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Warriors did more on Maui than just win


WAILUKU, Maui – The University of Hawai’i basketball team created memories for itself and others during its trip to Maui.

The highlight of the three-day trip was, of course, the thrilling 74-70 victory over national power Pittsburgh.

But the Warriors also took time to sign autographs after the game at War Memorial Gym, and conduct a mini-clinic for youths at King Kekaulike High School in Pukalani, Maui, on Saturday.

“We wanted to get out into the community so we came a little further out and did a semi-practice and clinic for the kids,” acting head coach Benjy Taylor said.

The Warriors departed Maui on Saturday evening for Florida. They will play three games in three days (November 24-26) at the Gulf Coast Showcase in Estero, Florida. Hawai’i will open against San Francisco on Monday.

(Photo courtesy Brandon Flores / www.brandonfloresphotography.com)

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Former University of Hawai’i basketball coach Riley Wallace is recovering well after suffering a mini-stroke on Friday morning on Maui. Wallace was on the Valley Isle for a golf tournament and planned to attend the game between Hawai’i and Pittsburgh, but was instead admitted to Maui Memorial Medical Center.

Wallace was able to speak well and had full use of his motor skills as of Saturday evening. He is hoping to return to his home in Las Vegas this week.

Acting head coach Benjy Taylor said he visited Wallace on Saturday. “He was in good spirits,” Taylor said. “It was a good visit because he’s doing well. He’s a good man.”

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Special thanks to Tony Schmidt at Pacific Risk Solutions, and Valerie Schmidt at Ameriprise Financial for providing the travel funds to allow WarriorInsider.com to cover the Warriors on Maui.


  1. Mahalo to the Schmidts for their continued support of Warrior Insider, and thanks to Dayton for the game video. It seems like you got all of the UH baskets in your edited version. I hope it got a ton of views as it’s the only extended video documentation of a great victory.

    On another note: I’m glad Benjy has the players moving forward. The team had to close ranks after all the earlier turmoil, but I think it’s time to junk the “us against the world … nobody believes in us” attitude and play with the confidence of a winning team … which they’ve certainly earned. Just my two cents.

  2. It looks as though there might be streaming-video coverage of the games in Florida, but I’m not 100% certain.

    Below is a link to the ASun site, where the schedule below was posted; it was mentioned in a local-newspaper article that Brian McInnis linked to today.

    The schedule seems to imply coverage, and joining appears to be free.

    Sorry I don’t know how to turn a URL into a clickable link. : )


    Upcoming Events

    Sport Event Date
    Basketball Green Bay v. E. Carolina 11/24/2014
    12:00PM EST
    Basketball Fresno State v. Evansville 11/24/2014
    2:30PM EST
    Basketball FGCU v. Marist 11/24/2014
    6:00PM EST

    Basketball San Francisco v. Hawaii 11/24/2014
    8:30PM EST

    Basketball Gulf Coast Showcase (Team TBD) 11/25/2014
    12:00PM EST
    Basketball Gulf Coast Showcase (Team TBD) 11/25/2014
    2:30PM EST
    Basketball Gulf Coast Showcase (Team TBD) 11/25/2014
    6:00PM EST
    Basketball Gulf Coast Showcase (Team TBD) 11/25/2014
    8:30PM EST
    Basketball Gulf Coast Showcase (Team TBD) 11/26/2014
    12:00PM EST
    Basketball Gulf Coast Showcase (Team TBD) 11/26/2014
    2:30PM EST
    Basketball Gulf Coast Showcase (Team TBD) 11/26/2014
    6:00PM ES

  3. Looks like you have to purchase the broadcasts, i think .

  4. I want Fresno state renew that one time rivalry

  5. Kepola… thanks friend and fan, nice to hear other people posting, because of UH MBB off to great start.

    Man, if the link to stream works, and according to BM.. that showcase, they want to turn it into a fan friendly warm weather, in season 3 day tournament that will help mid majors get prepared for their conference tournaments and shot at NCAA’s.. Later, if they are successful, would not doubt if TV coverage, a network picks it up .. Mahalo Kepola and Go Warriors and Bows !!

    Clyde.. We cannot say Enough Mahalos to Dayton and the Schmidt Ohana, many on this forum, myself foremost, wondering, would WI MBB site fade away with the turmoil.. Team and Coach Benjy with support hopefully full of Ben Jay… is making run for good winning season.. Still long way to go.. so Benjy has 3 Excellent assistant coaches, how he put that staff together in such a short time. credit to Benjy and UH for speeding up the hiring process.

    Kepola.. Hope the stream is there, or at least an audio online broadcast link, previous thread, a fan, posted that USF,.. has a link to online audio broadcast of USF vs UH, game.. I mean.. I want UH to win 3, however if they come out 2-1, MAN get ready for some great BB coming down through DHC..

    And UH go prove me wrong..they want to win the tournament.. just level headed. play that awesome switiching zone, and D up and rebound. control tempo. they can win 2 or 3.. I am sure their goal from Benjy to 11th man, win it !!

    Go Rainbow Warriors.. rest up, get your legs, and JUST HAVE FUN.. NWC and G.. relax and shoot the ball, AV and MT, work the inside, and Stef, junior Kareeem Abdul Jabbar, baby sky hook that ball !!

  6. islandman: Me I am MBB fanatic, is one shot deal sure why not? if the subscription for 3 game, and doesn’t cost 300 dollars. I would pay.
    As I say , even if this site Dayton had to go monthly sub and pay, I would..
    Dayton, MBB, even AD..
    Darn I am still so upset at Oceanic.. they feel real stupid.. That Pitt game was a good one to archive, only 1200+ saw, and 3 former UH coaches witnessed..

    Awesome.. I will search too for more links to audio or video streams.. too bad, no small network.. but that is where crazy Oceanic and their Billion dollar net worth comes in .. send Dickman, Artie, to do USF game using local TV station equipment.. generate excitement in UH MBB..

    Maybe if only online Radio.. what happens.. UH wins all 3? The no need Tv, just radio.
    OLD SCHOOL.. with hlites on local news and Dayton The Man Morinaga, fantastic HD quality, edited best clips, we don’t want to see Pitt. we want to see UH score and win !!

    And Jamie Dixon is a first class guy and coach, no griping , no excuses.. they got beat, and NOw I hope Jamie and Pitt win the Maui Classic !!


  7. Watching the video again.. what struck me, the young people, on Maui don’t get to watch DI team in person, enjoyed the UH win over Pitt, and here we go again.. Benjy still giving back, keeping that theme.. I mean, Benjy doing great job, the player and fan, and youth interaction for real..

    I starting to cry again, the Father with two young sons loved playing one on one with Q, and the younger son AWESOME.

    King Kekaulike BB coach, say his son wants to play at NCAA DI level AT UH.. I bet he does. UH admin. Keep UH coaches, and program moving forward. great feeling..still tough season, however, UH MBB stay focused on the prize NIT or better yet NCAA bid.. Play Hard, Smart and Together. No “I” in Team, and No ego trippers,.. just ball as a team, you all be good , and getting better. tough, tough road trip.. we see how UH does..
    Now we know don’t count them out. get 2 , whewwww !! 3 like a bumble bee !!
    And guys just have Fun and run and gun

  8. Hey I used this site when UH went to play a Mainland game, I forgot which one last year.. or 2 years ago, at that time. it was Free, I a going for it.

    Here is the link.. very sure if a monthly fee, you cancel within 30 days.. that is what I do when UH went on road when schools had their own video links, run by IT and student./ radio announcers..

    Here Link:

  9. Hey Fans.. American One,.. a free service.. still has my account from last year or two.. checked upcoming stream, there it was USF vs UH on Monday Nov 24 2014

    I don’t see any subscription. and it still had my name email.. so looks like possible REAL video link, You can watch on OS Apple PC or Windows PC. there is also an Android, Apple? app too.

    So I be the test case, going in, and yes logged in.. and awaiting tomorrow’s game !!
    American One.. the online, legit stream site..Don’t know about the quality..just suggestion.

    Think they might have audio too.. try if you want, I am not encouraging you if you don’t want to, I am going IN for the Bows !!


  10. BIG APOLOGIES.. FANS American One, available 10 minutes before game, however it is for a Fee.. don’t know the cost.. would imagine it is not 30 dollars. maybe 10 dollars?


    so if you want you can try one game..
    Not promoting..However I am going in..

    I AM VERY SORRY , Correction to my above posts, before the Site American One was for Free, now they as islandman said charge per game or event.. I will search it somemore.. looks like the only way to watch video stream of UH game against USF

    Sorry, there IS A FEE FOR UH GAME VS USF…

  11. Took me to another link.. : this one:

    for USF vs Hawaii game 5 minutes or so before game login.. I think it might be free, check it out the link. if so either way good.. as long as not a 75 dollar 3 day pass, I guess.

  12. I signed up. The all access pass appears to be FREE. 10-15 minutes prior to game log in.

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