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Feeling some aftereffects

One day after the shocking announcement of the dismissals of head coach Gib Arnold and assistant coach Brandyn Akana, the University of Hawai’i basketball team continued to feel the aftereffects.

Junior forward Isaac Fotu’s playing status for games is in question and currently in an appeals process; two other players did not attend practice to contemplate the coaching situation; a potential recruit who was about to give a verbal commitment to Hawai’i is now looking at other options.


Gligorije Rakocevic, a 6-foot-11 center at Cantwell Sacred Heart High School in California, said Hawai’i had moved to the top his list of choices before news of the coaching changes at UH were announced.

“I just talked to Coach Gib about how much I liked Hawai’i a couple of days ago, and then I heard about (the changes),” Rakocevic said. “So not any more.”

Rakocevic made an official visit to Hawai’i earlier this month, and is also being recruited by Washington State, Oregon State, New Mexico and Utah, among others.

Rakocevic said he wants to wait until the spring signing period in April 2015 before making a final decision, but Hawai’i is not likely to make it back to the top of his list.

“Coach Gib was a big reason why I went to visit Hawai’i, and I still talk to some of the guys on the team,” Rakocevic said. “But I have a lot of other schools I am looking at.”

Meanwhile, the team got back to practicing on Wednesday afternoon, with acting head coach Benjy Taylor and assistant coach Senque Carey leading the drills.

The Warriors are scheduled to play a private scrimmage against Brigham Young-Hawai’i this Saturday, and then an exhibition game against Hawai’i Pacific on November 6. The regular-season opener is set for November 14.


  1. Yes Go Bows, and Go Gib, if you have case and good counsel and reason, go for it… wait for letter of allegation, and get compensation double or your job back.

    Due Process right, this is not a Facist state.

    Go Gib right? Unless found guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

    And Ben Jay get well and Tell Benjy Taylor, YOU ARE THE INTERIM coach for rest of year, for the teams’ sake, and Isaac, get that paperwork done, and get eligible, you will soon.

    Go Bows and Get it right, shamed to be alumnus of an institution if they don’t do things right PONO. right, Due Process. Attorneys to the left, counsel to the right, NCAA coaches mediating association to the back, and Coach Arnold to the front, ready to battle,

    JUST MY OPINION.. do not know, however hope UH gets it right.. so not pono..
    UH AD get it right , cost too much money the payouts and guys just moving on, they would rather work, the winning coaches,..

  2. Team:

    Aaron, Sammis, Garrett, Roderick, Dyrbe, Zach, Mike, Stefan, Janks, Negus, Brandon, Isaac Fotu and Isaac Fleming, Brocke, Niko, Q, stick together, still can win 28 games set new season record for UH MBB and make history, first UH team to win 28 games or more in a season.
    16 Band of Brothers. Take care business, committed to each other and Team, One Team One Ohana, the other things, matters with coaches will be resolved , facts come to lite, then stay together this year, and play Ball, that is why you are here, on scholarship ,education and balling in paradise, make noise, be special The Team and Talent, the best we have seen in nearly a dozen years.
    And thank coach Taylor and Carey, plus the administrators and managers.. You all will still have great season, and thankyou to Aaron and Garrett for representing team at press conference, you all deserve the best.. you will get help to stay together.. The UH fans, the good ones, will always be with you and support you, would not be surprised if you guys start to roll and win a lot, that SSC will be packed with more and more fans. why? because we love your effort and dedication to win , do something special for Hawaii. Keep grinding, never mind any distraction, like preparing for life, or pro ball after graduating, life lessons, learn, and do well, you all will.

    WE True UH MBB fans, and though I appreciate WBB team, UH MBB team is the Marquee team, the real deal, real above the rim ball ..
    Mighty Warriors and Rainbow double Warriors!

  3. ALL These Issues NEEDED To Be Considered — A COMPLETE And Balanced Perspective…

    — NOT Just A Single Point of Failure —
    An Not-Yet–Issued Allegation (ONLY) Report from an Unstable, Biased and “Self-Righteous, But RARELY RIGHT” Parasite Organization; My Apologies for Recycling a Current Issue, but Using One of their Shining Examples seems fair — These are The Same GENIUSES who could NOT Figure Out For Years that UNC had a SYSTEMIC Loss of Institutional Control — YEARS After UNC Football was discovered using (Illegal) Bogus Classes for FALSE College ATHLETIC Eligibility — they Now Figure Out Some of “Those Other Students in Class” are ALSO Student-Athletes (Misnomer to Call Them Students especially versus the Good Students @UH) In Other UNC Sports like Top Ten Ranked NCAA BASKETBALL… [FIRE the Millionaire Coach who IS Responsible whether he knows Or Not – Let’s TRADE ADs, Chancellors and Presidents while we’re at it];

    GOOD Students AND Administrators DO Their Homework Before Making Decisions –[and F.Lewis HSA thinks Chancellor Robert Bley-Vroman DID Better than most, recently…) STILL…NOT Knee-Jerking (And Reversing Again? Stil May Be Better to Do The Right Thing) – HOW DO YOU (President, Chancellor AND AD) make The Best Decisions for The Program without at least being Inclusive — NOT in an Ebola-Ready Isolation Chamber– talking and listening to the concerns Of The People In and (previously or currently) running The Program? (I Wouldn’t)…

    Just Commentary / Feedback to Upper Campus Admin & NCAA….
    WE DO Look Forward to Finally hearing The Rest of the Story…

  4. Fire Ben jay for causing this pr nightmare at uh. If he really cared about the program he wouldn’t have made this recommendation. I don’t care if we all love gib or not.m. This move hurts uh more in the long run than waiting until ncaa came out with its announcement. And now he is trying to do the best thing for the players? Wise up you idiot. Why do we keep allowing some outsider from the mainland to run our ship when we got capable people here in hawaii? To Ben jay this is just a job- a stepping stone to other things. To gib this job was his final destination like Riley Wallace. When we entrust outside comedians to run out orogram who have no heart in the history of the program we all get screwed – the fans, the school, and most of all, the players. Hope she is shown the door like Herman Frazier. Those two idiots are two peas in a pod.

  5. Yes she. Cause she ain’t got no balls.

    Fire Ben jay.

  6. Go “the808” Go!

  7. And Go Bows ! I’m with Pono on that !

    And Go “RunBows” !

    And Go “Eagle” !

    And Go “WI” Go !

  8. Here’s some from Curran, what he heard. Of course it has to be confirmed. He heard a lot of the focus is on improper benefits, such as upgraded hotel suites, fruit baskets, dvd players and not being forthcoming about it to the investigators.

    Akana was the one who gave the iPad, apparently.

    Fruit baskets seems kind of manini ?

  9. I think all the infractions are small compared to what has occurred at other programs around the country. What is making this situation worse than it should be is the lies and denial from the coaches which are not corroborated by past players. At least it sounds like there are some good candidates who would be interested in coaching the Bows from sports talk last night. Portnoy also made it seem like Benjy was not authorized to give out the info on Fotu’s ineligibility. Coaches and players should be hidden from the media until the official letter comes out.

  10. Most of you must know, but i heard the other day, that Akana was the one who recruited 42 ?

  11. You guys are absolutely right that this is a mess. But there is a reason why this has become such a mess. This is what happens when too many people have their hands in the cookie jar.

    Go back to when Gib was hired. It was a very questionable time, as Gib had a history of recruiting violations at USC, and his own father had once been UH basketball coach, unsuccessfully. One has to wonder, if Gib did any better.

    The story came out, that a Punahou-related group was involved in pushing the hire of Gib. Fine, UH went along with it.

    Now, depending on your view, maybe things went okay these last 4 years. At least better than the Nash years. But what really did UH get in the last 4 years, for the price that they are paying both in terms of Gib’s contract salary and in terms of the consequences that are coming?

    Anyhow, at the end of last year UH had a banquet as usual. And who sat next to Gib at the banquet? Here: http://www.warriorinsider.com/2014/05/the-coachs-speech/

    Neil Abercrombie, a politician. Who in spite of being the incumbent and having support from President Obama himself, lost in the primary of all places, getting out-voted by more than 2-to-1. Really, how does this happen lol?

    There’s a lot going on behind the scenes at UH.

    This week, Gib put the final nail in his coffin, by putting the whole UH basketball program in jeopardy because of his lying. A man who was given so much that he did not deserve, how could it be that he thought he was above the rules? /sarcasm

    Actually, he was just doing what he’s always done. But he no longer had support, or the support that he did have meant nothing any more (just like Obama backing Abercrombie).

    Now, everything is a mess. Maybe BJ could have handled this “better”, or at least in a way that fans who are only interested in the immediate future would have been happier with. But I can see why things have gotten so messy. People are just tired of giving this guy so many chances, and tired of covering for him. And there are so many behind-the-scenes actors that try to run things at UH, that you realize an impactful action like a firing, is going to leave a mess.

    Who’s in charge? The AD? The President? The Chancellor? The BOR? The governor? The booster clubs? Here’s an answer: They all think they are in charge.

  12. PS I forgot to add one more group to the list who is in charge at UH: The politicians.

    Remember women’s basketball coach Dana Takahara? She got hired because she was friends with Mufi Hannemann (who last I heard, is drawing a measly 10% of the vote).

    Welcome to Hawaii.

  13. My only hope is that Fotu wins his appeal and stays. He is the cog that will determine the fate of the season. Without Fotu we don’t have the experience or any presence in the post. Again I feel bad for the players b/c the coaches gave them the extra benefits. As a young man if a coach gives it to you I would trust that it’s fine since it was an ipad and not cash or anything outrageous. Sad if true, that coaches were directly giving the benefits and it wasn’t a booster or someone on the outside.

  14. We should start a twitter campaign #Fotudontleave

  15. S Tsai has an innovative thought – get iPads for every UH team (expensive).

    ” … The playbook, cut-up videos, and so forth could be loaded into the iPads each week. Student-athletes could sign out for the iPads. They could add music, videos or Candy Crush as long as they pay for it. At the end of the season or career, they could return the iPad or buy it at the depreciated value. “

  16. Pono, Horssse: 808….,

    For Gib’s agent/ attorney friend ,as a season ticket holder and fan of UH MBB as we all are. He was disappointed in the apparent overkill, by terminating before the Allegations were made Public. The lack of due process.. really dismissed fired For A Cause… being fired, terminated Gib and Akana and not being able to defend or state finally publically what happened and why they did or did not do what they did. Gib’s agent, and all fans, for or against Gib, the KEY awaiting the result of allegations of NCAA letter, what if the recommended sanctions are not as severe? Or if they are, can be explained , even appealed, justified, or clarified by, Gib, Brandyn and the team. A lot of statements were made by former players too. True islandman , the ncaa, it is reall manini small kine things, and they want to sanction you. Should be truthful, true, how do we know, everyone speculating.. HOW DO WE KNOW WHO LIED AND WHO DID NOT… experience similar or worse case, guys were not honest initially, and then came forward admitted, made restitution, suffered, suspension from games or pay as coach, for awhile, then reinstated..

    KEY: To get Closure. Wait for that NCAA Public disclosed Letter of Allegation. Not one way or the other, however we want to know What happened, and What are the alleged infractions. And does Gib, and Akana, and team have recourse to appeal, or Reverse.. The compliance person, and Akamai AD, they did catch the altered document, and it did not reach mailbox, otherwise could involve worse scenario.. Could of handled internally, without contacting NCAA, and UH would not be in this situation. There is hope that the Letter will give Closure, and hope for those accused.

    Support Benjy, Carey, Lloyd, the 3 coaches running the team.. And Ben Jay, please, do not bring in a temp, interim coach on Nov 16, leave Benjy in place, for team sake.

  17. Hey Benjy, Senque and Brandon Lloyd thankyou for helping guys stay together, and for 14 out of sixteen, to be ready to band , and really with encouragement of other brothers, 16 out of 16 , if they can stick it out together. However, item ONE.. if for Team benefit, the familiarity with coach, keep Benjy , at least for the whole year as interim coach.. even if some guys out, because of 16 man roster, they are fighters with more depth and talent.. and can win a lot of games..

    Go Bows.. yes, Pono, we don’t attack any player , or athlete, we support them, scholarship or preferred walkon… WE love those guys and support them!

  18. You just knew stuff like this was going to happen with recruiting. Something overlooked in all this mess is how much Gib Arnold was involved with the recruiting. He was the guy taking all the trips around the world to find the recruits and now all of that gets cut off. Plus Senque Carey has to stay here and help coach the team with Benjy Taylor now so that takes him away from what he was hired to do and thats recruit!

    Oh man, my neck is so sore already from shaking my head so much. The future of this team so up in the air. Lets all hope for the best and hope the guys on the team stick together and win games this year.

  19. Someone mentioned on another forum, that it can be looked at like this:

    UH is paying Gib his full contract amount for this, his final year and decided not to renew it and have not violated any contract provision .

  20. True RunBows, all of this is overkill. And it’s as if no one has ever committed a sin: Politicians, lawyers, accountants, everyday people—we’ve done our share of illegal or unethical things like pretending that you did not hear what your client said, when a tax accountant changes the tax figures because his client is too conservative with his estimate, running the red light, and on and on and on. And for the compliant officer and manager: does that small correction justify a full blown out investigation by the NCAA? Every single school throughout the US deals with these issues. You’re talking about a few dollars not thousands. I’m not saying don’t be dishonest. I’m saying use wisdom and prudence in your daily affairs. Each day the real crooks get away with millions of ill-gotten dollars. Go after them. Blow the whistle on them. Anyone who has run a business will tell you that you gotta have tac in this world. Integrity is important but you will save yourself a lot of grief and headaches if you don’t slacken your self-righteous image. We are all humans. We make mistakes. We all need mercy too. So for any of you that have never sinned why don’t you go ahead and cast the first stone.

  21. I didn’t know this until Bobby Curran mentioned that the 2 players who have not bought into the team since this incident is Sammis and Jancovic. I thought it might have been Issac Fleming as I thought I saw somewhere, maybe on twitter that he was re-considering.

  22. We would have no front line if Reyes and Jank bolt. I hope everyone stays, plays out the year and reevaluates the situation after the season.

  23. servante :

    Good comments. We know everyone in the world, 7 billion plus are not perfect. Make mistakes. The way the radio talk shows, the other forums and a couple now on this forum are conjecturing, IT could be the matter of not being truthful, actually lying and not owning up to it. More so than the infraction, like a cover up. However, even BC show, mentioned about, some guys who were not up front , then owned up to it, finally told the truth. The were suspended for awhile a few games, and the were reinstated, however they were supported, this is key, supported by the School. I think in Gib’s case, there is a contingent, a hui, probably a very powerful one, that wants him gone, No matter whether they went to NCAA’s this year. Some, are still upset that Gib was hired , they wanted Eran Ganot or Randy Bennett. Some still upset about Nash, and not given chance, well actually Bob great guy that he was, could not win over 3 years. He and Dana T. were let go after 3 years . Gib unique situation, he stepped up the academics, got the guys that fit Hawaii, very athletic BWC team, that could win, and go to NCAA’s , (well if allowed still go),this altered document caught by the ncaa compliance person at UH, and notified MBB and AD, AD proceeded to self report, NCAA did their audit, and found more things. And this is speculation too, if ONLY , UH would strongly HINT at the nature, not forth coming, or questionable answers, question of character serious, violation of what they want Coaches to be, back in June, July, then proceed to work to terminate Gib, that would have been better. If we knew back then, even NOW when coach was let go, even a hint, it is ETHICAl, and UH strongly condemns such conduct, and Gib with counsel was found to be at fault, could not defend position, I am okay with his dismissal.

    The non transparency, the secrecy, not even admitting as FL, stated, that ncaa investigation was ongoing until recently, not right way to do things, it leaves we BB fans, the poor athletes, their families in the lurch, what is going on.. I think servante Eagle, warriorhaw, we are fans of Gib’s passion and getting a team, a deep team together that is exciting, even last year, to SSC.. something missing, 3 or 4 years before he arrived..Gib not perfect, even Benjy, nor I.. no one on earth at this time is perfect.. however, Gib and his friend attorney, are awaiting the findings of ncaa letter, and specifically what they are..Why could AD , chancellor have met with Gib and his counsel, and say we have indication that it is because of THIS..and Gib had no defense for it… too many ones came forth in the interviews to contradict him, multiple times interviewed and total conflict..Then Gib and attorney, they would accept best way, out the relieving of duties and buyout.

    Now if Gib has a case, and maybe , we don’t know, I don’t, he knows he can clear things up, or He did not lie, or be untruthful, remember the new rule ncaa, even if staff, athletes, associates current and former of program did something without HC knowledge, HC would get the penalties.how severe, the letter would say.,

    At UH, it is sad, I feel bad for Jim Donovan too, the way he took the fall, and was dismissed, he is doing okay at Fullerton and his wife works for UH, his son plays for UH Football, classy guy.
    First and foremost, servante Ben Jay has to take care of the BB team, make sure unity and solidarity, even they are awaiting letter, and seeing what it says, and possible sanctions.. terrible it had to come to this.
    Still, interesting , Gib’s agent would make public statement on behalf of Gib and a lot of fans of current HC and program, saying, wait a bit, things will come Clear soon. If Gib has a case, or had story mixed up, or was not even, and it is just conjecture speculation on our part and some media, unless even media guys, talk show guys KNOW.. It is sad

    servante we live another day, thanks to having gift of life, hope for the future, better times. and life goes on. Wish that Gib, I think he will have his day in court, as it were, and can clear his name, and actions. The Wait.
    In meantime, for those that can go, support the team, hopefully all eligible 15, the HPU game, if there are 3000+ at game , that is the core group of UH supporters no matter whom the coach.

    Take care servante nobody perfect, if own up, to and make amends, we forgive,.. however, wonder if Gib takes the case further, or moves on.. Interesting to See what letter says, if gross things, non defendable, Closure, I just hope guys can play for championships!

    Team stay together. and to Families and friends of players, support them, the faithful fans of UH MBB support them too.

    Stay strong team, and Ben Jay, please, consider, retaining coach Taylor for rest of year.. or if bring in another , like Wallace to finish out year, he can be associate, and let Taylor, run the O and D .. since team are familiar with system, however Benjy is another push and defend coach, I remember his small athletic Chicago St. team, he admits, they were not the greatest athletes however they almost beat Hawaii here at SSC..

    Pono, servante warriorhaw, Eagle,… Facts will come out, I wish, really soon for everyone’s sake, if a jump to soon, or too severe to sever Gib , then proceed from their Gibson Arnold. if not, we thankyou and wish you and your family the best.. Love that you instilled Hawaii culture and love for the islands in the guys, these past going on 5 years!

    WE WAIT COMING DAYS.. clear up and accept.. time to move on. SUPPORT THE TEAM and TEAM support each other, still can win a lot of games, fine tune for your next stop wherever that might be post grad, or other, or pro… Once this team starts winning, gets on a roll at SSC and we all cheering with hopefully soon Fotu back.. some of this pilikia will go away.

    However, the top the AD , chancellor, the President, they have to know Hawaii, and make sure done right, and let public know, or ones accused have chance to defend or face accusation.
    We shall see, if Gib and counsel, if he truly innocent, and unless charged with allegations we don’t know yet, or has good case.. will pursue , I think even he will have hearings too, called up, to speak when ncaa letter comes forth,..Who knows? Hope for the best, UH MBB team stay together.. still have a historic and bonding experience, one that UH fans will never forget.. Go Rainbow Warriors, Stay together!
    Yes, I cannot go to games,older retired disabled, however at or online checking out anything UH MBB which myself and family love.!

  24. Oh boy. Hope those guys buy in and at least play out the year before making any quick decisions. It would be really hard luck on this team to try and win without Fotu, Sammis and Jankovic all at the same time.

    To keep it in a positive look, it would be really fun for the fans if Benjy put out five guards at the same time and just run and gun. Quincy, Nevels, Negus, Bobbitt and Fleming. Aim for 100 points every game. Benjyball!

  25. And Fans, ONLY MY OPINION… I do not know extent of ncaa allegations, that is why we all await, and even media guys, they await, could be something, or something to clear and get straight.. Hope team, and all fans, unite..Good guys, and sad emotional time for them and long time BB fans.
    whomever, next coach, if comes to that, and looks like that is what UH wants to do, Do it Right., right Pono, no matter whom the coach, someone has a gripe, no coach, even coach K. is perfect, North Carolina, Eagle, that is a joke.. No Clue At All.

    Once again, sorry for endless words.. stuck homebound, most of day, so type a lot, and sorry for so many typos, Love UH MBB hoops.. Still can have good season.. UH AD, back up Benjy for now, so guys know they have Coach Taylor, Carey and now new promoted , Assistant Brandon LLoyd, a good one.. for solidarity , unity, and the guys go to work, the worst case, if athletes, so depressed start to fail in school, even if the move on, hard to get into a better higher learning school if they fail this fall semester. Guys, team, do well in class, stick out the education part.. and play Basketball, work hard and enjoy life.
    Hard times. the Tough or the young, get tougher and wiser through adversity, we older ones, we know, made thousands, and still make mistakes, learn live, make amends, do not give up,
    Kuli’a Pono, Finish Strong, get that 28 win plus season

  26. Pono

    I agree finish what you started we all are in this together reevaluate at the end of the season.

    Im almost certain if a player decides to leave than the ncaa will grant them some kind of hardship waiver due to the circumstances. [student athletes do have rights]

  27. Chuck you might have hit it on the head, at Benjy’s stops in coaching, having the small ball teams, run gun and have fun, now he has the guys want to commit full, I am glad he said that, even Riley would have said same, ONLY the guys really want to help team, forget about distraction, Band of Brothers..
    I can see that, without 3 bigs, only Jovanovich and Thomas, with Valdes, Bobbitt, Jawato hope the guy his concussion is okay, Negus, all 5 guys boarding, pressing, run and gun, and have fun, will still be a lot of points on the board.. sure loss of, hopefully not FOTU would be huge, however, even Enos, Brocke, Buscher, anyone stick with program work hard on O and D, will have chance, who knows, Benjy might go platoon, small ball, and rotate 5 in and 5 out, because his PG’s are really good and the SG’s too, Can Still be exciting, for all fans that can go, and I still believe 4000+ if this team starts to win and score a lot, will go no matter what to SSC, this can Still be exciting and winning year.. GMoney, Q, Valdes, and team Stay Together, whomever stick it out, can have fun with Benjy ball, with Gib system too, yeah , without the bigs, would be real small ball, however I think UH’s guards and SF’s are really good on D and O,.. just have to D up and rebound as a team, every loose ball is yours..

    Benjy Ball, what if he ends up coach of the year in BWC? wouldn’t that be something?

  28. You can’t fault the freshmen and sophomores to consider moving on to another program. Do hope the best for all the players and coaches. The administration has done great harm to this program. Really how is this going to play out for the positive. Only good option now is to heed the recommendation of the players and solidify the position of coach Taylor. Allow him to bring in people for an year to help with the coaching. Players stay put and play this season out and if wanting to transfer after UH should help them in every way to make that change that is positive for them.

    If this don’t happen as an option soon the program that is about to crumble will crumble. Just what those selfish people in the higher up wants.

  29. Bigdaddy, Amen. If the NCAA does grant that waiver it will be tough to keep the vultures away from convincing players the sky is falling.

  30. bigdaddy,

    great to hear from you…a comment from one of the guys family.. Wish that Janks and Sammis, consider, just stick it out, why move now,, however true bigdaddy, under circumstance, they could choose to go, a few,locked in because double transfer , or RS year burned I think, they could go.

    I hope team has their own meeting and as Pono says, I agree for All of the hard work put in, finish it together all sixteen, get that 28-30 win season, win that BWC title and post season.
    Wait, after season and then assess.. Hope team , the guys and families, can stick it out, and true their decision.. it is hard on team and all fans and families.

    bigdaddy you take care, and I hope Isaac Fleming is okay. Just do what he has to do. He is a good freshman guard, very good.

    Kuli’a Pono, Finish Strong, What you started All of Team finish year, the evaluate what you are going to do.. that would be great for Band of Brothers!

  31. Although we don’t know the complete findings of the NCAA investigation it is fairly obvious that Gib and Staff broke rules. No one is perfect as others have stated but if you break the rules and in this case multiple times than you should be prepared to face the consequences. Does the punishment fit the crime? In this case it doesn’t seem to, but things are enhanced at the NCAA level when people lie. Lying means that they don’t have remorse or won’t change behavior so it is likely to happen again. That is why the punishment is enhanced. I think UH got it right but didn’t execute the plan in the best way.

  32. I guess waiting game, The Letter.. however what if the letter takes into the season, the season into a couple of games.. then what, either guys leave, however Pono, you are correct, if NCAA says too late, no waiver to move, that is still the gripe, why UH did not act sooner, to move on Gib’s situation, ..

    Well, I am solid with you too Pono, we are pro keeping team, as much as possible together, hope their families talk to sons too, they awaiting answers, hope real soon.

    Team even 14 guys in place, can still have great year, Sammis, Janks, Fotu, hang in there, Finish Strong, stay the year if can. UH and Hawaii,can have good , to great season.

  33. It would be amazing if the state got behind this team and they opened up to a sold out arena. That would be a chicken skin moment.

  34. Pono, you must have knowledge of it, sources, I don’t , if it is a case of lying and not truthful, then that the ncaa definitely frowns upon, no matter nash, gib or coach K. or Calipari..

    Hope, as you say, that UH AD and chancellor did not OVER React,.. puts MBB program into hard situation.. would have been ideal, until letter came out, then have cause, justified, if proven to terminate, or if not, and NCAA has to wait out appeals whatever , let Gib finish out his final year.. and he gets to coach his final team, and make a run. for ncaa’s

    No, I and others we don’t condone wrong conduct, however just the protocol, and way things, major things handled, it really gets ugly.. Now what with the Football coach, he gets to finish his season and then Ben handles his probable dismissal, My opinion..

    Pono, unless you know the allegations specific and Gib no defense, totally guilty, nothing to speak on his behalf to clear, then I accept.. however if Gib , I think NCAA will still involve him in the proceedings since he was the HC and accepts the consequences. .. I don’t know law, however, as Gib’s attorney says… wait.. .soon things become clearer, we know the truth..
    UH should be more transparent, the secrecy kills a lot of the programs and has hurt a lot of good people, and not perfect ones,

    I would fall off of my rocking chair, if Gib, was vindicated and restored as HC.. wow, that would be earth shattering news.. WE AWAIT,… unless you know what allegations are, maybe you are Ben Jay? just kidding, maybe.. ? do you know specifically, I think , just MY OPINION, maybe you are IN UH system or the powers that be,? then okay, you know.. JUST MY OPINION.. not fact okay?

  35. Not An Expert: hey fellow fan, and citizen, tax payer funding UH, great statement, it is the Politics and not doing things properly even Ferd alluded to that, I still question the early firing without cause, before allegations made know, or Gib informed Why,.. however, UH and whomever, the power behind UH scenes. is pulling the strings, the Athletic teams , well the Two of Three money , supposed to be, MBB make their funding every year, suffer if decisions not right or pono.

    Great advice, think that family, maybe coach, maybe players might peak at our blogs forums.. hey stick together, Coach Gib if you have case, go to your defense, have your day in court I hope it really goes well, and TEAM wise, to stick together, I mean right before start of a STILL Awesome season, they can work on their game, find out what is going to happen, win 30 games, then decide for the guys that can transfer AFTER the season.. I think it will help the young guys in school too, if they give up on the court and UH team now, ,they just might give up in class, and that pursuit of possible degree goes out the window , might hurt chance to go to good University.. some might opt for Pro, ball? Possible. hope team, Fotu back will stick it out.

    Team stick out season, Ben make Benjy interim for rest of year, team blows up BWC and Then end of great winning season, if guys want to move on, move on, remember at this point 15 or the 16 guys can play for BWC championship as far as we know.

    Kuli’au Pono, Finish Strong, Finish the hard preseason work and goal that you started. will make you more mature and stronger and agree Pono, if UH, the fanbase comes out 6000+ strong or more every game team winning and having fun.. Good for All..

    Not Expert, Expert Advice, from your hospital Bed Ben, get well and make Benjy the interim for rest of year.. would help unify team

  36. sorry, Kuli’a Pono.. correction , Finish together strong UH MBB team what you all started. great group of guys and great families. We support team, and coaches.. Go Warriors

  37. I am hoping this team they are true Warriors! Win this officiated scrimmage with BYUH, show your stuff guys go hard.
    And believe it or not, next week Thursday Nov 6, one week from now. HPU exhibition game SSC, go and support team fans.. let them rock that SSC.

    And soon after that, Nov 14 first game against friday Nov 14 first game of regular season, for UH MBB, all the hard work, stick together guys and start on that mission to win 28 plus games and play for championships.. One Ohana One Team


  38. We were gonna get Rakocevic WTF ='(

  39. Mr. Tonganator,

    Are there any updates you can provide for us die hards? Some of us are in desparate need for some good news and we really want the best for Isaac!

  40. Yes, I think Rakocevic would of been a good recruit to get. He has the size that we need and four years to play! As I said earlier, I bet he’s not the only recruit we lose because of this.

  41. Hey fans: Tweet from BM.. Josh Pacheco show, when Artie Wilson queried if asked would he be interested in HC job at UH? Answer: Yes.

    Now, that would be good fit, even to help this year’s team, can retain Benjy, Carey, Lloyd, etc, with Artie as Associate or interim, and Still have Benjy here.

    For bigdaddy, Tongantor, TribeVx4 and other families on USA mainland and abroad: Artie Wilson , 6’1″ guard averaged 10 ppg alongside All American, ex Olympian, and NBA world champion with Washington Bullets Tom Henderson, graduated 1974- or 1975 from UH. Successful local realtor, has great connection to Hawaii, broadcast color for UH MBB TV broadcasts for years. Knows all the players, coached some of current UH guys in summer league, has college degree, don’t know if has any college coaching experience, however, if looking for someone who would not ask for 300K a year, that would probably good choice. He is a local Hawaii resident. great guy, and loves UH hoops, great loyalty graduate of UH 1974 abouts, Father or grandfather played in the old pro ball afro American leagues baseball.

    Artie, Wilson, would be a good fit, I think, Now UH would be smart to put in an ex UH Hawaii player, gets Hawaii, knows, Benjy and the guys on team already.. That would be Akamai move on Ben Jay part, get Artie to help UH MBB as interim or Associate right away, and then determine after this season, where going.

    Still await news on ncaa, however if Ben proactive and want a great local connection out of Oregon, HS BB star, played with UH’s MBB fab five and Tom Henderson..I think Artie would be great Fit, and a players coach, he is the one likes to D up and push the ball, smart guard and smart guy.

    What you think fellow fans. Artie Wilson, if interim to help NOW.. with Benjy, and after season consider HC job if offered, or even Benjy continue as associate, I know that Artie really loves the guys on this team the talent is there, great athletes.

    And, finally a alumnus a former UH BB player to help UH program, also AC Carter HC in the NBDL, a former UH great guard and 14 year retired NBA veteran, great PG, too.?

  42. Horse guy, I don’t think that you know this bit immediate future is very important! With the athletic dept. in debt with revenue looking like is going down in football and now going down in basketball, do you know how many people out there are calling for the end of Athletics. Short term right now really does make a difference!

  43. With those type of names, Artie Wilson or AC Carter as potential HC job or associate HC’s, wonder if could approach AC right away, he has already coaching experience in NBDL, know that his goal is to be head coach. A great, great ex PG, All WAC, and solid journeyman PG in NBA, who is great friend with George Karl..

    I kind of like that, guys that have played in HS system or UH system MBB, they get the Hawaii culture, and they would have to be players coaches. both would work guys , grind.. we shall see..Just a thought..

    Still see how next week or two pan out, season, if ALL guys stick together, can be GREAT overcome, and tell naysayers, Shud up, just Ball u guys!

  44. AC would be an intriguing candidate but long term Ganot would be my choice.

  45. PONO: Definitely 100% of us on same side… want the best for UH and MBB student athletes. Eran was the tireless worker , ate, lived and slept BB, great BB mind, He would be good too.
    AC, who else, Artie, Eran, Eddie Fogler on hoopstalk said a lot of good coaches would consider UH, very unique and BWC definitely with right guys, winnable, and UH go to Post Season regular.
    Has to be, just opinion , that Hawaii connection if can.. even Gib, he has it.. the best part of his tenure, instilling Hawaii and how special place to play.

    At first .when search after Nash, my number one choice? Jamie Dixon.. great fit, however he is an ACC premier coach, and sadly, he was saddened, his friend Gib let go..

    Well, PONO.. Ben has to act quickly, For Now, give support to Benjy to keep team focused together this year, and decide at end of season or near end, what to do quickly.. This is such a talented team, poised to still have awesome season, as long as team All together, don’t give, up as you PONO and bigdaddy say: Finish what they started, great season and go for that ncaa bid.

    Day , just got a little brighter, hope Ben you are getting better, have your associate Athletic director McNamara? Tell Benjy you are interim for now, and hopefully with Fotu back. Janks and Sammis stay strong.. Team can really end this season on high note.

    it is about getting things right from the top, and taking care of student athletes make sure they are good to go and united.

  46. The next casualty of this mess is losing Rakocevic commit.

    Now 2 players not attending practice…

    This is going to get ugly.

    All we need is the NCAA to waive the transfer rule to complete this disaster.. and I have ZERO confidence UH can negotiate their way to avoid this penalty.

    I think the program can survive post season bans and a couple scholarship reduction, but if players are allowed to transfer without sitting out a year… That’s going to be awful for the program.

  47. FUHA: Football sheesh, now this with MBB. Wonder if Ben and Chancellor who is making the call, willing to downfall two of the supposedly premier sports in the dept. NOT good thinking.

    If Gib the situation could have been addressed after the letter , maybe couple games into season, pretty sure Whole team locked in to follow interim Benjy and finish strong.
    That rush as Ferd mentioned and not revealing CAUSE… leaving a case for Gib to pursue..
    if he does..
    I still think he will be called in by ncaa when allegations start then he with counsel can clear or hear his case..
    Timing of the firing even if just, really bad.. don’t want it to destroy MBB season
    If UH team even with 14 guys, working hard still can have great season.. some of the guys.. a lot upset, however, good that Nevels step up and tell guys don’t slack, have whole season to play for, no matter who is the coach, and Ben should solidify Benjy as interim otherwise as hoopstalk, Jamie Dixon, and college search consultant said: it would NOT be good to bring in interim new coach on short notice, too hard.

  48. Tonganator, bigdaddy, TribeVx4 ohana, and all families, .. The Real Deal faithful, good and bad times, MBB fans, we appreciate your sons so much.

    Would like to see them all complete a great season.. battle through a playoff type of situation, they stick with it, weather the storm, and UH fan support see them winning a lot of games, in my memory, could be one of the best seasons, through turmoil since Riley Wallace had that turn around NCAA team of the year, from a first year 4 win team, to a NIT 17-13 team..

  49. Who is calling for the end of athletics? Besides the chicken littles on message boards.

    Let me just be clear on this: I don’t agree with firing Gib immediately. I was willing in the past to give him a chance to learn to coach. I know that like so many others nowadays, Gib was cutting corners (Look at UNC, FSU, PSU, etc etc etc).

    “If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying”. I mean, it’s obvious that there is a correct way to cheat. One aspect of the correct way to cheat, is not lie about it if you get caught, evidently.

    But Gib is going to get fired immediately. And he’s not going to get treated nicely. He played this game his way, relying on insider connections. And it looks like those connections are weakening, and someone above him wasn’t going to let him play his game anymore.

    It’s not because Ben Jay doesn’t know how things typically get done in Hawaii (is that a bad thing?).

    Remember the old Chancellor Tom Apple? He tried to remove the director of the Cancer Center, Michele Carbone. He failed, and he ended up losing his job. Sometimes if you let a guy hang around too long, you end up losing your job if the political tides turn.

  50. No matter who the AD is, there is someone , some entity, power that controls him, wonder after Ben’s contract, he doesn’t leave too.
    Horssse: simply put, everything POLITICS, … too much, every aspect of this crazy world..maybe only Duke? okay…

    When UH was small college athletic program it was fun, FB at the termite palace, BB games at Bloch arena, Klum gym,then HIC..Baseball started from club team, etc.

    Maybe keep D1 program, politicians and power brokers out, then UH can run school system and athletics well, wonder that Coolen, Wade, Trap, Chow, and Shoji, WSB. water polo, tennis, track, no problems.. go simpler, and go with non special interest puppet string pullers.. too much Politics, from school, to home, to neighborhood and UH.. auwe..

    Get it done right. from top to bottom, clean up, and if there is UH athletics in another 15 years great.. Can be done..
    We faithful alumni and fans of UH sports and the student athletes support, all the way.. Top on down, Top, get them running things well, then trickle down, all depts. run clean.

  51. Time to end all this ranting , changes have been made, deal with it. The most important thing that we all can do is to support the team , attend the games , these young men need to be reassured that we have their support , of course some or most of them are scared, uncertain . Benjy made a bad decision by telling a couple of players not to come to practice if they are not 100% in, well it’s natural for them to have some doubts after the krap hit the fan . What you need to do at this time and place is to let the boys know you are here for them , and we will stick together as one team . Bad move Benjy, He has a lot of personal problems himself outside of basketball to deal with as I have seen on the Warrior Sports Network blog, and it spilled into a recent practice , etc …. The kids need someone they can count on bottom line , not someone telling them , dont come . This shows a lack of forethought and lack of leadership .

  52. hey jjay:

    hear consensus, majority that want MBB team stay together, have our support and still have chance for big season and BWC title and ncaa bid.

    Ben Jay, the AD, make Benjy the interim HC for whole year, then let him promote Brandon Loyd as full time assistant, then WE ROCK ON with UH MBB team. Team still sad, However, with good support at SSC and good 5000+ crowd.. Team will win!!

    Go Warrriors Go Bows!

  53. BENJY! And TEAM, ‘Ohana,

    EARN Back the Focus and Trust of the Players on the Fence…
    Re-Create the Vision…Everything they need to Meet their Goals IS/Can Be Right HERE…

    These Special Young Men CAN Overcome their Adversity
    Together They ARE Impressive and Capable…
    We Are Never Given A Vision Without Also Being Given The Will and Abiity to Make It So…

    REINFORCE The Glass HOME & ‘Ohana
    BE The Rudder
    CHART The Course!
    Like Hokule’a and Hiki ‘Analoa (Heading Now for New Zealand!)
    Finish! Strong!


  55. Denial is NOT The Problem

    COMPARE To The Big-Bucks Professional Cheaters…

    BROKEN or At Least Poorly-Conceived NCAA System …
    Present the Evidence — People Can Then Choose to Believe what they See Or Not…

    WHY WOULD YOU Expect Anyone to Believe YOU?

  56. I’m kicking myself for renewing the season tickets. No more. Chalk it to a bad stock that went bankrupt. I’ll be happy with watching NFL, college football, NBA, etc on the tube, in high definition. If anybody wants to buy my tickets let me know. Good seats, lower level, section c.


  58. If there is a post season ban I can foresee everyone jumping ship and transferring. I don’t see how people can believe Gib is innocent.

  59. Now Gib is giving video interviews. The media circus continues.

  60. Gib, not going to fight for his job back, apparently. But wants to clear his name.
    “You know, we’ve never fought for that,” Arnold said. “I’ve heard a lot of people bring that up, and … you know, I’ve loved it here. We built something special. We did it the right way. If there were mistakes that were made, sorry. I would have liked to have been part of the process of creating the solution. That’s all I ask. I think at the University of Hawaii, we’re great at finding the problem. We suck at finding the solution.”

    Arnold was then asked if he’d rather clear his name over taking the UH job.

    “Clear my name. No doubt about it. Clear my name,” Arnold said. “Again, I’m not a perfect person. My assistants aren’t perfect people. But, give us a chance, just to say, see what’s being said about us. See where the truth really lies. And the NCAA does give you that opportunity. I’m not bashing the NCAA. They’re doing their job. We made a mistake. And we submitted it, and told them we made a mistake. And that’s what they’re supposed to do. I have no problem with the NCAA and how this has been handled by the NCAA. In fact, I think they’re doing a good job.”


  61. Interesting situation and circumstances…. It does bother me, that there are “leaks” or leakage of information from so- called reliable sources and from information supposedly secure. So much so, that even Coach Gib was not privy to this information. So how can, anyone know the allegations before the NCAA issues its findings. Or, who is purposely leaking secure information, isn’t this less than “honorable?” Maybe, less than trustworthy… dunno..

    I was brought to believe that we are innocent until proven guilty. I am still waiting for the allegations to be issued and the reply that follows. Believe the central issue maybe identifying what were mistakes and what were deliberate malpractices.

    Hoping ALL sixteen players fight and stay together as a “TEAM,” and grow from this experience. Hoping Ohana and Aloha is burning bright. Go Bows…

  62. Soldier on Warriors ! forget the past , we got a season to play , the fans all over the state are waiting for Warrior Basketball, suck it up, let’s go!!

  63. Saw the KHON special interview and the Star Advertiser latest writeup:

    Messy, unprofessional, not given chance to defend, fix, clear up, work with. Okay jjay, pono, etc, that just don’t like Gib, at your place of employment or wherever, If you were dismissed with 2 months pay, and not given reason, company, would have to answer, HR, Dept. of Labor, if unionized, the union would grieve. Wait until the letter and allegations, wait until Gib’s attorney can see what allegations. For Chancellor and that HUI that does not, never has liked Gib, they thought he would go away quietly, for a team , all sixteen, not a one, that I know of overjoyed that he is gone, they are sick, saddened,..? What the heck.

    Gib… HGEA member, or have your attorney call the NCAA, is it pono, or right, you did not even have chance to meet up to allegations, and defend or amend… Something Really stinks..jjay, you Pono too, and others, can say, this thing PAU, ended , move, On.. This is just the beginning, and that Chancellor, AD and that group that did this to Gib, they will have to answer. I mean, come on, Ben Jay, under direction of that new Chancellor, just tell Gib thankyou, and part ways.. after Gib did the HEAVY LIFTING that was going to generate interest in MBB for years to come.. even though, NCAA, never let allegation letter be known, nothing yet, and they jump to can Gib. come on UH, ..it stinks.. The more I watch the interview and the writeup, I wish Gib would lawyer up and clear name, or go after UH, and they settle, He restored as coach.. as he says, they don’t TELL him anything, and to insinuate by BC that Gib did not tell truth.. BC guessing, and UH not saying what is wrong.. total PILAU.. Gib for your sake and your poor family , FIGHT them and clear your name, Hope you have legal grounds, or NCAA back you up and question what UH did to you..

    Yeah sure, I love the 16 guys and their families, the President, the Chancellor and Ben Jay, jay, man absolutely NO CLASS.. terrible,.. UH can fix it up.. wait until Ben Jay comes out of hospital, will anyone go to his football coach’s game this Sat, maybe 16000, will he be booed. probably.. Weird as anything. Stay tuned.. it is very upsetting to me, reminds me of Rocha, Wagner , Donovan things.. UH , fix it, get it straight, make it PONO, right. PLEASE..

  64. Tako , you are right. Don’t see how any of us can foretell what the NCAA will do before they letter up to UH.

    RunBows, I too believe there BJ has taken this route so that he does not have to answer right now. Something really stinks as you say. Now Gib may not be totally innocent, but I have a hard time believing that it was so egregious as to warrant a firing with no explanation. Nothing. Nada.

    I guess we just wait. I will also wait on the outcome of the UNC situation also.

    I any case, I hope the guys are treated to a sellout on Thursday.

    Go Bows!!!!

  65. warriorhaw, tako, servante and Eagle, definitely not giving up on team, they are ticked off and rightfully so , for no explanation. Even Gib agrees, if IT WERE so horrible, let him know, and worth of discipline, remember there are so many examples of coaches who were not clean, never admitted errors, Gib does, and why not work to fix.. NOTHING…
    The hurt to him, his players is done.. what if that NCAA implicates Administration? UH and now, I question all the money to hire that Alabama counsel, supposedly advising them to do this.. just PILAU.. and what hurts Ace Arnold , Gib;s son, telling him he cannot be ball boy, because he was let go as coach.. without question . Gib’s family first question: WHY… What reason.. how serious.. why not wait until allegation letter and work together to fix?
    Simply put, that awful Hui, that dumped Rocha, Wagner, Riley on hot seat too at one time, and Donovan, they strike again. and it is that darn President and the interim Chancellor that have hand in this.. KILL the athletic programs. a great one.
    I hope HPU game, thousands will come out… say we want Gib, we want Gib , when they see President, Chancellor or Ben Jay.. go Booooooooooooo!

    HOW DUMB can they be, opened themselves to some heavy weight action.. stay tuned.. messy.. behind the scenes, admin, educators who don’t know athletic protocol and ethics. stab in the back.
    Gib we know , not perfect run in with some, however, I don’t think he would be so public about it, unless his personal counsel, said, you can say since you are fired.. WHY.. just answer me WHY, what did I do wrong, and ones on 4 forums warriorhaw, some anti Gib folks, they just guessing as does. Bobby, C. if criminal, hey HPD, or FBI involved, not.. sour grapes, or just don’t like his aloha shirts, and swag, probably. Jay just read statement, walks out of Gib’s office and escorts Akana off the premises.. Wait.. it blows my mind.. I support the athletes without question and Benjy what he is doing to keep team together. NO respect at all, unless they have public stated grounds to terminate Gib… stinks, pilau, not pono. … warriorhaw.. they keep Ben’s FB boy chow, around till end of season, sure not under investigation, however the buggah not winning and they let him finish season before they talk., love his players. even Norm nice guy, it is at the top and that secret HUi.. organized to get rid of ones they don’t like personally.. this one, warriorhaw.. we wait and see, Gib;s attorney waiting too.. then, if can.. Gib fight UH to restore your name..

    Love all the great student athletes and the team, usually some guys NO Clue running Admin, and cause more damage to UH sports.. Auwe.. so stupid.. It makes me sick.

    I feel for Fotu, they better grant him the reinstatement soon, ncaa, , maybe some friend of Gib and team call Ncaa and tell them what’s up?

  66. Those in charge must be special type of people looking not for their own interest or agenda. The have the job to make all departments coexist in harmony for the benefit of the school. Understand how each department is important and personal likes or dislikes need to be controlled for the betterment of the school and its students and people who work for UH.

    This is so much like olden days Korean drama. Whomever is in power pushes their weight and do things that are hurtful and life threatening. Seems like every president every chancellor coming aboard wants to do things due to a personal vendetta. If you the president and chancellor were to first look at the school and the athletic department and finally the basketball program you would not have taken action at such time.

    Guess what before the day you want to leave on your own, it will be cut short by someone else who is seeking revenge on you. The drama continues do onto others and others will do onto you. This mentality at the top needs to be stopped. Pretty soon the university will be known as “CUT THROAT UNIVERSITY”

  67. I have no idea how North Carolina is going to be reprimanded. If any of their current athletes that have taken this course mentioned that was not a course should be ruled ineligible immediately. That is worse than a used IPAD loaned to one of the players at UH.

  68. Not an Expert: You make too much sense. Not like UH admin and powers that be. Man they can set back athletics for years.
    Gib will get his day in court when ncaa letter comes out, and really settle to clear himself or fix things, the guy not perfect but the passion to put together a good high character team, mission accomplished, he can only watch from distance see how they do.. I hope team sticks together and does some damage,deep run in ncaa’s
    you are expert in stating state of UH admin folly.
    good comments..!

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