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Warriors return home; return to practice

It was a little bit of familiar and a little bit of unfamiliar when the University of Hawai’i basketball team returned to its home practice court at Gym 2 on Saturday afternoon.

It was the Warriors’ first practice at home since going 3-1 on an eight-day road trip that included stops at Maui and Florida. It was also the team’s first full practice at all since November 18. Due in part to the grueling travel schedule, the Warriors did not participate in any full practices during the road trip.


“We got some things we have to put in and some changes we have to make,” acting head coach Benjy Taylor said. “We started with that today and we’re pretty happy that we can get in the gym and get better. I thought we got better as we won those games, but now is the time to really take a big step.”

The Warriors are 6-2 after opening the season with eight games in 13 days. The upcoming schedule is not quite as arduous, but it also does not offer much of a break.

Hawai’i will host Delaware State at the Stan Sheriff Center on Tuesday, December 2, and then will depart a few days later for another road game against Brigham Young at Salt Lake City, Utah, on Saturday, December 6.

“Like Coach (Senque Carey) always says, ‘it’s not work to a boss,’ ” Taylor said. “I have no idea what that means, you have to ask him. But anytime you can play college basketball … these guys are in a great situation. We’re having fun with it and getting better.”

Of course, the Warriors will not get much sympathy from a Delaware State team that must travel nearly 5,000 miles just for Tuesday’s game. The Hornets are 3-3 but got some much-needed momentum in the form of a 72-65 road win at Wake Forest on Friday. It was Delaware State’s first victory ever over an opponent from the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Amere May, a 6-foot-3 senior guard, is averaging 19.7 points per game to lead Delaware State, and he scored 32 in the win at Wake Forest.

Hawai’i reserve freshman guard Isaac Fleming is from New Castle, Delaware, and is familiar with several of the players on the Hornets’ roster.

Fleming did not play in the team’s last game against East Carolina, and logged just one minute the day before against Marist. Taylor described it as a “coach’s decision,” but noted on Saturday that Fleming has worked his way back into the rotation.

“His emotion is what I love,” Taylor said. “I want him to play with emotion. That’s when he’s at his best. He just can’t cross the line. His emotion is what makes him good. I’m not going to take his emotion and passion away. He’ll come out ready to play and we’ll be ready.”


  1. Ben Jay early 2015 ..UH doing well, get that 2 year guaranteed contract ready for couple of bigs come on board..be proactive,..just support and help team stay positive and together

    Eagle, 808..Calvary on the way Sammis quick recovery with special cast for pinkie? Janks and Jawato?.those 2 or 3 will help UH get stronger deeper!!
    Go Rainbow Warriors!!
    Guys keep working…NWC..Q. and Nevels . Bend knees , follow through with deep breath..need you three high 70% FT shooting close out games

    You all 15 finish strong..do excellent in school
    feel good story in ncaa bb so far!!

  2. Good to hear #0 will be back in the rotation .

  3. Only makes team better. Solid guys stay together, and islandman could not believe at first that uh mbb team could win and learn same time..they did…now Benjy and staff real practice fine tune and get better
    interesting , Delaware St. no slouch, beat Wake Forrest At Wake…ACC school ..they are legit..uh mbb cannot take anyone lightly…am sure Coach and staff don’t want to lose anymore home games

    Glad to see guys in gym..really organized
    know Sammis back for pinkie surgery..wonder why went back to florida..part of team and part of travel sqad..must have been in building..wish him good recovery!!

  4. Yes, return of Showtime! This could be another chapter to write about in this story season if he can come out with a big game against his home state team and in memory of his aunt.

  5. Yes…Isaac emotional loves to pump up crowd like spearman did…as benjy says just keep in control…I believe he will have good game against Del.State..and rest of season..team guy, and he is going through a lot. That is where ssc fans back up he and team…Chuck…the story continues..

    Hope 3000 + come out against good east coast team..then on to jimmer country against the 3 ball launching cougars in utah..

    BB hoops is in full swing!!

  6. Hey Flambo:

    For you are flambeau, flamboyant, fiery, bundles of energy (that’s gifted)!

    Spent it for the good of the 15Champs; Don’t let your opponent or “The suprem-court-judge” take U out?

    The Quadruple of Luck of Paradise will take this Brotherhood far and deep (be on board).

  7. Thanks for Updates, Dayton

    Now, Gotta Up It, Re-Focus, Re-Sharpen the Tools, Tune-In the Passing and Shooting
    Intensify the Defense, While Dialing Back The Fouls;
    This Team already Displayed Smarts, Enough to Keep Turnovers Low Against even Good, Athletic Teams (like Pitt)
    Basketball IS A Passing Game, particularly passing to find a Teammate with a Better Shot –
    One that HE Can/ Will Make… “Should” help OUR Shooting Percentages…

    Suspect With the “Cavalry”: Emerging Eligibility, Talent, Returns from Walking Wounded,
    There is So Much More (Good) Coming from THIS Team…

    NOW Among the Hunted as Their Reputation Grows
    NOT Much More Excuse to Expect Opposition to Ever Show Up Un-Prepared to Play
    So ‘Bows Gotta Show Up Every Game (‘Every Practice’?)

    I remember that “Young” Wake Forest Team comin’ Out West {Far West Tournament in Alaska) and Hanging a 50-Point Margin of Victory over The (NCAA Tourney-Bound) ‘Bows & Tony Maroney in Anchorage, in Freshman Tim Duncan’s First D-1 game…AND NOW Delaware Beat Wake Forest and HC Danny Manning in North Carolina? [Sounds like Another Team — US — We Been “Liking”]

    General Akbar might say: Watch Out ‘Bows ! IT’s A TRAP!
    These Hornets of Delaware — AKA Something Like Isaac Fleming (?) ARE ALSO Road Warriors, 3-3 with 11 of their First 13 Games ON THE ROAD — IN Hawai’i, yet? As Dayton Noted, NO Sympathy or MERCY From Delaware…

    [i posit, It’s Easier Travelling Westward than Eastward:
    Ask Them After their First Game Home AFTER Travelling Back East]

    GO ‘BOWS!
    Continue Strong! Get STRONGER!
    SO You Can…


  8. Man oh man…. that Delaware State , no fluke, to win at Wake Forrest, and agree Eagle, I remember 6’10 1/2″ Tim Duncan a late born at that time November 1993 .. only 17 years old, Wake Forrest just smoking UH with Tony Maroney and Trevor Ruffin, Phil Handy, John Molle Jr., Jarin Akana, Kalia McGee, Walter Bonner, yet, at the end.. UH won 3 in WAC tourney and went to NCAA’s !!

    Delaware State, if you go to their site, they have a good 6’10” all time shot blocking leader for their team.. 240 lbs too.. had even 10 blocked shots.. ? or at least 8 and 9 blocks in a game.. So mister Inside.. And their 6’3″ SG, who had 32 points at Wake Forrest to help D. State get road win, first ever over ACC team and on their home court.
    UH will just have to play smart, and out quick, out hustle, get every loose ball, rebound, D up, harass, and get points however can.. UH cannot take lightly.. any opponent.. it is every game is like their Championship or NCAA tournament game, win and move on, lose and take step back, however learn and win a bunch more..

    Should be good opponent, travelling over 5000 miles to come to Hawaii, Hope that more than 2800 will come to game, should be at least 3000+ , however, you know the deal.. Students, and fans, want to see a Good MBB game, go to SSC and cheer on the team.. They need the fan support !!

    Go Rainbow Warriors.. !! Their Schedule proving to be good one in preparation for BWC play !!

  9. Do we have any idea who may be new coach if Coach Taylor is not retained? Could we do an article of possible replacements?

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