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‘The train gotta keep moving’

Like it or not, the University of Hawai’i basketball team is moving on. The Warriors continued practices on Thursday in preparation for the upcoming season.

“It’s definitely different now,” senior captain Garrett Nevels said. “But just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s going to be worse. We’re all staying positive and we’re excited for the season.”

It was just the second full practice for the Warriors since head coach Gib Arnold and assistant coach Brandyn Akana were shockingly dismissed from their respective positions.


Former associate coach Benjy Taylor is now the acting head coach, and he said Brandon Loyd has been approved to serve as an assistant coach. Loyd was hired by Arnold to serve as an administrative assistant. Current assistant coach Senque Carey is essentially Taylor’s top assistant now.

“I tell you what, these guys that showed up today (for practice) were great,” Taylor said. “They’re settling down and this time of the year you always get antsy because you’re working out … and going against each and beating each other up. At this time of the year, we’re just ready to see somebody else. We’re ready to see another team.”

They will get that chance on Saturday, although nobody else will get to see it. The Warriors will face Brigham Young-Hawai’i in a private scrimmage. No media or fans will be allowed to watch, per NCAA rules.

Two days of practices have allowed Taylor to blend some of his own ideas with those already implemented by Arnold.

“We’re doing a lot of the same things, but I have to put my own stamp on this team,” he said. “We’ve changed some things and looking forward to see how it works Saturday.”

Nevels said: “We’ve altered a few things, but we’re still keeping some sets also. I wouldn’t say too drastic. We’re going to run (Taylor’s) offense, that’s all I’m going to say.”

Nevels said most of the team has accepted the coaching changes, but a few are understandably still emotional about it.

“I think some people are still feeling some type of way,” he said. “But the train gotta keep moving. They gotta get over it. I think a lot of guys have. We’re just ready to work.”

Nevels added that the team now has added motivation for the season. “Definitely. It is motivation. People want to see us fail and that just adds fuel to the fire.”


  1. I love you 16 guys, don’t give up, finish strong, get that ncaa bid. Show the negative people you are high character good student athletes. Don’t like what Admin. did to Gib, however, this is one way to fight back, just ball, and win..

    Hope you all have great crowds get the 30 win season, and move on.. upwards. pono.. Stick together guys..

    Gib situation will get straight, Gib has the ammo ready.. clear his name..

    sad that , or maybe invite Ace Arnold to practice or games..

    Go Warriors… stay tuned, this ain’t over.. do well in school, do not, do not, fail your classes. be UH Warriors till the end!

  2. PULL Together…
    USE the Pilikia (Trouble) to Steel Your Resolve, Focus and Intensity
    BE the Most Intense Team Opponents must deal with All Year
    Damn! These Guys Play Hard!

    You Got the Best Teammates of Your Lives
    Benjy Got the Best Talent and Team he ever had to work with…
    YOU Make Him Look Like Genius, Executing, Beating the Opposition to the Ball
    Making ALL the Shots
    Rattling the Boards in Anger
    Play the Cards you’re dealt
    BUT All Your Hard Work IS to Your Advantage
    YOU’LLStill Make The WHOLE ‘Ohana Proud…

    Go ‘Bows!
    FIGHT! The Mightiest Warriors!

  3. Tonganator and bigdaddy hope you and your families and your sons are okay. We fans really behind them. support all the way..

  4. Well Benji sure is a nice guy, easy to listen to, easy to take directions from for the players. He has got a real ‘scary’, and otherwise very good team to coach. Our record under Benjy will be as much of a reflection on his coaching abilities as there could be. As he said earlier, “This is the team”. This is the team. All the coaches put a lot of effort into putting this team together. And the players also know this is a very good assembly of talent. Hopefully we will find out the answers to all the outstanding questions, and we will have ALL our players together. But in the mean time, the team has to get down to business, (keeping up with their studies as well of course).
    I know there are a bunch of fans that are just on the edge of our seats ready to watch these Bows RUN. Run Bows Run. Win Benjy WIN ! (Yeah, and keep up the studies and all that stuff too.)
    Go Bows !

  5. Gibb & Akana i hope all is well when God close one door he opens up another all yal have to do is let go own up to your mistakes and i guarantee you the sun will continue to shine.

    Tonganator,Futo stay focus the NCAA probably going to suspend you for a few games but be ready to play when the dust settle.

    Team & staff Gibb brought you guys to Hawaii to better yourselves as student athletes and coaches make him proud by ” ROCKIN OUT ”

  6. I’m with you bigdaddy. It is fairly obvious that violations occurred but the constant denial is what kills me. Tell the truth and own up to the mistakes so everyone can move on. It’s been a while since we’ve had a true freshman in the rotation so it must mean that Isaac is ballin out. Can’t wait to see the team.

  7. Pono and bigdaddy, I think coaches not even given chance yet. They were victims of ncaa new legislation and a rush by admin. to get them out. This leaves ncaa , when allegation letter come out, for Gib and attorney to work things out. He will clear his name, and Akana can do same.
    Their passion for UH, and being responsible to put together this team which includes Isaac Fleming and Isaac Fotu, , no question, the are part of the good equation that got this fantastic 16 to have this chance to really shine.
    I know Gib, is not perfect, he admitted from April made mistakes.. for him to come out public and say he does , or will accept whatever he was accused of if warranted he will,.. However, without cause, or reason, being made available, Brandyn and Gib got the raw end of deal,. I know they will get their name cleared , get compensation, and move on. University, the administration rushes to these decisions to fast, and hard working winning coaches get hurt, and losing coaches, don’t. , Gib is not an angel, neither are any of us. However, with help of his counsel, and he will accept the harshest ruling when given , or should have been given chance to confront accusation. A real violation, of personal rights. It is not right, however, most importantly Gib clears his name and can move on to coach again, and take care of his young children. And Pono, how do you know what is going on? Unless , you are part of the problem , part of UH, which is not pono right.

    bigdaddy glad that Isaac Fleming working hard and sticking it out. And Issac Fotu, Tonganator, NCAA, and NOW UH will really work hard and quickly to restore his eligibility, it is only right. Fix it and UH moves, on. ..long time fan of coaches, families and athletes, it is the upper admin,that messes things up big time. Wait for the letter, and attornies go to work…things will get resolved.. Sad day…just be given Due Process. this is the United States right?

    bigdaddy Pono, and Tonganator, I hope team gets 30+ wins and goes to NCAA, they deserve it

  8. Anybody know who didn’t come to practice yesterday ?

  9. Another day. We might as well call this our daily dose of H-Drama because its more scandalous than the Korean dramas!

    I watched the news reports about Gib’s comments. It is so sad and shame on UH that he found out he was fired from his own wife. Even more shame that Ben Jay came to his office after that and read a letter to Gib and then walked out. Talk about cowardly! I think Ben was clearly covering his own behind or was instructed to do that but come on man! As much as I want to see the UH basketball team rise to power I cant see us getting another good coach as long as these administrators are ruining the show.

    Right now we really need these guys to stick together and keep the train moving. Ride that train all the way to the NCAAs!

  10. Forgot to add this part because nobody has really mentioned Brandyn Akana or got his side of it. Ever since this thing started a lot of people been saying that Brandyn is the nicest and coolest guy. If he made a mistake then he deserves to be punished. If it was a huge mistake that deserved him to be fired then have to accept it.

    BUT I cant believe that UH would feel the need to have Brandyn escorted off the campus. It doesn’t say if it was by HPD or UH security guards but I hope and pray he was not led off in handcuffs. Just tell the guy we decided to terminate your contract, so we need you to leave right away. I’m sure he knew it was a possibility and based on what everybody says about him he would have gone away without a fight or argument.

    Of course you can blame Brandyn for causing this in the first place but still. Shame on UH! Shame!

  11. U of H admin QT on this situation = smart move and probably advised by legal.

    Coach giving an interview on the situation may not be the “best” thing.

    Up to this point, all of the above (situation to date) is a good example of making “mistakes” vs deliberate violation of rules. Ill advised actions and errors of judgement…compounded exponentially..

    IMO: My concern is what is being done on a continuous basis to help the student/athlete. Aside from the initial meeting, what is the AD and coach as a “team” on a daily basis doing to facilitate keeping the team together. The AD as a consequence of his action, has to be part of the solution and be on hand to bridge the trust and communication gap. From what I am reading the AD seems to have divorced himself of the situation, when he should be doing otherwise. Yes, keeping quiet, but actively assisting them (where’s the practice of Ohana and Aloha). The healing process (treated early) is better than treated later when infected.

  12. tako:

    good comments. You know in real world, it happens all the time. A greed self serving , self interest Management group, they can foul up or do things to employees that is not pono, right.
    I wonder if Ben Jay will be fired too. Really possibly.
    tako, could be under Gib’s decision to go PUBLIC, he was given advisement by HIS counsel, just to clear the air.

    Now hearing on Artie On Point, Dave Reardon, saying, hear, that Isaac Fotu, might make UH, his future,decision this morning possibly.. that is sad..
    however, if Isaac Fotu, chooses to go pro, euro, hope he does well,.. He is so young too, could have used one more year to fine tune game.

    It is only rumor, or conjecture.. This UH Athletics , it is exhausting..
    I hope even if UH has 12 guys, including the 3 walkons, stick together and finish season.
    tako, I hope things get done RIGHT..Gib has his right to say, I believe, under legal advisement, since he is a removed coach, he lost his job.. Or ability to HC… Hope soon, things resolved for all !!

    Tonganator, I really feel for you, your family and Isaac, Isaac hope he with your input makes the best decision…Isaac Fotu, is a great young person.. he will do well, hope NCAA clears him to play, soon, and he can have that final , .perhaps Junior season.
    Tonganator, thankyou for sharing Isaac Fotu with MBB , one of the best forwards to play BB at UH in years !

  13. Hey fans, on point with Artie W. now Dave Reardon talking about DII BB games.. and interest.. sure they are good. but would we want to watch DII games, even if UH comes under more penalties. I will enjoy their success, however I will not give monies or support full to those smaller schools since UH is my alma mater , no disrespect to small colleges and coaches and players there they are great. Sad for Wagner and BYUH athletics..

    Rainbow Warrior Basketball team.. and Benjy, stay together and play for a winning, big time win season, at end of season make decision..

    jjay.. ben jay… bet you are ticked off at what I state, however it is only my opinion and about 7000 other fans as well.. From the top, Admin / and the decision with AD..
    SUPPORT BENJY and The Guys who choose to Stay, I do not blame Fotu, if he chooses to go pro, if that is his decision and ncaa does not grant his reinstatement soon..
    Nevels, Valdes, Isaac Fleming , and the guys still grinding, have my utmost respect.

    This is unfortunate, however, bigdaddy, you are great dad for supporting Isaac Fleming, he is a good freshman guard, I really like him. To stick out the year.. Thankyou for sharing Isaac Fleming with UH MBB ..

    Go Warriors.. at least 12 or so, or more, stick out the season, and Garrett Nevels, you are a great spokesman for UH MBB team.. Support the team fans.. don’t know if ones will or not.. I hope they do.. hard times. .. wait for ncaa..

  14. I hate to say but Tonganator’s silence this week is saying a lot. I miss his always positive talk with Go The Mighty Warriors!

    Actually, I think I remember reading on this very site that Tonganator said he was trusting his son to the hands of Coach Akana in Hawaii. Well, if Coach Akana is gone then I guess we have to add 2+2.

    I hope I am wrong because I also remember Isaac talking about how important it was for him to finish his degree at UH.

    Fotu family, please stay and give us fans a small ray of hope in this dark times. Go The Mighty Warriors!

  15. Situation really sucks. Love that Nevels said it’s just adding fuel to the fire and making the guys more pumped. I hope those affected by the situation can get over it soon and show their mental strength. Situations like these are hard to overcome but only make one stronger and really separate the men from the boys. Feel bad for Fotu. Hopefully the ruling will be overturned or the penalty won’t be more than a few games. Really hope this doesn’t negatively affect post-season. Fingers crossed the players and coaching staff stick together. I’ll continue to support the team and attend all the home games whatever the outcome. Whoever stays deserves everyone’s full support. Also, really hope Jamie Smith comes back soon to help boost the players’ morale and to fill the student section come game time!

  16. Just a reminder: THERE IS NO “I” IN TEAM, know who you represent. As the Spartans said, “come back with your shield or on it.”

    IMHO: Hey TEAM, the fans have waited a long, long time for a TEAM like this… demonstrate that you’ve learned/ing life lessons about facing and standing up to adversity. This is not only about BB. Hope the same talk is being shared to you by your coaches, AD and parents. Success through education and participation…valuable lessons on values, integrity and commitment.

  17. Upsetting to me, ever since the dismissal and reassignment of Rocha, years ago, for that Tom Henderson led team that only won 15 games that first season. At BB banquet he was let go. Same with Donovan, Wagner, etc. Just this melodrama, and the way things done. Gib does state no problem with ncaa and if cannot be worked out, he is found guilty beyond reasonable doubt, will accept, I think the silence from UH, is the sore spot for us all.

    sure, Akana was a key in recruiting Isaac so that attachment.. for Sammis maybe Janks , Gib.. for whole team, others, it is Benjy… some maybe Jamie.. don’t know.

  18. Tonganator: I am sure rough time for You, Isaac, Mama Fotu and Fotu Ohana, however you and your family and your great son, have our ultimate backing and support. We WI MBB fans as a whole wish ncaa resolves quickly and gets Isaac back soon to play. Whatever personal decisions. well we wish the best. Thankyou, you have always been supportive.

    A true Kiwi Warrior family!

  19. We get back, WI MBB fan nation to supporting current team whether 12 guys or 16, just support the HC now, and the guys.. hope , none of them fail, or flunk out of school, that would be disaster.
    Stay strong guys.. Garrett you are doing great job as captain spokesman mature, balanced focused and setting good example for guys to buy into to finish strong, and to answer the ones, and their is , I would say a smaller contingent than we think that wants UH BB to go down.. Prove those negative nancies, naysayers wrong.. go win that BWC title, get 30+ wins and go for that ncaa deep run post season, it is still all out there, at minimum a historic 30 win season would be AWESOME

    Go Bows
    Go Warriors!
    Stay Strong. Kuli’a Pono. Finish Strong. Finish what you all started preseason.. win a lot of games.

  20. For closure and to finally know the Deal with ncaa and terminations if warranted, and hopefully we don’t know, probably Jeff P, might know , I don’t know..

    servante You said it best, for or against Gib and Akana or UH… wait for The Letter.. and it will clear up a lot of things..More things on table, maybe.. maybe not.. If under AD watch.. maybe AD will be out soon too. Sad. … wish that Stan Sheriff were still here, he gave his life for program, and got the SSC excellent venue going and now reaping benefits for UH indoor sports and graduation, robotics events..

    servante probably the coolest fan.. we JUST wait and see..
    I hope majority, and Garrett and I would assume at least 13-14 guys, or more, maybe whole team, wait for BM or WI reports. Hey Dayton.. any video updates on practices, are All 16 guys practicing or some missing?

    Stay strong guys..can still get that all time winning season…

  21. islandman: loved success of Goo and the coach before him,what they did for WBB. Now with Laura B.potential to try and go to ncaa’s. However, it would be a stretch to have 5000+ fans, even at 10 dollars general admission to watch their games. Love the WBB team, great student athletes, however the Marquee BB team is and will always be MBB. as MBB goes,and does well, and hopefully as a companion WBB does too.
    Know even Laura had problems with eligible girls, however never investigated..she is one of best young new WBB coaches in nation.. hope UH takes care of her.

    Still love to see, even from TV games, MBB with 5000+ plus rocking and supporting the team.. I hope, since I cannot go, that at least that many or more 6000+ average with some 8000+, if UH MBB starts to win a lot.. on a roll
    NOw the team can prove, they are a Team.. UH MBB set the table for good season.
    and wish that coach Beeman has good season too, if they average 2000+ per game great.. or more. however the driving force, what I like to watch too, MBB hoops
    Go do well both WBB and MBB , finish strong all sports team. I ain’t giving up support for UH athletics. just get it done right, Admin.. and maybe we don’t know yet.. they did

  22. Too many drinking the Kool-Aid. This team is in trouble without 42

  23. Rocket, thanks for the constructive criticism. Not. Who here is saying we’re not in trouble without Fotu?
    Rocket, just adding fuel to the fire. Go suck a lollipop.

  24. That’s some real rocket science right there! Way to go out on a limb with that one rocket!

  25. TAVS: Good thing BWC is a guard and wing driven league. the ability of all the 3 point and guys that will go to the rim, fits right in with BWC teams. Other than Irvine, UH is similar size even without Isaac, hope not… he is very good.., to most all other BWC teams.. With great guard play, and Jovanovich, Valdes, Negus, Bobbitt, Nevels, hopfully Janks and Sammis hitting the boards, even until reinstatement, hoping , of Isaac Fotu very soon, UH can compete in BWC.. this just might pull the team that wants too, stay together, it will galvanize team, they play even better.

    bigdaddy, I can see Isaac Fleming playing 2 or 3 , spot, even help with rebounds, d up,just doing what a 3 would do to help out.. sometimes, 3 guards with Valdes and Thomas/ Jovanovich.. if team works hard, and just stays focused, and they win the BYUH scrimmage, I mean just own them, then the HPU game, even if 3000+ or more cheering them on in big exhibition win, then they go and sweep the RBC with big wins, including the ncaa hoops marathon early morning espn game.. team will be going good. when Fotu, hoping hard, comes back team will be even tougher

  26. Dayton:

    I know you work full time during day, however great MBB insider. Do you know if All the sixteen guys are on board practicing, including Sammis and Janks.. if whole team united.. team strong.. as Garrett says, as team captain, and Valdes, that is why they are here, at UH to play hoops and win a lot of ball games, to prove the naysayers. wrong. BB will not fold.. Finsih strong..with 12 or 16 guys..the Cream rises to the top.right?
    see who are the real guys, the ballers, the guys willing to take a stand and fight.. they will… team stay strong, stay as one, do well in school.. things will get resolved soon..

  27. Hey Tonganator,
    Hold strong and tell Issac that we fans care about wis well being. I and a lot of fans understand that the use of a computer is extremely important with schoolwork. I’m not sure if he knew what he was doing was wrong, because if he did he would have hid it from investigators and it would have been a non issue. I believe in the both of you and hold absolutely no ill feelings over what has transpired. Please have 42 come back and finish off his education and get a degree, even if he wasn’t able to play 1 minute this season his long term success is very important to the true supporters here! Hope to hear from you in the future RobT

  28. Rob T:

    Hundreds, thousands agree with you, as Gib stated , Isaac Fotu , a really great young man, I don’t know what transpired. Until that allegation letter comes out. However one of the most popular and skilled athletes ever for MBB we appreciate it. Past 2 summers, rumor said he was not coming back. Even this year. However, Isaac finished FIBA and was back in Poke Heaven Hawaii.
    True, education, and by some accounts, plan were to work towards Isaac earning degree summer or 2015. finish his final semester and have degree in hand. If Isaac can hang in there, and this appeal the reinstatement granted, and he is back shortly on the court, without question Isaac happy , family happy and we happy. You are right, and I think the Fotu family wants that too, Isaac as well to get the degree. He still can.
    Either way, I hope Tonganator, it turns out well, Benjy and team and thousands of MBB fans love the Bro with the Fro, 42 or Frotu.. a really nice guy and team player.
    Tonganator hand in there. things will be resolved.. and if Isaac hang in there to get his degree better yet as Rob T says, and thousands of others. regardless of BB, I know as Coach Taylor says, Isaac wants to prove something too, to the naysayers.. and we want best for Isaac 42 Fotu too.

  29. I might be wrong however, the guys that do say something but cannot say something, Jeff and Jack, they mentioned this past Wednesday hoopstalk about Isaac trying to earn degree by this summer 2015.. just have to be correct.. fans, if I am wrong, I am sorry, and correct my statement. I believe that is what BOR.. and it still sounds like conflict, he speaking as color man for BB, to make statements like that, future of Fotu, when we did not know, the fans.. it was not made public.

    At least that is what JP an JW said or alluded to on hoopstalk this past Wed nite.

    Fotu Ohana and Isaac, we are supportive of you all, hang in there.

  30. I for one am NOT looking for closure, Baby! We have to get down to business and win some games. The team has to focus. But I’m keeping the faith. Not looking ahead.
    I want to know what’s going on !
    Forget the closure !

  31. akuhead2: just to clarify, I meant, for all the things going on, the reinstatement of Isaac, that Benjy is interim HC for rest of year, and that All the guys will stay with team , or most. .. akuhead2, you cannot have competitive team, if you only had 8 or 9 guys playing, unless they were all McDonald’s All Americans..
    For sake of UH MBB program moving forward and with this year. when allegation letter comes out will set tone for year. However Nevels and the guys, if all united.. they just want to win 30 + games too! and the BWC..That is closure, a great finish through adversity.

    akuhead2 , I agree. team, if focused, all they want to do is win games.

    Go Warriors. Go Rainbow Warriors
    Go get win against BYUH in scrimmage tomorrow, and against HPU exhibition game next week , then go on a 16 game winning streak, that is Finishing strong.. team closure, of what they cannot control, and focus on school and winning BABY!

    Go Bows!

  32. A very sad thing about there are some people who want to see them fail. The very people who are in charge of the university. You leaders are not there to bring down any department. Your job is to better, improve and uplift the spirit of each department so they can seek their goals and potential. These thoughts and philosophy needs to be conveyed and embraced.

    Leaders in each department needs to also stop acting like a kid who does not have enough candy. Look at what you have and work with the higher up to bring positive changes. The two current higher ups the president and chancellor have brought their vendetta to their positions and their agenda is not for the good of the university as a whole. Your actions shows that you higher up do things in a way to seek revenge and bring hurt and damage to people who are supposedly working for the same organization. These 2 need to be shown the door. Leaders are like parents looking to be fair to each child (department) to bring out the best. Don’t play one against the other.

  33. Adversity, yes these players are experiencing this right now. My suggestion is for all of you to play this season for the university. Do your best no do better than your best. Look for the seed of an equivalent or greater value from this adversity. By all of you playing hard and winning maybe a championship will lead to more doors opening. If having to move next year I believe that will be best if the cards are falling in that direction but going out winners will make it that much more positive for each of you.

    The university owes you guys that much next year should you need to move on and they should help in every way possible to help make the transition positive. I do hope that will not be the case any everyone stays after becoming the champions of the Big West.

  34. Not an Expert: Expert words. Very true. Whatever it is. It is political. They want you out, and I worked for similar agency. If they want to, they find a way. Like bullying which they as top educators are supposed to be against. The ones who cannot, or are not given chance to defend. MIght come out. union, advocate, pro bono offers, coaches fraternity, or even file grievance with ncaa itself.. UH just makes it worse. Unless cause. What is the Cause? The letter? rush too fast. Could be huge mistake. Costly.

    However., once again. Fans , SUPPORT Benjy, Senque, Brandon, the admin assts, and the manager assts. Jay Goo, the secretary, the whole team.

    That is your reason, YOUR CAUSE, just Go out and battle on court, do well in class and win 30 games! Or as many as you can.. prove that they cannot knock down MBB team that was built to go to ncaa’s

    Not an Expert. expert words of wisdom

  35. Hey RunBows, I am down with the 30+ wins. That’s great. Love you man ! I am down with all that ! “This is the team”. We all, behind Benjy, want THIS team, this whole complete team, to finish strong ! and together ! standing tall ! one Ohana !

    Not an Expert, its not sad yet ! It’s not sad yet !
    It’s not over till its over, and this could last a long time. That’s why we have WI, isn’t it. We get together and have a voice. Its all about having a voice.
    Thank God we have those comments for Gib and Brandyn, that if one door closes another door opens. But being present in the moment now, I’m not looking ahead. I want answers. It’s not sad yet.

    Actually, I am still looking for the Reverse. I like to see people getting along. Wonder if Alabama was behind the decision about Gib and Brandyn. What else, who else, is involved here. Just games, but they are not BB. I am a fan of UH sports. Someone, perhaps the coaches, indeed we don’t know, is, ‘trying’ to insinuate themselves in the game. They need a better overview. Because this one is not fun.

  36. Sammis asked for transfer, per post on scout.com. See Alex Kline tweet .

  37. Yes the fallout.. the last 15 hope can stay strong. Sammis was one wavering. have to have commitment. Wonder if UH grant him. think so.. w


    Come on, now, akuhead and everyone, have to field a team of at least 13 I would say.. with all the guards staying..
    You know Benjy should inquire of Men’s VB team has some 6’6″-6″8″ guys who I know played basketball, those guys can leap.. however dangerous if they got hurt, Years ago Mike Among an outside hitter from Men VB team helped Wallace’s early team, so did Chris Roscoe help from football team he was a good WR.. however… maybe now, Benjy announce, and I do know they have 6’6″ to 6’7″ students who have played basketball whether they want to tryout or invite walkon, and they are offered partial help.. if ncaa okay… if comes to that.. Sammis well hope he is happy wherever he ends up
    The thing is, he really liked Gib, Gib recruited him, and stuck with him, till getting him in..

  38. RunBows, I agree, (again!)(of course!). You put it well ! I quote: (cause I can’t say any better),

    “… SUPPORT Benjy, Senque, Brandon, the admin assts, and the manager assts. Jay Goo, the secretary, the whole team.”

    But I have to say, it is hard sometimes to study, with all these things going on. It can affect our student-athletes’ grades. It is a very real consequence. And grades one year, affects classes the next year. And those classes affect other things. You get it ! Our Administrators don’t mention this, and quite frankly here on WI, don’t think about it ! They can’t. They can’t and maintain any sense of high and mighty. You are right. One word, bullying ! Wait, second word, “Bullying for Money !” It may not be, “just a job”. Are we are looking at open corruption, sailing down the Ala Wai ? What’s up with a judgement without taking into account all the facts?

  39. Hawaii freshman forward Sammis Reyes has asked for his release from the program

    per Alex Kline @ Recruitscoop

    Man, open call Benjy to student body, 6’6″ or taller guys that played basketball. want to help out?
    Medical covered. and partial help if ncaa allowed.
    Ask the Men’s VB coach, if any of his 6’7″ to 6″8″ guys that played HS BB, if they could help out, if anymore big men left.
    Man if UH loses 6’6″, 6’11” and 6’8″.. I still think it would be fun.. a real Benjy Ball, like his old days at Chicago State, he had small teams, no height, but guys 6 feet to 6’6″ who could leap run and gun threes, and pressure.

    Hope at least 12-13 guys stay..
    See… dumb and dumber.. what the heck did Chancellor think.. jjay, maybe not Ben doing, it is the president, the hui, anti gib and the Chancellor.. the fallout.. shoooots! darn it.
    Support the team, what is left.. we support you guys, have to have at least 12 with Thomas and Jovanovich as bigs, and NWC and Valdes, Jawato help get rebounds. or as team.. run and gun, press.. small Benjy Ball!

    Go team.. at least 12 please stay !! Darn UH.. admin. darn it..

  40. Was there full attendance at practice today? Or are there still some guys that aren’t going?

    Before criticizing Gib or Akana, I want to see the facts that come from the report. Its probable that they couldn’t get their story straight, but we don’t know anything at this point.

    All I have to say is that this group of administrators could be hailed as some of the dirtiest, scuzziest group UH has ever had. This is NOT their first time to force out somebody without cause or with a legitimate explanation… It was only a couple months ago when Lassner and the BOR moved to rid Tom Apple of his Chancellor position. The BOR, which by the way, has a bunch of fresh Abercrombie appointees because 4 of them quit in June because they refused to provide financial disclosure in accordance to newly passed SB 2682.

    To think Gib Arnold is the sole reason this is happening is far from the truth. The bigger problems UH has is with their leadership and their attitude towards athletics… First is was a hands off, let UH Athletics be self sufficient, but don’t approve requested upgrades to make them self sufficient. Now, the leadership is reaching their dirty hands all over UH Athletics and dictating who is in and who is out.

    Its truly the worst working environment (literally and figuratively) in the college athletics landscape. Any prospective coaches looking to fill UH coaching positions have to deal with substandard pay and facilities as well as watch their back from upper campus.

    This is, without a doubt, going to hurt the efforts to fill head coaching vacancies in the future across all sports. It’s tough enough being in an isolated school in a mid-major conference, not having the budget to properly compensate coaches of comparable schools, and now coaches have to always be wary that the Chancellor, the President, the BOR, and the AD have shown the ability to fire people without cause and not give due process.

    It’s a scary proposition if you’re a coach with a promising future.

  41. Sammis Reyes confirms he’s requested his release out from #HawaiiMBB team. per BM tweet. darn it, dang it.. UH admin, rush to get rid, without thinking of fallout consequence, should have waited.. admin,.. not understanding athletics and people student athletes, distance,,and darn it..

    I is upset..
    Still support the guys.. hope at least 12 stay or more.. darn it…

  42. Also, I don’t think prospective coaches are going to to enthusiastic to work under an AD that throws coaches under the bus without due process or is too weak to defend them if the Chancellor, President, and/or BOR if something isn’t perfect.

  43. excellent reasoning , this ain;’t over.. and for Gib or Akana to own up to it? To what.. who is running the UH zoo now..don’t mean to sound mean, however, I am a long ago UH alum too, it was simpler, cheaper tuition and not like this.. when small college athletics. more family friendly and fun..

    FUHA.. what the heck or hello is going on? Sammis you know requested his release, no doubt UH will grant it, and WHO is next..
    Darn it.. chancellor and the political hacks.. this goes way beyond Gib and Akana and owning up to it.. It is character and job assassination.. Gib and Akana head offered. Gib and counsel, fight the guys.. Clear name.. and still love the team..
    The fallout.. shoots..clean house UH admin. and political hacks..
    Bullying, absolutely, hope there is an Akamai pro bono, or advocate legal group that can get things straight, otherwise, it is hurting a lot of innocent guys, Guilty till proven innocent.. I thought this is USA..
    it is , great country.. Due process.
    This is not the end..

    Poor basketball team
    WE STILL SUPPORT THE GUYS WITH THE PROGRAM.. if any choose to do what you have to.. it is your choice and not your fault..
    man,. I am upset..

  44. Sammis ,good luck , too bad you changed your mind, the University made a committment to you , and provided for you, it’s about playing for this state ,this school , the fans and people all over the state that are Warrior fans . Too bad you never got to feel it . Aloha .
    Nevels=Spearman, he’s the man , a leader , we go to war with guys like Nevels , adversity is something that doesnt scare him. You team members can learn a good lesson from Garrett Nevels!

  45. http://www.staradvertiser.com/news/breaking/20141031_UH_hoops_freshman_Reyes_requests_release.html?id=281145932

    darn it.. Team still we support even if 12 or 13. or more.. getting tired of this. give it a rest.. man..oh man..

  46. Now I’m sad. Sammis will have a great career where ever he goes. Really don’t want to lose Sammis, or anyone !
    I’m still hoping for the Reverse.

  47. Good that Sammis is staying in school for Fall semester. Very smart move Sammis. That way he has good academic standing and can transfer well if keep up his GPA.
    Had nice things to say about teammates though, would miss them. Who knows. maybe Sammis will be there in stands cheering them on. and to think Gib waited on him, ncaa gifted his waiver entry.. sad.. however wish you well , and so glad you are going to finish fall semester.

    Now other guys, really have to think about it.. guys on team before making move.. what is best.. I think at least 12 are locked in or walkons.

    What will be the reaction next week at HPU exhibition or on field at FB game if they see chancellor.. I don’t know.. tired of this..
    what a week. and very weak.. no due process. .. ugly..

  48. Looking back when Sammis first signed with UH, I’m pretty sure it was Gib who battled and battled to get him in. Even our fake experts from Poop Talk radio announced there was no way Sammis was getting in and that’s why all the big schools stopped recruiting him.

    I can understand why Sammis is now upset about losing his coach, the only guy who believed in him the whole time. I bet Sammis is thinking if the school can do this to Gib, then not worth it to stay here. Can find better support just about anywhere else in the country.

    Good luck Sammis. We hardly knew ya!

  49. If the UH fails to negotiate off the ‘transfer rule’ as a penalty… You could see a mass exodus. Until the sanctions are known, UH will be vulnerable to any underclassmen transferring that hasn’t been redshirted yet.

    That is the penalty UH must avoid at all costs. That is why I am upset that Gib and Akana were fired before meeting with the NCAA to review the report. As I’ve said before, UH should have tried to select which penalties get handed down (if any), in exchange for firing the coaches if the report was really bad.

    At the meeting, there is should be Q&A or some kind of period where UH can respond to the report.. I would refute any parts of the report that appear incorrect or out of context and provide evidence to support that. The report isn’t going to be perfect, so there should be chances for UH to hit back.

    When it gets to the penalty phase of the meetings, I would have asked the NCAA to provide a couple different penalty scenarios. For example, lets say the report is ugly and the NCAA proposes a 4 year post season ban, 3 scholarship reductions for 4 years, Coaches Arnold and Akana suspended for 30 games, players are allowed to free transfer, and probation for 5 years. That’s a really, really strong penalty given earlier precedents.

    I would have countered this by accepting the probation, but offer to fire Arnold and Akana, in exchange for no waiver of ‘transfer rule’, only 1 scholarship reduction for 4 years, and 2 year post season ban.

    From there it’s a give and take negotiation. You can play with numbers to try and make the parts fit. Maybe instead of 3 scholarships over 4 years, counter with 3 scholarships for 2 years, then 1 scholarships for the next 3 years.. whatever. It’s all negotiable.

    But given that UH already got rid of their bargaining chips, they have to sit on their thumbs and hope the NCAA doesn’t beat them over the head, which they are prone to do vs schools that don’t have the money or power to fight back.

    ** BM just tweeted that Taylor will remain acting head coach for season… That’s good news to help combat transfers. I think somebody must have put a message through to Ben Jay that this debacle has already gutted the pipeline of recruits. Ben Jay may have just figured out that it’s going to be his okole on the line to get UH out of this mess, and that he should probably stop digging the hole any deeper.

  50. I totally understand Reyes’ decision to want out. ChuckCheese is correct that Gib put a lot of effort to get Reyes’ commitment.

    Had UH given Gib due process and to the prudent thing by at least finding out the accusations before firing him, then there’s a small chance Reyes stays at UH.

  51. What does the 2nd paragraph below mean , which was in the story by McInnis ?

    ” Taylor became the acting head coach on Tuesday when former head coach Gib Arnold and assistant Brandyn Akana were fired by the university.

    However, there was no assurance in the immediate aftermath that Taylor would be allowed to actually coach the season. “

  52. Well one good thing important that Ben Jay did, try to save sinking UH MBB… hope Sammis can change his mind, maybe?
    Taylor was given the HC job for the 2014-15 season. I hope Benjy you have a good year. You have the athletes, have to manage the emotions running high,. At least they know you. Good fortune.hope thas Sammis might reconsider.
    If not, do well in fall Semester and best wishes..

    FUHA, Chuck.. things from top have to be changed.. FUHA it is strange, I am sure when you played not as melodramatic, less politics.. well maybe sae..


  53. Edit, i get it now. That was on Tuesday. Now he is the Acting Head Coach.

  54. islandman: excellent question to Steve Murray on scout.mbd.. how would he have done things to avoid this mess.
    Fans check out if you can log in. http://mbd.scout.com/mb.aspx?s=219&f=1136
    about: either Sammis Reyes transfer or Benjy Taylor.. Steve Murray had excellent comments how this mess could have been avoided, right 2 weeks before the season. Excellent words of wisdom.
    Ben, he hears the public outcry, man him walking , I hope he is healthy, wish him well, however , now Damage control, could he do REVERSAL,.i think if he retracted Gib’s termination, and Akana pending investigation.. he could.. sheets

    as the UH Athletic and Political world turns
    you done good islandman.. very cool, and great questions.. mahalo bro.

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