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Taylor named Acting Head Coach

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Benjy Taylor is now the official acting head coach of the University of Hawai’i basketball team for the 2014-15 season. The move was announced on Friday afternoon by UH Athletics.

“Benjy will provide leadership and guidance for the UH men’s basketball program,” UH Athletics Director Ben Jay said in a press release, “while ensuring that our student-athletes continue to pursue athletic and academic success. The student-athletes have expressed to me their desire to have Benjy at the helm and that is how we will proceed as we prepare for the start of the 2014-15 season.”

Taylor takes over in the aftermath of the sudden dismissals of previous head coach Gib Arnold and assistant coach Brandyn Akana earlier in the week.

Taylor has been on UH coaching staff since 2010, and has been the associate coach for the previous three seasons.

He currently has two assistant coaches on staff: Senque Carey and Brandon Loyd.

Taylor’s title was not the only change to the program on Friday. Freshman forward Sammis Reyes confirmed that he has requested a transfer out of UH. The transfer can not take place until the end of the semester in December, but Reyes will not practice or play in any games with the Warriors. He will remain in his current academic classes.

The Warriors are scheduled to play a private scrimmage against Brigham Young-Hawai’i on Saturday, and then will play an exhibition game against Hawai’i Pacific on November 6.


  1. guess we’ll be the only team ever in the nation to run a 5 guard rotation

  2. Go Benjy..hfan..why not …3 guards valdes and thomas negus and jovanovich…janks in december..benjy ball
    ben jay finally did something..what if benjy ala cal poly goes to ncaa’s
    right on
    support benjy and team
    stop being negative nancy

    go bows
    go warriors
    now we need fotu back soon..

  3. I was actually kind of joking when I first posted about the five guard lineup couple days ago but what the heck, why not! Quincy, Nevels, Fleming, Negus and Bobbitt. That could be a very exciting team. Run and gun!

    Everybody praying that Fotu can play and if he does that changes everything. Swap him in place of Bobbitt or Fleming and still can run and gun.

    Against the real big teams like Irvine, you got Jovanovich and Mike Thomas can come in. Valdes, Niko, Dyrbe be the super subs!

  4. This was the only thing that BJ could have done. Even a lot of the detractors were saying this. Should have done this immediately. Before he erred with the early firing.

    Go Bows!!!!

  5. Sorry, meant to say “After” he erred with the early firing.

    Fotu..Fotu..and Janks get on board the train for glory..hey..just have fun
    this your the fantastic fifteens year
    wonder if sammis reconsider?
    Either way go benjy lead and get those wins
    ben jay ..warriorhaw..he should have done this let be known 2 weeks ago
    more solidarity
    hope he is well.still ..wondef if gib was preparing benjy for this?
    Maybe..now benjy has athletes..great ones
    benjy ball
    for that can go to HPU game 3000 or much more strong!!

  7. Here are some interesting remarks from GA’s co coaches:

    Former USC basketball assistant Gib Arnold was fired by Hawaii, where he was the head coach the past four seasons.

    Hawaii self-reported that “a men’s basketball coach submitted an altered document that was essential for admissions purposes,” according to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

    The shock from those who were at USC (like say, a Tim Floyd or his other assistant coaches) is that Arnold got hired there in the first place. And considering Arnold was around when USC got investigated for O.J. Mayo, he should have been extra careful regarding NCAA violations.

  8. Good to hear Benjy is in as acting Head Coach. Maybe some stability for the program, and things can move forward.

    Go Warriors!!

  9. I don’t think Fotu will play another game for UH. JMO. When the NCAA release their findings, whenever that is, he’ll be ineligible for the entire season. Then, he will leave and try to play pro basketball somewhere. Good luck to him. Again, this is what I think. Even if somehow he plays half the season the season is shot already. What a mess! I have seasons tickets but I don’t even want to go to a game anymore. I’ll watch on TV. I’m definitely not renewing after this year.

  10. Still Derek support the guys for this year..cal poly , what they did came out of nowhere and ended up in ncaa’s
    just hope not as bad..
    go bows..I am not giving up on guys remaining
    and Fleming can play 3 spot
    Bobbitt, Nevels, Fleming , NWC and Thomas speed squad
    Smith , Niko, Enos , Valdes , Jovanovich another push and one big group
    Jawato, Stepteau, Buscher off the bench
    Janks stay..We need you ready for DHC and BWC play
    nobody redshirt
    heard from Kekaula KITV..Sammis transfer not granted yet..sammis reconsider..
    fotu..derek ..not giving up..could be gift if sit out few games
    we love isaac and iaac love poke boel hawai heaven
    maybe like sammis..ncaa knows uh mbb suffer enough grant eligibility soon
    never know if fotu still practicing and in school still good hope
    maybe ncaa help us out now..
    go rainbow warriors!!

  11. Aloha,

    I think Fotu will come back. Iʻll bet what they did was minor and the NCAA are just jerks.

    We still have a good team and I will still go to all the games and support the team. Derek, you stay home. we donʻt need the negativity. I go to have fun and be happy and I can even be happy if we lost but came close. I support the young athletes. Watching on TV is boring.

    kden, Puhi

  12. AirTime:

    Tim Floyd is coaching at UTEP since 2010, now entering his 5th year there. He had resigned from USC on June 9, 2009. Then he was hired by UTEP on March 30, 2010, missing only one season.

    Based on this, i would think Gib could find another coaching job.

  13. Puhi..you are a real fan ..I think there is that 3000 to 4000. win or lose..i think this year win more..guys want to prove something..team so athletic everyone can shoot and benjy is a defensive coach from chicago state days..you all have good time
    Eagle..warriorhaw..and thousands more support student athletes whomever on the floor..they stay together as brothers family they can win a lot
    going to be uptempo
    with bobbitt smith fleming
    enos nilko..nevels closing games out
    i bet benjy guard loyd guar and senque guard in college help team inbound ball and go
    with ball handlers and guys break for rim will break pressure..better free throw shooting steals blocked shots and push
    maybe 86 ppg
    Puhi that ‘s the spirit
    support the team go games and guys will play better
    people stay away no good
    guys need fan support
    me disabled home bound i will cheer so loud can hear in SSC hopefully. .
    Puhi and hard core fans support team they need it
    go rainbow warriors !!

  14. Gib will clear name settle with uh and be okay really hping..hedid the heavy lifting to get this team together
    with guards very good and sf’s nwc and valdes very good big thomas ready and janks jovanovich inside and out.they can shoot for all time win team
    main thing follow coaches and stay togetherif they do can have lot of wins and shock the world
    too positive,, why not a few negative nancies..true fans not
    go bows..warrior time
    and gib get his day in court or settle..clear name he will coach again or miracle reversal.retraction..that would be awesome however,, now boys got to beat byuh really good get minds off this negative stuff and win scrimmage and hpu exhibition game then win rbc..and go forward so much to play for all time wins

  15. RunBows i agree Gib & staff assembled a good team . Taylor is their only option ,Reyes need to man up and honor his scholarship thats what men do whom ever giving him advice need to back off and look at the big picture ” Free Education”

  16. bigdaddy,

    you are a good dad. Isaac Fleming show a lot of maturity, and wants to work hard, and win. He explains as did Nevels and Valdes, that is why they were brought here on scholarship. You have a very good mature son. Sammis, give him time, UH has not granted release yet. Sammis made request, they could still put on hold, and Sammis thinks about it. Maybe teammates talk to him, or he misses the Team and Balling. Hope he does, the mature thing and finishes out the year. I mean bigdaddy with Isaac Fleming, the excellent guards, SF’s and having the bigs back, UH can do really well. This is a test, trial by fire, learning lesson for UH , the team. all of us.. UH MBB come out stronger through this, and so can all of the team.

    Have a good one bigdaddy. Look forward to the guys not giving up, I don’t think they are, they are still grinding for the All Time winning record.. hoping for the best. great bunch of guys, The best I have seen in years!

  17. AirTime this is the angle. UH is asked by the NCAA if you don’t want to be given a harsh sentence fire Arnold without cause. They could not get him for the USC thing but this will do. Now this really is shooting darts and who knows this could of happen.

    After the findings are released by the NCAA, Arnold attorney should not overlook this. If collusion is proven in the firing of Arnold it be interesting what can happen legally.

  18. By the way Run Bows you are one great fan. Thank you for your kind words to what I opined.

    This could be the thing that can be the things of things at UH. Ben Jay conscience makes him to stop doing what he has been ordered too. Totally become smart because he knows now he is being used. He turns in the president and chancellor about what the NCAA has asked to be done to minimize the sanctions. He will no longer stand for this when the sanctions are made public for he will find that they have and are using him to the max.

    After they have no use for him he will be the next to be fired by them. Ben Jay do not let these scrupulous minds and these type of people control you. Fight back when the time is right. You yourself need to seek legal counsel.

  19. I’m really proud of the players for staying together and seeing all of this through. When adversity comes you need dig down deep in the trenches and hang in there until it blows away. It’s not easy. But these are the things that you can learn from and it will only make you stronger as you confront the storms of life.

    We got some stability now that BJ is head coach for the rest of the year. If Gib can’t coach anymore then BJ is the one. And all the players look up to him and are comfortable with him. That says it all. What the NCAA decides in the next week or so is something no one has control over. We all need to stay positive and hope for the best. I and many of the fans here are pulling for the program to right the ship. That’s the way it has to be. We don’t give up. And if the boat sinks we all sink with it.

  20. Hahaha I meant BT

  21. I think Ben Jay had an epiphany and realized that it’s going to be his okole in front of the firing squad if he doesn’t get UH Athletics back to some sort of respectability… He must have figured out that he can’t keep digging a deeper hole because it’s his responsibly to get UH out of it.

    Retaining Benjy is the only logical move to try and stop the blood letting for now.

    I saw they increased the role of one admin assistant to assistant coach. May not be qualified, but at least it helps ease the workload. I think it would be wise to make one more assistant coach hire, but the timing makes that tough. Benjy knows the system and his tweaks don’t sound they will hinder things. The biggest issue now is getting the manpower to run a basketball program since the two most experience coaches are gone.

  22. FUHA:

    You mentioned Brandon Loyd. Benjy Taylor was really in a bind because of the sudden termination of HC duties for Gib. He asked if okay with compliance and Ben Jay if okay to promote Loyd to full time assistant. As for Basketball pedigree, I didn’t realize he was a top get of UCLA back in 1997, for Jim Harrick, one of the better 3 point shooters at that time. As you notice in my paste from UH Athletics, to help Benjy and Senque, Brandon is a huge addition. Either Benjy asks to promote another admin. assistant(first time I heard of those positions)of Ben Jay, or if he could look around for another of his contact friends who can coach Bigs.

    I think Gib was doing that.
    You are correct, the team, Benjy was thinking of leaving too, however has young kids to take of, and needed the job, he most importantly thought about the guys recruited ,This Was to be the year, still can be special.. goal: Win the most games ever by UH MBB team. Very good and you are right,with the clamor for Football coach removal, the debacle in Athletic dept. over his tenure, mishandling under direction of interim Chancellor, or new English lit. guy, Ben had to do it.

    Otherwise, that rudderless ship, the team, would be without any direction and possibly a lot would leave or wouldn’t care. I, agree with servante Garrett Nevels being the only senior, is providing great leadership, reminding the guys, they are here for reason, to get education, having been given scholarships, and to win and play basketball, I believe majority of team buying in. If they win that RBC to start the season, and even before that, they beat BYUH in Saturday’s scrimmage and beat HPU, with a nice crowd, there supporting them, it will Galvanize the team, And off they go,trying to win as many games as possible.

    Just might be the biggest sports story of the 2014-15 year, if Benjy can pull off a 22-23 win season, and depending the outcome of letter, who knows, ? How come UH did not self impose ban from Post Season play? I wondered, maybe that was the sacrifices, the two coaches to allow UH to play post season. either way, Brandon Loyd as assistant is big help. if Jamie Smith ever comes back to UH…at one time they had his pix on the UH coaches page,now it is not there, maybe visa? Jamie has coaching experience, he could be promoted. too. Hey FUHA., this trial, and craziness…

    . I believe it will make the UH MBB fanbase stronger for the guys.. don’t matter about the Admin. that will get resolved. The team that sticks it out, with Negus, Nevels, Bobbitt, Fleming , Valdes, Thomas, Enos, Jovanovich and hopefully Fotu back.. soon.. will have potential as Garrett Nevels stated., to prove to the naysayers, that despite the effort of some to seemingly bring down UH MBB, they are a scary team.

    Negus, now time , big time to step up and lead , if he has to average 18 ppg, 6 asssits, 2 steals, a couple of blocks, and 7 rebounds to help team, I am sure Negus will do it. same with Valdes , Thomas, Smith, Jawato, they have something to prove, all the moreso, I hope Benjy has a great winning season..
    We will Support Benjy , Senque, Brandon Loyd the coaches and the managers, and staff and Team, I hope they have good supportive crowds too, not stay away like the Football team games, which is another story..

  23. Sorry FUHA: here is the bio from UH athletics about Brandon Loyd, who got promoted, and is greatly appreciated by Benjy,..I agree, they need ONE more assistant, to help with logistics , on the road, scout,drills, a guy that can coach, I know the two more admin. assistants the have are for logistics and help for MBB program and athletes, however cannot coach on the court..Brandon Loyd , now okayed to do so.. that is a big help..

    Here bio: Brando Loyd.. promoted to full time assistant to help UH MBB coaching.

    Brandon Loyd begins his first season with the Rainbow Warrior Basketball team. Loyd has more than six years of coaching experience and will be assisting in a multitude of areas within the basketball program including analytics, film exchange, travel, summer basketball camps and academics.

    Loyd returns to college basketball after spending the last two years in private business and as a high school basketball coach at Tulsa Memorial in Oklahoma, where he helped the Chargers capture back-to- back state championships. Loyd has also served as an assistant coach for Division II Cal State University Los Angeles and as a graduate assistant at his alma mater, UCLA.

    Loyd has played or coached in five NCAA tournaments including one Elite Eight and three Sweet Sixteens as a member of the UCLA Bruins from 1995 to ’99. During his time at UCLA, Loyd played with or coached nearly a dozen future NBA players. The native of Tulsa was a two-time Oklahoma State Player of the Year and and High School All American, while leading his team to the 1994 state championship.

  24. Nice angle Not an Expert.

    Hey RunBows, I think you are shooting low. BT gets more wins than 22-23, no problem. I think the focus is the same once the team starts to sweat. Still shooting for a good run into the Dance. Goals are the same. Nevels is better. Fotu is better. Negus is better. Valdes is better. MT is better. Jovanovich is better. Niko is better. Dyrbe is better. Jawato is healthy! Let’s see about him. Let’s get Quincy healthy and back on the court! And a few exceptional newcomers. I think we do better than last year. Gib and the whole coaching staff is responsible for this and BT won’t let us down.

    Losing Sammis in the mix may hurt our D as he is extraordinarily relentless, (2nd in the King of the Beach). It would be great if he does ever play for Hawaii.
    (Don’t want to think about losing 42.)

  25. It will be interesting to see if everyone believes Gib was fired too early or too late once the facts come out. I think the document deal with Akana is small compared to everything else that was found. Also laughed out loud when I saw big daddy accusing Sammis of not manning up. Such a hypocrite. One time you chastise anyone that says anything at all negative about a player (no D1 left hand) and then question a young man’s manhood….really? Anyway, let’s just let Sammis and his family worry about him and you worry about yours. Maybe his family can’t take being lied to man to man by Gib like big daddy can.

  26. I think with Fotu back, and if had Sammis for depth, team would be exceptional. You are right, I forgot about Negus’ statement, that guy has tremendous court vision , facilitator and can shoot from all angles. He can take over a game. He and Nevels, can be primary scorers. Valdes and Thomas time to shine. pretty bummed about what happened, however, they want to prove something. The more negative stuff dumped on them, and former coach, the more they want to win big.

    This is the perfect storm for them, work hard, they have athletic smaller team, good shooters, and just right fit to battle for BWC crown, you are right have to think positive, BWC crown and post season still there.. nothing says it isn’t what they are working for..Garrett Nevels wants 28 plus and 3 wins for BWC tournament title and that coveted NCAA bid. why not? why shoot so low, or go negative.. shoot for NCAA bid and 30 game win or more, and deep run in post season? It will make one of the most memorable seasons ever. Because, or in spite of the turmoil.. the guys band together, Finish Strong, they can do it. No one give up. No Negative Nancies, and No Troll zone.. Keep the Faith MBB team, do not give up, fight, and win that 30 plus games, and get to The Dance!!

    That’s the spirit akuhead2!

  27. Great writeup this Saturday morning SA article by BM. How former UH BB athletes David Hallums, Rod Aldrige, Artie Wilson, Tim Shepherd, Johnny White and Geremey Robinson, greeted new HC for this year Benjy Taylor. At the Stan Sheriff center, each of the former athletes encouraged the guys to work through adversity.. make them stronger. .. and this is the best part, those BB alumni, they said if ever you all need help or encouragement, we are here for you, or to that effect..It made the guys and new HC Benjy Taylor feel great. Guys still with team excited and ready for season, a breath of new life, …what a feel good thing for those guys to do.. no trolls, no negative nancies.

    Taylor is ready to lead too. That boost really helped… Good news too, Janks is back practicing with team.. Negus spoke about Sammis, they are not mad at him,, he has to do what he has to do.. and Fotu, weighing option, still undecided, pending how long to get eligible again whether to go pro. so he was not at practice.. Still they , the team and coach, said they are family and they love Isaac, no matter what he chooses to do…Really great team bond.. This band, of maybe 14 now, are going to have maybe, no akuhead2, they work hard , and together.. they WILL have a very good season, ncaa things or not.. it is exciting and I cannot wait, I am excited about UH MBB hoops again!

    Just go for that 30 or 28 or whatever all time wins, and RBC , DHC and if can, can BWC title..Go Rainbow Warriors!


    SA: pasted article from Sat. Nov 1 2014 front page: Read the Article it is great !! a super boost no matter what, these 14 remaining guys, even without Reyes or Fotu maybe, are going to MAKE it work everyone step up.. they will brother, the will bro..

  28. gibnogood,

    Gibbs did not lie to me reguarding ncaa we never discussed the situation.What i like most about Gib he kept his mouth shut and didn’t incriminate himself.[very smart] Thats why he still cashing a check until his contract end with know blimishes fool.

    I’m not a judge just a parent your word and signature is all you got if you sign the dotted line your locked in for the yr bball scholarships are performance based at yr end after u fulfill that contract its like extended credit if you choose to stay or leave the bill is still going tobe paid.

    Thats not calling a kid out its just good ole advice fool.

  29. What Isaac decides to do will say a lot about his character. i believe he will choose to be a leader.

    Isaac, you’ll be reinstated. You may have to miss a few games, but you’ll be back on the court when the big games start. And when you get back out there you can lead this team to a title. Go help your brothers make some history.

  30. Gibnogood – who the f&@% are you? Are you Ben jay? Lol. Take your crap out of here! We’ll believe you if you tell us now what Gib did wrong and the ncaa findings confirm your story. Until then you’re just a cheap ass troll hiding behind your computer.

  31. Anyway, hope there’s enough public support to either get Ben Gay fired or run her out of town, ala Herman Frazier. Those two women have no place in hawaii. Beat it!!

  32. big daddy fool….very foolish that you didn’t investigate the situation further…..never even asked about it? Kind of irresponsible. You certainly prove u shouldn’t give others advice. Gib with no blemish?? What planet u from fool? He is very blemished and even more so when final report comes out….

  33. The 808….the main theme will be very consistent lying by Gib…

  34. Gibnogood – thank you for the response. We’ll see…

  35. I still believe in innocent until proven guilty. I guess Ben gay isn’t American enough to believe in this concept to protect his staff. What a fool…hope she will understand when she is fired. With this move Ben gay has set the program back tremendously and done UH a deathly PR blow. Lost Reyes and a recruit. What next?

    Anyway hope Taylor is retained after this one season if he can coach the team to at least 17 – 18+ wins.

  36. gibnogood give me some proof wise guy photo copy the ncaa transcript i bet you cant sucker lol

  37. Taylor naysayers – remember that he has been part of this team’s success. Hope he can guide the team to 20+ wins and show all the tremendous foundation that Gib built.

    Btw – has Jankovic been going to practice?

  38. Bigdaddy- I’m with you but don’t worry, every forum needs a troll or two to keep things interesting.

  39. Gibnogood claims he has his “sources” lol

  40. I told u two months ago this day would be here…..of course bj handled it improperly but Gib is the “root cause” of it all. Simply can’t consistently lie to the ncaa jerks. Stupid strategy. big daddy, you Crack me up calling me fool and sucker….and in the same breath u say u never even once discussed the possible ncaa situation with gib before signing on the dotted line? Wow.
    And it is perfectly ok for Sammis to back out of a signed contract if it was signed based on lies because I suspect him and his family actually took the time to ask gib directly and got a line of b.s.

  41. Gibnogood thanks for the info two months ago.I’m not knocking the kid your going to face adversity werever you go its apart of life nobody perfect we all are walking with trash in our bag some more than others.The way i truly look at that contract is I just got beat by a used car salesman he sold me a lemon lol but I’m going to make the best out of the situation and move on.The warranty clearly stated ” AS IS ”

  42. Good to hear about the former players’ support.

    Trying to figure out the whys, maybe Gib and some others didn’t come clean with the investigators ? That’s why maybe he was let go. Otherwise, it was a drastic thing to do by UH . And could be the number of extra benefits alleged. Two players who left after last season were interviewed, so …

    Old stuff – anybody know why were Fisher and McMillian were let go awhile back ?

  43. Don’t believe Fisher and McMillian were LET Go, believe they left to further their coaching aspirations. If memory is correct they left on good terms, believe one of the coaches took a head coaching job at a JC???

    JMHO: Everybody is entitled to their opinion, however, the line “maybe” crossed when the name calling begins; maybe construed as “slander.” Don’t believe that’s the mission of this blog.

    At this point, it appears mistakes continue to happen and the outcomes hurt the program, e.g. – Sammis leaving and the probable lost of a quality recruit. And all are walking on eggs to hear what Fotu is going to decide, we all hope he stays for two years and earns his degree; high character individual.

    As fans we are hoping the team unites and stay strong. Believe the same behavior is expected of us. Who do you think is reading this blog??? Just maybe… the parent of these players… geez…practice being Pono..one goal, one team, one Ohana… GO BOws.

  44. tako;
    someone said Fotu could stay one more year because he could graduate next summer or something like that ?

  45. bigdaddy:

    99.9% of forum, They support the team. Your son Isaac Fleming, all of the 16 guys. What went down, I am not sure of details , however it is part of, ncaa new legislation, whether they know or not, ncaa holds them accountable. However ncaa protocol, they give the UH and accused of allegations, I think 90 days to address, correct, respond. We shall see.

    On these forums, and I have been dragged into several times, there is always ONE troll, who starts slinging things, and they cannot justify or qualify. What has happened happened., So now, we all will support team and current Coaching staff. It is a waste of time to battle these mud slingers. As Tako says, if they are caught in real world doing this, the rumor, the knowing of inside information without backing or substance, it is bordering on slander. This is a WI MBB forum. And tako is right, who peeks into these forums, the parents like yourself, recruits possibly, the team, maybe even the coaches.

    This gibnogood, just the moniker, there is actually a SMALL minority of fans that do that, the Negative attack, like in Political attack ads. We All suppor UH MBB team as fans. Now coach Benjy at the helm, and I hope he, and your son Isaac Fleming just blow up and have a great year! They are on a mission. Whomever is sticking together as Family, they will get it done.
    gibnogood, what good does it do,to sling doo doo, it only makes your typing hands more stink?

    Go Rainbow Warriors. And Isaac Fotu and Sammis Reyes, whatever you decide to do, we support you and your families. However, with Isaac Fotu, not a done deal, maybe even Sammis could change mind and stay, we don’t know yet. We just Support the young guys and coach Taylor!

    Go Warriors. Have an Awesome season !!
    And bigdaddy, you are a good dad. Many , many on this forum, they are just lovers of UH MBB.
    and we love your support of your son, and wanting team to do well too !

  46. Bigdaddy. If “as is” is the way you approach it then I admit I can respect that. I can also respect someone that might say they approach a contract on ” good faith”. Anyway, point taken. See, I’m not always disagreeable just for the sake of being disagreeable and I seriously hope your lefty has an outstanding season. Have a good weekend.

  47. Runbows, on the other hand you are simply blind to the truth. You simply can’t handle the truth. Not sure how a graduate and long time ticket holder gets called a troll. I pay for the right to state my honest opinion. Good or bad, my statements are much more honest and realistic than yours…..but I wish u a great weekend as well.

  48. islandman:

    That thought about Isaac working towards graduating early, by next summer, was brought out by JP and JW, on last week’s 90 minute hoopstalk show. loud and clear. Wonder, that is what gets me, JP is very, very close to situation, and KNOWS particulars, strange he is radio, or media, commentator, and Board of Regent chairman. And JW, the ex UH coach, I don’t know. However, on their next show, they should invite Benjy on , and congratulate and support him. As for Isaac Fotu, I really hope that ncaa speeds up the appeal, and gets him back on court soon. He really, from all indications, loves the team, the team loves him,,and this was to be a special , special season. He is part of , perhaps the BEST band of brothers, a BB team, that I have ever heard of or seen working together. Incredible bunch of young men with GREAT families. This is unfortunate, however I hope UH does well in today’s BYUH scrimmage, and win big against HPU exhibition game, Then take the RBC , and start winning a lot of games.
    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    We supporting you guys all the way. Stick with and work with coach Taylor. It will be alright.

  49. Tonganator,

    we LOVE and support Isaac Fotu, and the whole team, we really have a lot of Aloha for all of you. The Fotu Ohana, we have ultimate respect for you. Have great family, and Isaac is a very nice young student athlete. He will do well, we know. Things will get resolved. And Isaac will move forward whatever he decides. I hope the ncaa will really speed up the process. His team, the brothers, really love him too, a lot. Isaac , the Bro with the Fro.

  50. gibnogood: are you up to No good? really, just support the team if you are real fan. many young and old, and student body fans do. team will be strong.be good.

  51. I very strongly support all consistently honest coaches and players. I simply have never liked the taste of the gib kool-aid.

  52. Dayton, if have to take down this portion of writeup. please delete.
    To show solidarity and Team togetherness past and now current, great writeup front page of :


    “Members past and present work to revive team’s spirit”
    – some excerpts-

    Former UH players share stories of hoops hardships as Benjy Taylor is confirmed as coach for the season, just a small portion of BM’s writeup, very good one, a drawing together the ranks.

    “One by one they walked out from the Stan Sheriff Center tunnels and greeted new University of Hawaii basketball coach Benjy Taylor and the circle of Rainbow Warriors players gathered at midcourt.
    UH hoops alumni Johnny White, David Hallums, Artie Wilson, Tim Shepherd, Geremy Robinson and Rod Aldridge joined the circle. For many minutes they shared stories of hardships during their playing careers, attempting to bridge the gap to these modern ‘Bows and the adversity they face.
    Taylor, the acting head coach”I was excited. I was excited for the program, for the university, for the state of Hawaii,” Taylor said. “These kids are ready to play. They’re excited. It’s a breath of fresh air for us, really.”
    If Taylor was the proverbial anvil Friday, the six former ‘Bows — spanning the early 1970s to the year 2000 — were the hammer.
    “They just talked about all the hard times they had when they went here to school and played for this team,” junior point guard Roderick Bobbitt said. “So we just heard different perspectives on things, and they just let us know they were here for us. It was pretty cool for them to come talk to us. It meant a lot.”

  53. Hallums’ story was mentioned in today’s article. Young -timers like Runbows may remember that Artie Wilson had to play under a coaching change too.

    He played for Red Rocha for two seasons, 1971-72,1972-73, then Red was let go for mysterious reasons. He then played under Red’s assistant Bruce O’Neil for one season 1973-74 ( from looking at internet info ). Looks like Artie started playing for UH in the last season of the Fabulous Five, 1971-72. He was recruited by O’Neil .

    ( John Penebacker played for UH four seasons,1969-70, 71, 72, 73, per UH website. I thought freshman couldn’t play basketball until 1972 ?)

    A teammate of Artie’s was Tom Henderson, who apparently played one year for Red and one under Bruce, 1973-74. In 1974, Tom was selected to four All America 1st teams ( 7 teams in all) . He was selected No. 7 in the 1974 NBA draft and played point guard for an NBA champion team in 1978, the Washington Bullets.


  54. Damn, I’m in a foul mood! Can’t believe how much this has affected me. Like living a bad dream every day I wake up. Only positive is that Benjy will coach this season. Hope he can salvage something of this mess. Regardless, we are proud of the student athletes, no matter what their decision. No matter how you look at it they are the ones most affected by this situation. In the long run this will give them bigger balls to face whatever comes their way later in life.

  55. Artie and Tom adjusted okay to a coaching change. Tom was named an All-American in his last year at UH.

  56. This program is Our Program , Its the Peoples Program , for the State ,the only D1 program in our state , it is and will always be about the Program. It will prevail ,always has, BIGGER THAN ANY ONE COACH OR PLAYER .

  57. I think we should support the program and not a coach. Look what the coach has brought upon our program. As I have stated many times before, it’s about the players. If a coach will bring on a NCAA investigation and put is in this position then I have nothing good to say about him. He has left the players and program in a bad position. I have also heard the same things that Gibnogood has heard in regards to what type of allegations were found to be true by the NCAA. I think many people’s perception of Gib will change in the next 1-2 weeks.

  58. Credible source at UH says Star Basketball player Isaac Fotu will withdraw from school and return home to play pro ball. Announcement will come on Monday and it will officially end his UH career.

  59. PONO:

    I really believe you. You have a lot of inside information. Really close to the University, the powers that be, and the MBB program. I am united with you, so are the majority on this forum. When things like this happen, and even Gib mentioned he made mistakes, and his staff, he will own up to it. I think he is trying to clear up his name, so he can move on and coach again..It makes me scratch my head to think of the protocol. However, it has to be that UH general counsel, and the Alabama Lega team, telling UH and AD, no comment. The silence is what causes the above average fans of MBB to ache. What are the details? Why the way handled. For those Baby boomers out there remember the 1967 hit by the group the Boxtops? The Letter? That is what we await, just to see, what is in that Letter..

    Pono, you should see the mbd.scout forum about The New Coach, or one of the players. Or google Steve Murray, he had excellent comments on how UH admin, AD, could have done better damage control, and stopped the clamor from the fanbase. Really well thought out. I think on both sides, errors made, the handling of Gib’s dismissal, he should have been told upfront about reason, and he has NO DEFENSE.. he accepts, and just goes away. Without reason, cause, and we all Know there must be something there, the investigation, he is relieved of HC job. He is still under contract till end of Jan. so he should be alright for awhile. Just the blow to the program and the student athletes.

    Now, I think , and I am just kidding, or maybe? I don’t know, that jjay, and you PONO, you really do Know what is going on,.. very Akamai thoughts and I do respect both of your comments. NO Coach, even Vince Lombardi, or Coach K. , or Coach Shoji is ABOVE the program or rules violations. just the way handled, upsetting a lot of people, even ones NOT fans of MBB. We shall, see, .. however Ben Jay, did what he had to, and quickly.. make sure Benjy Taylor is in place,.. As fans.. we don’t want a lost season, because of guys not knowing what is going on and what to do.

    Now, if Gib has a case, or the infractions. I HAVE NO inside information, you probably do.. were not cause for early termination, then Gib will appeal, or take UH to task through litigation, or whatever he has to do to restore his name. IF PONO, you know it is that terrible.. then, it is sad for all of University, the MBB team, and All of the fans and families around the world.

    Pono, jjay, we await the LETTER.. then we know.

    Otherwise, jjay and PONO,.. I am on board with you, SUPPORT THE GUYS and program, however, you notice there is a better feel, for most, that Benjy is now the acting Head Coach, AND the former players, support him and the athletes, tell them to stick it out through hard times. The team will come out ahead, more mature, and better prepared for this crazy world.

    I believe, believed Gib, now he stands on his own merit, he as a case, well more power to him, and I hope he gets justice, or as least a chance to stand down. If it is as serious as you say, well, very sad. NOW, I have seen, what 9 or 10 HC’s , and seen them go through the seventies sanction, not pretty, though still had season tickets and supported the team, even though sometimes a little over a thousand in attendance at the old HIC/Blaisdell Arena.

    Hey fellow fans, PONO, jjay, and gib…gd.. I don’t like to use that moniker.. WE ALL WANT UH MBB to move forward and do well. And, disagree on one point.. A good coach, ones that the athletes really love, and respect, they work for that individual.. our own Coach Shoji, a lot of the girls that have played for WVB, the reason, Coach Shoji, his success and finally the great crowds..
    Coach Gib I wish you and you family, and Coach Akana the best, hope this gets resolved and you and your families who are suffering though this come out okay in the future. That is the thing, we have to stop the name calling, or calling people liars, cheaters.. The many that make up fanbase, WE STILL DO NOT KNOW FULL STORY.. just a lot of speculation rumor.. so it does affect us, and

    the wives of the dismissed coaches, and Their children.. What would you say to Mrs Arnold or Mrs Akana,.. that your… is…….I would not even say a word, except, we love you, your family and appreciate all that you have done to support your husbands. They will come out of this okay. And there is only so much Aloha we have for you all.. PONO.. jjay, the HUMAN element, coaches and athletes and fans, we are not animals or robots.. have feelings , hearts, and emotions.. what affects one of our family of UH athletics. affects us all.. Think of Norm Chow too, I feel sorry for him, record notwithstanding. The HUMAN element, his mom passing, his wife, health condition.. if we show True Aloha, we still respect and show love compassion, no matter if they err and ask for forgiveness.. And that fellow fan, and UH insider, is really PONO..

    Go Rainbow Warriors.. PONO and jjay, I hope the guys have a good 20+ win season, it will be one of the best remembered team, through trial, they came out as winners.. Great young men.
    and jjay, you sure you NOT Ben Jay?
    ha, or ha, or yeah?
    Go Bows..pau, my hands getting tired.. you know I am makule, however , and would go to game, if somehow I can make it to HPU,however hard with the transport.. however I going follow BM’s twitter live feed.. Go Bows And Rainbow Warriors!~

  60. HoopsDHoop; too bad, if true .

  61. islandman yes it is too bad. From the information that was passed down it seems 100% legit. Sad and unfortunate but Monday we shall all know publicly.

  62. Gib lies so much he still claims he has no clue what the charges are against Fotu….what a joke Gib is. Absolutely no integrity. In my opinion Fotu would have done nothing wrong unless a coach told him it was ok, etc….

  63. Funny would have read in Brian M.’s tweet. No mention. This kind of action, really have to officially confirm. Know that that was an option. We await Monday.
    All the moreso, Team would know, and maybe they let him know of their love either way..

    Here we go again.. Await the official confirmation.. one way or the other.. Got to get it right.. however Isaac Fotu, special person, great family, and talented Basketball player, one of the best I have seen at UH MBB.

    We love you Isaac Fotu..

  64. Runbow. You are correct. Fotu is special but unfortunately he trusted Gib as much as you….

  65. Well if true.. about Isaac Fotu and decision to go pro…fine,and we wish him well.
    The fourteen remaining guys, just step in and step up..
    Remember how all were excited with transfer in of Negus Webster-Chan? Now NWC’s chance, along with Nevels, man..so much respect for that captain, just very mature and focused through adversity, good leader.. we know he got game.
    Mike Thomas, The official Mr Aloha Mike Thomas, of the 3 star HS rated athletic, do all guy.. His chance to step IN and STEP UP.. Aaron, AirCuba , Valdes, STEP UP.. and Valdes and Thomas, great offseason and preseason workouts and practices. they are the guys..
    The guard line Bobbitt, Fleming, Niko, Enos, Stepteau, Buscher, time to bond and Step up..tell the guys and gals that doubt.. hey fans, we all took hits, however we hitting back.. just going to effort out and win.. I believe them.. they will not lack playing well..
    Jovanovich.. HE IS THE Big.. just play smart, and Jovanovich had great summer season and preseason practices..
    And YES.. official Janks back practicing with Team !! when he part of the calvary comes on board in Dec. ready to help frontcourt, just in time, battle Nebraska in DHC.. and start BWC play.

    So, that athleticism, small guys, quickness, Bobbitt the national leader JC in steals.. Q when healthy push, and just ball, The team , I am sure not giving up… tough times, however they get those first couple of wins in RBC, and before that a good win against HPU exhibition game.. this team will be very competitive..
    What have they to play for? themselves, the University , the still tons of fans, and to prove wrong to naysayers.. that say, they are going down.. they going up people, up towards championships, albeit if it is RBC, Gulf Coast showcase or DHC, and hopefully beyond STEP guys.. still .. I still think it was great that Gib brought 16 guys together, with injury and other.. good thing. Still think Benjy should put out call to UH student body for a 6’7″ ex HS baller, willing to work, to help bigs.. I know some of the MVB team 6’7″ to 6’9″ middle blocker/hitters did play HS ball, or secondary education ball overseas.. Who knows? Another Chris Walz, the mini Kevin McHale from the baseball team came over to help Riley Wallace’s team, at about 6’6″ or 6’7″ .. two man game with Tim Shepherd, smart guy, and great up and under moves.. money 18 foot jumper..

  66. Hey I know you all tired of my posts, however just trying to stay POSITIVE>. support the team, the coach, give support to the Arnold family and the Akana family great ohana.

    Go Rainbow Warriors. IF you all stay together, and ball, and grind.. you can have a good to great winning season!

    Fans, don’t stay away, at least, being realistic, that core 3500-4000 will always be at basketball games at SSC supporting, you… start winning a lot of ball games. despite all of this.. 4500-5500, start winning the DHC, 5500-7000 .. would not doubt.. Fans that can go to HPU game,know it is working night, please go, and students.. go and support the team they need you.. And I hope Jamie Smith comes back !
    Heard that, or read from SA article, Benjy allowed to interview, even right now for that 3rd assistant coach position.. that is good news, then a complete staff.

    Go Bows. Warriors till the End..Pau.

  67. RunBows, thanks for sharing the excerpts from today’s SA article. Will probably go out and buy a copy just to read that article. Very cool initiative on part of those former UH athletes.

    Sammis leaving. Feel bad for the guy. Probably would have stayed had he been here at least one season. As someone else mentioned, he didn’t have time to settle in. Might be mentally harder for him to leave after the semester is over. Strange that he’s even staying here for a semester.

    You know, the decision to fire Akana and Arnold so close to the start of the season was most likely not UH’s fault. For all we know, could have been the NCAA that just released their findings so late. In all honesty, that’s most likely what happened.

    As for Fotu, very sad. He’s pretty much irreplaceable. But if he made a mistake then he has to live with that and understand that he can’t blame anyone but himself. If it’s true that he’s going back to NZ then so be it. He’ll have a great career there and make quite a bit of money too. It’s just a shame he’ll leave Hawaii without a degree.

  68. Tavs I agree with you FOTU situation is serious to leave school before the investigation is complete speaks volumes damn.

  69. TAVS:

    Agreed, the transgression by coaches and Fotu, maybe UH they DO KNOW how serious. Isaac, instead of waiting for reinstatement, and I still don’t think UH/Benjy would even try to apply for ncaa to get back his eligibility if NO chance at all. Still , Isaac way his options, IF he has to sit out 10-15 games ? Who really suffers? The guys , NO part of any wrongdoing, the guys just going to school working hard for this season. I feel, the punishment should be meted out to JUST the offenders, not the majority of team that are innocent. That is the part that is unfair. Still, if UH negotiating, this parting of ways with coaches and the Ncaa making Fotu ineligible for some games, to lessen further blows, sanctions… including Post season ban.. I can understand. Must be that Benjy not guilty of any wrong at all. That is why Admin. willing to go with Benjy as interim, with a chance to prove himself. Hey, bigdaddy, Tavs, and fellow fans and family members. I really hope team that sticks it out, will still, if that is what they have to play for, make a statement and Win big, this year. There is still very good talent, not Bigs, or shortage of right now, however Fleming, Bobbit, Nevels, Valdes, Thomas, Smith , NWC and company.,, NOW is the time to take over and still have a great winning season. bigdaddy, I agree, with all of this.. damn ! What are the allegations specific , as PONO says, we wait and see. Crazy, I don’t think it is Felony type, just crazy, damn.. Hope Team , just Unite, and play for Hawaii, and help Benjy have a great season, for UH and the fans and families.. Damn is right.. Still supporting the players that stick it out.. Much to play for, in terms of the most amount of wins.. Why should ncaa punish the innocent parties, that stinks.. We shall see. STill No official statement or even tweet from BM about Isaac leaving, we Await.. damn the waiting game again..Go Rainbow Warriors. Stay strong.

    Hey fans, ? Any other thoughts, I kind of give up on theories already, I hope they don’t punish the innocent team members. ncaa lessens any harsher blows, because UH took proactive action already…looks like that is the deal… to lessen worse sanctions..

  70. bigdaddy, Fotu’s decision to leave may be indicative of his wrongdoing. Maybe he knows he’s guilty? I’m not pointing fingers or trying to start rumors, just sharing my thoughts. Maybe by leaving he thinks he may be doing a favor to the team… so they don’t incur more penalties? Whatever the situation, it sucks big time. Another thing to consider is the fact Fotu was offered a pretty lucrative contract to play with the very successful New Zealand Breakers in the Australian basketball league. Furthermore, the Australian league started in October… so he may be rushing to get there. I don’t know. All this is just speculation. Certainly doesn’t help that Tonganator hasn’t commented on Warrior Insider since Gib’s firing. I just hope everything works out for the Fotu family.

    bigdaddy, hope everything is well with isaac. if i’m not mistaken, you and isaac were at the stan sheriff last season for a UH game. if i remember correctly, isaac was shown briefly on the jumbo-tron. even with the heavy blows to the team, i’m confident the players and coaching staff can do well this season. even without fotu, sammis, and gib, the team is still a force to be reckoned with.

    all the best and aloha.

  71. Tavs…

    it is basically Gib and his counsel and claim no gross wrobg doing lack of due process versus UH/NCAA saying yes something is wrong..

    I hope the team if UH is right making concessions are able to even play for championship..worse case.Jusy speculation.. I think teams can still play CIT / CBI…Or UH MBB just blowup for 25 game plus winning season..

    All we have is to await NCAA LETTER
    otherwise a lot of us have no specific idea of what NCAA allegations against UH..

    IT really is bad situation..hope 14 guys..just stick out season and win a lot games most ever..then after season decide what going to do..
    some guys locked in because of RS year burned unless waiver by NCAA.

    DARN..UH MBB and bigdaddy as TAVS says HOW IS ISAAC FK
    Hope for best..UH saved from post season ban..

    Fans…all can do wait then comment…wow..hope for best 14 rest of team not severly punished
    they don’t deserve that !

    Go Warriors just win 25+ games..fight..stay together
    still no official confirmation on fotu..
    we wait..shoots. !!

  72. bigdaddy sorry How is Isacc Fleming doing..and felling of team?
    Hang in there
    uh mbb fans still go to games..at least 4000+ for uh mbb guys..they need our support!

  73. How. Is Isaac Fleming doing and his teammates?

  74. hey. let coach arnold have day to adress charges.make deal to clear self and help his family..we still go to games.support benjy.team.hope jamie smith back soon.

  75. Notwithstanding the NCAA’s bylaws mandating confidentiality, there has been leaks about the apparent infractions and some have hinted they may equate to Level I or II violations.

    If true, this may explain Arnold’s “termination” without cause, but except for Fotu’s suspension and pending request for reinstatement, that’s it.

    Given the “strong” action singling out Arnold, what other self-imposed sanctions are coming? If none, I cannot believe that those at UH think what they have announced is sufficient to appease the NCAA and stave off stronger penalties by the NCAA.

    If I read the bylaws correctly, sanctions against a coach may be for participating in the alleged violation, or could be for failure to monitor those who report to him. He is PRESUMED responsible.

    “An institution’s head coach is presumed to be responsible for the actions of all institutional staff members who report, directly or indirectly, to the head coach. An institution’s head coach shall promote an atmosphere of compliance within his or her program and shall monitor the activities of all institutional staff members involved with the program who report, directly or indirectly, to the coach. (Adopted: 4/28/05, Revised: 10/30/12, 7/16/14)”

    There are “core penalties” for Level I or II infractions that are followed, but may be departed from in “extenuating” circumstances. Thus, for this to happen, something must have really gone wrong. If this is the case, then what UH has announced thus far fall really short. In which case, expect the NCAA to throw the book against them. If not, then UH may have done more than necessary and just used this to let Coach Arnold go — as it presents a very convenient opportunity.

    Under the bylaws for Coach Restrictions for a Level I or II infraction — without extenuating circumstances, it says:

    “If a determination is made by the hearing panel that an employing institution has not taken appropriate disciplinary or corrective action regarding a head coach found in violation of Bylaw, the panel may issue an order that the institution suspend the coach for a number of contests from the range set forth in Figure 19-1 that would apply to the underlying violation(s) unless the institution appears before the panel to show cause why the suspension should not be applied. Decisions regarding disciplinary or corrective actions involving personnel shall be made by the institution, but the determination of whether the action satisfies the institution’s obligation of NCAA membership shall rest solely with the Committee on Infractions. (Adopted: 10/30/12 effective 8/1/13)”

    So, even when a hearing panel feels an institution’s action (self-imposed penalty) was not appropriate, they ordinarily would suspend a coach for a number of games. I am going to look closer, but have not seen anything mandating a “termination,” except perhaps if there are “extenuating” circumstances. But, if there are, this may implicate the dreaded “lack of institutional control.”

    After all, if the NCAA passed a bylaw to establish a presumption against a head coach, what about BJ? Or, the Chancellor? Or, does the buck simply stop at the coach level?

  76. P.S. Btw, we also have not heard about any potential Big West conference sanctions. Those may also be in play.

  77. AdmrVT…Thankyou..the general fanbase we don’t know scope of NCAA violations and sanctions possible. You must have legal background. I don’t hear any mention of self imposed ban from post season..you think..Gib and Brandyn terminaton was to avoid post season ban? What about due process, or just ethical courtesy to let them know why?
    I think Gib’s counsel agent not privy to allegations..when letter comes out..he provide Gib with counsel what can do..know that Gib has right to defend allegations..
    question AdmrVT… whst if Gib let go without cause, guilty of minor trangessions, or even if answers conflicted..not level to terminate? What if NCAA were not going to come down so hard on team except for Fotu’s suspension?
    Personally I think Gib under counsel advice..since not coach..spoke up to let be known he just wants to know why?
    I think this..hopefully not punishment for current team post season cchances…maybe when comes to light what exact allegations and the response..if UH admin. Not able to account for or jumped the gun..Gib will do what he has to to clear his name from loss of insttutional control
    wonder..so soon..and he had to do it Ben Jay approved acting coach job for rest of Gib’s contract.. then interim coach for rest of year.
    just wish in all fairness..and we know how NCAA does things..that UH MBB team don’t suffer for sins of others
    what a mess..hope more workable penalties and team can still play for post seaseon…all can do is wait for THE LETTER..

    AdmrVT Mahalo. !!

  78. AdmrVT.

    In an NCAA writeup, i read something like what you state, the penalty for a Level I or II infraction can be suspension for a coach for 10 % to a full coaching season. It doesn’t say termination .

  79. Unless multiple violations are involved ?

  80. Interesting. AdmrVT…history for whatever even if responsible or alleged presumed accountable..you know lot of cases of coaches similar errors received several game suspension and were not terminated..and they contined on..wonder if Gib did hire the high profile counsel because he knew would not have support of admin.

    This is a circus..the team nothing to do with alleged transgressions. .they should not have to suffer only the guilty ones
    real world even the worse criminals have due process..or in your company private or government sector right to know or what reason whether just..even mediation before termination

    Craziness..looks like this will drag on..if zGib has a case sgainst admin..what if admin..AD are sanctioned for going beyond NCAA bylaws
    weird. Soap opera at UH!

  81. Bruce Pearl was fired by Tennessee in 2011 and Kelvin Sampson was forced to resign from Indiana in 2008 due to NCAA violations.

  82. Pearl, Sampson and Tim Floyd are all coaching again in Div. I .

  83. Would figure Gib’s counsel going through NCAA rules book and case by case..if Gib has a shot to clear..restore or get his job reputation back and admin. Negligent…UH AD and hui organizes entity wanting to get rid of him..boy..huge trouble for UH ADMIN.. wonder if Ben Jay is puppet for real poweres that be..don’t like his personality..I think Gib would have not said anything unless he and counsel knew they have legtimate defense and are ready to settle or go further to rstore coach..too many coaches and an AD were hit..politically knocked out of position
    hope wuth the letter..who knows maybe tied into retention of sammis ..some backroom talks to work out..It is so ..what can you say..other coaches even with leaks got off with lesser penalty..still had job
    For fanbase ..as pono..and others for or against ..that letter..or maybe Gib’s attorney places letter on Ben Jay’s desk..zI am just speculating..
    you are great help..we do not know ncaa complete rulebook and scenarios
    what a turn if Gib has legitimate case to overturn or clear or get big compensation
    man…the letter,, what are allegations and why leaks to media?

  84. islandman ..true however..what if according to ncaa not just cause..uh hired legal advise way out to get rid of Gib or uh admin ran off on their own

    Gib says he is clear of gross error..made mistakes..admin did not offer to resolve,,, why doesn’t admin..just say we did follow all protocol to help correct coach..character assassination. .and way out..once Gib states he was not informed of what possible allegations were by his boss..red flag..they are out to get him
    I don’t know..would think when his agent attorney sees and we see publc disclosed letter of allegations from ncaa he says things will become clearer..wonder what he means? Are they ready to go to battle..I am not an attorney..however strange how handled

  85. RunBows, like AdmVT and/ or others say, maybe the termination was to avoid other penalties.

    For example, after Pearl was fired from Tennessee, the Vols didn’t get penalized for Pearl’s violations,apparently. Also, after Kelvin Sampson was let go from Indiana,they were given three years probation.

  86. That is what I was thinking too. Gib and Akana let go to still have UH MBB be eligible for postseason with other lesser penalties..this must be the middle ground advice of legal they hired..I am all for the guys who are innocent or make amends..if this is a way to have UH MBB only have limit on scholarships..recruiting window..practice time..etc..and still team gets to play for big dance I agree..just the silence is deafening..that is why Admr..did mention does this go higher up the chain of command if tere was non rthical meddling or plot..bad..I hope best for team this is the one set to battle for ncaa bid..benjy and guys never said anything about possible..well I think benjy did in a previous video when this went down..whether not part of post season he s a id UH would fight hard for things think too harsh for UH.. I think the imposing of sanction not immediate maybe even next year..we shall see
    we fans soon will be expert on ncaa rules and protocol..I am guessing Admr has legal background..he was upset if this is systemic of uh system over ye as rs..if so..has to be fixed too..he has really well thouht out writeups on several forums..the truth is ou there. The UH X-Files!!
    islandman I really hope this team of maybe 14 now can play for the dance in March and have good run
    this is galvanizing the team..Nevels excellent team captain and spokesman..whomever wants to be part of team with goal to go to ncaa,, step up..no slackers allowed
    awesome group of guys..hope benje and his staff have breakout year..the cupboard not be a r..still lot of smaller yet good talent..glad to see janks back on board..the serbian brothers major part of team success ..all the guys!!

  87. Here is a clip from WBB. No. 31 is Connie Morris, she made a good move to the basket. No. 12 is Breana Jones, from New Zealand and Maryknoll. She can shoot from outside, at least in this game vs. Hilo and was 3 for 3 on her shots, one inside.


  88. islandman: Shame on you! This is a Warrior MBB forum not for WBB !! Just kidding, I like Laura Beeman, a great hire by Jim Donovan. She has some bigs now. And good talent, same like MBB, to get them to mesh. Hope WBB end up in NCAA’s, same with Men’s that would be the best case scenario.

    You know, I do think they have either Facebook or twitter WBB account on web. I still don’t know if they can draw 3000 fans per game, but who knows. UH needs success in any sport now. glad that WVB team swept their road trip, the girls look very good now.

    Go Bows, Men’s and Women’s teams.. shoots.. sports should be fun, educational, and community giving back oriented. I guess we will get there.. and some great staff and coaches., Gib, say what you will, did an excellent job over past going on 5 years, to up the APR, GPA, even sitting guys at home so they made the grades. And he will be sorely missed, nobody brought out that fact with the Give Back to Hawaii program he started, about abuse to women, and reading education. That is a great legacy…. hope he even has his name on it.. And oh yeah, what about those 200 or so children he read books to? Hope they are okay and will support Benjy and MBB team.. Gib will be back coaching.. hope his attorney will help him resolve this situation. he really gave his all, no question.. very, very passionate, nor perfect like all of us are, however servante put it very well Gib was passion driven to win, and have a product that Hawaii would be proud of ., and the Sixteen he brought in this year.. the pinnacle of great student athletes.. Wish MBB and all UH sports success on the playing fields, courts, and in classrooms!!

  89. Yes, gib was good in the reading program, workouts with the team at the beach, paddling etc. He was trying to bring a winning program to UH, which is difficult given the distance from the mainland(s) .

    Bruce Pearl, K Sampson, T Floyd and one coach named Rick Pitino who was involved with some violations at UH around 1975-76 are all coaching again.

  90. Kind of eternal optimist, think positive, well really try to in this crazy old world. You know situation with Sammis? He is still enjoying being a student with friends including his teammates out and about. Would not doubt, he is a fan, as are all the guys, of WVB. He might be there watching the girls when they come back this weekend . Seen at games with Negus. Janks close to him. Basically All the guys get along. The turmoil, for a guy that just turned, hard to believe right ? with that Mr Universe body and voice deeeep.. what if he reconsidered and talked to Benjy about coming back to MBB team? I know Benjy would ask team, and they would have meeting and discuss. Then Benjy would tell him, well he is injured.. you have to start from the bottom, which he was anyways being behind the curve because of injury. Imagine, he and Janks to beef up that frontcourt. Either way. If Sammis and his people, family’s decision, wish him well. As bigdaddy brought out, this is the time to mature through adversity, good if he was there when the former players were there encouraging the team. Sometimes, even personalities.. of coaching change.. well just a thought.. I know, Gib had guys return, so did Riley, they were contrite, team met, and the guys were invited back.. Just a thought. I know 14 guys who are solid, and hopefully maybe a 15th one, we wait on that.. They are not going to wait, they want to go to NCAA tournament, I believe they can do it !!

  91. Check this out… I read through the entire U. Tennessee Public Infractions Report, which summarizes all events with the Bruce Pearl firing.

    Lots to read, but pay special attention to Part D. Part D is the penalties and list of self imposed sanctions taken by UT to only get hit with 2 years probation. It’s mixed with minor UT Football infractions, but UT did a lot of things… However, other than firing the coaches, none of the self imposed sanctions were too hurtful.

    Pay extra special attention to Appendix One, which is the chronology of the entire scandal… Here are the important dates:
    Sept. 10, 2010 Official investigation starts with the notice of inquiry following several interviews over the previous year;
    Feb. 22, 2011 NCAA releases findings and lists accusations and who is involved;
    — Bruce Pearl & staff fired March 2011 after concluding season —
    May 20 UT gives official response to allegations
    May 21-23 Pearl & Staff give official responses to allegations;
    May 24-26 NCAA conducts prehearing conferences with attorneys of UT all individuals involved;
    June 11, 2011 UT appears before the NCAA Committee of Infractions; and,
    August 24, 2011 NCAA releases Infractions report and announces punishment of 2 years probation.


    UT was very proactive in self imposed sanctions before the Feb 22 NCAA report release date. Most of the self discipline was minor slap on the wrist stuff. Things like: reducing # of permissible recruiting visits during home games), reduced # of phone calls for Pearl’s staff during 2010-2011 season, salary reduction, etc. what’s interesting to note was that UT was 100% supporting Pearl until the University found out that a player missed two games due to what Pearl said was a “back injury”, but it was later discovered that the player was busted for drugs… Oops.

    To UT’s credit, they quickly figured out through the pre-investigation interviews that a storm was brewing and they started to slap a high volume of minor ticky-tack punishments to dog and pony show the Infractions Committee, with Pearl’s firing as the best in show… and it worked.

    In UH’s case, I don’t see UH Leadership being intelligent or cohesive enough to pull off what UT was able to do. As of what’s known, UH has only done three things thus far: suspended Akana for 30 days, Fire Gib & Akana, and Ruling Fotu out. In my opinion, only having 3 counts of self discipline isn’t enough. Granted 2 of the 3 are major self punishments that have severely hurt the program, but UT had 20 counts of self discipline… 19 of which were basically nothing and the firing happened at the start of the offseason.

    I’d be shocked if the Alabama super lawyers aren’t fully aware of the UT case, but just because you have attorneys, the client is not obligated to follow their recommendations. I have a hard time believing the attorneys would recommend firing Gib prior to knowing what the NCAA presents. My guess is that the Chancellor or Ben Jay wanted Gib out at all costs and the attorneys helped UH craft their strategy of using “without cause” + buyout so UH doesnt have to give a reason.

  92. Former UH Athlete, much mahalo. for the heavy lifting really researching these things out. As I say, probably 99% of UH MBB fanbase, we don’t know what is going on or what is ncaa protocol,, what Gib’s contract says, without cause.

    Now, I would think if Gib hired that really good lawyer, that handles cases were Coaches careers were on the line. I think it was published somewhere, Or even his agent/attorney. They must be doing the same,.. Getting their case together. That must be why, Gib’ had the public statement, that sounded like he was guided by counsel what to type. Also, when on social media , his attorney/agent, went public and said he felt mishandled for Cause, not without cause, Gib’s dismissal. Same thing I was thinking, UH powers that be, the ones pulling the strings, ridding UH of ones, they don’t like, and trying to find the loopholes.. are the ones behind getting Gib and Akana out. They say for the benefit of the Student Athletes, which Gib says he does not buy.

    UH would be very not Akamai if they are opening themselves up for litigation or even whether, Gib is part of HGEA, or National Baskeball Coaches association with grievance division. I don’t know. The game plan on Gib’s Team Await the Letter, What does it say, the allegations.. wonder, if as some have alluded too, even on the Leahy’s show, what if… even Joe Moore stated, just their opinon, the infractions were not major.. more minor, and Gib did not have to be terminated.. Man it is getting messy. Well, I believe, Gib, whatever the deal is, I don’t know.. he must have his counsel ready, to address the allegations issue, and whether UH handled properly, His own agent/attorney, said to wait..that Letter in the coming week/s will clear things up. Don’t know if he wants his job back, he says No, however, I believe he did not think he would get fired before the letter came, out, and NCAA protocol, as your findings show, their is a system in place.. Is UH, those power brokers, , not having dealt with NCAA infractions , some of these now, were not even around nearly 40 years ago when UH was sanctioned in the 1970’s.. so basically, something, is fishy.. or not.. Powers that be, probably NOT EVEN BEN JAY… others, that don’t like him.. wanted him out..They don’t care about the team, really , the affect on the athletes and their families, and the families of the coaches, terminated. Man, they should take Human Compassion and doing things right Ethics 101.

    FUHA.. should be interesting how things lineup on both sides when that letter comes out. For or against,..Gib.. I am really curious what the allegations are, and the extent.. were they that grevious..? Stay tuned and thanks to Admr, islandman and FUHA for the research, UH ,hope they , the Admin and powers, get their act together..for sake of human beings, and doing it right..

  93. FUHA I stand corrected that legal team perhaps as you say crafted the clause, without cause, so Gib could not sue them. correct? Man, what a way to do things, Ben or admin,. or upper, should have just been upfront with Gib, and tell him we don’t like this or that, and feel we will not renew your contract after this season. And pau, clean break, and the guys on board are still on board . Fotu case, that is weird. From a SA blog post, person did tons of research the heavy lifting, and stated that Fotu’s reinstatement as Benjy alluded to , can be done real soon, with minimal sitting out of games. because the supposed item was so small in value. Not a major felony, or whatever. It should just be Sports, support and correct, yes a lot of self correction and helping Gib back in January and March, get it straight, as you stated, a lot of minor self imposed things, then the ace card offering if need be the termination of Gib.
    It will be crazy if that letter made PUBLIC we all read, and even the media confused about the handling of the matter the dismissal BEFORE the letter, unless just cause.. Ferd says it was right, must be insider.. but right about WHAT.. what was so wrong that Gib did? UH knows, and the admin, BOR, AD knows, by now or a long time ago, craft a way out.. sheesh. You, know in private public sector employment, this wouldn’t hold water, being dismissed without even having discussed reason.. boy is that Akamai, or pono?
    Feel for the team, now have to unite under Benjy and try to win a lot of games. and I hope there is still good support at SSC. You know some were counting on Fotu so much, they are thinking of not going, however season ticket holders, say despite their displeasure, they are still going to support the team, and that is pono, the right thing!

  94. FUHA:

    So like the past UH NCAA thing in the seventies before the NCAA handed out their sanctions after the process, it was close to a year. .. 2010 to 2011.. I am guessing this penalties, whenever we see that letter, any sanctions will not be imposed, maybe even not this season, maybe start of next school year? I am guessing. however it seems to follow that UT timeline.
    Just wish the boys can play post season for this year, that is so important I think..

  95. I doubt Gib fights it by taking UH to court. He’s getting paid. He’s not going to get his job back.

    What will be interesting is when Gib responds to the allegations once they come out. If I were his attorney, I’d be preparing all evidence that’s helpful and try to beat UH to the punch at every juncture of the process. Be the first to officially respond. Be the first one to conduct the pre-conference hearing. That’s his best chance to clear his name.

    Depending on the allegations and evidence available to counter, it will interesting to see if Gib fires back or if he deflects blame or if he truly didn’t know. We just have to let it play out.

  96. I also believe the NCAA Infractions Committee has allowed schools to self recommend their punishment in the past. I think Oklahoma self recommended and NCAA approved a one scholarship reduction, and some minor recruiting penalties in 2011. Oklahoma administration managed to avoid “repeat Violator” status even though MBB was still on probation from Kelvin Sampson. I have no clue how they did it, but they got the NCAA to agree that the Sampson penalties we’re not appropriate in the 2011 investigation.

    Just another example of good university leadership being able to mitigate the damage.

  97. RunBows…
    There is a process/ standard operating procedure that the NCAA follows. I don’t know the timeframes, but the UT case took about a 1.5-2 years from start to finish (starting from when the NCAA was notified of potential wrongdoing).

    Every case is unique, so total investigation timeframe will vary, but UH probably won’t know their punishment until the end of season at the earliest. UT and coaches didn’t issue their responses until 3 months after the allegations went public. It was roughly 6 months from allegations date to final report date.

    I believe Gib mentioned some of the process in his interview.

  98. RunBows, FUHA, AdmrVT, others;

    One poster awhile ago said there is a new violation structure which went into effect on August 1, 2013 which is supposed to be more stringent than the one in effect for the B. Pearl, Sampson and Floyd cases i had listed.

    Something about the NCAA people were damn mad about infractions in general in 2011, etc.( Oregon St. president Ed Ray was chairman of the NCAA’s Enforcement Working Group in 2012 ).


  99. Enforcement process from the first Initiation of it onwards, if anyone can wade through it :


    Ferd Lewis or someone had a summary of the process or the violations in a previous month.

  100. My advise to Fotu…fulfill your commitment for the school year, earn another year closer to earning a degree. BB is not forever. Injures are unpredictable, as experienced when returned from FIBA play (bulging disc). However, your degree is forever and opens up more opportunities later in life.

  101. islandman: Thanks. Yes, I read that new guidelines. And Gib alluded to the fact that NOW Head Coaches held accountable, the leader, the head,CEO, for actions of ones in their MBB program. However, I get his point, and the thing is wouldn’t all of us personally , whether in our families, schools, places of employment, to settle matters, make peace or be able to move on, WANT TO KNOW BASICALLY WHY? I think Ben could have stayed longer with Gib, and said, you know, if it is true? We, or I have nothing personal against you, and you have done an excellent job, with GPA, APR, the type of kids you have now, the Community service, selling UH and Hawaii to recruits, however, under advisement of Legal or NCAA, I cannot comment, however these allegations are very serious and can impact the Whole MBB very seriously. We have to wait for the letter. Then Gib could respond, well…before proceeding in house, could we wait for letter and allegations before proceeding with penalties. Must be Legal advising Ben, no comment, just silence and without cause. termination.

    Okay, nothing I can do.. some fans, what they will do, and that is sad, will not get season tickets. because of fallout, and Isaac so far being ineligible. Still have not heard anything official about that. Did know Benjy went hard and ADept, actly immediately to help restore Fotu’s eligibility. so there must be hope.. And according to other forums, and athletes doing worse things, other than what allegedly happened to Fotu, those athletes, were not out for entire season, a few games at most. I hope Isaac stays, he is a truly great young man, Perhaps made mistake, .. I don’t know what..

    Back to The Team, islandman, and as FUHA alluded to, I think the sanction/ probation, it does not take place until 1)the letter of allegations is received 2)UH/Gib is given a chance to respond 3)UH/Gib given opportunity to present what they feel is fair or not, and counter 4)NCAA makes decision on what level of penalties and sanctions…
    5)The sanctions…would not be in affect until awhile, my understanding, even in the worse case, the abuse/coverup at Penn St, that took years to finally get resolved. and I am glad it was, horrible, except the student athletes(or concern as parents and fans)get hurt. i.e. we have had Two VB athletes who transferred from there because of the fall out.

    Basically, I am looking at THIS SEASON.. correct me if I am wrong, what I have been commenting on several forums, That This Season, UH will not be banned from post season play, Correct…there is still a timeline, maybe after the season, or more, if it came down to that? Correct me if I am wrong. because of the length of the NCAA process of allegations, UH response and or appeal challenge, work out agreeable or not settlement for sanction/penalties, or NCAA agrees what UH has done to Gib/Akana and Fotu ineligible is enough. Some other source, on radio says, worse things. I mean how much worse can it get?

    I hope, this thing, NCAA allegations and response, and finally any penalty probation sanctions, will not IMPACT POST SEASON FOR THIS YEAR’s Special group of guys, who had nothing to do with this, or are completely innocent.. sad, I still hope for those 3000+ hard core fans, you all still go to games, and cheer on this team.. If they still playing for NCAA berth.. and UH can win BWC still, that is a lot to still be excited about..
    Cannot wait for that letter.. what if NCAA gets light of what is happening, and still waits a couple more months to issue it to UH? Then we still wait.. As long as THIS GROUP.. this year’s team can play for NIT / NCAA.. it is fine with me. Wish the best for the Akana and Arnold families , they are some very, very nice and good people. No question.

  102. islandman : On this forum a newbie, reported, and it has not been confirmed by UH or media, that Isaac Fotu already made decision to go pro in New Zealand go back home. And he would release official statement on Monday Nov 3. I have seen no tweet or media blog or beat writer report, or.. hang in there.. Dayton’s real time video or writeup.. if true.. would feel our guy Dayton would have the first official writeup if Fotu made that decision , not to wait the appeal process for regaining his eligibility, which I think even with the Reyes case, NCAA granted him the last minute okay to get into UH this fall, and Sammis, still here for rest of fall, his case too, I wonder if he keeping option open, an Ace in his pocket, to see if things are as well or not . know that he cannot get release of transfer officially until MId December end of fall semester. Well wish Sammis the best,.. interesting, this group, the 16, they still love each other NO animosity that I hear of, still doing things together.. and what if Sammis is at the Football and WVB games with the team.. they are close..

    Isaac Fotu…hope that NCAA shows compassion, like the Sammis Reyes case, and grants the eligibility restored soon, very soon.. or, you stay the course,, even if have to sit out a length of games, and just finish out this year, and if that was a goal to early graduate, I don’t know, some other hoopstalk show mentioned, how they knew and keep on leaking or hinting at major things it is so Da Kine, crazy…that is your and hope still your goal to get that UH diploma.. You have thousands of fans, a great family and your band of brothers, however we respect whatever you and your families decisions.
    Wish that in best case scenario both Sammis and Isaac Bro with The Fro, Poke Bowl Hawaii lover, stays for the end of next summer session.

  103. Dayton: Any update on Fotu’s decision? And, how did UH do in scrimmage with BYUH yesterday Sat. Nov. 1 at the SSC?

    Mahlo Dayton, I hope WI MBB forum keeps on rocking for a long time with support. And UH from top to bottom gets things straight.
    Still love UH MBB hoops, no matter whom the coach and athletes, they doing best, ,and running things pono, correctly, I am a die hard fan. Just wish I could go to games in person. However, unless. transport medical, we shall see. to support that team at HPU game even, you know how Hawaii fans are, school and work night, if 2500 came, realistically that would be awesome. and the fans, the true ones, just came out and gave support and cheer for Benjy and the team

  104. Obviously MOST Posters Here and in Hawai’i are/will be BIASED on This…BUT…

    i DO Think Many of These Comments are At Least Real Considerations and Have a Chance to Prove Factual:

    Tonganator, Isaac & Family:

    Everyone Wants What’s Best for Isaac: [NOT For Short Money]
    -Maybe NOT True for the NZ Pros who ‘Might’ be a Hindrance or at least A Limitation to Isaac’s Greatest Future:
    -Lower Income than he already deserves — Isaac is better than $300K Euro Players;
    -They Still DON’T Start Him (Why Not? He’s NOT Prone to Foul Trouble)
    -IF he had stayed (Only) in NZ, he probably would NOT have developed a Full-Range (to three line) Game
    (although even LeBron didn’t develop that until he was in NBA)
    -Starting Smaller than Possible is (i think) the Carl English story — another UH star who was a likely Player-of-Year, All-Region or All-American Candidate (skipped Senior Season); those Accolades should Earn Isaac At Least NBA Camp or Developmental League Time…

    -i “think” (In Fact, I’m Pretty SURE) Isaac Will Continue to Develop More in Hawai’i — Coach Fisher was helpful, probably Gib as well (although both not as influential now); BUT Coach Senque helped develop NBA Players Sylvester Seay and Paul George (Rated as Top FIVE or even Top Three(!) in NBA; UH’s schedule is on up-grade and Isaac can Still be Challenged Daily and in Many Games (On National TV) while Continuing Growth and Development…

    The Family “GOAL” is The Degree…

    In The Long RUN, “College and Financial Experts” Estimate Confidently, That The College Degree Will be Worth an Additional Income of More Than $1 Million – ? So For TWO Years’ Eligibility OR Pro Income Loss, Would Need to Average $500 K/Year over Next Year and a Half to Break Even?

    [CAUTION: “Pros” Always talk about “you can get the degree after your playing days” but that’s a Fantasy for 80-90% of Pros who will never go back/ complete (IF NOT Done Immediately);

    I’m SURE YOUR List of Considerations IS Much Longer…
    I Suspect Few Teams WILL Be As High-Quality TEAM-Playing Guys (as UH)…
    I Like (Most of) Benjy’s Answers and Down-to-Earth apparent ‘Honesty’ with his Feelings…
    Can’t Speak to Many of The Factors You & Isaac CAN…

    But Food for Consideration
    Even If Only For Just us Fans
    (I Think Most Have Been Proven Wrong Repeatedly
    Claiming Isaac or Other ‘Bows in the Past Would Leave/Not Return)
    BUT Wanted to Weigh In…
    and I Know You Know

    It IS Because We Care…

    BEST of the BEST To YOU, Isaac & ‘Ohana ALWAYS

  105. 6-23. Posts. Derek is over. Done. Aloha!

  106. RunBows, McInnis had an article in today’s paper saying Fotu likely will leave the program to turn pro. No official comment yet .

  107. Islandman, in reference to various of your emails, the Bylaws I looked at on their website are “current,” i.e. effective from mid-Aug. 2013 on.

    The Toolkit you posted seems to track the Bylaws themselves pretty closely.

    RE: multiplie violations that is “built in” in what constitutes a Level I or II violation.

    For example, Level I is defined to be:

    A severe breach of conduct is one or more violations that seriously undermine or threaten the integrity of the NCAA Collegiate Model, as set forth in the constitution and bylaws, including any violation that provides or is intended to provide a substantial or extensive recruiting, competitive or other advantage, or a substantial or extensive impermissible benefit. Among other examples, the following, in appropriate circumstances, may constitute a severe breach of conduct: (Adopted: 10/30/12 effective 8/1/13, Revised: 7/31/14)

    (a) Lack of institutional control;
    (b) Academic misconduct;
    (c) Failure to cooperate in an NCAA enforcement investigation;
    (d) Individual unethical or dishonest conduct, regardless of whether the underlying institutional violations are considered Level I;
    (e) A bylaw violation by a head coach resulting from an underlying Level I violation by an individual within the sport program;
    (f) Cash payment or other benefits provided by a coach, administrator or representative of the institution’s athletics interests intended to secure, or which resulted in, enrollment of a prospective student-athlete;
    (g) Third-party involvement in recruiting violations in which institutional officials knew or should have known about the involvement;
    (h) Intentional violations or reckless indifference to the NCAA constitution and bylaws; or
    (i) Collective Level II and/or Level III violations.

    FUHA — this is my concern. The process is designed to allow self-reporting and self-imposed penalties. If the NCAA does not agree, they can issue an Order to Show Cause that may lead to a hearing. Alternatively, an institution may elect to use summary disposition procedures and work out a proposal with enforcement staff to the chair of the Committee on Infractions for a preliminary assessment of the appropriateness of using this process. This may lead to the equivalent of a “plea bargain.”

    What concerns me is if the violations hinted at are severe, then where are the other self-imposed penalties, e.g. financial (fine), scholarship reductions, recruiting restrictions, etc. Did the form alteration that has been mentioned and acknowledged give UH a recruiting advantage as it allowed the enrollment of a player? Tied to this is whether altered form is an NCAA form, or a UH form for admissions, and if the latter, are the financial limits subject to waiver? Is it only for foreign athletes or any foreign student?

    BTW, Bylaw 19.01.3 states:

    Except as provided in this article, the Committee on Infractions, the Infractions Appeals Committee and the enforcement staff shall not make public disclosures about a pending case until the case has been announced in accordance with prescribed procedures. An institution and any individual subject to the NCAA constitution and bylaws involved in a case, including any representative or counsel, shall not make public disclosures about the case until a final decision has been announced in accordance with prescribed procedures. (Adopted: 10/30/12 effective 8/1/13)

    Clearly, someone at the UH is not abiding by this — as the press obviously has a source for all of the information that has been shared.

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