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Meet the tri-captains: Nevels, Fotu, Smith

Leadership will come in different forms for the University of Hawai’i basketball team this season. Namely, senior guard Garrett Nevels, junior forward Isaac Fotu and junior guard Quincy Smith.

Those three players will serve as the tri-captains for the Warriors during the 2014-15 season.


“Being a captain means you show leadership; just bring it every day and just keep encouraging the guys,” Nevels said. “I’ve been in a lot of these positions before, so I can help these younger guys along the way, show them what to do in certain situations.”

Fotu and Smith both said they will “lead by example,” mostly because the Hawai’i roster includes five freshmen and six sophomores.

“They have to know what’s acceptable and what’s not,” Fotu said. “And how to act around a D-1 program.”

Smith said: “It’s an honor. It’s just an opportunity to go out there and lead by example. I’ve been here since last year so I know the ropes, know the plays. Just to teach the younger guys how to do things.”

Nevels, the lone senior on the roster, said he is willing to embrace a more vocal role on the court and in the locker room.

“With me, I don’t really care what people think – I’m going to let them know,” he said.


  1. Our fellow students. well liked coach and team. stan sheriff rock with tri-captains
    thankyou coach arnold and hope team healing well

  2. This group of Captains have some big shoes to fill…but with every group, the chemistry changes…best of luck.

    I would like to get our WI fan base on the record on what they Predict for the upcoming regular season. I was lucky last year and did predict a 20 win season. They did 1 game better in their pre-season schedule and one worse in the BWC.

    I do believe with our much tougher pre-season schedule and youth on this team, we will go 9-6.

    We will get ample opportunities this season for upsets, however.

    I also believe that this team will get much better as the year goes on and in the BWC: 10-6, for a 19-12 regular season record.

    What I do anticipate and hope for is a much better run in the postseason…which will be a precursor to next year.



  3. Coaches Coach the Team Leaders so they Can Influence the Team from Within and On the Court

    Such a Young Team — Only ONE Senior –Nevels a Good One
    By Season’s End, Hopefully Recognized By His and Team’s Results as One of the Great Ones

    Q Needs to be One of the Great Point Guards in Gib’s tenure
    The Leader, Orchestrator, Straw that Stirs the Drink
    Lines Up and Runs the Team through its Sytems
    Hopefully Without Slowing it Down or Breaking its Rhythm
    by Excessively Holding the Ball

    BY Example, These Three Can Never Take or Allow One Another a Night Off
    Or Even Slough Off for Five Minutes
    No Allowance to Hide Behind Teammates
    (Graduates Christian, Spearman, Davis, Shamburger are gone…)
    Fotu and Q Need to Already Function Like Seniors
    NO Room or Time to Wait ’til Next Year

    I’m Sure The Super Sophs Will Help
    So Many Have Redshirted, They’re More Like Juniors
    Negus, Jankovic, Valdés, Mike Thomas, Jovanovic, Dyrbe
    And the Other Juniors, Bobbitt and Jawato are at least Potential Impact Players
    OR Future Captains — Can’t Imagine Several Ever Silently Accepting Less than Excellence
    Sprinkle In a Surprise Bonus Impact Freshman or Two

    Captains, O Captains
    Lead this Team to The ‘Promised’ Post-Season Land

  4. Garrett Nevels = Mr. Intensity. I like his attitude about being able to say what needs to be said to the team. This program needs that kind of leadership from the players.

    As for predictions, I think wait and see on the injured guys first especially Fotu and Sammis. I a little worried that both are sitting out this long and that could lead to a slow start for the team if those two big boys don’t start getting practice time with teammates.

  5. Speaking of injuries,
    K Durant got a stress fracture at the base of his small toe, which he could have played with maybe, but it would have gotten worse. He will likely be out 6 to 8 weeks .
    He had felt pain during practice .


  6. I say…if everyone healthy and playing together…12-4 pre BWC schedule. 12-4. BWC regular season.
    head into BWC season at 24-8.

    So 24 wins before BWC Tourney.

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

    Key: everyone healthy one ohana..no division..united..!

  7. Good predictions BACKBEAT. Let’s look at UH’s upcoming season. To start with, last year UH was 20-11, 4th in Big West, and even missed the NIT. Lost 3 starters (Shamburger, Standhardinger, Spearman).

    Fact: The top 3 Big West teams only lost 1 guy each. UCSB did good last year with 3 soph starters, Irvine had 2 frosh starters, and LBSU this year is loaded with seniors.

    Now, those teams are looking to do even better this year. Honestly, UH is in rebuilding (will get back to this later). Remember, last year it was Cal Poly that got the Big Dance ticket, so those top 3 teams are hungry this year.

    The thing that UH fans should really focus on, is consistently winning the Big West. Get the automatic bid to the NCAA every year. Then you just need to get lucky once, just a 2-game winning streak to get to the Sweet 16. That will put the UH program on the map. And that will draw the eye of recruits. Start owning the Big West, like Gonzaga owns the West Coast Conference.

  8. So to recap, real UH fans should be focused on UH winning the Big West consistently. I know most people get more excited when UH pulls a big early-season upset, but trying to sneak one past the Dukes and Kentuckys of the basketball world is like trying to win the lottery, when the smart move is to save and invest.

    So let’s focus on UH this year. Considering how much UH lost from last year’s team that couldn’t even make the NIT, when I watched the opening scrimmage, I had my eyes open for what UH could have this year that they didn’t have last year. And I didn’t see much.

    In particular, Webster-Chan. What I’ve heard is a lot of talk about this guy’s potential. But what are we getting now? Is he going to make up Standhardinger’s 18 points/8 rebounds every night? Not just make it up, but improve it so that UH will be improved. I don’t know about other UH fans, but I want to see UH in the NCAA tourney. UH needed another alpha to join Fotu, but NWC doesn’t look like he will be it this year.

    Here’s the scouting report on NWC: #77th-ranked soph,
    http://www.draftexpress.com/profile/Negus-Webster-Chan-6293/ :
    “he struggles in his decision making and can be turnover prone. He gets to the basket, but rarely finishes at the rim. He lacks a degree of strength and toughness and is clearly still inexperienced. He makes a great play on one possession and a terrible one immediately after. He’s not consistent at all with his play, but he clearly has the talent to achieve consistency the road if he keeps working on his all-around game.”

    A great play on one possession, and a terrible one immediately after. Inconsistency is a problem, on a team that is desperate to improve. I have no doubt NWC can make some highlight plays, but will he take UH to the NCAA this year?

    The smart move is to invest. Gib better hold to his word, that he will play a deep roster. At the risk of losses this year, invest for next year when UH will be loaded with seniors (and UCSB will lose Alan Williams, and LBSU will lose essentially their whole team).

  9. Regarding some of the highly-touted newcomers…

    I seem to be the only one concerned that Bobbitt is still banged up. Maybe I don’t believe in the track record of UH, just last year they waited way too long for Jawato to get his foot surgery, and Jawato had a lost year and still trying to recover.

    Fleming is not going to be seriously involved in the point guard rotation this year. He’s only a freshman, and what that means is he will make dumb freshman turnovers. All he has is the leftward drive. He might get to play, thanks to his slashing ability.

    Even assuming Reyes can get healed up and learn a college-level basketball system in a short time; what lineup do you think UH can put out there, that Sammis will play a part in? Any lineups I imagine with him, I’d rather have Mike Thomas or Aaron Valdes instead. You know, the guys with the experience at UH.

    PS. I’m still wondering about what’s going on with Fotu. We’ve all heard that Fotu may be a big reason why the basketball team is being investigated. And I see that Fotu is being “held out of team activities, practicing on the side”.

    Fotu is very important to UH. He will be the feather in Gib’s cap, the guy that Gib can say he turned into an NBA prospect, here in Hawaii.

  10. Per Brian M., besides Fotu being out, Negus was sidelined by the end of Monday’s practice from shots to his already bruised ribs. Sammis aggravated his toe getting on a bus, Jawato has concussion symptoms, Janks caught an elbow to the head.

    But Fotu and Sammis are expected back next week. I wonder if Sammis should come back so early. Also, should they be pounding each other so much in practice ?

    Thomas and Valdes are still doing good, though, so far.

  11. Hosssse, What you really mean, actually TWO things, that UH want to accomplish EVERY season, to be that really good mid major, challenge for top 25 spot, and 3 /4 star, USA, and international recruits piple starting.

    1)UH wins the BWC regular Season Title: Guaranteed NIT invite, even if UH does not win BWC tournament.

    2)UH won the BWC regular season, now they are healthy and ready to win the BWC tournament that provides the NCAA invite team. UH wins BWC , like Poly, doesn’t matter if they loss 20 games(hope not, don’t think so!!)in season, and were an eighth seed going into BWC tourney… If they are hot, like POLY.. no matter what the pre BWC record, UH is in the dance..

    Still all of us feel much much better, UH wins Regular season=Auto invite to NIT
    or THE BIG PRIZE , what ALL of the Sixteen Sensational Rainbow Warriors want very badly, WIN THE BWC TOURNEY, and Booooooom! NCAA tournament March Madness 2015 bound!
    That is the formula for success every year, win BWC regular seaso championship and the BWC tournament championship, so either NIT or NCAA guaranteed post season play , EVERY year.. then Rainbow Warrior Program will be the Bultlers, the Xaviers, the Gonzagas of the NCAA world..

    Eagle… it is here, two weeks from today, Time Has Come Today!! Nov 6 2014 SSC , we see hopefully all 16 guys healthy and ready to get their first Exhibition win against a very very good shooting HPU team!

  12. Stepteau can shoot it sometimes- see from about 1:20 . Only thing Gib was looking the other way.


  13. Countdown till HPU exhibition Game SSC Nov 6 2014 700pm.
    From after tonite, 22 days and counting, and counting down, counting down.. the Boom !!

    October 2014
    Sun Mon Tues Wed Thur Friday Saturday
    14 15 16 17 18
    19 20 21 22 23 24 25
    26 27 28 29 30 31

    November 2014
    Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Friday Saturday


    2 3 4 5 6(Exhibition with HPU)

    Maybe the only Blessing with Fotu, Sammis, Jawato and Jankovich, out…
    MT, AV, Stepteau, Enos, Nikola Filipovich, and hopefully a recovering Bobbitt, will have a lot of time, along with Fleming to learn the system. Limited with the bigs, So Gib smart, work with the smaller guys, the quick , long guys, to practice full, half court pressure, traps, .. ALSO inbounding the ball, time running out, and UH wants to get ball inbounds to Big in the middle or second Wing on the sidelines, and they hit a streaking Big or small in for the dunk, or over half court, to run out clock and get win.. UH and Gib have lost several games over past 4 years, when could not get ball, in, or turnover, and lost ball, other team, jacked desperation threes in last few minutes, came from behind and won… THIS YEAR, GIB and TEAM… Burn those teams that will pressure you, it is a skill where inbounder, say, Jankovich, or NWC, can see the whole court and have accuracy like an FB quarterback…servante… that is why Sensely was so good… even

    HeY fans, 22 days and counting down to Exhibition game against HPU, then we see what UH MBB got! If they look like a whole level above the past few years… look BWC … UH will be in the running for NCAA or NIT at the least upon winning the Regular BWC crown!!

    Go Bows. Go The Mighty Warriors

  14. agree islandman…maybe, the guys super competitive, and all very strong and super shape, they are going to War in practices, good and BAD… Gib should sit with staff, and look at FB and Volleyball, /Baseball athletes,.. they go hard, and some get season ending injuries BEFORE season even begins..

    We do not want Fotu, Sammis, Janks, Jawato, Bobbitt, to have season ending injuries before even first Exhibition game against HPU nov 6 201, in about 3 weeks.

    Should, go like the FB team, how the only wear shoulder pad,… paractie lateral moves, the traps, FT shootin, 3 ball shooting, protecting the ball… proper spacing, give and goal, rebound position, proper ways to take a charge, without guys going into them just the foot placement.. hints from Isaac Fotu, for Janks, Jovan, and Sammis, how to use the spin moves, the good footwork.. more of the mental, BB IQ part of the game, the game management time running down, when to take timeouts, how many timeouts, etc.. make sure all compliant, start on time and finish on time practices, I am sure with 10 guys on this year’s coaching staff that ncaa, rules, make sure everything done right, NOW Gib and UH MBB program they have learned, and making sure.,

    Good health to Isaac Fotu, Sammis, Janks, Jawao, Bobbitt… let them heal as near to 100% as able, then be really healthy BWC play, that is the most important, good thing season is a little over 3 and 1/2 weeks away!

  15. Who’s the player that Gib has been trying to recruit for 2 1/2 or 3 years in CA ?

  16. Sorry — Working Late — Missed GIB Show…

    Any Thing NEW Or Interesting?

    (Besides The Scratch, Dent, Bang and MASH Units?)

    WILL This BE A TOUGH Team?

    VERSUS Important NOT to Create or Aggravate Chronic Injuries/Conditions
    such as a Foot or Toe OR BACK that drags on into the Season…

  17. Gib was going to California right after the show to see a player he’s been recruiting for 2 to 3 years. This player is being recruited by Washington State and Washington ?
    He has 13 players on scholarship currently. So only one scholarship
    for next year or something, since only Nevels is a senior.

    He said he thinks this year’s team can be a zone busting team because five players on the court at a time can shoot from outside. He said the team still has to improve its defense.
    He’s realistic about the competition in that many of the Big West teams have 4 starters returning. He said no matter what they do, Alan Williams is difficult to defend and rebound against due to his long arms, etc.

    This is the most athletic team he’s had, he said. Said Bobbitt is good at bringing up the ball because he’s a big guard making it difficult for opponents to get at the ball.That Niko is a pesky defender, Quincy is the quickest one getting to the basket.

    Other posters can add what else Gib said.

  18. We won’t see too much zones on us this year if 5 on the floor can shoot 3’s. That’s good cause don’t like to watch it. That’s why NBA took away college type zone games. It’s just too boring to watch the ball going from side to side; and it doesn’t help you develop the pro game. Hmm wonder what 5 Gib’s talking about.

  19. PG: Fleming
    SG: Nevels
    SF: NWC
    PF: Thomas
    C: Fotu

    Those guys show ability to hit three, all 5 guys on court same time. or….

    PG: Quincy
    SG: Fleming,
    SF: NWC
    PF: Fotu
    C: Jankovich


    PG: Bobbitt
    SG: Nevels
    SF: NWC,
    SF: Valdes
    PF: Fotu


    PG: Niko
    SG: Enos
    SF: Valdes
    PF: Thomas
    C: Fotu

    Buscher and Stepteau can shoot trifecta, only Stefan, I believe he can shoot it too, not was well as Janks, however his game is 18 feet to the rim..

    Lof of firepower… And with Isaac Fotu, he had the buldging disc in back, so have to be very careful, same with Sammis, fratured, dislocated toe, and Janks shin splints.. Gib should rehabe them, let them heal,, even if have to go up until first week of November, get HEALTHY, then they can contribute….However agree with islandman, Gib will have to go through phantom walk through, and run drills, footwork with healthy guys, to avoid any more injuries.,. all the build up for naught if have the team are injured or rehabbing… UH MBB has good trainer, strength coaches, and Doctor Ignaciao, Orthopedic.. hope they never have to see her for surgery!

  20. Thanks for Gib Show updates… Hope they ‘re-broadcast’…

    One Thing i DID Like a little better (on previous staff(s)) was the ‘Wyteboard” Listing of Active Recruits, so less guessing…but this staff delivers more…

    2-3 years recruiting? — ? could be Colin Slater 3-4-star point guard, long-identified, highly recruited along entire West Coast…? BUT doesn’t List Hawai’i as a favorite…
    his skills would be among the best we’ve ever had…(so at least “in the range” needed to improve team) at a Critical Position… ANY Other Guesses?

    As Noted, Has one Senior and up to one more (currently available) scholarship unless someone (walk-on, etc.) earned it…


    Captain-Hood: UNLIKE IOSEFA – Captain Responsibility “should” drive Greater Outward-Looking (Extrovert) FOCUS & Leadership Development, as well as Intensity and Consistency in the Captains themselves…

  21. No scholarships currently available, apparently. Gib said 13 allowed (15 for the women’s team).

    However, sometimes players transfer out, etc. Next season, 2015-16, 4 will be seniors.

    Gib said he saw Zach Buscher play last season in high school and thought he was the best high school player in Hawaii last year.

    Note: Today’s paper said Negus has a cracked rib; was practicing at the post before that. He looks like he could play at the post with his length .

  22. I’m not sure how Gib could rate Buscher higher than Burnett or McEnroe. Both of those kids have much more D1 potential than Buscher. They have more athleticism and potential at the next level. I can’t believe Gib honestly thinks that about Buscher.

  23. The thing about Negus 20 More Pounds Of Muscle Webster-Chan is just like the scouting report says: great play on one possession and terrible the next.

    UH fans have seen his YouTube clips, and think he plays that way for 40 minutes.

    But in the game clip (http://www.warriorinsider.com/2014/10/scrimmage-highlights/), the veracity of the report shines: at 11:15 20MPOM makes a great no-look pass (great play on one possession), then goes back on defense and lets a guy jump right over him and get the 2 points back 15 seconds later (terrible the next).

    I wonder if 20MPOM will get some time at the point this year, when Quincy needs to take a break.

  24. Dude, take it easy on burying the kid on a so-called scouting report.

    They are talking about when NWC was a sophomore in high school. That thing is like from watching him play 5 years ago.

    Not now.

    And moreover, also keep in mind your so-called expert observations are coming from a fool around scrimmage at 11 at night after 3 hours grinding practice, and when a natural-born creater like NWC is primarly focused on seeing how many lobs he can get for guys with bounce.

    It would be great if there could be a bit more sophistication to the way of thinking about things here…

  25. Just to be clear that article was a recent article that is evaluating NWC as a Sophomore in college, as in this year. Not a Soph in HS as stated by mid-range game.

  26. Comes down to this….When HPU Exhibition game, if All Sixteen guys healthy, they had time together, to get down O and D, we will have better indication of how team will be..

    All this Open gym, and Scrimmage for the fans, with up to 5 or 6 guys out with injury or rehabbing..cannot make judgement call….hey just a few weeks ago, everyone was excited, for the 6 lettermen returning and 6 newbies,,… a complete team ready to go.. Now, a few on this WI forum, saying, some guys on the TEAM not what they are supposed to be..Let The Team get Healthy… when Gib has 12-14 guys to learn the system, then we get complete picture..

    Agree with mid range game,.. even Gib would agree… go easy… let the guys heal up, he would rather have the injuries, and working on fine tuning the system NOW, rather than in BWC play..

    GIVE THE GUYS A CHANCE… Still very early… Season …starts Nov 14, about month away.. so Give Em Time!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  27. I clicked on the link for NWC article and I think mid-range game is right. The article is from 2010 at some type of international tournament. The math would put NWC as a soph in high school at that time.

    The only confusing part is they title it as the top 100 NCAA sophomores. If it really were a recent article and NWC was rated as one of the top 100 sophomores in the NCAA, that would be an honor worth mentioning and not putting down when you consider all the great sophomores across the country.

  28. On second look, that is a current list of top 100 sophomores in the NCAA! Its just that the article with the description of NWC is from 2010 so I don’t know how that mix up happened. Hopefully they update.

    Negus at 77 and Stefan Jankovic at 81 on that list. The only other Big West sophomores on the list are Luke Nelson and the giant Mamadou from UC Irvine. They both in the 50s I think.

    This is actually a good list to be on and congrats to NWC and Janks and thanks to Missouri for sending em this way!

  29. Eagle,
    the man Gib is trying to get appears to be Gligorije Rakocevic, 2-star, who is from a high school in CA. Per Verbal Commits, he is being recruited by Washington St, Oregon St. and others. ( Story on him by Dayton and Brian earlier).

    Some posters not that taken with him.

  30. Fun fact stated by someone: Mamadou can dunk without jumping .

  31. Thanks …

    WE All Want SenQue to Deliver
    Another Even Better Paul George (like NO Broken Parts, etc.) …

    Failing that we’ll take LeBron, KG, Love or NEAR-Future NBA Players…

    WE All Have Opinions on Prospective Recruits …
    AND We Post Our Piece…

    BUT ONLY GIB And His Coaches/(Some of His Staff) GET PAID To Determine & Decide IF a Prospect CAN Help UHMBB…

    The REST of US ought to GO Make Another Donation…
    Make PEACE And A Difference…

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