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Kuli’a Pono


The University of Hawai’i basketball team’s motto for the 2014-15 season is Kuli’a Pono – Hawaiian for “finish strong.”

The Warriors will now have to focus on that task without head coach Gib Arnold and assistant coach Brandyn Akana.

Benjy Taylor will serve as acting head coach, after previously serving as associate coach. Assistant coach Senque Carey, who is in his first year with the program, is now Taylor’s lone assistant.

Now-former head coach Arnold will not get to finish the season with the Warriors, but he still plans to finish strong in his own way. “As for now, my family and I look forward to the next adventure life brings,” he said in a statement.

Taylor covers a variety of topics in the above video, and Arnold’s full statement is here:

“I would first like to thank former AD Jim Donovan, former Chancellor Hinshaw, and former President Greenwood for the opportunity to return home and Coach at the University of Hawaii. We inherited a losing program with very little support and transformed a 20 loss team into a 20 win team in 4 short years.

“Our teams represented the state of Hawaii on the floor, in the community and classroom. We recently set an all time high in team GPA and our ‘Give Back Hawaii’ campaign has touched thousands of children. I am very proud of these accomplishments. We leave Hawaii loaded with great young talent and great kids. This program is definitely far better off than when we arrived.

“I am being fired ‘without cause’ meaning that UH does not need to prove they have reason to fire me. It pains me that they are taking my team and career away based on unknown allegations from unknown sources that have not been proven and that I have never been able to defend. I do know we have never paid any players or recruits, never committed any academic fraud, never had an off court issue involving domestic violence or criminal behavior. We ran a program the people of Hawaii could be proud of.

“I am aware of the new NCAA legislation that all actions of Assistants or administration fall on the shoulders of the Head Coach even if they have no knowledge of the situation. I strongly believe I deserved the right to address those allegations against my Assistants or administration. I certainly don’t feel the NCAA changed this legislation so administrators can fire Head Coaches without cause. I feel that UH administration acted prematurely offering the heads of both Coach Akana and I before we were given due process.

“As for now, my family and I look forward to the next adventure life brings. I want my players to know I love and support them and to always fight for what’s right. I also want to personally thank all the wonderful people of Hawaii for their love and aloha.”


  1. Mahalo Gib..your passion for Hawaii and. MBB ..
    True fans..we see truth in your statement…do what you have to…
    stand for rights..due process
    team will fight too.
    I think..JMO.. this lack of facing charges or accusers galvanized UH MBB fans
    Good comment by tv sport report..what if ncaa charges were not as bad
    in house more minor things
    wow…pilikia for sure
    just my opinion.

    Stand and fight for right
    the battle not over
    take care your wonderful family
    keep strong!!
    Go Gib keep going strong!!

  2. Total respect for coach Benjy Taylor…good person..another high character part of Gib’s staff.
    keeping in dark ..just my opinion..hard on guys..have to stay strong too
    good job helping team Benje and Senque.

    Just my opionion..totally ill conceived and timed..maybe this is the yesr Gib and MBB team both win
    as Benjy said and we all could see..this team built to win BWC and go NCAA
    why take apart some pieces..Makes me wonder

    Hey Gib and team last second 45 three pointer at the buzzer for the win
    Gib, Benjy, Akana, Senque good job for working guys get better
    wonder..Benjy has to scramble for interim assistant…maybe Que knows someone willing come help out or Benjy..has to be high character too

    Gib legacy..high character coaches and most every student athlete
    get well Brandon Jawato..we need you

    Stand and fight..finish..Kuli’a Pono..

  3. And Norm Chow still has a job…Ben Jay is clueless about Hawaii and needs to get his sorry ass back to Ohio

  4. Also as much as I respect Riley Wallace for what he’s done, is he a fit to lead this group of players and the offense that they are suited for ???

  5. Confusion with that Athletic upper UH admin. Is Benjy current HC? I guess, as he says so many unaswered questions. Horrible way to run Athletic dept.
    Let , in the interim, Benjy be HC, Senque the assistant, and let Them make the decisions on assistant coaches to help, might be some here locally, or if a short window, hire from Cali, or close west coast that would help out, or does Admin make that decision too?

    Wallace, I don’t know, good guy for 20 years, and 300 wins plus, however, for the continuity of team that Gib, Benjy , Akana built.. have coaching staff that can work with this athletic group. We shall see. Poor guys, I really feel for Coach Gib and team, however, have feeling , this ain’t over, Stand and Finish strong coach and team!

  6. I’ll be looking forward to rallying around our players and Coach Benjy and Coach Q.

    We have so much talent on this squad. Looking forward to the season.

  7. A Prayer for Inner Peace and Happiness

    Still a Season of Promise…
    Definitely a Season of Overcoming Adversity

    The Happy Family, Struck Down
    The ‘Ohana Suffering Severe Blows
    MUST Pull Together
    And Find Strength Within and Together
    Steel, Fortitude, Men Arise
    Lash Back in Strength On the Court
    Play with Controlled Fury If You Must
    At The Shared Joy so suddenly Taken Away
    WIN for the Good, The Best of the Fallen
    The Gibper, The Caring Brandyn
    Wrongs Aside, No One Perfect
    THIS TEAM and Its Results
    ARE The Legacy of What ALL Worked to Build
    Much was Taken Away
    Yet Every Effort, Every Win Still Builds on The Legacy of This ‘Ohana
    Though It FEELS Like A Death
    SO Many Good Remain
    Find Your Strength Together
    Fight, WIN,
    FINISH Strong!
    Ho’opau Ikaika
    Fight for What’s Right!
    Kuli’a Pono


    Go ‘Bows!
    GO, The Even Mightier Warriors!

  8. S23A:

    those are the guys we feel for . The Team and their families. plus coaches.
    Wish that Benjy allowed to hire his own High Character fit the team assistants..
    This team, once they recover from the shock and sadness, if get back to practice and scrimmage against BYUH on Sat . They will be okay..

    Kuli’a Pono, Finish Strong Team, and Fight on Benjy, Que, Akana and Gib, Stay strong, and Fight for right!

    If team keeps heads up, and darn UH AD and admin. back up the team and Benjy, they can have good year. Gib will still be around, through January.. man, if he could meet man to man with Ben or Chancellor.. what a blindsided hit..not Pono.

  9. I am hoping that there will be a full investigation by the legislature into the firing of Gib Arnold and Jarin Akana. (What’s more we need a full audit into the University of Hawaii system.) Everyone knows that this abrupt termination is premature and unwise. Where is the fairness in allowing them the due process in defending themselves? I a fan of the UH MBB want to know what happened and to hear what Gib and Jarin have to say. If they committed an infraction worthy of dismissal then so be it. But, as I said about certain entities, it sickens my stomach to hear about their lack of wisdom, lack of courage to defend their employees, and selfish attitudes.

  10. I agree with the tenor of the posts here. Our AD is weak for not having a face to face with Gib. He provides no transparency and has jump the gun on so many of his decisions. It’s more embarrassing having BJ as our AD than anything else.

  11. warriorhaw, Eagle, servante…

    thanks for finally chiming in.. great fans you all are of UH MBB and the university itself.. True with Ben at the helm, or if he is a puppet, controlled by others, State of Hawaii, that inner circle, behind the scenes, NO true transparency, i.e, the absolute absurdity of Politics at UH , with the BOR, the conflict of interest, who really pulling the strings. Could be Ben is even fall guy for someone else, could be for the new Pres. and Chancellor, who knows..

    That passing over due process, I know that Gib will not comment on, unless he consults His own attorney, just My Opinion(for sake of FUHA,)…. servante .. and warriorhaw, Eagle,… I really believe if Gib were to pursue, legal action, or common ground mediator, to settle, Gib would win… this bypassing the Due Process. I think even with NCAA , there is that presentation of allegation letter, then UH/MBB /coach has 90 days to challenge appeal settle, explain.. UH/AD went for it.. for benefit of 16 great High Character Young Student Athletes. ? Give us a break.. sheesh…!

    On news tonite, one anchor, stated the obvious, what if NCAA allegations were not involving loss of institutional control, or minor things, in house correctable, UH and upper, AD would be up the creek., really messed up. Even if more serious, NCAA letter , their protocol, they let you respond and answer the charges.. Here, Ben just goes , with the backing , full support of President, Chancellor and says, goodbye Gib, thanks but no thanks..

    servante , I bet a bunch of bananas, and warriorhaw, Eagle too, that there is a fanbase that will be vocal, go to legislature, maybe sit in at AD office, student protest, the guys are liked by the student body.. Even our comments on several blogs, NOW the Media too, agreeing, hey, wait a minute, DUE PROCESS. right to face accusers, and defend, was completely passed by. JMO, I think if Gib gets private counsel, and wants to, he could win compensation or his job back, ONLY MY OPINION.. however, This Thing Far from over, what if team united too?

    warriorhaw agree, with Mr Jay, well intentioned however not kamaaina, how things done in Hawaii, I guess. just jump the gun, usually slower in Hawaii right?

    Let’s see how this plays out, in the above statement.. Gib has an excellent case, JMO.. I really think UH and AD, admin, put themselves into a corner.. can they get out.. give Gib his job back.. let him finish out year 5, then negotiate, WAIT UNTIL ALLEGATION LETTER first, and if it was the Alabama legal, telling Ben to to that.,.man .. oh man.. we shall see.. Let The Truth come out..

    Still backing the boys, they play for post season, the least UH AD can fight for them, and they will..

  12. RunBows, I concur with you that we should just let things play out. If in fact they do give him his job back. They will probably notify Gib by email…..to one of his kids. Sorry, just mad at how things were handled.

    But main thing is that we continue to support the boys. Their emotions must be going a mile a minute. No doubt they not get much sleep tonight. Or their families.

    Bless them all.

  13. warriorhaw:

    No problem , you good faithful fan, who has tickets to the game, I think Benjy will do good job, if AD and UH upper admin. Heads let him. Poor guy, they better let him know, he here or not.. He could lead team to NCAA… he says UH AD will fight heavy allegation sanctions, or possible post season ban, however cannot understand why they did not give Gib chance to stand up and defend himself when NCAA allegation letter came through.. It makes AD really look like he does not know what he is doing.. Yet he supports the HC, he should let Norm go, immediately, buy out, and have associate run in interim, start search for new FB coach, rather than let go of winning BB coach.

    warriorhaw, enjoy the games, and we support the guys and Benjy.. they are very torn up, as Benjy says, maybe by Saturday scrimmage they will be better, am sure Gib can still talk to them..Still smells fishy, the relieving of HC duties from Gib.. for a winning coach? No charges filed?

  14. Such an emotional day for true fans of MBB and what coach Gib did to upgrade team, to a very good one.
    From last Post, AN APOLOGY For Mistake to FUHA.. sorry brother..!


    My apologies to you. I wasn’t sure if directed at me your comments. It was for the trolls. I was guilty at beginning when heard of Gib’s release, thinking allegations were in place, Gib and Ben met, and they negotiated this out deal. However, AD never spoke in person, ,man to man, always kept a distance, even on his twitter account, would hilite, soccer team, WBB coach, football, man that is the HC that has to go…, sorry, though I like Norm, local boy, and I NOTICED very early, Gib not mentioned too much if at all by Ben, since the early summer. So He and powers that be, this new President, and Chancellor were cooking up something, maybe they don’t like Gib’s swag or aloha shirt. The guy gave his all for UH, and he has , really The most promising athletic team at UH MBB I have seen in decades.. To Knock off the head,, and let the body struggle does not make sense.. and the latest release by Gib, how UH AD and powers that be, offered the heads of Akana and Gib as offering to appease ncaa supposedly with absolutely No confirmed letter of allegation, NCAA, they must be thinking.. hey wait a minute, UH releases and pays out coach, he is gone, Akana is gone, released from coaching duties, and they have not Even presented case.
    Sorry FUHA.. such an emotional day, too typical for UH Athletics, The One Program that was going to generate excitement, maybe a lot of wins, and possible NCAA bid.. HC goes down, and is relieved… Best to Benjy, and the Team has to stay strong and together. Hope Benjy gets a good assistant or two, Not Riley, someone who can help team develop NOW… Benjy and Que have to get on hotline, see who is available.. hope AD lets him do that.. come on Ben get it together!

    You are right though.. Who, would want The UH job, under Ben Jay, this President and Chancellor, 3 guys, NO real athletic administration, well especially dealing with UH, the only NCAA D1 athletic program in Pacific, a special challenge… Ben will have to settle for much less, not a top notch coach, cannot afford them, plus the Negativity.. I think with AD and decisions, We are the laughing or shock team of BWC.. they must be wondering, the other conference foes, what the Heck, Gib relieved of duites, will be paid out, and he was willing, No Allegations to defend against.. Weird.

    And FUHA.. I bet this does not go away, should be some NCAA DI coaches ethics org. or maybe the local, as servante says, that could look into lack of Due Process. maybe Gib is Pau, however, get that AD and Upper Admin. for making these decisions that are okole, bottom backwards!

    Thanks for your comments, I always wait for yours, very insightful, YOU ARE a former UH athlete and know how hard it is to go to school and play sports at top level..Hope things work out for Gib.. hope he can fight back some way, or who knows, maybe another BWC team picks him up as an associate HC, wouldn’t that be something.. they know he can recruit..

  15. Reading Carpenter’s tweet, someone from the Admin did meet with Gib, but minutes after Gib found out about his situation on line.

    FUHA, the Chancellor should be involved, he is the boss of the AD at Manoa. Then the UH President is the boss of the Chancellor.

  16. Gib being fired “without cause” is just a legal way of avoiding any type of litigation. They paid out Gib the remainder of his contract and let him go on his merry way. UH fulfilled their obligation of the contract and does not have to prove that Gib did anything wrong. This is smart as it will mitigate legal costs if Gib wanted to fight the termination “with cause”. Obviously there is cause otherwise UH wouldn’t have fired Gib and Akana. Eventually some reporter will get their hands on the NCAA investigation findings through the freedom of information act and we will all see the findings. Gib is great at the PR game, but you have to be a fool if you feel badly for him. It’s his program and all of the violations fall on him. If you think Gib is coming back through some kind of appeals process than you will be hoping for a long time. There is no appeals process or anything. We paid him out through the duration of his contract. There is no obligation to renew his contract so we are done with him.

    We should turn our focus to the players instead of Gib. He’s gone and I personally feel it’s for the betterment of program in the long term. I hope they uncover all the allegations including the internal complaints brought against him about a hostile working environment that he fosters at UH. Many people have filed complaints internally against him from how he treats people in the dept. He’s jekyl and hyde and most people only see the PR side of Gib.

  17. A player could/may be declared ineligible, but UH could apply for reinstatement, per B Curran.

    Problems arose, he speculates, because the NCAA may not have been told the truth to on some of the issues. The violations in themselves may not have been major.

  18. Death by a 1,000 paper cuts for Gib. The best analogy that I’ve heard about Gib is that he is like a cult leader. His followers are loyal but he fills their heads with propaganda and lies and runs things like he is god. When people leave the cult aka transfers they realize how messed up things were and they are very willing to talk about their experiences with investigators. Gib’s initial supporters who paid part of his salary soured with his attitude and pulled their support which is why BJ said he no longer would rely on outside sources to fund coaches salaries. In a humanistic way Gib did not treat most people with respect. I know there are a lot of people here that are part of the Gib cult so this will never through to them.

  19. B. Curran cited the case of Bruce Pearl at Tennessee as to where a minor case was turned into a major one because the NCAA wasn’t told the truth . He was fired from Tennessee.

    However, Pearl is about to start his first season at Auburn, after having to sit out for 3 years ( wikipedia) .

  20. every recruiter cheats but some are able to hide it better than others….calipari has guys of guys of guys behind the scenes recruiting for him and paying off people

  21. As to the UH compliance department, they were the ones that caught the altered document which triggered an internal investigation and then a report to the NCAA, which led to their investigation, per staradvertiser today.

  22. Dark days for Uh basketball.. This character is def not the answer… Amongst being a bad head coach, I have heard more than enough stories to know that he lacks in morals and ethics. and for gods sake Shave!!!!

    2001–02 North Central
    8-17 4-10
    2002–03 North Central
    8-17 4-10
    2003–04 North Central
    12-12 5-9
    North Central: 28-46

    Chicago State (Independent) (2007–2009)
    2007–08 Chicago State
    2008–09 Chicago State
    Chicago State (Independent):

    Chicago State (Great West) (2009–2010)
    2009–10 Chicago State
    9-23 4-8
    Chicago State (Great West):
    Chicago State (Total): 39-53 4-8
    Total: 67-109

  23. What’s best for the team at this point in time? What makes the most sense to enable and empower the team to do their best this season? What’s going to impact these players to want to stay and finish out their careers here? Negus and Janko have already used their red shirt years as an example (there are others in similar situations). If there is talk about supporting and caring for our athletes, how are administrators going to address these future concerns?

    Are there plans in the near future to meet with interim coaches to discuss current and future plans? You would think AD must have developed some kind of contingency plan, as it seems the firing was not a spur of the moment action (contract was not extended = process of being redone???).

    And, the talent pool of this team was five years in the making. As fans, we have been waiting a long time to see this kind of talent on the paint with the accompanying excitement.

  24. I don’t believe Benjy is the answer but he might be the only answer in the short term. He has a horrible track record as a head coach. He’s basically Gib’s yes man.

  25. I can hardly believe that we are going to lose our coach and all the intangibles he has brought to the program, great players, good scholars, a fast paced high scoring team that gets your blood pumping even in the off season. I hope whoever takes over can duplicate what Gib has done to do that takes a special coach and dedication. Long term, I don’t think the punishment could have been any worse for all of us if Jay had stood behind his coach. I hope the players don’t stop bailing on us.

    I hope we find a coach that will continue building and playing high energy basketball. Although I enjoyed Riley Wallace, he was the epitome of slowball (bring it up the court and pass it around the arc – boring!) and he always took in JC players and forgot about developing good high school talent. I guess that was easier for Jackson Wheeler to recruit.

    I will stand by our current players and our team until each of them leaves UH before I reassess what to do with my season tickets. Ben Jay is going to have to come up with a big find like AC Carter who is coaching D-League now and has a huge bond with UH Basketball.
    I have waited so long for a team like this to have the rug pulled out from under us. I wish the best to Gib and I am sorry for the pathetic way the AD conducted himself. He will make a great coach somewhere else but please don’t shop in the Big West although we deserve it.

  26. Well a new day is upon us. Time to accept and move on even though it is still hard for me to understand how Ben Jay and company could mess with the players heads like this so close to the season. One thing Gib and staff have done over his time here is change his recruits. No more of the prima donnas with shaky backgrounds and I won’t mention names here. The guys on this year’s team all high character and good students from good families. I hate to say this but I bet some of the families are probably looking into the transfer process because of the way this is happening. We could lose some good kids at the end of the semester.

    Benjy Taylor and Senque Carey in a tough spot right now. Two guys supposed to handle all the coaching and recruiting at the same time only one week before the season starts. I hate to say this too but I bet we just lost any chance of signing any recruits next month.

    Based on the usual UH bumbling and fumbling they going have Benjy and Senque as the only two coaches for the next couple months before any other moves can happen.

  27. St. Mary’s head coach still has his job after the NCAA found recruiting violations stemming from one of the assistant coaches. And the President filed an appeal concerning the penalties imposed on the school. But at UH they fire the coach before the penalties are even announced. UH continues to shoot themselves in the foot. Maybe the Legislature should be fully self imposed in sanctions and fire everyone including the Board of Regents, President, Chancelor, and AD and start over new. Let’s do things right!

  28. anderpops, damn I never thought about that! With UH putting in the “without cause” words that means they cant put anything on Gibs employment files and he can go and apply for any other job. I hate to say it but Gib would fit right in as a recruiter at some place like Long Beach State or Northridge. Oh man, Gib and Reggie Theus together they could bring a team with NBA talent over here and run us out the arena! Man I really hope that doesn’t happen but it could.

  29. Pono:

    Now I understand. The Without Cause release of HC Arnold. They can pay him the rest of salary for year as lump sum, end of Jan. 2015.They possibly don’t have to answer any questions, on Cause for release(really termination of BB Coaching tenure.. )
    The handling with just about everything, maybe 90% of things done by AD, are falling apart. No we are no cult followers of Gib.

    As you, gibisnogood, a couple of trolls, really don’t like Gib personally, that is okay, your choice, I had problem with Riley from initial years, the yelling, Marine Sargent persona. I would think you would have compassion, for Gib’s family and Akana’s family. Plus the horrible position that Benjy and Senque were put into by this decision. For the betterment of the program? Really Pono.? the better suggestion, and I would have been satisfied, probably your people too, If as originally suggested by many, let Gib finish out this year 5 as HC. For that continuity and benefit of team and UH program. IF AND WHEN that NCAA Allegation letter comes out, and it could take a long time for this fight to be resolved, for UH will counter , appeal and fight things like post season ban, loss of scholarships etc. Let Gib and Akana, finish out year, this season..when allegations come in, and Gib IS FOUND WITH CAUSE to be terminated for gross violations, then Terminate according to contract.

    PONO, UH AD, I don’t know what you think about Ben Jay, not going face to face , one to one. or letting Gib know, and having a say, even if UH was not going to change decision.. that is Bush League, Low class, No Class. Pono, right… sarcasm..Ben Jay, as with Football program, MVB, WSC, Baseball, and now this, termination of Gib;s tenure, and messing up the MBB team for this year and years to come, Plus the stress on Benjy and Que.. Forget Riley, Retain Benjy for rest of the year as HC and let him elevate or hire a few local assistant coaches help run the practices.. Ben Jay, just set up Benjy to either fail, or worse.. More power to Benjy and Team if the Bond, take a blow it out your nose, AD and UH upper, and the anti Gib movement.. we play for ncaa tournament and for coach Gib.

    Ben Jay’s call, he made one of THE WORST MANAGED ATHLETIC PROGRAMS in the country..even more laughable, and about ready to disappear if he continues as AD..

    Blunder, after blunder after blunder…No, Gib not perfect, emotional, would shout, yell, however, I have seen other junior youth BB coaches do the same, as long as don’t physical be abusive.

    I will cheer on team, support Tonganator and his family and Isaac Fotu, plus bigdaddy, his on Isaac Fleming and their ohana family, plus TribeVx4 Valdes Ohana and Aaron and All the Sixteen guys.. they are bummed, this fall, till January, team should stay intact.. The wise thing for AD.. let Benjy get on the phone pronto, fast, and call for assistant high character coaches, run the uptemo game, and able to work and enjoy Hawaii..If UH MBB team, starts winning a lot of games, and goes on to BWC tournament, and NCAA tournament. before that happens, All sixteen guys should band together and ASK AD Jay, WHY screw with our HC… why not let him finish his 5th year… at least.. he gets his with allegation infraction that he cannot defend, then move in and terminate IF FOR CAUSE.. This decision will come back to Bite Ben Jay in the OKOLE(the butt)

    We True fans, not the 3 trolls here, who just hate Gib, we are standing behind Benjy and Senque, , Jamie Smith, the new assistant, and the 16 guys and their families
    prediction , with Ben Jay conducting business like this, retaining or support for a losing football coach, and not support for a winning BB coach, who has not been found guilty of anything, NO LETTER of allegation..

    If there is an Attorney out there, who knows about this.. If you could chime in.. does Gib have any recourse, to be able to still be paid, however Still be able to Be Assistant Coach at least through January, could that be a consideration, Even as a help assistant, since he is on payroll, Not the HC currently, as a logistics assistant, and help to oversee drills, etc, he AND Akana,… that would be the best use of Akana and Gib until this settles.. and NCAA .. and Ben Jay’s oversight, would go way up.. HOWEVER PONO, Ben should have let Gib start the season, the build up, if letter came, and it could take months the allegation letter, if JUST CAUSE then, Gib could be released.

    Pono, and gibiskind of good, not bad, the two supposedly MBB fans, which you are not, just JW, in disguise, just kidding.. Majority , 99% on this forum really appreciated the high character and team building by Gib and what he has done to build this Team..

    I hope Isaac Fotu gets cleared to play his eligibility, otherwise, I wonder if he cannot play this year, am sure, he would, maybe go professional, sure that NZ pro clubs are really anxious to sign him.
    Hope not, that it might take a few games, however great Isaac Fotu is granted eligibility soon.

  30. If Ben had the cajones(testicles), he would say, he made a mistake and reinstall Gib and Akana as coaches, for the sake of team, and the great season before them, this Allegation letter, and UH fighting appealing, even going to the highest court they can afford will take time.

    Very dumb, and for those that say, just 2 on this forum it was the right move.. Football down, Baseball down, WVB not as good, and a potentially GREAT BB season and team ready, Ben terminates(yes all the Media people are typing that word into their write-ups)..Not Akamai, smart at all. If UH AD and chancellor KNOW THAT THE SANCTIONS are so terrible, should have , as professional courtesy, let Gib and Akana know, and Say When that letter comes in, since we back up your programs, YOU two address, and take your own legal counsel to defend.. Another dumb, dumb move by AD who should be Terminated yesterday.. that Ohio.. guys, he looks like some of us, however, he is not kamaaina, he just tweets about his old friends at OHIO St. and grumbles about his job at UH.. So fire yourself Ben, just step down, get the buyout, freeload as Reardon says, however, let the coaches coach,, YOu just screwed up UH MBB big time.. Poor Benjy and the team.. Time for the 3 seniors, Fotu, Smith and Nevels, have team meeting and say.. Guys we worked so hard.. are goal NCAA tournament is within eyesight(that possible, probably not, letter not even here , post season ban not even on the table, so UH knows they are playing this year for Big Dance.

    Agree servante frustrating the Whole system at UH, legislature does full audit,,.. should have been Takai and Tokuda, with the hammer, Mercado-Kim going after AD and Athletic dept.. get rid of BOR, those, hangers on, the old and new cronies, Chancellor and the President.. clean house,… and start again.. sad to say, unless a strong, strong legislative advocated steps up, and they can, Where is Abercrombie’s support for UH MBB , remember his statements last April BB banquet… shoots, what shibai..

    Agree, frustrating, and HOPE TEAM STAYS together.. Hope that Isaac Fotu is eligible to play, UH Don’t bring in Wallace or Goo as interim HC, let Benjy stay out the year, and try to win that NCAA bid. for the sake of that same 4000 win or lose that go to every home game at SSC.

    Man, this situation is Pilau, however, have to move on.. tire of searching for new coach, Prudent thing, Keep Taylor and Que.. or offer Taylor if he makes NIT or NCAA tournament, the permanent job.. That would be Pono.. right thing, righteousness. truth..

  31. I really believe if Any coach were retained to carry out the season, the good and best fit is Benjy Taylor, he and Gib good friends and worked well together. No accusations, or non accusation against he or Que.

    Kuli’a Pono: FINISH STRONG.

    Live by that mantra Benjy and the team. Finish this season strong. And we hope this is all resolved. As was mentioned, and fellow fans, perhaps you might know..What are the serious allegations, to preemptive action to release Akana and Gib? Still what If.. correctable. go to compliance class, sure maybe a key player has to sit out 6 games, until eligible, or restitution, or limit in practice time.. How Serious is it.. I would think the UCLAs the , Norte Dames, the Nebraskas , the Stanfords of the NCAA world, would work closely with their coach they say they support, to meet before hand, or eye to eye, or even live phone chat, to discuss, what possibly can be or would be done, then Coach Gib and Akana can get counsel.. By not going eye to eye , man to man, just blog on internet Gib sees. Then admin person comes to his door, Not Pono or Right..
    Still Pilau.

    Once UH team, they are united, still working hard, determined to go to NCAA’s and we see that first win against High Point in RBC on Nov 14, it will settle us down some.. If we see Ben Jay at the SSC, friends of Gib and Akana, I bet the crowd will Booo Ben.. definitely, if we see him driving down the street Boooo… go back to Ohio.. this is not, Ohio St., do things pono, right,.. get it right, not Blunder after Blunder, for The Sake of the Student Athletes? come on now.. AD and Admin, Chancellor , and president, you just destroyed for a few days, only hopefully and hurt their families, by dumping their HC, if Alabama legal suggested that. transparency, servante , Legislature has investigation of AD and Athletic dept, and supporters of Ben decision, and grill them like the did Greenwood, WHY, can you justify.. just Answer WHY,… You supporting team and your coaches, and you just dump out a guy that won 72 games, average 18 wins, two CIT tournaments, and This was the , OR WILL BE THE YEAR UH SAYS, heck with AD and those higher ups, We going to win for team, Coach Gib, and University.. Go Rainbow Warriors!

    Kuli’a Pono , Finish Strong.. And Gib , Akana thankyou, somehow, I feel you will have your just day in court ..it starts at top the new, Pres, and to the AD.. clean house..with them first.

  32. I’m a fan of the program and I’m happy to get rid of coaches who broke NCAA rules. Without cause is just a legality so UH can move on without pending litigation. Gib will not be returning, but if you wish that keep praying every night. Que has barely been at any practices and has no real relationship with the players. He mainly brought on as a point recruiter so he’s been on the road more than he has been at practices. Benjy is the only one who has been around the players and system for an extended period of time. There are many issues with Benjy that I won’t bring up here that makes him unlikely to get the job in the long term. I’m not sure why every one is so attached to a coach that has brought this on the program. He caused this so there is no feeling sorry for him. He got his $1.5M and will find a job somewhere else.

  33. For the “without cause” issue, its a terrible way to handle it, but from UH’s standpoint, they have decided to stay quiet since they are paying Gib the remaining salary on contract. UH isn’t at much risk in the even Gib decides to take them to court. UH is paying the remainder of his contract, so there isn’t much more Gib could get monetarily unless a judge manages to award punitive damages, but that doesn’t seem likely since the contract extension was never executed.

    Overall, this is just an awful way to handle this situation. I’d be 100% ok with Gib getting fired after NCAA releases the report and major accusations are filed. BUT UH still has no idea what, if any, accusations or sanctions that may or may not be coming.

    What more stupid is that UH had already imposed self punishment by suspending Akana last season. So UH is basically punishing themselves twice. First they slapped themselves on the wrist, now they just cut the head off.

    I feel terrible for Benjy and Carey because it’s now 100% clear that the Chancellor and AD blindsided the whole BB program. The President and BOR gave a generic statement stating they are standing behind the Chancellor and AD’s decision, but gave no insight beyond that. To me it sounds like the President and BOR are trying to distance themselves from this situation.

  34. Well fellow fans, and especially that first handful , Eagle, n2joy, clyde, al, Derek, servante , and later Former UH Athlete, Tavs, Chuck Chees, BigFan, warriorhaw, everybody..
    The deed has been done.. We CARE all of us, for the team in flux.. and Benjy, man, what an incredibly difficult situation he is put in , to help 16 young guys stay focused, Hope team they are still going to class, and making good GPA, so important for future choices.. Keep strong Team

    Interim immediate help Assistants with College Degrees:

    1)Tony Sellitto..he was / is a very good friend of Gib, understands, that Gib was a better game tactician then his detractors thought., Tony would tell the shooters to shoot, don’t hesitate, the guys going to the rim go..Tony was a players coach, HPU won the NAIA national Title in 1993 , the only collegiate MBB team in Hawaii to win a national title with a diverse, good shooters, smaller athletic team. good 3 ball shooters with Smalley leading the 3 pt barrage and inside out game. He knows , the staff, and sees the team scrimmage, He is well liked by coaches and players. Although older, Tony would be good, just my opinon. help with drills, inject some confidence in guys.. A players coach, a father and friend figure..

    2)Artie Wison: He the former part of Fab Five bench player and as jr and sr running mate with All American Tom Henderson. He knows the old and newbies to UH Basketball, His over 40 year stay in Hawaii, Artie gets Hawaii, and always wanted that UH MBB team to push tempo, and the guard play, the PG, or in old days the guards make good decsions, ,pass, defend, rebound, WANT to, toughness in All the guys, especially the bigs.. Friend of coaches and knows team. He could run drills, and help with logistics, even on PART TIME, limited, a few days a week , since Artie has his business.

    3)Al Davis: One of the best Bigs besides Bob Nash, to play for UH during Fab Five days, 6’6″-6’7″ tall, loves Hawaii , still here after 44 years,, loves it , and understands Hawaii.. would work well with the Bigs..

    Just some names for IMMEDIATE help as assistant coaches interim, even PT help, Benjy needs help, and hope AD and admin. , they let him get some IMMEDIATE assistant coaches, that would fit the guys… Benjy, if he can do it.. the team United, and they go off and make NCAA’s and win some games in that tournament.. good candidate for UH HC and or Associate Coach retained. AD Ben Jay, unless he knows of former Ohio or Cleveland St. HC , his old friend wants job.. however that is for Laters.. This NCAA thing,… when appealed if too harsh, can drag on for years.. as long as this current freshman, jc transfer and sophomores, juniors, can be graduated by that time..maybe a stretch.
    But who knows.. Maybe This will be Finally a Big win for the Gibber, Gibson Arnold, Gib..passionate, not perfect, loved Hawaii, MBB and University…he put together a great team.. For Ben Jay to take it away from him.. Pilau.. it stinks to the heavens..

  35. servante, you’re 100% right. St Mary’s Administration retained Randy Bennett even after being found guilty of violations much worse than what UH self reported.

    The NCAA came down pretty hard on them with scholarship reductions AND 4 years probation for violations.

    Accourding to reports: “In addition, the NCAA charged an unnamed former assistant with unethical conduct, saying he “knowingly committed violations during the recruitment of three prospects.” The report said that the assistant arranged for travel to the United States and lodging with a local family for at least one recruit and that Bennett was aware of the activity.”

    Compare that to UH, where one iPad was given to a player by an assistant. Bennett still leads St. Mary’s and is doing ok even with the sanctions…. Gib Arnold & Brandyn Akana are out of jobs and the program is now in complete turmoil for the foreseeable future without even knowing if the NCAA will do anything.

    Here’s the most telling quote from the St, Mary’s AD Mark Orr… “It [the violations] does not taint what I think of Randy Bennett as a person or as coach or his commitment to remain at the program and what he has done for Saint Mary’s,”

  36. Nothing against Benji Taylor, but look at his record as a Head Coach. Not even close to being.500. Would you trust him to lead our program this season? This is an important season. I wouldn’t. Add to a possible suspension of Isaac Fotu if he in fact accepted an IPad he might miss a lot of games. That’s not good. He’s the one player that is indespensable because we don’t have a lot of depth in the front court and experience. Who knows what’s going to happen next. I never thought Arnold would lose his job before Chow. Who ever is the next MBB Head Coach, that person has to be a great organizer and a very good game coach. And he and/or his main assistant will have to be good recruiters. I will say this. There are a lot of excellent young head coaches and assistant coaches out there that can do the job, and win here. The problem is the selection committee. Many don’t know the sport, whether it is football or basketball, or baseball, etc. The best and most important hire in that last 15 years at UH is June Jones. Nobody is even close.

    I was just thinking, Riley Wallace would be an excellent interim coach and would do a good job with our current personnel. Isaac Fotu is just as good or better than Phil Martin. Negas Webster Chan has the potential to be similar to Pedrag Savovic. Garrett Nevels would be similar to Carl English. Roderick Bobbitt and Quincy Smith can be Mark Campbell, and Stefan Jankovic/Jovanavic can dovetail Haim Shimonovic. For subs, how’s Brandon Jawato shooting like Mike McIntyre, and Aaron Valdes/Mike Thomas exceeding the production of Mindagus Burneika. That UH team by Wallace went to the NCAA tournament. This year’s team, with the teamwork, talent, and right coaching can do some damage. And I haven’t even mentioned Reyes and Fleming yet. That’s why Wallace, with some good talent can win games. He’s proved it before. Just a thought.

  37. I guess what gets me mad is that UH fired a coach without giving them a chance to defend himself against accusations that the NCAA has yet to charge.

    Shoot, even Jim Bolla got due process before he was rightfully shitcanned for abusing a player in practice among other accusations.

  38. Derek: Hey haven’t read your posts in long time… welcome back…

    You made valid excellent points, the big thing, if , and I don’t think UH has even made an official offer, some INSIDE source again, leak that they talk to Wallace I think one TV reporter called him, he said IF APPROACHED by UH HE would BE WILLING TO TALK.. So not a done deal.
    Thing is, for Unity sake, for sake of the Team, who were used to Akana, Gib, that 4 man coaching staff, now down to ONLY ONE Benjy with help of team managers, administrators that cannot coach, .. He needs help NOW… would think Ben would be a fool to Fire Benjy and Senque, before the start of season and hire a new coach for rest of the year.. that is nuts.. UH MBB team.. total confusion, and you are right if Fotu out, for a couple of games,.. However, UH is deep enough, and worked hard enough.. I bet they pick up the slack until he comes back, when Janks eligible in Dec. UH will be ready to blow that BWC away.. they have so much to prove now..

    However Derek, think of the guys, and Who as a coach personality wise would work with team, that is why, keep Benjy through end of year with Senque, and add Sellitto, or Wilson or Davis, Holiday, AC Carter, heard he is HC in NBDL league.. wouldn’t he be good candidate? If AC has college degree..

    I like Riley, he brought UH the most post season invites, and his best teams were either the JC driven ones with Cross, Houston, Smalls, etc or the Euro/Canadian smart teams..

    Go Mighty Rainbow Warriors.. Go Gib.. if you can do something, after Ben Jay’s surgery or whatever, say Ben can we talk man to man, or go one on one to 21, bet Gib wins!

  39. Derek… this is a different school, different talent, different situation, and Benjy is more experienced now then when he was Chicago St.

    Fact is, UH has no choice. It would be unfair to Riley Wallace to have him takeover as HC. His style of offense takes a lot of practice time to learn and implement. None of the current roster has played in a flex motion style of offense unless their HS team ran it, but few teams run that offense anymore and there’s a lot of nuances that take a lot of repetition to learn. That’s practice time that UH does not have (remember, college teams have practice time limits). Its not realistic to think they are going to learn a new system in unsupervised open gym sessions.

    Having Taylor/Carey take the lead is better for the team so they can continue to run the offensive/defensive philosophies that are already in place. I think Wallace or whoever comes in to help should have just an assistant role to help carry out day-to-day operations and keep practices somewhat organized.

  40. Now I’m more believing the 5th place prediction for UH in the Big West. I think with talent alone, UH can still get 20 wins with their soft schedule. Now I think Big West road games are going to be very tough to win unless guys are just hot from the field.

  41. Former UH Athlete:

    You are Spot On. To ones who say we are defending a no good , not truthful person. How do we know what are the charges. I forgot about Jim Bolla, a lot of evidence and eyewitness accounts, the guy was physically abusive to girls or threaten, and yet he did have Due Process…maybe because under another Admin and AD right?

    I bet this Is a National Story if Gib chooses to pursue, just a fact finding case, or maybe pleads as a citizen of Hawaii, to his representative as constituent to look into how things done at UH? just inquiry..As I say, I have No political leanings, Where are some of the Politicians who said they would support coaches and Athletics,I am sure at least a dozen or so, do go to games, buy season tickets… FUHA…Gib is a fighter.. what if , as I just surmise, a BWC team in a year or so, picks up Gib as assistant or recruiter, it would be perfect since he lived in LA.
    However, best case scenario, if Ben and UH Admin. did a 180 degree flip, like the Warrior/Rainbows thing and restored Akana and Gib, until could answer charges..Perfect, or how should be done..anywhere, face accuser, and chance to defend.. No Allegations.. NCAA going to say, man that was a nice 7 month vacation in Hawaii?

    Due Process. you think UH law students would discuss in their Law classes at UH with Professors, I bet they would.. even if within the law, what UH did to Gib and Akana, but IS IT ETHICAll.. I know they talk about ethics in law school as well.. We shall see.

    Wish Gib the best.. he brought a good team together and we don’;t want them do go down, I bet they will Get back up with Benjy taking the lead, and Win all the games they can, go NCAA..

  42. For comical reasons only, watch Ben Jay be a complete cheapass and bring on Riley Wallace as a voluntary assistant for road games only. That way he doesn’t have to pay him other than travel expenses and be too cheap to bring him on full time. Artie Wilson will be brought on as the volunteer assistant for home games.

    I am joking, but with how absurd UH is run, I wouldn’t put it out of the realm of possibilities since that wouldn’t impact the budget much as the new expenses could be offset by money saved from fewer coaches travelling on the mainland flight.

  43. It is very nostalgic for those who want Coach Riley back in place because those were some good times. BUT that last NCAA team was in 2002 which is 12 years ago. So many things have changed since then. This is a whole new generation of kids and we’ve all said our feelings already about how these kids are so fast to jump to another school if they don’t like it. I don’t know if Riley can adjust to that and I can already picture a bunch of the players leaving if Riley is brought in with his same old school manners but I won’t mention names.

    I personally dont think Benjy is the best coach for the future but he is the best coach for now. If somebody like Riley comes in now and puts in his own system that would be like working with 16 freshmans and the season would already be playing!

    I feel like I’m pounding my head on the wall over and over about this but I can not say enough how poor the timing of UH is for this. Like I said before if the change was made in summer then at least got time to adjust.

    For now just ride it with Benjy and Senque and maybe promote Jamie Smith to assistant since he knows the guys and worked in the NBA. They can keep running the same plays they been learning all these months and maybe they rally around each other and say Do it for Coach Gib and Coach Akana! Just might work!

  44. Former UH Athlete and servante yes….

    I mentioned that on 4 other forums early this summer June, remember that person relative friend T… the walkon? He said not fit for him here as walk on,not approached so he walked on to St Marys.. well person, he go upset because, things said or not said or done for T.. I mentioned, what about St Mary’s, he was alluding to things in the know, perhaps.. that would fall on UH.. well I mentioned articles and links online that alluded to , the closest I think parallels Gib and UH MBB situation maybe worse, the Gaels and their limit on scholarship, recruiting periods HOWEVER, a big one over 4 year probation still play for Post Season..Gib good point, and Who knows if his friend lawyer is looking at that. part of statement.. Gib released without even ability to know what allegations and to stand and defend against accusers. Due Process. Law School 101 Due Process. even the most violent criminals read rights, and have rights, before being charged and or punished or not.. Ethics.. UH do they have moral ethics.. Moral Uprightness.. just a business school, academics, and Gib was doing it.. his team was scoring big on Academics.. Field day for some legislature, Advocate, student body, Manoa Maniac boycott, FB game attendance plunge even more..you got it..HOWEVER WE SUPPORT BENJY , QUE, the families and the TEAM, Kuli’a Pono… Pono, FINISH STRONG UH MBB TEAM.. might just turn around from hard week to great week selection sunday March 2015

    They say rules have changed, however HUGE difference St Marys and UH.. Bennett has great support of President, chancellor upper lower whatever at that Private, maybe the key Private school.
    Gib, and Akana, their heads offered on a platter for ncaa to devour or appease the ncaa gods..

    More conflict, not pono FUHA and servante, what a LOW blow , kick in the cajones, by UH and AD , FB program, they feature Gib and team as guests on the football field for the Homecoming game against and Ben posts pix on his account twitter, showing BB team being honored.. maybe, probably goes higher up, those mystery controllers of UH, BOR, the Pres. the Chancellor pulling Ben’s strings.. Strange and it hurting all UH sports now..

  45. Oh and dont forget that Coach Riley has not had one coaching job since he retired and that’s almost a decade ago. That’s a long time to go without making contacts in the recruiting world not to mention all the scheme changes in today’s game. And no, being in charge of the D3 playoffs or what evers its called does not count!

  46. Really FUHA, Chuck , Servante just might be the time, This might be the greatest accomplishment by a Team that took a major hit, lose a star player for a few games, and their HC and assistant before season even starts. No due process.

    Chuck, agree, if they knew.. I believe in June they had idea.. even the vibe, going around, with delay in ncaa investigation. UH loses out on two shot blockers as LOI’s, however they do get Sammis who will be good..

    Benjy, Senque, never thought of that, if Jamie clears US passport into and that work Visa, He could be promoted to full time assistant, still think Tony Sellitto and Artie Wilson would be good, FUHA for PT assistants, here, and you are right, then Benjy takes that 3 man coaching crew with trainer on the road games.. Ben and UH save money… poor We Get Em what if they are supporters of UH MBB.. now they no like give da money?

    Have to laugh now.. however no laughing matter when they can the coach and if affects dozens of lives, ones who did nothing wrong, and HC terminated from active coaching, not even answer charges.. Pilau.. boy stink kine.. smells.. need the Air Freshner?

  47. Ben Jay this, Ben Jay that. This is not Ben Jay doing. It is Gib Arnold and his assistant’s doing. Don’t blame Ben Jay for Gib’s firing. Gib did it to himself.

  48. Radio commentators said UH cannot comment until the NCAA makes the results of its investigation known. After that, the reasons will / should come out for everyone to look at.

    As for St Mary’s, maybe they didn’t hide the truth as much as UH may have done. Just a speculation on my part. The Tennessee case with Bruce Pearl in 2011 showed what happens when you don’t tell the full story to the NCAA, even if the violations were not major .

    Or maybe the UH admin was too harsh in its self-imposed sanction(s). We should be finding out later.

  49. Rocket: Thing is, if Ben Jay AD Gib’s boss, and the UH pres. BOR, chancellor they knew of serious things, IF Ben Jay was worth anything as an AD and look at the disaster that is HIS ATHLETIC programs, not the student athletes, the way he makes decisions, it IS OKOLE backwards. Who will be the next to be terminated, should have done year ago, your boy Ben Jay.

    Gib, sure if findings come out, and Gib is really guilty of concealing things, or gross violations by he and Akana, then UH MBB fans, we 100% okay with it. however , Rocket, would you like to be terminated, relieved of job, a job you liked and wanted to see through the end of contract for No Cause.. No explanation or reason.. And your Boy plus chancellor president.. they did this before season started,. sets UH MBB aback, however believe with Benjy and some helpful assistants, I am sure there will be one or two who will come in right away…. Team can win NCAA games in tournament for Coach Gib, UH and their families fans.

    Due Process.. Rocket, you get nailed for something, and locked up, and no explanation, no rights, no reason.. you would gripe too?

    Ben Jay, his program, probably the puppet of Pres, BOR and Chancellor, however his darn Athlletic program, the Dept, is getting more lolo by the day..

  50. islandman:

    Would think the latter for Gib. He would be the Second biggest fool in Hawaii , the UH athletic system if he did mislead NCAA.. he stands by it, what he said Clean program, and what he did and did not do.. No Wrong doing he can see. As for his assistant, or other on staff, boosters, whatever, since he is the HC, NCAA now holds them accountable.. however, with Bennett, Due Process, his day , Pearl Due Process, his day… and they were dealt accordingly.. Gib case, he wasn’t even given a chance to meet allegations head on.

    We shall see.. Either it will vindicate Ben and the Admin. or it will make UH look really foolish and open up more can of worms.. If the NCAA allegations, and infractions are gross and true, and Gib is totally responsible this Severance was right thing to do. However would have been nice for Ben to talk man to man, to Gib, saying for betterment of you Gib and UH we part ways.. He don’t say, anything.. Maybe have to wait..However islandman, you heard video above, Benjy says, he knows UH with general counsel, or whomever will fight the harsh sanctions.. in fact those could not go inot effect for awhile..

  51. I was more upset yesterday at the news, and understanding that there was s nothing that we can do to change what has happened. I do believe that Portnoy had his fingers in this. I liked the hawaii connection that gib had and how he tried to have the athletes be tied to the community via training at military bases or reading to school kids, etc. I hope we get some very loud chants of fire Ben Jay at the arena. I really like the gentlemen that gib has brought in.

  52. The UH’s hierarchy is a mess from scholastics to athletics. There seems to be a conspiracy at the top levels to bring down the football program and the basketball program. Hire a football coach that no one else considered head coach material and let him continue. If they give him a 4th year that will be reason to believe even more. Fire a coach who has been building the basketball program just before the season starts without cause and willing to pay him. What is the benefit in doing such actions at this time.

  53. Gib dug his own grave, turned out , not telling us the truth, smoke screen job, unfortunately like fada like son ,leaving our program now going to the toilet with all the krap that’s going to come down, we should have fired with cause, he broke the rules, when it all comes out, it’s a lot more than a piece of forgery document alteration. I dont mind Riley taking over , he’s a straight shooter and has 20 yrs experience and is a man with intergrity, unlike his predecessor. I said what i had to say if some of you dont agree i could give a hoot. the Punahou mafia has left the building, they did enough damage , now we need to find a young ,smart , go getter that’s got his game on, not a smoke screener BS artist. This program can get a good successful coach without having to spend Gib Arnold pricing , we will get someone who can get us through the first round in the playoffs , and not a CIT buy in game.
    We will find some one who does take in input from his assistants and applies it in the game, we will get a coach that is not a tyrant with the student athletes. Go Warriors , Forever ,we will support our young athletes no matter who takes over – Eran Ganot , Joe Carillo , please put in your app!

  54. Rob T and Not an Expert, agree, the goings on behind the scene, who are they? And are they doing well by UH academically and athletically, Look at the results of the past 5 years, Chaos, and once proud programs, vey weak now.

    Rob T, I agree, watch the attendance at football game this week , mand there might be 15,000 or less. remember last week homecoming game Gib and Team were featured on field guests. and here Powers that be, and AD, were taking Pix of them, showing them off to Football fans, then boom, stab in the back.

    Well, I think Gib moves on, he will end up coaching again, however agree with both of you, Gib was really upgrading, from ego guys, to team first high character and good student athletes the perfect blend. Now, before first game, He and Brandyn shot down before season starts.

    Well, if there is any justice, AD should throw support for team sake for Benjy Taylor to be the interim head coach FOR REST OF SEASON NOT UNTIL NOV 16 , will have team support for sure.,

    University of Hawaii , good education, the Politics, we can do without, it is ruining a lot of people’s lives..

  55. And the way one winning coach was handled then relieved (basically terminaterd as acting coach)and another , in the midst of a close but no cigar season Football, has full support, that balance, some say because UH under ncaa investigation, and true , that is serious, however, the Two coaches not able to face accuser or meet with boss and discuss their termination(what the Media are now calling it)
    at football game, if they see Jay, maybe .. Boooooo!
    At SSC, see Ben Jay… Booooo!
    see the UH president, chancellor, BOR, Boooooo!

    That is sad if fans and students boo their own leaders. however , you reap what you sow.

  56. I’m calling for a REVERSE.
    We haven’t heard what the NCAA’s findings are. Someone who knows, should contact the NCAA investigators now, and ask them, if appropriate, to include a notation that the dismissal of two coaches is not warranted by the findings. If appropriate. It would go a long way to showing that high character IS something that the NCAA CHOOSES to strive for. If appropriate.
    Strange things happen all the time.
    How about a REVERSE. I say, why not?
    No harm, no foul, appropriate measures for the circumstance. Make it right.
    Make it right, because you can.
    Make it right.
    How about a REVERSE !

  57. I wouldn’t know who to contact at the NCAA. I have no clue. Perhaps Benji knows. Someone knows.
    If this is wrong, it is appropriate for a high character NCAA to just include a public notation attached to the findings.
    Someone knows who to email. Just try.
    Ask. You never know.

  58. Hey Dayton ! Maybe you know who to email at the NCAA.
    I hesitate to ask as you do so much already with this great site and all the video coverage and all.
    Could you do it ? Do it now !
    Yeah? Mahalo.

  59. akuhead2 : good idea. must be the ncaa, unless upper admin and ad Alabama legal, Know something they are not revealing ,and that is not transparency, not fair to fans, Hawaii and the coaches.. this dismissal, is devastating for UH MBB. I think they are really trying to stay strong., I hope they stay together and reach their goal of NCAA tournament.

    REVERSE…sounds like a football play called..
    I would think, if Gib and Brandyn really feel unfair or want to pursue, they would retain legal counsel that knows ncaa things, and ask, or petition, I think there must be an appeal clause to , when you are relieved from your job, even if paid out.
    I don’t know who to call or email.
    maybe some fans out there or families of players.. they are the line the phone email to AD/UH maybe even ncaa .. just ask what is pono.?
    REVERSE…. Appeal…why not?
    For sake of 16 wonderful young guys .. great high character , non felons, good students, give back to Hawaii,,.. ncaa should credit Gib and MBB for doing all that right things.

    REVERSE,,, and RESTORE would be a blessing.. Team Stay Strong
    Tonganator, bigdaddy, TribeVx4, many, many fans support your sons and team
    WE are united together.

    Kuli’a Pono. Finish Strong

  60. I predict no one will be calling for reverse anytime soon once all the details come out. I predict Gib simply mislead NCAA, players, parents and fans. So he is paying the price. Like Pono stated the without cause is just a legal technicality. Gib is basically wagging his finger and saying stuff like Rafael Palmiero did in front of Congress when he tried to make people think he never took steroids and he would prove otherwise, blah, blah, blah…..he is a used car salesman that lies when the truth would be much, much better. He has been acting and trying to fool the outside world for months now. He simply didn’t care that he was stringing it all out to the beginning of the season knowing it would put players and parents into a corner…..just my humble opinion….

  61. well coach Arnold wish him the best. the give back to Hawaii kids, those I feel for. we all want success of all sports programs. think that coach will get counsel? hope so.

  62. Has anyone figured where the hired lawyers fit into the mix? Are the Alabama lawyers advising the AD? Where is the attorney that Coach retained? Are the legal teams souring for info to mitigate for their clients? Do they only act after the allegations are made known? You would think they are privy to “some” facts.

    IMO: This is indeed an odd situation, so much white space. Don’t know where ignorance ends and stupidity begins….

  63. wonder if this is a HUGE another blunder by AD and his higher ups, the jump the gun dismissal of Gib. per BM tweet, from current HC, vultures trying to contact UH MBB athletes, poaching. Darn it., was it a wise move now Ben or President/Chancellor, or BOR, Powers that be..

    eligibility problem, being, or trying to be resolved, and now other schools going after some of the young guys.. Think the local BB guys and seniors or guys on track to grad are here.. Man, Damage control.. REVERSAL as akuhead2 said.. maybe Gib and counsel present on table, and say, man is it worth it, MBB program vastly affected,

    Fans check out tonite’s newscasts and the social media… man oh man.. we support the guys and Benjy..what to so now!

    Football downhill, hope that MBB does not .. don’t want to think about it..

  64. Sorry Gib fooled you so bad. Been trying to tell u, big daddy and others….for months now. This comes as absolutely no surprise. The surprised was we wiggled around enough and acted phony enough it bought him an extra 2 months….

  65. tako:

    This situation, going backwards. other UH sports suffer, the handling of other sports and coaches. scratch head time,. does not make any sense. Like the Admin. killing its own programs..
    Really feel for the 16 MBB athletes they worked so hard, maybe in the back of their minds they could imagine something might happen, and hope for the best.. usually you wait until the facts and letter presented then let accused defend answer for. Then, if need be, take action to penalize,. This is too weird now.. Going to take a break.. I still support Jamie, Carey and Benjy and the 16 MBB athletes and their families.

    Ben, hey.. restore Gib back to HC, at least till he can answer allegations, and the team solid again.. real test, and poor Benjy going through a lot now..

  66. Now coming out, more detail.
    Stay tuned. 16 guys on team, two leaders of team speak out to keep guys together.. no slacking off,
    Really as all on this board want, for the sake of the student athletes and their families, make the best decision.
    We live with it. MBB still can win a lot of games. At least MAJORITY of Sixteen stick it out… they will fight even harder, good thing has Sixteen currently..
    Getting tired of this.

    Team and Benjy just do what you have to do. Take care.
    Warriors. and Kuli’a Pono , Finish Strong.

  67. Isaac Fotu ineligible for the season…other players looking to transfer..not looking so good ..Garret Nevels says he will step up and take control…He’s dedicated to this program..Him and Valdes

  68. The NCAA declared Fotu ineligible, not UH. UH is petitioning to get his eligibility back. This can’t be Gib’s fault can it. He has screwed the fans, players and the program. When you apologists see Gib for who he truly is after all the BS and smoke screens. He’s a walking NCAA violation. Just a big coincidence that the past two programs he’s been at have been sanctioned? Hopefully he saves his best for last and the next program he lands at gets the death penalty because of him.

  69. Article says Nevels and Valdes trying to rally the team . Maybe they were the only ones interviewed by Brian M. today ? They said they were in shock from the dismissal.

  70. I’m still waiting for the violations to be aired to the public for close scrutiny.

  71. Could Stepteau , Enos, Buscher step up?
    Trial by fire …I think might have too..if movement
    glad Gib had brought in 16 guys on roster,, still field team
    Wish AD gives Benjy complete support ..makes no sense to bring in wallace as interim head coach .maybe assistant..maybe new AD?
    Very proud of Garrett Nevels very mature and focused..no matter whom coaching and poaching telling guys fight stick together still can aim for that 28 game winning record
    good job GMoney
    and Airon Valdes..they are solid..strange how ncaa investigate and yes PF supreme trying to restore eligibility before season..like reyes. Would not doubt if ncaa restores his eligibility
    Benjy Taylor doing good job by himself and team managers keep guys worki g..hope guys..whatever choose to do..stay doing well in class do not flunk out..stay on track to get degrees

    UH MBB Greatest challenge in about 37 years
    those. Ones that stick together and if Ben Jay give full support to Benjy as HC for this year..see how goes..and keep on board for next year..the guys who stick it out it will be best season of their lives..prepare them for trials post uh mbb career
    hey hope UH MBB at least 14 of 16 stay together..better yet 16 of 16..however sons and families make best choice
    if team all together for HPU exhibition game good sign

  72. Overreaction?
    Pocho..the release of allegations and legal chime in potential penalties
    what if did not justify termination of Gib and Brandyn..boy spray hit the fan
    Gib lawyer up if can and Brandyn

  73. It all depends on how the NCAA rules on Fotu and whether they grant a waiver to players to transfer freely without sitting out this year. It’s in the hands of the NCAA. If Buscher or Stepteau see the court during a meaningful game this year we can kiss the season good bye. Buscher would not see playing time on most D2 rosters.

  74. What our Hybrid power forward got and conflict amended..ipad 300.00…and another comparable bb athlete 3000.00 worth..that bb guy got 4 game suspension and eligible after that..
    so looks better for amount and however response to if restituted and contrite..that is why
    athlete grinding as captain..currently working really hard at pratice uh mbb believe whole team going hard

    That must be it the self reported document alter and gift given to athlete and conflict..as Gib stated above..maybe under counsel advisement..doesnt think new ncaa made new rules for even unknown transgression of team staff associates did not give license for AD ‘ To be given free rein to dismiss coaches..
    wait and see..for the public release of violations..could be don’ t know what gift..document..practice time?
    Probably why Gib wanted to defend allegations
    he is right if those are the key things does not approach level of real big time illegal recruitments or abuse..payoffs.
    interesting..though both Ben and Gib have to settle or Ben as other forum says if he keeps chow..he should keep Benjy..he knows the guys and they trust him
    Ben this is how you avoid the boo birds give Benjy interim for this year..then see how team does, can offer contract extemd next year
    ideally if Gib has case to Reverse or challenge appeal and win his contract money tenue dismissal
    Hope best for team

    We have to support Benjy..will mail or call Ben..public at football game if Ben ther let it be known
    well I hope Ben is not seriously ill..speedy recovery however even from recovery bed make things right for probably the best athletic team in years put together to go ncaa’s in dozen yesrs

    Go Rainbow Warriors!!
    Finish Strong!!
    Kuli’a Pono !!

  75. G Dickman said Eran Ganot, assistant coach at St Mary’s, would be interested in being a head coach at Hawaii. He used to work under Riley and Nash .

  76. Intersting Jeff P. Comments on what happened to Gib on Bobby’s show..seemed really surprised probably knew other things ..maybe this part of ways caught him by surprise..Bobby not as.. it is what is and move on
    just wonder if appeal..reverse or legal get involved for coach..his above statement not happy with dismissal
    Benjy said above video UH I assume AD and powers that be will fight back with counsel to lessen blows
    I usually don’ t listen however a lot will tune into hoops talk tonite..I am
    let’s get corrected and move on

  77. Pono,

    With all that this basketball program is going through, you have the nerve to get on this site and spew negativity about two hard working, deserving young men…. You should be more than ashamed of yourself. I know I should probably ignore you like everyone else has, but when a non-coaching, non-playing, ignorant adult, speaks negatively about two young men, I have to address you. You are not a coach in the program, and you are not a player on the team, which means your judgement is not worth the time you took to share your unrequested and unvalued opinion about anyone on the team. You should be hoping all the players stay with the program and contribute all of their talents to make the program a success, which clearly both of these you men can do, or they would not be here. If you are an adult, which is questionable by your lack of sensitivity to the situation and to what the players and team is going through, I suggest you grow up, and maybe grow a couple of other things too….

    Go Warriors!!!

  78. Larry well said majority would not diss any student athlete working as hard as they are. Brocke, Dyrbe, Zach great guys..I always give props and kudos to them and their parents.
    Hey the time is now , with maturity support every athlete and interim coach taylor . I Think UH MBB team can win lot of games if they stick together.

    Hoops talk is good right now..both Jeff and Jackson saddened by events ..want best for UH MBB moving forward..listening to show very healing for me..they are being very objective.

    Fans will give it a rest UH MBB needs to get right wait for official letter and UH legal settle work for best interest of UH MBB ..
    and we support the team..
    sad time however UH MBB can still be a good program in years to come
    we await ncaa response.

  79. From a parent that I spoke to today who shall remain nameless:
    This could have waited and didn’t need to happen now. What was there to gain from this other than possibly messing up 16 players lives academically and their future opportunities.

    Also said: Gib wasn’t a saint but his contract was going to end so why screw it up for the players after all of them have done to train so hard. Why? Only people hurt are the players because adults supervising the school and program at the school seem to be conniving idiots.

    Wow! I feel real bad. All I can say is way to go UH. You don’t get it.

    Player waiting for official NCAA decision to see what he can do.

  80. Baller4Life; if they had waited, they would have had maybe harsher penalties, games forfeited, etc. I assume they acted with the advice of their hired counsel. The letter of violations is supposed to come very soon from the NCAA.

    On another note, sammis may be thinking of leaving, it appears, from listening to B McInnis. Benji wanted only those who wanted to be with the program at practice.

  81. Sammis , get with the program, life means you’re always going through changes and growing up ,you learn to adjust to change, you have a great opportunity here, education and in sports.
    You are a Warrior , Warriors stick together , as a family , time to Man Up Sammis.

  82. RunBows , stop spilling all this anti UH , this and that cra-p ,it is counter productive, if Gib and staff did the right thing , we wouldn’t be in all this mess today , ..understand? Get caught and lie only makes the situation worse per Portnoy, and per Common Sense , so don’t blame the administrators, blame it on the Fibber.

  83. Baller4life: just watched leahy and leahy ..basically the same thought…wait until ncaa or let zGib finish out this year. Why the rush to termination..the ones hurt ..the players..worked so hard..and Benjy having to deal with this..as for interim…hoopstalk eddie fogler consultant for coach search says to find someone interim on short notice not good. Players in system trained for Gib system. Jamie Dixon comment..too short window season just about to begin..hard to get guy ..right one in..players how going to learn new system short time..no good.
    Jamie Dixon know he is friend of Gib saddened by firing of Gib.

    Leahy’s..why now? Right when season about to begin…UH when letter of allegation has to really explain justify qualify to all MBB fans..Why they made move to payoff Gib and terminate him now?
    Unless UH knows or counsel knows how bad infractions are. Kanoa…why..when fans looking forward to this year..Hawaii could do something special potentially talent there..did allude to suspension rumor as of that airtimed show for Fotu..so much up in the air..UH with football waning,, fans looked forward to basketball season..now what refund their tickets? Or scale back prices..the ones UH admin ..and they allude to Lassner and chancellor they had on show last week..they would make big decisions based on interests of student athletes..not so much wins and losses
    what stuck out to them..as well as me? Ben always says support for chow who has losing record..his guy..would let him finish season before discuss his future..why not as mother alluded to..let Gib finish season or if violation so bad..for CAUSE terminate him abd save payout..which now stands ..chow and Gib both bought out costing UH and taxpayers more money..problem with leadership of UH athletics..

    Just saw Mike Cherry report..thought so..Gib’s personal lawyer spoke up statement..Gib termination
    questionable, and the grounds for without cause ..not right..believe..just my opinion..Gib just might fight legally to get his job back..We know tere are lawyers skilled on getting sttlement or restoration on employees unfairly fired from job..even if given severance pay

    I think just my opinion..I know..we all know as that mom chimed in Gib not perfect..however why AD and chancellor terminate rush to get Gib out of HC spot..hurts the team

    And after terrible past 3 years of football losing ..kill or hurt a program (kanoa comment) that just had a 20 win season?
    Hey fans ain’ t over..think Gib will battle about job removal
    and UH AD..chancellor ..legal counsel has to know ncaa infractions possibly
    I think unless criminal..why not let Gib finish this year out his team of 16 great guys ready to go for ncaa bid.

    WHY? FELLOW FANS ..GIB JMO..and statement by his lawyer ready to battle for his job back
    others in media say if so bad infractions would firing two coaches witout cause so soon before season lessen sanctions..Makes you wonder..

    Man..three viewpoints…the mom…hoopstalk…and the leahys..all agree with this termination and fotu awaiting reinstatement if he waits maybe few games…the guys suffer..the team..and Benjy
    still think..ben jay would be crazy to bring in riley now as interim head..let Benjy finish season see how he does
    UH NUTS..
    rest of team locked in..

  84. jjay not just me thosands think uh admin and AD not doing right ..why support chow?
    Gib not found guilty not proven..so Gib does what he has to
    jjay..what..you got opinion..so do many others .fre country
    look at the top man and his recordcof decision and blunder..Ben Jay..should be terminated before Gib..just my opinion..take it ..or just don’ t have read..
    hey a little respect..don’ t get vulgar with fellow fans

    Just support Benjy and the guys..
    don’ t waste time making doo on me.. too old for that
    aloha youn un..

  85. UH has that hired counsel which most said was wise. So we assume he is advising UH on what to do and may have advised on the actions taken.

    It’s possible if you had let Gib keep coaching, the NCAA may have brought down harsher penalties. We have to wait to see the report, etc. The idea of self-sanctions is to mitigate the penalties. The report is supposed to come out soon.

    If the report came out near the end of the season and no self sanctions were imposed like say if Fotu hadn’t been ruled ineligible by UH , maybe the penalties would have been like forfeit some or all of your games for the season or something like that, no post season play, etc.

    Someone on the show pointed out that Riley ran a clean program for 20 years ( At least he didn’t get caught with any major violations) .

  86. Everyone, athletes, families, fans need to keep their cool and be patient. Don’t make no rash decisions like how they canned Gib and Brandon. We need solidarity. No sense trying to look beyond the crystal ball. Just focus on the task at hand and take it day by day. All of this isn’t over yet. If I was Gib I’d fight for my job back if I didn’t do anything to justify termination. My reputation, livelihood, career and what I built in the last 4 years is reason to fight. Above all guys stay cooooool. Hey the birds are still singing in the morning because they got one more day to enjoy on this earth.

  87. Hey WI MBB fans, friends and viewers from USA and around the globe:

    Pesonally, Just My thought opinion, since I am older guy, and fan of UH MBB over 40 – 50 years.
    Gib like Riley, they got emotional, very verbal, both could yell, they would have clash with athletes, would sit guys down, would get after ones with discipline. Want to win badly . Feel great win team when they won, and when they lost felt the sting of defeat maybe more than the Team.

    What Gib says about knowledge of ncaa probe and investigation, and possible infractions and accusations. I believe him. I know that Riley had a 20 year period where he was careful, different day and age, however never investigated, though some guys , or several guys either never made the grade or were asked to leave or left school. Now for Gib, since first year, the clash, the 21st century, student athlete, some of different personalities attitudes.. some move on, All were helped by Gib to do well in school to adjust to transfer.. Gib no angel, neither was Wallace, both not perfect, Both love Hawaii and the University , the fans and very much the athletes. Both wanted team to do well in school, all the more so, now Gib has APR very good. Had a winning season and 20 wins last year, never had losing season, and Now guys on track to graduate.

    The way he was let go, even without cause, really something is there, with UH and admin? I don’t know, Gib’s attorney friend, says things will come to light and made clear in days to come. He does not believe handled well , Gib’s termination and Akana, No Due process.

    I say, JUST MY OPINION.. if you have a chance to win back your job Gib, for the student athletes you and staff recruited, I say, Gib go for it..lawyer up and take UH on…
    Just My Opinion..

  88. Thinking about it some more, the way UH is handling this situation is so stupid. It is certainly pointing in the direction that Gib deserves to be fired, however by firing Arnold before the NCAA has even released their report, UH has already blown their biggest negotiating tool to try and reduce any sanctions that the NCAA brings to the table.

    A school facing NCAA sanctions will have meetings with the NCAA to get briefed on the accusations and/or punishment, as well as finding out what options they might have. During this meeting is when a school can negotiate lower punishment. Had UH waited a little bit to fire Gib, they could have used his job status as a bargaining tool.

    The best way I can describe it is that UH has slit their own wrist and now are hoping the bleeding stops on its own. Had they sacrificed Gib as a bargaining chip with the NCAA the situation would be more like slitting your wrist, but also ask for medical supplies to stop the bleeding.

    This just shows you nobody running UH has any experience with real world negotiations (other than salary negotiating) and that nobody learned how to play chess when they were younger. There are times when it’s best to sacrifice your Knight to capture their queen.

    I guess this is what happens when the politicians run the show. Most are well educated, but few have real world outside of education system. What’s funny/sad is that there are a few MBAs on the BOR, and they can teach you every aspect of the art of negotiation, but when faced with a real situation, they couldn’t negotiate their way out of a paper bag.

    A perfect analogy are golf teaching pros. Their are many excellent instructors out there but few of them can compete in tournaments. Go look up all the past results of the Pearl Open. The top 10 is mostly full of JPGA tour pros, mini tour pros traveling from the mainland, a top amateur once in awhile, and one in a while a local club pro is in contention.

  89. the Gib era is over Runbows, he got paid off , for the rest of his contract. He did not get fired for cause, it was on Portnoy show tonight. We need to move on and continue to support the program, a program that will continue no matter who is the coach, the program is bigger than any coach, Support the student athletes , go to the games , they will never give up. Go Warriors!

  90. Sorry, my chess analogy should have read… Sometimes it best to sacrifice your Knight to SAVE your queen.

  91. On the portnoy show, someone said nowadays the NCAA holds the head coach responsible for the entire basketball program. He is the CEO of the program. If anything is amiss, even if he didn’t do something directly, he is the one that is held responsible (and must fall on the sword).

    Portnoy also said what Curran had said, if you lie to the NCAA, you are facing stiff penalties. The NCAA is the judge, jury and executioner as it is, but you have to play by the rules until the rules change.

  92. jjay, true, probably UH will fight Gib on trying to get his job back, however, attorney’s that are smart, maybe he could even take it to the Dept. of Labor. Not allowed to do your job contracted to do. And since, Gib , his friend is his agent, a lawyer and schoolmate from Punahou, that friend , just as a fan, was shocked at what UH did to Gib. Just boom, a stupid move, just before the season, you fire the coach, to offer payout end of January, have him still employed however he cannot coach( what his contract says he could do), And UH the powers that be, are really screwing the players, the ones, you say we should support, yet YOUR AD people they go and screw Gib. It is so blatant, even private sector, union or not, you have due process, mediate, cannot just offer to pay you out in few months and sever for NO REASON yet.. until , and whenever reason is found(i.e. NCAA allegation letter), jjay, there are thousands, maybe it is 50/50, for or against this deal, or dumb move. That hurts what can be an excellent season. The Star Advertiser bloggers, have some excellent reasoning. Cannot understand Why Another Blunder Wonder? Enough already with the mistakes and buying guys out. Costs us , the taxpayers , our hard earned money is being thrown out the door, is that pono? No…

    FUHA, I have to agree with servante even the Leahys on their show tonite, something is going on behind the scenes the rush to get rid of Gib, and the Allegation letter not even appear for Gib to see too, No communication with Gib, until they let him know, or he finds out online he is canned.
    There must be attorneys out their ready to do battle for Gib. This Messing with Due Process, and as FUHA says , they got it OKOLE, or Rear end, Butt Backwards.. Another example of Not the Coach, or the players, however the Admin. the AD, getting it wrong, not having experience, an accountant and some educators and an IT guy.. No clue..At All.. right Eagle..

    Just My Opinon. However. as Gib’s lawyer says jjay, the facts will come out and clearer, then the battle to clear things up will or should begin. Wonder, if Gib even signed off on that dismissal Without cause deal? Don’t know, some say he not fired, He WAS Fired, with payout of last 8 months.. Gib, Just My Opinion, My thought, You think, and if your personal attorney think, you have a case, GO FOR IT..even if my alma mater, get it straight , fight for compensation more, or job back…. jjay, and pono… and a few others.. the way done , it just does not seem right, and I am not a lawyer.. however… you watch , the battle not over.. If clear, and allegation letter supports total abuse, inappropriate things, crimes, verbal, racial , religious prejudice whatever, then okay, Cause to have fired Gib.. Until that letter appears, and made public we will know.. remember as Leahys show , not hoops talk, a different look view of matters, Something Not Pono, Unless UH knows they have clear cut case.. For Gib to come out so Public, about it, and his friend attorney to make public statement about the unfair handling of case, JUST MY OPINION.. Gib should fight for his job back, at least to finish out year.. What good would it do to hire Riley Wallace on November 16 ? Makes no sense, Then , the boys just might give up, hope not.

    First thing Ben should do, even from hospital recovery bed, call Benjy and let him know, for sake of continuity and the student athletes, YOU Benjy Taylor are the interim coach for rest of season, then if this pans out that Gib is gone too. Can transition to search for new coach.,

    INNOCENT until completely proven guilty.. Fotu case, Benjy believes that can be resolved soon.. and he did not mention any ipad, .. never could comment.. The more Stupid it gets..

    And just be cool jjay, I love UH too, and all the sports, disabled and old , so cannot go to games listen on radio or PPV.. Go Rainbow warriors, and hope you enjoy the games at SSC.. you are great young fan, relative of Ben Jay, just kidding, !

    go Warriors! Pretty soon, hopefully that PUBLIC DISCLOSURE,.. of letter allegations, if UH AD was right, then okay, however, if not.. oh boy, here we go again..
    Benjy and team stay together. and Ben Jay, tell coach Taylor that he IS THE INTERIM COACH FOR REST of YEAR.. GUYS WILL PLAY THAT MUCH HARDER FOR SURE.
    just my OPININON FANS!

  93. As UH , my opinion should have done, the chancellor and AD, why not have waited for, then work with lessen penalties,.. however, should have let Akana and Gib have day in court.. you know this ncaa thing stemming from report of altered document.. open up audit and interviews.. well still, have to let accused know..

    IF , now, letter comes out, and Gib vindicated not found guilty to justify his termination early from coaching, his final year contract.. UH look out.. I hope not.
    however servante just cool head right.. I give it a rest.. JUST MY OPINION fans, I don’t know anymore than Gib and Akana exactly what allegation letter says..

    I accept if beyond reasonable doubt..

  94. Hey Dayton,

    Truly love your site! I really like the player interviews and inside access things! Just one question, does the site have an ignore feature? I would really like to see analyses from most! Thanks!

  95. I’ve been somewhat aware of the on-going investigation, however this news is quite shocking to me. I’ve lost all respect for UH’s AD Ben Jay and Chancellor Robert Bley-Vroman. Where is the DUE PROCESS? Where is JUSTICE? After all the good things Gib has brought to the program, he gets fired without any real reason. Spineless donkeys, need to GTFO of Hawaii.

    Still 100% behind the team but as far as I’m concerned, I’ve lost all support for the Administration at UH. Impeccable timing to spoil a perfectly good program, right at the dawn of a new and promising season. I am beyond livid. I feel bad for Gib and even worse for the players. PONO, you’re wrong about Gib. Stop filling this page with rumors and hearsay.

  96. Pono you have stated many dark comments about the x coach. Did you know him personally or worked with him? Were you one of his acquaintances who he disliked? Or all that you said is from 3rd parties? Like to know.

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