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Warriors fall to San Francisco, 88-73

The University of Hawai’i basketball team came up short in several ways during an 88-73 loss to San Francisco on Monday night.

The Warriors got out-shot and out-rebounded by the Dons on the opening night of the three-day Gulf Coast Showcase at Germain Arena in Estero, Florida.

Hawai’i, which is playing in the Eastern Time Zone for the first time since the 2003-04 season, dropped to 4-2. San Francisco improved to 3-0.

The tournament will continue on Tuesday, with Hawai’i set to face Marist (0-3) in a consolation game at 9:30 a.m. (Hawai’i time).

The Warriors led by seven points late in the first half, but faded in the second half as the Dons utilized a size advantage to pull away. Hawai’i shot just 36.7 percent from the field for the game, and San Francisco won the rebounding battle, 51-31.

Aaron Valdes led Hawai’i with 18 points on 6-of-9 shooting. Mike Thomas added 13 points and five rebounds, and Roderick Bobbitt contributed 10 points and three assists. Garrett Nevels and Negus Webster-Chan each finished with eight points and four rebounds.

The game was close in the first half, and the teams traded surges just before halftime. Bobbitt scored five points during an 11-0 Hawai’i run that gave the Warriors a 28-21 advantage with 3:22 remaining in the half.

The Dons responded immediately by closing the half with a 13-2 surge that gave them a 34-30 lead at intermission.

The Warriors tied it at 37 early in the second half after a three-point play by Thomas, but the Dons slowly pulled away after that. Hawai’i got as close as 61-58 with 9:20 remaining, but San Francisco then went on an 11-3 surge over the next three minutes to take control for good.

The Warriors were also in foul trouble for much of the game, and they finished with 31 team fouls, which allowed the Dons to convert 21 of 35 free throws. Hawai’i went 22 for 30 on free throws.

Freshman guard Isaac Fleming fouled out after contributing five points and five rebounds.

Tim Derksen led the Dons with 21 points; Kruize Pinkins, a 6-foot-7, 230-pound forward, added 19 points and 12 rebounds; Matt Glover, a 6-5 point guard, contributed 15 points and eight rebounds; Mark Tollefsen, a 6-9 forward, added 11 points and eight rebounds.

“I thought fatigue played a factor tonight,” San Francisco head coach Rex Walters said. “Hawai’i had some tough travel here and I think it caught up with them late in the game. Their legs got a little heavy.

“They aren’t a big team but they are physical and quick. It’s like having someone bite at your ankles the entire time. It took us awhile to get used to it.”


Monday’s results
Green Bay 66, East Carolina 49
Evansville 58, Fresno State 52
Florida Gulf Coast 58, Marist 43
San Francisco 88, Hawai’i 73

Tuesday’s schedule
East Carolina (2-2) vs. Fresno State (1-3), 7 a.m.
Hawai’i (4-2) vs. Marist (0-3), 9:30 a.m.
Green Bay (2-1) vs. Evansville (3-0), 1 p.m.
Florida Gulf Coast (4-0) vs. San Francisco (3-0), 3:30 p.m.

Wednesday’s schedule
Seventh place, 7 a.m.
Fifth place, 9:30 a.m.
Third place, 1 p.m.
Championship, 3:30 p.m.


  1. Hope NWC and Nevels find their game soon. I hope that Janks eligibility helps NWC and Garrett may be pressing. Like they say, may be time to let the game come to him. Bows absolutely need contributions from these guys to get where they want to be at end of season. I think travel got to a lot of the team tonight. Good luck tomorrow. Put this one behind and focus on next couple of games

  2. JUST For Reference…

    Hawai’i # 207 (4-2)
    Marist # 245 (0-3)

    FRESNO # 177 (1-3)
    E. CAROLINA # 219 (2-2)

    PITT # 43 (3-1)
    USF # 97 (3-0)
    High Point # 179 (3-1)

    AGREE — This TEAM Will Need Consistency from Negus & Nevels…

  3. Keepitreal: Yes the 8 games in 13 days, or two weeks, that is a lot ..and to go from Maui over 6200 miles across 5 times zones.. hey we complain if we have to go to Nevada.. just getting over the lag. impressed though.. team never quit and did have leads good runs in first half and second.. just a bigger, like Santa Barbara or Irvine team that outrebounded them.

    Correct, without NWC and G Money being able to combine for about 28-30 ppg between them.. affects their offensive output.. Good if Jovanovich, could have gotten more touches.. Jankovich, the guy.. is itching to play.. plus Jawato is only now getting into shape.. Marist.. Unless UH just does not come out to play. that is a winnable game.. However, UH just keep on bringing it.. Hey, this tournament, is a preparation for BWC tournament for the Big Prize NCAA bid. However, I thought,.UH if can go 2-1 on this really tiresome trip. it will be Great.. come back at 6-2 with a lot of time to rest and winnable games at SSC.. then BYU on the road.. when Janks ready for perhaps Chaminade or DHC.. they will be ready..
    Plus, we can see, that NWC is not a 6’7″ 235 PF, he is a 2 guard or 3 man.. however he really tries.. Valdes and Thomas, combining for 28 pts.. and hitting their FTs was impressive.. UH will bounce back..

    Go Rainbow Warriors !!

  4. Marist is beatable, except they had to travel way less than UH to Florida.

  5. Hey Keepitreal, fan of 15C, Eagle, warriorhaw.. as Benjy said from first game and after loss to High Point, UH understands they will not go 35-0, however.. they still have 26 games to get 14 for that 20 win pre BWC tourney wins.. Janks and Jawato in shape will help..
    G Money, and NWC if you read our posts… get your rest, ice bath, rest, hydrate, have trainer work with you, stay positve, and hit your shots. G could not hit floaters or 3 pointers.. NWC, was off.. Need them Now before Janks and Jawato are firing away..

    Still, season not lost, 26 more games before BWC tournament.. they have a ton of games more..
    Keep on grinding guys.. and Remember Fans.. that 8 games in 13 days.. from Maui to Florida, over 5 time zones and 6200 + miles that is tough.. not many if any, College DI team does that this year..
    UH will be back tomorrow against Marist at 930am tomorrow morning..

    Go Bows !!

  6. islandman:

    I know team will not use as an excuse, this schedule the last minute taking of the play in, Mid Major tournament.. no other team in nation would do this.. If UH can go 2-1, that would be great.. or just get That One on the road.. very, very far away..travel, good..and UH will be ready when come home…

    I am sure.. UH , Benjy will have them prepare, not be mad at them.. encourage them, and help them to play effectively, he does a good job managing team,.. The will bounce back, then can play for the Consolation Tourney Title.. ONE GAME at a Time,
    islandman.. by Tomorrow, UH will be acclimated to
    Eastern Time Zone.. legs,, always say, with travel the legs on jump shots off. however.. they just got beaten by that bigger rebounding team.. if the rebounding was closer, UH not outrebounded by 20, maybe by 7, UH wins..

    Hey just staying Positive.. UH will comeback.. What have they got to lose? nothing.. Now the anti UH MBB guys and gals will diss the team.. however. UH, test, pick selves off the mat and go get that W against Marist , will be listening to game.. or stream.. should be good.. however you are right, Marist from East Coast so they are fresher..
    Maybe Benjy play Niko, Jawato and Dyrbe more, just top spread out fouls and keep the first eight fresh !!!
    Go Bows, Warriors !!

  7. PLUS the Foul Trouble and UH not being deep, the travel.. however, neat how Valdes went on that run and helped, he and Thomas to get Hawaii within 3 pts late in game.. then they , the officials to avoid a really rough ending to game play… they were calling UH for really ticky tack fouls.. however that is how it is…. UH has to use hands, and quickness to get to ball or tie up guys, go for steals.. especially against bigger teams..
    UH plays San Francisco in San Fran, who knows.. however CLEAR and GO.. move on, scout Marist, they will be ready for UH.. and go get a W, by 1 point or 21 pts.. just get that first win, in Tourney and they will be okay for 3rd game..

    Still, these guys UH, are tough, could have lost by 25 at end.. I thought it was headed that way, however kept it respectable.. sure that they will be tossing and turning , do walk through.. and play Marist tough.,. NWC, Fleming, G Money, Q , Jovanovich if more touches have to score too, and hopefully UH not in foul trouble last 10 minutes of game !!

    Staying Positive, Go Bows !
    Warriors.. go get em !!

  8. Why not Benji sit down some ? He’s been standing a lot calling out something near the sideline, the last few games ?

    Niko made a nice shot, but he couldn’t keep up with his man on defense one time. Thought i saw Jawato, #3, try a shot from outside, but it doesn’t show up in the stats.

    The stats say Stepteau played 2 minutes, did you see him playing ?

  9. Marist roster:

    No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. Hometown (Prev School)
    1 Brooks, Kentrall Forward 6-8 200 So. Bronx, N.Y. (St. Anthony (N.J.))
    20 Coil, R.J. Center/Forward 6-9 225 Fr. Toledo, Ohio (Ottawa Hills)
    4 Colletta, Nick Guard 6-5 190 RFr. Glendora, Calif. (Glendora)
    32 Curry, T.J. Guard 6-1 190 Sr. Brooklyn, N.Y. (Christ the King)
    10 Griffin, James SG 6-5 200 Fr. Brisbane, Queensland (Westwind Prep Academy)
    5 Hart, Khallid Guard 6-2 180 So. Newark, Del. (The Sanford School)
    35 Lawrence, Phillip Forward 6-7 190 Jr. Baltimore, Md. (Mount St. Joseph)
    11 Lee, K.J. Guard 6-4 185 Fr. Huntington Station, N.Y. (Salisbury School )
    40 Lewis, Chavaughn G/F 6-5 185 Sr. Queens, N.Y. (St. Mary’s Manhasset)
    25 McClenaghan, Connor Forward/Center 6-9 215 Fr. Carrollton, Texas (Hebron)
    15 Momah, Obi Forward 6-7 220 Fr. Farmington, Conn. (Farmington)
    24 Thomas, Manny G/F 6-5 190 Sr. Brooklyn, N.Y. (Xaverian)
    44 Truog, Eric Center 6-10 240 Jr. Chagrin Falls, Ohio (Kenston)
    21 Whitfield, Tourron Guard 6-2 170 Sr. Queens, N.Y. (Archbishop Molloy)


    I don’t even know if Buscher or Stepteau made the trip, except as part of practice team. Know that Jawato in last few minutes came in.. attempted one three… that guy Jawato, probably in another month or so , he will be bombing away,, UH needs help in scoring especially on the road, that is my personal opinion.. Jawato and Janks.. the calvary, when they can stretch it,, hit consistent 3 pointers, along with Garrett and NWC.. along with Valdes and Thomas, athletic.. moves and scoring.. UH will be okay.. I am impressed.. AV and MT,.. they really stood out. however MT was in early foul trouble.. Wait for Janks.. However.. Benjy has to figure how to get 1 or 2 wins in this tournament, he does that.. UH will come home very happy.. Consolation title, they will be flying high coming back to 808..

  10. As I recall last year we had the same problems traveling on the road. The first game was always the achilles heel for UH. The second game was completed different as the players got the needed rest and acclimatization from the trip. Be as it may, I think it is safe to say that the first game is a gimee unless you’re playing with a very weak opponent. The tournament was set up for Hawaii to lose their opening game. That’s why they put San Francisco in the first game against Hawaii. Unless we have one of those rare lucky games where everything just seems to fall in and the opponents can’t do nothing right, the odds are we will lose. It’s one thing to play in your home state against a power team such as Pitt, it’s another thing to travel two time zones with one day rest, against a fairly good opponent and be victorious.UH has rarely won first games on the road. But I’ll take my chances on game 2 and 3 for Hawaii to come out swinging and winning. Just like last year.

  11. Servante, UH traveled 4 time zones, i think .

  12. What did Coach Benjy have to say. Perhaps we should have used the same game plan that we did against Pitt. What was the call this time, zone? man?. I didn’t have the video.

    I think NWC and Nevels should not so much be given the green light, but actually be instructed to take a few shots from deep AND to feel good about it. Square hole, square peg. And yes, Nevels did look real good getting rebounds against Pitt.

    And did Sammis make the trip? Thought he should.

  13. Need scoring from both. Double figures for both. Rebounds are plus but gotta put the ball through the hoop. No doubts about effort. Only one game but been a while since either one had breakout game. Still waiting for that beast that Artie is always talking about to step up. Lots of time but need them to be rolling when conference starts. Keep the faith. Go Bows!

  14. akuhead as a team its shot selection those guys gotta stop shooting so many 3s and use the mid range shot.
    The 3s will come and they will be in better position to rebound and play transitional def.

  15. Reality is always cruel to injury, sickness or negativity; 5-ime-zone travel can cause adversity.

    We know how good you are; Speedy recovery certainly will let us do the usual!

    Hawaii proud of our 15C&4L(uck) positively.

  16. I think it is contradictory for anyone associated with the name Warriors to make excuses. The time zone excuse needs to go away. These are young kids. Should he able to overcome that. I’m afraid all we have learned over the last few days is that Pitt isn’t very good right now.

  17. Hey bigdaddy, I know. Standard basketball advice, with a capital S.
    But other things work too. And the problem with our team now, until possibly Janks becomes eligible, is that we are a little light up front. Without Fotu, our front line is a man down, at least as the plan was a few months ago. But we are loaded with guards. Good guards. And two very special guards with amazing potential to hit long threes, under pressure. I draw your attention to the rare teams like the Loyola Marymount with Bo Kimble and Hank Gathers. They ran. They RAN their opponents off the court, in part because of taking advantage of the very special skills of their very special players. When I think of the Bows RUNNING, I think of teams like Loyola Marymount and the UNLV of Jerry Tarkanian. Tarkanian RAN when he had the players that could run, and gun. We have players now that can gun and RUN. And without the substantial interior play of Fotu, not to make light of Thomas and Jovanovich because they are both gems, but the Standard basketball advice will give the advantage to teams with a better interior game than UH. I like the idea of RUNNING. I think calling us the RUNBOWS is great. It fits. Like a square peg in a square hole. Putting us in the position of playing as if we were a Standard team is like putting a Round peg in a Square hole. We need to take advantage of our advantage in having a lot of very good guards, and a few bigs that can also run.
    That said. So far, I like Benjy. Its just my opinion that we RUN, and to make the other teams RUN with us. We didn’t RUN much, as far as I could tell against USF, but maybe it is still just early in the season. I think USF is a team we should beat. Just like Highpoint . I hope there are things at work that I can’t see here early in the season. I think the beast will show up when NWC and Nevels ‘step back’, behind the line, and start raining uncontested 3’s. Just enough to open up the rest of the floor. I agree, so far, not the shooting percentages we have looked forward to.

  18. gib ogood, there you are.

    Pitt is ranked No. 43 in the Pomeroy ratings. Travel probably affected Pitt . Nebraska is rated No. 41 and is receiving votes in the polls ( they were ranked No. 21 in the polls) .

  19. Potential means very little. Landscape is littered with players labeled with the P word across all sports. This team is feisty, together, and does not put their heads down. You are expecting too much to compare this team to Tark’s UNLV squads’ Westhead’s Loyola teams. May as well throw in Arkansas teams playing 40 minutes of hell. team is still growing together. Accept them for what they are. No way they have the bodies to run like you are suggesting. And gibnogood, you will note that players not using travel as excuse. But it is a fact that going East is brutal. And Pitt is not very good right now? Don’t look now but your bias is showing. Like you say, no excuses. Can’t use travel as excuse and can’t denigrate win with “they aren’t very good”.

  20. Traveling that long through all those time zones is brutal, especially when traveling in coach which is what our boys did. Needless to say I think the scheduling was poor to expect us to play well on such short rest. I know the staff was trying to fill games last minute but thats on them and they should have done a better schedule so that we would be well rested for games.

  21. Islandman. Lol. Yep I’m here. Dayton and Runbows bans me from time to time. I wouldn’t pay much attention to the polls. Time will tell….have a good turkey day.

  22. Pay no attention to the polls. Good advice. But when UH beats Ark Pine Bluff we can refer to the polls. C’mon gibnogood. Let these kids enjoy the wins. I know I love to tweak some posters here but how about a little Thanksgiving spirit?

    I will start it off by saying I am thankful for living in this beautiful paradise and for being able to watch these young UH players learn to overcome adversity and grow both on the court and off. Next?

  23. Lol. That should be “you” like to tweak posters, gibnogood. I need to step away from the punch bowl…

  24. Following the UH-Marist game on gametracker. UH up 35-22 at the half although Marist closed with an 8-0 run. UH led by as many as 21.

    Of note: Nevels is 4 for 6 with 10 points. Valdes with 13 rebounds, matching Marist’s team total. Filipovich was first off the bench (5 points, 2 for 2, including a 3-pointer). Enos also hit a 3-pointer. They both played before Fleming, who came in with a little more than 3 minutes left in the half and was subbed out after about 90 seconds. I’m not going to speculate on Fleming’s status; let’s see what happens in the second half.

  25. Sounds good. Keep everyone fresh. Need that bench for 3 in 3 days

  26. UH 2 of last 8 FGs; the lead is now 43-38 with 11:45 to play.

  27. Marist hits consecutive 3s; lead now 46-45 with 10:15 to play.

  28. UH holds on for 62-55 win. Give the guys credit. Marist closed to a point a couple times, but UH never gave up the lead.

    ‘BOWS 62-55, 5-2 ON Season

    E. Carolina Tomorrow
    Step UP ‘Bows !

    Learning to WIN On the Road…

  30. Great win Bows ! Man they look really tired, however gutted it out
    Valdes.. 16 or 17 rebounds and 10 pts.. Bobbitt, control game and UH defend at last few minutes.. get huge win.

    so far, 7 or 8 games early season in 12 days.. UH is now 5-2.. way to Go Benjy and MBB team
    Now.. big battle against big Eastern Carolina tomorrow..

    Go Win Rainbow Warriors !!

    UH- 62 to Marist 55 win for UH MBB team

  31. RunBows: I’m guessing you watched the live streaming. Was Sammis on the bench? Just curious.


    UH-62 Marist -55

    This team, just a lot of heart, and they are EXHAUSTED !!

    One more win, guys for the consolation title !!
    Anything you have done.. at LEAST GOT THE IMPORTANT ONE WIN in Tourney.. have shot to go 2-1… AT LEAST THE ONE.. so Maui, One win against Pitt huge.. one loss against USF.. UH very tired.,. big defensive win against Marist.. UH 1-1 so far.. .IF UH can get the Consolation title and come home 2-1 or really 3-1 away from SSC in honolulu AWESOME..

    ONE GAME AT A TIME.. NOW GO BACK TO HOTEL,, heard it is a Beautiful one. get iced, rest and sleep.. ready for the Pirates of E. Carolina

    So Very Proud of the MBB team and Benjy and staff !!

  33. What a nail biter. All played except Jawato. Valdes,Nevels and Thomas came through, among others . Niko and Enos hit their shots . Negus hit some too.

    Benji was sitting down more this game, but was talking to the refs sometimes at timeouts.

  34. HELD MARIST TO 34% shooting for game from the field.. below 30% from 3 line, though Marist was 0-3, they are Big, and athletic east coast team.. good defensively too, UH up by 21 pts withstood run by Marist in 2nd half.

    UH just their, experience from winning close games against HPU exhibition, Bakersfield, Pitt, and now Marist.. it shows.. Guys legs tired.. so they shot only about 50% from FT line.

    KEY:: GUYS GET SLEEP REST< HYDRATE.. you all look super tired.. ONE MORE GAME.. Give Em !
    IMUA Warriors !!


  35. clyde: The view on
    American One, hey it takes a little moving around site, however if you nave FREE account, The game feed is FREE, so I log in, and some others.. and whoa, there was the USF AND the Marist stream feed from Forida..
    Tomorrow same thing..

    NO CLOSE VIEW OF BENCH, I could not tell who except seeing Fleming with headband on bench..
    Did not notice Sammis, However in back of Bench Waaay up about 12 rows behind UH, was a guy, or fan for UH cheering.. Sammis, I don’t know why went to Florida, maybe get some things in order.. however he is supposed to come back to Hawaii by Dec 2nd and have the surgery. according to some post..

    No sorry, Unless, clyde someone Else caught Sammis on the Bench.. could not see. Quality of stream , good, steady, not HD though.. however can be viewed for FREE live just a free registration..

  36. bigdaddy: Spoken like a true BB coach.. you must be a good one.. Team has to be patient, the mid range, or 15-17 footers are there.. plus patience even from Bobbitt to work with MT and Jovanovich, Valdes, to get some inside baskets.. he has to be able to penetrate the painted area, then he will cause havoc.. lot of offensive charge calls, and in last 10 minutes of game, refs calling super tight.. and that is UH’s style of defense, maybe, as you say, and you wold know BB just play with feet, and not reach too, much.. However team gutted it out.

    Will only make UH MBB team tighter and stronger.. THEY HAVE to stick together. bond, they will, they are learning to win on Maui, now in Florida away from the Stan Sheriff Center UH Manoa Honolulu campus.

    Team Ball, you are right, get the mid range, instead of jacking all 3’s, however have to hit at least some, NWC hit a Huge one down the stretch. and UH closed out.

    They, bigdaddy, learning, and Benjy, Que and staff, since they were PG’s will help develop guys.. Big Win today !!

  37. Re: Sammis. Thanks, RunBows.

    I was going to do live streaming, but decided to just follow on game tracker. I like how it displays and updates stats as each play is made.

    Well, good luck to the team tomorrow; winning 2 of 3 would be a heck of an accomplishment.

  38. The radio was behind the streaming. Usually it’s the radio ahead of streaming for football games.

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