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Warriors endure tumultuous week


Pehaps it was fitting that such turmoil hit the University of Hawai’i basketball program during the week of Halloween. It was scary, mysterious and dark, with a lot of people hiding behind masks.

Ultimately, the Warriors feel like they got tricked rather than treated. After the abrupt dismissals of head coach Gib Arnold and assistant coach Brandyn Akana on Tuesday, here’s where the Warriors stand:

* Benjy Taylor is the acting head coach, and has been told that he will be in that position for the remainder of the 2014-15 season.

* Taylor has two assistants in place – Senque Carey and Brandon Loyd. It is still unknown if another assistant will be added to the staff.

* Freshman Sammis Reyes has requested a release from his scholarship so that he can transfer to another school in December.

* The status of junior forward Isaac Fotu remains in question, as he has already been declared ineligible for an undetermined amount of games by UH officials. Rumors are swirling that Fotu – the team’s top player – will return to his home country of New Zealand to play professional basketball.

* The first exhibition game is set for this Thursday, with the regular-season opener scheduled for November 14. There has been no announcement of any findings from an NCAA investigation that could immediately affect this season.

UH officials have remained silent on the reasons for the dismissals of the coaches, as well as the timing of it.

“It’s definitely a shock,” sophomore forward Mike Thomas said. “There’s a lot of thoughts in my mind, but just knowing I still have my support system, I still have my teammates … going to class taking care of school takes my mind off of it as well.”

The Warriors have been practicing regularly under the guidance of Taylor during the week, and the team is incorporating schemes previously learned under Arnold with new ones introduced by Taylor.

“It’s a little different, we have some different principles now,” Thomas said. “There’s definitely an adjustment period, and guys are still getting to know each other.”

Because there have been no announcements to make them think otherwise, the Warriors say they are still aiming for a Big West Conference title.

“Absolutely,” Thomas said. “I think everybody still has the same goal – we want to make the (NCAA) Tournament. We want to go as far as we possibly can this year, and work as hard as we can.”

Thomas said he realizes that there are many disgruntled fans and followers of the team, but the players are still looking for support at home games.

“We love you guys, we want you to cheer us on,” he said. “We’re behind you as much as you guys are behind us.”


  1. Fotu come back. Or stick with team. Sammis think about what best.

    However… very impressed with team the remaining 14, who are going to fight and win, and come out stronger and winners as a result of something they had No control over.

    Fans that can, physically able, and without obligation to care for families, work.. please go to games at least 4000, or least 3990 strong, or more 5000+ on weekends. and support the team.

    Go Rainbow Warriors, do not give up, battle for championships.. You were winners , 20 games for last years 8, and this years new guys, chance to get that all time wins record.. still a lot of great guys.
    UH MBB fans support all of you and your great families.
    Hang in there, don’t give up. It sill will be a good year for you all. !

  2. Support these young men! they are our team! they are the Warriors !

  3. Thank you Mike, MATURE, VERY MATURE response….-with Aloha!

    The Zombies are coming. Mindless and hungry for you… What to do???
    Flight or Fight!
    You can climb to greater heights or be eaten by the Zombies, for they are always coming, hungry for you.
    However, Michael Jordan. Larry Bird and Toyotomi Hideyoshi have left us with great legacies to emulate and they in turn, fought; no more Zombies, they paved paths for others to follow. – go bows

  4. jjay: agreed.. support Benjy and the team. They still can play for all time win record. And if that is on the table, really hoping, BWC title and NCAA’s
    Go Warriors..Go Bows..
    Once that first game comes around and they get a good win, and the fans cheering them on, the 14 or 15 still on team will feel much better.
    Don’t , know.. still , oh well, move on, why… it affects people who had nothing to do with the allegations.. that is the sad part.. Hope for the best.

    Love you guys Mike. Your time to step up, You and Valdes, Negus, Bobbitt, Fleming, Enos, Niko, Jovanovich a huge role at the 5, No complaints there, now all the guys will have chance for major winning playing time minutes.
    Hope that Benjy can hire, I know he mentioned in SA article, he was in the process of interviewing for final assistant position, I guess, he good get his man or gal, and have to need approval from AD and UH.. hope they do get him. help.. someone work with the few bigs..

    I am really hoping, Fotu, short time out, NCAA shows compassion and restores him shortly..and Isaac decides to stay.. seems like hinges, everything, a lot of decsions on the coming weeks.

    Go Warriors. the Mighty Warriors!

  5. tako:

    you are right, Nevels, Valdes, Thomas, the statements they made, very honest. The whole team meeting with AD and letting know concerns. Able to retain Benjy, which was good move.
    Now, it is a true test of character , maturity and growing up. Can use a stumbling block as stepping stone, go right over it, or let it hinder you, and you turn around go another way.. or just BUST that stumbling block up, blow it up, by sticking together, doing well in school, let this play out.. win the BWC or just get that 30 game goal win for season. You all, when season starts, actually with the HPU exhibition game, once you guys let it all out on the floor, and start winning, You are winners already for staying the course.

    And to the families of all of the guys, amazing support, and you have really great high character sons. thankyou for sharing them with University of Hawaii MBB fans !

  6. Dayton,

    I don’t know if Mr. Jay will grant you an interview, but if you can talk to him, in regards to the coaching staff, ask him “So, what’s next?” Seems it would be difficult to hire another assistant coach outside of the program, with the current head coach on an “acting” status.

    When is UH going to start the new HC job position hiring process, to get recruiting going?

  7. tako and jjay, and all WI MBB forum,…

    You know time right now, for all of us on this stage, this outlet, to UNITE and back up Benjy and his staff, the team, and trainers, managers… MBB office..
    We 100% united , the guys will feel it.. checking out our comments?
    Well YOU GUYS ARE GREAT YOUNG MEN..we are proud of you, hang in there, and just stay strong, and finish strong.
    Things will work out in time.
    Go Bows. Warriors Rainbow Warriors.

  8. JustinLurkin:

    Those are great points and questions to be answered nothing to do with ncaa thing, how moving forward. And if in the Best interest of the student athletes, especially this current group, and recruits for the future, what is the status.

    I believe, Justin in the Star,BM article, Benjy was saying he is interviewing assistant coaching prospects right now. I wonder if it is the local coaches. or even UH alum?

    All for the sake of the Good of the Student Athletes.. well Ben Jay.. have to take care of the BB team and HC serving now as well. Justin excellent questions posed. Will Ben respond? Hope he does soon, this week, for solidarity to clear the air and we can move forward, the MBB program , not regress.

  9. Mahalo to those players who will remain to play for UH.

    If things need to be cleaned up, they need to be cleaned up. My hope is that the truth eventually is made clear.

    The character and reputation of our university and students are at hand.

  10. BigIslandHank: agreed…. as Ben says, for the benefit of UH student athletes, there welfare.. however it includes we taxpayers, the fans, the families of the athletes,
    AND especially the guys on team right now.

    Hope that, I don’t know when NCAA will release, or even if Ben will comment , maybe no comment , because of investigation?

    Well, guys, Just get that season started, wait it out, and hope for the best.
    The guys, and Hank you are right, if whatever, happened, we don’t know for sure..
    UH reputation to even attract quality coaches and STUDENT good people athletes will take major hit, if not, probably already..

    Politics, shoots..

  11. One more thing, since Benjy is our acting HC, we fans support him, just for the stability of team.. Benjy go get em.. do your best, and help team win a lot of games. I have feeling, when season starts, the guys still stick it out with team, and go all out, can still have great season, I really believe that..

  12. NWC… we got your back.. love your attitude.. you guys going be alright, things fixed and forward.. hey man go chase that huge win record.. and battle battle battle.

    Benjy doing good job too. Uniting the guys. stay positive…

    really impressed , with attitudes of Valdes, Thomas, Nevels, NWC…Bobbitt.. and all the guys remaining.. it sure WAS a blow.. cannot deny. The team the 14 or 15.. can still Rock the Rock.Just the solidarity and the galvanizing effect, and the bond, one family one ohana.

    I see you guys, .. hear.. read.. stay positive.. you MEN will be okay…

    Go Rainbow WARRIORS..
    And Isaac Fotu, ,stay positive too, wherever you maybe.. thanks.
    Sammis, thanks too, for at least finishing the semester.
    Man this group of guys, the first early test.. had an idea still commit, fantastic..
    stay positive

  13. It is unfortunate to lose anyone, especially coming from two outstanding players in Fotu and Reyes.
    But this team is deep and will fill the slots vacated by departing players. Losing players is the nature of the game today and you just gotta roll with the punches. Whether it’s transferring, injury, or in UH case NCAA sanctions, you need to adjust and rethink strategies. We got possible break out players in Michael Thomas and Aaron Valdes. This may be there golden opportunity to obtain the needed playing time that they must have in order to play at the potential that they are capable of. One (or two) door closes; another one (or two) opens.

  14. RunBows, you are absolutely correct. We the fans need to support the program. After all, players and coaches come and go. Us fans remain here thru all the ups and downs. The players need to realize that we got their backs no matter what. We are all in this together. No matter if we believe we have been wronged, what we need to do is make this right. And that is by dealing with this together. This will be a great Positive out of Negative story for ESPN.

    Go Bows!!!!!!!!!!

  15. servante – Still really hoping BWC title and NCAA is there for guys. If not.. they still play for that great record. I think it stands at 27 by Riley’s Savo led team in 2001 or 2002? That is why, Nevels was talking about the 28 wins , then making 3 game sweep in BWC tournament. Plus it just makes the team feel better just win.
    We don’t know.. I thought according to some of our great analysts, and researching NCAA infractions sanctions..that this process can take awhile.. and any penalties , probation, would possibly come after season. We just have to stay positive.

    The cream rises to the top….know that bigdaddy boy Fleming is ready to go, man even Enos, Niko, Stepteau, Buscher all will have huge role in finishing season strong. Valdes and Thomas, Negus, a lot of us forget about NWC.. He is the all around talent who came here, for more exposure in BWC and to be able to really dominate and have shot as PG/SG in NBA.. still his dream.. NWC is that Juilian Sensley, with drive, great facilitator, and will do what it takes to help team win. Even in practices and scrimmages, he was deferring to others , get them the ball to score.. He is a Team guy, great Family support, He will lead too.. Don’t forget NWC..6’7″ BWC talent ready, and beyond. Then there is Jovanovich.. he is probably the strongest guy on team now, THE BIG on team.. He can just lock down, D up, rebound. and score some.. and Taylor rotate, Thomas, Valdes, NWC, in that frontcourt, and rebound defend as team. Hey all is NOT LOST.. we focus, so much, and they are good talented players.. however. as Taylor says, it is NOT about One or Two guys.. whomever shows up at practices and is dedicated to Win a lot of games.. This team, smaller, however, definitely Still have their shooters, the 3 ball guys. and the push guys.. pressure guys…think Benjy has to rotate in and out, 9 or 10 guys.. time for Benjy to put his stamp on this 2014-15 season. A time of redemption…Stand up and fight.. You, know getting closer to HPU game, I am getting excited, and team too.. when that first tipoff. they ain’t going to step on court to lose… they want to win every game.. Remember the UNLV championship team with Tark… no real height, great guard play , shooters, and team zone defense, with 6’7″ Larry Johnson in the middle, The Fab Five not tall, just great team work.. and winners.. BWC is a guard and wing , shooter driven league., only Irvine has that 6 guys over 6’10”, however they were ousted from BWC tourney last year… so UH definite shot, to win, win and win.. a 22-25 win out of possible 32 pre and BWC conference regular season possible, without question. IF the guys stay positive and work.. If Benjy gets a really good third assistant, help out.. I hope Ben and UH approves that hire.. even if temp.. would help a lot..
    servante trial by fire, and only the strong will survive, these 14 guys, and who knows maybe 15, will come out swinging.

    Once, UH can start winning games, the fanbase will definitely back up these guys who are great young men and students as well.
    Don’t care if , post too much.. Just want to speak out or type POSITIVE about the 2014 -15 team, that can be historic.. Do not give up, and Benjy and guys, sticking with team, ARE NOT.. ONE OHANA.. that is a given.. Just keep together guys.

    Go Warriors.. Rainbows..I think much, much better talent, than what F. Arnold had, or Larry Little had, or Riley’s first year, and Bob Nash’s tenure.. Just do it guys..stay positive, family, and go out and win ball games, do well in class. you guys will live and learn, be prepared for the real world post UH.


    November 2, 2014 • 10:26 am

    Obviously MOST Posters Here and in Hawai’i are/will be BIASED on This…BUT…

    i DO Think Many of These Comments are At Least Real Considerations
    and Have a Chance to Prove Factual:

    Tonganator, Isaac & Family:

    Everyone Wants What’s Best for Isaac: [NOT For Short Money]
    -Maybe NOT True for the NZ Pros who ‘Might’ be a Hindrance or at least A Limitation to Isaac’s Greatest Future:
    -Lower Income than he already deserves — Isaac is better than $300K Euro Players;
    -They Still DON’T Start Him (Why Not? He’s NOT Prone to Foul Trouble)
    -IF he had stayed (Only) in NZ, he probably would NOT have developed a Full-Range (to three line) Game (although even LeBron didn’t develop that until he was in NBA)
    -Starting Smaller than Possible is (i think) the Carl English story — another UH star who was a likely Player-of-Year, All-Region or All-American Candidate (skipped Senior Season); those Accolades should Earn Isaac At Least NBA Camp or Developmental League Look/Time…

    -i “think” (In Fact, I’m Pretty SURE) Isaac Will Continue to Develop More in Hawai’i — Coach Fisher was helpful, probably Gib as well (although both not as influential now); BUT Coach Senque helped develop NBA Players Sylvester Seay and Paul George (Rated as Top FIVE or even Top Three(!) in NBA; UH’s schedule is on Up-Grade and Isaac can Still be Challenged Daily and in Many Games (On National TV) while Continuing Growth and Development…

    The Family “GOAL” is The Degree…

    In The Long RUN, “College and Financial Experts” Estimate Confidently, That The College Degree Will be Worth an Additional Income of More Than $1 Million – ? So For TWO Years’ Eligibility OR Pro Income Loss, Would Need to Average $500 K/Year over Next Year and a Half to Break Even?

    [CAUTION: “Pros” Always talk about “you can get the degree after your playing days” but that’s a Fantasy for 80-90% of Pros who will never go back/ complete (IF NOT Done Immediately);

    I’m SURE YOUR List of Considerations IS Much Longer…
    I Suspect Few Teams WILL Be As High-Quality TEAM-Playing Guys (as UH)…
    With NATIONAL / NBA Exposure
    I Like (Most of) Benjy’s Answers and Down-to-Earth apparent ‘Honesty’ with his Feelings…
    Can’t Speak to Many of The Factors You & Isaac CAN…
    Don’t Know Expected ‘Suspension’ (Wait At Least For This?)
    Always Can Move On Later…

    But Food for Consideration
    Even If Only For Just us Fans
    (I Think Most Have Been Proven Wrong Repeatedly
    Claiming Isaac or Other ‘Bows in the Past Would Leave/Not Return)
    BUT Wanted to Weigh In…
    and I Know You Know

    It IS Because We Care…

    BEST of the BEST To YOU, Isaac & ‘Ohana ALWAYS

    Mahalo, Tonganator, Isaac & Family!

  17. warriorhaw, bro…

    you are a really good fan, and you go to the games at SSC.. rock on brother, rock on.. Guys, they need the cheers.. they need, well I was season ticket holder through F. Arnold days, only thousand or so per game, still we cheered team. The Riley Wallace first year.. only 1800 or so some games, still cheered.. I am going to cheer from home too. by POSITIVE WORDS… and you are right , leave that ncaa thing right or wrong behind,.. let the ncaa , uh, and counsel get things resolved for the betterment of UH MBB and student athletes. that is what they say, so I believe them.. I hoping they done good.. and Coach Gib gets to coach again,to take care of his wonderful family, and that Coach Akana who helped recruit Fotu, does get to coach again..great contacts in Asia, I am sure he will be okay..

    Go Bows!!

  18. Eagle original post man supreme..from the beginning you told me, hey only a few comments about team when WI forum first started.. so bombs away, I blogged like mad to support team and current coaches, and guys.
    You know, some saying Wed.. he makes announcement, I don’t know.. and Media.. plus team they know he is weighing his options.. Plus that was the goal for Fotus , get his degree. to finish this year.. And question as Hank said, is this UH self imposed suspension or NCAA? Either way.. according to a lot of similar accounts. and situations with NCAA players and problem, those athletes did not sit out entire or half of season, they were sat out a few games max.. so , we await.. However in meantime.. We support the train bound for glory.. as you say, this story is viral.. I mean, global,,.. what the..? Stay Positive Eagle, continue with your Haiku like prose, and legal eagle talk, comments and reasoning, I know you are long time season ticket holder.. Give em! Just cheer on the current team. Bound for glory, the Train ain’t going to stop..Who is on board.. Taylor the conductor.. leading. and NWC , AV, GMoney, Q. . Bobbitt, I. Fleming, Janks, Jovanovich , MT, Enos, Brocke, Zach..Niki Filipovich.. rock on brothers rock on.. get on board and rock that rocking SSC and BWC just tear it up.. a team of athletes,.. nobody talking bout them., however, still a lot of talent in the cupboard.
    I am staying POSITIVE , Eagle, Tavs, servante , warriorhaw, Hank, Chuck, Pono, and all UH MBB fans, we support the boys on The Train bound for a great epic , statement making season. Do not give up…Go… Imua Hawaii..,

  19. to above post correction… Team IS ONE OHANA.. I posted are NOT however, what affects one and they are family. well built put together team..

    ONE OHANA.. ONE UNITED UH MBB fanbase, and I agree PONO and others, this is not about One Coach or two players, it is about the 14 or so still fighting as family. stay positive guys, proud of you all. Things will become clearer. and UH MBB, still can go after wins, regardless of whatever comes.. This will make guys stronger… just that 3500+ core win or lose fanbase, they are Golden, joined by another 1500+ when the train gets a rollin.. wow.. will ease the pains.. Go Bows!

  20. Glad to see that UH has some high character guys leading the recovery. Nevels, Thomas, and Valdes have handled this very well.

    I have a feeling that Fotu will be reinstated at some point because inappropriate benefits is a very common occurrence and his was of the lower $ amount. There’s many cases of guys receiving much more money, under more sinister reasons, and have been reinstated. Again, this is on UH to not royally screw up this situation from this point on and not burn bridges so bad that Fotu decides UH isn’t worth the 3-ring clown show and leaves for the pros.

  21. FUHA:

    Could be. He awaits, Ben Jay returning from hospital. Wish him good recovery. However he has to do damage control. that line about betterment of student athletes.. don/t you as AD, have the responsibility to explain the suspension and timeframe. I am sure, well definitely a huge fanbase of Isaac Fotu, and they are letting it be heard. What is the deal. Ben, to save UH MBB and the UH reputation, he gave the okay, along with Benjy to appeal right away for Fotu. Wonder if NCAA does a quick turnaround and reinstates. I think this is a self imposed suspension correct. So, Ben would no , would have to know the length. Could be behind the scenes going on. What with Football, the other handling mishandling of things at UH.. Ben has chance to aright the ship.Hope he does., and Fotu, may change his mind. Wed. I am sure, once Fotu does the contact with pro team or sign with agent, I think he is done.. However, wish him well it would do him better to stay at UH and get degree as his family wanted, and have great senior season. So, even though that is what he is pursuing his options.. Ben can make it clear, how many games, 1, or 2 or 3? That is not a long wait.. even if it were six.. we wait out this melodrama.

    Sill support Team and Benjy, they are grinding,.. to get a lot of wins
    Go Bows!!

  22. Mike, no worries, none of the fans are down on the players. We will be at the SSC cheering loudly for you and your teammates. We’re behind you 100% regardless of what happens with the administration, coaches or the NCAA. You can bank on it.

    As for Isaac, I hope he and his family remember an education lasts a lifetime. Basketball can be taken away in a moment, with one bad slip or awkward landing on the court. A degree doesn’t guarantee a successful future but it opens the door to many professional opportunities than a person without one will be denied.

    I work in a successful business with a great team. Everyone on that team is making a good living and taking care of their family. And none of them would have even gotten an interview without their college degree.

    Think about it Isaac. And most importantly, don’t rush to make a decision without all of the facts. The direction you chose now will affect the rest of your life. Don’t let someone outside with their own agenda impose a timetable on you. Be in control, don’t be controlled.

  23. HawaiiMongoose read your posts on many forums, really objective, balanced , real , honest, not attacking, and for the sake of the student athletes. Great fan and mature person to give shout out of advice to Isaac Fotu and family.
    You know the Wed. decision date, Ben Jay coming out of hospital Monday, Ben already getting Benjy on board for rest of year because UH team spoke up and Benjy, the clamor from fanbase for Fotu, . some wavering, if Fotu there or not.. should be really interesting what happens tomorrow..
    If Isaac is assured, this self imposed ncaa sit down for games, is not for a long time, just few games, just have backing of AD, and support would mean wonders for Isaac, I would really hope so.

    Isaac, this one more year, no matter what playing for, maybe for a historic 30 win season at the least would help your game, you on track to graduate perhaps next summer semester or whenvever. Mongoose is right.. that UH diploma, will come in handy, because, unless you get a million dollar or much more insurance on your back and body… one injury, and your back is not 100% now.. Pro ball would push your body even more.. just a thought.

    Mongoose, always, really fatherly advice, and good comments, I enjoy them.. very fair and balanced.. in a very pono way!

  24. Mahalo RB for the kind words.

  25. Another factor that may help Fotu is that it was an iPad to do school work.

  26. we can’t blame the players but only the coaches, the university and the ncaa….i give credit to every player that stays

  27. Agree especially top level..these guys should not be punished..
    team let’s stay together !!

  28. If Fotu leaves, yes that would be a punch to the guts, but I would not say that the the roster would be empty without him.. Theres still a lot of talent on this team, Garrett Nevels, Negus Webster-Chan, Quincy Smith and others are perfectly capable of taking over the lead duties.

    if Fotu leaves, the rest of the team just has to look at it like he got a ACL or something like that and out for the season so everybody else just gotta step up. Of course need Fotu here to make a huge impact but I think will still be in order without him. Let’s just wait to see what Isaac has to say for himself before making any judegements.

  29. If Fotu leaves we will be lucky to win 15 games. He is the centerpiece of the offense which will open up the perimeter for shooters. He commands a double team in the post and without him we have zero back to the basket threats in the post. Fotu must know what the allegations are against him which is why he is suspended to make a decision either way. Even though the findings are not public people know what we are up against in the Athletic Dept.

  30. Saw Isaac Fotu at 7-11 near university and pucks alley yesterday getting off his moped and shook his hand and told him how great he is and we appreciate all he has done. By talking to him for a few minutes and trying to pick his mind a bit. It’s safe to say guys I think Fotu is as good as gone guys, we should know for sure shortly.

  31. Dayton and others, This is the real islandman.

    I DID NOT POST THE POST ON Fotu. I did not see Fotu.

    Somebody hacked my name or something is wrong.

  32. Bobby Curran talking about UH Basketball… just mentioned that Fotu is no longer in Oahu….

    Jankovic is has not committed to staying at UH yet. Of course, mentioned Reyes is out after this semester.

  33. Does this site have a check on duplicate user names ?

  34. This site does have a check on duplicate names,when i tested yet. So something else is wrong.

  35. KHON2 reports Fotu has not practiced since Wednesday.

  36. islandman(the real one)i

    f you have been hacked, OR this register Word Press program maybe has a glitch? Or there is someone that wants to take your moniker, I know you have a similar name with extra on other forums, and I really appreciate your love for UH , sports the teams, and getting to the facts.
    Dayton, can that be fixed.. I know , you can register under A NEW moniker, however Word Press system, will tell you if that name is Taken. islandman, I would really be concerned, This site could be compromised, and I know that Dayton cannot monitor 24 / 7.. Hope he can.. I know he can trace your email, the original compare with the second “islandman”, maybe you have to now be “islandman1”.. it is stange, you are nothing put pono, about UH sports and spot on. Dayton and WI I hope it gets fixed. What else can go wrong?
    islandman, just the way you type and your style, I know it is you,, very consistent.. Dayton will address, I am sure, just keep on posting, THE TRUTH.. a real island son and kamaaina.

  37. sorry @islandman forgot to add the 808 at the end thought I did that my mistake bro.

  38. I enjoyed the 7-Eleven reporting, islandman(808)

  39. FUHA:
    Sad, the latest, if accurate, listened early, early this morning to Bobby C. show, he said, from all accounts, Isaac Fotu is gone, on a plane to LA. He did not want to wait out to see the length of sitting out games. From Bobby, and he was really, just frank out in the open. He said very sad, because Isaac Fotu as we all know is a nice, nice guy and a developing talent. For a person to give, or loan whatever an ipad, and true, as tako said, many teams are giving the Whole Team ipads..

    because of that, the one who gave and the one who received it, Fotu according to Bobby C., is gone , on way back to New Zealand. It would be a miracle, if Bobby was wrong, and the account was not correct and Isaac says, hey I am still here with team,.otherwise, Isaac Fotu, and Tonganator the Fotu Ohana, I feel really bad for what happened. not a serious felony or abusive crime, more of a minor mistake, and Isaac gets suspended indefinitely. About Janks not sticking around, question? Is he a RS transfer, as of this mid Dec. burning up that 1 RS year? Can he still transfer out? Or of course he could drop down to DII or go pro? I don’t know the rules. Who does out there? Thanks in advance.

  40. No problem glad you enjoyed it

  41. Fotu, we ain’t mad at you. Good luck in your future, hope you can represent UH well. Was really hoping to watch you play this year, in one of the highlight videos here you put the ball on the floor then made a 3. It was definitely a highlight.

    Rest of us here: the biggest highlight in the video was seeing Nevels drive left handed and slam the ball with his weak hand. Hope these highlights translate to real games.

  42. RunBows and islandman808,

    Thank you for your responses. I can now rest peacefully, until the next glitch. I thought someone had hacked by keyboard or something or i was living in the twilight zone (sounds minor until it happens to you).

    I did try to test the Register process using the name PONO , and it rejected that as a duplicate name. So something else is screwy because it allowed the duplicate islandman.

    isl_____808, thanks for you info on Fotu.

  43. No problem glad I can be of assistance on that matter. Hoping everything works itself out and we have an announcement with an Isaac Fotu press conference and he pulls another Colt Brennan and says he’s returning to UH lol. We can only wish though. If not then good luck MR. Fotu and all you did and plan to do in your future Be safe in this world and God speed my friend.

  44. Tonganator and Family: We all wish Isaac Fotu the best. Still await word from UH and the media release, BM tweet blogs, and of course comments if available from Benjy WI interview. I am sure they as evidence the team , the 13 now, maybe, are still going to play, If team is only with NWC 6’7″, Mike Thomas 6’7″, Aaron Valdes 6’5″ who plays like he is 6’8″, and One big Jovanovich 6’11”, really going to be Small, small ball, Benjy ball, Remember other teams that played UH, when UH with Vander , Amis, Fotu, had the size height advantage? Those athletic teams still were quicker to the ball and could rebound as team, and got out and ran, ran ran, just used quickness. Really feel for team
    Ben Jay, still to give an official release, to say, he will grant the addition of the final 3rd assistant, 2 he backs up all the guys, and 3 he gives full support of team.

    Fellow fans, since Reyes, Fotu(wait for official release, unless it is a mistake?)
    and possibly Janks wavering, I hope NWC can talk to him and convince him to stay. However the fall out, for the errors, of a few, affect the many.. Those that stick it out, and NOW Brocke, Dyrbe, and Zach, really huge part of team, as always all the moreso Now..we support you guys and Benjy… If UH can win 20 games, and still have chance for BWC title or just a record for wins, because, I believe Nevels, Fleming, Bobbitt, NWC, Valdes, Thomas, Smith, will push and still score a lot of points, just in the paint against size will be challenge, a lot of zone, ..as Negus says, the will MAKE it work…

    Once again, The Fotu on a Plane to LA, if true according to Bobby C . this morning, and confirmed by media and UH release, and we all knew he was leaning that way, well MAHALO Isaac.. man, I am not going to own an ipad, infact never have.. just making a little humor of a sad situation.

    Still I believe, though smaller team and The Fab Five were not Bigs driven, like 7 bigs, just Bob Nash 6’8″ was an exceptional deep ball shooter, and a monster desire to rebounds, just a winner along with the other 4, .. 5’10” to 6’6″ Freeman, Holiday, , Pennebacker and Al Davis… UH still has very good athletes, just at this time they are trying to get emotions together.. with leadership, Valdes, Thomas, Nevels, Enos, Jawato.. yes J…he can have great impact at 3 spot.. Jovanovich, just staying the course and finish this year strong, at least to get many wins, I think BWC , UH smaller, still can compete, only Irvine is very tall, lot of bigs. remember Cal Poly from last year, they had a small team, yet they got hot at end. If BWC , and post still in play.. I think CIT , CBI is ..

    ONCE AGAIN UH MBB FANS.. we Support Benjy and the guys who stay with team, should be, and still can be a very exciting season, they guys will fight even harder.
    Just my thought, I think that Benjy should ask student body, I know they have 6’6″ or 6’7″ guys who played HS ball if they want to help UH team, maybe , I think definitely UH medical will cover them if they play as walkon. Also, Benjy should ask Coach Wade about some of his MVB guys, some who are 6’8″ ,6’9″ that did play MBB, if they are RS or not to play too much this year, would they consider, playing with UH BB at least until start of UH MVB season. I know it is a stretch, however I am thinking of any possible way, that Benjy and team, can get one more player with height, to help. even with defense, or fouls, and giving Jovanovich, Thomas a break.. Hey, Tyler Brown, is he still in school? Would he consider coming back?

    Just sad about situation, however don’t want it to be a wasted season. and the guys still staying strong.. they WILL make it work, if they can shoot the 3 ball, and defend and rebound with quickness, use BB IQ.. would not put it past them, for being still good. With Fotu, probably a top 35 team.. however I am Not giving up on team.. IT IS ABOUT OUR SUPPORT OF TEAM AND BENJY NOW>>

    Go Bows. Go Mighty Warriors!Go Rainbows!
    Wonder if mid term, since, if Fotu gone, and Sammis gone after fall semester, that leaves 2 scholarships open right? Could Benjy use those 2 to offer JC, international, whomever, AAU under radar no offer, prep or HS guys, sitting out and qualifiers for DI, or overseas.. wonder if Benjy and Que working on that, if 2 scholarships vacated now.. can UH MBB offer, or get out and still recruit, at least one more big, that just wants to be in Hawaii for a BB season:? Full tuition and room and per diem, food, and beautiful Hawaii. Man I am eternal optimist

    Go Bows.. Don’t give up, and Janks, think about staying. help team finish strong!!
    Sorry for being the rabid UH MBB fan, however that is it, I am.. Go Bows. And Guys UH MBB and Benjy we got your backs..

  45. This is only my impression.
    From reading an article on football player Gurley’s suspension,
    the suspension maybe could have been 3, 6 or 9 games depending on the value of the benefit received. However, they also look at mitigating or aggravating circumstances.

    It could have been like either 10 % x 30 games, 20 % x 30 games or 30 % x 30 games. Gurley’s was 30 % x 12 football games = 3.6 , rounded to 4 games.

  46. Benjy, Negus, Niko and UH MBB team go to work ,and show love for brother Stefan Jankovich, he is not, guilty of any administrative errors, he is still on scholarship, and will be available in about a little over month. And Benjy you have to reach out to Stefan too. Maybe the style and personalities I don’t know.. However, once again , WI MBB fans that know, can Stefan Jankovich transfer directly to a DI program, or did he burn up that sit out RS year. .. I know he can go pro of DII ..unless .. I think with the way Coach Gib and Akana, were terminated, and the sudden change in coach.. HOWEVER was reported that Janks returned back to practice on Friday.. I think BM reported that.. we have to get THE OFFICIAL.. sometimes, even media can throw things out there, and still it can be true, however we have to wait.. And Ben Jay, damage control, just to support the UH MBB fanbase, say very sorry for what has happened, Still want fans to support the great guys with team.. give them support and coach Taylor,, Ben it will do wonders if you come out in full Positive support of current staff and team PUBLICLY, that I know you can do.. don’t have to say NO COMMENT>. cannot comment.. this for sake of fans, and the team SAY your support and we will come out of this down the road, okay. And you will battle for program and current MBB team and coach.. It would do wonders.. we need Your leadership Now.. Ben it would do a lot.
    We support the team, however they need support of AD and admin. anyway they can help.
    Still think good idea, if 2 vacated immediately scholarships,.. if Benjy and Que can get on phone and recruit a midterm guy a 6’7″ guy at least to help frontcourt, overseas, or AAU guy that qualifies to go to DI.. a free tutiion and Hawaii stay at least for about 5 1/2 months.. and part of a great bunch of guys.. And to still put out open call for walkons in UH Student body.. In past Riley had help from FB team and the MVB team, guys that came over just to help for at least half a year..

    Hope the best.. Await official word, on Fotu.. and team and Coach Taylor encourage Jankovich to stay… if possible.. otherwise, down to 13.. and those guys will battle..
    Go Rainbow Warriors!!

  47. islandman: You think that , and even FUHA researched it too, for transgression even involving more money, or items, cost more, athletes suspended not for half a season, just a few games, maybe at most 6 games? So there are other reasons… IF TRUE>. just Bobby C. reporting.. I don’t know if he is on that plane to LA.. he said he would decide on Wednesday.. well if he leaves school, leaves class, unless emergency or granted.. Isaac Fotu is aloha.
    Now Benjy, Ben Jay, and UH MBB team and we the fans, have to encourage Stefan Jankovich to stay.. at least finish this season.. Worked too hard to get here.. and by all accounts, he came back to practice.
    Bobby C. said the scrimmage didn’t go that well with BYUH. and understandable, since the guys, operating smaller and having to deal with things not totally on board as team, that is why Mike T. said, they are still learning about the new guys, the guards, and there styles, even Jankovich too.. Hope Janks will stay. .

    Finish strong, still that guard and SF and the one PF and C.. are good players..

  48. mbd.scout forum, BM tweet blog, UH release, NOTHING OFFICIAL about Isaac leaving… does Bobby have it right? Does he know for certain that Isaac is on plane to LA.. islandman, usually you start thread or find out, what you can.

    We WI MBB fans, of course, stick with coach Taylor and the team..

    If so , wish you well Isaac and Tonganator Ohana. Or can Tonganator confirm?
    Man, hope that jankovich stays, however, heard that he is practicing with team… maybe when they start playing HPU and he sees the competition he will committ to staying.. NWC, and all the team and we fans.. together. Jankovich, one of the 3 serbian brothers, stay and finish with the team if your desire..

    WAIT FOR OFFICIAL WORD ABOUT FOTU…. then know for real..

  49. I’m pretty sure Janks will stay. His latest Instagram post was a picture of the SSC court with “Motivated” as his caption.

  50. TAVS:
    Thankyou. Sammis let be known social. Recruiting open. NWC staying positive. I think Jankovich, he really think it over, his friend , his buddies, over summer? Stefan Jovanovich and Niko Filpovich. At least for this season, guys stick it out. And after season decide.
    Don’t like that NCAA some rules, it is really small kine stuff, and suspensions . etc.
    Maybe soon that will change. However smart tablets for whole team, standard equipment would be wise. Maybe that is the next thing to be for UH MBB team, Get that fixed..
    Whatever guys and coach Taylor have to do.. stay solid., Solidarity, UNITE as ONE.. still have 32 game season before, BWC tournament.. on board hoping.. and possibly 3 games till title game. so That is 35 possible games to play before, once again hoping Post Season. CBI, CIT.. I think still possible, just in case, UH has great season.. and.. I don’t want to think about it yet.

    Guys, UH MBB team stay POSITIVE work as one, stay together, still can try to win a lot of games.. you have good shooters. and athletes.. Go Rainbow Warriors.!!


  51. FYI: Guys Benjy knows for sure absolutely 100% positive that Isaac is gone with the wind. I was the one to break the news on Saturday that Fotu made the decision to leave. Benjy was ordered by BJ to keep tight lipped on isaacs decision to leave until official announcement is released possibly today.

  52. HawaiiNewsNow now has reported that Fotu has left team and plans to play pro ball in New Zealand.

    I believe Fotu is doing this so he does not remain inactive for an extended period of time. Because UH has not resolved his reinstatement, it is unknown how long he’s going to be out. The longer he sits out, the more it hurts his pro prospects (ultimately money out of his pocket).

    Rather than wait and see (and UH will probably drag their feet on this), Fotu has opted to start making some money and stay active, which helps his chances of playing in the NBA, which I assume would be his ultimate goal.

    My gut feeling before this scandal is that this would have been Fotu’s final year at UH before declaring for the pros. After seeing him handle himself at the FIBA World Cup and seeing his open gym videos last week, he would be doing himself a disservice by staying his senior year because of the lack of quality competition to push his game.

    I fully support Fotu’s decision to play pro ball amid UH’s continued mishandling of this situation. There’s no need to hold himself back wait out an unknown suspension and to play for a dysfunctional university. I wish him the best of luck and hope to see him in NBA in 2015-16 (assuming all goes well in NZ this year). He’s got the skill set to play with the big boys.

  53. HoopDHoop, not doubting your news at all but how do you know that?

    RunBows, yous said Fotu is on his way to LA. Why LA? Thought he would be returning to NZ.

  54. I really hope he makes the NBA because nobody carries Pro New Zealand basketball on US television.

  55. TAVS

    Bobby Curran mentioned that tidbit

  56. Dang it, it’s true. Fotu gone. :c

    Well, on the bright side, this means other players will get more playing time! Yay! Stay positive.

  57. Former UH Athlete, the New Zealand Breakers – the NZ team who has consistently offered Fotu a pro contract – actually play in the Australian National Basketball League. But yeah, that’s not shown in the US either.

  58. Former UH Athlete, thanks for that bit about Bobby Curran.

  59. TAVS, I have family members that work at UH and one of them works real closely with the AD. Reasoning is Reinstatememt for Fotu is a 99% chance that it will be denied by NCAA. Infractions were severe enough that it honestly would be where head coach knew beforehand and that it could possibly mean that the school could possibly be hit with postseason ban. So with Fotu leaving it shows them that he admitted his faults and hopefully NCAA doesn’t come down hard on program.

    FYI: there is a whole lot more to this whole Gib Arnold firing and Fotus ineligibility stories then we all know. Just feel bad for the current players. Stay tuned for more player or players possibly transferring from the program.

  60. NWC and Valdes are not post defenders. We could put them there but they will be eaten alive by other bigs. MT and Jovanovic are the only decent post defenders that we have. If we get into foul trouble in the post it’s going to spell doom unless we are shooting +50% from beyond the arc. I think people will grow tired of Benjy’s coaching style and style of play fairly quickly.

  61. It will be very clear that firing Gib and Akana was the right move, but it just wasn’t handled properly. Gib and staff really screwed over these kids. It’s a shame that he is still claiming innocence and has no knowledge of the charges. I think by next Friday the public should get most of the scoops.

  62. I honestly can’t wait for some positive news to come from the university of Hawaii. It seems like it’s been a snowball effect from since the moment we lost the sugar bowl back in 2008. This includes but is not limited to the whole June jones saga, wonder blunder, Jim Donovan getting overruled in the hiring of norm chow over dirk koetter, general downfall of the football team, Ben jay being hired as AD, losing out on potential impact transfers (Naim Mustafaa), impact players transferring out (Trevor Davis, Keith kirkwood), paperwork issues (Jesse Williams), travel subsidies, general incompetence of upper campus, and now the whole gib Arnold saga/Isaac fotu leaving.

    The list can go on and on but I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling like I can’t wait for something positive to happen. Could be something small like a impact transfer or something bigger like Larry Ellison pledging millions of dollars to the university. Doesn’t matter to me as long as it’s something to stem the tide of negativity. And btw even though I want norm chow gone, I don’t really consider this to be a “positive.”

  63. FUHA, some people had said at Fotu could have graduated this coming summer, so this would have been his last season.

    HoopDHoop; where’s the confidential thing ? Anyway we can get the inside info here from you and others.

    Also, in line with your post, a Ka Leo article said the players are trying to find out if this will be a “wasted” season. They said if it is wasted, they might as well leave. But some of the info was old stuff, i think, in the story.

    FUHA, AdmrVT, or others, what is a timeline for a report coming out to UH ? The players are sitting on pins and needle waiting.
    I find only gobbledegook on this, on the internet.

  64. islandman…

    There is no timeline on when the NCAA report is released. It gets here when it gets here. Seems like the UH investigation is happening faster than the Tennessee investigation. The Tennessee investigations did have more facets to it as it also included football, and the NCAA found a lot more violations than compared to what UH is being accused of (at this point).

    I believe UH is expecting it to come fairly soon.

  65. Thanks, even when it initially comes out with allegations , is it public record or confidential ? Also, it looks like penalties are not discussed until later in the process.

  66. Rainbow wikileaks?
    Fotu did best thing..until it becomes public..agree islandman lot of unconfirmed..ncaa says dont comment on and everyone part of uh or media program tied leaking hinting
    if situation that bad…lost season..Benjy Taylor will be gone by next week…why? I don’t knoww just guessing
    janks leaving whole team quitting ..Gib still maitaining not handled right and he will be cleared?
    If Fotu took the out to save team chances for post season..that is awesome
    If the whole team walks away right now from program..that is it no more men bask9etball for years

    This is nuts..ben shoulc at least work with remaining guys and staff to assure them they have something to play for

    Hisoric season gone down the drain..if rumors true..sad bye bye mbb

    I hope at least walkons and student intramural guys make up a team
    you know contract with DHC..Gulf coast showcase..if no uh mbb appearance. .going to cost uh a lot of money
    what about BWC affiliation?
    No team..wil uh mbb get invited to another conference
    I sincerlely believe PONO IS THE INSIDE UH SOURCE


    NO I really care about the team that had nothing to do with this..
    just my opions fans ..no true backing to my speculation

    Islandman hoopstalk JP AND JW mentioned Fotu was planning to grad next summer so they know and super leaking that Fotu would go
    sheesh keeping mouth shut..nobody is
    if it takes 8 guys to leave program to save what uH reputation. ..shoots

    is this year’s team blown up?
    If so would not blame team for quitting
    if wasted saeson
    should have been handled better
    still why would benjy still try to coach team if it is going to be gone?

    I want to read Dayton’s official intrviews and writeup
    strange ..somehow..why guys even show for hpu game?
    Key: if no guys practicing and uh mbb quit and do not show for exhibition i believe the worse thing happen to uh mbb in nearly 40 years very very sad..brings tears to my eyes
    Wait to see..must be really damaging allegation or ben saved uh mbb post season hope..actually believe uh mbb can still play CIT OR CBI

    Shoots what a mess .
    hope some guys stay they will play a lot
    We wait..team intact or a0re we going overboard rumor speculation
    i think so..wait see if team still together
    we support you guys

  67. Maybe I missed it but still no actual confirmation from Fotu or anybody from UH on this. At this point have to believe it though that he is gone. Too many people saying it and like I said before the silence from Fotu and his family kind of says it all.

    This is so sad because this was going to be Fotu’s big year and he was finally going to let loose without having to be second fiddle to somebody else (Vander and Christian the past two years). Was great while it lasted. He will still go down as one of my favorite players in UH history.

  68. They might as well make the document public because the sunshine laws will make it Public anyways. Come with it being forthcoming instead of seeming your being forced to show it and you were trying to hide it.

  69. Yah, humor is good runbows. But you are right, last resort is intramural like players, which is something like the teams we had under Larry Little in his first couple of years , i think ( after Rick P).

  70. Question – If NCAA sanctions are not too severe due to the UH self-imposed sanctions and we have 1 or 2 scholarships available (Reyes’ and/or Fotu’s), can UH bring in a JUCO post player at midyear, i.e., a qualifier out of high school or one who earns the AA degree in December?

    It probably would grate on a JUCO head coach, but it would be a good opportunity for the student-athlete to get a Div. I scholarship with chance to play right away.

  71. WI fan forum , my apologies for typing on, with junk fingers, a small tablet! Horrible typo and grammar!

    Islandman: rumor or Truth? You Da Real Islandman, and are you going leave The Islands?

    Just joking. … You know in the greater scheme of things, the Real world, and among nearly 1.5 million people who live in Hawaii, on the main islands,. would think general population has NO CLUE and could care less about UH MBB, correct.. correct.. the majority of UH student population, just trying to make the grade, tuition and for those , well majority on financial aid, the prospect of paying back their loans for years post UH grad.
    However, they, the general, non UH sports populace, must be thinking, why we getting upset over all of this..Hey, you and I probably around same era, and grads, being realistic it is what it is, and Ben Jay, UH, should do damage control, with Football, now MBB..I mean, the gag order, and so many leaks, enough to sink the Aircraft Carrier Nimitz if still active.. crazy.

    You know I love UH MBB and all UH sports, however life moves on. We love life, living in Hawaii, though very expensive, and crazy traffic and drivers. And UH sports, and their success, it is the gravy on our LOCAL MOCO of life in paradise.

    You are right, too much of this 21st century wikileaks, speculation, conspiracy.. just be honest, upfront and tell the truth., if make amends apolize and make corrections,. I think even NCAA, whom even Gib says, he has nothing against, they are just doing their jobs, make sure get it right. If AD and admin, are doing the right thing, and they salvage team…. I still don’t believe the Whole Team will quit, I believe some of the transfers, or those that have RShirted , unless special waiver, can transfer, they burned up that year , so to transfer to another DI school, would have to be granted by NCAA, could be, I don’t know…

    islandman, you must remember the 70’s fallout with NCAA. I still went to games, when, Larry Little took over, and Frank Arnold, and Riley Wallace first year. Still, it was fun, even when UH MBB was undermanned, remember Gaving headband Smith the UCLA gunner transfer, playing for that post season banned Larry Little team, that was a fun team, with Packy Ryan, Gary Gray, George Ritter, and a good post like Adrian Dantley , Mark Aquirre, John Moore, 6’5″..still cheered on guys.. That Gavin Smith averaged about 23 ppg .. Frank Arnold had Andre Morgan for awhile, Dre was an athlete, and Frank wanted him to lose weight, et al.. too bad about Dre..

    I tell you islandman, and I am serious, no rumor mongerism here,… Benjy should open up call from Whole student body, and with AD and UH’s backing, they get one semester of financial aid, and medical for helping team.. Wanted, students that played ball, in good physical shape, who are 6’6″ t 6’8″ tall, think Chris Walz from Baseball team about 6’6″ mini Kevin McHale. Still think a guy that is on partial MVB scholarship or walkon, who is 6’8″ and has played HS ball, Benjy could talk to Wade and ask if that guy or guys, would like to help out, at least in practices. they do well, well pick them up with financial or partial scholarship for rest of season. NO harm no foul, and I believe there are 6’7″ guys around UH campus who have played,.. just to fill out roster.. Imagine, Enos, Stepteau, and Buscher, they will have A LOT OF PT.. tons, if they stick with team.. I believe they will.

    And, it does not make sense, absolutely NONE.. if Ben lets Benjy be acting/interim coach for rest of year, unless Ben is making agreements with team, that UH MBB , he will support them and their families.. some type of solidarity and confirmation. All of the Uncertainty, it is blowing the guys minds.

    However, The above video, and previous with Benjy, Garrett and now Mike Thomas saying they ARE going to do best stay course, and if, I am Hoping , NIT or NCAA or CIT , CBI or Paki Park Invitational to play for(ha ha just joke).. This is getting kind of old already. You know if UH, and they probably did, have every thing, the charges the allegations, and the way to lessen death blow to UH MBB, Ben should just come out and say.. UH MBB team stay the course.. That was a good thing to listen to team and have Benjy Taylor in place..

    Social, if believed, and there are a core of really committed guys, especially Nevels, this is his senior year.. That is why , My Mantra, he mentioned 28 win season, the all time record for UH MBB wins? 27 Riley/ Savo led team back in 2001? So team will battle, if a wunderkind comes out of woodwork , a 6’10” student from Germany, a Dirk N. type of shooter, wow.. never know.

    islandman, like Mongoose, and TAVS and PONO, and everyone on this board, because of what happened, I REALLY FEEL FOR THE GUYS.. Hope they stay at least till end of season.
    Otherwise, call out to those UH men students who scrimmage against the WBB team to toughen them up..
    Now, all the former local HS BB , that were not offered by any schools, call Benjy Taylor, just to fill out roster.
    Unless Official, and that darn letter comes out, and the guys know the deal.. The 14 guys still on board, those are the guys we are Backing.. Benjy, take care of them.. I don’t envy Benjy having to talk to all of the families on a daily basis. JUST THE NOT KNOWING.. it does weigh on team.. however, if the remaining 14 can at least play out the season, then decide to transfer, or go pro, then fine, their and their families choice,.. UH MBB and intramural BB team filled roster, All Hawaii BB HS grads.. maybe 3000 plus will go to games just to support their sons and friends..

    Rumor city, social media.. and NO COMMENT and no leaks.. man, what happen to Confidentiality?
    Non existent in 2014 UH MBB sports.. I hope UH MBB team is there to win against HPU this Thursday, if only 7 guys come out, well.. call out.. HELP..
    Hey fans, wish Fotu and Sammis the best, and The rest of team we support you

    islandman, The Official islandman, you ever wonder(just speculation again !!)does islandman808 and YOU BOTH have the same password? That is weird, .. I know I had to register, and do a lot of jumping through hoops to get new monikers, however, I stick with RunBows.. and I hope they do run gun and have fun..Nothing to lose, everything to have fun

    Dayton, maybe an Aloha Fotu video, ..
    Sad that we cannot read Tonganator’s aloha address, however I realize how he and Isaac feels, the plan stay and get degree. Well maybe Isaac can finish up his degree in few years. at UH when things are different..
    Staying Positive.. Football, feel for that team, wow.. UH sports.. WVB? hope they make a deep run into NCAA’s..

  72. Duster: I wondered that too. Okay, Fotu vacated his scholie immediately, He left, out of UH system. So that is one. Now, Sammis after fall semester, if granted, released and his scholarship is open. If NCAA allows, part of whatever, I would imagine, Benjy and Senque, are on the hotline.. anyone want to play JC, or qualifier out of HS, who is in AAU, just wasn’t physically ready at fall time to play D1 ball, ala Micah Kroeger, who went one year JC and Qunicy Smith.

    That is interesting.. if NCAA the whatever sanctions, allow UH to fill those vacated 2 mid term, whynot.. I mean, just go for it.. by end of December, NOW there might be under the radar, or really low water bigs, who nobody took a look at, who might want to play right away..not the 3 or 4 star, maybe the 2 or below, rated. or even overseas guys, who qualify to get into UH.. However, all depends I think on what NCAA sanction allegations and deal is.. I don’t know.. we should not have known.,, however pretty soon we will know..

    Now, Que, Benjy, go to work , desperation 3 ball shot for the win.. see if can get mid term transfer!

    Go Rainbow Warriors… Benjy and rest of team.. do not give up.. MT we got your message and back, NWC.. stay focused, hoopwarrior, go for it. AirCuba, enos, buscher, Jovanovich,, stay the course.. We giving you support, you all should NOT BE PUNISHED for others errors.. interesting to see if Gib has case, that he is innocent of serious wrong.. Then What? Must be deal going on behind the scenes.. Hey Stay tuned, 400pm, interview with Benjy Taylor on Sports Animals.. FINALLY CONFIRMATION>. team blown up, or still together, at least 10 guys?

  73. Benji said today is like the first day of practice. What about last week ? I guess with the remaining roster.

    He said he’s trying to bring in two more coaches and some are really wanting to come to UH. This Thursday is the exhibition vs. HPU and a week from Friday is the first game vs. Arkansas- PineBluff .

    Something about they are going to play more up tempo ? and if they lose it isn’t that they don’t have the players. It’s because they didn’t get it together for a particular game.

  74. Quincy back to practice, but Valdes tweaked his ankle. Jawato still out, per McInnis.

  75. islandman

    The NCAA report should be public. I was able to find and read university of Tennessee’s investigation report regarding Beuce Pearl’s violations.

  76. FUHA,

    thanks, but what about when it first comes out, before any hearings and penalties are assessed, etc. ? If later, it could be made public months later .

  77. Also, The University of Tennessee’s handling of their self discipline is the perfect blueprint to avoid heavy sanctions. UT slapped themselves with 20 penalties. 19 of which were extremely minor. The only big self-discipline was firing the coaching staff.

    However, UH is not following the blueprint all. UH has fired their coach and chased off their best player and top recruit before knowing what violations they are accused.

  78. I thought that would be too late if you wait until the letter of allegations come out to do the self-imposing, under the new process. That’s why they “rushed” the self-imposed penalties.

    However, poster Manoa, in the other forum, said that UH could have let the attorney or his firm do an investigation and then submit the results to the NCAA, instead of just reporting the alleged violation about the altered document. But the compliance officer jammed this up, apparently.

  79. Based on the UT report, punishments were not finalized until about 6 months after the report was released.

    After the report and the list of allegations, all accused parties have X number of days to give a formal response. UT responses (UT, and the fired coaches filed separate responses) were about 90 days after the report was released.

    Shortly After the responses, all parties had pre-hearing conference with the NCAA. After that, the NCAA Committee of Infractions and the accused parties meet to discuss infractions, the responses and ultimately start suggesting punishments.

    Some time later, the NCAA will release the final report detailing everything and assess punishments.

    I might need to correct my earlier post about the investigatio report being public, that I’m not 100% sure. What Inam sure of is the final report is public.

    However, UH is a public school, so whatever report that may be private at first could be made public in accordance disclosure laws that I’m not too familiar with so I’m not totally sure. Likely, the investigation findings will find there way out.

  80. to illustrate UT’s scenario. NCAA started investigation Sept 2010, and released investigation report in February 2011. Bruce Pearl wasn’t fired until after the season ended in March.

    Pearl (attorneys) still met with the NCAA for the response,pre conference and Infraction conference.

  81. told you guys so. It is now official

    UH’s Fotu issues statement on going pro

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