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Happy Thanksgiving

This year, perhaps more than any other in recent memory, the University of Hawai’i basketball team has much to be thankful for on Thanksgiving.

There is a 6-2 record that only a very few outside of their own locker room could have predicted, especially when considering that among the six wins are an upset of Pittsburgh on Maui and two rare wins (Marist and East Carolina) in the Eastern Time Zone at the Gulf Coast Showcase in Florida.


There is also a complete staff on board (with apologies to Jamie Smith, who is still awaiting clearance to take on a director of operations position), willing to put in the extra time to stabilize what could loosely be described as a crazy situation just two weeks before the opening game.

There is also the relative good health of the team (with apologies to freshman Sammis Reyes and his broken hand).

There are also 15 players on the roster who have adopted the motto of “family” for the remainder of this season.

Mostly, there is still the opportunity to play NCAA Division I basketball for the University of Hawai’i. Quite frankly, many had their doubts about that just three weeks ago. Now, it appears those remaining want to make the most of that opportunity, regardless of what any future decisions may hold.

It is what being thankful for what you have is all about.

Note that the comments in the video above were made prior to the team’s trip to Florida.


  1. Happy thanksgiving to all!

  2. You know, there are millions, perhaps billions around world and in Hawaii, that are Thankful for every day, a gift of life. If you have measure of health, and appreciate the gift of life, family friends, and a positive hope for the Future.. Truly Thankful for that. Hawaii, might not be perfect, however not like the turmoil going around the planet. still pretty good life.

    Thanks to Benjy, and Ben Jay for letting him coach.. hint, hint.. Ben,…see how Benjy doing about 4 games into BWC play, UH doing really well overall.. lock him in for a 2 year deal.. He and Team would be Thankful and Happy.

    Go Bows, and Rainbow Warriors.

    bigdaddy, TribeVx4, and all the families, have great holiday weekend in USA.. and all over.

    Love the attitude of this team, really good 808 represent, and good families..
    Keep working, and REST up guys, ..

    Thankyou Dayton, Wes, Valerie Schmidt, and Schmidt Ohana, contributors, and POSITIVE vibe.. still say.. no it is okay,…This Is The MBB Warrior Insider site.. wish best to LB and the gals..
    Hoping in March.. LB and BT take their teams to the Dance !!


  3. Thanksgiving Day is meant to be time for “Counting my Blessings” respectively:

    1~ The consistent 15C&4ofL in UHMBB.
    2~ WI-Management plus Sponsors.
    3~ The often-opinionated, coercive, robust commentators or otherwise.
    4~ Outstandingly, “The Letter of the Year” by Airon-Mom.
    5~ Supportive parents & fans.


  4. Thank YOU, ALL…

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    ALL Have a Safe, Happy, HOLIDAY Season!


    Since Chrismas Is Next!…

    Hey, Santa…

    How ‘Bout Another SIX (!) Seven ? Eight ?
    ‘BOW WINS Before the New Years’…?

    And A Couple of TOP Notch Recruits, who for example, maybe Decide,
    They Wanna Hang Some Championship Banners with THESE Great Guys!

  5. Really sad the passing of Isaac’s aunt. bigdaddy and family or condolences. Very special, the UH , Hawaii fans, the people, the coaches will rally around Isaac make sure he is okay. The ARE FAMILY.. One hurting.. All hurt with each other,.. This season.. the wounded warriors.. will come out strong..

    For That We Can Be Thankful, This group of fine young student athletes have great heart, passion, and very much love their families so far away from home.
    A VERY SPECIAL group of 15 special persons.. Hawaii loves them, and Isaac even more now.. take care..
    Puts everything in life ,even Basketball into perspective.. really does. life, health and family, means so very much..


  6. Family of Isaac Fleming, Our Sincere Condolences on passing of Isaac’s dear aunt. Hawaii, Team, the University, and fans will embrace him, and help share the pain and be there to support.
    A good son, with a lot of love, emotion and heart.
    One of 15 great young warriors..

  7. Yes, Fleming family, please accept our sincere condolences on the passing of your family member.
    Very touching and mature that Isaac is dedicating this season to aunt Vicky.

  8. So Sorry for Your Loss

    and Once Again,
    Thankful that You and Yours have Chosen to Share Yours and Be a Part of Ours…

    The Dedication of The Season Seems (to me) So Very Appropriate
    Displaying The Wisdom to take Two Challenging Life Values
    In Concert to Create An Even Greater Good

    which i see as part of Humanity At its Best
    when things go ‘wrong’ or adverse
    May The Best of Us Energe

  9. When is jank available? First game back against chaminade?

  10. That’s what Janks says.

  11. Probably means Janks worked hard to make sure his academics were in order.

  12. IF SO, Let Him Get His Game Shot Numbers UP…
    Establish His SPOTS on the Floor And RHYTHM!

    BYU Fischer HIT TEN Threes Against Chaminade To Break Jummer Fridette’s (Seven) Record…
    And TIE Maui Record … Break the Chaminade Record for Good Measure
    #1 WIN …
    #2 – Eye-Opening Stats:
    Bobbitt 10+ Steals, Jank 10+ Threes (Made), Airon 20+ Rebounds….

    I’m Just Lookin’ For WAYS to WAKE UP the Sleepy Hawai’i “FAIR Weather Fans”

    Was That Frank DeLima?
    “WAKE UP!”

    Quit Playin’ Halloween Pretending to be Empty Seats…..

    IF 2,000 Students Show Up …
    Do They Let ‘Em ALL IN?

  13. Eagle: I cannot go, some older timers cannot, becuase makule and ill, however.. why not.. 10 minutes after tip off, lower bowl,.. if Old season, ticket holders, stay home or going to end of year parties, or stay home.. Open up those empty seats for UH students.. Very soon, Jamie, Smith, trying really hard to get back to UH by DHC.

    Even UH, MBB team has to have pep rally like with Gib before… if 2500 students in house. make more noise then 1995, old makule and middle age fans.. No.. whether 9 years of age or 79 years of age when UH MBB playing great D and O and winning 2000 fans make the noise of 6000+ for sure..

    This Team Special, even in Florida that beautiful ice hockey arena, ? where they hold 7000+ only about 300 fans in attendance for UH games.. UH still play hard and win.. Maui game vs Pitt , you were there.. that 1200+, perhaps the loudest crowd of the year.. You are right, 2500-3000+ even if on School, and work nite, wish they come out for Delaware St game.. Very sure, this team, the 15 Champions, tough as nails. they playing to win baby !!

    Go Bows !!! Go Warriors.. And take care to the Fleming Ohana(Family) we need you agent “0” !!

  14. The last game I went to was the Cal Bakersfield and seems like that was forever ago already! I cant wait to watch this team again as they have really done some unbelievable things these last few weeks. As everybody says lets be thankful for this team!

  15. With Janks becoming available soon it will open the way for the bigs to be more aggressive in the paint. We all know that he is a good 3pt shooter after watching him in the shootout contest. However, we don’t know much about the other aspects of his game. if he avoids contact that means he will be basically a floater. With our current shooting, someone that can shoot from the deep is a welcome addition. But that leaves the shortage at the post. And trying to move out a player from his natural position is not the best strategy when you consider the fact that NWC struggled when he had to play the 4 spot. So with Janks in, we might be a better shooting team but with no real improvements on the inside. That’s why coach Benji is hoping that Reyes will be able to recover soon from his broken hand.as he is a bonfide banger. There’s a cut off date for red shirting and I’m sure coach will make a last minute decision concerning it. At the moment we sorely need both Janks and Sammis if we are to go far in the season. Happy Hollidays everyone.

  16. I think Janks can play inside too. Saw in a scrimmage, he can bang inside, block shots and make inside shots too.

  17. Servante: It is quite incredible what UH has been able to do Without Fotu, Sammis and Janks.. Incredible.. if not for lack of critical decision and closing out game, UH would have beat High Point.. and against USF..if they played that game in, say.. Las Vegas, the Desert showcase classic, would not be surprised if UH were now 8-0, and you noticed, they are still not totally in sync on offensive sets, and some defensive lapses… Credit the talent and small but very athletic guys they Do Have. Plus, Benjy’s rotation and timely Time outs, that game management has been awesome

    Other Keys: Nevels consistent 3 ball shot, though, you notice, he turned to floater and mid range shot hitting well, plus his D and rebounding, that is all BWC type of player now.. Dyrbe.. that 3 ball instant threat.. AND..when Jawato, in shape and ready to. go at 6’4″ 215, a Big SF, wing.. he go and get 3 ball streaky good.. Jovanovich is better, better and better, just the confidence, and the FACT that Neither Jovanovich OR Thomas has fouled out of Any game yet.. awesome..

    You are right, Sammis pinkie surgery… that could be a workable repair, have not heard Benjy say a season ending medical RS year YET.. what if he does the surgery.. PUT ON a good cast ala Fotu from last year….And with his family, Sammis and Doctor/trainers and Coaches decision, that Sammis would still want to make a go, have about a little over month until first game of BWC.. that would be awesome..

    We shall see.. Benjy says, that Janks, really can do it all, an inside outside athlete, probably the highest rated Prep star coming into UH from the transfers.. if he has that hook shot, or up and under , or able to go to rim and dunk on guys.. wow.. UH ready to roll.

    and then again Servante..UH with Benjy at the helm, they are winning without those guys.. amazing.. as Benjy says, wait until that 13 day layoff between the BYU road game and the Chaminade game, when UH can just rehab, rest, do well in school, and Fine tune O and D.. they will be awesome.. or They Will be ready for whatever the BWC throws at them.. these guys are tough … very strong, and good BB athletes..
    winners already..

    Go Bows !!

  18. 3-1 with a road trip like that…GO ‘BOWS !!!!!

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