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Warriors read to students at Waikiki Elementary


The University of Hawai’i men’s basketball program participated in its fourth literacy event of the season this morning, as head coach Gib Arnold and three players visited Waikiki Elementary in a continued effort to raise awareness for literacy.

“We had a wonderful time at Waikiki Elementary this morning,” Arnold said. “We are excited to partner with another school on our ‘Give Back Hawai’i’ initiative.”

“Give Back Hawai’i” was developed by Arnold to serve local communities. Other points of emphasis include anti-bullying and promoting a culture of respect for women.

The morning literacy event began with an assembly that featured a hype video, player introductions, and a keynote speech delivered by Arnold. Waikiki Elementary administrators also used the opportunity to launch their “Million Minutes of Reading” campaign. The campaign was forged in partnership with Arnold’s program, and will reward students for reaching certain reading benchmarks by granting them free admission to a Dec. 29 game against Southern University.


Joining Arnold at the event was standout Isaac Fotu. The junior big man earned all-Big West honors last year and recently returned from the FIBA Basketball World Cup, where he represented his native New Zealand. Also in attendance for the event were junior guard Quincy Smith and sophomore forward Stefan Jankovic. Following the assembly, Arnold and his players split up and read to classrooms.

“I really enjoyed reading to the students at Waikiki Elementary this morning. It will
be great to have them come to a game of ours,” Fotu said.

Smith also felt strongly about the event.

“The kids at this morning’s event were a lot of fun,” Smith said. “It always feels good to give back to the community.”

Waikiki Elementary has a student population of about 500 and offers kindergarten through fifth grade. The men’s basketball team has now been represented at four
literacy events, spanning from Honolulu to the Leeward Coast. Arnold plans to continue “Give Back Hawai’i” later this month when he will take his program to Kainalu Elementary in Kailua.

(Photos and information courtesy Tim Bross / UH Athletics)


  1. coach and team.great influence on children’s education. thankyou basketball program.

  2. Way to Go, Q, Janks and Fotu…And GIB!

    And SEE The Next Generation of UHMBB Fans
    @ 12/29 Southern Game …
    SSC LOUD House!

  3. Brandon Spearman is in town! NWC and Valdes posted same group picture of Spearman and company after a training session! Hopefully he’ll be there for the scrimmage and slam dunk contest!

  4. Coach Spearman.
    Sounds good to me !

  5. Full practices not until Oct 10, per Brian M, to give some players time to heal up. Gib said all could play now though, except Jawato. Jankovic has shin splints, Sammis, a banged up pinkie toe, Fotu bulging disc.

  6. In most recent video open gym, with only 10 guys playing, Dayton writeup mentioned, Jankovich, Jawato, , Fotu, among the group that was out because nursing injury or class attendance.. Now we know of Sammis banged up pinkie. Smart of Gib to hold them out until fully healed and ready to go, rather than risk further injury. Once, again, cannot go on speculation/rumor, wait for confirmation. So nothing to do with Big Brother invest.

    Thanks islandman.

  7. Thanks again Dayton for excellent report, and Gib , his MBB program really giving back. A win win situation. Powers that be get that paper signed and in order.

    So….available guys for G/W game, the introduction to perhaps 900>1000..fans after WVB game this Saturday?

    12 guys—healthy available , scrimmage light , FT and dunk contests.

    Fantasy draft:

    Green Team-
    Qunicy Smith 6’1″, Dyrbe Enos 5’10”, Isaac Fleming 6’3″, Brocke Stepteau 5’9″, Mike Thomas 6’7″, Aaron Valdes 6’5″

    White Team
    -Roderick Bobbitt 6’3″, Garrett Nevels 6’2″, Niko Filopovich 6’0″,Zach Buscher 6’3″, Negus Webster-Chan 6’7″, Stefan Jovanovich 6’11”

    Just for Fun.

  8. Has Dayton or anyone asked on update regarding investigation? Just no comments? Not so sure “no news is good news” in this situation. Wonder if parents are in the loop and asked to keep it quiet?

  9. young student athletes.they give back.enjoy Hawaii and youth. great they are mentors and maybe future coaches and educators. very special what coach Arnold started. The Give Back program. the youth and schools really appreciate UH basketball program.as education youths, we appreciate the rainbow warriors.

  10. I recall correctly I let had community service award. Me think the whole team should get the award. Helping Hawaii’s youth. Nice.

  11. Sorry. Type on phone.
    I recall Riley had the community service award.

  12. warriorhaw:

    Gib and MBB team “they get it”.. they represent the University, are privileged to be , for majority on full ride scholarship or loving ohana helping fund their tuitions. Notice, Gib, the athletes, they are amazed and happy that the kids get it too. The team treated like genuine Basketball stars of the court. You can bet that the young ones will look forward to coming to the UH MBB game this winter!

    Really, ALL the Sports teams, their coaches and programs, if doing the same, Give Back to Community, and educate youth, what a terrific thing. Really wish ncaa credits UH MBB for that aspect too. Only good things, and we appreciate Gib for starting that program and for his team to have Aloha to do it!

    Feel good, and win win, once again. Good job UH MBB program and Gib!

    And the team, UH sports, including MBB now, making sure guys on track to graduate, GPA, even Isaac Fotu, using these extra weeks away from full on workouts and rehabbing, has time to catch up on school… I really (his bad ankles healing)feel for Brandon Jawato, however, he has fantastic attitude, make use of that scholarship, and HE is graduating this May 2015! Good job Brandon J.

  13. any possibility of at least one more recruit to come in this season or too late?

  14. Gib was on sports animals, if anyone heard. He only discussed players that Gary asked about. Sammis had a dislocated toe. As some of you have said, he’s one of the strongest and fastest on the team with a good mile time. He had offers to play football. Wants him to play around the basket, but eventually could be a 3.

    Bobbitt will play on Saturday. Gib was at the game where he broke his arm earlier this year. Could have been MVP of that tournament, if not injured. Still a bit sore with the metal plate in there between the shoulder and elbow.

    Wants Fotu to shoot more, including more threes. Then he would be difficult to guard.

    Fleming is a talented lefty big guard. Valdes and Thomas are improved and could be vying for a starting position.

    One on one between Gary and Chris may not occur, per Chris.

    No update for about a month on the NCAA investigation, per Gib.

  15. Islandman… Good Notes
    (Saved me a bunch of time — on one of my prospective ‘All-Nighter’ Nights — Thanks!)

    4-2-4-3-Lovers: GIB said ideally he wants Fotu shooting 4-5 Threes per Game…
    (i presumed that was “Takes” not Makes…]; And Fotu Credited Coach Gib Upon FIBA Success, for encouraging him to work on it…”He’s a Really Good Three Shooter…” noted Gib.


    Probably NEXT Recruit-Join-Team Opportunity is After Fall Semester, December-January…due to Difficulty Registering AND Catching Up (as even Fotu may be struggling with…) as either walk-on or using remaining scholarship…
    Would take an Exceptional Player to join mid-stream without redshirting first… [E.G., Gary Now talking ’bout LeBron having High-BBIQ and Idetic (used to be called ‘Photographic’ Memory] coaching his Teammates at ALL Four Positions after only one week with a first-year coach…]

  16. Eagle and islandman…yes…I heard whole interview…good humor…nothing hidden..no crash and burn..he and staff very much impressed at sammis’ athleticism and strength…fleming a good one …bobbitt will play G/W scrimmage. ..if did not get hurt (gib was at that jc playoff game) roderick would have helped hi team win jc national crown and bobbitt would have been most valuable player jc of the year,.
    Thomas and Valdes…after adjustment to fresman ball..big turnaround. .like fotu from frosh to soph..
    Fotu soph great year..looks to AV and MT playing a lot this year and soph..experience ready..

    Mentioned the pitt game fly to florida grat mid major tourney..6 games in 10 games..negus many family friends come down to watch game..

    Eagle..warriorhaw..islandman. even when directly asked about ncaa..said still await..gary d…
    Mebtioned grest for all when that pau

    Once again if coach and team were on ” death row” as some think..absolutely no indication in his or interviewer’s voice..

    Only means one important thing?

    Go Bows!!
    Warrior and double Rainbow time..

    UH and MBB ready to rumble for ncaa championship tourney run or NIT..

    G/W Scrimmage nothing but parents and kids plus bb fans young and old looking at scrimmage. .dunk contest..gary vs hart one on one or gary said better yet potnoy and wheeler vs gary and chris..hope chris hart does play..little reticent..he was a jv punahou bb player.

    Go The Mighty Warriors
    Gib and his UH mbb program giving back and alive and well to rock!!

  17. Gib and team love the islands and giving back to hawaii..
    Probably..now going on 5 and hopefully 10 more years..and more..gib..real deal..love hawaii..

    He did mention 3 point shooting contest saturday..that would be great!!

  18. That interview..well timed and made thousands of uh mbb fans happy!!

    Love Laura B and WBB ..however warriors really reach far with dunks speed and power
    Wish both Laura and Gib make deep run in NCAA or NIT postseason!

  19. islandman/eagle/runbows

    Thanks for the recaps. Unable to tune in. Can always depend on WI posters to keep me up to date. Glad to hear Gib mentioned the investigation but same as RunBows, I don’t sweat it until I hear about it. No use trying to pressure somebody to tell what they know when they know nothing. Until then, its all about supporting the program and players and coaches. I truly believe Gib here for the long term. Am happy about that.

    Go Bows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Green White Tomorrow Night…

    GOOD Early Intro & Dose of UHMBB …

    Then a Matter of How Well BBIQ, Chemistry, D All Come Together…

    BUT There’s a Solid Feel for Good in Most Of The Smart, Visionary, Experienced Fans
    Even IF Some Can’t Explain Why or Analyze & Summarize in Detail
    (You Could Use Notions to make Cases for Good or Bad, Like Blue Ribbon
    Which seems to ignore Returning Talent AND Incoming Talent …Tcch, just like Last Year)
    BUT For The Smart Long-Term Loyal Fans, there IS Apparently Much Feel for Optimism
    – I Think Rightly So…

    i Think WORST Case is Mediocity to Moderate Success Just Like The Previous Four Years…
    BUT MUCH Room and Cause for MUCH MORE…

    IT ALL BEGINS in Full View in a Day or Two…

  21. Laura and the Wahine start practice on Monday, per newspaper yesterday. They have some tall players, seven at 6′ or taller , two at 6′ 3″ , one at 6′ 4″ .

  22. Eagle: You hit it on the head. Spot on, for expectations of team. With Fotu, FIBA star in making, and Garrett Nevels, two BWC probably all Conference consideration. Quincy having experience and definitely more confident in his outside shot… Jovanovich, just banging away with Reyes and getting tougher, and smarter on O and D, Thomas, Valdes the soph. supermen, no soph. year letdown, they are determined, and Now Know How to battle and win in NCAA D1 games, here and on the road..Enos 808 , not just token, he is GOOD… will help at SG position.

    Calvary, the upgrade, in overall talent, conditioning and BB ability . ONE goal all of them, to not settle for less, CBI or CIT , however NIT at least, and definitely a deep run in NCAA.

    Fleming, Bobbitt, Sammis, NWC, Jankovich,… as well as Brocke Stepteau and Zach Buscher, doing same things as other guys, working hard in class and on the court.

    Mission: Post Season Big dances, 20+ win season again, 2 in a row, not since AC Carter days, when they had two 21 win seasons in a row, and farther back, the Fab Five, 2 – 20 win seasons and NIT and NCAA appearances.

    You are right Eagle, these 16 sensational ONE OHANA, ONE GOAL, Check Egos and Swag at the door, and just Win… can be very, very special… keep working guys, and do well in school, community and young fans, love , or are starting to love team. jjay, and the manoa maniacs the school UH students from dorms, come on out!

    warriorhaw.. hit it on the head, Gib, Ben, UH, general counsel, cannot do anything, until letter.. so Why Worry, when that day comes, then legal team goes to work,.. probably work out with big brother a agreeable settlement… compromise best for everyone.. no indication, UH will not be going for championships, this year.. So UH MBB Fans, just enjoy the ride!

    Rock on UH Rainbow Warriors!
    enjoy the Scrimmage, and the WVB game.. if 900 to 1000 stick around from 1000pm to 1045 pm would be great, however, bedroom community, and nice if 700+ will be there, I think with some Public schools going on their One week October break, the parents and the kids, would stay for the autograph sessions.. they starting a love affair with a good High Character team. Good job Gib!

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