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Official release from UH

UH Manoa Chancellor Robert Bley-Vroman and Athletics Director Ben Jay announced today that UH Men’s Basketball Head Coach Gib Arnold and Assistant Coach Brandyn Akana have been relieved of coaching duty and are departing employment from the University of Hawaii.


Pursuant to his contract, Arnold will be employed through January 26, 2015, and will be paid a lump sum payment for the remainder of his contract term, set to expire June 30, 2015.

Akana will also be employed through January 26, in accordance with his contract. He will not be entitled to any additional compensation.

“These painful but critical steps are being taken in an effort to strengthen our athletics program and to do right by our student athletes and students in general,” said Jay in making the announcement to Athletics Department employees today. “We appreciate the work of Gib and Brandyn and wish them both the best in the future.”

Chancellor Bley-Vroman said, “We are committed to setting the best possible examples for our players not only on the field of sports but in life. Athletics Director Jay has my full support in these steps that will strengthen the long-term future of our athletics program and our university.”

University of Hawaii System President David Lassner and Board of Regents leadership have been informed of these actions and stand behind the athletics director and chancellor as they make these difficult decisions.


  1. Hey Dayton .. Thank you so very much for your hard work in covering UH MBB , I think starting from Gib’s UH MBB to Asia Tour, or The First Year of Gib. Mahalo to the Schmidt Ohana.

    Sad.. However.. let us know the details, and if any comments from the Team.. Our main Concern now..
    And does this affect NCAA possible sanctions..
    Mahalo Dayton..
    Seen it before.. actually, Rocha, Nash, now Gib.. and Wallace let go per contract mandatory retired..

    Hope UH MBB has still great season.. I really do..

  2. Will a new coach allow Warrior Insider access to players and practices like Gib allowed ?

  3. I forgot, O’Neil too.. However. for UH MBB fans, we support whomever the coach staff is.. Hope Taylor and Carey and Smith are retained… Hope Team stays positive through this.. bet they are shocked..

    Support the Team fans..

  4. islandman:

    oh, oh.. you are right… Dayton had a great relationship with Gib and staff/team.. some coaches will not allow practice or open gym filmed..

    Well, more Mahalo Dayton… thanks for everything WI MBB kept it exciting for over 4 years. and hopefully will continue..
    shoots.. darn.. man….Team, guys, we supporting you.. do well in school.. keep grades up.. and stay in touch.. Hope UH pres. , chancellor, and AD give you all FULL SUPPORT..

  5. Might This move, the terminations, helped lessen NCAA sanctions? Hopefully..

    Short list for new coach? Don’t know..

  6. I will say this again since I just posted on the previous story. What a shocker!

    My question remains, why did Ben Jay and company wait until now to do this decision. If the violations by Gib and Akana were that major, why were they allowed to keep coaching all these months?! To fire them one week before the season starts shows some really really poor procedures in place at UH, but I guess that’s no surprise any more. It doesn’t matter if the NCAA just wrapped up because they haven’t announced anything. If Ben Jay and company knew of major violations and were planning on doing self-sanctions anyway, why wait until now!?

    Dismissing Gib and Akana back in June or July or earlier would have given enough time to find new replacements and let everyone know including the players whats up.

    I don’t know. I’m pounding my head on the wall already. Very sad day for UH basketball but also very frustrated with UH as a whole organization in the continue to fumble every important matter.

  7. It is like beating a Dead Horse ChuckC.. the timing.. right Before the season starts.. unless they did not know extent until ncaa finished investigation last Friday..
    UH Football, Now UH MBB.. hope the team and season not hurt.. hurts the fanbase, however the student athletes and their families, I am fully supporting..
    Hope Taylor and Senque, Smith, and volunteer coaches, can keep the team going… they are really a bunch of great athletes!

    Is Ben Jay doing it right? Football program. Baseball… don’t get a concussion Chuck.. it is only a sport, however very costly..
    hope the best for the MBB team and their families!

    Thanks to Gib and family and Brandon and family, actually very good people..

  8. Hang in there Dayton. WI has been a huge positive for the basketball program, the players and their families, and the fans. It’s certainly been a great recruiting tool. Hopefully whomever takes over the UH head coaching reins will continue to give you the inside access to the program that brings so many of us here daily.

  9. runbows, maybe the administration hoping to keep post season eligibility with this move.

    chuckcheese, i asked something like that yesterday on this blog. Why did they have to wait until the investigation was wrapped up before doing the self sanctions ?

  10. So is this move a “peace offering” to the NCAA or are the sanctions really that bad ??? What amazes me is that Ben Jay finds the money to get rid of both Arnold & Akana but can’t find the money to can Norm. BEN JAY HAS TO GO !!!!!

  11. islandman: With that Alabama Legal team guidance. And Gib hired counsel. Behind the scenes, or very recently, remember on a matter that HC and Jay met.. said something else they were talking about..It was This.. the termination.. for Betterment of program.. per SM on other blog, he says. that Gib and Akana will be out recruiting for UH MBB , if true, that is a nice way to go out.. Two sides on good terms,.. plus Gib and Akana, will still be on employ through January..

    I am sure Gib and Akana, must be speaking to team, maybe, let them Know.. Hang in There, listen to AD, the UH, follow directions. do well in school, do NOT DROP out..

    And Part of the deal islandman.. as on Leahy and Leahy, Chancellor and Prez said they would do what they had to do FOR THE Better of the UH Student Athletes.. Thinking too, It might have saved UH MBB Post Season chances.. and they clean up with some other in house, penalties..

    Otherwise, how could UH and AD sell MBB program excitement for this year.. I tell you fans, and team and families, friends of MBB program.. I will support your sons. in school, and on the court, You all have great young men, who are doing well.. They stay strong, they will come out well.. When time to move on with life post UH, they will be able to overcome a lot..

    islandman.. Hoping, This Might have been the Negotiated Move to Save UH MBB post season for this year..
    Who is the Next Coach, will be critical hire.. Wish you well Gib.. as servante… always said, and I agree, maybe made mistakes, emotional, however great passion for Hawaii..And if still out recruiting. Thankyou to you and Brandyn and families, the Akana Ohana and The Gib Arnold Family wish them nothing but the best.. really nice, people and children!

    islandman.. thanks for your tireless real time UH sports updates.. I am shocked.. however, I think this will work out best in long run for UH MBB..

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  12. Feel very bad for Gib and Akana as well as for their families. I can’t even imagine how this must make the team feel.

    Star advertiser released an article today in which Riley Wallace said he’s willing to be interim coach.

  13. Wow. Tough !
    Well, Gib and Brandyn, Stay Positive. You have made a terrific GOOD impact on the program and have made some new friends. Things happen. Stay high of character! Deep Mahalo !
    Best of everything for the future! Go Bows !!

  14. I would not doubt if AD and or coaches meet with team, discuss.. seems per social.. Team United.. that is good. .. And if this agreed parting of ways.. with Coach Benjy and Senque still helping team, coaching , with the team managers, helping with logistics, and trainer, secretary, etc.and hopefully Jamie Smith? Man, Jamie, come back now.. ?
    I guess will still here that self imposed sanctions tomorrow huh?

    Still Chuck C…. what can say?
    Eagle.. servante…I guess we just support the Team,,, They deserve it… they have worked really hard.. Stay together.. man oh man..

    SA per BM says Riley would be interested in taking the interim spot if UH offered.
    Hope he keeps Taylor and Carey.. would think he would be foolish not too.

    Eternal optimist.. I think it will work out in long run for Gib and Akana too, UH MBB , hope it still goes good this season and next.. if like St Marys’ they were on a 4 year.. thing.. Still Post Season.. Key..I don’t Know..
    Just tired of it.. hope soon over.. and UH just go out and win 25+ games and BWC titles as GMoney said.. He is United, Solidarity.,. staying POSITIVE.. so will the UH MBB fan faithfull whomever coach is..
    Stay uptempo Riley… run and gun, and also,.. manage the game to win.. Jackson W.. again? I guess.

  15. Great to hear about Riley Wallace ! Love him !

  16. Yeah, what a shocker!! I agree that the timing is bad. Did the NCAA find things that warrant these actions?
    It just seems that Ben Jay has been mis-handling some of these issues.

  17. runbows,
    what is the other blog you referred to with an SM ? Thanks

  18. Whether or not Benjy and Senque stay is really a 50/50. The new coach might want them because they know they players. Especially Benjy, who’s been with the returning players for a while now. Of course the new coach may want to start fresh and not want any of the Gib-era coaches around. Might be some sort of ego or territorial thing…you know, the coach wouldn’t want to feel like the new guy who comes in and has to not only change the players, but also change the current coaches.

    Would love it if Riley Wallace came back!

  19. RunBows

    Hawaii has been great thus far but being 5000+ miles away and to not know the future of the program is unexceptable if Taylor goes I’m almost certain Fleming will be back on the eastcoast next year.

  20. Jackson wheeler and portnoy way to close! Unless there is more information that we have not been given this is total crap! I said it on the SA I will not renew my season tickets next year. If the whole team stays I may stay but the chances of that are low

  21. bigdaddy:

    I am really sorry things worked out this way. Must have been negotiated. to save worse from ncaa. Hoping UH still play post season!
    Isaac Fleming, believe a recruit of Benjy Taylor, correct… Man, if new coach, or if Benjy could apply, for HC job, or new coach, would be foolish not to keep Benjy, if he wants to retain some of these great young players..bigdaddy, this took me by surprise.
    Hope that Coach Taylor stays, and is retained for next year and years..

  22. We get a connection to Riley Wallace classic, if he is hired. Not that you want it.

  23. Tonganator:

    What can I say? Disappointed. however always appreciate Isaac Fotu’s personality and hard work. First class guy and great New Zealand family.

    Wish your family and team the best.. Sad time for UH MBB , hope they still can play for NCAA tournament this year.

    Mahalo to the Fotu Ohana!

  24. Thanks for the honesty bigdaddy. I’m sure you are not the only parent who feels that way and I hope you make your feelings known to UH powers that be. I really hope Ben Jay and company know about your sentiments in his attempt “to do right by our student athletes and students in general.”

  25. Sad for the Arnold family, his wife and children who has made Hawaii home. Ben Jay is not in tune who is committed to Hawaii because he has no clue. Our leaders at UH are mostly mainlanders that seems to be messing up UH.

  26. islandman:

    Steve Murray blog was on scoutmbd.. under Gib (terminated) , You will see that thread it is the Hot topic.. Now,.. I am shocked,.. however, probably Negotiated.. so parted ways.. in good way..Timing, incredible
    islandman, also check out posts on UHMBB twitter site.. Steve has comments, possible interim assistant coaches, Wallace, Goo and Sellitto.. Wow!

    We shall see, Hope Benjy Taylor, and Senque Really step up to Keep team together.. some key leaders of Team Are United through all of this.. if AD tells them.. extent of ncaa.. especially they can play for NCAA post season.. would think team intact.. some , well old and new guys, shocked. however, some probably had idea… Me NO IDEA at all.. and for those that tell me to Eat Crow.. I will ..plus a Mynah bird too for dessert.. could not believe.. however.. UH had to do, supposedly to save UH MBB and students.. life on campus and other.. Hope for the best
    And as bigdaddy states.. Hope That Taylor Stays.. to keep Fleming.. Isaac Fleming is a good one.

  27. No thanks to Wallace taking this team… His flex motion system has zero chance of taking hold this far into camp. He’d have to adapt to a more simple system, not sure if he’s capable of doing that in a short amount of time, considering the flex is the only way he’s coached for decades. Plus he’s been out of coaching for a while now and does not have great knowledge of how officiating has changed. Refs are calling the game differently the past few years vs years past in terms of how much defensive contact they allow.

    At least there are some principles that transcend coaching styles, such as zone press breakers, basic zone offense concepts. Those don’t change a whole lot from coach to coach other than terminology and slight differences on play design.

    I say give Taylor and Carey their shot as interim co-head coaches and maybe hire another assistant to help spread the workload. They have the best knowledge of the current roster and understand their wants/needs. I don’t think bringing in Wallace from 8+ years of retirement and virtually no training camp to install his offense is going to be good for UH or Wallace. The odds of it working for Wallace are not good. If this were pre-training camp, then I’d be more open to Wallace possibly coming back.

  28. Runbows I echo your thoughts on Benjy. I’d feel alot better if he was retained due to the fact that he’s got continuity with the players which might help keep some of the guys here.

  29. Thanks for the updates and comments. When the news first came to light, was surprised and waited for all to begin to comment.

    IMHO: the situation does not make sense, mostly timing wise. Information wise, the administration, lawyers and coaches had enough information to work with and did not have to wait for the NCAA to provide the allegations and findings. Something is amiss.

    Can’t wait to read more…

    Do believe that the remaining two assistant coaches should run the team; they have prepared to run a certain style and have players to execute it. They have a young talented coach in Q. Riley Wallace as much as I like him is not the right person for this team; too many excuses will follow when problems arise.

  30. ChuckCheese, answered your concerns about timing in earlier comments. Can’t have it both watts…wait til BCAA done but don’t do anything if not done until beginning of season. If you want to be upset with anyone how bout those super sleuths at the NCAA. Took them this long? Must be more than we know. Once again, patience until we see report and continue to support team. For those not renewing tickets because UH is following rules? Your prerogative. Funny reason but still your choice. BigDaddy, left a message for you on earlier topic.

  31. Chuck Cheese , you got it , spot on

    TO ALL THE FAMILIES OF UH MBB ATHLETES.. Hawaii faithful fans, and people We support your sons, being Far from home and working so hard in class and on the court… They had nothing to do with this parting of ways or coaches termination..

    Tell UH.. that you all want Coach Taylor and Senque Carey( if so), or Jamie Smith to be retained.. especially Taylor, seems no connection to termination or ncaa problem.. IF AD AND UH wise.to keep those

    Families call the UH AD and let him know.. Man.. UH MBB Team Stay Together. however, decide what is best for your sons and your families..
    This Still could be the greatest and best season for UH MBB if they can win and are allowed, to play for NCAA bid.. despite HC and assistant parting ways.

    bigdaddy, Tonganator, TribeVx4, and all the Teams’ families, Enos’, Valdes, Thomas, Reyes, Jankovich, Jovanovich, Buscher, Stepteau, Jawato, Fotu, Smith Nevels, Bobbitt, Filipovich, Flemings, Jawatos, Thanks for sharing your sons with UH MBB and Hawaii fans.. We support them through this.. and hope they come out as champions..

  32. runbows, thanks, found that SM before your answer above. I don’t see Gib being very enthusiastic, if he were to continue to recruit for UH.

    I favor younger coaches instead of Riley, Sellito & Goo, etc. Their health would be hard pressed to keep up with the game today.

  33. Believe that Taylor is well liked by team, he and Senque.. could they run team, and even come back next season.. even if New HC..however, make Absolutely sure, it is a good up and coming, uptempo players coach.. who gets Hawaii, and wants to do it Rainbow Warrior Style..

    islandman, you are right.. cannot imagine Gib being out of coaching.. he probably line up job, JC, or small college, or pro team overseas, hey a lot of contacts in Europe and NZ , Australia.. sad..

    Well, too late..however. like the comments of tako etc.. WHAT WERE THE ALLEGATIONS>. maybe UH keeping in house, avoid litigation by parties.. part ways.. and HOPING still play for Post Season..That is So key..

  34. Reported Gib Arnold right now meeting with Team in Stan Sheriff locker room.. Hope the guys will be alright.. sure are shocked.

    Hey solid fans, root for Taylor and Carey, and probable interim assistant.. that is what Wallace was mentioned as I believe, not the HC.. conflicting reports.. he would be interim assistant.. ?
    Weird, if Taylor and Carey let go before the season… And Wallace HC with Goo and Sellitto, Jackson?
    man, team would be messed up..

    Keep Taylor as interim coach to finish season, maybe the team unites, rises to occasion.. fights, and makes deep run into NCAA tournament.. then Benjy Taylor puts his name out for HC or Associate and is retained.
    Otherwise, families, and supporters of Taylor and Carey, Tell UH and AD you want them retained. Feel for the families that supported Gib as well, shocked.. however. being that Gib is so passionate for Hawaii and Team.. Bet he is Telling guys, do not give up, Stay in School.. probably will play for post season and BWC championship… great run, however, best to move on.. wish you all well.. bet there are some tears in that locker room. or others, maybe.. I don’t know..

    Wallace, start as HC on Nov 16 that does not make sense, even if interim to end of year.. UH might go 10-22, just the confusion.. with personalities and styles.

    By the Way Sham is crowing.. I guess he has the right.. hey Sham, support your UH brothas!

  35. Hoosier, thank you for the cool head response. You are right that I would be upset if coaches were dismissed in summer, but as I also stated earlier, if Gib and Akana really did commit major violations then they deserve to go.

    Here is the point I trying to make so please follow- if the violations were major and UH intent was to self-report then why not report it in summer along with announcing the major violations. That’s the key is announcing what UH found to justify the firings. It would have been a lot easier to accept and then a new coach can be named in August or September and I would probably be back on board and cheering by now and getting excited for the season! As it is now, the season starts next week already and nobody knows whats going to happen. I am mad at the NCAA too but everybody knows they were going to take long time. If UH plan was to beat them to the punch they could have done it months ago.

    As for those wanting refunds, that’s there choice because its the same feeling like if you buy something at the store and find out there’s a recall because something wrong with that brand. Some never going buy that brand again, some still going be loyal and buy, some going wait and see what they hear from others before trying again. Everybody get different choices in that kind of situation and the brand can only blame themselves.

  36. I’m sure Gib is spinning his story to the players now. He obviously has a hard time simply telling the truth that is why it has drug on for so long. Really feel bad for the parents and kids that he consistently exaggerated the circumstances to. Not sure why some still say he is such a great guy. Great guys don’t so this to people. Period.

  37. Riley offering help if needed. Agree that Benjy could run team on interim basis. No way to change systems this late. And please, do not bring up the mainlanders vs local shtick. Last time I looked Norm Chow was a local boy as was Jim Donovan. Liked Jim but not the greatest administrator. And please let AD do his job. Too many fingers in the pie do not make for success. Last time fans beat the drum for their coach of choice was Bob Nash. How did that work out? Everyone needs to relax and wait for full report. Players will come and go based on relationships, pt, and any number of reasons. It is not like we were losing John Wooden.

  38. gibnogood: yes, with termination, he and Akana no good for furthering betterment of program.. I think they could have retained, him, however, the behind the scenes things, must have been when Ben and Gib met.. the agreed, get paid employed to Jan. then lump sum.. probably NO litigation against UH.. since, Gib;s contract was going to run out anyways.. so UH could reassign, ala Von Appen, or Rocha, do something else while still on payroll.

    I don’t know if you know Gib personally, family man, great supportive wife, 5 good kids.. really liked team.. think clash of personalities.. and now days you cannot even yell at team, or scold, have to temper.. something Gib had to learn to tone down. The Akana thing happened under Gib watch, so I don’t know probably that institutional control… so to avoid big post season ban, or more loss of scholarships.. UH and Gib negotiated this parting of ways..

    Hope team stays together.. Taylor is well liked, I am sure Que is well liked coach. too.. They stick together.. so near the first game of season, and ncaa does not come down hard on UH to post season ban, a lot to play for.. Then team, the guys and families make decision..either, mid term or end… of year.. Hey as I said, good that Gib had 16 guys on roster.. Feel bad for team and their families..

    gibnogood.. hey your moniker nogood already… Gib is gone…. Who would be on your list for possible assistants, or new HC,.. I think UH would be foolish to end Taylor and Senques’ tenure… the team really like them, and they run the uptempo style..

    New Moniker. … uhmbbstaystrong…!

  39. Tweet on MBB twitter says Gib found out about his release through a phone call from his wife. How come B Jay couldn’t tell him personally ? Or did he ?

  40. you know student fans, appreciated coach Arnold’s enthusiasm for fans and getting us out to games. hope Jamie smith is still, or back with team. hope that coach taylor and carey can get guys to still dunk and shoot and win..
    guess will have to change moniker to gibisgonemahalo.

  41. islandman: are we smelling litigation? I mean, to not tell a guy face to face, and ben’s twitter, never mentions UH MBB team, always WBB and Beeman, … forums going crazy, kind of exciting in weird way.. WHY do it NOW when season about to start.. early summer, if just cause,, could have avoided.. however would have to had looked for new, or just have Benjy Taylor as interim for whole year.. I think he is Key the Team likes and repects, Benjy and Que.. maybe get Tim Shepherd or Julian Sensley if not playing pro ball, to coach the Bigs as interim assistant.

    Still, that is a coward way to do.. it.. NO CLASS.. leave message with someone else or on a voice mail device, NOT FACE TO FACE.. then, for Gib, to be rid of Ben Jay , probably good move on Gib;s part too, did not have the Backing when things got tough When Gib needed it.. .

    Gib.. wish you well, I do not think he or his family or program is EVIL.. mistakes made, however,.. so many bashing of heads and personalities, ones that can take yelling and running for mistakes and some that could not….

    islandman.. I wonder if this is over, or does Gib go to court? Remains to be seen, however, it seems he turned over reins to Taylor and they are having closed practices. look at tonite’s TV news.. I suspected, penalties, even loss of scholarship, coach or player sit out games, or suspension, shorten practice times, HOWEVER.. this Was a Big One.

    Nuff already…. Dayton.. hope that soon, can have video of the last UH scrimmage before HPU game, if team still working hard. They Are United!

    shoots already.. Pau..

  42. islandman: sorry posted under grandson moniker.. we share same PC.. will go back to moniker RunBows avoid confusion.. grandson UH student!

  43. Ben Jay needs to stop hiding behind a press release and have a live press conference regarding the situation. I am not sure what is written into Gib’s contract but as of right now we fans have no evidence as to why Gib has been let go. That is unacceptable and only raises questions about the current UH administration and Ben Jay.

  44. Tonganator:

    Hope you and family and Isaac Fotu doing okay, what a crazy day. Hope team stays united, and can win the DHC and the BWC title.. Things settle down with Coach Taylor as interim and hopefully next year staff coach…

    Mahalo for your support. Hope Isaac and boys are okay as a team, ..

  45. Why do people here feel sorry for Gib and Akana. They are the ones that created the problem to begin with. Good riddance to people who feel like they can break the rules and get away with it. We should all feel bad for the players and their families. Gib and Akana have put them in this situation.

  46. Would be pretty cool though to get June Jones and Riley Wallace back. Would be like reversing the clock 10 to 12 years and reliving our glory days

  47. But on second thought for continuities sake it would be best to have Q and Benji run the team and bring in another assistant or two.

  48. Wouldn’t one of the local high school a ball coaches here love to be an assistant with UH?

  49. I am sure there will be a press conference. Pono, you are right on the money. All the Gib backers can’t believe he could possibly do wrong so must be Ben Jay Puleeze…

  50. Pono, Hoosier, gibnogood.. they should have gotten Gib earlier, that is the thing… I guess had to wait for ncaa investigation pau… Gib is gone, Pau, next.. for MBB solidarity and continuity keep Taylor and Senque, maybe Riley finish year as HC, however.. wonder if he get along with players too.

    ahhhh.. Gib is Gone.. New Coach.. and we thank him for that fast break ball, that is what I enjoyed , in 8 seconds, grab rebound and go, bigs or smalls, and finish.. that 80 ppg scoring..

    Should be interesting.. NO comments either side right now..

    UH MBB, once pride and joy.. still a winning program..

    The remaining guys, stick together One Ohana, and win the BWC.

  51. Runbows, agree. Best game going . Riley just willing to help if no other options. He bleeds more green than anyone on this board and deserves our aloha for his continued support of UH. Now time to come together and get ready to kick diner serious BWC okole

  52. Self imposed sanctions usually come after the investigation is complete and the institution has a good idea on what is coming down the pipe. It’s scary to think what may be coming down the pipe from the NCAA if this was done to appease them. Ben Jay did what was right and did it as soon as he could. Hopefully the NCAA does not impose any other penalties on top of the self imposed sanctions. Let’s all face the facts. Gib and Akana obviously allowed things to happen in the program that is crippling this program. I’m a fan of the basketball program not crooked coaches. Let’s support the players and hope for a great season. We have yet to play a game so we still have the opportunity to achieve a lot.

  53. Too little explanation for my liking, bad timing, no indication what the real problem was nor what the potential consequences could be. Strange that it all started with self reporting of a form that was never even turned in to the NCAA. I really hope the AD clarifies all the questions…and I really hope that the notification by phone story is false. Gib and co. brought excitement back to the program, this is a sad day. I really hope we can keep the program moving in the right direction. Sorry, but Riley throwing his hat in the ring unsolicited is low class. Let’s move forward not backward.

  54. Kinda chicken poop to leak story of the firing to the media and not inform him face to face. He has to learn about it from his assistant and wife. Looks like we have a sneaky AD. Gotta keep and eye on him. Strike marks are building on him in my book. 3 strikes you’re out, right?

  55. In the end, I don’t think the altered document was the main reason Arnold was released. Probably Akana. In Arnold’s case, the NCAA interviewed a lot of former players who left the program, many after 1 or 2 years when they came in as freshmen. Maybe some were unhappy about their treatment or promises made that weren’t kept. Shamburger is known to have been unhappy. Caleb Dressler was supposedly made some comments. Etc., Etc. I bought season’s tickets because of the potential of Manroop Clair. He left too. I have tickets this year, most likely will not renew anymore.

    I didn’t think Arnold was the main choice when the job opened. I wanted the coach who ended up being the head coach at Boise St. because he could get players from Australia. Oh well. And another fine mess, Ollie!!!!!

  56. Before the actual ncaa info comes out, and there currently is no reason given for the firing. Here’s what I’m thinking. He was fired because the “backers” didn’t come up with more donations for the AD to make the AD look good. So this firing is spit in your face thing.

  57. As a fan of the MBB program, it includes the coaches. Until the allegations are made known, let’s reserve judgement. We can all agree that errors were made, however, is it wise to call anyone “crooked,” before the facts are known. Auwe…

  58. Arnold was fired b/c he was a fine gentleman that followed the rules at UH. He was graciously let go from USC because it was not his fault either as the recruiting coordinator.

  59. It has been said before that any new AD wants to put his stamp on the athletic program and wants to get his coaches into the program. So changes are beginning…

  60. It’s important that the team be asked what they want. No need to recycle an old coach unless he can come in and assist Benjy but not be the head coach. Riley I’m sure just wants to help but the game has passed him by and today’s NCAA has evolved a lot. Players seem unified and to blame players that left isn’t the cause of Gib being let go. This was his doing and if everyone has kept up with all the blogs, news reports and comments you will know more or less why he was let go of. This is a sad day and maybe the start of soomething good. Let’s not speculate if you haven’t followed this from the start.

    What is important is stability right now and the NCAA can be a real pain. We have a real good cohesive team and think that if they can make it through this what kind of team this will be when conference starts. Ohana Ohana Ohana. That’s what this team is about.

  61. I want Jeff Portnoy and Ben Jay fired. Who are portnoys sponsors for his radio show? The sponsors should know the negative thoughts that will be following him.

  62. Talk about turmoil in the UH athletic department. Oh my goodness. I save comment until Dayton sends out more information on this situation.

  63. Rob DeMello and Mike Cherry summed up this situation well during their respective TV Sports segments. It hasn’t changed much over these past seven months.

    Admin error of paper work that was not submitted but reported. Allegations over the course of the investigation, none released to the public.

    Coaches fired without cause prior to release of NCAA list of allegations and findings.

    Both U of H and Coach hired reputable lawyers to mediate or mitigate results of findings.

    Coach was not given a face to face and informed of firing, most organizations would find this unprofessional.

    What other facts are missing?

  64. Dayton may not be able to get as much info, now that Gib is gone.

    For posters’ info, Rob DeMello on KHON news said Gib was released, removed or fired “without cause.”

  65. say bye to fotu

  66. WI MBB fans: The termination “without cause” by AD and UH saying for the betterment of UH and the student athletes. And the way the news came out, I agree tako, I have to do a 180 degree turn on my previous statements. I was rushing to judgement. All the people on many forums who do not like Gib were saying ” I told you so”. Bet they never knew, unless those leakers the Balk show hosts, leaked something big coming down, they should not have said Anything. My Conclusion? Illustration: If you worked for a Company, were a hard worker, gave your life, time, energy to build that company up, though not perfect , you had some run ins with some fellow employees or ones under your supervision, after year or two, mediate, ones had problem move on etc. No reason, for you because of a “just cause” or Reason to terminate you, all of a sudden, you hear from your wife, or other friend hear’s on internet, or cell phone call, second hand information that you have been let go, or basically terminated with severance pay, “without cause” or Reason for dismissal.What would YOU think.. I would, get out that company handbook, if Union worker, go to Union tell them what happened. Even before that go to Company Boss who let you go “without cause” or Reason.. and ASK hey Boss , Ben Jay, UH, What Did I Do Specifically To have my contract or employ terminated in a few months. What part of rules of company or organization Am I Guilty of. Is it criminal? Abuse of fellow employee or under my charge? Am I guilty of theft? Is is racial, ? Religious reason? Political leanings. What part of the ethics, rule, ordinance code or Company policy did I VIOLATE.. Oh, for the sake of the company and its employees, we are going to terminate you and your associate. Boom you are out of a job, And ALL OF YOUR PASSION EFFORT, LIFE TO BUILD UP THAT COMPANY IS OUT THE DOOR.. without a Clear Explanation of What exactly you are guilty of.. Just Because.. What I would do? If I have private counsel, and I exhausted all means to resolve, I would take that president and the company to court or mediator.. get my job back, or allow then in hearing to present REASON BEYOND a doubt Why I was Let Go from my job, that affects, my crew, my family, my friends. and customers of the company, ..I would litigate, to get down the Truth, Why?

    So looking at Coach Taylor’s face, and the team, they are devastated, would Benjy want the HC job, ? not under those circumstance, boom, bye Gib, you are gone and Akana, without cause or reason.. Agree with tako,808jo, and probably later some of the old time regulars who will chime in soon.

    Without the specific NCAA allegations, and not face to face with AD, really not cool, even cowardice… man The Termination of Gib Arnold, no matter what one thinks of him as coach, IT NOW STINKS to the heavens…Gib, I am sorry, until I saw the impact on Benjy’s face, the way reported, and NO ALLEGATIONS specifically presented yet.. no chance to respond.. YOU do what you have to do… I would take UH and the AD to court, or before that UH mediate.. to retain job, at least through end of this year. And see how year turns out, then proceed from there.. YOUR TERMINATION.. AND TAKO you hit it on the HEAD.. There will be Gib’s friends, confidants who will advise him.. Now , Totally NO Aloha, for a guy from Cleveland Ohio, to treat a Kamaaina HC, grad of Punahou.. without cause.. TAKO.. I don’t think we hear the last of this, UNLESS NCAA letter clearly spells out that Gib , there is cause to terminate.. What Did He Do Wrong.. Cowardice on UH upper and AD, NO COMMENT.. only in best interests of students.. HOW about the 16 Student Athletes busting their okoles, butts off for Hawaii, that AD, and chancellor, president of UH.. What is the Reason.. We await the NCAA…that letter would state… IF Gib was not told REASON/S… man,.. Gib lawyer up, I would.. Pau, done talking bout this for Now.. It is not Pono.. It stinks, No wonder AD and his athletic teams are going down, and disappearing.. AUWE..JMO,

  67. I hope Fotu will stay, having the chance to spend his last year with his sister (Ella) if she comes to play basketball here would be priceless. You just don’t normally get this chance to be arround your familly.

  68. Mark Carpenter tweet :

    Arnold reportedly was blindsided was announcement. Found out online minutes before admin came to talk to him

  69. Dayton,

    I’d like to know if the specifics of the infractions found by the NCAA will be made public? Is it mandatory to be made public?

  70. Don’t care about this anymore. I am out for good. Too many truly more important events going on in people’s lives to spend time worrying about what happens with the he of UH bb. Aloha to those of you staying on this board. There are better things for me to do with my time. Best to all of you and enjoy your discussions.

  71. Jeff Portnoy is an attorney who gets government organizations and others to release info under the state open records laws. Will he be suing UH of which he is a regent to release info on all of this ?

  72. Portnoy will be trying to get Jackson Wheller in

  73. It looks like This Termination or Release without cause, will come back and slap Ben Jay right in the face. He has a losing Baseball team and HC, Football coach losing over 3 years, WVB team not as dominant, WSB team hoping to get back to dominate, MVB not really doing anything, WBB okay, not NCAA dominant yet, small fanbase, little money generated…. Then This.. as Mark Carpenter Tweeted that Gib was blindsided.. it is bush league, low blow, a cowardly back stabbing way to get at HC.. And to not even have discussion with Gib, before any thought of ending relationship with UH MBB. Totally unethical.. I mean, UH Law school professors could spend a lecture period discussion the ethics or lack of ethics on dismissal of Gib, and what a person in his situation would do. Hey Gib. … go to your personal counsel or your attorney friend, the UH Athletic Coaches Union or whatever mediation organization, and just Question, ASK simple Question.. is it permissible to ASK MY BOSSES…WHY,.. released from HC duties without Cause..

    tako, 808jo,,…. if Gib wants to pursue legally, or through mediation.. It will spell trouble for AD Ben Jay, the BOR, I mean the whole upper and lower powers that be… It does not make sense… And not face to face…. Any organization, a professional ethical, by the rule, code of conduct. Higher learning. would not do that.. With The former Chancellor well, reassigned to what he loves teaching and HIGH paying job, The former President….buyout, teach, and whatever.. Gib… relieved FOR WHAT REASON.. What does NCAA say… What Does UH say…

    Ben Jay, officially, if he going to do this to a winning coach, not PROVEN guility of crime, felony, or documented abuse or misuse.. no announcement… Just Because, or Without Cause.. Man it Stinks.. If I were the team.. how could they look at Ben Jay in the eye and say thanks.. we busting our butts for you and Athletic dept. the school, and you take away our coach, Without Cause..
    Man, if team sticks together.. and hopefully Taylor, Senque Carey, Jamie Smith.. and have great season.. more power to them.. I bet to a man, the are shocked and P.O.ed to the max.

    JMO.. Boy, you just have to watch Benjy Taylor being interviewed, and on BM’s blog, interesting observation on timing of offering Riley the Job, before, or just when ,Gib was going to be released from HC job.. if BOR approves, maybe they removed too. Something at UH, is not right.. unless. Ben Jay, or some higher up comes up with a Clear Explanation for this Blind Side.. a Sucker Punch to Gib and the MBB program.. feel for the team, coach Benjy,.. they working hard.. at least AD and UH could stick with team and support coach, unless found guilty of something major by ncaa, What it is? I don’t know.. Gib , at least ask, walk up to Ben’s office, or house or rehab room, and Ask WHY, What Did I DO?

    AD, UH president, Chancellor, BOR.. What Did Gib Do? If Justified let us know? What ? Or Gib, get set to litigate. or mediate.. Hoosier you will be back.. guaranteed. this story , or the fall of UH athletics and AD is still in the making.. man.. just when we had ONE UH PROGRAM on the rise.. AD knocks them down.. hope Benjy can keep their heads up… tough good group of young student athletes. they don’t deserve this crud..


  74. If okay, proper, I would like to paste this statement from online SA article, Gib’s response to be relieved of HC duties, Dayton if not proper please delete.

    Gib Arnold’s long statement about his release as HC: Star Advertiser online release.


    It does not seem right. Think Gib moving on. I would fight , however if don’t have backing of UH, what you going to do?

  75. Unless you know the coaches on an inner circle level or are with him on a regular basis, or someone with explicit knowledge of the situation, or a member of the team. You have no business speculating on what’s being said from Arnold to the players behind the scenes in private.

  76. FUHA…. hey if you addressing me FUHA? As I always say JMO.. just my opinion.. you state yours, I don’t take it as gold, or truth.. You watch reaction of team and Benjy, it hurts.. so, as a fellow human being, UH alumnus, I feel for guys. and Gib not being served Due Process, it stinks..
    See, UH and powers that be, jumping the gun, and they are going to get hurt for it.. IF only they do things proper way…

    JMO.. freedom of speech.. I feel for the team.. don’t you?
    I am backing the coaches, even Gib now, where are his rights. Your rights.? UH athletics and you were former UH athlete, you should know better.

    I am for the team, I know they are hurting, however if they have a chance to play for championships they will bounce back.. Gib, just take care and do what you got to do.

    FUHA.. everyone has a NOSE right:? well most do.. so Everyone has a opinion, or even guess speculate, Now with Gib;s statement, and Benjy’s interviews, players reactions.. what more evidence do you need. ?

    Support the team. And Coaches.

  77. RunBows, thanks for the link…

    Here’s what we know…

    1. UH self reports a minor infraction to the NCAA early 2014
    2. UH BB suspends Akana for 30 days during 2013-2014 season not long after reporting infraction (s)
    3. NCAA launches investigation which concluded a little while back
    4. After media stories swirl about potential NCAA action, Gib issues a quick press conference stating he’s never paid player, committed academic fraud, etc.
    5. As of today, NCAA has yet to release the investigation report.
    6. As of today, the NCAA has not accused UHMBB of any wrongdoing.
    7. UH fires Arnold and Akana without due process today.

    The NCAA needs to release the investigation report ASAP so UH can justify the firing of the coaches. There better be some incredible findings and accusations with evidence to back them up. Otherwise, UH is a sitting duck for Arnold’s attorney should he decide to fight it in court. However, there’s not a whole lot Gib could collect from UH should he win in court because UH is paying him his remaining salary as stated in the contract. Also, it’s not like UH has any funds to pay punitive damages anyways.

    One note worth mentioning is that UH has essentially wasted a whole bunch of money hiring that hotshot attorney firm to help protect them from the NCAA. They could have used Arnold as a scapegoat without spending 6 digits on an attorney if the NCAA findings turn out to be really bad.

  78. RunBows… I actually fall on your side of the opinion. My comment was for the trolls who spew rumors and hearsay based on zero facts.

    Based on the sequence of events, Gib’s firing smells of dirty political schenanigans by a faction of high power UH leaders that do not like Arnold. First, it does not make any sense that self reported “minor infraction” would ever be serious enough warrant firing a head coach AND an assistant. I mean, who’s idea was it to get the NCAA involved over something quoted as minor and blatantly overlooks when they see it at prominent programs. Second, none of the UH leadership (President, Chancellor, AD, and much of the BOR) were not at UH at the time of Gib’s hiring, along with Coach Chow in football. I think the new leadership want to put their mark on the big revenue sports FB & MBB, and the people with an ax to grind used this as an excuse to get rid of Arnold. There is not enough funds to buyout Chow’s contract, so Arnold became the convenient target with an unsigned extension and NCAA investigation ongoing.

    In the end, Gib is gone, but I think UH’s handling of this situation is deplorable and will most definitely hurt their reputation in the eyes of future coaches candidates. With UH’s budget in the red, they can’t afford quality established coaches. UH can only afford inexperienced and totally unproven coaches.

    No hot prospect coach will consider UH as a possible destination because UH now has a growing track record of having messy divorces with their coaches. UH was too cheap to fire McMackin and Wallace, but both agreed to a forced “retirement” with lower payment. The June Jones contract situation was partly due in part he had enemies within the UH leadership. Also, UH does not have a good track record for being a spring board to bigger and better jobs. JJ went to a higher paying job, but it was more of a lateral move in terms of program stature. At this point The only types of coaching candidates UH is going to attract are freshly fired coaches desperate for work, or old-timers stepping back into coaching or career assistants desperate for a HC gig.

    It’s not a good look for UH…

  79. What’s laughable is the comments from the chancellor saying, “We are committed to setting the best possible examples for our players — not only on the field of sports but in life.” Letting someone find out about their release via the internet & a call from home is NOT an example of professional or honorable behavior.
    Leadership at UH In general is sorely lacking. There is too much turnover at the top, no commitment to any consistent principles that I can see which leads to a lack of continuity throughout the organization. This is just another example proving we have a system without a clue. Be honest and forthright with your employees, your students, and the people of Hawaii and you will begin to earn respect. Until then, leadership should be thankful the criticism isn’t louder.
    I can say for sure that I would never take a job working for this AD and I am sure his lack of backbone will be noted by anyone with the character we desire for this and future coaching jobs.

  80. Every coach deserves due process.

    I find it peculiar that chancellor Vley-Broman chimed in on the media release. Usually it’s only the AD and/or the university president that comment about hiring/firing of coaches.

    Thats the angle that I find really interesting. Along with firing “without cause” before the NCAA report is released. It definitely doesn’t feel right.

  81. FUHA…didn’t see your last comment before I posted, you say it much better than I. I agree 100%.

  82. Adding to my earlier point about UH lowering its reputation for future coaching candidates… If I were an agent representing a coach looking to be a HC, I’d steer my client away of UH because, quite frankly, the way things have gone the past dozen years, UH has not been a good place for coaches to try and advance their careers in the money sports

    Reilly Wallace – forced retirement
    Bob Nash – fired
    Gib Arnold – fired without cause, not likely to get another decent HC job
    June Jones – failed contract talks, left for SMU, forced to retire
    Greg McMackin – forced retirement
    Charlie Wade & others – several coaches contracts were unacceptably stuck in limbo all spring and summer with President Apple’s firing (which is also a hot topic
    Norm Chow – the final curtain on his career is a matter of when, not if.
    Womens BB – there’s been a fairy active revolving door at HC here. Beeman looks pretty promising though.

    That leaves only Dave Shoji as the lone revenue sport coach on relatively good terms, but he is retiring.

  83. “University of Hawaii System President David Lassner and Board of Regents leadership have been informed of these actions and stand behind the athletics director and chancellor as they make these difficult decisions.”

    That is about as weak of a statement as you could ever get from the people who run the university. This essentially means Lassner and the BOR are trying to distance themselves from the situation. It makes it seem it’s the Chancellor and AD’s axe to grind with Arnold.

    Speaking of the Chancellor situation, ousted Chancellor Apple wasn’t able to sign Gib’s contract during his firing, but new Chancellor Bley-Vroman could have easily signed and executed his contract but it was sent back to Ben Jay to be revised. Looking at Bley-Vroman’s bio, he has zero qualifications with any kind of understanding of athletic dealings or anything relating to contracts. His resume is all teaching/ professor work mainly in German & Romanian language. Zero experience outside the education world.

  84. FUHA:

    My apologies to you. I wasn’t sure if directed at me your comments. It was for the trolls. I was guilty at beginning when heard of Gib’s release, thinking allegations were in place, Gib and Ben met, and they negotiated this out deal. However, AD never spoke in person, ,man to man, always kept a distance, even on his twitter account, would hilite, soccer team, WBB coach, football, man that is the HC that has to go…, sorry, though I like Norm, local boy, and I NOTICED very early, Gib not mentioned too much if at all by Ben, since the early summer. So He and powers that be, this new President, and Chancellor were cooking up something, maybe they don’t like Gib’s swag or aloha shirt. The guy gave his all for UH, and he has , really The most promising athletic team at UH MBB I have seen in decades.. To Knock off the head,, and let the body struggle does not make sense.. and the latest release by Gib, how UH AD and powers that be, offered the heads of Akana and Gib as offering to appease ncaa supposedly with absolutely No confirmed letter of allegation, NCAA, they must be thinking.. hey wait a minute, UH releases and pays out coach, he is gone, Akana is gone, released from coaching duties, and they have not Even presented case. I guess with that buyout, yes, I see, Gib cannot dispute that they payed his contract out for final year, however, sneaky buggahs, they took away something more precious than money to Gib, HIS TEAM. this dream, year 5, was to be the payoff year, guys get along and great talent.. could be NCAA bound team.. All I hope is that Team under Benjy, and I hope UH lets Benjy find his own 2 extra assistants to finish out year, don’t know about Riley, I like him, however maybe a little too old.

    Sorry FUHA.. such an emotional day, too typical for UH Athletics, The One Program that was going to generate excitement, maybe a lot of wins, and possible NCAA bid.. HC goes down, and is relieved… Best to Benjy, and the Team has to stay strong and together.

    You are right though.. Who, would want The UH job, under Ben Jay, this President and Chancellor, 3 guys, NO real athletic administration, well especially dealing with UH, the only NCAA D1 athletic program in Pacific, a special challenge… Ben will have to settle for much less, not a top notch coach, cannot afford them, plus the Negativity.. I think with AD and decisions, We are the laughing or shock team of BWC.. they must be wondering, the other conference foes, what the Heck, Gib relieved of duites, will be paid out, and he was willing, No Allegations to defend against.. Weird.

    And FUHA.. I bet this does not go away, should be some NCAA DI coaches ethics org. or maybe the local, as servante says, that could look into lack of Due Process. maybe Gib is Pau, however, get that AD and Upper Admin. for making these decisions that are okole, bottom backwards!

    Thanks for your comments, I always wait for yours, very insightful, YOU ARE a former UH athlete and know how hard it is to go to school and play sports at top level..Hope things work out for Gib.. hope he can fight back some way, or who knows, maybe another BWC team picks him up as an associate HC, wouldn’t that be something.. they know he can recruit..

  85. SWAG: Is it a move to not have athletics at U of H? What happens when your purported venue bearing sports lose money? Halloween is here, so is the mood.

  86. From a parent that I spoke to today who shall remain nameless:
    This could have waited and didn’t need to happen now. What was there to gain from this other than possibly messing up 16 players lives academically and their future opportunities.

    Also said: Gib wasn’t a saint but his contract was going to end so why screw it up for the players after all of them have done to train so hard. Why? Only people hurt are the players because adults supervising the school and program at the school seem to be conniving idiots.

    Wow! I feel real bad. All I can say is way to go UH. You don’t get it.

    Player waiting for official NCAA decision to see what he can do.

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