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Fotu cleared to practice

It was a good hair day for the University of Hawai’i basketball team on Thursday. Isaac Fotu, the team’s top returning player, practiced for the first time this season after missing more than two weeks with a back injury.

“It felt good to get back out there with the guys and get back into it,” the 6-foot-8 junior forward said. “It was just getting back into things was quite difficult, getting my game fitness back. But that will all come back with more practices I do.”

Fotu said he was targeting a return next week, but his back felt well enough to practice on Thursday.


“The first possession I played, I was quite tired after that, but then once I got started it was like being in there last year,” he said. “It wasn’t too bad as far as fitness went.”

Fotu spent the summer training and playing internationally with the New Zealand national team. The grueling schedule – travel, practices and games – contributed to his back injury, and he has been recovering and rehabilitating since his return to UH last month.

Fotu averaged 14.9 points and 6.1 rebounds per game last season, and was a first-team All-Big West Conference selection. He is expected to play an expanded role this season, and it is something he said he is comfortable with.

“Honestly, that’s how it should be – how I feel I want it to be,” he said. “I think I’ve been in the program enough and the coaches know me long enough that when I put my mind to do something I can definitely achieve it.”

While he was recovering, Fotu bided his time by enjoying his favorite dish – poke bowls.

“How much days have I been back? Every day I’ve had one,” he said with a laugh. “I forgot how good they were.”

The Warriors got bigger on Thursday, as not only Fotu returned to practice, but also sophomore forward Stefan Jankovic, who was sidelined with a leg injury. Jankovic will continue practicing with the team, but will not be eligible to play in games until December, due to NCAA transfer rules.

Junior Brandon Jawato (ankle), sophomore Negus Webster-Chan (ribs) and freshman Sammis Reyes (toe) remained sidelined.


  1. Go get them Fotu, 42 and poke bowls. Show the Fro. Is he going to tie it down or let it flow ?

  2. The return of the FRO, the training table should always have Poke bowls.

  3. Tonganator:

    We are glad to have Isaac back practicing with the Team! Look forward to he and all the 15 other members to have great season. As you said, and what Isaac said, he was rehabbing his back and would return to workouts, and that is what happened. Fantastic.

    Fear the Fro, Frotu, 42, The Bro with The Fro!
    Go The Mighty Warriors, Go Rainbow Warriors!

  4. Man…..it is just a few…. one, says, Isaac held out, Stefan held out pending, ncaa, however, they were actually hurt and awaiting clearance to practice. Enough of the rumors, we just support the team. those other matters, ncaa, will resolve itself, and UH and fans move on and enjoy a great season!

    Go Rainbow Warriors
    Go Bows!

  5. Is there a limit to hairdo expanse ? 42 usually ties his fro down during the games. There was another fro, i think, last season on another team.

  6. Imagine trying to guard him with the Fro poking you in the eyes as he posts you up.

  7. Frofensive foul ?

  8. Our very own Joakim Noah. Joakim still sporting the tied back fro. Now there is an NBA all star to model your game after. Endless motor, team first, can score and defend, and ferocious rebounder. Looking forward to stellar year from Isaac!

  9. coach Arnold , recruit another fro brother, big one to help Isaac frotu. uh students love not fear the fro.

  10. Just look at what we have, the UH MBB team!

    PF: Isaac Fotu, BWC first teamer, FIBA international stage experience and did very well!
    SG: Garrett Nevels, Championship member of the Drew Pro/Am summer league, and a gym rat.
    PG: Q Smith, out of the Bay area, super jets, hops, will go from endline to endline in a few seconds, improved jumper. Leader,
    PF: Mike MT Thomas, who will be more like T.N.T. kaboooom!! 3 star out of HS, no scared em, just give em, and on video, that guy is not 210 lbs, has to be at least 228 of solid muscle, who now not afraid to bang, and can score, from 3 line to rim, with contact.
    C: Stefan Jovanovich, Gib very pleased, he worked and got stronger, he does not look like that 235 listed wait, more closer to 248-50, Stefan keep on eating and getting stronger, along with foot work.. Stefan at 6’11’ 245 will be able to bang Mamadou, Jovan played him in HS, and he blocked his shots, he ain’t scared em..
    SF: Aaron Valdes.. proving to be Athletic Freak, Airon, AirCuba, that rare air up there.. fly aaron fly high..
    SF/PG/SG: NWC, hope his ribs are okay,… just facilitator, wants all the guys have part in scoring, then when needed, NWC will drop 3 or 4 three bombs in a row to help UH win.
    C: Janks, he is getting into shape, definitely out of HS a 3.3+, and will be a challenge for BWC, even Mamadou will have hard time chasing a 6’11” guy that can shoot 3 ball out to 28 feet, all the 6’10” -7-6″ bigs, will get worn out chasing Janks around.
    PG: Niko, the tough little general, talking stuff, defending, and a mini tough leader… pure pg.
    SG: Dyrbe Enos.. 808 great, he can give em… fight on… the three ball assassin..
    SG/PG: Zach Buscher, is he smart? Iolani grad, and very, very long, he could grow to 6’5″ 210 in future, hope he sticks with team in few years, he can be a 808 product who plays major PT, just has to get strong on court, emotionally and in the classroom..
    Combo: Our secret weapon, listed at 5’9″ , purported to be able to dunk? his 3 ball stroke , one of the purest and quickest on the team

    And the best for last, the May 2015 4 year grad… Jaws, J. B, Brandon Jawato, who will go 10-10 from 3 line in BWC championship game, to get UH MBB to ncaa’s

    Bobbitt, Fleming, talented tall and big guard, another level, upgrade from the slower or bigger out of position guys that played that position.. heck..All of Gib’s guys, even if they moved on, they mad accusations, they loved Hawaii, the time they were here, the guys most of, they loved them too.

    Sammis Superman Reyes, getting treatment, from that Kryptonite burn to his pinkie toe, fracture, dislocated.. when he flys into the sun, that kryptonite ouchie will burn away, and Sammis will destroy the rim.

    What awaits, in 20 , 19, 18, 17 , 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8 , 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0…boooom! First Exhibition game with HPU at SSC Thursday Nov 6 2014 7pm… come on out!

    Go Warriors
    Go Bows!
    Go The Mighty Warriors
    bigdaddy, Tonganator, TribeVx4, welcome to Hawaii at DHC this Dec.. feeling UH MBB team will be holding that championship trophy this year Dec 2014!!

    And FOTU THE FOUNDATION< THE COOL GUY..very likeable, from babies to babes.. nice young man, and NBA type of game to develop,… he will be an all time great hall of honor for UH!
    All because of POKE BOWLS? Yesssssirrr

  11. the 5’9″ secret combo guard, little general , very smart bb wise, like his dad was his HS coach, from Dallas , Tx… Brocke Stepteau, very coachable young guy.. probably the best and purest 3 ball , and quick release of all the three ball launchers..

    Brocke, Steppin it up!

  12. Artie W’s first team, if playing today:

    1 Quincy
    2 Nevels
    3 Negus
    4 Fotu
    5 Thomas

    Roderick could be at point later.

  13. Wow! Been a lot of reading material lately. I keep like to keep it short and simple myself. But let me get this off my chest.
    JP/JW show this week. It just confirms my stance that their views are baseless and uninformed. Their opinions carry no weight with me. They keep confusing our players names and positions. I think JW referred to Niko as that big guy. Their run down of UH players are so general in description that even the least informed listener will get nothing out of it. Neither has read any article or watched any video of open runs of G/W game. For Hawaii commentators this is pathetic. Yes, I know everybody is entitled to their own opinions but I expect much more from so called Hawaii experts. Ok, nuff said. Got that little bit off my chest.

    Now, on to UHMBB. Investigation aside because we cannot do anything about it. Just support our guys.

    So thanks to RunBows for keeping us up to date with the boys. I know you rehash a lot but you do it with current info. Makes a diff.
    Islandman, I kinda agree with Artie. Would like to see Steph start and add a little bulk but Thomas has really worked hard.

    I may not post a lot but I read WI plenty and appreciate all who contribute. Thanks

  14. warriorhaw,… only when something gets me PO’ed… really not true, or guys don’t do their homework, like Dayton, and some good ones, including yourself, islandman, Eagle, Chuck etc. it PO’s me to the max, then I gotta let loose.

    Basically, UH coaches, athletes, and program good to go.
    NCAA thing, don’t worry, I would bet one million bananas that Ben Jay, Gib and staff, players, and families, and UH legal counsel No the extent of ncaa allegations, and UH know how they will counter. What can the average fan do? Nothing… so just be happy guys are playing and getting ready to win BWC..

    warriorhaw, what you say in 25 words, means a lot more than 1250 words. You are a great and respectful fan, A true Rainbow Warrior MBB fan.. kudos and props to you.. You will be rewarded by having a good SSC season ticket seat and enjoying some 3 ball, dunkcity action and a lot of wins this year, NIT or NCAA bound, guaranteed!

    Go Bows!

  15. brudda, main thing you take care of that back ,we don’t want that to be a chronic thing, Get Massage often, see a chiropractor periodically for you adjustments. Jumping constantly up and down on a hard surface aint good for the back. A good chiropractor is Dr Joe Cardenalli in Kaimuki.Worked with many Uh athletes in past .

  16. Reilly to start at QB, for football fans.

  17. Change to: he may start .

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