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Webster-Chan is ready for action

Negus Webster-Chan didn’t participate in any leagues back in Ontario, Canada, this summer, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t getting in good workouts.

In addition to weightlifting and cross-training sessions, Webster-Chan said he trained on the court with a small group of friends, including UH teammate Stefan Jankovic. Also included in this elite group were fellow Canadians Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett.

Wiggins and Bennett are the last two No. 1 overall selections in the NBA Draft. Webster-Chan said the daily workouts included one-on-one drills as well as pick-up games.


“I think it helped me a lot because I was playing with the best competition in Toronto,” Webster-Chan said. “Training with the best, so it’s going to help my game.”

Webster-Chan, a 6-foot-7 sophomore guard/forward, is entering his first season as an active member of the Warriors. He sat out last season as a redshirt due to NCAA transfer rules. He played his freshman season at Missouri in 2012-13.

“I got to redshirt last year, so it helped me with the system and Coach Gib, and how my guys play on the team,” he said. “I’m just getting used to the new guys coming in and so far everything’s going well.”

Webster-Chan is expected to play a significant role with the Warriors this season, and he said it is a role he is comfortable with.

“Just lead the team, do as much as I can,” he said. “What ever Coach wants me to do, I’m going to do.”

Webster-Chan said he worked on getting his body in shape over the summer, even though his weight change was minimal. He said he weighed 217 pounds during his redshirt season, and is now at 211.

The bigger difference is in his strength. Webster-Chan said he could not bench-press 185 pounds during his freshman season at Missouri, but is now doing 245.

The Warriors have been participating in individual workouts and open gym sessions in recent weeks, and Webster-Chan said he likes the look of the team.

“Some guys still need to get in condition, but everybody’s doing well so far,” he said.


  1. The Real Deal….NWC….Negus Webster-Chan, ready to lead UH MBB team to the promised NCAA March Madness land!
    Settle for not less , however set goals high.. NWC… aim for the National Title NCAA D1, why not UH MBB team.. NWC!

    Proud to Have Negus and Stefan Jankovich, ex Mizzou Tigers, now helping the Rainbow Warriors do battle!

    Mahalo and Thankyou Negus for becoming a Rainbow Warrior!

  2. I really think that NWC and Fotu is going to take us to the Dance. Fotu has got the biggest task because we are thin down in the paint. Depending on the teams we play Fotu gotta cover 3, 4, and 5. I know he likes to play the 3 but if he goes out there we don’t have anyone that can plug up the hole. Maybe play 3 on offense when his shots are falling and 4 or 5 on defense. That will wear him down though if he has to run around and bump bodies out of the key the whole game. Better he does it in crunch time. Fotu is money in the bank. NWC is investment potential. Team is a strong portfolio. Hope the investments pay off.

    Early Christmas present: early signing of 2015-2016 enforcer, setting up a second Fabulous Five era next year.

  3. I know we have been talking about getting everyone a lot of playing time, but …, if Negus can contribute 30 points a game, I would not be opposed to that at all. I think I said it before, that his shot looked great last year, but it looks much better now, as he is stronger and steadier with his shot. I like this aspect of so many players looking to play in the NBA, playing with NBA players, and just coming with that experience … every game.

  4. quite strong. and play with nba pros workout. only benefit negus. team.several play with high pro work out summer. good.coach Arnold saw fotu play against fiba type.

  5. akuhead2 and servante :

    Good observations. I thought too, the guys who went home and played against or with NBA type, older mature and stronger players, that experience will help a lot. We all wondered what Negus and Janks were doing in Toronto area during summer, sure enough, working out one on one and pick up games with Bennett , Wiggins, and others, that is high level competition. So, we have Q working and getting better San Francisco Pro-Am Summer league with pro and NBA guys, Nevels, championship team Drew league with NBA pros, and college and summer league stars, Isaac Fotu, with FIBA, top international and NBA guys, ..Janks, Webster-Chan, Fotu, Smith and Nevels, good work. NWC, Fotu, Nevels, leading the charge, UH will be super competitive. by committee battle bigger taller teams. They can do it, with great Team defense.

    Looks like, as NWC says, guys look good, new and returning, just have to have everyone in shape, game shape. Guys are well prepared to begin practices. That Sammis Reyes, though going to be 19 years old, seems much more mature.. October next month, with that physical body, and work ethic, as true freshman, he can be impact guy as well as Fleming. Bobbitt, hope the young guy gets healed , and can play.. he is a good defensive guard, tough break, literally with his arm. Hope he is close to 100% healed in another month. And servante without question… Gib and staff target a shot blocking big, for next season, since at least 2 maybe 3 spots to offer would make next few year’s teams very good.

  6. Well, we lost a two year all-league forward in Christian Standhardinger, but I think we found another all-league player in Negus even though they are much different styles. Negus look like can really shoot it and great at finding open man in transition.

    He has already played at a high level against high talent at Huntington Prep and a little bit at Missouri, so don’t really have to worry too much about his adjustment. If I recall, I think Gib said Negus was going to be the next fan favorite at UH. Let’s hope so.

    So where the video of Negus going one-on-one with Wiggins? Or Negus and Janks two-on-two against Wiggins/Bennett? Would love to see that.

  7. Negus’ shooting form has great mechanics. Nevels will draw the best perimeter defender, as scouts already know about him. This leaves Negus a ton of opportunites to exploit whatever the defense throws at him early in the season. I’m excited to finally watch him play for UH. I think he can be a star.

  8. S23A:

    Yes, agreed. As Chuck Cheese mentioned, NWC has the DI experience at Mizzou, so he knows the NCAA game speed. I like his attitude, whatever Gib wants him to do, to help team, he will do. NWC, being so versatile, can play , PG, SG, SF, maybe even slide to 4 spot help rebound, whatever. Shoot 3, drive to rim, facilitator, very valuable guy to have, he will help, along with Nevels as 3 point threats, Fotu,, Reyes, Janks, Jovanovich, Thomas, get looks down low. NWC…as Chuck says, can be , and probably will be, stay healthy, an all BWC star type athlete. UH MBB ready to match BWC teams, that top 3 or 4, who have talent too. Though, Fotu, NWC, Nevels, along with the whole team, they will be ready. Should be exciting season. This can be The Year, run to March Madness…

  9. Tonganator and Isaac:

    Once again what a summer for Isaac in FIBA tournament. Look forward to him joining the boys and grinding, bonding to make that BWC championship run!

    Go Warriors. Rainbow Warriors! Go Bows!

  10. Yea. I wanna be their chiropractor.

  11. We are a daaaannnngerrrous team !!

    (But those weights in the video don’t look to dangerous. 400 lbs over their heads? I don’t think so. How much do those things weigh?)

  12. I doubt many crossfit training places are like that. Man…that was just horrible technique and lack of proper teaching.

    Anybody with that kind of technique would be kick out of the gym for fear of getting hurt and the gym being sued. Makes me wonder if that tape was taken as some kind of joke/prank.

    Honestly as someone who used to work out a lot, that was not funny. People can get serious hurt and break limbs with that kind of workout habits.

  13. Even UH weight room and strength coach, would not approve that. Sammis, Negus, working out summer with their trainers, they do it the right way. Those two, are in great shape. Nevels, his cardio, and Q , they could be middle distance runners. I wish that Janks and Jovanovich hit the weights hard, need their strength down low.. fight for rebounds and guard rim.

    Horrible joke, or, almost criminal, did weights back in the day, free weights, the old York Barbells, we followed proper technique with spotters.. man, those gals, and others, could break bones, or serious injury…

    Negus, you, brother are doing it right. These people, maybe video posted to expose bad cross fit training, I mean very bad..

    Hope none of them got really seriously injured, hurt, strained.. sheesh!

  14. Valdes should hit the weight room too. Need his strength around the rim!

  15. Negus and Sammis were seen at volleyball games together, per ayywhole on another site.

    Frotu,42 may have come back to Hawaii last night, per Gary D, sports animals.

  16. John Wall must be here for a week, as Gib is shown with him on instagram retweet by Brocke.

  17. islandman..

    . you are right on top of social media latest….Mahalo…especially that Fear the Fro, 42, Frotu, Isaac Tallest Tall Black Fotu is Back, back, back in town!

    So the team is together.. All 16 guys, working , grinding.. set their mind in… getting that BWC crown, and going uptown to be NCAA bound.. or something like that.. I am no poet!

    Great news. Isaac Fotu back in town, and ready to Rock the Rock!

    That is good, the team bonding, and they are out and about town, the VB, the FB, games, the beach , mall, movies, etc. enjoying Hawaii, and loving UH MBB…Hoops in Paradise!


    #1 NBA Draft PICKS – Emphasize:, NOT “Just” First Round — #1 FIRST Players DRAFTED …
    Alan Wiggins AND Anthony Bennett –Worked Out And Scrimmaged ALL Day, Every Day (This Summer) with Negus Webster-Chan and Stefan Jankovic…

    Isaac Fotu was making a DENT getting New Zealand Beyond Pool Play —
    Outscoring AND Out-Rebounding ALL the NZ Starters for Three Straight Crucial Games…

    Garrett Nevels and Q, Quincy Smith Both Played in TOP-Rated PRO-AM Summer Leagues against Euro, Pro & NBA Players, BOTH Averaged Over 20 ppg…


    How DID The UHMBB Team ʻSpendʻ (INVEST) Their Summers?

    ʻThey Sayʻ GREAT Players are Made from April to August…

    Great Teams from November to April?

  19. You know I really believe 2, 3, 4, 5 will be okay…key as we all say how PG plays out..
    Q…Fleming…Filipovich…can they run team..even NWC could play point..
    Believe after one month of practices will know how PG spot holds..

    Remember…Tom , Reggie, Troy, AC, Mark, …Keith ..pretty good lead playmaking guards..
    Q…Fleming…Bobbitt…next in line…lot of potential

    Team keep working together..one ohana on team one goal
    UH MBB on the rise..
    Isaac Fotu back on the rock..an international humble FIBA up and coming hybrid PF all BWC. first teamer..worth ..very much ..Nevels and Smith..at least 2 deep ..

  20. negus is the most hyped player and everyone wants to see what he can do come first game of the season….maybe not as hyped as roderick fleming but close…i think he can do a lot of everything but not great in one thing …i don’t think we’ll know him as a defensive player or a hustle/garbage man….from what i’ve seen he loves to shoot the 3 and i hope he doesn’t fall in love with it….what i hope in his first year is he that he is not selfish…i already know he has confidence and swagger…i wanna be able to see him hold his own on the defensive side and be able to be a positive leader….he’ll have to guard a bunch of athletic 6’5-6’8 guard/fowards so we’ll see how he can deal with foul trouble…..he’ll have all the pieces around him to showcase what he can do and how he uses them unlike what fleming had….expectations for me is pretty high but as a sophomore i think he averages 14, 3 and 2

  21. NWC produce Julian Sensley type stats..and faciltate..would be great..checked his hs canada and prep school stats ..all around game..not necessarily a 20 ppg scorer..agreed just that all around threat who has to play good defense..Negus would be great..

  22. However like Cristian..Negus RS year in Gib’s system and having some starts at SEC Mizzou..that is what NWC brings too..the experience…match Chritian’s intensity and effort..fantastic. .

  23. NOW BRING IT….
    BRING That HIGH-Championship-Level INTENSITY & Focus to Practice
    Every Day, Every Practice, Every Game…
    LEADERSHIP!: Teach It And GET IT OUT of Your Teammates
    Seniors, Freshmen, Walk-Ons
    Take the Court with An Attitude
    And Back It Up For 40-PLUS
    NO Days Off & NO Cry Babies
    NCAA or NOT,
    HIGH Level Opposition Or Not
    PACKED Stan Sheriff Center
    Outer Island OR Big West Glorified ʻHS Gymʻ…

    and This Team MAY Get to Challenge for Championships

  24. This is not a dig but I can’t see NWC ever getting in foul trouble. He’s not fast enough on D. Like Nevels they lack the aggressive D. In Nevels case he’s not a good defender but a very good offensive threat. We need him on the court and we do have a couple of players who are excellent in that area and cover a lot of ground on D. NWC is a little bit of the same. I find it funny that he talked about bulking up too much and having to drop some weight. That extra strength may have cost him some speed and vert. Watching Mizzu film I saw that he wasn’t much of a D guy. Again this is another scorer that we need on the floor. What is good about NWC is that he is tall and big and guards have to move further to get around him. Also shooting over him could be an issue. Laterally may be a problem. He will have his 20+ games for us. At least he is willing to work on getting better like Nevels. That’s why I like them both.

  25. Baller4Life:

    Yes, I think that is something that NWC and Janks had to work on at Mizzou, their defense, and being strong. Both mentioned, getting better when arriving here. And to work on their D. This is really early on, first few weeks of preseason workouts, and OPEN gym is video of the guys just coming off of individual group workouts and weight training, so as Dayton says, they are pretty gassed, worn out already. What we see, are the guys doing best they can, after all the conditioning work they just put in. Fleming mentioned it on an earlier interview, how coaches were really emphasizing Defense, though no one on the Open gym vid, is really playing the Gib Scheme defense. I guess we have to wait until that first month of practice, If NWC is leading the charge on good D, that bodes well for team, with his length and size, like every year, for the good teams in NCAA, besides the 3 point shooting, Good D produces wins and champions. UH MBB has athletes , if put their mind to it, can be good Defenders.

  26. Gib and crew last year failed on the defensive side. Our zone was aweful, and our defense covering the 3pt shooters was just as bad. Our perimeter defense allowed easy penetration inside and due to our lack of bigs they really didn’t challenge guards driving to the basket. Add the fact that all of the guys were tired we were made to look bad. This is another year and there is now a more experienced group and and new guys that seem ready to contribute. Let’s see what happenes.

  27. Tired players at end of year seems to be recurring problem. Coach needs to make sure conditioning insures they are strong in March instead of tired. Work hard and finish strong

  28. Frotu, 42 said he’s back on the rock, about 20 hrs. ago.

    ” Guess who’s back back back, back again gen gen, Fotu’s back back back tell a friend “

  29. Guess soon interview with Isaac …his experience in FIBA world cup.

  30. I don’t think Negus is known as a defensive player and that is ok. I mean, Zane Johnson was not a defensive player and neither was Julian Sensley.

    You can contribute in many ways to a team and its up to the coaches to either game plan according to your personnel or game plan to help out those who are not that great a defensive player.

    There are many ways for the coach to help out the players. You could instruct your players of the opponent’s tendencies and take them away. You could implement certain defenses to where you funnel the play to a certain area and then trap them. You could have your player be physical with a opponent that doesn’t like to be physical. Not being a great one on one defender does not doom a player.

    Not too many players in college are great one on one defenders. Most are offensive minded and need to be taught defense. Negus is no exception. It will be up to the coaches to teach Negus how they want him to defend somebody and have the team work together to play good team defense.

    My prediction is Negus will be an average defender but will be too valuable as an offensive player to keep out of the lineup.

  31. kahuna:

    Agree. You know, I remember that first year Gib, when Miah and Zane were going all out on D the effort, impressive, Zane showed a lot of heart. And he is still trying to make The Leauge, why he has a chance one day? His Specialty , 3 point shooting.. So even in the NBA.. if good on offense, really good.. you could be signed..One thing, if you have 10-12 guys who can score, shoot 3 ball, drive to rim, pass the ball, transition fast break, offense first coming in, They can be taught, or as Senque says Develop the guys, into Defensive players.

    When you have the combination of a great D and O athlete that is the makings of a potential All American or NBA potential. Tom Henderson, probably , the best all around guard to ever play for UH. He was good defender. Playmaker, ball handler, excellent FT shooter and leader. Not the greatest outside shooter, however money 18 foot bank shot , left or right side. And breakdown, dribble drive, awesome. He played for awhile in NBA and One World Championship alongside, Bobby Dandridge, Wes Unseld , and Elvin Hayes.

    AC Carter another one 13-14 year NBA vet retired, not a great jump shooter, a leader.. imagine, Henderson or AC.. just One guy, could make the whole team better…. That is why both played in the NBA. Man, have to love it… everyone, the hard core, die hard ..bleed Green and White UH MBB fans, blogging away, Hoops Heaven, UH MBB Rainbow Warrior Time!

  32. The Bro with The Fro is back. Welcome back Isaac 42 Fotu! Use that FIBA experience, and maturity on World International BB stage, and banging with the best in the world, to add that extra dimension to UH MBB ohana. Such a huge key, Isaac Fotu, Nevels, the two leading returning scorers, now complemented by 14 other athletes!

    Now, the UH MBB brothers are back and ready to attack !

    Weird, a couple months ago, ….well… glad to have all sixteen guys committed to winning Championships!

    Go Bows. Warriors. Tall Blacks. Now the Serbian Brothers, Rainbow Warriors!

  33. NWC had yet to play a minute for the bows. He looks like a player but it’s a lot of hype for a guy who has yet to play in a game for us. I’ll be happy of he lives up to half the hype. Hoping Fotu averaged 20 and 10 for us to have a chance in the league.

  34. As is every year …would not doubt Gib doesn’t go on past year/ years accolades. ..glory..he will open up all spots …everyone clean slate…we shall see..who steps up..if can get good production from 9-10 guys great..
    NWC very sure he knows deal..have to do well practices and game
    would take one team all effort one goal..the win more important than trash talk or swag…whomever gets PT hey guys..get the wins and win BWC tourney team goal…then can be good season

    Akamai very smart Fans comments on WI..we know guys have to play well together ..to be sucessful
    Love having the guys on current roster..hope they have The Good Season..come on team grind and go for it!

  35. RunBows

    Good comparison NWC and Sensley. Very similar talent level as far as shooting and passing. Julian had a flair for the dramatic, clutch shots. Talent surfaces when the game is on the line for players that want the ball in crucial moments. NWC could be that go to guy; and, along with his great work ethic, he has the potential of surpassing Sensley in his collegiate career only because Julian had that one missing ingredient that you gotta have to reach the NBA: dedicating your life to basketball and blocking out extra curricular activities.

  36. Another Potential Fan Favorite Among Several on Team…

    Maybe the Whole Team will be Island Fan Favorites…

    ʻBows Making their own Head Starts…
    NO Days Off…

    How Good Can they get?
    Hanginʻ With NUMBER ONE Picks
    Got To Be Rubbinʻ Off
    Toronto, eh?!

  37. Because of His Extreme Shooting Accuracy and Probable All-Around Game,
    Good at All Phases, Master of None (Yet)
    Good Passing, Rebounding and Shooting…

    Maybe 13-18 ppg, 2-4 rpg, 2-4 apg ?

    THE Higher End of Those Performance Bands
    Will Probably get Negus VOTES For Newcomer of the Year

    More than 18 ppg might put him onto Second Team All-Conference or Higher
    IF Hawai’i Finishes in Top Three…

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