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UPDATED: Warriors hold off HPU for exhibition win


It wasn’t pretty, but given the ugliness of the previous week, the University of Hawai’i basketball team will gladly accept its 62-55 exhibition game victory over Hawaii Pacific on Thursday night.

An announced crowd of 5,154 (2,492 turnstile) at the Stan Sheriff Center watched the Warriors in their first public appearance under acting head coach Benjy Taylor, who was given that role following the abrupt dismissals of previous head coach Gib Arnold and assistant Brandyn Akana.

“Pulled it out? Is that what we did?” Taylor said. “It felt fine, it felt good. I didn’t know we pulled it out. I thought it was just a good college basketball game and we enjoyed it. I just want to thank all the fans for coming out. The kids appreciate it.”

The result and statistics will not count for either team … not that it mattered to the Warriors.

“I’m not going to lie – it felt pretty good,” forward Mike Thomas said. “It’s something we’ve been needing, something confidence-wise in the locker room. Just to get after it and get a win and get some stride going into the season.”

Thomas, a 6-foot-8 sophomore, led the Warriors with 15 points, including two second-half dunks that drew the crowd to its feet. He also contributed eight rebounds, three steals, and shot 7 for 10 from the field. Senior guard Garrett Nevels scored 14 points, including five consecutive points late in the game to help the Warriors hold off the Division II Sharks.


Sophomore forward Aaron Valdes contributed 13 points, 10 rebounds, three steals and numerous other hustle plays on both ends of the court. Freshman guard Isaac Fleming scored 10 points and had three steals. Junior point guard Roderick Bobbitt had eight points, seven rebounds and four assists. Sophomore center Stefan Jovanovic contributed two points, seven rebounds and four blocked shots.

“It was good to see everybody smile,” Valdes said. “It’s been a rough last week-and-a-half. This win was big for us, I think. I’m just glad we got it.”

The Warriors were equal parts scrappy and sloppy. Taylor noted that he started implementing new plays just this week, so the team had been working on it for only three days.

“It’s literally from scratch for three days,” Taylor said. “I thought they did a good job with it. And we’ll get better. This team will get better. Eleven assists and 18 turnovers. We’ll flip that – 18 assists and 11 turnovers. We have the guard play to do that.”

Hawai’i shot 38.9 percent from the field, including just 20 percent from 3-point range (4 for 20). HPU shot just 31.6 percent from the field, including 23.8 percent from 3-point range (5 for 21). The Warriors out-rebounded the Sharks, 40-33. The teams combined for 37 turnovers – 19 for HPU and 18 for Hawai’i.

“We made mistakes out there, but we learned from ’em, so it’s good,” Valdes said. “I like the style we’re playing. The plays we ran were perfect. We scored on them, so I had fun.”


The Warriors led by as many 14 points in the first half, and took a 29-23 lead at intermission. Hawai’i appeared to be in control when it took a 51-38 lead with 7:23 remaining, but the Sharks made it interesting down the stretch.

The Warriors never lost the lead, but HPU got as close as one point twice in the closing minutes. Two free throws by HPU’s Darry Jones Jr. cut Hawai’i’s lead to 54-53 with 2:29 remaining. Nevels responded with two free throws with 1:59 remaining, and then a 3-pointer with 1:12 remaining to give the Warriors an insurmountable 59-53 lead.

Taylor went with a rotation of seven players for most of the game. Bobbitt and Nevels started at guards, Valdes and Thomas were the forwards, and Jovanovic started at center; Fleming and Niko Filipovich were the primary reserves, and Dyrbe Enos got some spot action in the second half.

The Warriors have 14 players on the current roster, but only 10 suited up. The four players unavailable were Quincy Smith (back), Negus Webster-Chan (ribs), Brandon Jawato (concussion) and Stefan Jankovic (ineligible until December).

Thursday’s crowd at the Sheriff Center included more than 500 UH students, including some who arrived several hours early so they could receive a free Manoa Maniacs shirt. It was the most students to show up for a UH exhibition basketball game.

The Warriors will open the regular season on November 14, when they host Arkansas-Pine Bluff on the opening night of the Outrigger Hotels & Resorts Rainbow Classic. Cal State Bakersfield will face High Point in the first game on November 14 at 5 p.m. The UH game will follow around 7:30 p.m.


Photos courtesy Brandon Flores / www.brandonfloresphotography.com



  1. Wow good job guys… Keep getting better.
    Fans, cupboard not bare.. We still have not seen Negus play yet, He Quincy , Jawato, and Janks, ready before BWC play and for the DHC..UH MBB can rock!!

    Thanks folks that went to SSC, I know many, many more listened on radiod.

    Go Bows
    Go Rainbow Warriors~


  2. I know Negus and Smith were not available but a 7pt win is much closer than I expected with a projected 8th place team in D2. Looks like there is quite a bit of work to be done. It’s also unfortunate that there is more negative press about the basketball program. Looks like Benjy owes the IRS $30K and is also delinquent in child support. This for sure is going to be a one and done for Benjy. Can you imagine all the negative recruiting from other coaches. They will say you can’t trust Benjy to take care of your son 2,500 miles away when he won’t even pay child support to his own kids.

  3. Pono thats a low blow this message board should have know place for that nonsense.Were did you get that info from let me guess sour grapes.We all need a pay increase to pay some of our debt.

    Whats next when they beat Arkansas-pinebluff ? Another negative blow give the team a break and let those young men enjoy the momment please.

  4. It’s public knowledge. There are articles in the student newspaper and the major newspaper about Benjy’s financial issues.

  5. Glad to see the students come out and support the program. The students look like they are going to make a statement and stand by their team.

    The students are still peeved over Tom Apple’s firing, so supporting Gib’s guys is consistent with how they have acted.

  6. Benjy Taylor is a friendly guy who is easy to like and will keep the team together. We are fortunate to have him and should thank Gib for bringing him into the program!

  7. http://www.kaleo.org/news/uh-men-s-basketball-interim-coach-tens-of-thousands-of/article_427602ac-6660-11e4-afe1-0017a43b2370.html

    I don’t see how it’s a low blow. I said its unfortunate more negative news is coming out about UH from news sources. Also the negative recruiting is a real issue and now there’s more public knowledge for other teams to use against UH. I regards to assessing the game, I feel like it’s the truth. I was at the game and we need a lot of work. HPU is a pre season 7th place team in the Pac West (D2) and they hung with us all night. I know we were short handed without Negus, Jank and Smith but personally I expected a wider margin of victory.

  8. OK, I’ll side with Pono in the big picture — not just for fielding a team this season.
    We expect coaches to be role models and great examples for their players. Could anyone imagine John Wooden not paying child support or not being frugal and saving to pay his taxes?

  9. Yeah, serious low blow by the media (or nudged along by more powerful people). Many coaches have off-court issues but putting this front and center is completely unnecessary.

    Looking at the Kaleo website, they did not break Benjy’s debts, they were just reporting what HNN put out yesterday.

    There is a time and place when these issues are completely ok to bring up. Like when it’s time to negotiate contracts/job status, but at this juncture of the program, it’s a complete low blow.

    Putting on the conspiracy theory hat….

    The most powerful people at UH look like they are trying to position the university to be forced to abolish UH Athletics.
    1. This explains why they won’t fire Chow — allowing the program to crash
    2. The abrupt firing of Gib and now a never ending stream of bad news to try and blow up the BB program (the 2nd biggest revenue generator for UH Athletics)

    The FB is the main revenue driver for UH Athletics. The new BOR/President/Chancellor probably are thinking that why should UH continue athletics when, during its best years, still couldn’t break even.

    It’s not going to take too many more years of UH Athletic Department deficit to make it an easy decision for the Abercrombie stuffed BOR to abolish inter-collegiate athletics.

    I hate conspiracy theories, but the signs are pointing toward this. Upper campus had a poor attitude toward UH Athletics in the past, but this new regime appears to be out for blood on everybody not in line with their viewpoints.

  10. I getting old so wanted to sleep on it before gathering my thoughts on the exhibition. I knew the Negative Nancys would come out and say the game was too close. Give these guys a chance! As Benjy said, three days of learning the plays while HPU probably been working on their own stuff for about one month. Thats a big difference!

    One thing that really stands out to me was how much this team hustles. They were diving for loose balls, chasing down the 50-50 balls and just playing with a lot of energy. Of course you can say that they caused a lot of the loose balls themselves with some poor passes but I hope that is something they can fix.

    The other thing is that this team was trying a lot of different defensive looks. Theres really only one big man in Jovanovic so the other guys really have to scramble and help out but I thought they did a pretty good job and covering a lot of ground. The guards are gambling and so they got a lot of steals but they also going to give up a lot of easy buckets that way. Good thing HPU not that good at shooting, but I think the guys have to play that way because so many athletic guards but not enough bigs.

    This team will look much better when Negus and Quincy get back in. That will put nine guys in the rotation and that means more rest for everybody and maybe you wont see the tired legs like they showed at the end of the HPU game. Then in December when you can add Jankovic and Jawato to the rotation then really have to watch out!

    I also like how Benjy Taylor is coaching this team. He is very calm on the sidelines. When Flemings got the T, I thought for sure he was going to get chewed out but Benjy just kind of shook his head and said something small and it was like Flemings knew he did wrong and went straight to the bench.

    Lets be honest here because this team will win a share of games and they will lose a share of games. Teams with athletic bigs will for sure give us trouble. BUT I still like what I see for now. I will always keep in mind what Cal Poly did last year by getting hot at the end when it counted and I know this team can do something like that.

  11. bigdaddy,
    they all did their roles, even shorthanded. The parents should be happy. Note, in 2012, UH defeated HPU only 75-67. Issac made some great assists, the long football throw to Valdes and the one alley opp to Thomas.

  12. should be spelled Isaac .

  13. Pono crazy article the ex now doing interviews.WOW it speaks volumes on what a few folks trying to do too the program.

  14. FUHA, i don’t think they want to abolish sports . The BOR chairman seems to like sports. The power brokers like Bert Kobayashi, John Tsui ( chairman of Clarence Ching Foundation) seen committed to athletics.

    But true, the FB program is not in too good shape and attendance is declining.

  15. Big Daddy I am a season ticket holder and a true fan of all UH sports. I hold tix for football, basketball (mens and womens), baseball and women’s vball even though I don’t live in Hawaii full time. I am honest in my assessments and care about the program above all individual players or coaches. I was just reporting the news here that has been public for about half a day.

  16. I was watching the news report on TV last night about Benjy and the first thing I thought of was sensationalism sells! The second thing I thought was a bitter ex-wife. I have friends and relatives who have gone through similar divorce issues but of course none of them are famous enough to have it aired on the news. The bottom line is there are always two sides to a divorce and many times the two sides are bitter and will do anything to get back at the other one. I don’t want to discuss too much on this one because I don’t know the whole story. I’m sure Benjy and his lawyer will have a different version to this story that we havent heard yet. Sad that this came out publicly especially if kids are involved.

  17. I agree that most divorces are bitter and there are a lot of unfounded accusations out there. However, the IRS issue and claims about not paying rent are more serious. Regardless, it’s another distraction that is not needed at this juncture. It’s taking away from the real story which is the guys playing ball on the court. UH has already said Benjy will be the coach for this year so I don’t see that changing despite these news stories. However, it will probably hurt him if he applies for the permanent position down the road. Looking forward to an improved and healed team next week.

  18. Big Daddy,

    Mahalo (thanks) for allowing Isaac to play BB at UH this year. He showed glimpses of being a very good player for his first public game in a Warrior uniform. He made some typical freshman mistakes (dribbling too much in traffic, driving to the basket on a fast-break when he had an easy alley-oop pass to a wide-open Aaron Valdes, etc.). To his credit, he made an excellent alley-oop pass for a Mike Thomas dunk. Love his aggressiveness and fearlessness. I know he has a better outside shot than what he showed last night.

    Enjoyed the entire team’s EFFORT, especially on D! Lot of pressure on HPU’s guards and good help defense. Definitely need to cut down on the turnovers. Looking forward to the return of Quincy and Negus next week. They should really help in making the offense run more cohesively. Also hope that Brandon Jawato gets cleared to play soon. Lastly, can’t wait for Janks to become eligible – he should give the team a big boost offensively and defensively. GO BOWS!

  19. bigdaddy:

    I have to agree with you, since you are parent of one of the UH MBB team. Very sure, what goes on in Benjy’s life, he knows, his family knows. And he handles matters in house, personally. I would not doubt, if Benjy has a grievance with that TV station. Why air that, NOW? How much more can the current 14 guys take? You have, a very small but powerful, entity, or group trying to hurt MBB program and Athletics as Former UH Athlete states. That KGMB report, they should back off, and I am sure Benjy’s counsel will address them, or take them to task.

    PONO., I did not know you are not full time resident? So, you are not here 100 percent of the time . It is more a 50/50 thing,? Does that make you a lesser contributor, because you are a part time resident? Strange posting from faraway from Hawaii, a spy perhaps? I am jesting…It is none of MY BUSINESS.. .whether you live here or not. That IS YOUR PERSONAL, IN-HOUSE Business. What you do with your family or business, that is YOUR CONCERN.. Coach Taylor will take care of his concerns, WHICH TO HIS CREDIT, IS MAKING SURE THE YOUNG MEN, including bigdaddy’s son Isaac Fleming and his brothers the MBB OHANA team, are going forward.

    PONO, why Air out, personal things, What even coach wanted Press to leave as private. , ON THIS FORUM, now We Do Know that Many Parents, they read our comments here. And Potential recruits down the line. PONO, sure you want things pono, so do I and several thousand MBB and UH fans and families.

    However, there is integrity of THIS FORUM..

    have to agree with bigdaddy, that information and how coach will have to , and is addressing is Personal… You are contributing PONO.. to the Negative continued destruction of MBB program post Gib Arnold. Really Shame on You.. Let everyone concerned with UH MBB program current and past, have , maybe literally there day , PERSONALLY Privately in Court, Not on this Forum.

    We LOVE bigdaddy and the 14 MBB members, and appreciate Coach Taylor for his support of team, and keeping the team together. That is a matter for UH, and Athletics. Make sure program is doing okay. Other Personal things, outside of their control, that is why Ben Jay doesn’t go after that, it is not in his realm.. a PERSONAL PRIVATE matter, for Coach to handle

    Support The Positive aspect for the Parents and Athletes of Team , who are going to have a good season. Auwe, Pono, keep this site filled with Aloha.. for the UH MBB program, and all of us fans.

  20. bigdaddy:

    Isaac Fleming, he loves NCAA D1 hoops. So excited, he and Rod Bobbitt, first game with the team Official against another college opponent. Isaac and Rod , good guards. love their game and enthusiasm. And thankyou, for encouraging your son. And for Coach Taylor being given opportunity to guide this team through this time.

    With Negus, Quincy, Jawato, and later Jankovich, a 6’7″ do it all SF, 6’1″ experience PG, 6’5″ Wing 3 ball shooter, and finally Janks 6’11” big with NBA 3 ball range, added to the current 7 guys on rotation.There is still great hope for BWC title.. The guys are just getting started!!

    Go Warriors and thanks bigdaddy for your positive comments and honesty all the way from Delaware!

  21. DAYTON:

    JUST NOTE… For the Positive, and being on the same page as Warrior MBB fans, I know you give us much freedom to post comments either for or against MBB coaches or program, however There Must Be Protocol, That personal grievance or attacks are not part of this forum.,.. We don’t have to go , into Ones’ personal lives, and dig up the mire, or negative things. Just let ones Personal Matters, let then address. I won’t go into legal matters that I have no right to bring out and campaign against. I n past, or even current we comment on affairs or state of MBB and UH athletics and what happens with it.. As For Outside Matters, .. I would think, just personally, those things should stay off the board. This site, as you mentioned even young ones, and families/ friends and recruits must look at. So, I will concentrate on the MBB team, not the outside personal legal matters, or things not part of my life or business.

    Just A thought. WI MBB forum, Not a Place for Personal Attacks I would think. And for private matters, even if just, let it be played out outside of this Fan Forum.

    .Just My Opinion as a 48 year fan, and for over 30 years, ticket holder. of UH MBB.

  22. islandman…

    I hope the guys you mentioned will end up being the prevailing opinion of the UH leadership.

    The overall opinion on UH leadership is probably at an all-time low if this were tracked by polls. The sports writers are starting to question the leadership. The fans and students have already voiced a negative opinion that’s gaining more momentum.

    Back to the fun stuff…

    Going to last night’s exhibition, I wasn’t concerned about the results. That still hasn’t changed now that the game is done. Yesterday was more about getting back to action and having a some fun and take a break from the craziness of last week.

    I do hope Quincy and NWC can get healthy quickly. Quincy is the one PG that has game experience and NWC is needed to provide a little more depth.

    The one thing Benjy has really got to monitor, and he mentioned this in the post-game, are Jovanovic and Thomas’ minutes. He really needs to try and keep those two guys are fresh as possible for the BW schedule from January on.

    The schedule is super soft to start, which now becomes a blessing in disguise when originally, the schedule was viewed as a weakness. So unless guys are really shooting poorly, UH should be able to handle most of their early opponents and start to put things back together for the Diamond Head Classic and Big West play.

  23. Isaac played above my expectations. Despite some mistakes, he played with a lot of maturity and confidence. Definitely didn’t seem like a true freshman.

    on a side note… sat near two guys in their mid-40s who spent the entire time dissing our team and coach benjy. they were dressed business casual and looked like they were from the mainland. they were talking loud enough so that everyone in the vicinity could hear them. they were also dissing UH academics! whenever we committed a turnover or defended poorly, they just laughed and said our team played like a high school team. what’s strange is they weren’t cheering HPU either. seems like they were there just to spread negativity. took a lot for me not to toss my beer on them. luckily an old local Asian lady sitting in front of them told them off. I thought they might be recruits from another school. more likely they were recent transplants who have some resentment towards Hawaii.

    Anyway, loved hearing the couple thousand fans get real loud even over an exhibition game. The fans and students sent a clear message that the team has support despite the recent mishaps.

    Kinda upsetting that Ben Jay wasn’t at the game. Be a man and support the team.

  24. Well said RunBows. It’s very simple really. We just need to SUPPORT them especially at this juncture of UH MBB. If that was your family instead of Benjy would you want the world to hear about it?

  25. Everyone wants privacy but when you are in a high profile situation you’ve got to expect the spotlight and the territory that comes with it. Is Jameis Winston stealing crab legs something major, NO but it still makes national headlines. News stations are going to report what gets ratings and sells papers. As long as what they are reporting is the truth it’s all game. This falls on the UHAD. If they don’t want this type of negative press they should have run all proper checks so that there would be no surprises.

  26. i guess Niko is not on scholarship, as one of the players in the interview and also Benjy said six scholarship players played last night. So, overall, they had 10 plus Fotu and Sammis = 12 on scholarship ?

    You can have 13 in NCAA Div. I .

  27. islandman:

    I heard that too..comments previous 13 guys start of preseason were on.
    just let play out or limit on ? Who knows..just go bows!!
    Have fun supporting fantastic fourteen..no matter, guys on team we support 119 % !!

  28. See more than 100 % ..119 % for emphasis..
    1000 % suuort UH MBB !!

  29. Pine-Bluff was 13-18 and 11- 7, finishing 4th in the SWAC conference last year.


  30. UAPB returns their two leading scorers who are both guards. It seems that their strength is in the guard play so it should be a good match up with UH.

  31. UAPB’s overall record is deceiving since they play a lot of appearance fee games. They played Auburn, Iowa, SMU, Oklahoma St, Texas A&M and Oregon State. Quite a non conference slate of games.

  32. They have six players 6′ 7 ” or taller on the roster (one 6′ 10 “, two 6′ 9″, one 6′ 8”) but looks like they didn’t have much stats last year at Pine Bluff, some look like transfers in.


  33. As I commented before, which of four forums? I forget ! This early season, with exception of BYU, who will be big and talented, Pitt a powerhouse, Nebraska, big and lot of returnees, and DHC field, and that Gulf Coast Showcase., UH has teams they can compete with. Remember, UH always had problems, with teams that are they are now..The 6’7″ post, athletic, the smaller quicker guards getting steals, and up and down the court, when team settles down, and starts hitting their 3’s, , they will be like those athletic, smaller BWC teams.. UH is not in SEC or Big 12, ACC or Pac12, they have a shot, with good strategy, as bigdaddy says, and all coaches mantra: Play your roles, and as Benjy and NWC had said, they are going to find a way to make it work.

    With Jankovich, Jawato, still awaiting to be really set to go. , and NWC and Q ready for RBC, I think UH can compete and beat these RBC schools, not huge 7’5″ with 5 good 6’10” backups like Irvine, UH , where can they go? Nowhere but up.. that is the Mantra, Go up, forward, and just ball.. fun season, however they do.. BACK THE BOWS..

    Smaller, athletic, hit good percentage of threes, good assist to turnover ratio and that great team and on the ball defense.. can mean Success!!

    Go Bows!!
    (see, fans, I support whomever the current coach and team, as we all do right? Right !!)

  34. Geez, take a step and breathe….

    A win is a win. Someone wrote earlier that their expectation was a win, score notwithstanding. Hey look again, they WON!

    The team played “hard” vs “not to lose,” they played to WIN and that’s progress!

    Consider that Smith and Negus did not play. Consider the lost of Fotu, so all things considered, didn’t they do well?

    Consider in the coming week Smith and Negus will be available, then mid season we get Janks eligible and sometime in between Jawato returns.

    At the end of the day, they earned the outcome. GREAT JOB and GO BOWS

  35. Former UH Athlete, you are correct and if Chow is not released that would be verification of their agenda.

  36. tako: Agreed. A win is a win, no matter exhibition. You know it was huge by 1 pt or 21 pts… the team happy, coaches happy and we Fans, I mean, the supporters of current coach, their families and the student athletes, We should be happy. To cast more negatives on team that just got shell shock, and now ready to move ahead, with new coach, some new aspects of system and some newbies.. well work in progress,
    However..ones, how quick to forget, myself included.. just wait, when Quincy and Negus are back with team, practicing and appear in RBC, I bet, the team takes on a more rounded level. And deeper, they can rotate, NWC, Valdes, Thomas, Jovanovich, among that 4/5, and the guards, including Nevels, who will be back… only exhibition game, he and Jawato, Fleming, Valdes, later Jankovich, Enos, nailing their threes, look out.. UH can and will be good.. work in progress, and I commend the guys, even to finish and hold on to win that HPU game, sure better than a loss.

    Go Bows.. tako, we all support, well most what are called fans,, we don’t have to nitpick everything..
    Back the Bows!!
    Elections are over, nuff with the NEGATIVITY.. and doom and gloom.. look for Hope, and UH is not going down without fight,.. they will have a lot of MIGHT… they going be Alright!!


  37. A few, not too many, I don’t know, just might be, probably troll alert.. just to get their jollies, they like when we get stirred up, however, don’t bring the ugly here, and make things more ugly, just take look in the mirror, and …. what do you see.. hopefully a person facing Reality.. UH MBB we back..Back the Bows!

    UH MBB WI,, you come in here with that weak , negative stuff, we just might call Team’s Mama’s to set you all straight, and they just might be sitting right next to you at SSC.. try to go negative about their sons right there when the come to Hawaii to visit. see the game.. Look out.. that is right.. booom !! Go Team.

    Just be joking, partly too. Lighten, up. We be fans. Stop the UGLY and look at the Beauty of Mama Valdes letter went viral, and the team being positive with still a lot of talent.

    I think BWC time, they be ready to rock and roll,right into the Post Season Championships..
    Hey I am Eternal Optimist and try to be supportive and POSITIVE… Move on Up !!

  38. What will the higher ups do if coach Benjy is very successful and lead the team to the NCAA tournament? Will they extend his contract before season end? Although the season is on, recruiting is a continuous project and being active on the trail of recruits is a must. Will he be able to tell recruits that this coaching staff will be here next year?

    To the men’s basketball program just win baby because if all of you succeed on the court many of you will have doors to open if need to. Do well in your classes too for that will give you even more doors to open. Good luck to all of the men’s ohana.

  39. Okay let’s be positive. I don’t want to be a troll.

    I do hope coach Benjy gets a raise in pay. He has taken on more responsibility. Fortunate for the program that he decided to stay.

  40. Not an Expert: Again you give Expert advice and comments, you Admr, and servant, FUHA.. just fair and balanced. Get to the point and be positive yet get things straight all the way to top ..
    You are right, that is the Mantra for UH MBB fans: We Back the Bows !! Team can be successful, I was just thinking last nite the same thing, and who knows, it might be on the backburner right now with AD and BT, if he does well, why not sign him to 2 year at least deal. You know it won’t cost a lot. For sake of the freshmen and sophomores, The Team , the continuity, and whenever that thing comes out if it does.. the Ncaa thing, well deal with it at that time, it might be awhile.

    Yet, lock in , Benjy for 2 year contract. And you have continuity, he does well, the team sticks it out.. who knows.. a win win, and finally a good decision… and it probably won’t cost too much, ..
    have contracts written properly, Governor, legislature, investigate, and go get UH gate.. fix things up so, does not happen again, the UGLY..

    Go Bows.. Let’s concentrate on Basketball and the Team
    However, as FUHA says, and true the whole NCAA members all the teams, and ones being dealt with by currently, they are watching carefully that handling of North Carolina near 20 year bogus wrong.. now that is UGLY!!

    Go Bows.. And UH , Hawaii, and Governor help UH be the best and pono school in the country!!

  41. Here’s info you may not care to know re: Tyler, here’s a sentence on /picture of him in an article on the St Mary’s team.


    Also, Keith S. was a one of three starting guards vs. William Jewel College ( exhibition game).

  42. Some of you may have heard Dayton on sports animals show today; he said the students are planning to camp out Thursday night to get tickets Friday morning for the basketball game.

    Someone said there were more students at the basketball game than there are at a UH football game. Is that true ?

  43. Islandman, yeah the school posted something about the campout on the big screen. I thought it was just going to be a couple hours before the game. Free food will be served. There were 500 students at Thursday’s game, smashing the school’s previous record of 175 for an exhibition game. A gopro will be given to the student with the best painted Polynesian tattoo.

  44. Great support from the students.
    Go Warriors!

  45. Just Back the Bows

    By our comments too..

    Remember parents read our comments too..

    Enough with the junk , negative stuff.
    don’ t count guys out
    they have talent to win BWC

    anyone go negative on program and boys
    no good
    stay Positive !!
    Go Bows!!

  46. thomas, valdes, nevels and chan all need headbands too

  47. hawwfan09…atta boy…the headband band of mbb bruddahs. !!
    Stay positive
    Mama Valdes we trying
    majority are good back up the guys !!
    GO Bows. . WARRIORS !!

  48. I think everyone is waiting to see the real Negus Webster Chan. With Fotu gone the stage is set for NWC. I would not say that he will be a prolific scorer. But I think he has the ability to be a triple double threat every time he walks onto the floor. But of course the rest of the team need to produce right along with him so that he doesn’t see too much double teaming. And how important is Jankovic? His height and 3 point shooting will fit in quite nicely. Without him the bigs will suffer big time due to lack of depth.

  49. Until Jankovic and Jawato ready

    Maybe try this:

    PF-Aaron V.
    C-Mike T.

    First off bench:
    SG: Fleming

    Bench- Brocke, Zach

    At least can rotate Jovanovich and Mike , save energy , save fouling
    hopefully Dyrbe can pick up defending and provide help shooting the 3.
    unless Jawato is good to go in two weeks, concussions are bad..take care Brandon,
    might be a way, maybe only way until Jankovic ready to protect bigs,
    Aaron Valdes..he just keep doing what he is doing can play 3 and 4
    NWC will have to help on boards and defend other bigs,
    if had Sammis not too bad
    however it is what it is until Jankovic is eligible

    Just a thought, now cannot see Mike and Stefan Jovanovich in at same time ..amazing.
    how both had 4 fouls in that close game real physical and they did not foul out
    takes good rotation and being agressive yet smart

    Just a thought
    key: NWC..his time to take over for Fotu/ Standhardinger stats..different type of player
    yet from all accounts,,if NWC is healthy he is ready to step up

    6’7″ with a lot of talent ..that hesrt andedication Sensley type sthlete c
    an really help team..
    cannot wait for NWC leadership, facilitate and scoring, rebounding and defense..his turn now

    NWC in the house.. The S. S . C. !!

  50. i believe the camp out tickets are for those new seats behind the visitor’s bench. Remember that BJ took away some of the lower bowl seats from season ticket holders and reserved them for students…..I believe these are the seats where fans have to camp out to get. i don’t think the seats behind the basket(the manoa maniac seats) are full. These are pretty good seats so I imagine there is going to be in high demand.

  51. is there a way to get some more bigs in before the second semester to make up for the loss of Fotu and Sammis? Can I dream that UNC sanction come soon and hard where some of their players can transfer out and play right away, maybee giving us a chance for 1 more big?

  52. I believe UH has a good basketball team they are very athletic and strong in positions from guard to small forward but under sized in the center/strong forward positions. Jankovic can’t play untill mid December, and it would help with his game if we had a sturdy strong forward that could bang under the basket and rebound when he goes and shoots the three ball. Jovanovic is still a little too green but his game is getting beter, just like and offensive lineman footwork and balance is very important.

  53. Dayton,

    Strongly believe that at least a couple of “no-value” posters should be warned to cease their immature attacks on each other or be banned from this otherwise FAN-tastic UHMBB website for fans, players, and their supportive families. Opinions are OK, but attacks on each other are just a waste of space and everyone’s time.

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