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The show must go on

As far as we know, officials have not cancelled any upcoming games for the University of Hawai’i basketball team. In other words …

“We have to be ready, and we’ll be ready,” acting head coach Benjy Taylor said.

The warm-up act is set for this Thursday, when the Warriors host Hawaii Pacific in an exhibition game at the Stan Sheriff Center. Although points will be recorded, the final result and statistics will not count for either team.


Still, the exhibition will carry significant meaning for the Warriors and their fans. Most notable, it will be the team’s first public appearance since a distressing seven-day stretch that resulted in the dismissals of head coach Gib Arnold and assistant coach Brandyn Akana, the departure from school of star player Isaac Fotu, and the request for a transfer from promising freshman Sammis Reyes.

“One of the things we talked about is developing chemistry,” Taylor said. “In order for us to do that right away, I had to go ahead and say how my starting lineup was and who my subs were. These guys didn’t know where they stand … I said this is my starting lineup, this is my rotation, but we need everybody. If you’re committed to moving the program forward and playing your butts off for the University of Hawai’i it can’t come down to minutes and playing time.”

Taylor did not want to reveal his starters, but the top eight candidates for playing time appear to be Garrett Nevels, Roderick Bobbitt, Quincy Smith, Isaac Fleming, Negus Webster-Chan and Aaron Valdes at the guard and wing positions, and Mike Thomas and Stefan Jovanovic in the post.

Overshadowed in the turmoil of last week was the return Smith, who missed two weeks of practices with a bruised lower back. He is still not 100 percent, but has been able to get on the court and run through some of the new schemes with his teammates.

“We’re small, we’re a lot smaller now, but there’s just going to be more quickness on the floor,” Smith said. “Of course our game style is going to change, but I think it’s all to our advantage though. We have a lot of good guards.”

Thursday’s game is a “Green Out” and fans are encouraged to wear green shirts. All UH students who attend the game will receive a free green shirt (while supplies last).

Tip-Off Notes
Hawai’i vs.Hawai’i Pacific University
When: Thursday, Nov. 6; 7:00 p.m.
Where: Stan Sheriff Center (10,300) – Honolulu, O’ahu
Tickets: Lower level – $26; upper level – $18 for adults, $16 for senior citizens (65-older), $5 for students (ages 4-18). Parking is $6.
Television: None
Radio: None.
Live Stats: HawaiiAthletics.com


  1. Get well soon Mr. Smith. Coach will need everyone he can get his hands on. You can just see how other teams are going to play Hawaii getting on the Bigs trying to get them to foul out.

  2. Thing is, some of us been following UH MBB for 40 + years, maybe near 50? When UH had a pretty small team in 1967-68 with Captain Harvery Harmon, UH went 16-9 even winning with small team. Guys not bigger than 6’7″ and not much backup. They also went 4-4 on the road as an independent. Not too many remember that team. Also, the Fab Five, besides Al Davis 6’6″ and Bob Nash 6’8″, the 6’9″ guy off the bench wasn’t all world, however team the starters played a lot, smart and they were winners . Tough and a lot of heart . Same with the UNLV championship team with 6’6″-6’7″ 245 center Larry Johnson at center. Not much height, very skilled and played great defense with smaller PG..Still they were tough, smart, great defenders, and athletic.. I Benjy can balance, rotate in and out Jovanovich, Thomas, Negus might have to play in the paint too, Funny he is about the same weight as Bob Nash was, about 207 or so…Plus if Jawato ever gets his health back, and I do feel very much pained for him, concussion like symptoms still , take care and take time Brandon, he is Big 6’4-6’5″ 220 about, and can help on boards. Defense by committee, and as Taylor says, time for Benjy Ball, like his small Chicago St. team, with good quick shooting team, no real height, and they went 19-13 , nation’s leaders in steals and scoring NCAA DI that year.
    so it is a challenge, however, Small ball, with two Bigs, until Janks eligible, BBIQ and rotation, UH can still win 22-23 games out of regular season 32 before BWC tournament.. still holding , Go Bows..So Benjy , NOW IS YOUR TIME TO LEAD AND GET THE GUYS GOING AS ONE OHANA< THAT HAS NOT CHANGED
    Guy's Stay strong, together, and play smart, You all can win a lot of games, still a lot of talent..

  3. Once again, very impressed with Quincy’s attitude, leadership and positive outlook. That is the spirit. Q… ones want you all to fail.. Your families, The WI real deal fans, want you guys to still blow up this season, And we have been waiting for the real up and down team. Even if bigs score on you, inbound the ball and 3 guards and wing, fly up the court for layins, spot up 3’s, and dunks. Steals, traps.. and play smart and hard… Still ONE OHANA.. And I am impressed on how Aaron and Garrett spoke up for team, after the dismissals of coaches,.. And now how, Mike Thomas and Q speak up, and tell fans don’t give up on them .. we will not. the real deal fans will not. Never. Coach Taylor this is your time.. wish you the best and team Chemistry, just ball, have fun, and play some good fundamental ball, You know Q with the smaller team, and the guards and wings can shoot and get up and go, you all still can score a lot of points, with the pressure cause problems for bigger teams.. and with all your ball handlers and guards being able to knock down FT’s and shutdown, close games.. You guys will be in, and win games. You can count on it.

    Captain Smith and Captain Nevels.. lead, and you all are doing great job. HPU game, could be as Benjy says, not smooth, a lot of adjustments, however, win or lose, get that rotation down, and keep on fine tuning, When RBC comes around, the real games.. Go get em UH MBB Rainbow Warriors!!

    Finally fans, the first game of season is Here this Thursday nite at SSC 700pm, if you can, and able, go and support the team,.. at least 3000+ or more fan strong.. make noise, applause will be chickenskin or goose bump moment.. bring joy to the heart of these TERRIFIC HIGH CHARACTER 13 young men..great ones, with awesome families.. Cannot wait to see you guys prove to doubters, you all are winners.. Awesome

    Go Warriors!

  4. I MEAN 14 ! TERRIFIC HIGH CHARACTER young student athletes, with great leaders and captains

    Go Warriors. Go Bows!!

  5. RunBows,

    Davis was 6′ 7″, Nash 6′ 8″; Dwight Holiday, 6′ 4″; John Penebacker, 6′ 2″ & Jerome Freeman, 5′ 9″ .


  6. hahahaha, I’m not dreaming or drinking Kool-Aid. UH’s Fabulous 5 was never duplicated, maybe this year? I don’t know man, but who knows?

  7. I really hope these kids play loose and Benjy just let them run and gun. Like Quincy said, people not expecting much out of Hawaii now so they can go out and prove all these people are wrong! It is true that this game don’t count, but I sure hope UH pulls out the win so fans can get excited about the season otherwise some fans going feel like this is the football team all over.

    As for the Fabulous 5 that was a whole different world back then. Just think that was 40+ years ago, so can not compare and not fair to these kids now to use that as the measurement. In those years small schools like Hawaii, Centenary, San Francisco, Jacksonville, they could all get bigtime recruits. Dont ask me how they did it because I don’t know. But now days, no way because all the bigtime recruits choose the bigtime schools.

  8. Forgot to say Go Green! Cool costume G-Money!

  9. Pocho: Just the continued theme of WI MBB fourm, For Support of The Team, Still have to shoot for goals, a good wining season, chance to still battle for championships.
    My comments, Chuck, islandman and Pocho, just saying that smaller teams, guard and wing dominated. And UH has good guards and wings, and 3 post players, so they can still do some damage. Not impossible. As Q mentioned, we all wondered, how come so many guards? Now, those guards, Enos, Stepteau, Buscher, Bobbitt, Fleming, Nevels, Smith, if no slack, just work hard and get better, and Chemistry, like a San Antonio , or Fab Five, or a Chaminade that beat Virginia,
    With a small and lacking a handful of bigs.. UH can do it.

    And Chuck Cheese agree, Benjy mentioned too, every practice, scrimmage, exhibition, when he coaches, even doing the scout, before, he coaches guys to WIN.. that is the spirit.. Read that the practices, the guys still going hard, however..quieter.. just a new man HC, and wish him well. A SEASON OF REDMPTION; HOPE and Chuck,…Pocho,..never know.. team can just play if anything for a lot of wins.. 28 , 29 , 30 and RBC, Gulf Coast Showcase, DHC.. etc.. and hope BWC..These guys not tanking the season.. Band of Fourteen Brothers!

  10. Also, NIKO…. that guy, the high energy D minded, with that nice form 3 ball shot too, he is part of that 6 guard, or more that will rebound by committee, zone, man, and just helping team to win.
    Like How Benjy doing it, let guys know how going forward, who in 8 man starting rotation, however all, the other 6, the One Ohana, they grind and practice, and effort, it means, PT and rotation time. THE WHOLE TEAM IS NEEDED to win.

    And Chuck Cheese, I do hope UH MBB wins that HPU game, If these guys, and the level of the guards and wings, and Jovanovich, and Thomas, they are good DI BB athletes, they want to prove it, and to get start with a win.. Great and fanbase, will support, much.. just start coming out, UH starts to generate wins.. etc.. and exciting style, and scoring points.. great potential .. cupboard not bare.. big adjustment, however, they are going forward..

  11. Catching up on some of the late comments from the previous story about Fotu and I agree that not a good comparison with Fotu and Colt. As I said before this year was going to be Fotu’s big year when he finally became the main weapon. Predicting the NCAA Tournament maybe was aiming high but it sure would of been exciting to watch Fotu go off even if they didn’t make it. Anyways, no use crying over the spill milk. He’s gone so let’s focus on these guys.

    By the way Bowsoverhoes, if your list of the top guys only has guys who led UH to NCAA Tournament, that means you leaving off some great ones like Tom Henderson, Chris Gaines, AC Carter, Alika Smith, Julian Sensley just to name a few. A lot of people forget how hard it is for UH to get to the Big Dance in basketball. Thats why a lot of us dream so hard for it!

  12. Nice ^^^

    I didn’t know HPU was also very small. I feel a little better going into it now but still need to see how the team is mentally after such a emotional week.

  13. AC, Alika went two times to NIT, the 3rd round in 1998. 1997 team finished regular season in first place in the WAC.

    Julian went once to the NIT and the 3rd round in 2004, if research is correct.

  14. Yes ^^^ and I think the great Tom Henderson went to NIT also. Old timers will tell you he is the greatest UH hoopster ever! But Bowsoverhoes stated that only those who led UH to NCAA Tournament could be considered immortals. That was just his opinion and I wanted to let him know that only very few led UH to NCAA’s and a lot of great ones never did.

  15. HPU doesn’t have anyone under 6′ and no centers listed . UH’s Jovonovic listed at 6′ 11″ .

  16. Wishing U of H well.

    Realistically, believe their starting five will be competitive. What that looks like in terms of wins and losses may depend on “breaks and a wee bit of luck.” If they can minimize turnovers and play smart pressure defense who knows…these were the two glaring areas that have haunted this team over recent years.

    Having consistent guard play and NWC stepping up will be imperative. Believe both Stefans, MT, AV are works “in progress” as proven BIGS.

    The positive in all this is, “ALL players need to step up” and play as a TEAM, more so than if they had proven stars to lean on. -GO BOWS

  17. Yes, looks like Jovanovic will be getting his chance as the big. He averaged 3.6 minutes in only 10 games played last year.

  18. Most Importantly fans, Chuck , tako , islandman, Pocho.. The Chemistry, the want to, the brotherhood, the getting better practice by practice and game by game. AND now….. really fortunate that UH MBB IS IN THE BWC…Why? It is not a Bigs, i.e. 6’10” or taller driven league, remember even the might 7’6″ 300 lb Mamadou, went down in BWC tourney , and Alan Williams and UCSB did not make NCAA too. So BWC , is a guard and wing driven league, You can go smaller, have to.. SA article by BM this morning mentioned, Rebound by committee, or sending 4 guys to the glass to get offensive boards and sending the PG back to protect the opponent rim.. makes sense. Win as a team

    Hey ChuckCheese, who is this bowsoverhoes? From another forum? He must remember the Seventies.. Definitely, Tom Henderson, HS NYC great, All American JC out of San Jacinto , Olympian 1972 Munich, and Sporting News First Team All American 1974.. outstanding guard, and remember , they were not called PG, SG back then? Just guards.. Tom and AC were two, that helped others do better. Tom, he did not have similar All American type talent around him, had some bigs, however just could not get to NCAA, however , NIT was almost an equal to NCAA, smaller field.. And I remember Tom was determined to get UH MBB team Back to MSG.. and he did in 1974.
    Savo, English, NCAA 2 time back to back teams. Smart teams..

    I think this group, just the way they speak, and the BBIQ, The Stick as ONE, just keep going, are going to do okay.. HPU.. Chuck, tako, clyde, etc.. islandman.. hey still waiting for Eagle’s haiku to return.. the poetic comments.. servante faithful fan, TAVS, warriorhaw, BigIsland Hank, Palolowarrior, Pocho, Pono.. I mean …. THE GOOD THING… no matter whom the coach.. WE ALL UNITED SUPPORTING THE TEAM..and ONCE again , I love Laura Beeman and her team, however the success, of MBB, and fanbase, that drives BB interest in State of Hawaii.
    Go MBB and WBB do some damage, make noise, and have championship type seasons!

  19. If we can go .500 for the year and make semis in conference tournament I will chalk it up as a successful year.

  20. making the semis in the conference tournament would be a respectable finish.

    however, when they play with their hearts and balls to walls – only success can follow…

    so stretching here… here’s hoping they make the NIT or NCAA tournament this year, ’cause they will struggle in the beginning till they’re in-sync as the season progresses.

  21. Losing Fotu is such a big blow to overcome. We are simply too small now. Sammis is crazy for leaving. He is a borderline D1 player and won’t find a place anywhere else that will give him more minutes than he would have possibly received here this year.

  22. Hey Islandman, one big thing about the Fabulous Five, I think, is that they were given the “GREEN LIGHT”. (This being green night an all.)

    Jerome Freeman was constantly putting the ball behind his back and making behind the back passes. (Similar to what Sammis did in his videos), throughout each game, every game of the season. It was a signature of the team. The GREEN LIGHT to do a lot of the Harlem Globetrotterly like stuff.. This was an integral part of what made them good. I remember a particular behind the head pass/assist by Bob Nash in an All-Star game where everyone knew there were professional scouts were in the stands. That didn’t stop him from making it into the NBA, and in fact I surmised at the time that it helped him make it to the NBA. Do you have confidence? Can you make the pass against competition?
    People might forget, but Jerome ‘Hoop’ Freeman was fun, fun, fun, every night to watch him to watch drive inside wrapping that ball around him and even under his leg a few times and then either making the pass or making the layup. We scored a lot of points.

    It is a bit worrysome to hear Benjy say that he doesn’t want the guys trying to do things they can’t do. It sounds fine, but, YOU LEARN BY DOING. I don’t know what he was talking about in the video of course. But because it is SO FUN for the fans, and this is part of my experience of being a fan, and I have seen it work to ‘National Ranking’ level, I say go for it. GO BOWS !! Behind the back passes all night long. Bring it back! GO BOWS !!

  23. akuhead:

    Been there , seen it , done the hooping up for The Bows, The Fab Five, Henderson Years, Gaines, Houston, Cross, Smalls, years, Savo to Campbell Kuebler , Sensley, AC, Alika, Lojeski, et al…. You are right, some coaches, had to tell their key guys to shoot it.. Fab Five not much depth, like the current team with only 3 legitimate post players, however, you can equalize that with smarts, good shooting, passing, rebounding and getting every loose ball, ,rebound.

    The Statement by Benjy and on record. I LIKE THIS PART… THE GUYS NOT KNOWING WHERE THEY STAND… he being Upfront and Honest with them This is my first eight, if you want more PT and minutes, have to work, grind, Part of the goal and team..
    By saying, that he wants guys to take good shots, the ones they can make, and not doing something they CANNOT do.. he wants team to have fun, and run and gun, however, do it as a team. The Fabulous Five, fun to watch, like the Globetrotters , However as Benjy Alluded to, they had great fundamentals too, Al Davis And Bob Nash, great form, jump shooters, good rebounders, excellent, and fierce defenders..Holiday, good shooter handles, etc, Jerome HOOK Freeman, great ball handler and exciting.,, and Jumping John Pennebacker, winning the tip against a 7 footer, Rocha, gave them freedom, yet is had structure, they were excellent passers, and timing, and looked for open man,, reason that they put up close to 90ppg…and won a lot.. Fun Times

    This new offense for Benjy’s guys, simpler, more freedom to go, I think it fits the guys, ,yet still have to box out, not turn ball over too much, take care of it, to win close games, Shoot well FT’s, play outstanding Fundamental, and pressure D, and rebound as a Team.. I think he still will allow team to run and shoot, however as Coach, he has to make sure, ONE or TWO guys are not jacking threes when they cannot hit for good percentage, . the behind the back pass, OKAY if the teammates are really in sync, know and as always be in position to catch a pass, at any time

    I think this run and gun , with even Mike Thomas at the 5 at 6’7″ to protect Jovanovich,,..it will be fun, 6’5″ skying Valdes, Bobbitt, Fleming, Nevels, Smith, UH has guys, including a healthy Jawato,that are going to score a lot, and , if they bond like the Fab Five, look out, who knows… good to great season.

    Go Bows!!

  24. gib_ogood; we have Jovanovic, 6′ 11″ & later Jankovic, same height, hopefully.

    akuhead2; you are right, i was the other day trying to recall Jerome’s skills.

    And remember Red’s coaching style :

    ” Davis added: “I have to give Coach Red a lot of respect because once he saw what we could do, he didn’t mess with it. We had two guards who could control the tempo of the game, and so we felt like we could score against anybody .

    We had maybe three or four plays, and the rest of the time, it was run as fast as you can.”
    Freeman was the free-wheeling point guard whose behind-the-back moves were ahead of their time, and he emerged as the team captain.

    “If somebody was hot, give him the ball,” Freeman said. “Simple.”

    Holiday was the silky-smooth shooting guard who Rocha once described as “the best athlete of the bunch.”

    Davis, at 6-foot-7, was a small forward who could do big things. He was actually the leading scorer over the course of the two seasons.

    The 6-8 Nash was the tallest player on the team and the enforcer near the basket.

    Penebacker, at 6-2, was the team’s starting center. He had a 41-inch vertical leap, and said he felt more comfortable in the post than on the perimeter.

    “We played to our strengths,” Penebacker said. “Everybody had their role.”


  25. RunBows, others;

    (from 2009 article by Dayton M ) It was the time of Hawaii Five-0 and Jack Lord, too.

    ” During the 1971-72 season, the ‘Bows went undefeated (19-0) at home, and every game was played before standing-room-only crowds.

    Dunking was not allowed then, and there was no such thing as a 3-point shot.

    Still, the 1971-72 team holds the school record for offense with 91.7 points per game. All five starters averaged double-figure points in both seasons.

    By the end of the 1971-72 regular season, the ‘Bows were 24-2 and ranked No. 12 in the nation. They also received the school’s first invitation to the NCAA Tournament (they went to the NIT the year before). “

  26. Nostalgia time:
    Remember before Dwight Holiday was a part of the Fab Five, Tom Newell the guard, and Pete Newel’s son, was the starter? Then Dwight became a starter, and boom, The Fab Five.
    Common connection Benjy’s Boys and the Five?= The lack of a Air Craft Carrier 6’11” to 7’0” center, ala the battle between Nash undersized and BYU’s Kresmir Cozic, a 6’11” center for the Cougars, great game won by UH in the December RBC 1970.

    So, once again, BWC is not a Bigs driven league, good guards and forwards, the tallest guy, not the fastest, UH play fast, yet still stuctured, simple sets, get up and go, however, the Five, and remember Mark Skillicorn 5’11” guard off the bench, or Artie Wilson as a soph, 6’1″ guard, Todd Huber 6’6″ and Jim Weinstroer 6’9″ and Charlie Williams 6’5″ off the bench,, really not much height, and this undersized great starting Fab Five had a great run
    That is why impressive what Artie Wilson , Johnny White and other UH alum, did to encourage the team.. Team they are ready.. Go Warriors

    Let’s Go Bows!!

  27. Dayton,

    What’s the status on recruiting?

    Has all recruiting efforts ceased? Does UH need to wait to see how many scholarships will be taken away by the NC2A, if any? How is one to recruit without a definite “long term” HC in place? Is there even enough staff to do it? Is the program basically in survival mode right now, that recruiting is the least of its’ concerns?

  28. JustinLurkin: You always ask Great questions? Dayton?

    Personally , I think Benjy and getting approval for two more assitant coaches, plus having the guys all on same page, most important, you are right crisis management, which is good.
    Senque was out on the road most of Sept or into Oct, doing recruiting.. and you are right? what to tell the potential targets.. ? There will be , if everything is okay, 2 scholarhsips to offer mid term, if no one signs, then, with Nevels graduation, 3 to offer, .. If Benjy blows up, who knows, think wait and see.. team wins 20,.. just does really well no matter what went down, very good,.. Hope the Best for Benjy’s Boys, They deserve our support, The recruiting thing, .. have to wait..I would think..

    Support HC Benjy and his Guys! Go Warriors Go Rainbows!

  29. Call the “Board of Regents Chair Show” upcoming. He used to be an outside observer of the basketball program but from Nov. 2013 he was appointed to the BOR, and became chairman in July of 2014.

    A question i thought someone could ask was : Were you the one that initiated or approved the release of the former coach and the suspension of the player ?

    Part of the answer was in the story by F Lewis yesterday:

    “In apparent consultation with UH President David Lassner, Portnoy and other regents, Bley-Vroman kept Arnold’s extension tabled until boldly, and correctly, announcing the termination of the coach and long-time assistant Brandyn Akana on Oct. 28.

    Except for a six-paragraph statement that concludes with the assertion Lassner and the regents “stand behind the athletics director and chancellor as they make these difficult decisions,” there has been no public announcement of the process at which they were arrived at or explanation of the reasoning that went into them.”

  30. Hey islandman, you remember back in Gib’s first year, when UH took their time in extending his contract back then? Here’s an article to remind every one:


    An attorney with the firm Cades Schutte contacted at least one player, and the players were “counseled not to speak publicly”. Jeff Portnoy is a partner in Cades Schutte.

    Ask about that.

  31. Never did understand potnoy’s connection with UH MBB ..not former UH MBB player..don’t know if he has kids going to or having graduated from UH …??
    That is weird when this all came down..chair of BOR on talk show with former terminated ex UH coach and color person secon supposedly objective voice of MBB…??
    True barrister..no comment however going to come out more and he doesn’t know what??

    Well just wish justice is served for all innocent parties. And keep politics and power movers out of UH Athlectics..maybe run by who??
    Try wait…clear air.. goes around comes…a……d?

    Support the team and Benjy fans
    guys need our support and their great families!!

    Go Bows
    and UH powers get it pono..right

  32. Just support the team !!
    Unreal…team stay positive !!
    Hope good crowd tomorrow…
    Go Rainbow Warriors !!

  33. Support the team!!!!

    U of H send a Kahu in to bless SC that is a start to make it right from within…. Kahu lead the team/coaches and staff off with a nourishing prayer🙏 cleansing them all of the negativity/heartbreak and great lost of leaders/family members beyond their control😢 lift those hardship off their shoulder☝️Strengthen their athleticism/chemistry and continue to be productive 24/7 reaching their well-rounded goals as student athletes reaching their GOALS! Lastly pray for safe travels near and far for family & friends that will be here to give these individuals the moral support not only from us fans but from their foundations their PARENTS❤️XOXO


  34. I Really , really believe, IF THE FOURTEEN STICK TOGETHER, ONE OHANA , ONE GAME AT A TIME, and Work Towards their goal, Still a BWC regular and BWC tournament title, UH has a lot to play for. Wish the guys that left, well. Well, Sammis , still interesting, he is here till mid December, maybe he will support guys at games too. Wish he would reconsider. Water under the bridge, right?

    Now, WI UH MBB fans, I find it so interesting that Leahy and Leahy AND Hoopstalk with JP and JW, are on, one live Radio, and one delayed prerecorded broadcast.
    Both hoopstalk and Leahy’s agree, the current guys on team, have to be backed up, they are not the guilty parties, or alleged or whatever. However there is a divergent point of view.
    Hoopstalk: They cannot talk, yet they talk. JP says reason for. okay , JW says.. this and that will come down hard.. BOTH say Wait for Allegation Letter. And they say support the team, they are thinking maybe last place battle with Riverside, if they do well, more power to them and feel good season. OKAY that is the Hoopstalk Talkers.

    Leahy’s: Quite upset with NCAA, and the length of investigation, .. did they have to do what they had to do, at this point with coaches , etc.. Fotu face of team, etc. is it a lost season? What if this what if that..

    For ME Too Many Whatif’s, Hallums on show, really supportive of the guy still here, and telling all fans, as does, Leahy’s and Hoopstalkers, SUPPORT THE TEAM…WI MBB fans we wholeheartedly agree. Leahy Sr. ?
    L and L: Just a lot of questions.
    JP and JW, and still how would JW know? wait for things to happen, I think personally , It will take some time, and season, definitely not lost, BWC Title,, and NIT OR NCAA still to play for, HTalkers, and BC who called in, said never should have did the self repor thing, however, he says, what if team does accept as challenge and surprises, ? BWC tournament up for grabs, ..Chance for all the guys to step up for PT and to win games, prove a point. They are here to play for UH and Hawaii,’

    Really TWO sides, the Point/Counterpoint or Pardon The Interruption espn..

    Our take, or mine, JUST SUPPORT THE TEAM… ones on this forum , and mahalo for joining us, I think that 3000 core group, live for and bleed Green and White will be there, and team plays exciting and starts to win some games, even some upsets.. This SEASON IS NOT LOST…So much to PROVE.. Stay Firm, Learn, and just do what you came to Hawaii to Do , Play Hoops!

    We got your backs UH MBB team! We support you all, Get healthy and you have talent for BWC style of play, Coach Benjy interviewed too, just like SA interviews and WI videos, staying poisitve, and team is Energized and Ready to Go.

    Heart of Champions, and things will resolve.. Have a great Season, possibly The Best and memorable in UH MBB season, 14 guys, overcame sad things, just balled, and ended up as Champs.. Winners!!

    Go Bows!!

  35. We love Isaac Fotu, wish him well,. And Sammis take care and do well in school, that affects your UH MBB brothers too.

    Well cupboard not bare:

    Garrett Nevels: He is BWC first team candidate in my mind, Great leadership
    Quincy: HIs back stays healthy, and good outside shot, good PG who knows the floor, year experienced and Captain two
    NWC: Has been out a couple of years,, however when healthy, the Official NWC, we been waiting. stay strong, love your MBB brothers, time to shoot for BWC crown.
    Valdes, AirCuba: Take your highwire act and overall game to the max
    MT: The show, show us the way. Big Man, buff now.
    Bobbitt: JC elite, good guard, defender and winner.
    Fleming: Very good guard , 1 , 2 or 3 spot,,.. very versatile and can score.
    Enos: 808 3 ball specialist, plus 3 year with UH MBB.
    Jovanovich: Very improved, and THE MR BIG..
    Jankovich: All around 3 NBA range and long .. will help BWC play time
    Niki Filipovich, The General, a winner, and defender, love his 3 point shot form..
    Brocke Stepteau, : a flash of dynamite, sneaky quick and can shoot 3 ball, great form..
    Zach Bushcer, : 808 great.. a real deal baller from Hawaii. he will get his shot too. Anyone of the fourteen, just play ball, and affect winning, keeping team together.

    I mean, as Benjy says, Fresh Start for he as acting HC and the 14 guys, maybe not the roles they thought might have, however, like in a major company, changes happened, and you were told to Step UP NOW….if you are going forward,,and prove it.. JUST MOVE FORWARD.. This Can Still Be A great season.. Galvanize the families, team, and the fans.

    Getting really excited. if the team is excited, and playing great ball, just have fun.. UH MBB WI nation, around the USA and the globe, HEY WE STAY STRONG UNITED.

    Go Bows Warriors !!
    Well, different look, still 14 great athletes, and a lot of shooters, so A new look UH MBB, will have a FRESH START.. PROVE TO ANYONE doubting, YOU GUYS ARE DEFINITE WINNERS

  36. Oh, Oh, auto program, being moderated. Just Go Bows.. Go to the SSC tomorrow, and watch team, cheer them on ., they need the FANS!!
    Go Warriors, Rainbow Warriors, IMUA !!

  37. Did anybody else see the bombshell about the NCAA and Penn St? An email that was uncovered essentially said that the NCAA knew it did not have jurisdiction to punish Penn St over the Sandusky scandal, but they “bluffed” Penn St into accepting sanctions because they knew Penn St was desperate and on its heels.

    Three things:

    1. Totally unacceptable behavior of the NCAA. They had no right to do what they did according to their own bylaws and rules.
    2. This proves that NCAA punishments are 100% negotiable.
    3. UH better be able to take advantage of this massive PR hit as leverage to lessen whatever penalty that’s proposed.

    UH and their “super attorneys”, assuming if they are actually doing anything, have been given a gift and an opportunity to hit back at the NCAA Romero them in check.

    In UH’s case, the NCAA does have jurisdiction, but this insidious headline should keep the NCAA from overstepping their bounds when dishing out sanctions down the road.

  38. I don’t know who Tom Henderson is. A Hawaii fan shame on me. earlier this year Orioles Manager Buck Showalter made a player prospect with the organization write an essay on Frank Robinson because he had never heard of him. thank you Hawaii old timers for the history lesson on Tom Henderson.

    but that’s my point about Fotu 20 years from now will anyone even remember the name? In my opinion no so much because he never brought Hawaii a championship.

  39. Bowsoverhoes: Yes agreed. Kind of what have you done recently or lately. Isaac Fotu, no question one of the most humble unselfish BB athletes for UH in memory. Great talent on FIBA stage. And true as time moves on, and people move on. …memories fade. For record books, I think Fotu had some records with his FG percentage which was unreal. So that legacy, forever stays intact. Wish him well.

    Tom was great, in fact good friend with Artie Wilson and sometimes Artie has Tom Henderson as guest to comment on what is going on with him, and his observation of today’s MBB players, and the past. Interesting, his day, work, work, work, not entitled. Today , the skillset, and athleticism, much more than his day. So some, they maybe don’t work as hard, or together. He was coaching Youth BB in Texas.. He is in the circle of honor at the SSC , if you go to Arena, you will see his name, in that ring of honor. Quite, a historic athlete, and his ability in HS, JC , Olympian and one news service mag. All America First Teamer 1974, the most accolades in UH MBB record books of any UH BB athlete. He was also member of Washington Bullets NBA world championship team, with Bobby Dandridge, Elvin Hayes and Wes Unseld.. quite a well decorated UH athlete.

    That is okay. THIS TEAM..THE FANTASTIC FOURTEEN, So Much to play for, Really can set the BWC and NCAA on it’s ears, by just blowing up and winning some, maybe a lot of games, and going POST SEASON.. still there.. A lot..

    Go Warriors!

  40. Former UH Athlete:

    Hey, FUHA , you ever listen to hoopstalk or watch Leahy and Leahy? Such opposite views of what went down. One HT says that is what it is and everything done as should. Just support the guys.

    Leahy and Leahy: A lot of questions to be answered? How come NCAA did not issue their allegation letter months ago, and if that bad, hand down sanctions get if over with? Why the delay,? Does UH KNOW already, I have suspicion, JMO , they do know.. whether that Alabama team is doing anything… Who knows.. all of the GAG order, no comment.. For the good of student athletes at UH MBB? Really, if you break up a team, with a contract No Cause, clause, it makes one wonder.
    Hallums, had good comment , since he is in law, if this happen in real world outside NCAA, without Due Process, and not knowing , the accused, exactly, even if error, What exactly and how to correct or accept. He doesn’t know and he is close to team and coaches.. IF IT WERE TRUE.act faster or Not do anything, Wait until letter, Now if UH Admin. AD or Chancellor, did do a deal, to save, let’ say Post Season ban or scholarship reduction. .. Hoopstalk say they know however they don’t know… Leahy’s, what is going on, What if? Minor, and UH has to retract?

    Don’t know.. however, the NCAA, with the 19 year bogus classes at North Carolina thing, and NCAA, and North Carolina , no firings, and suspensions, NOTHING .. yet.. how you figure?
    Now with that Penn. St. ammo, NCAA calling bluff, and Penn St went deep on accepting sanctions… NCAA, what is up? Gets average fan, or below average fan knowing about all of this NCAA protocol, totally confused… Maybe , and we hope so, UH counsel is looking really careful at NCAA landscape and what is and can be negotiated.. I mean, UH could be cleared, and not hit with bans and loss of scholarship, in season tournament ban, recruiting limitaitions.. who knows. yet, JP and JW, Hooptalk, they know.. Funny yeah?

    Well FUHA, just support the MBB team the 14 staying the course, some doubters, I still believe, though not as much depth in Bigs, they have athletes, good guards and guys that can shoot 3 ball. they can win games, for sure.. and FUHA…as far as hooptalk JW and JP, No mention of any ban on this year’s postseason. they hope UH makes BWC final 8 to play for NCAA bid, So THEY MUST KNOW SOMETHING..YET THEY DON’t know ,cannot say.. Weird, X Files, type stuff, the Truth is out there.. hope UH gets it fixed for BETTERMENT OF THIS YEAR’s team and the 14 staying strong. UH, get it right, PLEASE

    the strong Faithful MBB fans, and the guys on team and their families, WE SUPPORT all the way, UH admin, AD and UH counsel, help THESE GUYS HAVE GREAT FINISH TO RIDING OUT THE STORM AND ENTERING CALM Beautiful Waters of MBB , Warrior style.
    I don’t know anything, Just My Honest Opionion, and I support Benjy and the MBB team.

    Go Bows!

  41. I didn’t hear the hoops talk radio show.

    I think there’s enough talent remaining to make some noise. It just gets scary because there are only two active bigs. Jankovic is the third but he’s not eligible until mid-season.

    There have been plenty of teams that have had success going with a 4 guard look, which seems likely given the lack of forward/centers. Boise St comes to mind as a program with recent success without a quality big man.

    What UH does have a couple good sized guards (NWC, Valdes) that can play the 3 or even the 4 if necessary. Although they probably don’t want to get stuck defending the block.

    This group of guys really need to get after it on the rebounds just to make up for the now am lack of size. Being smaller and quicker, they should Be a little tougher to box out going after offensive rebounds. Where UH will run into rebounding issues is vs UC Irvine and their roster full of 7 footers. Other than Irvine, no Big West team has intimidating size.

  42. HORSSSSSE_Champ;

    Regarding your Nov. 5 post, 6:20 pm, i forgot about that contract in 2011. The AD at that time or someone was trying to get a new 5 year contract for Gib, after only one year on the job. He did get a new contract for 3 years in 2011, with a raise from $240,000 to $344,000. He did have the big turnaround from the previous coach’s 10-20 to 19-13. Backers were to pay part of the raise. That contract replaced the original 3 year contract.

    Getting back to current events, after listening to Portnoy, i got the impression that letting Gib go was the decision of the AD and the Chancellor. i had thought that maybe Portnoy was more involved, but doesn’t look like it.

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