ? The foundation has been laid for good team this year and couple years to come..why start from scratch? New coach..would clean house and do you think with challenges of ncaa d1 recruiting in Hawaii..he or she could do better..would have to be like Gib’s first year or June’s first year..not very often instant sucess year one..just my opinion..sad ..just hope all uh teams have good rest of athletic year..they deserve support too..

    However we all support the team
    hope ncaa..says mbb suffer enough..and are fair let guys play for championships

    Go Bows!!
    We supporting you all!!

  22. islandman ..that was strange and with change of pres…chancellor..we knew gib would not get extension..with ncaa thing ongoing
    what ncaa letter says will be interesting..however we feel about uh mbb …ben or gib..the confidentiality. .the integrity of admin.. people..they have lost ton of respect by students…community..and nation/world…what does the decision making teach uh students?

    Ige, Takai, Tokuda, Mercado- Kim ..get UH straightened out

  23. Well Dayton…next topic sammis and negus recovery or anything uh mbb?
    If can

    Back to hoops !!

    Mahalo for your hard work and Scmidt ohana and other terrific support!!


  24. Mahalo Dayton, on behalf of WI UH forum ….

  25. New AD hires their own coaches. Tough to accept but usually true. They do not want to go down due to somebody else’s hires

  26. Keepitreal:

    Man, I don’t envy that new AD, what with Baseball, Softball, even change possibly in WVB coach, and WBB and MBB, And after this year , probably, maybe Football New Coach, for 2016..
    What a job..
    Well , Keep, I don’t know how far you go back, The Nebraska upset at Lincoln by UH Football team in the 50’s, heard and read about it, fantastic, The Upset in Seattle of Univ. of Washington by 1973 Casey Ortez, Cliff Laboy, Levi Stanley and company , at one time UH small college for two weeks I think were number 1 in the nation, what would be NCAA D1 A, or DII, today,.
    The Kansas , Indiana and Michigan St. upsets by UH and RW teams at SSC, The 12-0 sugar bowl team, The 1980 Murakami, World Series team after Tatsuno went Japan pro..
    And recently on Maui , Benjy’s upset of top 30 team and NCAA bound Pitt.. that will be Benjy’s so far biggest win..

    Keep, I just wish the best, since this IS the MBB forum, for Benjy , Que, coaches Autry and Loyd, in a moment’s notice, boom, they have brought the UH MBB team to a 7-3 record without 3 bigs.. tremendous.. I hope Coach Taylor and the 15 great guys, 12 active, have a good winning season.
    That will be Benjy Taylor and this 2014-15 teams’ legacy. through all the stormy times.. they are Winners currently and who knows.. maybe,.. if things okay, they play for BWC title, and end up in NCAA’s , that would be historic.. if that happens, and New AD still hires his own Baseball, MBB , WBB and WVB coaches, well Taylor did the best he could and Team We are proud of All of you , the 15 for staying the course, Band of Brothers. A real Ohana, the Best MBB team I have ever seen, through hard times.. still battling..

    Hey Keepitreal, we get ready for Chaminade game, the Silverswords going to run and gun jack up 30 three’s and look for upset.. Hope UH will run and gun and shut them down on D.. should be fun
    For those that can go to Blaisdell, the ones can afford, tickets not too bad, and it is a double header with HPU first game.. Friday Dec 19 2014 at 700pm, Blaisdell Arena, should be high scoring game, maybe Dyrbe , Niko, will be bombing too !!


  27. Fans should go now. I hate to even entertain the idea but you may not see D1 sports in the not too distant future. Sad if it happens. Heck of a legacy in all sports to just throw the towel in. There needs to be someone out there with a vision. Old Bobby Kennedy quote very apropos for UH athletics ” people see how things are and ask why. I dream of how things could be and ask why not”. We need that kind of thinking if athletics to survive in the new landscape. I, for one, will be on my feet at every bb game this season and beyond. I hope for many years to come but who knows.

  28. They don’t come out and say it but I really believe that UH is in deep kim chee regarding their budget problems. Since the State’s economic crisis UH has not come out of the dog house as far as restoring their budget to what it was 5 years ago. Unless someone steps in and rescues the ship I’m afraid that drastic measures will be made such as cutting the football program. Ben Jays talk that went national concerning the possibility of cutting football has proven to be prophetic as one school announced recently that it was cutting football. We seriously need a corporate sponsor or two to subsidize the UH’s athletic program in exchange for advertising. The State and and Governor elect Ige will remain on the sidelines and watch division ! sports die because they don’t have the money to save it.

  29. We are on same page Servante. But can’t just cut football. If that goes then it all goes

  30. You know the more I think about it after reading some of these thought out comments is how bad a situation this puts the basketball program. How is Benjy and Senque suppose to recruit for the next six months? All the recruits and there parents will be asking Benjy and Senque if they are the UH coaches for next four years if they sign and Benjy can not really have an answer. What is he going to say to the recruits, can you wait six months for our new AD to make the decision? I think we all know UH bumblers and fumblers enough by now that nobody over there will make a decision until then and Benjy will not know if he is the real coach for the future or not.

    This just making me more and more upset thinking about this kind of screw ups by the UH administration. Some of you are so right by saying that there is no vision of the future at UH, only hindsight in the past.

  31. Keepitreal:

    Agree 100%, that is the Revenue Engine that drives NCAA DI athletics.. If football revenue not there, it supports the other sports.. Ben , true, I knew where he was coming from, and though it went national, that snippet, he was right, if Football, not driving the athletic dept, and or, the monies from private/ and well, okay govt. NO Money, personally, I believe THEY DO HAVE THE MONEY.. where is all that surplus, from two governors ago.. So darn political and self serving politicians.. Crazy..

    That crazy deal with State entity Aloha Stadium vs UH as a tenant, absolutely UH should get better deal, and concession or free rent for use of for games.. and Parking etc.
    Ben, quoted a lot of information, from internet, and write-ups nationally.. Not ONLY UH, however most, including P5 conference schools, not turning profit, only few, make money.. ..

    As we say.. enjoy the Moment.. if UH MBB can win a bunch of Ball games, be in that BWC championship game.. etc.. would be great.
    Take our minds off of the problems for awhile !~
    Go Bows Go Warriors !

  32. AND.. besides sports.. though high paid individuals working athletics.. Many people , majority in the world and locally experiencing far worse problems..
    Need a better world..

  33. Incarnate Word defeats Nebraska 74-73 , per Gary D. That’s not a bible verse. That’s something for Jackson to chuckle about .

    Long Beach St. tied with No. 18 San Diego St. with 2:42 left .

  34. This is not good. Someone has to come in an save this ship. We have a good ball team on the court and it seems like no one on the admin side even cares. The way things are run at this school is real bad. UH admin, you need to get your house in order. Seeing what has happened to our school the past 4 years is embarrassing. Someone needs to step up and have the balls to make those who are paid to do their job actually freakin work for our university. Seems like the admin is always scared of something.

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