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Meet Brandon Loyd

For those remaining with the University of Hawai’i basketball program, it is all about making the most of an opportunity right now. This includes Brandon Loyd, who suddenly finds himself in a prominent coaching role with the Warriors.

Loyd was brought to Hawai’i to fill an administrative assistant position under previous head coach Gib Arnold. The administrative role includes more office duties than basketball coaching. But after the abrupt dismissals of Arnold and assistant coach Brandyn Akana three weeks ago, Loyd was bumped up to an acting assistant coach under acting head coach Benjy Taylor.

Screen shot 2014-11-11 at 10.46.26 PM

“I’m excited for the opportunity,” Loyd said. “Obviously when I came out here in July, I had no idea I could be on the floor helping guys work on their games and get better. I look at it as an opportunity that came out of an unfortunate circumstance.”

Now, as one of just two assistants under Taylor (Senque Carey is the other), Loyd finds himself preparing scouting reports, working with the team’s guards, and helping all the players with shooting drills.

“My responsibilities are really to help Coach Taylor and Coach Carey in anything I can do administratively – getting ready for scouts, helping the team out with travel and logistics,” Loyd said. “As far as the players, I’m here for the players. I help them with academics, I help them get shots up when ever then can, just what ever they need, I ‘m here to serve them.”

Loyd is originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and was a high school All-American player. He signed with UCLA and was a member of four NCAA Tournament teams with the Bruins.

He was most recently a high school coach in Tulsa, but also had previous stints as an assistant at Cal State Los Angeles, and a graduate assistant at UCLA.

— — — — — — —

Sophomore forward Mike Thomas practiced on Wednesday with both hands taped up after getting sraped up in a moped accident.

“We haven’t had good luck with mopeds,” head coach Benjy Taylor said. “But he’ll be alright. We need him in there.”

Thomas led the team with 15 points on 7-of-10 shooting in an exhibition win over Hawaii Pacific last week. He is still expected to start in Friday’s season opener against Arkansas-Pine Bluff.


  1. Aloha and welcome UCLA grad and Oklahoma great prep player, and 3 ball specialist.. Thankyou, Mahalo for sticking with these focused and hard working 14 MBB team members. I have feeling you and Que, Benjy and another assistant, the mangaers, the administrative assistants will help team to have challenging but in the end A REAL Special Year.. Rock the Rock and win at the SSC and claim the BWC !!

    Go Warriors. Go Bows!!!

  2. yes.. auto moderating.. that is okay.. Once again welcome coach loyd, mahalo for helping this special 14 guys, have a good season through challenging circumstances.. I am sure, that some may doubt, however you, Benjy , Ques and another very special assistant, cannot wait for he AND Jamie Smith to be here.. will help MBB team go great season!!

    Go Warriors Go Bows!!


  3. Good to have Brandon as a coach. Whoa, that’s good all net shooting by Negus.

  4. What potential lineups Fans for opener against Ark. Pine-Bluff?

    Maybe: PG: Bobbitt
    SG: Nevels
    SF: Valdes
    PF: NWC
    C: Jovanovich.

    First off the bench: Mike Thomas, Quincy Smith, Isaac Fleming, Niko and Dyrbe.

    Bobbitt, Nevels, Valdes, NWC, Thomas.. … either way, I believe Benjy will play 9 guys at most, because, and all of us want the same.. to get the win,.. have the top 10 guys rotating.. Could be special in regards to coaching for Benjy and staff. a little different look and style

    Wish he and the team a great Season.

    less than 2 days and counting!!
    Go Bows!!

  5. WELCOME Coach Loyd. Another great choice by Gib.
    Good experience with Tulsa and UCLA. Most of our players are already doing pretty well with their grades, so UH should be a good experience for Coach Loyd in that actually very important area. Mahalo for coming over to the islands to coach the team.

  6. Looks like Bobbitt, Nevels, Valdes or Negus, Thomas & Jovanovic from reading the newspaper .

  7. It’s looking like an 8 man rotation at best. With BT I don’t believe Dyrbe or any of the other walk ons will receive meaningful minutes. When Jawato returns maybe we’ll see the rotation expand to 9.

  8. Benji said he’ll play five guards sometimes. Does he mean guards and wings to equal five ?

  9. islandman: Maybe. Aaron Valdes, Fleming, Nevels, Smith, Bobbitt?

    Remember Benjy was at Chicago St. , they played here at SSC and almost beat Hawaii, with those smaller quick teams.
    One thing, islandman, THE SEASON START TOMORROW… Hope The Best, and for those, 4000+ or hopefully 5000+ and MORE will support they guys throughout the season
    UH might lack a lot of Bigs, however the guards and wings, and “PF” AV they have athleticism, can D up and score.. Guards help take care of ball, and FT shooting close out games.. very good.!!

    Go Warriors Go Rainbow WARRIORS !!

  10. This Brandon Loyd sounds like a good move under the circumstances. Had to watch the video again after islandman commented about Negus shooting and I agree that he has a nice form and touch. Looks like Coach Loyd was a sharpshooter specialist during his playing days so I hope the players go to him for shooting help.

  11. I like the 8 man rotation with the eight sharing the minutes. Bobbitt and Quincy at point, Nevels and Fleming at 2, Negus and Valdes at 3, Mike Thomas at 4 and Jovanovic at 5. Benjy would have to mix and match based on the other team and foul troubles so Aaron V and Negus have to be ready to play at the 4 or 5 if they have to go small.

    Dyrbe and Niko can be the specialists. Dyrbe if we need a 3 and Niko if need to lock down one of the opponent guards.

    I said it before in other posts that I think going with five smalls could actually be really exciting for the fans. Bobbitt, Quincy, Nevels, Negus and Valdes together at one time could use full-court press and run and gun. I wouldnt want to use that the whole game because you lose too much rebounds but in short stretches of games when Mike T and Big Stefan in foul trouble this lineup can bring energy.

  12. Did anybody catch Benjy Taylor on the radio this morning? I heard Ronald McDonald come on so I flipped the station and then I went back and Benjy was already talking so I missed some of his talk. Frikin Ronald!

    Anyways I heard Benjy talking about adding another assistant coach but theres more hold ups with UH in the paper pushing process. This kind of stuff is really no surprise to anybody anymore and thats the sad part. Everybody just accepts the UH bumbling and fumbling. Gib and Akana was fired almost three weeks and still with no explanation but now UH can not even put a rush on hiring a new assistant to help out!

    The season starts tomorrow UH! The team and Benjy already in a rough spot but for UH athletic workers to make it even more rough with all this delays and bumbling and fumbling it sends the message that they dont care this season already.

    Dont let this get you down Warriors! Be Warriors and throw the poop back in their faces by winning games.

  13. ChuckCheese you are so correct. The people who orchestrated this change of the basketball program has no foresight. When you are blinded by certain vengeance things will work in a negative way. Hope there are greater minds and more compassionate people in line for the next hiring of the President and Chancellor.

  14. I’m Supportive of a Legislature Review And RE-Boot of “President’ and Chancellor
    THIS “President” WAS NOT Even a Qualified Finalist
    I SEE THAT Violation As WAY Bigger than ANY (Stupid) iPad or NCAA Made Up “Rules” or Distinction (from “What is Available to ‘The Other Students’)
    It IS A Violation of The People’s and Students’ Trust
    AND HIS Lack of Integrity, Decorum and Respect for Protocol and Professionalism DISCLOSE Their TRUE Nature
    Donna? Mark? Last Great Gubernator ACT?

    Welcome Aboard, Brandon

    OUR Two Newest Coaches…Turning Out to be Replacements:
    SenQue a Great Recruiter Much Like Gib…
    Brandon For Brandyn…



    So Sorry that So Much of that Smoke is Gonna Stay Mostly Smoke….

    While They Still HAVE MORE Talent than Most (UH) Teams, Historically,
    They ARE Mostly Young (Sophomores & Freshmen,
    Fab Fives are as Rare as Bottled Lightning);

    AND Even a Football Team Suffers when Losing a Prospective Player-of-the-Year…

    Tomorrow Night we start seeing a Concrete Glimpse of This Team’s Future ….
    AND Next Month, we Learn IF Jankovic-Negus ARE An IMPACT-DUO…

    THANK YOU ALL In Advance for Your Support of This Young Team…

    Start Strong!
    Finish Stronger!

    (SURE Would Be Nice IF SenQue Could Find A Graduate BIG
    or Five More Quality Fouls, Rebounds, Interior Scoring In Time For “Christmas”…)

  15. I know we all UH fans and stuff but can you blame the university of taking long? I’m not thrilled with UH only having two coaches but UH is already in hot water with the NCAA now and the last thing we need is to hire a coach without doing a thorough background check.

    BJ is now all freaked out with all the stuff going on and he is going not double check everything.

  16. If we go “5 guards” it has to be a mix where NWC and Valdes is on the floor with three pure guards. We would get murdered on the defensive end of NWC or Valdes is not on the court in the 5 guard lineup. We truly would live or die by the 3 in that setup. It could be exciting and it could also be demoralizing not being able to get a rebound and seeing teams but up 4 or 5 shots in a possession.

  17. The above posts agree.. NOW it is about the 14 guys, and the staff NOW trying to have a good seaso, Hey Eagle, think Cal Poly.. who would have thunk it? That they would be the BWC representative in the Big Dance NCAA 2014 ? Who knows, there are 32 regular season and potentially 3 in BWC tounament.. can UH win 19 , or 20 and make it to NCAA or win the BWC title regular championship and have auto spot in NIT.. I am staying Positive,.. and we ALL ARE.. I feel for the guys and their families.. Going be Exciting, We all Been Waiting About a little over 7 months for tomorrow.. Rock the Rock Bows.. and at the SSC win the BWC..! Man I am so excited.. yeah, if they win go 19-13( which I think with their schedule is doable) We would have to vote for Benjy as Mid Pacific NCAA coach of the year.. and recognition nationwide.. He and his tiny staff, now, They are the unsung heroes, and the MBB team, staff, and The Great Ohana they come from..

    As for Hawaii Politics and the mess that has become UH athletics downgraded by politicians, BOR members and perhaps the Academic Advars? What can you say.. ? Business as usual.. I think people and the student/ athletes and future coaches will tire of it.. UH.. and I agree .. Ben Jay has some tough, tough calls to make. whether he will be here after his contract expires, or before.. I don’t know.. he took a job with tremendous challenges.. Ben speed up the process to hire a coach for Benjy , and give full Support to any challenges to This Team, and their seeking success in class and on the court..

    Two ways to go this season.. if they finish in that upper, with 19+.. I would be blown away..
    Imua Bows.. EAGLE. and Tonganator.. Get Ready to Rumble.. Here come The Real deal Rainbow Warriors.

    Pau, nuff. you folks take over.. I am shaking.. so excited for some UH MBB hoops!!

  18. Sammis may be back, per McInnis

  19. OK…Breaking NEWS!

    NO! WAIT! This ONE Could Be Gooid…

    ´Rumours Only… NO Announcements YET…


    So Sorry to Lose Him… BUT Happy that Isaac Fotu has a Good PRO Contract

    #2 KEEP Your Talent!

    Rumour? SAMMIS May RE-Join The TEAM…,

  20. Not sure we should let Sammis come back. Need to hear why he quit on team when tough time hit…..maybe just bad decision by an immature young person and should be forgiven…. tough call IMO. Be interested to hear his explanation

  21. The Agony, The Reasons Will Be Interesting…

    BUT Easily Understandable…

    The Coaches And The Teammates ARE The KEY Voters…

    SAMMIS IS The Best Type of “Recruit”


    LET’S GET A Good Run of Good News….

    Today… Sammis…

    Tomorrow …First WIN!?


  22. Hey, RunBows…
    How’s Dat for Takin’ Over?
    Take a (Short) Break

    With Sammis (Eventually) Rebounding And Runnin’
    Maybe They Will Be Run’Bows again, “Soon”…

  23. A moped accident. Geez. So many UH athletes have had those over the years.

    Take care of those hands Mike. Keep the scrapes clean and disinfected until they heal. For sure you don’t want an infection that causes you to miss multiple games.

  24. Oh, and welcome back to the team Sammis. Work hard and make a difference!

  25. Need to hear the explanation……not necessarily good news him coming back. That’s just straight talk that I’m sure runbows, islandman and others can’t understand. Once you run off when adversity hits it very soon becomes a habit….Socrates….

  26. Maybe he got bad advise. Maybe he had change of heart. They all thought about it (leaving). I am sure he approached the team. Could be they helped his decision. As long as the team is cool with it, so am I. All this happened in such a short period of time, may have been overwhelming to him. He is still a young kid far away from home. No explanation needed for me.

    Welcome back Sammis.

    Now catch up with your teammates.

    Go Bows.

  27. From McInnis story:

    “I think the coaching staff really helped me a lot (to) make this decision,” Reyes said after practice. “Coach Q (assistant coach Senque Carey) and Coach Taylor helped me, showing me what they were planning on doing, and all the good stuff that’s going on. So I decided to stay.”

  28. he realized he isn’t good enough to play for another school in so little time

  29. HawaiiMongoose

    How come its never a golfer or anybody on the sailing team?


    But garans it happens every year.

  30. FANS got back from appointment. medical.. I AM SAYING, excuse Da language SHOOOOOOOTs

    Wow, lau, lau. I thought so, If Sammis could reconsider, maybe saw team and KNEW he would play right away..

    Man, Sammis I kniow still starting from the bottom to the top rotaion.. Smartest move he made, just finish out the season OR HE AND TEAM knows whatever comes down, they are playing for BWC title and Post Season this Year..

    FANTASTIC.. Welcome Back Sammis.. NOW FANS.. this is the team that will have more bigs depth.. Really , HUGE COMEBACK\

    Sammis , Muy Bueno, Muy Bien.. VERY VERY GOOD !!

    Holy shee……….tssss!!


    Holy Sheeee…….tss !!

    Go Warriors and Rainbow Warriors..!!

    Welcome Back Sammis Reyes, bro.. we need you bruddah!!


  31. Whhhooooooo Hhhoooooo !!!

    I am all for the ‘Reverse” !
    … and it can happen again … can’t it …

  32. That Benjy and Que , the TWO coaches, I knew had a shot to talk over with Sammis, good thing he did not go South American or in china pro ball, he wanted to finish out fall semester. Maybe wondered what would be his role , Benjy and Que, say, We still would like you to be part of Still a good run..

    Hey akuhead2 ,Pocho, warriowhaw, and Eagle. no rumor.. SAMMIS IS BACK..
    WORK HARD SAMMIS.. he still recovering from fractured toe, so actually helped his injury to heal too!!

    Wow totally wow.. Now, Jovanovich, Reyes , Thomas, Valdes.. Negus at times, helping that front court.. huge..

    EAGLE: and akuhead2, reversal, what if.. .? could it happen, you never KNOW !!
    warriorhaw, great Warrior and Bow fan of MBB, bruddah, enjoy the game.. Arkansas Pine Bluff, lot of good athletes form south.. should be good game

    GO BOWS.. shooooooootss Wow!!

  33. Sammis staying is huge, I think it’s he players here and the aloha atmosphere has really helped his decision. Thanks for giving us another chance. Gib no good stop your negative attitude toward our players or leave!

  34. Rob T. Tell me in a month that it is great he stayed and I will apologize. Warriors don’t quit no matter what….bunch of hypocrites if u now say otherwise

  35. LOSE Your Best…
    OR At Least Best Proven Player…
    ‘Could” Happen to ANY Team…
    [Over An Old iPad… “Only UH”?]
    BUT Still GOT 15 of 16 Players…

    SO… Just a Perspective, But
    I Say, “NO Excuses”

    Almost a Full Deck…
    Still Got THREE Coaches, Maybe Four Soon
    ALL (Ideally, IF They Be Good Coaches,
    With BIG Aspirations…Among The Best Kinds…)
    ALL Eventually Aiming to be Head Coaches (OR Head Recruiters, etc.)
    ALL (Thru UN-Fortunate Circumstances …
    Even i Had to “Take Promotions” when things went Bad)
    Had to Take Step(s) UP…

    Time To Step Up…
    Coaches, Players One Thru Fifteen…

    Start STRONG (Like With a WIN!)
    See YOU ALL Tomorrow Night…

    GO ‘BOWS!
    GO The Mighty Warriors!

    SUGGESTION: Irrespective of Right and Wrong
    DEDICATE The Season To The Fallen Warriors…
    Because Family, ‘Ohana, Don’t Condemn
    They Forgive and Move Forward, Stronger
    Seek To DO What’s Right! KULI’A PONO!
    E PAU HANA IKAIKA! AND Finish Strong!

    WHAT A Shot in The Arm!

  36. ??. Eagles. Haha. What language do u speak? I admit I love it even though I don’t quite understand it. Just has a nice rhythm to it….

  37. Good school spirit by the players encouraging students to come to the camp out, per Mike Thomas, Negus and Sammis. Free food, dj music and space jam .

  38. Normall DO NOT Addrtess The Negs More Than Once or Twice
    (IF They Don’t Get It, That’s Alright…)

    BUT To Be Fair …
    IT IS O.K. To ASK The Tough Questions
    (I Consider Myself Responsible to Do That where i work…
    IF I Let My Bosses Make a Mistake Because I Didn’t Point Out An Error in Logic or Approach,
    i also Hold Myself responsible…)

    So Fair to Ask…
    BUT You Don’t Get to Call Others with a Different Viewpoint, ‘Names”
    (According to the Site Owner)

    AND You Definitely DON’T Get to Decide FOR The Team…
    As Wise One Once Said:
    “Fool Me Once, Shame On YOU
    Fool Me Twice, Shame On ME”
    SO I Hold The Coaches and Teammates Responsible
    To Hold Bruddah Sammis to The Right Team and ‘Ohana Behaviour
    To Call Him On It AND Hold Him To It…

    I Initially (Personally, But So What?) Disagreed with
    Coach Benjy’s “Commit to the Team” or Stay Out Policy
    But it Sure Looks Like IT WAS A CLEAR Message
    IF You’re Here, Be HERE 100%

    GO ‘BOWS!

  39. gibnogood, your negative attitude really irritates me. I thought you were banished from this site? Having Sammis back will be huge for the team. I am really happy to have him back on the team. Go Bows!!!

  40. Glad to have Sammis back. He is a freshman and the hope is he will grow into a very good player, if not, a great player, over four years. He comes with a reputation as a baller. The verdict on his growth should be looked at, at the end of his tenure. Does it make sense to judge a new player after a month, including Bobbit, Flemming, NWC and Janks?

    Don’t recall any discussion of players leaving because of this situation as not being a “warrior.” If so, is anyone saying Fotu is not a WARRIOR?

    Recommend focusing on the positive, Sammis return is a positive. How BIG of a positive, not sure, but his decision and return is in the right” direction.


    -GO BOWS

  41. I hope that Sammis came back for the right reasons and the coaches didn’t promise him anything to lure him back. Hope he earns his playing time through hard work and dedication. Hopefully the coaches vetted the decision to let him back with the whole team. You have to be able to trust everyone in the program.

  42. He’s a young immature kid, who is going to make sometimes irrational mistakes, I believe in second chances , he has a whole semester to play ,learn, get a good education ,use it to the max and after the end of May when the school year ends , he can then re evaluate . Welcome back Sammis , play your heart out and give the team 110% all the time.

  43. Hey MBB FANS. it is running..about 36 comments to 4 (i still do not get the negative?)objective and most if not majority fully support and happy sammis back

    Hey Coaches Taylor and Senque what a tremendous job talking things over with Sammis..grat job
    and you know who else coaches probably talked to? The Team..and that is key..they welcome back a brother!!

    We stay pretty positive yet..are objective
    UH Admin. Powers that be get it together for the student athletes and their ohana
    and maybe 700+ all time students at tomorrow’s game!!

    Another good news? Jamie Smith back by DHC. !!
    GO BOWS!!
    warriorhaw and Eagle and the faithful every home game SCC
    I wll be listening for your cheers!!

    Some still don’ t get the point of Mamma Valdes’ loving..pleading for support of team..and now reunited brother Sammis !!

    Keep Backing the Bows !!

  44. You know UH MBB going to have tough 8 games in 13 days..Sammis addition..great ..plus Floida Gulf Coast showcase..in Florida. Sunshine state..where Sammis balled..imagine lot of friends their too, east..bigdaddy, negus etc..band of brothers
    now work it Bows..still have to gel..however great to have 15 guys and that big body to battle..well when Jawato and Jovanovich back..the whole greater than the one !!
    GO BOWS !!

  45. Correction when JANKOVICH and Jawato back..Eagle the calvary help suoort the fort !!
    Go Bows
    welcome back Sammis and power game..rebound..defend and throw down..

  46. Count Me In obviously,

    AS Glad Sammis (and The Team) Chose Him Back In…
    I Thought The Eight Game in 13 Days WAS Wasteful
    Especially Five-Six Time Zones –
    Where Losses ARE More Likely,
    AND the Florida Trip was At Least Partly Set Up for Sammis and The Eastern Coasters
    I.Fleming & The Toronto-Duo

    Better NOW
    A Wide-Body Athlete And At Least Five Fouls Better…

    GAME ON!

    ONE MORE Day
    ALL That Waiting
    NOW Less Than 24 Hours…

  47. Dang..Eagle..warriorhaw..jjay..tavs…chuck..808..josh…palolo warrior everybody
    game on..been waiting thru trials..now hope..
    hoops time less than 23 hours away

    Eagle give em!!

    Go Bows !!


  49. GNG – The English Translation IS RIGHT NEXT To The Hawai’ian “Version”
    Since YOU Asked…
    FTR: I Studied with the Author & FAMILY of The Hawai’ian Dictionary
    With Any Due Respect… That IS NOT The Haole-Hawai’ian Version
    (Coincidentally, “Taught” @ UH)
    But The Hawai’ian-Hawai’ian Version
    I Don’t Claim to be “All-That” Good
    BUT I KNOW That “PONO” Does NOT Usually Mean “Strong” [More Usually, Ikaika]

    [Isn’t That, Correct, Pono?]

    AND I DO Respect that The Punahou-Hawai’ian Version IS At Least Making The Effort….

  50. Now that Sammis is back, is Jackson W going to make his sarcastic laugh ?

  51. islandman. ..what is the deal with jeff and jackson?
    Either support team..current coaches and sammis return or throw them under bus..maybe because R….not..
    well not going there.

    Just Back the Bows
    Way to go Warriors !!

  52. Forgive and forget. Welcome back Sammis. We’re still looking at 20 wins this year. We got a young team and they will make mistakes early on. Just like the HPU game. It wasn’t pretty but UH’s athleticism prevailed in the end. And as the season progress they will start to gel. I think every player from last year has improved their game. As far as Isaac Fotu is concerned his departure might be a blessing in disguise. We have talent from top to bottom. Had Fotu stayed someone (or two) would have been unhappy with his playing time and their development would be slower. Because we got the depth to step right in and fill the gap. Unfortunately that’s what the football team don’t have.

  53. Goodnight. I goin’ bed.

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