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Stepteau and Buscher making most of opportunity

Every journey needs a starting point, and Brocke Stepteau and Zach Buscher are there with the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

Stepteau and Buscher may come from different parts of the country, but they are both true freshmen guards who are learning to adapt to Division I athletics.

“It’s a different role from high school, so still getting used to the game a little bit,” said Buscher, an all-state player for state champion ‘Iolani School last season.

Stepteau is from Dallas, and played last season at Dallas Jesuit School. Neither player was heavily recruited out of high school, so they opted for the chance to prove their worth with the Warriors.

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“I was playing this past summer as an unsigned senior and I had some interest from some Division I schools, but nothing really big,” Stepteau said. “Coach Gib came to watch me play a couple times … he gave me the opportunity to come out here and join the team and play, so I couldn’t pass up on coming here to play at UH.”

Buscher said: “It was late my senior year when I had a meeting with Gib and he offered me a spot on the team … it’s kind of a dream come true for me. I was a ball boy since I was a little kid and grew up around the program, so it was kind of a big deal for me.”

Stepteau has impressed with his long-range shooting; Buscher is capable of playing multiple positions. Both realize that they are starting their collegiate careers in watch-and-learn mode.

“I think I have a high basketball IQ; I understand how to play the game and help the team get better,” Buscher said.

Buscher, who is from Kailua, is also playing a valuable role off the court. As one of two players from O’ahu (Dyrbe Enos is the other), he often takes teammates to local hangouts.

“I’ve been trying to get some of the guys out, whether it be on the boat or to the beach,” Buscher said.

Stepteau said: “He’s taken me a lot of places, especially during the summer when there was just a couple guys on the team. He showed me around, good places to eat, stuff like that. He definitely was really helpful to get me acclimated with the island.”


  1. Those are inspirational examples preferred walkons working hard in class and on court..good job guys!!
    Only contribute s to great team !!

  2. Again…. Two very nice young student athletes… part of a great team.. the High Character.. type of athletes…

    That Band of Brothers, the UH MBB team 16 strong, can overcome a lot.. Going to have a good year.

    This team, you can feel the unity and love they have for coach and program.

    Go Rainbow Warriors.
    Thankyou to Stepteaus and Buschers for sharing your sons BB talents with UH MBB program On The Rise!

  3. RunBows i gotta agree its going on 5 months with know complaints UH bball is headed in the rite direction. Thats a reflection of Gibs & Staff

  4. 2 more high character guys.
    Yep. Way to go Gib !

  5. bigdaddy, thanks for shout out and support of Coach, the staff, and the great guys on team, including thanks for sharing Isaac Fleming with Hawaii too!

    Some of us on this forum, long time supporters of UH BB team. Seen the highs and lows. This group, How Gib put together, even his staff, and making sure everything is compliant, guys are well in class , taking care rehab, need help talking to someone, counselors, tutors, Dyrbe and Zach, two Hawaii Boys showing the other teammates around the island, adjusting.. It all adds up To Gib, Is Doing It Right.. I don’t think Isaac Fleming would ever have thought he would be in canoe race or beach workouts at Waikiki… Awesome.

    I have seen 8 UH MBB coaches , over 45 years, handle the program, for the year 2014, Gib is doing great job, the skillset, and mindset, it is different from 20 or 30 years ago, Still he has them bond, make sure they are on top of academics, on track to graduate, and giving back to community.. What more could UH Admin, or ncaa want? Good Job Gib, and Thankyou to bigdaddy, Tonganator, TribeVx4(Valdes Ohana, family) and all the guys families for support.. As Bob Marley sings: ” Every little thing.. gonna be alright!..!” Take care bigdaddy, going be a good BB year, and things will be Alright!

  6. Runbows……first the Chambers Brothers and nowBob Marley? You are scoring some serious points with me. May not agre. With you on everything but your musical taste is impeccable

  7. I agree RunBows. It takes a certain type of coach to be able to bring together a bunch of athletes and their families as one ohana. I believe Riley was only able to do this with the Euros (Canada) group. I think they also had a great bunch of walk-ons. It takes an entire team that respects each other as players and people for this type of thing to work. Gib certainly has a talent for doing just that.

    I really like these two. And thanks to Zach (and Dyrbe) for showing others his home. That’s special.

    Go Bows!!!!!!

  8. Really SHOULD Be Endorsed…

    Because WE Don’t Always See it…

    GLAD The Legal Eagles ARE From Alabama (Out of ALL Other Possible States);
    i would say travelling with The Teams,
    Tha Greatest Hospitality — It FELT Genuine And Was Consistent Every Where
    ‘Southern Hospitality’ Approaching The Aloha Spirit Was Visiting in Alabama
    [WITH The Alert RED Flag Caution of The ‘Ol Bobby Lee Hurt Incident…]

    HERE Where We’re Always Watching,
    It’s Too Small And We’re ALL Connected
    To Really Get Away with Anything Less
    Local Players, GIB, Dyrbe and Zach (and Brandyn)
    Are Generous Hosts,
    Really Good Examples of Aloha Spirit In Action
    And for the Most Part
    The Team, ‘Ohana, Reflects it…

  9. Welcome to the team guys.
    Go Warriors!
    Can’t wait for the basketball season to start up again.

  10. Impressed with This 16 very focused MBB team. Concentrate on Basketball, practice, grind, work, and aim for goal of NCAA tournament.

    It is not too far off. Next Saturday already November 1st. Soon that first exhibition game November 6. Then first game November 14 Rainbow Classic.

    Here we go.

    Fans , and families, friends, and UH faithful, soon.. UH MBB season starts!

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