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Opening night is Tattoo Night


What do several hundred tatted up students look like on the opening night of a basketball season?

We’ll find out this Friday, when the University of Hawai’i basketball team opens the 2014-15 season by hosting Arkansas-Pine Bluff at the Stan Sheriff Center. The game is the nightcap of a doubleheader in the Outrigger Hotels & Resorts Rainbow Classic. The first game between High Point and Cal State Bakersfield will start at 5 p.m., with the UH game to follow around 7:30.

The student section – also known as the Manoa Maniacs – is hyping it as “Warrior Tattoo Night.” Students, with or without real tattoos, are expected to be in force. More than 500 of them showed up for an exhibition game against Hawaii Pacific last week.

“Tattoo Night? Nice, I didn’t know about that,” sophomore forward Negus Webster-Chan said.

Webster-Chan has the most tattoos among the UH players – so many that he lost count. “You have to think of it and it has to be something special to you,” he said of the thought process behind tattoos.

Adding to the theme of the evening, paint stations will be set up outside the arena prior to the game for students who want to get temporary tattoos (such as the one on Dyrbe Enos’ face in the photo above).

The UH student with the best painted tattoos at the game will win a GoPro camera. In addition, UH students are being invited to camp out on the grassy lawn area outside of the Sheriff Center on Thursday night.

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  1. Love this group of guys..moving forward , stepping up, enjoying college life and hoops..
    Go Bows..
    great supprt and, leadersdip , one Ohana
    tattoo..put a mark on this season
    season of redemption..


  2. test. That is it. The Leave a Response Box… on main WI MBB page, and comments section at bottom.
    islandman…. you were correct…. That direct comment feature, anyone can use another name.. maybe have to have just log in feature, without the Leave Response box,that any unregistered and not correct password, can use somebody else’s username….. Just a verified, LOG IN link, that would take them to WordPress login official..

  3. Dayton: That is how they used other names, the direct Leave Response Box.. no honor…
    islandman, he had it right.. might have to change the LEAVE RESPONSE BOX.. and just link to log in.. take us straight to Word Press login, so they would not know our passwords..

  4. David Hallums was on sports animals and he thinks the defense is UH’s strength. For example, he thinks Bobbitt is a tenacious defender which he saw at practices. He thinks UH should score off of breaks before the other team has a chance to settle in its defense. He said HPU thought that’s the toughest defense the’ve gone up against or something like that.

    Hallums played in Riley’s first two years at UH, but must have been recruited by Frank Arnold because he said he thanks Arnold for his scholarship or attending UH. HIs daughter Tiyana, of Kam School,will be attending Gonzaga on a volleyball scholarship.

    ( this is not the test islandman)

  5. Time ticking down to first game! Us UH sports fans really could use something to cheer about. Everybody is so down on the football team and Coach Chow. A win by this basketball team on Friday could give the momentum for the weekend and into the rest of the season.

    Yes, the defense going to have to be key for this team. Without 4-2, theres not as much firepower on offense, so really need to get some steals from the guards and get easy layups. Even the bigs like Mike Thomas, Valdes, Negus, they are all quicker and shorter than the opponent bigs so they need to swipe some entry passes.

    I am still excited for this team to get some wins.

  6. islandman and Chuck C..
    remember always stated..team can score..however with or without guys that left
    team, help and individual defense..wins ball games
    plus..end of game and take care of ball management

    Chuck C..
    long season
    16 pre BWC
    16 BWC
    3 possible BWC games

    I believe team healthy and get better during season
    without questio can win games
    18..19..20. Sure..

    Go Bows
    and Chuck. The team wins and our support will lift a whole state of Hawaii, one game at a time..

    We Backing the Bows!!
    Go Bows !

  7. islandman,
    I agree about Bobbitt. I’ve said for a while I think he is the key for us. If he can somehow average 10 points a game at the same time he hounds the opposing guards…..just not sure who will get the rebounds……all 5 must box out every shot….

  8. Rumor on the internet says Isaac Fotu has agreed to a three-year contract with a team (CAI Zaragoza) in Spain. Wish him well, if true.

  9. I hope BT goes with a deeper rotation. With the soft non conference schedule it’s all about conference play. Id rather see is struggle while getting a lot of guys involved to develop a deeper rotation so we aren’t fatigued at the end like last year.

  10. gibmogood, you did point that out about Bobbitt before.

    NCAA letter of allegations coming, but at least a week out, per McInnis .

  11. Several unnamed CSUN basketball players have been suspended on Nov 5, if you didn’t hear yet.


  12. It’s everywhere. IU suspended four players. Two for a THIRD failed drug test and two freshman for a drinking incident where one player drove into the other player. Put him in the hospital. Character issues all over but nice to see the bb players at UH keeping out of any trouble and just working hard. Makes a parent proud. Go Bows!!

  13. Wonder if UH not get into trouble, CSUN not suspend players.

  14. The CSUN thing must be pretty serious to suspend that many players. Also note that they are planning to handle in house and it’s likely they will squash the story once they conclude their investigation.

    Notice that there’s no mention of getting the NCAA involved.

    Typical university procedure on handling problems:
    1. Investigate and gather facts
    2. Analyze findings and:
    a. Determine if self punishment is necessary
    b. Determine if problem can be resolved in-house
    3. If compliance officers deems problem is too big to handle in-house, then notify NCAA and university leaders.

    UH procedure for handling of problems:
    1. Sound the alarm
    2. Call the authorities
    3. Jump to conclusion and self punish
    4. Investigate and gather facts later

    Judging by the way UH handles their issues, it does not appear that UH has a standard operating procedure (SOP) for when problems arise. Everything is abrupt and hastily done.

  15. FUHA, i think the story was that the AD was told that if he didn’t report it to the NCAA, the compliance officer would. So i assume there was no time to do a good internal investigation. Poster Manoa on the other forum also thinks UH should have done it similar to what you say above.

  16. Former UH Athlete:

    true, you have any though, how to fix things in Hawaii? And at UH from top on down? BOR.. knowing not knowing etc. Leaks to public, guilty until proven innocent? Both sides saying wait until letter of Allegation/s come out, and Then We Know the Real Story. It just baffles the mind.

    HOWEVER.. The key, and FUHA, servante..TAVS, clyde, Pono, warriorharw.. Eagle, ChuckCheese, Baller 4 life, Palolo Warriors, Josh, cmo, 808,.. I know ALL OF THE UH MBB FAN FAITHFUL.. we just wanting team to get started, and start winning some games, make them feel better as Chuck C. says, and many others.

    Go Bows. And I hope UH gets things straight..
    MBB soon to start this Friday.. Hoosier your are right, despite all of the happenings the past few weeks.. credit to the guys, Benjy and their families and The Fans, for Focusing on Basketball

    Let’s Go Bows.. It all starts This Friday.. !!

  17. Sad for the 14 guys still here, hope this thing is appealed and whatever to protect this team and current coach, to let them play as many games this season, without any kind of penalties this year. Would still think if AD/BOR/Pres/ politicians, /Powers behind the scenes, really have the MBB team current and future best interests at hear, they do everything to make sure UH MBB is going full bore with championships to play for.. I have a feeling that is the thought.. They might have blown it, there is A HUGE public outcry, just for justice, and doing things right.. If Legislature, and Kim, Tokuda, and wish had Takai take UH / AD /Chancellor to task, held accountable for all this mess, coaches and players not punished or gone.. The Upper, and BOR< and true Powers behind the scene, are terminated.. that would be TRUE JUSTICE IN PERFECT World..

    FUHA and islandman and Manoa(yes islandman, his post comments are very well thought out, not short blurbs and bytes, really well wittten and bottom line makes too much sense, he really has good points, just like FUHA)

    Will be interesting that ncaa thing the letter, and HOW AD/Chancellor, and yes it IS the BOR.. .. doing the pulling of strings.. what goes around comes around.. and booooom.. things get settled.

    islandman and FUHA and Manoa on other Forum Great work, and Admr.. etc.. really how will the Powers that be answer, for Funny Kine, lack of Protocol, or SOP..

    Go Bows, just concentrate on Basketball.. We will get this thing fixed for you, the Citizens and fans, faculty, students of Hawaii MBB..

  18. FUHA… if not mistaken. when letter received.. UH has 90 days to address, and see how to respond, to Take the Lesser of any hits.. They submit back to Ncaa, they respond.. and finally if need be, they go to Infractions Committee in Kansas City.. Looks like the MBB season will be over, this year by the time. the final decision/s are made..

  19. Runbows, Clyde. Good to see the boys working hard getting ready for the season. I will be following the team all season, and I am sure Isaac 42 will be as well. He is off back to Spain.



  20. Tonganator, my good friend…. we miss Isaac, and I am sure Isaac misses the brothers and the Poke Bowls.. things will work out, and Isaac will have great and long career.. one day you have to come back and visit the boys, and friends you have met.. still great people..

    You letter and Mama Valdes’ , were so touching, and filled with emotion , hope and love for your sons, and The WARRIOR UH MBB to keep on moving ahead.. I know that Isaac posts his love for the team too. They are proud of him, going pro, and , You know what, He throughout his whole pro career will be referred to as having played 2 years at the University of Hawaii !!

    Go The Mighty Warrior.. and This Year’s team on a mission.,,, any doubters, they will work 3 times as hard to make it to the NCAA tournament.. I know they will.

    Send our love to the Fotu family, and tell Isaac we have a lot of aloha for him!!

  21. FUHA

    You hit it on the nail. UH does not have standard operating procedures for anything. I work there hahaha. If you ask management about it they going say what that?

  22. Tonganator, it goes without saying that you’re always welcomed on this board. Please keep us updated on Isaac’s career. It’s hard to quantify how much UH will miss Isaac this season for he was to have been the face of the program. That being said, the team, like Isaac, has to move on … starting Friday night.

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