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A quick look at BYU

With all due respect to Pittsburgh, Brigham Young should be the toughest test on the pre-Diamond Head Classic schedule for the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

The 7-2 Warriors will face the Cougars on Saturday afternoon (1 p.m. Hawai’i time) at the EnergySolutions Arena in Salt Lake City. The game will be televised on BYU-TV (available in Hawai’i on channel 409 through Oceanic).


The Cougars have built a relatively quiet – yet stunningly consistent – recent tradition of winning. BYU is currently 6-2, with both losses coming in overtime (to San Diego State and Purdue) at the Maui Invitational last month.

They are on pace to record their 10th consecutive 20-win season under head coach Dave Rose, who has an overall record of 238-80 at BYU.

The Cougars currently lead the nation in scoring at 95.1 points per game, and also rank in the national top 10 for free throws made (20.6 per game) and 3-pointers made (10.0 per game).

Here is their projected starting five:

Kyle Collinsworth – 6-foot-6, junior, point guard; probably the team’s best all-around player; averaging 12.3 points, 6.1 rebounds, 5.1 assists and 2.9 steals per game.

Chase Fischer – 6-3, junior, guard; the team’s top 3-point threat; averaging 14.6 points, 2.3 rebounds and 2.4 assists per game; leads the team with 28 3-pointers, including a school-record 10 in a win over Chaminade last month.

Tyler Haws – 6-5 senior, guard; the West Coast Conference Player of the Year last season and a Wooden Award Top 50 player this season; ranks fourth in the nation in scoring at 23.8 points per game, and is also contributing 3.5 rebounds and 2.4 assists per game.

Luke Worthington – 6-10, sophomore, forward; averaging 4.1 points and 2.9 rebounds per game.

Nate Austin – 6-11, senior, forward; averaging 3.8 points and a team-high 6.5 rebounds per game.

The sixth man is Anson Winder, a 6-3 senior guard who is averaging 14.6 points and 4.1 rebounds per game. The Cougars also have several big men they use in reserve, including 6-11 freshman Isaac Neilson (6.0 points, 3.1 rebounds) and 6-10 freshman Corbin Kaufusi (3.3 points, 3.3 rebounds).

Here are some highlights from BYU’s victory over Long Beach State last month:


  1. A tall task for a Win but it can be done if our stars line up for an upset.
    Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows!

  2. Hey, David(s):

    Here we go, the bigger Goliath is right in front of you –
    You counter with a stronger sling & larger stone; Full confidence & stronger leg.

    Your royal fans giving you the best support from paradise!

    Advantage: neutral-court, no 20+ FT pts, no time-expired basket count, fair officiating.

    Reward: your 2Q count >2-0, next poll vote >10x more, much pleasant trip home!

  3. Can UH beat Big Bad Blue? The Cougars? Yes…here are some reasons why.

    1)Game played in “neutral arena” home of the Utah Jazz, nice venue that UH MBB team will enjoy. They all are looking forward to playing on an NBA court that they have seen on NBA 2k.
    2)Smaller quicker athletes. Team follows scout, the switching of zones, man, traps, and ability to recover to 3 line to harass the shooters. Along with scout plan.
    3)UH is an underdog, like the Pitt game, and the 3 day tournament in Florida.
    4)Insiders , in Hawaii, the UH, the BOR , media etc give them NO Chance at all.
    5)UH has the nothing to lose, everything to gain mentality. They believe they can win.
    6)BYU has marked this game as a Guaranteed Win. Like many against UH before.

    Basically, UH MBB and coach, have to use more bodies , maybe 10 with Dyrbe and Niko playing too. Nevels, NWC , Jawato, Dyrbe, occasionally even Valdes have to hit a couple of threes each, rebound and defend as a team, and close out the game.

    Come home with a huge victory.
    Yes, huge test, with all that UH MBB team and coaches, fans have been through so far this earlier season. and whatever else..the team in Salt Lake City, Utah, playing against a good and tall , shooting BYU team will only help them.
    Wish them the best.

    Go Bows Rainbow Warriors !!


    We are going to have to mix that zone up incredibly but I think there will be a lot more man to man played against the Cougars. It will make for immense challenges for our Bowz.

    The good news: We are not playing them at the Marriott Center.

    This should be a really fun game to watch from a spectators view.

    Let’s GO BOWZ…I hope you can appreciate the longstanding Rivalry with these guys!

  5. On Nov. 14, when BYU hosted Long Beach State, Long Beach actually LED BYU at the half 47-46 and they had a great shot at beating them. If you read the stats, Long Beach committed 18 turnovers… and shot their free throws at only 55%… and even with that mess, Long Beach still had a chance to beat them.

    Mike Caffey (Long Beach pt. guard) had 26 points and 5 steals against BYU… 5 steals… Long Beach in total had 10 steals against BYU… shoot, Rod Bobbitt had 10 steals in one game.

    Yes, we’re big underdogs… yes, we haven’t played well at elevation in past years… but there is a game plan brewing in Benjy Taylor’s mind here… In his Star Advertiser interview and in a KHNL sound byte, Benjy had publicly said, “We’re gonna be running with these guys up and down the floor,” Yup, he wants everyone to hear that. Saturday, Benjy’s gonna try to slow this down and mix several zone defenses here and there. I think BYU Guard Tyler Haws will get to face a defense he hasn’t seen before. If Hawaii’s defense can do what I think it can do, BYU is barely gonna reach 80 points… There IS a blueprint for a victory here. It may seem far-fetched… but the Hawaii players know they CAN play defense…

    I’m hoping.

  6. For those that didn’t see it, Tonganator posted greetings under the previous topic.

    Jeff P mentioned the Mid-Major Poll, which i didn’t know about. UH is receiving votes, so is about No. 48, i think. Irvine is No. 13 and four Big West teams are receiving votes.

    BYU is No. 8 ; Wichita St., No. 1; San Francisco is receiving less votes than Hawaii.


  7. Plus…. in UH’s favor, give all out effort, and stick to game plan, shoot FT’s if they are given the fouls on them, well, take care of ball, take charges, Just do what they did to Pitt, they get Chance, definitely.
    Cold, higher altitude, opposed to near sea level and high humidity in Florida, Hope that the Polynesian Hawaii transplants to Salt Lake City, will come out, and the Utah Ute fans who do not like BYU will come out to support, even if a thousand, they make a lot of Noise.

    And for working on things for DHC, and when Janks is ready for DHC, the gift of a Win, or A Win in effort? UH gets 13 days off, 2 weeks to hit the books, do well on fall session finals, continued rehab for Sammis, Jawato, and other injuries, plus back to the Gym to put in more O and D, to get ready for Chaminade(who are really looking to upset UH at the Blaisdell, their , the Silverswords home gym), and Nebraska and Tai Webster in first round DHC, then onto the BWC play, first 2 games at SSC..

    So a Two week break from that awesome first 10 game stretch.. I tell you all WI UH MBB fans, UH has far exceeded expectaions, given the circumstances, they are winners already, and These 15 guys and coaches, want to win every game they can, not for lack of effort, even if have Dyrbe, Jawato, Niko, Valdes and Thomas starting or finishing the game, it will take All 11 guys to get it done..

    Go Bows.. Rainbow Warriors, Agree BackBeat.. This should be exciting game to watch,, UH warm up, hydrate, take care of ball, defend, and hustle.. Long Beach St. had chance to win, Why not UH ? Pitt… think Cal Poly in the BWC tourney last March 2014.. why not? Go for it Bows.. You all are Winners already in hearts of UH die hard, hard core, a couple , maybe 3000+ strong, and growing legion of fans in 808 and around the world!!


  8. News on Josh Pacheco show. Ben Jay in possible trouble. The irony is that it could stem from putting through extension request for Gib while investigation ongoing. Ironic if Jay leaves because of initial support for Gib. Many here might get their wish but for opposite reason. Never a dull moment around UH athletics. Like a soap opera. Can’t wait for the next surprise.

  9. Keep…long time supporter of uh athletics like islandman, eagle , etc…not good news…
    just want innocent student athletes not involved in dumb political and power tripping…making university and admin. look dumb and dumber
    if true… BB HC and assistant gone..,,AD possibly gone…FB coach still on board..

    This forum ..honestly ..just want..my personal wish list?
    Benjy and MBB ..and WBB …LB….have great seasons

    Who is next?
    Would imagine associate AD would take over

    All started by document alter..not submitted
    how does AD national source know Jay going be fired?
    Remember ncaa says shhhhhh! Don’t say anything…leakage from A Power person/s reshaping uh athletics

    Don’t care already..
    just going to support the yong student athletes

    Go Bows and Benjy go for that 19+ win season

    What a circus..

    servante? Eagle? Chuck C? Any thoughts?
    Real comedy..not funny though!

  10. Josh said more leaks around this program than you can imagine, inside and out

  11. Keep…hey gotta call one good plumber!!
    Hurts the students and families and fans..

    Crazy !!

  12. Intramural athlectics..
    Back to uh mbb , forget this garbage..concentrate on game

    Go Bows…

    Just back the Bows and stay strong Warriors


  13. Should not Governor Ige …who is the boss of All state employees…help shakeup and correct UH..would think so…lingle…cayetano…wahiee..abercrombie ..were many state workers bosses..

    Go Bows
    good thing 2900 miles away
    get, or bite the cougars!!

  14. Leaks….JP….JW….gi….?

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