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A few more highlights from the Green & White

Here is one last look at the University of Hawai’i basketball team’s Green & White Scrimmage from last Saturday night.

The above video includes some quick highlights from a free-throw shooting challenge and a mini-scrimmage (four minutes) featuring the “Bigs” against the “Guards.”


The free-throw challenge was basically a fun opportunity for the players to throw T-shirts into the crowd. There was also an autograph session after the event.

“I don’t really look too much at these scrimmages,” head coach Gib Arnold said. “I think it’s just a chance for the players to get out there and the fans to meet them … I was pleased with how they worked and I was pleased no one got hurt.”

Senior captain Garrett Nevels added: “We got a good group of guys that really want to win, that are hungry, that are willing to work and that will play for each other. I think that will take us far.”

Following Saturday’s late-night event, Arnold gave the players a few days off. Official team practices are expected to start later this week.

This team has an unbelievable spirit,” Arnold said. “You can feel the excitement and enthusiasm. You can feel the chemistry. I think this team really likes to be around each other … it makes it real easy to coach when guys like each other.”

CLICK HERE to view more photos from the Green & White Scrimmage


  1. Mahalo Dayton…28 days counting down to HPU exhibition game!!

  2. Negus passes like a tall AC Carter or someone like that.

    Pointed out by two posters on volleyshots blog and on the Arizona website that 6′ 8″ OH Ashley Harris of the Arizona volleyball team is the daughter of former UH basketball players Rogue Harris ( 83, 84) and Jeanne Young.


  3. Quincy shot very well in the video but not Senque.

  4. Unbelievable Spirit … and Chemistry….

    i think Coaches who’ve Experienced “Dominant” Teams
    “CAN” Recognize the Qualities of Dominant / Great Teams

    …and ‘Maybe’ Championship Teams…

  5. Jawato almost back to full drills, doing everything else including shooting. They practiced on Wednesday.

  6. Jovanovic appears to be the #5 as he is stronger, worked hard, etc., per Gib on Curran show.

  7. I think Negus is the kind of player who basketball purists will appreciate. I think there were some mentions on other forums about him not impressing during the scrimmage and that was probably the Negative Nancys at it again. You can see in this video that he is an unreal passer with super vision. He might not have made one basket in the highlights, but he still stood out to me! I think he will pick his spots for contributing to this team. Some games he will need to shoot it and other games he will need to be the passer. That’s a good problem to have.

  8. Negus have proved that he can shoot the ball during last season’s summer league(not this past season). If anyone recalled watching him, he has a silky smooth release and have range.

    The question with him is will Gib be willing to give him the green light to shoot or will UH will try to work it in to Fotu and the others will have their chances during fast breaks and when Isaac get double teamed.

    My guess is that Gib wanted Negus to work on other aspects of his game over the summer so he can be a more complete player other than a shooter. I also think Gib wanted Negus to be more focus on playing bball and not get into those “trashtalking”.

    I predict good things from him. Just because he doesn’t looked all that impressive during a scrimmage means nothing. He probably don’t want to get hurt and he also could be giving other players like Thomas and Valdes to show their stuff instead of trying to be a ball and glory hog.

    Negus will start in Spearman’s spot IMHO. He is a taller/longer version of Spearman who can shoot better than him so he will be an upgrade.

  9. Not worried about Negus. We have a bunch of scorers on this team. Negus is the type of player that will affect the game. Sort of like a Magic Johnson. From his point forward position, he will influence the game by getting his teammates involved. Of course, that doesn’t mean that he will not be a scorer when needed. Like Kahuna said, we know he can score based on the summer league games.

    As ChuckCheese mentioned, Negus is a great passer. Sees the entire court. Puts the ball where it needs to be. Team needs to be prepared every time he has the ball.

  10. No worries for NWC. I believe he will be the second option after Fotu. At the 3 spot he is not going to have any problem getting his shot off due to his long 6’7 frame and near pure shooter that he is. This is especially important during conference play when opposing teams got all your tendencies down.and will try to deny your shot. The last pure shooter we had was Zane Johnson. Negus Chan is one step better in that he can create a shot and is a phenomenal passer. We had problems last year in conference play when the opposing defenses really took our outside shooting away.and only gave us brick shots. I don’t think that will happen this year with Fotu, NWC, and Jankovic all of which are long and can shoot over anyone.

  11. kahuna, islandman, servante , ChuckCheese, all good comments observations.

    Thanks islandman, a REAL TIME UH athletics update person! Jankovich, thought so, he really grinding, and becoming an actual TRUE Center The Five, Going to need him, before and into BWC play, until Janks eligible, though Janks going to be match up problem for BWC teams, a 6’11” guy that can hit the 3 ball with consistency, even if one or two, stretch the Defense.. Jovanovich, some fans, say he not that good, I think from last year, the BANGER, and could score, go after rebounds, try to block shots JOVANOVICH HUGE part of Bigs rotation

    NWC, agreed, last summer The Trash Talking, Gib probably talk to all the guys, NOw have to talk to some of the freshmen, maybe in practices they can challenge each other, however leave the Trash in the Streets, just encourage your team and play team ball.

    NWC, last year RS, year, he was working to get stronger bigger, his biceps are impressive, and he is probably in the best shape of his life,.. He said, during practices, last year, would not want to be focal point, or he and Janks tearing up the Starters, just help last year’s team get better, he on scout team..He said, he could play PG, SG, SF, handle the ball, shoot it, play D , get steals, block shots, however deferred to last year’s stars.. That is a humble guy now..NWC, Fotu, Nevels, and as one of the Tri Captains, Smith will lead this team , .. They HAVE SOMETHING MAJOR TO PROVE TO NCAA and the BWC, they are here, JUST TO play Ball , have fun, do well and grad from UH, and win championships

    NWC..newcomer of the year in the BWC? Maybe!

  12. Above video That is Benjy Taylor on purpose shooting and missing the FT on purpose, so he could throw out t-shirts to fans, look like team and coaches really had fun, and the fans. Senque, is Taller and a little bigger than Benjy, Benjy might be 6 foot tall, Senque looks about 6’2″…Gib has some good assistant coaches, and Jamie too, when he is back in Hawaii. The Performance Analyst..

    ABOVE POST CORRECTION: Sorry I MEANT JOVANOVICH, as Islandman mentioned from BC’s morning program interview with Gib, is Proving to be That TRUE 5, he certainly looks heavier and stronger than the listed 235, maybe about 245 at least. Jovanovich will be good, In HS he blocked the shots of Mamadoun when they went head to head, So Jovanovich not scared of banging Mamadou.. No Scared em.. Plus, Jovanovich, really, if Gib works with his footwork, learn from Kevin McHale, Akeem the Dream, and Tim Duncan, plus tips from Fotu,… Stefan Jovan, will be a BWC good 5, I like his ability to also score, or NOw he can dunk that one handed jam off of the assists

  13. Runbows,. thanks for the correction on Benji .

    I think Jankovic kind of looks like Jovanovic on the court and they both have similar names. Same first names – Stefan, same height and weight, per the roster. I mix them up so i can mix up Benji for Senque. Might mix up Fleming with Bobbitt.
    The one i don’t mix up with anybody is Fotu.

    Gib also said Sammis has chance for Freshman of the year. He wanted to practice already, but Gib wanted him to rest his pinkie toe which was dislocated, has a hairline fracture and is real sore.

    Gib also said Thomas and Valdes are playing real good. That he likes the point guards of Quincy, Bobbitt and Filipo. That Fleming will play shooting guard because he can score, but could play point later in his career. Looking for a good year from Nevels.

    They practice 3 hrs. to 3 1/2 hrs to 4 hrs.

  14. islandman..

    no problem…. senque, hope he got his home in Honolulu and will bring family gradually over. Seems like a real dedicated recruiter and developer of athletes. I kind of have feeling, Gib has settled in, and is good to go with Benjy, Brandon, Senque and Jamie. Plus the two administrative basketball guys, sort of Team Managers I guess. So 6 BB minds to help UH MBB team. You can just feel a different vibe around team and program, Just to put that final punctuation mark, the closure on You Know Who, they got that signed sealed and settled, UH can take off in recruiting too

    Haven’t heard too, much on any of the blogs, about heavy anti UH BB things, MBB or WBB, just seems to be moving smoothly and excitingly into BB season. Love It!

    Sammis, Gib says possibly Freshman of the Year.? Wow, hope he heals well, and doesn’t get recruited by FB team! No joke.. That guy, will eventually have long BB pro career somewhere as a SF.. he is chiseled, Reminds me of Reggie Cross? remember about 6’7 1/2″ and 248 pounds of muscle, and 2nd round NBA draft pick of the 1989 Philadelphia 76ers..

    Sammis, a Physical beast, Fleming showing great 3 star, just loving being in NCAA DI college environment, Valdes, Thomas really grinding and ready to rock, Jovanovich, stronger, and ready to rock Mamadou, or at least make him go to FT line.. Janks 3 ball delight, NWC all around Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Julian Sensley( servante is correct, if Julian really ground it out, and focused, he would have had a long NBA career, still a very nice and great 808 product, giving back teaching the young guys in summer league, would make good coach), Grant Hill, Tracy McGrady, tall guys could score, however loved to assist and facilitate, All 3 ball shooters too. Nevels, BWC first team candidate, Quincy, better outside shot, on video, much better and more confidence.. Stepteau, nobody step on his toe, great young future HC, smart guy, Enos, break open game with 3 for 3 trifectas, Jawato, go 8 for 8 BWC first half, set new record again, Fotu, is Fotu, Etc, Etc, Etc.

    Best time of the year, Nov early till April/ May for all UH sports? definitely, if only UH FB could win 7 games, UH BB can go to super regionals of NCAA, MVB, make a run to final four, WVB make a run to NCAA championship game, WBB and MBB make the NCAA’s, WSB back to college world series.

    BEST time of the year, next 7 months or so? college and pro sports, YES!

  15. and thanks for update on PG rotation, Gib and Senque, they have trio of good ones. Niko that D minded, tough floor general, when he has open shot , great form on his 3 ball. Quincy, super hops, can dunk any which way, loves to push, when he ran sets, sometimes, I liked his game management better than Shamburger. Q always looking at Gib, on what to run, and he did it.. at times, no drop off, and Q helped UH get wins in last year’s 20 win season. Could have been more.. ouch..however, Nevels, Q, NWC, Fear the Fro, Sammis, Valdes, Thomas, Fleming, and a name we will here more and more of, he seems like a real steady, solid and strong PG, good body, solid, hope his plate in arm does not bother him too much.. King 5 Bobbitt! Elite JC guards, maybe he will be that Tony “the cat” Webster, or Tom Henderson, the quick hands , deflections, and clean picks, and get up floor, make good pass to guys filling lane, or he finish coast to coast, AND ONE..Roderick, Bobbitt, one of NorCal’s best HS PG/combo coming out of high school, and helped Indian Hills to almost a JC national title.. steady, guy, not huge numbers, just a PG that helps shutdown, lockdown, and help team close out games.

    PG: Q, Bobbitt, and Nikola Filopovich… remember 2 years ago? PG that would not shoot open 17 footer? or drive to bucket, or was a SG or SF trying to play PG? Now, it is a strength, to have 3 good PG’s , and 3 good SG’s, Nevels, Fleming and Enos… Jawato, I would put at the 3, he can shoot it, he work on strength, take to the hole, rebound and defend, be another Valdes type, maybe not flying at 44 inches above the floor, 30 inches would be okay, Jawato, my favorite, HE WILL GRAD THIS MAY 2015.. That IS THE FIRST freshman that came in as true freshman 4 years, ago, that will grad in FOUR years! FANTASTIC.. go Jaws, J, Brandon Jawato, great young guy, future HC, and maybe overseas 3 ball slinger!

  16. One thing Carey bring is recruiting skills to HI so maybe we can see an improved quality of players coming into the program. Gib has SoCal covered due to his time at LMU, Pepperdine and USC but he does not have much contact in NorCal. That is where Carey can come in a try and get some of the talent up north to come to UH. Carey can even go into Central California and maybe steal some players away from Fresno.

    There is plenty of talent in California and now this staff have practically the whole state covered with Gib covering the south and Carey up north. Cali kids should always make up the bulk of the roster since California is the closing recruiting area to Hawaii and also we playing in the BW will allow for most kid’s family to see them play more than once a year.

    Our previous assistant, Scott Fisher, really wasn’t someone who could bring in impact players so having Carey as a extra recruiter will definitely help in getting more talent.

  17. Wasn’t Fotu freshman of the year? Sammis could turn it too. He’s got the tools and the discipline. I remember Isaac coming off the bench in his first year. He had basically his spin move. Last year he added a turn around jumper. This year it’s 3 ball added. 4th year? Olajuwan hook shot. You need to stay one ahead of your competition. When they think they finally solved you, here comes the hook shot. They goin say, “Wea that come from?”

  18. KKEA Announced First GIB Is Good Call the Coach Show
    Next Week Tuesday 10/14/2014 @ 6 pm AM 1420 ESPN
    @ RUMOURS Club Ala Moana Hotel…


    Good Comments…

    i usually try to Wait to See How the Players APPLY their skills & abilities…
    BUT i Do See the Abilities You’re ALL Writing About
    NOT Hopeful Hype Either… these ‘kids’ EXUDE Confidence Matching their Skills
    NOT ‘Sometime’ skills either; they display the ability to consistently, regularly, perform
    In Large Part Because they Work So Hard…

    Soon, the numbers will tell, how consistently
    UP-Side All Around…

  19. green white great . coach arnold has good team.easy to have good support.uh students want to see bwc banner hanging in ssc.thanks coach and team.dunks.3 point shots.

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