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Who will win the NBA title?


Warriors back Warriors, apparently.

In an informal poll of the University of Hawai’i basketball team, the Golden State Warriors received the most votes to the random question: Who will win the NBA championship this season?

The Golden State Warriors received four votes, including a pick from acting head coach Benjy Taylor. “We got a couple of guys from the Bay, so I’m going to go with the Warriors,” he said.

The Bay Area players are Roderick Bobbitt and Quincy Smith, and they also stuck with their hometown team. Zach Buscher also picked Golden State.

No other NBA team received more than one vote. Here are the other teams that received votes: Los Angeles Lakers (Garrett Nevels), Los Angeles Clippers (Aaron Valdes), Oklahoma City Thunder (Dyrbe Enos), San Antonio Spurs (Stefan Jovanovic), Cleveland Cavaliers (Brandon Jawato), Chicago Bulls (Mike Thomas), Toronto Raptors (Negus Webster-Chan), Philadelphia 76ers (Isaac Fleming), New York Knicks (Brocke Stepteau).

Two players (Niko Filipovich and Stefan Jankovic) were unavailable when this poll was conducted.


  1. BACK TO WI MBB TEAM… sheesh..

    Love your video interviews with team Dayton. How these guys are bonding and sticking together. And moving on, staying positive, this will be one of my personal favorite teams.

    Sure they don’t have 7 guys 6’8″ or taller, however wait unitil NWC at 6’7″, Brandon Jawato 6’4″-6’5″ 215, and Stefan Jankovich, ALL on the court, together, either as starters or coming off the bench..

    Hope is not lost, Brandon is very mature, about 22 years old and ready to graduate, my Favorite guy on team of many favorites, he was a Gib recruit out of Cali, and is scheduled to graduate in 4 years, in May 2015, a lot of families and fans don’t know that, it is such a great story, credit to Brandon and his family. Brandon also, when recover from concussion, hope he is REALLY okay, so no later problems, at 6’5″ almost and 215, he is the perfect 3 man and help at 4 for BWC play, only, maybe Irvine, and UCSB.. have the size to give Hawaii trouble, however as Benjy alluded to, Matchup Zone, a really good zone, guys protect Zone the paint and the guards can jump the passing lanes and get a lot of steals, keeps guys out of Foul Trouble

    Can UH be competitive with two 6’11” bigs, two 6’7″ forwards , and two guys about 6’5″ , helping down low and zoning, traps, and man, matchup zones, Definitely.. if Benjy and Senque, and maybe Two of his good assistants he would like to bring in. They reportedly are really good ones, willing to help out on short notice, by DHC time.. UH can be really good, and BWC time, be ready to rock

    With great guards, and team, just blending together.. Hey, fans, I am always Positive on the outlook , Think Cal Poly last Year.. UH has as good as chance as any to make the NIT or NCAA dance

    Go Bows Warriors! Rainbow Warriors!
    And that is how you all stay positive, and you all can feel good about posts.. the other matters with goings on, that is interesting too, however BACK THE BOWS !

  2. Sorry fans, Vitirol not Vitrol..
    no place for anti critical comments current or pat coaches through their challenging times

    Staying positive
    had my say

    Go Rainbow Warriors.
    Back the Bows !!
    The coach
    and their fans
    and that Is Real Aloha. !!

  3. Hey Dayton great video..you are helping team stay on course too..
    players and their famiies love you for it. !!

    And thanks much to Schmidt Ohana which gibnogood, Pono, and jake have and will never do..

    Notice they never acknowledge Dayton and Schmidts great service
    not good…

    Move on
    suuport the team and coach Taylor !!

  4. I really hope Jawato when okay is ready to go..I tell you..I believe he will give Benjy more depth rotate at 3 and 4 spots..a bigger guy about 6’5″ 215… the help..
    as Eagle says …here comes the calvary. .help..Quincy..then. NWC…then Jawato and final piece…Jankovich !!

    Back the Bows !!
    Go Rainbow Warriors !!
    And that is staying Positive !!

  5. Well, I was just watching the UH football game and not checking the comments so it is sad to go from a disappointing outcome in both areas.

    gibnogood, I appreciate your enthusiasm and passion, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that often times when you post comments here, it leads to a confrontation with others. I can not forcefully “ban” you from posting here, but I am politely asking you to take a break from posting on this site. I am sure you know that there are other sites / forums where you can post comments.

    TAVS, I believe you have been posting here for a while, so I think you know that this is not the forum for internet confrontations and personal attacks. As I told gibnogood, you are welcome to take your discussion to other sites / forums, but would like it to cease here.

    Everyone is welcome to continue posting comments and information on this site, but please remember that personal attacks and inappropriate language will not be tolerated.

    Thank you all for your continued support.

  6. Thanks for stepping in, Dayton. For a while I thought I had wandered onto a grade-school playground.

  7. All previous posts on the matter have been deleted, so the conversation is non-existent as far as I’m concerned.

    Moving on please …

  8. Whenever there is adversity or change, it is uncomfortable but one’s character is shown when you step out on the other side. The entire UH men’s basketball team and families are going through change and adversity. The only thing we can do is to stick together, support the young men and their families and put one foot in front of the other.

    Our young men and our coaching staff have their first win under their belt. They did so with courage and strength. Basketball is such a mental game. Strength of body can only carry one so far. Strength of the mind can get you through all struggles.

    To the UH men:
    Yes, everything is new, the unknown is still in front of us. March forward, march onward. Find your focus, fulfill your dreams. You don’t need to have everyone believe in you. You just need to know that there are a few(or a lot of) people that do. Those people want you to succeed. Focus on them. Focus on you. Focus on your brothers that are your team. Go after your greatness.

  9. I apologize for engaging ones that won’t let Gib and his family, Brandon , Isaac Fotu, go in peace. I have never been vulgar or used profanity. The thing is as Mama Valdes letter had impact on all of us, including myself..I apologize..to fellow fans..

    Hey ..we move on..if read my posts , always fervent supporter of UH MBB and current staff..

    Just Back the Boys and leave other matters off this forum.which thanks to Dayton, we can make comments o0n UH MBB..just support the team
    not about US…now UH MBB more than ever before need our support,,

    and apologize to Dayton for engaging such ones.

    RUNBOWS..rabid and avid fan of UH MBB AND THEIR OHANA..Families..
    Go Rainbow Warriors , support you guys all the way..

    Now Let’s all get back to positive or constructive comments about team..

  10. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Thanks Dayton and RunBows.

  11. Notice the size of team, about the same, however, 6 guys 6’7″- 6’10” tall.
    That is why Benjy I think has to go some zone, protect Valdes, Thomas , Negus and Jovanovich. Have too. And the UH guards really have to shoot well, and take care of ball. Should be a good game.

    This FRIDAY NOV. 14 RBC first game for UH MBB is here already, finally, going to take a lot of work and protecting the 4 guys that have some height. UH play smart, they can win that RBC, however as Aaron Valdes said, take ONE game at a time. One victory or learning point at a time. As coach Taylor, said, the team, each week will get better and better, when DHC and full team ready, then BWC season, start, Fully loaded and ready to Rock !! Hey, I am always supporting the guys , saying they can do it, just have to stay together and grind out the games.

    Arkansas-Pine Bluff MBB Roster:

    00 Sean Tingle F 6-9 230 Sr. Vance, Ala.Shelton State
    1 Marcel Mosley G 6-0 180 Sr. Marion, Arkansas Marion HS
    3 Thaddeus Handley, Jr. F 6-6 200 Jr. Pine Bluff, Ark. Mid South CC
    10 DeAndre McIntyre G 6-3 180 Sr. Birmingham, Ala. Faulkner CC
    12 Jaylon Floyd F 6-6 205 Sr. Detroit, Michigan Community Day HS
    13 Austin Cox G 6-4 175 Fr. Belleville, Ill Belleville East HS
    14 Tevin Hammond G 6-0 185 Sr. Little Rock, Arkansas Holmes CC
    15 Trent Whiting F 6-7 205 Jr. Des Arc, Arkansas Des Arc HS
    21 Larry Johnson G 6-2 175 Jr. Greenwood, Miss Amanda Elzy HS
    22 JoVaughn Love G/F 6-9 220 Jr. Pine Bluff, Ark. Seminole State
    23 Ghiavonni Robinson G 6-3 190 So. Itta Bena, Mississippi Leflore HS

  12. Rest of Arkansas Pine-Bluff roster if eligible:

    25 Chauncy Parker C 6-8 225 Jr. West Memphis, Ark. Eastern Okla. State
    30 Jordan Brown G 6-4 185 So. Augusta, Ark. Augusta HS
    34 Devin Berry F 6-7 220 So. Columbus, Miss. Southwest CC
    40 Jared Young G 5-11 175 Sr. Memphis, Tenn. Southwind HS
    52 David Tillman C 6-10 215 So. Houston, Texas Fort Bend Travis HS

    real challenge for Benjy and Senque to scout for, however as Always we Support the team and coach.. good first game..

    warriorhaw, enjoy, and cheer louuuuuddd, so can hear you over airwaves and TV..

    Go Warriors Rainbow Warriors!

  13. Awww yeah, its nice to hear that the ‘home’ team is going to win !

    I’ve got to go with Benjy. I won’t really look until after the college season is over.

    For now, Go Bows !!

    I know I just asked before the game, but any injury updates? Jawato looks like he is practicing and sweating. Negus is shouting out the Raptors. Bobbitt actually got some playing time.

  14. DAYTON and WI MBB Fans: WARNING!!

    DAYTON, Your WI System Word Press has been hacked. Compromised, by someone who knows what they are doing.

    They like islandman, took my moniker RunBows.

    This just proves the point , this person, is not very good at all. To hack into the system, WI MBB forum is compromised. However My posts will always be supportive and positive of MBB and not negative. Very unethical person we are dealing with, that is why their posts are short blurbs.

    DAYTON and Other users of this forum, my moniker , it must be easy for that person to hack in, or hacked WordPress create account to circumvent the system and take your name.

    DAYTON… WordPress and WI MBB forum has Been hacked..Please Be

    Yes, The OFFICIAL OR REAL RunBows…

  15. Will they use a zone sometimes ? Benji had mentioned he uses the man-to-man defense, but didn’t mention the zone. The zone was a Gib specialty .

  16. Hey , I will just be positive, and not listen to false comments or blurbs by the person who hacked my moniker, Runbows, wow, really ,how low can you go?

    warriorhaw, hang in there, I think UH can have a good season.
    Eagle, keep steady.
    TAVS… keep going to game and being superfan.
    clyde, thanks for honest observations.
    servante good as always.
    And Dayton and Valerie Schmidt, how and why I don’t know.. this person girl or guy, has the ability to hack WordPress , create account and steal you moniker, did it two times. Once to islandman, and secondly to me RunBows..

    UH will be alright, and those that choose to do this , hack our user names, shame on them.

    Go Bows, and sure, I can always use another moniker, but I won’t…or maybe…

    Mahalo Dayton and WI Fan nation

    And for the girl or guy who hacked my user name, keep on posting POSITIVE things to say, and you can use my name too, JUST Don’t posts NEGATIVE things..

    Go Rainbow Warriors.
    The REAL RunBows…

  17. Cannot wait for first game of the season, Getting really excited. Coach Taylor I wish you the best. And former staff, keep your heads up, and things will work out.

    Great fans, on this forum, keep supporting the team, and being supportive.

    Go Bows!!

    The Official, Real RunBows.

    After this, if another RunBows posts after, 7:18 am HST , Sunday in Honolulu, Hawaii, that is NOT me, it is that hacker, a real dishonest person.


    okay, sigining off, ONE AGAIN ANY POSTS AFTER THIS TIME, and Dayton You Know my original email, so you can communicate that official one to let me know.
    Mahalo Dayton..

    The Official real RunBows..

  18. islandman: IS THAT YOU? My RunBows name has been hacked.. just like yours was, or is that you islandman, …I hope not.

    Go Bows..

    The Official RunBows..

  19. Yes, from RunBows, using my old moniker… Be careful fellow fans, compromise of system.
    Keep being positive,
    UH MBB can really be good,
    The current coach, will do well
    and the guys Need our support.
    Sad, Dayton and The wonderful Schmidt family, .. if IT, can fix the WordPress WI account, or maybe use another system.

    However , I am staying positive.. Go Rainbow Warriors, have a great family,
    And I love you guys all and your families.

    The Official RunBows!
    Imua Warriors!

  20. Runbows, that was me at 7:14 am. (Original) islandman on zone defense.

  21. Maybe anyone can use anyone’s user name, i just tried using my user name,

    but with a different email address. It came out as the “test” .

    I don’t have to Login to post . Computer experts, can you explain ?
    Also, on staradvertiser sports blogs, you don’t have to login to post, you just have to enter your user name and your email address on the bottom where you post. I don’t know if they have a user name duplicate check.

  22. Looks like no one has to “hack” this site, anyone can use anyone’s posting Name when i tested it out.

  23. I don’t know what the Login is for, because you don’t have to login to post on this site.

    You just have to enter your posting name and email address to post, apparently.

  24. Looks like there is no check on duplicate posting names on this site.

    You can use someone else’s posting Name and it won’t be kicked out.

  25. Thought this past week was the week the allegations would be sent to the U of H? Has anyone heard anything?

    Is Big Q monitoring the players to assure they are performing well in academics?

    Would be nice to hear what Big Q is doing with the players…

  26. islandman:

    I know you are tech savvy. This character, used my old moniker., and did the bogus, NOTHING WRONG I MADE MISTAKE… I don’t think anyone hacked into login. You are right, I could use Eagle, warriorhaw, TAVS, clyde, Pocho, servante , etc….

    The only way you will know it is ME THE OFFICIAL RunBows, or using my old Playhoopsa,
    I won’t be childish, like maybe a college / or young gal or guy, who does really short hit and run messages, trying to stay ahead of the game. You know it is me, and the WI MBB faithful Why:
    1)I don’t attack people going through hard times
    2)I support current coach and especially their Families and the team
    3)I had good support and encouragement that touching last post from dear Tonganator in behalf of Isaac and his family.
    4)I am avid , rabid fan of all UH sports and especially UH MBB team

    Yes, as Pono, says and others , just the content and length of my posts, You know it is me.
    I won’t change it, however,.. DAYTON IT GETS WEIRD …IF WORD PRESS DOES NOT CONFIRM PASSWORD…. any one could pose and actually make inaccurate statements… sheesh..
    Well, I know, the short comment , a sentence or two, those are the ones, who figured out how to use WordPress, they found that loophole, that breach, and can pose as Anyone on this forum

    islandman, you are a good guy, I trust you, your posts consistent and all over other forum,, plus, we might be around the same era, ..

    I will JUST STAY POSITIVE.. and continue to post as RunBows. Official signed at bottom
    And WI MBB fandom, and the players, or ex players, and coaches, Hmmmm, wonder if could be ex players and coaches?

    WELL as Valerie Schmidt, and Valerie, and Dayton, I really apprecaite this forum,
    and AM VERY sorry for engaging that person in nonsense,

    From Henceforth,
    I will stay POSITIVE and JUST SAY: BACK THE BOWS..

    and , reallly , have to move on.. Support the team, their OHANA and WI MBB forum

    So This character, used my RunBows and Playhoopsa , moniker..

    Well you all will know it is me, WI MBB nation.

    I will still be Avid and Rabid Fan of Coach and MBB team

    Go Bows!! And Rainbow Warriors!!
    The Official RunBows..

  27. I am hearing the same thing as TAVS. Loss of two scholarships.

  28. RunBows & others, looks like it’s the honor system to post on this site.

    On another subject, Negus says the team will be better when he and Quincy get back to playing.

  29. islandman and TAVS, everyone on this site, that gal or guy, is using our usernames, they figured that WordPress does not confirm our password. , they can use another email.

    So EVERYONE is at stake.

    Roll over to another Topic Thread.. A positive one.
    This person, and true, will not do a long post.. however, can just copy past my comments.

    What the heck ,, I will just stay with RunBows, islandmand, Remember last week when that islandman 808 said they made a mistake, and forgot to include 808?
    You said thanks.. I was wondering, how could they Know your original register email, and password. Techies, and computer wizzes..


    islandman, TAVS, warriorhaw, stay strong.. and DAYTON, I will stop posting on this site as RunBows..for this thread.. Will appear again as two other monikers..

    However, as that gal does, I will always say thank you to Dayton Morinaga, the best in the business, Coach Taylor, and the Great UH team , Plus Mama Valdes’ great support. Plus, I will just stay Positive, really childish, and I am waay too old to get involved.. you can check ip, however, they could go to someone elses network..

    HOWEVER DAYTON BEST TO CHECK WORDPRESS.. Really Misrepresenting, islandman, now TAVS and myself, they USE OUR REGISTERED USERNAMES..

    Strange.. HOWEVER Good JOB Coach Taylor, lead the team, and Go Bows.
    And Best wishes to former coaches, and Isaac Fotu and Sammis Reyes..

    And Best not to speculate,.. Dayton , and BM and official UH release will bring out the final findings..

    Go Rainbow Warriors…!!

  30. islandman: I got it. I don’t know how you were able to do it. However you used different email, remember WordPress would kick out if not the registered one. And you might have to create another moniker , like islandman1 or something.
    You know Dayton has family, works really hard after his regular full time job. And I don’t want to mess up WI MBB. You know me, on mbd. , BA blog, and that Hawaii forum, Loooong posts, and really try to drum up support for team and current coaches, really, as some would say drinking the Kool Aid, I am older guy, however, I lover UH sports, and will continue with Honor to post Good positive things, Hey if whatever comes out findings fine.. Now this impostor, gal or guy, is throwing out bogus things about NCAA. I have not hear any confirmation of anything, Have You?

    Dayton would have on his write up , same with Brian

    Hey islandman, respect you tremendously, and warriorhaw too, as well as Tonganator, Eagle, servante .. have put up with my long posts, but always Backing the Bows.. this person, or young person, perhaps college kid with nothing better to do.. will just get tired, because, When Dayton Turns This thread over

    islandman, and RunBows, playhoops… we stick to the facts.. and Back The Bows
    SUPPORT the Team..

    Sorry fans..
    And team can still have great year.. you all wait until NWC arrives with Quincy, Jawato and Jankovich.. going to be challenge, however I believe in Coach and the Team

    Go Bows Warriors!
    With Honor, not going to stoop down to that person level..

    PAU.. done, with it.,, And IF YOU WANT DAYTON DELETE THESE comments..However I will continue to not attack and will support the MBB team and their great Families,..
    Aloha, and will post good stuff on your next topic!!


  31. Dayton and islandman : Using my old moniker, still good. Playhoopsa.

    I love Benjy Taylor doing great job leading the team, The guys will do well this year.
    Team needs our support. Just one person, or two, not going to let them stop good UH MBB fans from posting.

    Check , .. test…
    Watch, they will duplicate my post under Playhoopsa, TAVS, islandman or RunBows.


    Just Go Bows.. And Dayton turn the topic over.. You SHOULD CHECK OUT WORDPRESS.. however as islandman, said, this is an HONOR SYSTEM, and we with honor, respect it.. No negativism here..

    crazy, absolutely abusurd..

    okay, logging out, watch, my comments, will in part or whole, be duplicated and posted by the impostor, using TAVS, islandman, Playhoopsa, or RunBows, actually anyones, she or he wants..

    Just Staying positive.. Back the Rainbow Warriors !
    logging off.. for this post, .. will fool them, after they duplicate, then, boooom, I will come back in awhile with MBB support post.. here we go, 5, 4, 3,2 1…here comes the impostor posts duplicate.. or maybe not.. ..just wait.. if they have givien up better yet..

    I think this is crazy, not criminal, just waste of time… right now will post comments on NBA picks and UH MBB team !!

  32. How about this team :
    Question was from this SA morning article, about NWC’s return. He is ready.
    He , is a huge part of team, he worked really hard during off season With Anthony Bennett, and Andrew Wiggins, the last two top NBA lottery picks. In Canada, around Toronto area. NWC’s biceps, and overall explosiveness. His triple double ability, and BB IQ , plus he wants to get others involved.. It is like having an AC Carter or Tom Henderson, type, or as servante says, a Julian Sensley, tall forward, who can be that hybrid PG, SG, SF and PF if needed. Great writeup and great news, NWC coming back to ball and help team. Good job Negus.!!

    And islandman, I agree, to protect the limited frontcourt guys, Benjy would have to go Zone, that is how you do it.. with Quincy, Niko, NWC, Jankovich, Jovanovich, Valdes, Thomas, along with whomever starting or not, just , probably rotating in more than 7 guys, maybe, I think 9 or 10, just to protect the few big guys.

    And Mama Valdes, good job, we the faithful fans of UH MBB, we want to , and do support coach Taylor and The MBB team. Aaron V. will have great season.

    Go Bows. Warriors!!
    Rock the Rock and at the SSC win the BWC !!

  33. islandman, check above my post, that character knows how to do it.. I don’t know how expensive or prudent, WordPress can be compromised and she/he is doing it.
    just that college ex student or player or whatever..

    Staying Positive, and my last Post..

    HEY Other WI MBB fans, any thoughts on how Word Press can be fixed , so one person cannot use your username, otherwise,.. it will just be spam.. wow.

    Go Bows.. and impostor, go away…

    Go Rainbow Warriors!!
    And Thankyou Valerie Schmidt Ohana and Dayton

  34. Obviously this site is important to Runbows life so whoever is pranking him please stop. I do not comment ant longer for my own reasons but check site periodically. Leave this person to his past time. You can tell it means a lot if you just read his panicked pleas to Dayton. Again, show some aloha and find something better to do. Leave this site and the commenters alone.

  35. It’s unfortunate that some cannot engage in friendly debate. Seems like you need to agree completely with some people otherwise they complain. Anything that is not unicorns and rainbows is deemed troll like. Unfortunate but it’s reality.

  36. Hoosier: Mahalo. You are right, I am older, and disabled, so I post, some don’t share opinion, and not just for myself, Hoosier, this person is using, islandman, TAVS usernames too.
    I know if you have software, hardware and know how, his/her ip address, and WI Dayton IT guys can block it. Dayton , will know, just the type of posts, and the back and forth nonsense. Too old Hoosier, if I were not bound to home, I would be at games, and cheering team. I love UH MBB, sorry if got caught up in this nonsense.

    Once, Dayton turns thread to Next Topic, should be good to go. Ones, that have followed my and islandman, and TAVS posts, will know, it is us..
    we are fans, not fans of attack. If I were guilty, sir or she, I apologize.
    Now, you can stop the charade, and we support by our comments helping UH MBB get to that next level.

    Thankyou very much to Hoosier and especially islandman, for speaking up. Dayton has a family, and is full time worker, And Dayton, since about 4 1/2 year ago? or so when You started WI MBB forum, sometimes there were no posts, so Eagle and I, and n2joy, al , a few others, tried to post. Now this Is Still a Great Forum, If I went back to my IT people maybe, we can figure out way to block this person’s ip address, can be done. However, this is Honor system, and we respect each other.. If I set you that much off, sir or she, I apologize.. and WE ALL MOVE ON..

    JUST SUPPORT THE BOWS..! Go Warriors and my case or words are PAU finished, on this thread
    Have a great season, UH MBB, .. !! I know you guys, are above the fray, IMUA

    And Mahalo plenty Hoosier, a great fan.. !!

  37. PONO/TAVS: I am in agreement, this forum for open discussion, And right to opinion. Dayton just wants us to be civil, not attacking, not vulgar or use profanity. Since Fan and Family Friendly site. I have never been vulgar, sure stick to my opinions, and I cannot stop TAVS/PONO from opinonating too, however 99% of posts are backing the team, Mama Valdes Ohana, the Current coach. which I think is great..

    Hey, Dayton, myself and TAVS/PONO, or whomever, we at peace now.

    And no, once again, don’t have to read my looooooong posts or drone.. that is attacking an old man but loyal fan of UH MBB..
    And I always supported comments to WI since nearly 5 years ago.. And I will keep on doing it..
    Hey in all honesty TAV/(don/t know if really you? and PONO.. or gibno…. YOU ALL WANT UH MBB to get back on track , whomever coach, and MBB teams just get to next level right?

    I am sure you do.. Let the old coaches, and players that have left.. let them go…. Pau already, they are gone.. So you all , and myself this post thread is dead..

    Dayton we move on and respect each others opinion.. I did not know If I had control of this site, I swear I do not.. too poor and no connections. Love Dayton and the Schmidts.

    Dayton.. Next thread PLEASE.


  38. And BACK TO COMMENTS ON NBA CHAMP PICK? Since I am older fan, I would say, If San Antonio had a few young guns to help the older guys, don’t count out Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs again. Just my thought.

    Now back to fun times !

    Go Bows.. And all of you, jjay, warriorhaw, Eagle, TAVS(the real one), make sure you go to first game UH vs Ark. Pineville.. Want to see the Rainbow Warriors do well..

    Let’s Go Bows
    NOw it is okay.. All FANS UNITE.. and BACK THE RAINBOW WARRIORS.. this site not about US, it is about the UH MBB team and staff MOVING FORWARD..
    IMUA !!

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