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UPDATED: Warriors shock Pitt in Maui thriller


WAILUKU, Maui – For one night on Maui, the University of Hawai’i basketball team was no ka oi.

The Warriors bested a power team from a power conference, pulling off an unexpected 74-70 upset victory over Pittsburgh on Friday night. A raucous crowd of 1,290 at War Memorial Gym watched the undersized Warriors improve to 4-1 after a thrilling back-and-forth contest that was not decided until the final minute.

“It was 40 minutes of crazy battle,” sophomore center Stefan Jovanovic said. “It was close the whole time. We played as a team, we played as a family. We listened to our coach, we followed the plan that he told us and we came out with the win.”

Technically, it doesn’t qualify as one of the biggest upsets in Hawai’i basketball history because the Panthers are not ranked in the Top 25 polls. Still …

“Biggest win for me as a coach,” acting head coach Benjy Taylor said. “With everything that we’ve gone through, by far the biggest win I’ve been through as a head coach.”

Indeed, it has been less than a month since the program appeared to be in turmoil after then-head coach Gib Arnold and assistant coach Brandyn Akana were abruptly dismissed; star forward Isaac Fotu withdrew from classes a few days after that to turn professional.

What’s left is a scrappy and athletic bunch that believes it can play with anybody – including a Pitt team that is considered a power from one of college basketball’s most-storied conferences, the ACC.

“I wouldn’t call it an upset, but we worked hard this whole off-season and this is a game that we’ve all been waiting for,” senior captain Garrett Nevels said. “Big-time conference, big-time school and we got the win.”


Freshman guard Isaac Fleming led a balanced and relentless Hawai’i attack with 15 points. He also had four rebounds and three steals, and his 3-pointer from 25 feet out as the shot clock was about to expire gave the Warriors the needed momentum late in the game.

“I seen the shot clock going down and it was like four seconds left and in the back of my head I could remember my dad saying Isaac ‘Showtime’ Fleming and I just let it go,” he said. “Had the follow-through and hit it. It was big time.”

Fleming, who is from Delaware, described the game as “personal” because he played against several of the Pitt players in East Coast AAU tournaments. Some words were exchanged before the game even started.

“It was very personal,” he said. “A couple kids that was rivals from AAU, they got to talking and shoving and all that; tried to come in our house and tried to intimidate us. It just wasn’t going like that. We’re Warriors … we’re not going to back down from nobody.”

Mike Thomas added 12 points on 5-of-6 shooting, Garrett Nevels had 11 points and a team-high nine rebounds, Negus Webster-Chan scored 11 and Aaron Valdes contributed 10 points. Roderick Bobbitt added seven points, five rebounds and two steals; Stefan Jovanovic had eight points on 4-of-5 shooting.

“We’re a tough group,” Taylor said. “People don’t believe in us, people don’t believe in the University of Hawai’i, people don’t believe in me. But at the end of the day, we’re together, we’re a tough group and I love coaching these young men. They’re playing their hearts out.”


The Warriors shot 52.9 percent from the field, and committed a season-low seven turnovers. But perhaps most telling was the defensive effort – limiting the Panthers to 43.1 percent field goal shooting.

The Warriors stayed in a zone for most of the game, and Taylor said he instructed his guards not to gamble for steals like they did in the previous game against Hawai’i-Hilo.

“You talk about sacrificing your personal gains,” Taylor said. “The person I talked to tonight about personal sacrifice was Rod Bobbitt because Rod can go out and get seven to 10 steals a night by shooting passing lanes. I said Rod that’s not going to help us win. I need you to stay in front of guys and I need you to maybe get two or three steals, but I need you to take the angle and not let their guys drive and keep them out of the paint.”

The Warriors hit their first four shots of the game and raced to a 9-4 lead, but the Panthers roared back moments later with a 14-2 run to take a 23-13 lead. The 10-point margin would be short-lived as the Warriors responded with a 14-2 surge of its own to take a 37-32 lead. Hawai’i eventually took a 40-36 lead at intermission.

The second half turned into a classic battle, as the score was tied nine different times. The last tie was at 60-60 with 7:39 remaining, but the Warriors took the lead for good on a dunk by Thomas, and then the dagger 3-pointer by Fleming that gave the Warriors a 65-60 lead with 5:43 remaining.

Pittsburgh never got closer than three the rest of the way, and the Warriors secured the win by sinking seven of nine free throws in the final minute.

“It means that we are a team and we play as a team and we are better than everybody thought we were going to be, especially after that loss to High Point,” Fleming said.


Pittsburgh, coached by former UH assistant Jamie Dixon, dropped to 2-1. The Panthers, who were in the “others receiving votes” category for the Top 25 polls, were ledy by Chris Jones’ 19 points, which included 5-of-8 shooting from 3-point range.

The Panthers agreed to play the Warriors on Maui because they are also slated to participate in the EA Sports Maui Invitational next week at Lahaina.

The Warriors are scheduled to depart Maui for Florida on Saturday afternoon. They will face San Francisco on Monday in the opener of the Florida Gulf Coast Classic. The three-day tournament will be played November 24-26.


(Game photos courtesy Brandon Flores / www.brandonfloresphotography.com)



  1. When a coach called timeout then… the team doing all the right things and performing well – Shows its mentor’s prowess in on-game reactionary tactics for ultimate winning.

    It is especially impressive when under-strength and under-skill and fatigue.

    Credits to 15Champs, the Quadruple of Luck; Synergy of the best kind!

  2. Dayton,

    Nice highlight video, if it wasn’t for you and your sponsor(s)…
    Mahalo! Nice win Bows. Let’s Go Bows!

  3. Isaac “Showtime” Fleming…….hope his Dad see’s this.

  4. AWESOME!!! Definitely a great win by the UHMBB T-E-A-M! Everyone contributed and the guys played with great heart, poise, and fearlessness. That is the recipe that the team needs to follow throughout the season.

    Bobbit and Novels are showing great leadership, Fleming is playing with the poise of a veteran, Thomas played with tremendous aggressiveness, Valdés made 4 clutch free throws at the end, Negus and Stefan hit some big shots, and Quincy provided solid defense in giving Hobbit some needed rest.

    Looking forward to seeing Jawato start to get PT, as his 3-point shot looks like his freshman year.
    And we still have the upcoming début of Stefan2 (Janks) on Dec. 19. GO BOWS!

  5. Apologies for the typos on Bobbitt (not Bobbit & Hobbit). MAHALO to WI for the great video!

  6. The good thing about this team is someone always step up when needed. I think it’s one of those things where you either have it or you don’t. Good game plan Coach Benjy.
    Go Warriors!

  7. …Team Putting It Together…

    Hard, Smart Play for 40 Minutes…

    THAT PITT Team (Also) Looks Awesome
    I’m Counting on Jamie Taking it All in Stride
    Bouncing Back and Pumping Up OUR RPI & Confidence All Season Long
    (I Hope they WIN their Next Three / Ten)

    AND Can See SO MUCH Room still available for Improvement
    4-1 Start with a BIG WIN!
    Sure Looks Like They ALL Learned from the High Point ‘Dropped Win’
    and Used It to Elevate against The Pitt

    IF They Can Play This Hard MOST Games…
    The Whole Season, INCLUDING March/April(?) should Be Fun

    GREAT Send-Off to Florida!
    EARN MORE East Coast Cred This Coming Week…

    What I (Think) i saw…(Plenty Good)
    A UH Team Smart Enough to Play Within Themselves
    Aggressively Going AT The Basket
    Making Good, SMART Passes — ONLY SEVEN Turnovers Against a Quick Strong Athletic Team
    (THAT’S What The Good Teams DO)
    Good To GREAT Game — BUT This IS Even Missing Several (MANY) Make-Able Opportunities
    [Lay-Ups, Put-Backs, “FREE-Throws”]
    ‘Supreme’ Belief and Confidence, Even Down Ten
    Able to HOLD a LATE Small LEAD
    Even As PITT Started Bombing LATE Threes Again (The Way they Got the Early Lead)

    MIKE THOMAS: Several ‘Awesome’ Shots ‘In a Row’ that had to Have Even PITT Players and Coaches Wondering ‘Who IS This Guy?’ {Say, What, Jackson? I’m Looking For UPDATED Evaluations…]

    ISAAC FLEMING (YO! Big Daddy!): CREAM Rising, Creaming Pitt..
    I was going to say “Last Week” but This Is Really The Same Week (Friday to Friday FOUR WINS)
    Nothing Detracts from, Everything Last Night Supports my earlier ‘Impression’ that Isaac is As Aggressive a Freshman PLAYER as UH has ever had — NOW Against PITT — Playing Even Better Against The Best Team (So Far) on the Schedule, Controlling the Turnovers, Harassing, Stealing, Hitting HUGE Shots!

    NEGUS Webster-Chan — LOVE the Attitude, … Stuffing Pitt In The Paint, Hammering ICY Threes —
    WE “Know” YOU Got More Game Comin’!

    P.S. STEFAN Jovanovic Supporters: Lookin’ REAL Good
    Holding His Own…SOLID! IF Coaches Get ‘Another’ Like Him (Jankovic, Rakocevic-Type?), Should All Work

    Aaron Valdés — Solid Yeoman-like, hard workin’ game All Night — Finding a Level to Play 28-30, Play 40;

    Garett, Roderick — THAT You Play So Hard, Even When ‘It ALL’ ain’t necessarily ‘Going Right’ (34/37 minutes!) is also awesome — even Better Games Comin’, Right? Quincy: Whatever it Takes…

    GIB/BA/BT SUPPORT — YES! Brandyn, Even Na Wahine SOCCER Coach (Michelle Nagamine) Calling Up Gary’s Fan Phones…Portnoy comparing Hawai’i’s ZONE Defense Favorably with Syracuse’s (Their Bread and Butter)
    BT: Great Call on The Quick Man-Defense-Switch Late in the Game to Steal a Possession! ‘Game-Winner’ (In My Mind, Even, Great Comeback/Answer after High-Point… With Gib, Jamie, Riley All @ Game, IT Was Like UHMBB ‘Royalty’ was ALL-IN…’Maybe Next Time’ it’ll be Nationally-Televised (NO, Thanks to OC-16 Which I Consider One of BJ’s Biggest Financial Mistakes – Blangiardi might have Wiped Out Most If Not All, the UHAD Deficit).

  8. bigdaddy:

    Can be very proud of Isaac Fleming and the ONE OHANA, ONE FAMILY, TEAM WIN FIRST BEFORE SELF attitude. True Warriors.
    Wonder if you do AAU coaching too? Or just a parental coach for Isaac. Great job, and your observations are spot on. Hope, you all can follow game live stats, if they have or on radio in Florida.

    That extra pass, listen to coaches, play as team, for team, offense will come and it did.
    Now to get over fatigue of traveling some 5000+ miles, If team can rest last nite, tonite, and Sunday nite, at least 3 nites to rest up legs and bodies.. UH will be ready.

    Hey EAGLE… has to be the best win , under circumstances, in recent weeks, Team came together, and with Jawato and Janks, when ready. will make team deep up to 10… going to need it in Florida..
    Wow Great, great win guys and Coach Taylor and staff
    And Mahalo Thankyou to Gib Arnold for helping to put together this Talented High Character team
    Good job Gib !!
    Go Bows Rainbow Warriors !!

  9. Great video of the game and comments. Now we know why there was jawing and shoving by Pitt.

    Agree with mraloha777 , Palolo W, Eagle, RunBows and others’ comments about each of the players.

    Jovanovic said in the interview that he boxed out so that the guards could get rebounds; Nevels got nine, Fleming four. Stefan has a really good hook shot .

    The team followed the game plan well .

    If you look at the UH Facebook video below, pointed out by someone, at about :36, you can see one of the Pitt players shoving Fleming. But Isaac had the last laugh .


  10. Gotta be honest. Hoped for a good showing but did not expect the win. Mahalo to this TEAM for reminding me that is why they play the game. Doesn’t matter what we think. Only thing that matters is what happens within those 94 feet. Now I await Isaac comments about UH body of work and if he wants to stick with that 12 win forecast. Good luck on the looong road trip. Go Bows!


  12. Video showing Fleming getting shoved by Pitt player and Coach Benjy shouting ‘I told you! I told you!’ to Bobby Curran.


  13. Great win! Expect more of the same. Glad they were able to experience, see and perform at a level that enables them to win as a team. Now it’s all about sustaining the same…. GO WARRIORS

    Don’t know about you guys, but what bothers me, is after two weeks of being informed that the NCAA will/may send U of H the allegations, we still have not heard anything. Even the naysters have been silent and unable to share any pending issuance of allegations. With time lagging, sure supports the theory that U of H leadership, jumped the gun on this one. Interesting situation.

  14. Oceanic Sports where are you!!?? I keep switching to channel 16 thinking the replay will be on this morning. Auwe!

    Great, great, great win for this team and Coach Benjy and his new staff. What a way to shock the world! So many good things to say and I want to watch the video over and over looking for more.

  15. Islandman,

    could you send that video to Pitts Athletic Director? That buy from Pitt should have some consequences rendered on to him. The game is over, there’s no need to do that

  16. Congratulations to our team and that is a team with a capital T. Sorry Coach Wallace didn’t get to see the game and wish him a quick recovery. So glad Gib was there. He put together the players and imparted the gift of Ohana to them. His amazing recruiting has put us on the guild path of basketball relevance and last night it was shouted out for everyone to hear to include the nay sayers that seem to have taken over our telecast and newspaper (really, they gave more ink to the volleyball and football teams). Am looking forward to their return and the rest of the season. Thanks Brian and keep us up to date on Reyes.

  17. Wish I could’ve watched this game. Good to know that we were able to take it to a perennial powerhouse like Pittsburgh. Understandable that Pitt was probably tired from the flight and getting minimal rest but still can’t dog the warriors for that win. Proud to be a recent UH alum and warrior bball fan. Have to see now how they can do across country in Florida against some pretty good schools. First stop USF from a tough Big Sky conference with gonzaga and saint marys. Hope this win against Pitt will show the boys that they have what it takes. I like their chances. Especially in a year or two when they get a bit older (assuming the team all stays together) and they get another athletic big and a point guard that can run the court and be a leader. I got a lot of love for this team though. They look like the most athletic team I have ever seen at UH. Keep it up benjy and team. We look like we have a great immediate and long term future ahead of us.

    Side note: ever think about making an app for warrior insider or is there one already? This site is a little slow on my phone. Just a thought. Otherwise really like the fan base and the following this site gets let’s go UH bball!!

  18. I hope the program can keep the momentum for the future years. The program was on a big upswing when Bruce O’Neil had it going then the NCAA penalty and we had a long drought. Now, it seemed like Gib had it going so I hope it doesn’t drop off.
    Go Bows.

  19. OC16 much regret. They are kicking themselves now, they could have showed the replay of this game 40 times next week.

    Interesting to see the heights that this team can reach, freed from Gib. Gib had no previous D-I head coaching experience, and it showed. Now we have a guy who really had no previous D-I head coaching success but at least had experience, and the players are carrying the program. Believe in the players.

    We’ve build up a good core of players that can win in a controlled tempo game, like the big name schools run. We don’t need to run around like chickens without heads and hope the chaos works out for us.

  20. Great video! Mahalo to Dayton for bringing us the only extended highlights of one of UH’s best victories in recent years, and to the sponsors for helping to make it possible.

  21. This is the most feel-good win since that general rout of the Izzo’s troop. A long winter for my rejuvenating basketball addiction.

    My preference for the 4 came now rather than before referring to our current 4-1 record, for the fear of that 3-0 showing plus, a title comes with it might make the TEAM feeling complacent & invincible!?

    The 2 missed FTs gave them a chance to take us into extra period… Otherwise, every player contributed nicely toward this remarkable accomplishment except Stefan1, for that he made the most progress in execution since just 2 games ago (love the rotation he put into his baby-hook!).

    Couldn’t ask @ a better time; The last lost to USF still hurts (coach Benj can attest to this) “REVENGE”!!!

    Gave ourselves the momentum into Hawaii 5-0 (since Nov 19); 15Champs.

  22. Fan of 15C — Explain yourself – EXCEPT STEFAN 1

    “Otherwise, every player contributed nicely toward this remarkable accomplishment except Stefan1, for that he made the most progress in execution since just 2 games ago (love the rotation he put into his baby-hook!).

  23. Wonder, if just a style of writing, like Eagle and his Haiku-Prose type of MBB fan enthusiasm temp?
    I think Fan of 15 meant , he LIKES Stefan Jovanovich’s baby half hook, he is really solid with it now. He is a definite offensive threat on that low block 8 feet on in from basket, plus the 16 foot jumper. I mean anderpops, THE WHOLE TEAM..including Quincy’s defense, though he did not score..When UH has 5 guys evenly spread out in double figures and another 2 guys about 7-8 pts each team will do well.

    Going Real Old School, from days of Fabulous Five and Henderson days, when they went on those 3 or 4 game road swings with NO TV, or video. We going listen to Radio or follow live stats if they have.. I hope team gets rest and their legs.

    3-0 or 2-1 would be AWESOME…or just Gulf Coast Showcase Champions!!

  24. Think he meant to say “especially”

  25. This is the most feel-good win since that general rout of the Izzo’s troop. A long winter for my rejuvenating basketball addiction.

    My preference for the 4 came now rather than before referring to our current 4-1 record, for the fear of that 3-0 showing plus, a title comes with it might make the TEAM feeling complacent & invincible!?

    The 2 missed FTs gave them a chance to take us into extra period… Otherwise, every player contributed nicely toward this remarkable accomplishment, besides that, Stefan1 outstandingly made big progress in execution after the Nov 17 game (love the rotation he put into his baby-hook now!).

    Couldn’t ask @ a better time; The last lost to USF still hurts (coach Benj can attest to this) “REVENGE”!!!

    Gave ourselves the momentum into Hawaii 5-0 (since Nov 19); 15Champs.

    ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ above is the edited version ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

    Aloha, anderpops:
    Thank you for reading my post and call my attention to that i miss-used of words and created a confusion to you.
    i meant to try to praise Stefan1 for his good work!
    i stand corrected as above; Please let me know if further change still needs to be make?

  26. Dumb Oceanic, least they can do, send a crew, borrow, local TV station equipment, and televise that dang San Francisco game, Hawaii, wins, televise next, they in championship game televise that.. See. those are the games, plus the Maui game, the ones off island they shoud televise.

    Team really believing, I mean, I am scratching my head.. with loss of some guys, and Two coaches before start of season, and UH should be 5-0 heading into Florida..

    Respect opponents, fear nobody, listen to coaches, play hard, smart and together.. usually on long road trips, I mean about what over 6000 miles and about 5 time zones.. usually the legs on their shots, however, they STAY IN THAT MAN.. and rebound get every loose ball, control tempo.. UH can win 2 or even 3 for championship…
    at minimum.. 2-1
    Team coming together really quick, The Hoops Talk Balk, Jeff saying team good now.. Bobby Curran, REALLY? Benjy you think You can WIN THAT game against Pitt.. Benjy: I told you, I told you.. because, the guys have 10 good athletes, incredible.. This road trip and the BYU swing, will help UH for BWC play without question..

    Dumb, Dumb, and super Dumb.. dang Oceanic, all the money we pay them for PPV, for FB, and the roadrunner, They should send crew, and cover the San Francisco game at least,.. are they going to Do it? Nope.. wish they would waive the rights to those games, and THEN let K5 or KITV go up and do it.. sad NO online stream.. well UH seems to play better, when we listen on RADIO

    OLD school for the young guns,.. back in the day, the Fab Five went on 5 game road trip, went 4-1, No TV only radio.. Henderson teams, not as successful, his teammates not as good, Tom scores 25 ppg, he is All America type, however, some wins, a few.. and once again NO TV, just the RAdio..

    Old School.. however old school Fabulous Five had great run ON the Radio

    Dumb Oceanic dumb, dumb, dumb..


  27. Sorry correction to my above Post.. THEY STAY IN THAT ZONE.. protect bigs and disrupt, other teams bigs and harass shooters.. rebound. and hustle.. UH got a chance to win games on the road. starting with Gulf Coast Classic..
    Unless Benjy your team is superior.. to opponent, STAY IN THE ZONE, how Riley did , even with SAVO and AC led teams.. then if you have to get a run.. go press and man.. however.. STAY IN ZONE.. if have to, with some pressure and traps, if other team cannot handle it..
    Zone, Zone, Zone!!

  28. Does anyone know when Jankovic will become eligible. Has last game he was in was against Hawaii 11/16/2013. Does he have to wait for the semester to end tho? Last day of instruction the 11th or last day of final exams the 19th?

  29. Benji said after the grades are in or something like that. So he’ll be able to play in either the Chaminade game or in the DHC, he said .

  30. HOWEVER: Dayton Morinaga, Wes Nakama, sponsor supreme Valerie Schmidt, Ameriprise, Pacific Risk Solutions and other sponsors. we appreciate you all so, much.. did not know if , or how WI MBB would continue, however we say great Mahalo, I know dozens, maybe hundreds view the videos, listen to the interviews, and read the excellent writeups. Thankyou Dayton, YOU had the best coverage, and wonderful editing, loooong one, of the nice shots and up and down by this MBB team. Yes one game at a time. They are really close and bonding. Just Stay together WI UH MBB nation, and though we LOVE Laura Beeman and her WBB team, I think unless Dayton has dual coverage, I don’t think so for now.. THIS SITE IS FOR UH MBB that has gone through a real hellish ordeal, and they are still fighting. as Fleming says, they are WARRIORS!!

    Great video Dayton. Why the big boys don’t cover as much, I don’t Know, however, you truly are the best in the business when it comes to all things UH MBB Warrior style!!

    islandman: You are correct, Stefan Jankovich will be eligible pending fall semester grades, either for Chaminade game or definitely for DHC, which is coming up fast.

    Go Warriors Go Bows !!

  31. St Mary’s Gaels MBB 2014-15 roster: ?

    3 Kerry Carter G 6-2 205 Sr. West Covina, Calif. (Citrus College) (West Covina)
    5 Jack Biebel G 5-11 185 So. San Jose, Calif. (Foothill College) (Mitty)
    00 Brad Waldow F 6-10 270 Sr. Shingle Springs, Calif. (Ponderosa)
    10 Joe Coleman G 6-4 210 Jr. Minneapolis, Minn. (Hopkins)
    11 Dane Pineau F 6-9 225 So. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (Melbourne Grammar)
    13 Jock Landale C 6-11 255 Fr. E Malvern, Victoria, Australia (Geelong Grammar)
    20 Aaron Bright G 5-11 175 Sr. Bellevue, Wash. (Bellevue)
    21 Evan Fitzner C 6-10 215 Fr. San Diego, Calif. (Francis Parker School)
    22 Garrett Jackson F 6-7 215 Sr. Portland, Ore. (Westview)
    24 Calvin Hermanson F 6-6 200 Fr. Lake Oswego, Ore. (Lake Oswego)
    25 Treaven Duffy G 6-2 190 So. Walnut Creek, Calif. (Cushing (Mass.) Academy)
    30 Desmond Simmons F 6-7 225 Sr. Vallejo, Calif. (Salesian)
    41 Emmett Naar

  32. I guess It all depends when his finals are and if the teacher turns in the grades right away or not? If finals are early and teacher sends in maybes he can get in for some minutes to get the game rust off.

  33. It would be best to get him in against Chaminade but he has been practicing with the team so he might be able to go right in against Nebraska for the first game in diamond head classic.

  34. Island. Lol. I’m not hiding. Never hide. Dayton banned me because I didn’t agree with him on something. It was obviously a nice win. Hopefully more to come. Still not convinced. Far from it but hopefully I soon will will be.

  35. St Mary’s roster two.. Dane Pineau and Evan Fitzner had ties to Hawaii. Evan’s mom Cheri Boyer was a great setter for WVB and Dane’s dad Brad was a star Center at St Louis School.

    Two bigs 6’9″ and 6’10”
    I know Dane played against Hawaii in the DHC when UH beat them.

    Just nostalgia, and watching St Mary’s vs NMSU on ESPN 24 hoops marathon.

    Now Bows, just get ready, for San Francisco, the travel and different type of team , a WCC team you all are playing. Stay focused, together, hydrate,, maybe Jawato, Dyrbe, Niko might have to spell first 8 guys too.

    Go Rainbow Warriors !

  36. RobT and all – Here is something that Ben Jay could do right and I know a little about. Grades get turned in but not posted until all the stragglers and teachers finish their grades and turned them in. So Janks may have finished and passed all his classes but could get held up because the system only wants to run the grades once into the computer. Ben, get your ass in gear and find out the grades and don’t wait for the system. If he passes he should play or is that an NCAA violation.

  37. RunBows, looks like Harville no longer on the St.Mary’s roster ?

  38. islandman. ..really don’t know I watched espn hoops marathon. ..before UH MBB game…think Dane played however..did not know if Evan Fitzner played
    what happened..don’t…know UH MBB bonding…


  39. Any telecast or streaming of UH games in Florida? How about radio?

  40. bowwar…

    .that is good question..very sure SA…..UH Athletics site MBB ..and probably Dayton have info. on media coverage..radio or live stats..
    Shoots KKEA should send Bobby Curran ..however don’t know?
    What makes this season and team such a great interest story..
    the fact that whatever could go negative on them..went down

    all team has to do…keep effort..stay solid together

    the media will have to cover

    go bows !!

  41. Found only probable USF audio coverage , so far. About 12:30 pm HST .


  42. Correction, i think 3:30 pm ( HST, 8:30 EST, 5:30 pm PST) .

  43. Aloha Islandman ~ Thank you for posting the audio link.

    It appears as though the game is at 3:30 PM HST/8:30 PM EST, according to the Hawai’i Athletics site.

    So the San Francisco website was giving the local (PST) broadcast time of 5:30, although it wasn’t labeled as such.

    Definitely confusing. : )

  44. More CREAM Rising…

    Surrounded By BOO-BIRDS Gotta BE a TOUGH GIG:
    HSA’s BM: “While The Big PITT WIN May have Been a Surprise (Only to “Outsiders”)…”


    FIVE/SIX Time Zones…
    Three Tough Teams
    Maybe FGCU is Lobbying Now to AVOID Hawai’i

    i think PITT …

    Yes, Impressive Game…
    PITT Could Also Be For Real —
    So Much Size, Athleticism, Talent AND Shooting Skills
    (BUT Part of The Beauty of Basketball Is You Can Only Play Five at a Time…)

    Young ‘Bows Starting to Live Up to Top 75 Sophomores, Three-Star Recruit “Hype”


    NOT Pretending WE were True-Believers…(Though WE ARE Sometimes ‘Accused’ of Such…)
    BUT Knew Enough to join Forner Coaches Jamie, Riley, Gib, Brandyn,…
    @ Ground Zero(?) [Four?] Usually takes at least ’til The Game Before MAUI… (for a Known-Good Team)
    OR Christmas Tourney OR After SECOND Road Trip for Their Legit-Goodness to be Estabished..

    Sent from MAUI WIN-SITE

    THIS WIN TOO LEGIT (For Any Boo-Birds)
    NOT Televised, SO “Experts” Can NOT Claim “We Wuz Robbed”
    And Jamie SO LOVES The State And The Program
    HE WILL (Likely) Never Say Anything to Detract from Its Value

    [Q: Do You ‘Hear’ That Jackson? I Know You’re Trying to Keep the Balance, BUT Not By Swinging So Far Left…]

  45. Jeff and Jackson hoops balk, balk, balk…..they should not say anything negative about team and current and ex coaches..truly no class..I like Gary Dickman, Kanoa and Tony’s comments balanced yet positive!!
    really support Benjy, team..even acknowledge these 15 champions are or were Gib’s gets?
    I am glad Gib and Akana can be happy for team success
    that is first class..did not have to be there in Maui
    he was there..he setup game with Jamie past spring

    wish best for Gib, Brandyn and UH MBB team

    go bows!!
    Now have to play 3x harder on the road
    Road Warriors! !
    Eagle, warriorhaw and those follow team road trips and at SSC enjoy a very special, special team!!

  46. ========================= USF ROSTER ==============================

    0 Montray Clemons F 6-7 235 Jr. Baltimore, MD / Pensacola State College
    1 Corey Hilliard G 6-1 185 Sr. Kansas City, MO / Midland College
    2 Uche Ofoegbu F 6-4 214 So. San Antonio, TX / SMU
    3 Matt Christiansen F 6-9 235 Jr. Oklahoma City, OK / Bishop McGuinness HS
    5 Matt Glover G 6-5 212 Sr. Orange, CA / Penn State
    10 Chris Adams G 6-4 194 Sr. Covina, CA / Evelyn Mack Academy
    11 Gavin Hoffmann G 6-5 204 Sr. Portland, OR / Lincoln HS
    13 Frankie Ferrari G 5-11 160 Fr. Burlingame, CA / Burlingame HS
    14 David Irby G 6-0 180 So. Long Beach, CA / Walnut Hills HS
    15 Kruize Pinkins F 6-7 230 Sr. Marianna, FL / Chipola College
    21 Devin Watson G 6-1 165 Fr. Oceanside, CA / El Camino HS
    22 Chase Foster F 6-5 170 Fr. Highlands Ranch, CO / Valor Christian HS
    23 Mark Tollefsen F 6-9 199 Jr. Danville, CA / San Ramon Valley HS
    25 Derrell Robertson C 6-10 242 Jr. Pinola, MS / DePaul
    30 Dominique Williams G 6-2 170 So. El Granada, CA / IMG Academy
    32 Tim Derksen G 6-3 202 Jr. Tucson, AZ / Amphitheater HS
    33 Nick Loew F 6-8 230 Fr. Burlingame, CA / Burlingame HS


  47. Thought everyone would enjoy Mamadou getting posterized by Arizona’s Rondae Hollis Jefferson. Would love to see someone like Valdez do that here. Whew!!!

    Rondae Hollis-Jefferson Dunks on…

  48. don’t think link worked. Check out YouTube clip of this dunk over Mamadou. Ouch!

  49. Mahalo Islandman. Could watch that all day. Hope we see same thing at SSC

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