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Jawato, Reyes cleared to practice

Brandon Jawato can be excused – for now – for missing a few shots and lagging a bit behind his teammates during full-court drills at Tuesday’s practice with the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

The best part was that he was even there to practice. Jawato, a junior shooting guard, has finally been cleared to participate in full practices after more than six months of recovery and rehabilitation for surgery on his right ankle.

The injury bothered him virtually all of last season, and he even sat out the last few weeks of the season to prepare for surgery.


“It’s been a long journey, but I’m ready,” he said.

A healthy Jawato could provide a long-range boost, as he is considered one of the team’s shooting threats. He led the Warriors in 3-pointers (43) as a redshirt freshman during the 2013-14 season.

“It feels great to be back out there,” Jawato said. “Only thing is I’m not in basketball shape so I got to keep working every day, day in and day out. I have to do extra conditioning to get back in basketball shape, but I’ll be there pretty soon.”

Jawato’s return capped a long stretch of recovery that kept him away from his family in Southern California for the entire summer.

“Stayed here the whole summer just doing rehab and stuff,” he said. “I’m not quite up to basketball shape, but I’ve been trying and I’m going to keep trying, day in and day out.”

Jawato was not the only player to be cleared on Tuesday. Freshman forward Sammis Reyes participated in his first full practice of this season. He missed the first two-plus weeks of practices with a toe injury.

Sophomore wing Negus Webster-Chan also returned to practices this week after sitting out with a rib injury.

The only player sitting out of Tuesday’s practice was junior point guard Quincy Smith, who is resting a back injury.

“We’re a solid team,” Jawato said. “I think we’re going to make a good run this year. I’m excited. We have a great group of guys.”


  1. Go get them, Brandon and Sammis .

  2. Brandon J. Jaws, Jawato, he is my favorite student athlete, High Character, never pouts, sits at end of bench when things not okay, always cheered team on, excellent student, make use of his scholarship and will graduate this May 2015!

    Brandon is hungry. Grinding, he will be that streak, deep ball, quick strike 3 ball threat.

    And Sammis super Chilean, superman, ready to box out, and block out, and hold the ground against Mamadou, The 2014 version of Tim Shepherd, with an athletic skillset.. When Tim first came to UH over 20 years ago, He had 36 inch to 40 inch vert, something like that. he was about 6’6″ and 200 lbs as freshman, when he was senior, he weighed all muscle, about close to 250!

    Go Sammis, and Brandon, Q rest that back, come back when ready. Bobbitt , Niko step up, NWC facilitate, G Money, shoot the rock, Fotu, rock the rock, Janks and Jovan, Serb the serves, Fleming, legit the court.. etc, etc.

    Team just about 15 strong now… Rock that SSC and win the B..W..C….!!

    Go Eagle! Time has come today.. Go Bows, Warriors Rainbows, just about full strength now!

  3. Houston, … the Eagle has landed …

  4. Don’t know about the rest of you, but seeing Negus, Brandon and Sammis back on the court this week, sure gives me, (and hopefully our Team), a big boost of confidence. We are Deep in Newcomers.

    Like the SF Giants, who lost so many starters this year to injury, their belief in themselves and their high goals have brought them to the pinnacle of their Sport once again.

    I am sure the early games this season are going to be full of “learning moments” while trying to teach so many players who can contribute. But with 8 games in 13 days and half on the road, we will see who can produce with the Lights On early.

    Can’t wait to see Brandon when his shot comes back. I think we may have another Christian’s motor in Sammis. Let it heal, Q, as these early games mean nothing come tournament time.

    The KEY to the FASTBREAK is that outlet pass under 8 tenths of a second.

    I expect the BWC Coach’s Poll to be announced tomorrow…will we be projected 4th or 5th?


  5. Runbows, gotta give props to your second reference to Chambers Brothers time. Watch out, though, because you are definitely dating yourself. Great group back in the day. Think I will listen to some of that on the iPod during this morning’s walk just to get the juices flowing

  6. Per a poster on warrior beat, UNC has an academic scandal involving athletes and others. I wonder what kind of penalties the NCAA will put on Roy Williams ?

    UNC hired an independent person to make the inquiry and the report. NCAA is investigating after reopening its investigation in June. It did hit the football program with penalties in 2012.


  7. Seen filipovich limping around today

  8. Wahine picked 2nd in preseason Big West media basketball poll, same as last year. Kuehu on preseason all-conference team.

  9. I think men’s poll gets announced tomorrow. I predict UH will be picked 5th by media and Fotu on all-Big West first team. No brainer pick to have Fotu on there. If it’s media poll I bet he will be the only one from UH on first or second team as they will only look at stats from returning players.

    How come no coach’s poll?

  10. Oh, back to the subject of the video and getting Jawato back to the shooting form he showed as a freshman could be huge for this team. Nevels is the only true sharpshooter but I think a “hot” Jawato is even more dangerous like that game couple years ago when he went 7-7. If he’s back to shooting form or better yet more improved then that really opens things up for the bigs, including Sammis!

  11. Espn has a coaches’ poll, but you have to be an “insider” to view it. The ESPN poll that i posted earlier was that writer’s poll, i think.

  12. Polls… what can you say… if UH had 4 starters back, and top 3 off the bench. plus defending BWC regular season champs. Yes, they would be picked 1 or 2. It is okay, the guys don’t pay too much attention to polls..How they finish, ranked in top 30, NCAA tourney participants with a deep run, and a lot of guys coming back next season, UH would be picked preseason next year top 1 or 2..

    Jawato, ChuckCheese… man that is what we need, 6’4″ 200 lb. 3 ball specialist, go on streak hit 2, 3 or 4 or more in a row, along with Nevels, Sammis, Fotu, Thomas doing some inside out work, UH on offense, would be hard to stop. I think they will be averaging over 80 ppg again.. If top BWC defensively, that could spell BWC championships!

    Brandon “B” Jawato, gets a “A” for grinding and making it back! Welcome back Brandon, can always use, Enos 3 for 3, Brandon 7 for 7 , Nevels, 6 for 8, etc, NWC all around facilitate, and if need be, NWC has Zane Johnson Range.. I think NWC has the complete game, rebound, steals, a blocked shot, assists, FT line, mid range, go to the rim and Deeeeeep 3 ball.. Now Sammis Slammin Sammie is Back and moving bodies around, getting physical!

    Team ramping up level of practices,… Guys , just stay Healthy!

  13. Pocho posted on scout com that UH is considering self-imposed penalties as the investigation is wrapping up now .


  14. Yes, confirmed that report per Star Advertiser and coming out of UH… You know, the true green and white WI UH MBB fans, when we heard of situation back early this year, we thought, what’s up? Good that UH took proactive stance and action against probable parties involved.

    Now, after some 6 or 7 months, ncaa winding down, UH , that is the prudent, with legal or general UH counsel at hand, are pro-active in possible self imposed penalties, whether, guys sit out game/games, or coach disciplined or not part of UH MBB program, or even that Compliance person, corrected go to NCAA rules/protocol,latest guidelines classes.

    Well, we are adults.. I think most majority of us are… Good for HC and UH MBB and AD/UH, work with NCAA…general counsel, private counsel, and settle this thing. Whatever is might be, as long as the young guys not involved are not punished , and can still play for championships , that would be a blessing.. just know the team is working hard on court and in classroom.

    Gib, straighten the MBB ship, make corrections, UH and MBB program, and start taking UH MBB back to a higher level, and a compliant one. We accept whatever consequences…Still hope for the best..

    WI UH MBB fans, have stuck with program, some of us for 45-50 years, so we know the deal.. UH MBB keep moving ahead.. correct, live , learn and get better top to bottom!

    UH MBB athletes… just keep working hard in school, and keep healthy mind and bodies!

  15. My prediction is that Akana is fired and there will be a post season ban. I have no information but just throwing out my own thoughts.

  16. AT LEAST we finally have Confirmation of the Timing…

    Totally Expected,

    Once they Hired the Experts…

    Schools that Beat NCAA to the Punch, and In the Ballpark on Penalties
    Even IF a Little ‘Light’, say 80% of Maximum Expected Penalties;
    NCAA has generally endorsed or backed off;
    rather than Start a Potential Legal Battle

    Good Root Cause Evaluation
    And Problem, Cause Analysis
    Plus GOOD Corrective Actions
    Can / Should Prevent Repeat or Worsening Problems
    NET Result is a Smarter Staff And a Stronger Program…

    IF Done Well / Right…
    Go ‘Bows!

  17. Sorry Runbows but respectfully disagree with approach that we all are adults and we just move on. Depending on infractions Gib may not be guy to right the ship. Not saying one way or other but rather wait and see. I think your loyalty to Gib is admirable but could be misplaced. Kelvin Sampson was not the guy to right the ship at Indiana because he was up to his neck in the violations. If UH problems do not involve Gib directly then he deserves chance to make things right. Then, I agree, get back to work and move forward. Also hope present players do not pay the price but that usually is not how it works. Keep fingers crossed that this Finally ends and we can get back to bb only

  18. Hoosier…further quotes from Gib and Ben… a wait and see … thing.. I don’t know what letter of allegations will be… Gib has personal counsel, UH has general counsel… as the law of the land says, innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt..

    Once, again, we know ncaa is moving to close this thing out…I have stated from year 1 or Gib, if he is involved in major whatevers, then move on, next in line. Can see that Gib tried , especially to keep guys in school, and on track to graduate.

    As Eagle says, the PROACTIVE approach is, get your legal team together, survey the situation, and proceed. They still have to receive that allegation letter, As Gib and even Ben say, they don’t know exactly what it will be. However, I am trying to be the old makule, here, take the good with the bad, hopefully more good…

    Should know very soon… Main thing Hoosier, if UH MBB can still play for Post Season, even if guy.guys have to sit out some games, or coach is reprimanded or whatever, I don’t know, never have known all the facts. Still for the Team’s sake, and all the UH MBB interest.. Ain’t no way we giving up on UH MBB, whomever is the coach, Rocha, O’Neil, Pitino. Arnold. Frank., Wallace, Nash or Gib..

    Just hope for the best… I think, and hope it is lesser things, and the guys can most importantly play for NCAA/NIT bids ….

    Hoosier, Eagle, warriorhaw, Chuck, Baller, and the WI MBB faithful , hang in there.. as Eagle says, and servante just have to wait out the outcome… and UH if self correct, and ncaa meet for settlement in the middle, NOT DEATH BLOW….We shall see you all in Hopefully March Madness!

    I bet, Gib just tells the team, families, let the counsel handle, when ncaa reveals.. team, just do well in school, and prepare for season..

    Eagle… Hang in there, long time WI contributor.. UH and Gib were fully compliant .. we shall see. Go Warriors, Stand and Fight for Right, whomever the HC… UH MBB will rock!

  19. Stop talking about the death blow. There will be no death penalty, but post season bans are real possibilities.

  20. Pono…

    we don’t anything…not even allegation letter…that death blow I am alluding too is “postseason ban for few years”
    If uh counsel takes as precedent st mary’s 4 year probation on recruiting..limit on scholarships and still..gaels were allowed to play for NIT/NCAA.
    That is best case scenario..just my opinion..
    I had season tickets for Larry Little’s 2 year ban from post season..was fun to watch gavin smith average 23 ppg mad headband bomber from just past half court..

    Postseason ban from NIT/NCAA. ..I would be totally shocked and humbly withdraw comments from all mbb forums
    if uh ncaa probation ban from postseason..more like guy sit out or suspensions..
    uh legal appeal..put it in court for three years..after uh mbb goes to 3 ncaa tounaments

    I am not going to say i know what ncaa ldtter says
    pono..are you like jackson and jeff who say it is bad
    if it is and they know..public record access transparency ..spill it..right here..
    what is ncaa going to do and how will uh mbb respond?
    You know hoops balk hosts don’t like or are not fans of gib or guys
    totally negative.
    too much negativity in this world
    i am staying positive
    uh mbb still playing for post season championships
    for jeff who bor association leaking ncaa bomb jackson very bad for hc and team
    well they can join the negative naysayer train
    the guys will be alright..head coach still head coach
    and that is pono..we all don’t know squat..just the facts..wait until legal settles ncaa allegations
    keep fighting team ..the negative people goin be crowing on 4 forums
    sammis go strong team stay together!!

    Eagle..hang on..warriorhaw..servante. keep the faith!!

    Stand and fight…pono..
    Go Bows..Warriors..Rainbows!!

  21. Read an article where the NCAA conducted 60 interviews on people concerning Oklahoma State and ended up with nothing. Sounds familiar? What does UH have? Questions about an altered document and an Ipod. NCAA had hoped to have uncovered more violations but that’s all they found in almost 7 months on a tiny school, on a tiny island, in the middle of the Pacific. We shouldn’t have a steeper sanction than what St. Mary’s got. But if they try to throw the book on us then that’s what lawyers are for to appeal the verdict.

  22. How come it took 21 years (from 1993) for the NCAA to investigate and re-open the investigation at UNC ? Somebody’s trying to pull the wool over someone’s eyes.

  23. serrvante….
    University of Hawaii …they are ready!!

  24. UNC…. and Hawaii…
    that inequity.legal can point out..this proactive and full cooperation ncaa..and not commenting on ..props to uh and mbb
    actually sooner rsolve better..settle before start of season good
    have to be proud of team..total focused on winning BWC and postseason

    Stay Strong MBB TEAM and MBB fans!!

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