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Reyes ready to catch up with Warriors

Sammis Reyes might be a true freshman who had to deal with a preseason injury, but he has no intention of making any excuses.

“I want to be in this; I’m not looking to be out of this,” the 6-foot-6 forward said. “I want to go out there and compete, do my best. I don’t want to think about redshirting or anything like that. I just want to go out there and play.”

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Reyes finally took his first steps toward earning playing time with the University of Hawai’i basketball team by participating in his first full practices of the season this week. He sat out the first two-plus weeks of practices with a broken toe.

“It’s a little sore … but it’s nothing,” Reyes said.

Because of the missed practice time, Reyes said he is making the most of his practice time this week by catching up both physically and mentally.

“Just lean the offenses and adjust to the tempo they play,” he said. “We play real fast, so run up and down.”

Reyes also realizes that he will have to work his way up the depth chart. “Energy, hustle, rebounds,” he said of what he can bring to the team. “Some dirty work. I’m happy doing that. I don’t mind it. When I get a chance to score, I’m going to take it. Just play hard, be aggressive.”


  1. Full Bore, Sammis!
    Surprise After Pleasant Surprise
    Power, Speed, Athleticism and Massive Energy!
    All Out Sammis!
    Go ‘Bows!
    Poster Child Freshman for
    Finishing Strong!

  2. Eagle, Servante…will Sammis and team be playing for NCAA/NIT tournament championships March 2015? Without question. Why, UH has solidarity from upper to lower, student body, to fan on the street, We are One, …Come on Sammis Slammis, Slam that Mamadou back to Irvine.

    Eagle, UH ready, proactive and ready to steady, learn, live better, get straight and win the RBC, Gulf Coast Showcase, DHC and the BWC tournaments.

    UH UH MBB peace train a coming, there’s a train a coming, and everybody Get On Board.
    Sammis the Super Chilean Special !

  3. Eagle, servante, warriorhaw… Sammis the real deal, nineteen years old? seems like a 26 yr old international BB veteran. His attitude is right on. His Physicality, that is the missing ingredient from Gib’s first 4 years teams. Even though not 6’9″, his strength, keeping guys out of the paint, weak side shot blocking, getting steals, blocking out. and banging without fouling, plus when toe better, those Power Dunks…
    Dang, Sammis ANOTHER upgrade, what a story, waited out the ncaa waiver, till the last minute, never thought of going to jc or dII BB schools, He held on, he wants to play in paradise. Heard, when Slammis Sammis, returned to practice today, The whole team, the level, the intensity sky rocketed…. Will he be the catalyst on offense, defense, be the enforcer.. hey UCSB, high guy, Sammis will be dunking down Alan W. in Santa Barbara, look out. Sammis HIGH CHARACHTER GUY with great family.

    Gracias, to the Reyes family for sharing Sammis with UH MBB, which will be stronger than ever these next 4 years.. they have good leadership, good support of chancellor, AD, and prez!!

    Go Bows, Warriors,Rainbows!
    Go The Mighty Superman Slammin,Sammis Reyes!

  4. Interesting that the UH beat writer who probably follows the team the closest and has access to players and coaches picked us 6th. Based on my limited knowledge I would have put us at 4 or 5.

  5. Bobby C. says a rumor is dramatic change at UH is coming related to the investigation and he thinks that the self-imposed penalties could come very soon, maybe by tomorrow or something about next Tuesday He said people outside the program think it’s very serious while those inside say it’s not too, but we have to see.

    Ferd L had an article today on self-imposing sanctions is the way to go.

  6. I’m not a # guy but UH have a trio of guards that can spread the floor that can open up lanes for athletic bigs with that being said all they have to do now is play Def 94ft of hell that will disrupt any offensive threat from opposition if they can do that the BWC CROWN will be awarded to Hawaii

  7. bigdaddy, appreciate your knowledge of the game and your comment. I have come to learn a lot about basket ball from runbows and the BB fans on this site. I am from a rugby background so still getting the hang of this sport. Exciting times tho, can’t wait for the first game.

    Looking solid Sammis, heal up well and stay healthy and looks like Sammis is ready to contribute this season.

    Sammis “The Haulkchillian” Reyes will definitely bring ” hot chilli” energy when he comes on the court and the team will be energised.


  8. Mamadou from UCI is a dirty player…hope “Slammis” can use his phyicality to send this clown back to wherever he came from !!!!! GO ‘BOWS…still worried about those NCAA sanctions against UH

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