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Introducing The GQ Show & Prestige Worldwide

The tradition of the WarriorInsider road camera continues with the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

Davis Rozitis was the lead camera operator for the past three seasons, but he is now playing professional basketball in Europe.

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This season, it will be a group effort. On the team’s first trip to Maui and Florida, four players agreed to capture behind-the-scenes video moments. Garrett Nevels and Quincy Smith formed one video tandem – called The GQ Show; Aaron Valdes and Niko Filipovich formed another video tandem – called Prestige Worldwide.

Other players could be involved on future trips.

The footage in the above videos were taken before and after the upset of Pittsburgh on Maui. Apparently they used up all the camera batteries on Maui, as there was no video from Florida.

Meanwhile, the Warriors are continuing to prepare for two games this week – Delaware State at the Stan Sheriff Center on Tuesday night, then Brigham Young at Salt Lake City on Saturday. More information on the games will be posted soon.


  1. Mahalo Dayton, for going on 5 years now, letting the guys have some fun, and they winning some ball games too.. college guys, enjoying college hoops… and High Character types all !!

    Go Bows !
    Funny stuff, they are young and excited !!

  2. RunBows

    Interesting to hear the confidence that they had going into the Pitt game. Given the slow start and disruption at the beginning of the season this team will grow with each game. They have become that pillar of rock that you need to weather the coming storms in their lives. And when you buy in to the coaches and team you got solidarity which is critical to the success of a team. Lets hope that as the season winds down we can see that rainbow high up in the Manoa mountains, and along with it, that Big West trophy.

  3. Bobby C and McInnis said today that Janks has the skill set of a guard in that he can handle the ball and he can shoot from inside or outside .

    They said at the latest, he should be playing in the DHC .

  4. servante: huge credit, and noted nationally by espn andy katz, now Pitt’s Jamie Smith will certainly mention to other coaches challenge and UH MBB team. Incredible group..and with a really good home test against a sky high , coming off huge road win against Wake Forrest, Delaware St. And BYU in Salt Lake city, UH more challengs, however this team has the “it”factor..some say going overboard singing praise for team 6-2 despite crud went down..same ones said UH would not even win 9 games this year..uh mbb will win more..
    I think when Janks and Jawato eligible and ready..UH MBBwil be ready for battle for BWC crown

    key, canUH win 19 games overall before BWC tourney? Unless 12 guys leave team or injurd..they have great shot.
    why is that19 winmark early march so important? Assures this special grouo and coaching staff winnig record against very difficult circumstances! !

    servante..that is proper mindset by coaches and team..want to win every game..
    the storyof the fantastic 15 continues. ..chapter two..

    Go Bows!!

  5. Hey, 15Champs:

    Congrats for the eye-opening 6-2 overall, 3-1 0n-the-road; Made believers out of many boo-birds.

    You had had set the standard for the 1st quarter as a minimum!?

    Well, as coach Benj said “… we are 0-0 now” (starting here).

    Kept-on getting better… who knows how proudly fans going to be (at the end of 2Q)?

  6. islandman, servante, fanof15C….

    team did very well, beyond a lot of expectations despite all of the turmoil. Andy Katz, ESPN recognize, the BWC coaches and AD’s noticing, and Pitt’s Jamie Smith will tell his other ACC coaches, as UH , hopefully just has continued success winning( I believe they will)…A Story, Chapter one pau.. great.. Now Chapter two, the Next 8 games.. pre BWC season..Guys work hard, and Now, with coming 2 1/2 week period, make sure finish your classes strong and do well in finals.. this group.. good students, so finish well academically.

    same for Sammis though on the injured reserve.. Sammis so important, for continued NCAA MBB eligibility Keep your grades and finish Semester strong.. GPA good and APR good. That is Mantra of UH MBB for past couple of years.. Then Basketball will take care of itself.

    Best wishes and condolences on loss of Dear Loved One to Fleming Ohana-Family once again.. We are with you all, supporting Isaac, and thoughts with you all.

  7. Yes, I really like the confidence these boys displayed even before the game against Pitt. Its all starting to make sense now that these guys are playing with a chip on their shoulder after everything that happened to them just before the season. Keep proving the doubters wrong!

  8. RunBows, i know you referring to Pitt’s Jaime Dixon, but we want Jaime Smith in Hawaii . How come the legal persons have such a hard time to stay in the U.S. , but others seem to get a break ?

  9. Chuck C. : Agreed 100%, even if only had 10 guys available to play including all the walkons, This group, it is incredible, No NCAA MBB team in the nation, after having gone through the trials and uncertainty before even the first Exhibition game, has had to go through what these True Warriors have been through. Still think for we fans, and the coach , the staff AND especially the team and family, Mamma Valdes, and I would bet ALL the 15 parents/guardians, friends and FANS that called coach Taylor and Ben Jay to let be known, they wanted current coach on board for this year., plus to assure team the University and AD would back them up.. These 15 special young men.. I don’t even see that in Government or Private sector employ, backs up against the wall, as Benjy said post game WI interview, People(!), doubted the Team, doubted University of Hawaii, had doubts About Benjy as coach, and they go out and beat an NCAA bound team in Jamie Dixon’s Pitt Panthers.. We all been following UH sports and UH MBB in particular.. just do not recall a team, SO FAR first quarter.. that is a good way that Dayton put it..Quarter by Quarter of season.. UH plays total of 32 games pre BWC tournament, just like in HS BB and NBA BB, play game or season in quarters.. First..UH- 6-2.. Second… we shall see.. 5-3?… Third… so on and so forth.

    Doubters, This team, just do well in class, listen to coach, Have fun, flying around, and being faster, more athletic, albeit smaller, can win a lot of games.. Wait until the Calvary or J and J are on board, Janks eligible and Jawato back to form 3 ball streaker..

    Go Bows..!!
    Coach Taylor , Que, Brandon Loyd and Coach Autry.. Great Job !!
    Looking forward to Very competitive game UH vs Delaware State, UH has to be firing on all cylinders…. NO let down.. Del. State can beat UH, if UH not up to speed… I think UH will.. they have to.. Just Win Guys.. You all Are winners already.

    Doubt, team, doubt UH Rainbow Warriors, doubt coach Benjy.. and Boooom.. well you know what the deal is.. play for championships, not just chase, capture some !!
    We all Backing the Bows.. Waaay to Go Warriors !!

  10. islandman: Weird, Jamie thought they had it all figured out, so he could and HE WANTS to be part of UH MBB staff for as long as possible. The guy’s resume so huge, I mean British MBB national team, several colleges around country assistant and development, AND World Champion Boston Celtics film and development assistant.. World class, the pedigree.. I have to go back, some don’t want to touch it,.. however have to.. This One Ohana, The Hawaii give back, and getting UH students involved to create a REAL NCAA MBB college environment at SSC? That Was Gib that started that, and he gave Jamie the backing to get the students out..
    For that we can thank Gib for starting this. MBB resurgence interest by fans and UH students, and Jamie Smith for carrying the torch.

    Typical.. the whatever it is.. don’t even want to comment on.. However, latest, Jamie wants to be back by DHC, if not for BWC season start, he is trying his best.. However remember, Fotu had some problems last year getting back from NZ, and Harper too, VISA things.. You are right, even China , they are making easier for tourists to get in and stay awhile.. Jamie Smith should be a slam Dunk..

    He started, good thing HE TRAINED several UH students and others to run the show, and the themes they worked so hard on.. He Should see the fruitage of Gib’s and His vision..Manoa Maniacs.. hope in few years. 2000 UH students will fill both end zone basket area of SSC.. then REALLY big time.. However the 1995 that were in attendance for Hilo game Made BIG NOISE.. great student support and cheer whether 190 or 890 in attendance.

    Jamie Smith, we all hoping , get that VISA work thing in order, so you are good to go, stay with UH MBB program until at least Isaac Fleming is Senior and team winning a bunch..


  11. islandman:

    Getting Real Makule !! wow…. Jamie Dixon.. must have just been thinking about Jamie Smith all the time !!
    Funny how, the UH athletics site, first writeup on upset win UH over Pitt, the writer mentioned their coach as JAMIE MOYER..!

    Ooops.. Thanks for correction.. makule time, senior moment.. excusa me !!

  12. Wait…. Isn’t Prestige Worldwide from the movie “Step Brothers”???

    Which, by the way, is the greatest movie for one-liners ever.

  13. Great to see the guys having fun. Yes, Prestige Worldwide is from the movie “Step Brothers”.

    Go Bows!!!

  14. G Dickman said Bo Barnes is playing for Arizona St and also Gerry Blakes. He said Bo scored 17 vs. Maryland.

    I checked the stats and Blakes is a starter and Barnes is averaging around 19 minutes per game and 9 points per game.

  15. Former UH Athlete – lol, yeah, ‘Prestige Worldwide’ is a reference to Step Brothers. Awesome movie!

    Awesome job on the video guys!

    Keep the confidence up!

  16. Bo shooting 51.5 FG % and 52 % 3 Pt FG .

  17. AGREE — That CALM Confidence Going Into PITT Game Showed Up On The Court–

    Should Help WIN A LOT of Games
    Marist and E. Carolina Road Wins, Opposing Coaches Commented On The Mental Toughness of this Team…
    ECU Challenged Took Back the Lead in the Second Half and UH IMMEDIATELY Answered…
    SOON They Won’t Be Giving Up the Leads…

    NICE START ON Videos — Mahalo, Dayton!
    Didn’t Think Six Weeks Ago Needed To Replace 100% of Da Beast Froductions…

    Team Steppin’ Up Again !

    CAN SEE Really Good People and Team Skills with Coach Benjy…
    & Calm ‘Tude of Coach Q

    Whoever Permanant Coach May Be Would Be Smartest to RETAIN Such Proven Talent…
    {NOT Pull A ‘NORM’ … }

  18. As long as we’re updating former Warriors … Isaac Fotu made his Spanish league debut the other day. He had 2 points and 2 rebounds in 12 minutes. BTW: He’s not with the club that he signed with; he’s “on loan” to another team.

  19. I really hope Benjy Taylor….Que, Loyd and Autry plus Jamie have great pre BWC record…then take 3 out of 4 of first BWC games..
    finish with north of 19 game wins pre BWC…then be front runner , he and staff for permanent HC…THAT 19-20 win mark , huge resume…plus have 14 of 15 guys probably back

    Benjy doing great job…still early in season..will know how well doing by 2nd week BWC season..

    Coach Taylor good job…guardians, families…friends, good, excellent job keeping your sons positive

    Go Bows!!

    Huge test this week,,good Delaware St. Team and Jimmer U. BYU at Utah Jazz arena in Salt Lake City, Utah this Saturday fight hard finish strong

    That is the way I personally feel, incredible how coach Benjy and team are Family..heck with politics
    just do well in school…give back to community..be good people..and have fun playing hoops in paradise !!

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